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\ m 









Exceptional advantages in the extent of the choice and the moderation 

in price. ^. 

FOUNDED 18^3. 



Incorpoi-ated by Special Act of Parliament. 

Funds— £2,000,000. 

Income— £275,000. 


every Provision against the Forfeiture of Policies through omis- 
sion or inability to continue the payment of Premiums. 

1. A Free Paid-up Policy, for a Reduced Sura, may Tbe ob- 

tained on application at any time after two Premiums have 
been paid, and while the original Policy is in force. 

2. The time for paymient of a Premium, may toe extended 

beyond the usual Thirty Days, on payment beforehand of a 
moderate fee. 

3. After Three Years a Policy is not declared void for mere 

omission to pay a Premium. The Surrender-value being 
more than the. Premium, the Policy is held in force until the 
next renewal date, subject to payment of the Premium, with a 
small charge, in addition. . 


Perfect Security.— The funds 
are ample and seciu-ely invested, 
and the Periodical Investiga- 
tions are conducted on the most 
approved princiijles, requiring 
large Reserves. The Company 
transacts Life Business only. 

Liberal Conditions. — The 

Conditions of Asstu-ance as regards 
Indisputability, Foreign Travel 
and Residence, etc., are specially 
favourable, and exclude all unne- 
cessary restrictions. Policies gene- 
rally free after first Five Years. 

Claims Paid exceed £3,000,000. 

Prospectuses, Forms, <&c., iiiay he had on Application. 

Head Office — 22 George Street, Edinburgh. 

Manager— G^OnG^ M. LOW, P.R.S.E. 
Secretory— ARCHIBALD HEWAT, F.F.A., F.LA. 

X) TJ 3<r ID E E : 




Magnitude of the Operations. 

Policies issued - £40,000,000 
Bonus Additions - 8,100,000 
Policies in Force 25,500,000 

Claims Paid - £13,500,000 
Accumulated Funds 8,600,000 
Annual Revenue - 1,060,000 

Profitable Character of the Business. 

Cash Profit for Seven Years to 31st December 1880, £1,347,756 
Bonus Additions for the Seven Years, - - - 2,449,072 

This was the largest distribution of Profit made by any Life 
Office during the period. It yielded Bonuses between £1, 14s. 
and £3, 17s. 5d. per cent, per ann. on the Original Sums Assured, 
according to the duration of the Policies, ^ — facts which clearly prove 

Thr Intrinsic Value of the Society^s Mutual Sydem, and 
The Highly Profitable Character of its Business. 

Liberal Conditions of Assurance. 

Surrender Values allowed after 
payment of one year's premium. 

Paid-up Policies allowed in lieu 
of Surrender Values. 

Loans granted within a small 
margin of the Surrender Value. 

Extensive Foreign Residence 
free of charge from the first. 

Most of the Society^s Policies 
become Whole- World and Indisputable after the first Five Years. 


Persons desiring to effect Life Assurances for the benefit of their 
Families, or in connection with Business Transactions, is called 
to the above Financial Results and Conditions of Assurance, which 
show how peculiarly suitable the Society's Policies are for Family 
Provisions, and for all Trust and Security purposes. 


Principal Ac4Ent in Dundee — 





Issued under the Acts 16 & 17 Victoria, c. 45. ; 27 & 28 Vict., c. 43 ; 
and 45 & 46 Vict. , c. 51. 

rHESE Annuities are payable Half- Yearly, in January and July, 
or April and October, commencing three months after date of 
urchase ; are exempt from all Stamp Duties, and paid without deduc- 
ion of Income Tax. 

The Safest Investment that can be made by parties wishing a secure 
nd permanent Income. 

Can be purchased to the extent of £100. 

Prices and other information on application at the Bank, 




Established 1863. . 

The only Scotch Fidelity Guarantee Office. 

INVESTED FUNDS, . . . £80,000 


Fidelity Guarantee for persons holding situations of Trust. 
Securities for Officers of Government, Banks, Insurance Companies, 
id other Public Offices ; Collectors, Travellers, Clerks, and others. 
Cash Bonus to Policyholders of from 15 to 50 per cent, on Premiums 
Policies of three years' standing and upwards. 
Report and Balance-Sheet annually published. 

Agents in Dundee — 
WILLIAM KERR, 26 Castle Street. 

glN^El^'g gEWI]^6 P^CPINE^. 

Price from 

sG^-, A-s. Od. 

10% Discount for Cash. 

AH Kinds Repaired 



On hire, 

At 2/6 per Week 

with option of purchase 

Can only he had in DUNDEE at the undernoted address., 



Clothiers & Outfitters, 

78&79 HxGH Street, 


O IL. O O? I^ I IST O^ 

In the First Style of Fashion and very Best Workmanship. 

The very large business done hy J. P. S. d; Sons gives conclusive proof 
of the good value supplied during the last 44 years. 


Branchesl^^^ ^^^^ STREET, 
urancnes^ 165 HIGH STREET, 



The Leading Newspaper in Scotland North of the Forth. 

Is an old-established Liberal Newspaper that has been repeatedly 
enlarged of late years, in consequence of the favour in which its large 
circulation and influence have caused it to be held as an advertising 
medium, and the efforts made to render it complete in all its depart- 
ments. By the spirit and enterprise of its Managers, the AD VERTISER 
has become a splendid Advertising Medium, and is now invariably 
selected for all important announcements intended to be brought under 
the notice of the Mercantile, Manufacturing, Shipping, Professional, 
and Agricultural interests. Its reports and statistics upon the Linen 
and Jute trades, of which Dundee is the seat, are quoted in all 
important commercial centres. On public questions its tone is fearlessly 
independent. Its London Offices at 186 Fleet Street are connected by 
special telegraph wire with the Head Office in Dundee, and it has also 
Branch Offices, with Special Reporting and Publishing Staffs attached, 
in the following important centres — viz., Forfar, Arbroath, Montrose, 
Aberdeen, Cupar-Fife, Perth, Stirling, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. 

pijpi|CI-|FD s 

JOHN LENG & CO., 7 Bank Street, Dundee. 

London Office— 186 FLEET STREET, E.G. 



For Afternoon Reading. A Popular and Domestic Journal. 

Largest Evening Circulation in Dundee, and throughout the Counties of 
Forfar, Perth, and Fife. 

The TELEGRAPH is noted for the extent and multitude of its 
Special Telegrams, its prompt Market and Stock Exchange intelligence, 
its rapid Telegraphic Reports of Important Meetings and Events, and 
for its interesting Literary Extracts, 

pilDllgUFD C 

JOHN LENG & CO., 7 Bank Street, Dundee. 

Price One Penny. 

THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL advocates every Measure for the 

benefit of tlie People. 

THE PEOPLE'S JOUENAL contains Stories by the most 

popular Novelists of the age. 

THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL is publishing a most interesting 

Series of Illustrated Articles on 
Scottish Historical Buildings. 

THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL contains occasional Bodkin 


THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL gives the People's Opinions on 

the leading topics of the day. 

THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL is a splendid Local and General 

Weekly Newspaper. 

THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL from its large Circulation 

(150,000 copies Weekly) is the 
best Advertising medium in 





P5 Q 














Established 150 Years. 

It is without doubt 
the FINEST and 




■, Maimfdclaied by I 



























WALK DENS' INKS are Sold in Dundee by 

JAMES P. MATHEW & CO., 17 & 19 Gowgate. 

JAMES MURDOCH, Commercial Street. 

ROBERT S, BARRIE, 16 Panmure Street. 

mi0m'«mmttmmmmmmimmmmfmit. . 













Specially prepared for the Work from Ordnance and actual Surveys, 
and Corrected to pi^esent date. 


17 & 19 COWGATE. 

18 8 5. 



General Notice, 

Municipal Ward Boundaries, 

List of Streets, Squares, Lanes, Entries, 

Public Offices, Buildings, &c., 

Municipal Lists, 

Judicial Lists, 

Banking and Insurance Lists, 
Property and Investment Companies, 

Public Conveyances, 

Ecclesiastical Lists, 

Educational and Literary Institutions, 

Charitable and Benevolent Institutions, 

Miscellaneous Lists, 

Harbour and Shipping Lists, 

List of Shipping belonging to the Port 

Postal Directory, 

General Directory, 

Street Directory, 

Trades and Professions Directory 

Lochee Directory, 

Broughty Ferry Directory, 
Monifieth Directory, 
Carnoustie Directory, 

Newport Directory, 

Tayport Directory, 

Rural District Directory, ... 
Index TO Advertisements, 


OF Dundee, 

(at end of book) 



Albert Institute Subscrip. Library 51 
A. O.F. Friendly Society, - - 65 
Ancient Shepherds'FriendlySoc'ty 71 
Amateur Choral Union - - 08 
Ambulance Association (St John's) 71 
Angling Clubs - - - - 63 
Anglo-Indian Christian Union - 43 
Armitstead Trust Lectures - 51 
Artillery Volunteers - - - 71 
Association (Local) of the Educa- 
tional Institute of Scotland - 49 
Auxiliary Sheriff Substitutes - 25 
Bailie or Bu.rgh Court - - 25 

Bailies 19 

Baldovan Asylum - - - 54 

Band of the Artillery Volunteers 72 

Band of Dundee Eifle Volunteers 72 
Band of Highland Eifle Volunteers 72 

Band, Knox Fife and Drvim - 72 

Band of Hope Union (D'dee&Dis.) 71 

Bank Holidays - - - - 28 

Banking Companies' Branches - 27 

Baths, Public - - - - 67 

Baxter Park Trustees - - 56 

Bible Society (Dundee Auxiliary) 43 

Billet Master - - - " - 20 

Blind, Dundee Institution for - 55 

Blind, Mission to the Out-Door 55 

Blue Eibbon Union - - - 69 

Bowling Club, Mary field - - 64 

Bowling Club, Balgay - - 64 

Boys' and Girls' Eeligious Associat. 44 

Boys' Home - - - - 52 
British Workman Public House, 

Broughty - . . . 613 

Buildings, Public - - - 14 

Biu-gh Court - - - - 25 

Burial Board - - - - 21 

Burial Grounds, - - - 21 

Burial Society, Dundee - - 67 

Cab Fares 38 

Cab Proprietors - - - - 40 
Cab Stands - - - - 38 
Caledonian, The, Property Invest- 
ment Building Society - - 35 
Caledonian Eailway Co. - - 36 
Carriers, Country - - - 37 

Eailway - - - 36 

Cemetery Company - - - 67 

Chamber of Cominerce - - 22 

Chaplain of Prison - - - 21 
Chemists' and Druggists' Associat. 07 

Choral LTnion, Amateur - - 68 

Churches 40 

Circuit Courts - - - - 24 


Cleansing Department - - 21 

Clergy and Places of Worship - 40 

Clothing Society - - - 55 

Coffee Eooms, Working Men's - 67 

Collector of Customs - - - 75 

Collector of Inland Eevenue - 61 

Commissary Officer - - - 26 

Commissioners of Police, - - 20 
Commissioners for taking Affi- 
davits to be used in English 
and Irish Courts - - 25, 560 

Committees of Town Council - 19 
Consuls and Vice-Consuls for 

Foreign States - - - 18 

Convalescent Home - - - 54 

Convalescent House - - - 5S 

Conveyances, Public - - - 36 

Corbet Fimd, Broughty Ferry - 613 

Corbet Library, Broughty Ferry 613 

Coimcil Officer - - - - 20 

Councillors, Common - - 19 

Countries in the Postal Union - 94 

Country Carriers - - - 37 

Criminal Officers - - - 26 
Cruelty to Animals, Society for 

Prevention of - - - - 56 
Curling Club, Dundee - - 64 
Curr Night Eefuge - - - 57 
Customs, H.M. - - - - 75 
Cycling Club (Dundee) - - 65 
Cycling Club (Forfarshu-e) - 65 
Day Nursery - - - - 56 
Deaf and Dumb, Dundee Insti- 
tution for Education of - - 50 
Deaf and Dumb Institution, and 
Association for aiding the Edu- 
cation of the Deaf and Dumb, 50 
Dean of Guild - - - - 19 
Dock Gates and Signals - - 74 
Dock Masters - - - - 74 
Dundee Art Club - - - 64 
Dundee Art Union - - - 51 
Dundee Bible Society - - 43 
Dundee Burial Board - - - 21 
Dundee Boys' and Girls' Eeligious 

Association - - - - 44 
Dundee Brancli Ladies' Assoc, for 

Female Education in India - 43 

Dundee Burns Club - - - 64 

Dundee Coffeehouse Company - 67 
Dimdee District Auxiliary to the 

London Missionary Society - 43 

Dundee Day Nursery - - - 56 

Dundee Dog Show - - - 69 

Dundee Sailors' Home - - 75 





Dimdee and Dist. Telephone Co. 
Dundee Fine Art Association 
Dundee Harmonic Society- 
Dundee Horticultural Society - 
Dundee Drapers' Association 
Dundee Investment Co., Limited 
Dundee Mortgage and Trust In- 
vestment Company, Limited - 35 
Dundee Parochial Board - - 22 
Dundee Philharmonic Society - 68 
Dundee Literary Society - - 51 
Dundee Property and Investment 

Building Society - - - 35 

Dundee Christian Protestant Asso. 43 

Dundee Jouit Stock Company - 35 

Dundee Industrial Schools Society 52 
Dundee and East of Scotland 

Photographic Association - 67 
Dundee and District Tramway 

Company, Limited - - - 39 

Dundee Orphan Institution - 52 

Dundee and District Sanitary Asso. 65 

Dundee Savings Bank - - 27 

Dvmdee Scottish Musical Society 68 
Dundee Temperance Society and 

Gospel Temperance B. R . Union 69 
Dundee Institute of Architecture 

(Science and Art) - - - 64 
Dundee & Arbroath Joint Railway 36 
Dundee and B. Ferry Parcel Express 37 
Dundee Conservative Association 68 
Dundee Liberal Association - 68 
Dundee Naturalists' Society - 51 
Dundee United Evangelistic As- 
sociation and Tent Mission - 69 
East Coast Railway - - - 36 
East Coast Salvage Co., Limited 75 
East of Scotland Invest. Co. , Ltd. 36 
Eastern Club - - - - 69 
Edinburgh Association for Incur- 
ables and Longmore Hospital - 57 
Educational Institute of Scotland, 

Local Association of - - 49 

Eye Institution - - - - 55 

Factory Act - - ' . .' ^'^ 
Faculty of Procurators and Solici- 
tors - - - - 25,560 

Fairs and Markets - - - 73 

Fast Days 42 

Female Rescue Home - - 56 

Female Society - - - 56 

Fire Brigade - - - - 21 

Fire Insurance Comiianies' Agents 28 

Football Clubs - - - - 64 

Forfar Light Horse - - - 72 

Forfarshire Building Society - 35 



Forfarshire Lunacy Board - 26 

Foresters' Friendly Society - 65 

Foresters' (Irish National) Friendly 1 

Society 66 1 

Free Library, Museum, and Pic- 
ture Gallery - - - - 51 
Fund for the Relief of Indigent 

Gentlewomen of Scotland - 57 
Gardeners' Lodges - - - ()6 
GarrickClub - - - - 64 
Gas Commission - - - 22;j, 
Good Templar Lodges - 69, 70l 
Governor of Prison - - - 2ll 
Grocers' Benevolent Society - 67; 
Guild Clerk - - "- - 25 
Guild Court . - - - 25 
Guild Officer - - - - 25* 
Guildry Incorporation - - 22 
Hackney Carriages, Regulations for 38 
Hackney Carriage Proprietors - 40 1 
Hansford Land and CattleCo. , Ltd. 35 
Harbour Clerk - - - 74 
Harboiir Engineer - - - 74 
Harbour Master - - - 74 : 
Harbour Treasurer - - - 74 
Harbour Trustees - - - 74 
Hawaiian, Western and, Invest- 
ment Co., Limited - - - 36 
Hawkhill U.P. Church Total 

Abstinence Society - - 70 

High School - - - - 45 

Highland Rifle Volimteers - 72 j 

Home, The . . . - 

Horticultural Society 
Hotels, Princij^al 
Indigent Sick Society 
Industrial Schools Society - 
Infirmary, Royal 
Inland Parcels Post - - 
Inland Revenue (Excise) - 

(Stamps & Taxes) 



Inspector of Poor, Dundee 
InsLu-ance Companies' Agents 
Insurance Companies (Local 

Boards) - - - 34,35 

Investment Companies (Property) 35 

I.O.G.T. Lodges - - 69, 70 

Judges of Police Court - - 21 i 

Judicial Lists - - - - 24 

Justice of Peace Clerk - - 26! 

Justice of Peace Court - - 25' 

Jtistice of Peace Officers - - 26 

•Justices of the Peace - - 25 

Knox Fife and Drum Band - 72 
Lands Valuation and Registration 

of Voters Acts - - - 23 



[Library, Free - - - - 51 

iLife Insurance Companies' Agents 28 

ft [[ight Keepers (River Tay) - 74 

* [Eight Ship 74 

(| [Literary Society (Dundee) - - 51 
[Lloyd's Surveyors - - - 34 
!, iLocal Marine Board - - - 75 
I'l'i jLondon Missionary Society ( Auxi- 

ijl i liary to) 43 

t, iLunacy Board, Forfarshire - 26 

■J 'Lunatic Asylum, Royal - - 53 
1 M'All Mission (Dundee Auxiliary) 43 
P Magistrates and Town Council - 19 
,)! Magistrates and Police Commis- 
r sioners of Broughty Ferry - 612 
").' Mails, Arrvls. and Departrs. of 96, 97 

Maltmen Incorporation 
Z Marine Board (Local) 

I Marine Insurance Companies 
J. Markets .. - . - - 
,| "Mars" Training Ship Institution 
li Masonic Lodges - - - - 
I, Matador Land and Cattle Co. , Ltd. 
I, Matron of Prison - - - 
ij Mechanical Society - - - 
' Members of Parliament 
„, Messengers-at-Arms - 

i Midland Railway 
,. iMoney Orders 
I. j Morgan Hospital 
.J Mortifications . . . . 
'.'. iMunicipal Wards, Boundaries of 

J, Coimcillors for 

|,J National Telephone Co. , Limited 

Naturalists' Society 



- 64 

- 19 

- 26 

- 36 

- 49 

Newspapers and Publications 
Nine Incorporated Trades - 
Night Refuge (Ciirr) 

North British Raihvay Company 36 
Notaries Public - - - 25, 560 
Open-Air Bathers' Association - 67 
: Orphan Institution - - - .52 
Orange Lodges - - - - 66 
Painters' Association (Masters) - 67 
Parcels Post (Inland) - - 83 

Parcel Express Vans - - - 37 
Parochial Board, Dundee Comb. 22 
Pilotage, River Tay andHarboiu- 74 
Pilots, List of - - - - 74 
Places of Worship - - - 40 
Police Board Committees - - 20 
Police Commissioners - - 20 

Police Cotirt, Judges of - - 21 

-Procurator Fiscal of 21 

Broughty Ferry - 612 

( Police Establishment - - - 21 

Police Surgeon 

Police Treasurer - - - . 

Population of Burgh - 

Postal Directory — 

Book Post, Colonial and Foreign 

Inland - . . 

Government Insurances and 


- 21 

- 20 

- 19 



Mails, Arrivls. and Depar. of 96, 97 

Miscellaneous Regulations - 86 
Money Orders- - - -86 

Newspapers, Inland - - 81 

Newspapers, Col. and Foreign 85 

Pattern Post, Col. and Foreign 86 
Parcel Post ; Despatches, Ai^- 

rivals, and Deliveries, - 98 
Pillar Letter-Boxes, where 
Situated, and Hours of Col- 
lection from - - - - 95 
Card Post, Inland - - - 83 
Cardjpost, Foreign and Colonial 86 
Post Ofiice Savings Bank - - 88 
Postage — Colonial and Foreign 

Letters - - - 91 

Inland Letters - 81 

Unpaid Letters - 81 

Postal Orders - - - 87 
Receiving Houses, where Situ- 
ated, and Hours of Collec- 
tion from - - - - 95 
Registration - - - - 84 
Telegraphs - - - - 88 
Telegrams (Foreign) - - 89 
Postal Union (Countries in) - ^4 
Presbyteries — Established, Free, 

and U. P.— Meetings of - - 42 

Prison Visiting Committee - 26 

Prison Establishment- - 21 

Prison Aid Society - - - 55 

Private Schools - - - - 46 
Procurators and Solicitors, Fa- 
culty of - - - - 25, 560 

Property and Invest. Companies - 35 

Public Baths - - - - 67 

Public Offices - - - - 14 

Railway Carriers - - - 36 

Railway Companies - - - 36 

Reading Rooms, Working Men's 67 

Rechabites, Independent Order of 70 

Recreation Grounds - - - 21 

Registrars of Births, &c. - - 23 

Registration Districts - - 23 

Rifle Volunteers - - - 71 

Royal Exchange Reading Room - 51 

Royal Infirmary - - - .52 

Royal Lunatic Asylum - - 53 



Eoyal National Lifeboat Institu- 
tion (Dundee Branch.) - - 75 
St Crispin Lodges - - - 66 
St John's Ambulance Association 

(Dundee Centre) - - - 71 
Sabbath School Teachers' Union 50 
Sailors' Home - - - - 75 
Sanitary Department - - 21 

Sanitary Association - - - 65 
Savings Bank - - - - 27 
Savings Banks (Post Office) - 28 
Savings Bank, Broughty Ferry - 613 
School Board, Dundee - - 48 

Balmeruio - - 641 

Broughty Ferry - 612 

— — Forgan - - 641 

Tayport - - 650 

Schools under Dundee School Board 48 
Schools in connection with Estab- 
lished Church - - - - 47 
Schools in connection with F.C. 47 
Schools in connection with Epis- 
copal Church, - - - - 48 
Schools in connection with B.C. 

Church 48 

Schools - - - 47, 48, 49 
Scottish American Trust Cos.,Ld, 35 
Scottish Musical Society - - 68 

cation in India (D'dee Branch) 43 
Seal and Whale Fishing Companies 76 
Seamen's Friend Society - - 55 
Session Clerk - - - - 42 
Sheriff Court - - - - 24 
Sheriff Criminal Officers - - 26 
Sheriff Officers - - - - 26 
Sheriff Officers for Counties of Fife 
and Perth resident in Dundee 26 

Sheriffs 24 

Sheriff-Substitutes, AuxiKary - 25 
Shipping Companies - - 75, 76 
Shipping belonging to the Port of 

Dundee 77 

ShipwreckedFishermen and INIari- 

ners' Society - - - - 75 
Sick Society, Indigent - - 56 
Society for Prevention of Cruelty 

to Animals, - - - - 56 
Stamps and Taxes, Assessor and 

Surveyor of - - - - 61 
Stamps and Taxes, Distributor 

and Collector of - - - 61 . 
Stamp Duties (Various) - - 61 
Steam Laundry Co. - - - 69 
Strathmore Football Club - - 64 
Streets, Squares, &c. - - - 5 


Supreme Courts, Commissioners 

for taking Affidavits for 25, 56C 
Surveyor (Town) and Master of 

Works 2fl 

Tay Ferries - - - - 40 
Telegrams (Foreign), Table of 

Charges for - - - - 90^ 

Telephone Companies - 68, 69 

Temperance Society - - - 69: 

Tennis Clubs - - - - 64 
Tent Mission, United EvangeKstic 

Association and - - - 69 

Texas Land and Cattle Co., Ld. 35 

Three United Trades - - - 22 

Tonic Sol-fa Choral Society - 68 

Tonic Sol-fa Assoc. (Chapelshade) 68 

Town Architect - - - - 20 

Town Chamberlain - - - 20 

Town Clerk . . - . 20 

Town Council Committees - 19 

TownMission,UnitedPresbyterian 48 

Trades, Nine Incorporated - 22 

Trades, Three United - - 22 

Trades Societies - - - - 73 

Tramway Company - - - 39 

Trinity House - - - - 75 
United Presbyterian Elders' and 

Managers' Association - - 43 
United Evangelistic Association 

and Tent Mission - - - 69 

United Presby. Town Mission - 43 

University Club - - - - 51 

University College - - - 45 

Valuation Assessor - - - 23 

Vice-Consuls for Foreign States 18 

Visiting Com, for Dundee Prison 26 
Volunteer Eifle and Artillery 

Companies, - - - 71, 72 
Volunteer Band (Kifle) - - 72 
Volunteer Band (Artillery) - 72 
Volunteer Band (Highlanders) - 72 
Walton Club - - - - 63 
Ward Boundaries - - - 3 
Water Commission - - - 21 
Western Club - - - - 69 
Western and Hawaiian Invest- 
ment Co., Limited - - 36 
Whale Fishing Companies - 76 
Whist Club, S. & T. - - - 63 
Working Men's Coffee and Read- 
ing Booms - - - - 67 
Working Men's Angling Club - 63 
YoungMen'sChristianAssociation 50 
Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion, Broughty Ferry - - 613 
Young Women's Christian Assoc. 50 





18 85-8 6. 


Che Publishers of the Directory, in acceding to the request of a 
lumber of influential parties in the community that the Directory 
hould be issued annually, desire gratefully to acknowledge the kind 
upport and encouragement accorded to them in carrying out the 
mdertaking. As in former years, they have put forth the utmost care 
make its information as complete, comprehensive, and at the same 
ime as correct and useful as possible. The lists, which represent every 
ection of the town, have been revised and corrected ; the miscellaneous 
aformation, which embraces educational, charitable, municipal, and 
cclesiastical lists, &c., has been classified in a convenient form. The 
Publishers, therefore, in issuing the Directory for 1885-86, are confident 
hat, as a business medium or general guide to the town and the 
opulous districts in the immediate neighbourhood, it will be favoured 
dth approval and support. 

In compiling the Directory, the Publishers have kept in view the 
rowing importance of the large villages in the vicinity of Dundee, and 
ire has been bestowed in providing correctly classified lists of the 
I ames, places of abode, and professions of the principal residents. 

Caknoustie and Monifieth. — Separate lists of the leading inhabi- 
Ints of both of these places have been added, which will enhance the 
ilue of the Directory. 

LocHEE. — A Trades and Professions Directory for Lochee has been 
Ided at page 585. During the year the removals have been numerous, 
it comparatively little extension has occurred in this place since 
st year. A few new tenements have been erected, and a new 
reet connects Gardner Street with Lawside Road, a sketch of 
hich will be found upon the annexed Plan. 


Broughty Ferry. — A Trades and Professions Directoiy for Broughty 
Ferry has also been added at page 615. 

Newport and Tayport, which are rapidly increasing in population, 
have also been attended to, and the lists of the inhabitants, places oj 
business, &c., have been carefully corrected to date. 

The Rural District contams a list of the principal landowners 
farmers, crofters, and others engaged in agricultural pursuits, with 
their addresses, names of estates, farms, holdings, &c. To this class 
the Directory will be of the utmost service, as it will afford mucl: 
information regarding the names and residences of agriculturists ex- 
tending over a wide range of country in the neighbourhood of the town. 

During the past year the trade of Dundee has been in a very dull anc 
unsettled state, causing a great want of employment and consequeni te' 
distress. Under these circumstances there has been comparatively 
little progression in the town. One or two new streets have beei 
opened up, giving work to the unemployed, notably the extension o 
Scott Street to Balgay Hill, and the continuation of the road leadin| 4' 
from Albany Terrace to Gardner Street, Loehee. 

The Plan, which shows the streets recently opened up or presentb 
in progress, forms a correct guide to the town, and with the aid of th 
Index, at pages 5—14, any address can be instantly pointed out. 

20th June 1885. 









( 3 ) 



fpWARD First. — On the east by the eastern boundary of the burgh ; on the 
louth by the river Tay ; on the west by a line commencing at the top of Castle 
itreet, and thence southward along Castle street to Dock street, and thence 

, iouthward to the Victoria arch at the harbour of Dundee, and thence through 
:he centre of said arch in a straight line southward to the river Taj' ; and on 

■ [he north by Murraygate, Cowgate, King street, Princes street, and the Dundee 

i ;,nd Arbroath turnpike road to the eastern boundary of the burgh. 

Li Council Representatives — Peter Adamson, John M'Farlane, and William 

Ward Second. — On the south by the river Tay ; on the east by the western 
' oundary of Ward First ; on the west by the western boundary of the burgh ; 
, ,nd on the north and north-west by a line commencing on the Dundee and 
' nvergowrie turnpike road, commonly called the Perth road, where said road 
lAtersects the municipal boundary, and from thence running eastward along 
he said road and the Nethergate and High street to the top of Castle street. 

Council Representatives-^James Nicoll, James Allan, and Alexander Speed. 

; Ward Third, — Commencing on the road from Dundee to Coupar-Angus. 
'ommonly called the Lochee road, at a point thereon immediately opposite 
j -lOgie Farm steading where an unnamed road leading off said Lochee road to the 
iawside road begins, and from thence running along said unnamed road to said 
.awside road, and from thence northward along said Lawside road to the 
iOons road, and from thence westward along said Loons road to the King's 
Iross road, and from thence northwards and around the Lochee area, added to 
si tie burgh under the Acts twenty and twenty-first Victoria, chapter seventy, 
nd twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth Victoria, chapter thirty-six, till such area 
trikes the previously existing municipal boundary at the junction of Gibb s 
me with Aucrum road, Lochee, and from thence south-eastward in a straight 
ne to the point in Lochee road where the boundary now described com- 
Council Representatives — Bailie Ogilvie, William Blair, and James Perrie. 

Ward Fourth. — On the east by the eastern boundary of the burgh ; on the 
)uth by the northern boundary of Ward First ; on the west by the Wellgate 
ad Hilltown ; and on the north and north-east by Ann street of Maxwelltown, 
i its junction with the roadway of Hillbank road and Cotton road, and from 
ience along said roadway to Laing street, and from thence along Laing street 
ad Dura street and continuation thereof to the Pitkerro turnpike road, other- 
ise Stobswell road, and from thence along said road to the north-easterly 
bundary of the burgh at Stobsmuir. 

Council Representatives — Bailie Doig, James Cowan, and Peter Craig Storrie. 

Ward Fifth.— On the south and south-east by the northern boundary of 
fard Fourth from the eastern to the western termination thereof, and from said 
estern termination crossing the Hilltown to Rosebank street, and from thence 
|ong Rosebank street to the junction thereof with Constitution street, and from 
|ience along Constitution street to its junction with Somerville place; on the 
est by the road leading from the top of Constitution road northward along the 
eat side of Stirling's park and the east side of the Law until it reaches the 




northern boundary of the burgh ; and on the north and north-east by tb( 
north-east boundary of the burgh to the north-easterly point of said boundary 
at Stobsmuir. 
Council Representatives — Bailies Hunter and Bradford, and James Foggie. 

Ward Sixth. — Commencing in Constitution road at the junction of Con- 
stitution street with Somerville place, and from thence running eastward along 
Constitution street to Rosebank street, and from thence running south-eastward , 
and eastward by Rosebank street to the Hilltown, and from thence running •;' 
southward by the Hilltown, Wellgate, Murraygate, High street, and Nether 
gate, to the point where Tall}' street joins the Nethergate, thence running north' 
wards by Tally street. Barrack street, and Constitution road to the point where 
it commenced. 

Council Representatives — John TuUoch, William Philip, jun., and John 

Ward Seventh. — On the east by Tally street at its junction with the Nether 
gate, and along Tally street, Barrack street. Constitution road, and the road lead' 
ing from the top of Constitution road northward along the west side of Stirling's 
park and the east side of the Law until it reaches the northern boundarj 
of the burgh ; on the north by the northern boundary of the burgh to th€ 
eastern termination of Ward Third on said boundary ; on the west by and along 
the easterly boundary of Ward Third to Lochee road ; and on the south-wesi 
and south along Lochee road. North Tay street, and South Tay street, to its 
junction with the Nethergate, and thence eastwards along the Nethergate tc 
the point where it commenced. 

Council Representatives— James Gentle, Bailie Taylor, and James Low 

Ward Eighth. — Commencing in the Overgate between South Tay street 
and North Tay street, and from thence running along North Taj' street to its 
junction with Lochee road, and from thence along Lochee road to the commence- 
ment of the boundary of Ward Third before described, and from thence west 
ward by and along the southern boundary of Ward Third to the junction ol 
Gibb's lane with Ancrum road, Lochee ; and from thence southwards and along 
the western boundary of the burgh to Blackness road, and from thence along 
Blackness road to its junction with Scouringburn road, and from thence along 
the Scouringburn, Westport, and Overgate to the point in the Overgate where 
it commenced. 

Council Representatives — Provost Ballingall, Alexander M'Culloch, and 
Bailie M'Kinnon. 

Ward Ninth. — Commencing on the west boundary of the burgh in the said 
Dundee and Invergowrie turnpike road, commonly called the Perth road, where 
such boundary is intersected by said road, and from thence running eastward 
along said road and the Nethergate to the junction of the Nethergate with South 
Tay street, and from thence running along South Tay street to its junction with 
the Overgate and Westport, and from thence running westward along the 
Overgate and Westport to the Scouringburn road, and from thence running 
along the Scouringburn road to its junction with the Blackness road, and along 
the Blackness road to the western boundary of the burgh, and from thence 
running down said western boundary to the point where it commenced. 

Council Representatives — William E. R. Young, John O. Black, and Duncan 


( 5 ) 



1. [ The italic letters at beg-inning- of line denote the position of the street on the Map, 
i, [jid the numbers at end denote the Parliamentary and Municipal Ward in which each 
j treat is situated 

d Abbotsforcl place, 74 Peddie st. 9 
c Adelaide terrace, N. of and parallel 
to Albany terrace 7 

c Air lie place, 7 Perth road 9 

e Airlie terrace, top of Airlie pi. 9 
c Albany ter. , N. of Panmure ter. 7 

Albert court, 37 Nethergate 
(I Albert st., continu.ation of Princes 
street to N. 4 

6 Albert street, from St Ann street, 
Lochee, to "VV. 3 

Albert square, that portion of Mea- 
dowside between Reform street 
and Panmure street 
Albion iiassage, 161 Overgate 
Alexander's close, 120 Overgate 
'■ Alexander st., 27 N. Wellington 
street to E. 5 

Alexandra terrace, 330 Perth rd. 
d Allan street, 1.57 Seagate to East 
Dock street 1 

d Anchor lane, 48 Henderson's West 
wynd, Scoiu'ingburn 8 

c Ancrum road, Lochee 3, 8 

Anderson's close, 93 Rosebank st. 
Anderson's entry, 172 Hawkhill 
Anderson's lane, Lochee 3 

Anderson jilace, 7a William street, 
Angus St., 39 Liff road, Lochee 3 
Annan's terrace, 19 Wellington st. 
d Ann street, 113 Hilltown to Cot- 
ton road 4, 5 
d Annfield rd., 213 Hawkhill to 164 
Blackness road 9 
d Annfield row, 82 Annfield road 9 
(i Annfield street, 92 Annfield road 
to Peddie street 9 
d Arbroath road, from to^) of Princes 
street to E. 1, 4 
d Arbuthnott road, off Craigie ter. 1 
Arcade buildings, 6 King street, 
42 King's rd., and 93 Victoria rd. 
Archibald's lane, Liff rd., Lochee 3 
Arctic place, 79 Arbroath road 
Argyle street, 42 Forfar road 
c Arklay st. , from Dens road to N. .5 
d Arthur st. , top of Dallfield walk 6 
d Ash lane, 104 Lochee road 8 

D d Ash st. , Smellie's lane to Hoj) st. 8 

Ashton place, 191 Hawkhill 

Athole terrace, Forfar road 

E b Back street, 2.5 Paterson street to 

341 Loons road 5 

G d Baffin street, from 85 Arbroath 

road to Watson street 1 

F d Bain sqiiare, 12 Cowgate and 

5 Wellgate 1 

Balbirnie terrace, 121 Victoria rd. 

D d Balfour street, 96 Hawkhill 9 

Z> c Balgay st. , continuation of Miln- 

bank road to Lochee road 3, 8 

Balgayview, 16 Wilkie's lane 

F d Baltic st. , 36 Wellgate to BeU st. 6 

Baltic buildings, W.;.end Baltic st. 

E d Baltic chambers, 9 Bell street 6 

Bank court, 112 Seagate 
E d Bank street, 36 Reform street to 
Barrack street 6 

Bank st., off High st., Lochee 3 
E d Barrack road, continuation of Dud- 
hope street to the W, 7 
E d Barrack st. , 59 Overgate to N. 6, 7 
Barron's court, 10 Johnston's lane 
Baxter's court, 45 Cowgate 
Baxter Park ter., from E. end of 
Park avenue to Pitkerro road 
D d Baxter street, 13 Balgay street 8 

Beaconsfield pi. , 104 Victoria rd. 
B d Beech wood ter., Westpark rd. 9 
E d Bell street, 13 Constitution road to 
Baltic street 6 

E d Bell street (West), 13 Constitution 
road W. to Lochee road 7 

Bell street, 19 Liff rd. , Lochee 
E d Bell St. lane, 15 Constitution rd. 6 
Bell's close, 44 King street 
Bell's close, 69 Rosebank street 
Bellfield lane, 167 Hawkhill 
Bellfield place, 341 Loons road 
Belmont pi., 112 to 134 Hawkhill 
D d Benvie road, from Fyffe street to 
Mitchell street 8 

D d Bernard street, 180 Hawkhill 9 

Blackheath place, 203 Hawkhill 
C d Blackness ores., 227 Perth road 9 
D d Blackness road, 68 Scouringburn 
to W. 8, 9 



D d Blackness st., 190 Blackness rd. 9 
G d Blackness terrace, 239 Perth rd. 9 
F d Blackscroft, continuation of Sea- 
gate from St Eoqiie's lane to E. 1 
E d Blinshall street, 47 Scouringburn 
to Lochee road 8 

Blytli place, 5 Balgay street 
D d Blyth street, continuation of Fleu- 
char street to Balgay street 8 
Bonnybank road, 90 Victoria road 
Boyack's close, 93 Overgate 
Brewery lane, 1 Polepark road 
Broad close, 228 Overgate 
F<Z Brown Constable st., from Cres- 
cent street to Dura street 1 
Brown's entry, 220 Hawkliill 
Brown's lane, 28 Session street 
-E^c? Brown street, 37 Westport to 
Lochee road 8 
Brown st., off High st., Lochee 3 
E c Bruce street, from 65 Hospital 
wynd to Byron street 5 
Bruce's entry, 4 Wellgate 
F c Buchanan st., off Ogilvie st. 5 
Buckingham terrace, Maryfield 
Burn side st. , off High st., Lochee 3 
Butchart's close, 174 Seagate 
Butchart's close, 33 Meadowside 
Butcher row, 5 Greenmarket to W. 
Butterburn, top of Hilltown 
Butter's loan, W. end of Liff road, 
Lochee 3 
E c Byron street, from Derby street to 
Leng street 5 
Cabel's close, 39 Wellgate 
Calcutta buildings, W. side of Com- 
mercial street N. of Exchange st. 
F c Caldrum street, 28 North George 
street to N. 5 
Calendar close, 174 Overgate 
Calder place, 233 Hilltown 
Gaidar's square, 223 Hilltown 
Camden place, 71 Perth road 
Cameron's close, 90 Murraygate 
Campbell's close, 76 High street 
Z) c Camj)bell street, off Union i^lace, 
Lochee 3 
Camjibeltown place, 265 to 277 

Camperdown court, 22 Barrack st. 
Camperdown street, N. side Vic- 
toria dock 

Camperdown st., from Burnside 
st. to Brown st., Lochee 3 

F d Candle lane, 81 Seagate 1 

Candle close, 214 Overgate 


E c Carmichael street, 44 Hosi^ital 
' wynd 5 

F e Castle street, 1 High st. to Shor* 
terrace 1, 2 

Castle court, 27 Castle street 
Castlehill, toj) of Seagate 
Castle lane, from Castle coxirt to [''j 
G c Catherme street, from Eliza street 
to W. 5 

G c Chalmers street, Maderia street 5 
Chapel street, 9 Albert square 
Chapelshade, a district N. of Bell 
street to Dudhope street 
F d Charles street, 51 Wellgate 4 

D d Cherryfield, 125 Blackness road 8 
G d Church street, 112 Princes st. 4 
F c Church street, North, from St 
Salvador street to Main street t 
Church St., N., South rd., Lochee S 
Church st. , S., South rd., Lochee S 
Church lane, 4 Tally st. to High st. 
C d Clarendon terrace, 245 to 281 
Perth road £ 

Clark street, 38 James street 
D c Cleghorn street, from 17 Balgaj 
street to Lochee road 
Clei^ington feus, top of Maxwellt'r 
F cClepington st., from Dundonalc 
street to N. I 

Clinton place, 13 Albert street 
E d Cochrane street, 37 Lochee road 1 
E 6Coldside,W.ofStrathmartinerd. i 
Commercial covxrt, 3 and 33 Com 
mercial street 
F d Commercial st., 15 Albert square 
to 40 Dock street 1, ( 

F c Commercial street, Max. , 41 Jamei 
street i 

F d Constable street, from St Eoque's 
lane to Wallace street 1 

E d Constitution road, from Barracl 
street to N. 6, ^ 

E c Constittition st. (Upper), continu 
ation of Constitution rd.toN. 5, '< 
E c Constitution st., from top of Con|f 

stitution rd. to Rosebank st. 5, ( 
E d Constitution terrace, Constitutioi 
road ( 

Corn court, 169 Seagate 
D d Corso street, 54 Peddie street 
F d Cotton road, from junction of Vic 6 
toria rd. and Dens rd. to N. 
Coupar's alley, 12 Wellgate 
C c Coupar st., Logie street to Loom 
road, Lochee 





Courthouse square, square front- 
ing Courthouse, W. Bell street 
c Court street, from Dundonald st. 
toN. 5 

e Couttie's wynd, 38 Nethergate 2 
Cowdenknowes, 94 Blackness road 
d Cowgate, 127 Murraygate to E. 1 
e Craig street, 29 West Dock street 
to Craig pier 2 

e Craig pier, landing place of Tay 
ferries, S. end of S. Union st. 2 
Craigiebank terrace, Pitkerro road, 

oj)posite Baxter park 

Craigie place, 22 Catherine street 

d Craigie street, 73 Albert street to 

Kemback st. 4 

d Craigie ter. , 130 to 150 Ferry rd. 1 

Crescent lane, 18 Princes street 
d Crescent street, 8 Princes street to 
Victoria street 4 

e Crichton street, 24 High street to 
Greenmarket 2 

Crichton's close, 39 Overgate 
Cross row, 35 Small's wynd 
d Dalhousie terrace, top of Windsor 
street 2 

d Dallfield terrace, 22 Dudhope st. 6 
d Dallfield walk, 44 Dudhope st. 6 
d Daniel street, 138 Scoiiringburn to 
Blackness road 8 

Davidson's court, 67 Seagate 
Deerhorn close, 30 Hilltown 
Dempster's court, 94 Scouringburn 
Dempster street, from Daniel st. 
to William street, Scouringburn 
d Dens street, 9 Princes street to 
Blackscroft 1 

d Dens brae, 100 King street to 195 
Victoria road 4 

c Dens road, from E. end of Victoria 
road to N. 4, 5 

Derby street, from 9 Hill st. to N. 
Dickson's entry, 166 Scouringburn 
e Dock street, from South Union st. 
to foot of Trades lane 1 

d Dock street. East, from foot of 
Trades lane to E. 1 

Dock street, West, from 6 Dock 
street to Craig street 
Doig's entry, 164 Overgate 
Doig's court, 33 Castle street 
c Don's road, 15 Rosebank road to 
Constitution street 6 

Donald's lane, W. end of Lochee 3 
(Z Douglas St., from Dudhope ores, 
to foot of Lower pleasance 8 

Douglas terrace, continuation of 
Panmure terrace 
Dron's close, 201 Overgate 
E d Dudhope street, 4 Hilltown to 
the W. 6 

Dudhope crescent, 21 Lochee road 
E d Dudhoj)e Crescent road, from Con- 
stitution road to Lochee road 7 
Dudhope place, W. end of Dud- 
hope street, N. side 
E c Dudhope terrace, W. of Somer- 
ville place 7 

Duncan's buildings, 15 Paterson st. 
Duncan's close, 106 Hawkhill 
Duncan's close, 29 Hilltown 
Dundonald buildings, 12 Dun- 
donald street 
F c Dundonald street, from Arklay st. 
toE. 5 

F c Dura street, off Dens road to For- 
far road 4, 5 
Dyer's pend, 16 Scouringburn 
F d Eadie's road, 70 Victoria road 4 
Easson's angle, 35 Milnbank road 
Edward street, W. end of Scour- 
Elder's lane, South road, Lochee 
Eliza street, 76 Dura street 
Elizabeth place, 129 Hawkhill 
F c Elizabeth street, 52 Ann street 5 
Ellen place, N. side of Lyon street 
F d Ellen street, 8 S. George street to 
Ann street 4 
F c Ellen street, N., a continuation of 
Ellen street to N. 5 
Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 
Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Erskine place, 26 Dura street 
G d Erskine street, 25 Victoria street 
to Lyon street 4 
G c Erskine street, N., 28 Dura street 
to Dundonald street 5 
Erskine terrace, Clepington road 
F c Esk street, N. Isla street to Neish 
street 5 
Esplanade, from Craig pier W. to 
Magdalen green, fronting River 
E d Euclid cresct. , from top of Reform 
street to Bell street by both sides 
of High School 6 
E d Euclid street, E. side of Constitu- 
tion rd. , ojjposite Ward Chapel 6 
F e Exchange street, 50 Castle street 
to Commercial street 1 
F c Fairbairn street, Arklay street to 
Mains road 5 


Fairley place, top of Provost road 
Falcon place, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Ferguson's close, 184 Seagate 
G d Ferry road, continuation of Blacks- 
croft to E. 1 
Fintry feus, toj) of Provost road 
Fishmarket, 9 Greenmarket 
E e Fish, street, foot of Crichton st. 2 
D d Fleuchar st. , W. end of Fyff e st. 8 
Flight's lane, 100 High st., Lochce 
D d Ford's lane, 306 Hawkhill to 163 
Perth road 9 
F d Forebank road, 86 Victoria rd. to 
Ann street 4 
Forebank terrace, 20 Forebank rd. 
F d Foundry lane, E. end of Seagate 1 
D c Fullarton street, Campbell street 
to Loons road 3 
Fyffe's lane. South road, Lochee 3 
D d Fyffe street, 66 Polepark road 8 
Gall's close, 124 Overgate 
Gardner's lane, 57 Upper pleasance 
Gardiner's entry, 3 Westport 
Gardner street, 125 Lochee rd. 
Garfield place, 53 Hawkhill 
Garland place, 22 and 24 Constitu- 
tion road, and 2 to 14 Barrack rd. 
F d Gellatly street, 51 Dock street to 
Seagate 1 
Gellatly square, 103 Nethergate 
i^c? George street, S., 15 Nelson st. 
to 22 William street 4 
F c George street, N., 199 Hilltown to 
the E. 5 
George street, 93 Liff rd., Lochee 3 
Gibb's lane, 40 High st., Lochee 3 
Gibson terrace, top of Mains loan 
Gladstone place, 32 Dudhoi^e Cres- 
cent road 
Gladstone terrace, 166 Perth road 
B d Glamis road, from Perth road to 
Blackness road, on east side of 
Nether Balgay 
F c Glamis street, 15 St Salvador 
street to Main street 5 
G d Glebe street, 32 Lilybank road to 
Ferry road 1 
Glencarse terrace, 4 Wilkie's lane 
Gordon place, 190 Blackness road 
Gordon st. , Logie st. to Union pi. 
Gowan's court, 225 Overgate and 

21 N. Tay street 
Gowrie place, 279 Hawkhill 
Z) d Gowrie street, off Viewf orth st. 9 
G d Graham place, 171 Princes st. 1 
Grant place, 42 Westport 


Gray street, Lochee 3 

Gray's close, 71 High, street 
Gray's lane, 31 High st. , Lochee 3 
Gray's square, 143 Rosebank street 
D e Greenfield place, 156 Perth road 
to 17 Magdalen Yard road 2 

F e Greenmarket, a square — foot of 
Crichton street to the Harbour 2 
Grove place, 185a Perth road 
G d Grove street, foot of Springhill I 
Guillan's close, 43 Overgate 
Gunn's close, 150 Overgate 
E d Guthrie street, from top of N. 
Tay street W. to Scouringburn 8 
Harefield road, from Loons road 
to Tofthill, Lochee 3 

G c Harriet street, 42 Dura street 5 

Havelock place, 247 Hawkhill 
I) d Hawkhill, from Westport W. to 
Perth road 9 

D € Hawkhill place, 17 Perth road 9 
Hawthorn place, 152 Lochee road 
Hay's close, 55 Overgate 
Hazel's close, 31 Nethergate 
E c^Hean's lane, 24 Small's wynd 9 
Heathfield lane, 71 Hawkhill 
Hedge road, 14 Dudhope street 
to Arthur street 
^ c? Henderson's wynd, E., 15 West- 
IDort 8 

E d Henderson's wynd, W., West end of 
Gvithrie street to Douglas st. 8 
Heron's lane. South road, Lochee 3 
E e High street, the principal street 
or square in the centre of the 
town 2, 6 

High street, Lochee 3 

Hillbank, a district E. of Jamaica 
street to Dens road 
F c Hillbank road, from top of Cotton 
road to Dens road 5 

E c Hill street, 34 Strathmartine rd. 5 
Hilltown (or Bonnethill), top of 

Wellgate to N. 
Honey's road, from 217 Blackness 
road to Balgay street 
D d Hop street, 116 Lochee road 8 
F d Horse wynd, 87 Murraygate to 72 
Seagate 1 

E d Horsewater wynd, 81 Scouring- 
burn 8 
E c Hospital wynd, 290 Hilltown 5 
Hospital park, a district N. of 
Hospital wynd 
E d Hunter street, 50 Scouringburn 
to 43 Hawkhill 9 




Hynclford st., 279 Perth rd. to N. 
F d Idvies street, 91 Victoria road 4 
India buildings, 86 Bell street and 
2 and 4 Victoria road 
Ingle wood terrace, 5 Stirling st. 
to 88 Rosebank street 
Inverary terrace, from Lawside 
road to Gardner street 
d Ireland's lane, 24 Bell street 6 
Irvine's square, 19 Mid street to 
46 Bell street 
c Isla street, from Main street to 
Dens road 5 

c Isla street, N., continuation of Isla 
street from Dens road to N. 5 
Isles' lane, 115 Hawkliill 
Jack's close, 186 Hawkhill 
c Jamaica street, 90 Ann street 5 
c James street, 26 Ann street 5 
c Janefield place, 26 Forfar road 5 
Johnston's close, 258 Hawkhill 
Johnston's court, 164 Hawkhill 
Johnston's lane, 2 Scouringburn 
d Johnston street, top of N. Lindsay 
street 7 

cZ John st., 12 Dudhope cres. rd. 7 

Kay's entry, 48 Overgate 

d Kemback street, 54 Arbroath rd. 4 

Kerr's lane, Lochee 3 

c Kidd St., 15 North William st. 5 

Kilgour's pend, 2 Blinshall street 

c? Kincardine street, 46 Blackness 

road to 97 Hawkhill 

c^King street, from Cowgate to 

Princes street 1, 4 

King Street court, 12 King street 

King's Cross road, 8 Loons road, 

Lochee 3 

d King's road, 18 King street 4 

Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
c Kinloch street, 106 Rosebank 
street to Carmichael street 5 
c Kinnaird street, 20 Hospital wynd 
to Stirling street 5 

Kintore place, 61 Watson street 
Kirk entry, 21 Wellgate 
Kirkcaldy's court, 49 Dock street 
Laburn street, 50 Dudho^De Cres- 
cent road 
Ladywell place, foot of Hilltown 
' c Laing street, 57 Cotton road 4, 5 
Lamb's court, 16 Crescent lane 
Lamb's lane, 124 Victoria road 
Langlands street, 128 Albert street 
LansdoAvne pi., 3 Constitution rd. 
d Larch street, 140 Scouringburn 8 


E d Laurelbank, Constitution road 6 

Law street, from Dudhope terrace 

to the N. 

D d Lawrence street, 13 Milnbank rd. 8 

E c Lawson place, 23 Constitu.tion st. 5 

E c Leng street, top of Hill st. to N. 5 

C b Liff road, from Coupar -Angus rd., 

Lochee, to W. 3 

6r d Lilybank road, 47 Arbroath road 

to Ferry road 1 

B d Lime street, Westpark road 9 

Lincoln street. Hospital park 
E (Z Lindsay street, N., 115 Overgate 
to Ward road 7 

Lindsay street, S., 23 Nethergate 
Lindsay's close, 32 Scouringburn 
E d Littlejohn st., Dudhope crescent 7 
Livingstone place, 85 Upper plea- 
sance, or Lochee road 
Z> c Lochee road, from to]3 of N. Tay 
street to Lochee 3, 7, 8 

Logie St., continuation of Lochee 
road to High street, Lochee 3 
E e Long wynd, 75 Nethergate to 194 
Overgate 7 

D h Loons road, 150 Strathmartine 
road to Lochee 5, 7 

E b Lorimer street, 309 Loons road 5 
Lome terrace, Forfar road 
Lowden's alley, 157 Hawkhill 
Lowden's court, 30 Arbroath road 
Lowden's j)end, 142 Hilltown 
Lumsden's entry, 27 Westport 
Lyon's close, 2 Blackness road to 
61 Hawkhill 
F d Lyon street, 26 Albert st. to W. 4 
Lyon place, south side of Lyon st. 
M'Cosh's entry, 96 Murraygate 
^c^M'Donald street, 102 Hilltown 
to Arthur street 6 

G c M'Gill street, 101 Albert street 4 
M'Intosh's close, 108 Murraygate 
M'Vicar's lane, 144 Perth road 
Macdonald's bldgs., 21 Glamis st. 
Macdonald's bldgs., 118 Hilltown 
Cr c Madeira street, back of Morgan 
Hosi^ital 5 

F c Main street, from top of Hilltown 
E. to Dens road 5 

G c Mains loan, from toj) of Albert 
street to N. 5 

F c Mains road, top of Hilltown 5 
D e Magdalen Yard road, 116 Perth 
road to Magdalen green 2 

Magdalen pi. , 43 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Magdalen place, Clepington road 



C eMagdalengreen,fromMagdalenYd. 

road to "W., fronting the river 2 

F c Malcolm street, 13 Ogilvie street 5 

Malthouse close, 58 Nethergate 

Manor place, 189 to 223 Perth road 

Margaret place, corner of Albert 

street and Victoria street 
Marine parade, S. of Victoria dock 
Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
Marion place, 185 Princes street 
Market street, East Dock street to 
Ferry road 
F d Mary Ann lane, E. Dock street 
to Seagate 1 

G b Marybank lane, from Liff road to 
W. Mid street, Lochee 3 

G c Maryfield, a district N. of Albert 
street 5 

G b Marshall street, 56 High street, 
Lochee, to Balgay street 3 

Masonic place, 46 Dudhoi^e Cres- 
cent road 
Mathew's close, 31 Overgate 
Matthew's court, 80 Constable st, 
F c Maxwelltown, a district N. of Ann 

E d Meadowside, from top of Barrack 
street to Victoria road 6 

Meadow street, 24 "Wellgate to 
Meadow place buildings, E. end 
of Bell street 
F d Meadow entry, 80 Murraygate 6 
Meal's close, 167 Overgate 
Melrose terrace, Court street 
B d Melville terrace, Westpark road 9 
Methodist close, 51 Overgate 
Mid Kirk style, from Tally street 
to S. Lindsay street 
E c Mid road, 29 Strathmartine road 
to Mains road 5 

Mid shore or Shore terrace — see 
Shore terrace 
E d Mid street, 49 Constitution road 6 
Mid street, S. , South rd. , Lochee 3 
Mid street. South road, Lochee 3 
Mid street, W., continuation of 
Mid street, Lochee, to W. 3 

D e Mid wynd, 77 Perth road to 232 
Hawkhill 9 

F d Middle street, 69 Princes street 
to 66 Blackscroft 1 

Miller's close, 138 Murraygate 
Miller's pend, 17 Scouringburn 
D e Miller's wynd, 51 Perth road to 
208 Hawkhill 9 

Mill's entry, 52 Westport 
Miln street, from Brown street to 
West Henderson's wynd 
Milne'sW. wynd, 183 Scouringburn 
D d Milne's E. wynd, 171 Scouring- 
burn 8 
Miln's close, 202 Overgate 
D d Milnbank rd., W. end of Scouring- 
burn 8 
Miln's buildings, 136 Nethergate 
Milne's court, 48 Wellgate 
Mint close, 51 High street 
D d Mitchell street, 152 Lochee road 
to Benvie road 8 ' 
Morgan's bldgs., 143 Nethergate 
Morgan terrace, Forfar road 
Morrice place, 96 Hilltown 
Morrison's coiirt, 58 Wellgate 
Mortimer place, 12| Mortimer st. 
E c Mortimer street, from 91 Hospital 
wynd to Byron street 5 
Morton's square, 31 Wellgate 
Mountpleasant, 134 Hawkhill 
Mudie place, 308 Hawkhill 
Mudie's close, 54 King street 
Muirton road, 124 Logie street 
F d Murraygate, from E. end of High 
street to the N.E. 1, 6 
Myles's court, 68 St Andrew's st. 
Nairn's close, 9 Arthur street 
Napier place, 13 Nelson street 
F cNeish street, Fairbairn street to 
Esk street 5 
F d Nelson street, 94 Victoria road to 
Ann street 4 
Nelson terrace, 4 Nelson street 
Ness street, 9 Ellen street to 42 
William street, Forebank 
E e Nethergate, from W. end of High 
street to Perth road 2, 7, 9 
E d New Inn entry, 67 High street 6 
Nicoll's close, 12 Blinshall street 
Nicoll's court, 224 Hawkhill 
Nicoll's court, 4 Dallfield walk 
Nicoll's court, 59 Wellgate 
Nicoll's entry, 13 Arthur street 
Nicoll's lane, Lochee 3 
E d Nicoll street, 7 Ward road 7 
E c North St., 65 Strathmartine rd. 5 
Northern Assurance bldgs. , corner 
of Commercial st. and Albert sq. 
Norwood crescent, from Norwood 
ter. to Blackness road 
B d Norwood terrace, Westparkroad S 
Norwood ter., 32-46 Thomson st. 
F c Ogilvie st., from Dura st. to N. t 



Ogilvie's close, 29 High street 
;'J& € Ogilvie's rd,, 7 Constitution st. 5 
OldMuirtonrd., 2High st., Lochee 
Osborne place, 77 Magdalen green 
Oswald pi., top of St Matthew st. 
\E d Overgate, from W. end of High 
street to Westport 6, 7 

\F d Panmure street, from foot of Well- 
gate W. to the High School 6 
\E c Panmure ter.,N. of Dudhopeter. 7 
Paradise lane, 17 Dudhope street 
\E d Paradise road, 20 Mid street to 
Dudhope street 6 

Park avenue, from Albert street 

to Baxter park 
Park lane, 15 Temi^le lane 
Parkview ter. , 8 to 14 Forfar rd. 
E e Park place, 145 Nethergate 9 

2) cZ Park street, 112 Lochee road 8 
Park terrace, 255 Blackness road 
:E d Park wynd, 70 Hawkhill 9 

Parker square. West Bell street 
\E^t^ Parker st., 26 Dudhope Crescent 
road 7 

Parker's court, 10 William street, 

King street 
Parker's lane, 36 Small's wynd 
Parkhill place, 134 Blackness road 
E h Paterson st., 124Strathm'tinerd. 5 
D e Paton's lane, 240 Perth road to 57 
Magdalen green 2 

Peddie's close, 87 Overgate 
D d Peddie st., 245 Hawkhill to Black- 
ness road 9 
Peebles' lane, South rd., Lochee 3 
6r d Peep-o'-day lane, 145 Blackscroft 
to East Dock street 1 
D ePennycook lane, 141 Perth road 
to 288 Hawkhill 9 
D e Perth road, a continuation of 
Nethergate from Small's wynd to 
west 2, 9 
rf Peter street, 101 Miirraygate to 
84 Seagate 1 
Peter's court, 20 Cowgate 
Petrie's entry, 23 Bose street 
Pitalpine st., Liff road, Lochee 3 
D c Pitfour street, 27 Balgay street 8 
Pitkerro road, continuation of 

Dura street to E. 
Playfair's entry, 10 Hawkhill 
Pleasance (Upiser), 57 Lochee road 
to 111 
\D d Pleasance (Lower), from W. end of 
Douglas street to Lochee road 8 
JZ) d Pole street, 48 Polepark road 8 



I D d Polepark road, W. end of Scour- 
ingburn to Lochee road 8 

, Powrie i)lace, 23 Ann street 
F d Princes street, continuation of 
King street to N.E. 1, 4 

Pullar's close, 209 Hawkhill 
Pullar's close, 132 Murraygate 
Quarry entry, 82 Cowgate 
Quarry lane, 120 Liff rd. , Lochee 3 
F d Queen street, 150 Seagate to 75 
Cowgate 1 

G d Eaglan street, 41 Albert street to 
Kemback street 4 

Ramsay's pend, 43 Scoiiringburn 
Ramsay place, 105 Ferry road 
Ramsay street, 23 Polepark road 
Rankine's court, 79 High street 
Rattray's entry, 78 Bell street 
E d Rattray street, 13 Ward road 7 
E d Reform street, from High street 
N. to Euclid crescent 6 

Reid street, 8 Derby street 
Reid's lane, Lochee 3 

Rennie's close, 120 Nethergate 
Ritchie's lane, 187 Perth road to 
318 Hawkhill 
G d Robertson st., 15 Arbroath rd. 1 
Robertson's close, 121 Cowgate 
Rodger's close, 77 Overgate 
Rollo's row, off Bell Street lane 
Roodyards, 99 to 115 Ferry road 
E d Rose street, 15 Arthur street 6 
Rose st. , 16 Marshall st. , Lochee 3 
Roseangle, see Magdalen Yard road 
E d Rosebank road, 26 Rosebank st, 6 
E c Rosebank street, 128 Hilltown to 
Hospital wynd 5 

Rosebery place, 39 Strathmartine 
road 5 

Rose lane, 37 Rosebank road 
Rosefield place, 179 Blackness rd. 
D d Rosefield st., 195 Blackness rd. 8 
Roslin terrace. Court street 
Royal Exchange pi., Panmure st. 
Rl. Exchange court, 39 Albert sq. 
Rl. Exchange lane, 30 Meadowside 
B d Roxburgh ter., top Westp'k road 9 

Russell lane, 8 Victoria road 
E c Russell st. , 58 Strathmartine rd. 5 
Rustic place, W. end of Dudhope 
street, S. side, and 63 to 69 Con- 
stitution road 
D eRyehill lane, 109 Perth road to 
262 Hawkhill 9 

F d^t Andrew's street, 31 Cowgate to 
116 Seagate 1 


St Andrew's pi., 18 to 24Cowgate 
St Ann street, Marshall street to 
Balgay street, Lochee 3 

St Clement's lane, 11 High street 
St David's lane, 26 North Tay st. 
St James's jilace, 1 Annfield row 
B d St Johnswood ter. , Westpark rd. 9 
St Margaret's close, 36 Nethergate 
D d^t Mary st. , 79 Upper i^leasance 7 
St Mary's ter., top of St Mary st. 
D d St Mary's pL, top of St Mary st. 7 
St Matthew place, foot of St Mat- 
thew street 
G dSt Matthew street, 68 Ferry road 
N. to Watson street (Glebe) 1 
2) e St Peter street, 121 Perth road to 
270i Hawkhill 9 

St Roque's conrt, 112 Cowgate 
F dSt Roque's lane, 210 Seagate to 
Kang street 1 

St Salvador's close, 13 Overgate 
J^ c St Salvador's street, foot of North 
Church street 
Salem street, 59 Constitution road 
Salisbury place, 87 Arbroath road 
Sanderson's court, 222 Overgate 
B d^ Scotswood ter. , top Westjiark road 
Scott's angle, 5 Brown street 
Scott's close, 97 Overgate 
Scott's close, 6 Hawkhill 
Scott's entry, 136 Princes street 
C e Scott street, 38 Balgay street to 

Balgay ax^proach 
D d Scouringburn, from AVestport to 
;. Polepaxk road 8, 9 

D e Seafield lane, 214 Perth road 2 
D e Seafield road, 210 Perth road to 
39 Magdalen Yard road 2 

F d Seagate, from High street to St 
Roque's lane . 1 

Sea Avynd, 128 Nethergate 
E d Session street, 11 Scoui'ingburn to 
Guthrie street 8 

G c Shamrock street, Maryfield 5 

Sharp's lane, Lochee 3 

Shei)herd's close, 146 Murraygate 
C e Shepherd's loan, 324 Perth road 
to 75 Magdalen green 2 

Shepherd's square, 46 Hilltown 
Shore terrace, or Mid shore, from 
foot of Castle st. to Greenmarket 
Sime's alley, from Perth road to 
Blackness road, on E. side of 
E e Small's lane, 26 Small's wynd 9 
Small's lane, Lochee 3 

E e Small's wynd, 1 Perth road to 54 
Hawkhill 9 

E d Smellie's lane, from Henderson's 
W. v/ynd to 84 Lochee road 8 
E c Smithfield, a district, toi) of Hill- 
town 5 
Smith's pend, 22 Session street 
E d Soapwork lane, from Irvine's sq. 
toE. 6 
E c Somerville pi., top of Constitution 
road 7 
Soutar's close, 4 Westport 
South road, from Bank street to 
W., Lochee 3 
Speed's close, 19 Overgate 
Silence's close, 154 Overgate 
Siieed's terrace, Tait's lane 
D e Springfield, 23 Perth road 9 
G d Springhill,86 Ferryrd. to Arbroath 
road 1 
Springhill place, 72 Ferry road 
Stanley place, 17 Stej) row 
Station lane, 94 South rd., Lochee 3 
D e Step row, 258 Perth road to 61 
Magdalen green 2 
Stewart's court, 8 St Roque's lane 
Stewart's lane, Lochee 3 
D c Stewart street, 20 Baxter street 8 
E c Stirling street, 236 Hilltown to 
Carmichael street 5 
Stobswell road, 30 Dura street 
E h Strathmartine road, from top of 
Hilltown to N. W. 3, 5 
F c Strathmore street, from Arklay 
street to Court street 5 
Strawberrybank, 342 Perth road 
to 79 Magdalen green 
F d Sugarhouse wynd, 53 Cowgate to 
134 Seagate 1 
D d Tait's lane, 265 Hawkhill 9 
Tally st. ,54 Overgate to Nethergate 
Tannage court, 7 Cowgate 
F cTannadice street, from Arklay 
street to Court street 5 
E d Tay street (North), 249 Overgate 
to N. 7, 8 
E e Tay street (South), 113 Nether- 
gate to 242 Overgate 7, 9 
Tay square, 12 South Tay street 
Tay Street lane, 107 Nethergate 
Tawse's close, 108 Hilltown 
D e Taylor's lane, 298 Perth road to 
73 Magdalen green 2 
Taylor street, from Liff road to 
Mid street, Lochee 3 
E d Temple lane, 30 Westport 9 


F c Thistle st,, 27 Mains road to E. 5 
Thomson place, 51 Wellgate 
Thomson's close, 72 Princes street 
D e Thomson street, 228 Perth road 
to 55 Magdalen green 2 

Thorn place, 219 Blackness road 
Thorter row, 36 Overgate 
Tindal's wynd, 4| High street to 

6 Shore terrace 
Todburn lane,from "William street, 
King street, to Dens brae 
Todbiirn entry, 49 Wellgate 
Todd's entry, 175 Overgate 
Tofthill, Union street, Lochee 3 
F d Trades lane, from St Andrew's st. 
to Dock street 1 

Tulloch's close, 66 Wellgate 
Union close, 25 Nethergate 
Union court, 6 Thorter row 
D e Union place, 274 Perth road 2 
Union place, 253 Lochee road 3 
E e Union street and S. Union street, 
42 Nethergate to Craig pier 2 
F c Union St., Max., 80 Ann St. to K 5 
F d Union street, Joint-Stocks, from 
Charles street to Kirk entry 4 
Union street, High st., Lochee 3 
E dVnion ter., E. side of Constitu- 
tion road 6 
D d Ure street, 181 Hawkhill to 136 
Blackness road 9 
D d Urquhart street, from 172 Scour- 
ingburn to Blackness road 8 
Vault, 17 High street 
Victoria bldgs., 12 to 24 E.Dock st. 
Victoria bldgs., 23 Victoria road 
Victoria chambers,10to 14Victoria 

Victoria crescent, 126 Victoria rd. 
Victoria pi., S. side of Victoria st. 
f d Victoria road, from Bell street to 
Dens road 4, 6 

^ d Victoria street, top of Princes st. 
to W. 4 

Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
Victoria terrace, 23 Victoria street 
Viewbank ter., top of Provost rd. 
d Viewforth street, 291 Hawkhill 9 
Wallace street, 141 Princes street 
to Blackscroft 1 

Wallace's court, 114 Murraygate 
Wallace's pend, 24a Hawkhill 

d Walton street, 172 Scouringburn 8 

Wannan's close, 42 Westport 
'? d Ward road (South), top of Bar- 

1 rack street to North Tay street 7 


F d Ward road, from foot of Consti- 
tution road to North Tay st, 7 
Washington buildings, 56 to 64 

Peddie street 
Waterloo place, 73 Annfield road 
B d Watt street, 190 Hawkhill 9 

Watson ter., top of Watson street 
G d Watson street, from Ferry road to 
Baffin street 1 

Watson's close, 58 Hawkhill 
D d Watson's lane, 133 Hawkhill 9 
Waverley buildings, 66 to 74 
Peddie street 
Well road, 150 Hawkhill 
Well road, 108 Strathmartine rd. 
Wellbank lane, off Burnside street, 
Lochee S 

F d Wellgate, from Miuraygate to 
foot of Hilltown 4, 6 

F d Wellington street, 98 Victoria road 
to Ann street 4 

F c Wellington street, N. , a continu- 
ation of Wellington street to N. 5 
Westfield avenue, 172 Perth road 
Westfield entry, 200 Perth road 
Westfield lane, 188 Perth road 
to 35 Magdalen Yard road 
D g Westfield place, 186 Perth road 
to 33 Magdalen Yard road 2 

E e West Dock street, W. side of Earl 
Grey dock 2 

B d Westpark road, from Perth road — 
on the west side of the Cemetery 
— to Blackness road 9 

E d Westport, W. end of Overgate 8, 9 
West Protection wall, from Craig 
harbour to Tide harbour, front- 
ing the river 
West street, top of Paterson street 
D eWest wynd, 95 Perth rd. to 248 
HawkhiU 9 

F d Whale lane (East), 187 Seagate 1 
F d Whale lane (West), 181 Seagate 1 
Whitehall street, 6 Nethergate to 

S. Union street 
Whitton's lane, 32^ King street 
Whitton's pend, 25 Hawkhill 
F d Whitton street, King's road 4 
Whorterbank, 1 High st., Lochee 3 
William street, 104 Victoria road 
to Ann street 
F c William street, N., continuation 
of William street to N. 5 

D d William street, 118 Scouringburn 
to Blackness road 8 

William street, 62 King street 



E d Willison street, 44 Barrack street 

to N. Lindsay street 7 

D d Wilkie's lane, 141 Hawkhill 9 

Wilson st. , 54 South road, Lochee 3 

Windsor i^lace 79 Magdalen green 

C e Windsor street, from W. end of 

Magdalen green to Perth road 2 

C d Windsor terrace, 229 to 235 Perth 

road 9 

F c Wolseley street, from Dundonald||H 
street to N. 5 | 

Yeaman's alley, Lochee 3 i 

Yeaman's close, 27 Overgate 
Yeaman's lane, Lochee 3 

E e Yeaman shore, foot of Union st. 2 
Young's close, 18 Westport 



The Rooms marked ■• are to be let for Sales, Exhibitions, Meeting-s, &c. 

Albert Institute Buildings, Albert square, top of Keform street 

Albert Square Free Church, Chapel street, Albert square 

Albert Coffeehouse, 127 Overgate 

^Ancient Mason Lodge Hall, 79 High street 

Ancrum Road Public School, Ancrum road, Lochee 

*Argyle Hall, 1 Overgate 

Balfour Street Public School, Balfour street 

Bank of Scotland, 34 Reform street ; Branch office, 1 Victoria street 

Baptist Church, Rattray street. Ward road 

Barracks, approach by Constitution road and Barrack road 

Bell Street U.P. Church, West Bell street, at junction with Constitution road 

Blackscroft Public School, Foundry lane 

Blind, Institution for, 59 Magdalen green 

Bonnethill Free Church, 203 Hilltown 

British Linen Company Banks, 83 Murraygate, and 41 Westport 

Brown Street Piiblic School, 15 Brown street 

*Buchan's Hall, 24 Bank street 

Burgh Surveyor, 79 Commercial street 

Butterburn U.P. Church and Hall, foot of Hill street 

Butterburn Public School, Well road, Butterburn 

Caledonian Mason Lodge, 51 Reform street 

*Camperdown Hall, 22 Barrack street 

Castle Street Congregational Church, 24 Castle street 

Catholic Apostolic Church, Dudhope Crescent road, Constitution road 

Cattle Market (New), Carolina port. Ferry road, and East Dock street 

Cemeteries Office, 13 Ward Road 

Chalmers Free Chiirch, Hunter street 

Chamber of Commerce, Royal Exchange, Panmure street 

Chapelshade Established Church, 27 Constitution road 

Chapelshade Free Church, 9 Constitution road 

Clepington Established Church, top of Isla street 

Clepington Public School, 54 Cotton road 

Clydesdale Bank, east end of High street 

Collector of Poor Rates for Dundee Combination, 1 St Clement's lane 

Collector of Inland Revenue, 31 Bank street 

Commercial Bank, 85 Commercial street 

Convalescent House, 14 William street, Victoria road 

Convalescent Home, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 

Courthouse Buildings, West Bell street 

Curr Night Refuge, 3 West Bell street 

Customhouse, Dock street, east side of King William dock 










♦Cutler's Hall, 138 Murraygate 

Day Nursery, 3 Larch street, Scouringburn 

Deaf and Dumb Institution, 165 Lochee road 

Drill Hall, Parker square, West Bell street 

Dudhope Road U.P. Church, Dudhox^e Crescent road 

Dudhope Free Church, Lochee road, opposite Polepark road 

Dudhope Public School, St Mary's place, St Mary street 

Dundee Advertiser Office, 7 to 25 Bank street 

Dundee Courier & Argus and Northern "Warder Office, 34 North Lindsay st. 

Dundee and District Sanitary Association Rooms, 11 Reform street 

*Dundee Hall, 17 Barrack street 

Dundee Institution, Tay square 

Dundee Orphan Institution, 131 Ferry road 

Dundee, Perth, and London Shipi)ing Comimny's Office, 5 Shore terrace 

'Eastern Club, 3 Albert square 

Euclid Crescent School, Euclid crescent 

Euclid Street Chapel, 6 Euclid street 

Evening Telegraph Office, 7 to 25 Bank street 

Excise Office, 31 Bank street 

Female Rescue Home, 18 Union i^lace, Lochee 

Fire Engine Stations : Central Police Office ; Northern Police Office, 66 Union 

street, Maxwelltown ; behind Customhouse, west corner, Dundee ; and 

Police Office, Lochee 
Fish Market, 11 Greenmarket 

*Forfar and Kincardine Mason Lodge, 13 Meadow street 
Free High Church, top of Hosj^ital wynd 

Free Library, Albert Institute buildings, Albert square, toj) of Reform street 
Free Library Museum, Albert Institute buildings, Albert square 
Gas Commissioners' Office, 16 Meadowside — Works, East Dock street 
Glasite Meeting-House, 4 King street 
Glebe Lands Public School, 2 Glebe street 
*Good Templars' Hall, 51 Reform street 
*Gray's Assembly Rooms, 22 Perth road 
Guild Clerk's Office, 10 Meadowside 
Guild Hall, Townhouse, High street 
Harbour Office, Customhouse buildings. Dock street 
Harbour Clerk's Office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street 
Harbour Police Office, east side Customhouse 

Home," 23 Paton's lane 
Harbour Engineer's Office, Customhouse buildings 
Hawkhill Public School, 245 Hawkhill 
Hawkhill U.P. Church, 98 Hawkhill 
High School, top of Reform street 
High School for Girls, 24 Euclid crescent 

Hill Street Public School, at junction of Hill street with Strathmartine road 
Hilltown Free Church, North Wellington street 
Hull Shipping Company's Office, 5 Shore terrace 
Hunter Street Public School, 19 Hunter street 
Hilltown Mission Hall, 42 and 44 Hilltown 
Industrial Schools : Girls, Ward road ; Boys, Baldovan 
Institution for the Blind, 59 Magdalen green. 
*Jamaica Street Hall, Jamaica street 

James' U.P. Church, Bell street, at junction with Euclid crescent 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, 5 Bank street 
*Kinnaird Hall, 6 Bank street 
Lindsay Street Independeiit Church, 31 North Lindsay street 


Lloyd's Surveyor's Office, 54 Commercial street 

Logie Established Church, Scott street, off Balgay street 

Long Wynd Public School, 25 Long wynd 

M'Cheyne Free Church, 328 Perth road 

M'Farland's Theatre of Varieties, 15 Castle street 

Martyrs Free Church, Annfield road 

Meadowside Academy, Constitution road and Mid street 

Mercantile Marine Office, Sailors' Home buildings, 63 Dock street 

Mitchell Street Public School, Mitchell street 

Morgan Hosj)ital, Forfar road, top of Albert street 

Morison Evangelical Union Ch., meets in Y.M.C.A. Hall, 10 Constitution roadi 

Music Hall, foot of Castle street 

National Bank, 71 Reform street ; Branch, 115 Hilltown 

North of Scotland Bank, 24 High street, top of Crichton street 

Ogilvie Free Church, top of Albert street 

Operative Bakers' Hoiise of Call, 15 Vault 

■^Operative Mason Lodge Hall, 43 Overgate 

^Operative Tailors' Hall, 51 Overgate 

Original Secession Church, Euclid crescent 

Painters' Hall, 71 High street 

*Panmure Hall, 6 Bain square 

Panmiire St. Independent Church, Panmure st., at junction with Euclid ores. 

Parcels Post Office, 50 Reform street 

Parochial Board Offices, Dundee Combination, Townhouse buildings, 2 Vault 

Peoi)le's Friend Office, 7 to 25 Bank street jj 

People's Journal Office, 7 to 25 Bank street 

Police Office, Jail, and Bridewell, West Bell street — District stations, 194 

Scouringburn, 144 Princes street, and 66 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Dundee ; and South road, Lochee 
Police Treasurer and Collector's Office, 8 Meadowside 
Poor Houses : East — top of Eliza street ; AVest — 199 Blackness road 
Post Office, top of Reform street ; Branch Office, Customhouse buildings 

Dock st. ; Parcels Post Office, 50 Reform st. ; Receiving Offices at 90 King 

St., 128 Hilltown, 142 Scouringburn, 242 Perth road, 199 Princes street, 68 

Blackscroft, 57 Hawkhill, and 28 Dundonald street 
Princes Street Independent Church, 157 Princes street 
Procurator Fiscal's Office, Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 
Public Baths, West Protection wall, Harbour 
Public Weighhouse and Warehouse, 23 Greenmarket 
Railway Stations, South Union street. East Dock street, and Esi>lanade 
*Reform Street Hall, 51 Reform street 
Refuge Home, 18 Union place, Lochee 
Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages — see page 23 
Rosebank Established Church, Constitution street 
Rosebank Sessional School, 20 Rosebank street 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 22 Castle street, and 97 Murraygate ; Branch offices, 

36 Westport, and 22 King street 
Royal Exchange, Panmure street 
Royal Infirmary, Barrack road 
Royal Lunatic Asylum, West green, Liff 
Russell Chaj)el, Independent Church, 179 Hawkhill 
Ryehill U.P. Church, 79 Perth road 

St Andrew's Established Church, King street, opposite St Andrew's street 
St Andrew's Free Chm^ch, Meadowside, opposite Baltic street 
St Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, 152 Nethergate 
St Andrew's Roman Catholic Schools : Boys, 38 Tay st, ; Girls, 174 Overgate 








St Andrew's School, 2 William street, Victoria road 

St Clement's, or Steeple Church (Established), Nethergate, opposite Union st. 

St David's Established Church, North Tay street 

St David's Free Church, west end of Ward road 

St David's Masonic Hall, 8 Bank street 

St Enoch's Baptist Church, 12 Long wynd 

St Enoch's Established Church, 79 Nethergate 

St James' Evangelical Union Church, 4 Euclid street 

St John's, or Cross Church (Established), South Tay street 

St John's Free Church, 122 Perth road 

St John's Free Church School, 40 Park wynd 

St John's Church of England, Logie den, Lochee road 

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Wilkie's lane, Blackness road 

St Joseph's Catholic Reading Room, 2 Larch street 

St Mark's Established Church, Greenfield place, Perth road 

St Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Chapel, 11 Blinshall street 

St Mary's, or Parish Church, Nethergate, opposite Union street 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, 34 Forebank road 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Schools, 32 Forebank road 

St Mary's Roman Catholic Lifant School, Powrie place 

St Matthew's Established Church, 78 Ferry road (Glebe) 

St Patrick's Hall, 38 South Tay street 
. jSt Paul's, or South Church (Established), Nethergate, opposite Union street 
^"St Paul's Free Church, 116 Nethergate 

St Paul's Free Church School, 143 Overgate 
I St Paul's Episcopal Church, Castlehill, top of Seagate 
''^|St Peter's Free Church, St Peter street 
^' , St Salvador's Ei^iscopal Church and School, top of St Salvador street 

Sailors' Home, 62 Dock street 

Sailors' Reading-room, east side of Customhouse 
I Salem Chapel, Salem street, 59 Constitution road 
''\; Savings Bank, 2 Euclid street 

"»! School Wynd U.P. Church, 6 South Lindsay street 
''^School Board OflBce, 32 Castle street 

Seamen's Chapel, Candle lane 

I Session Clerk's Office, 56 Bell street 

Sheriff Clerk's Office, Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 

Shii^ping Office, Sailors' Home buildings, Candle lane 
! Shore Dues Office, Customhouse buildings, Dock street 

*Smellie's Hall, 50 Barrack street 

Smithfield Episcopal School, 67 Derby street 

iStamp Distributor and Tax Collector's Office, 31 Bank street 

Stamps and Taxes — Assessor and Surveyor's Office, 29 Bank street 

*Strathmore Hall, Sea wynd, Nethergate 

Tay Ferries Office and Station, Craig pier, South Union street 
■ ;Tay Square U.P. Chtirch, Tay square. South Tay street 

Telegraph Offices — 26 Meadowside. Branch Post Office — Customhouse 
buildings. Dock street ; at Railway stations, and 242 Perth road 

Theatre — Her Majesty's Theatre and Opera House. Seagate 

jl^Thistle Hall, 15 Union street 

[jrhistle Operative Mason Lodge Hall, 15 Vault 

nTown Architect's Office, 36 North Lindsay street 

iTown and County Bank, 5 Albert square, Meadowside 

Townhouse Buildings, south side of High street 

ilown Clerk's Office, Townhouse buildings. High street 
"ijTown Chamberlain's Office, Townhouse buildings, High street 

i 2 


Town Siirveyor's Ofl&ce, 79 Commercial street 

Town's Clivxrches — comprising St Mary's, or Parish Chtircli ; St Paul's, or 
South Church ; and St Clement's, or Steeple Church, Nethergate, oppo- 
site Union street 

*Trades' Hall, King's road 

Trinity Evangelical Union Church, 74 Victoria road 

Union Bank, 2 Panmure street 

Unitarian Christian Church, 53 Constitution road 

University College, 149 Nethergate 

* Victoria Hall, 52 Victoria road 

Victoria Road Public School, King's road, Victoria road 

Victoria Street U.P. Church, Victoria st., at junction with Brown Constable st. 

Wallacetown Established Church, Crescent street, opjposite Church street 

Wallacetown Free Church, 15 Crescent street 

Wallacetown Public School, Crescent street 

Ward Chapel, Independent Church, foot of Constitution road 

Water Commissioners' Office, 8 Meadowside ; Manager's Office, 7 Euclid st. 

Weekly News Office, 34 North Lindsay street 

Wellgate Free Church, 45 Dudhope street 

*Wellgate Hall, 59 Wellgate 

Wesleyan Methodist Churches, 17 Ward road, and foot of Wellington street 

West-End Academy, 46 South Tay street 

Willison Free Church, 56 Barrack street 

Wishart U.P. Chiirch, 108 Cowgate 

Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 10 Constitution road 

Young Women's Christian Association Rooms, 8 Bank street 





Argentine Republic, (Consul) 
Belgium, (Vice-Consul) 
Brazil (Vice-Consul), 





German Empire, (Consul) 

Greece, (Consiilar Agent) 

Hawaii (Consul), 


Liberia, (Consul) 


Peru, (Consul) 



Sweden and Norway, 

Spain, (Vice-Consul) 

United States, (Consul) 

United States, (Vice and Deputy C 

United States of Colombia, 

Venezxiela, (Consul) 

Thomas Murdoch, 62 St Andrew's st. 
R. J. Niven, 37 Albert sqiiare 
Thos. Collier, Meadow Place buildings 
George C. Keiller, 33 Meadowside 
James Cox, 1 Meadow Place buildings 
T. W. Thoms, 18 St Andrew's place 
P. M. Cochrane, 1 Dudhope terrace 
H. Quosbarth, 46 Castle street 
Wm. Buchan Ritchie, 33 Dock street 
John G. ZoUer, 87 Commercial street 
James Millar, 54 Commercial street 
D. F. Robertson, 25 Dock street 
T. W. Thoms, 18 St Andrew's place 
James H. Bell, 2 India buildings 
Bernt Pettersen, 46 Castle street 
William B. Wilson, 4 Panmure street 
Bernt Pettersen, 46 Castle street 
I. Julius Weinberg, 13 Panmui-e street 
Willard B. Wells, 81 Murraygate 
onsul) William M'Intyre, 81 Murraygate 

Thomas M. Ferrier, 11 Panmure street 
Thomas M. Ferrier, 11 Panmiire street 







( 19 ) 


POPULATION. — According to the Census returns, the population of 
Dundee in 1871 was 120,724 ; in 1881 it was 145,433 ; and, at the present 
late, it is estimated at 152,838. 

i Panmure street, Dundee, and Kinloch-Laggan, Kingussie ; London ad- 
iresses, 4 Cleveland sq. , St James's, S.W. , and Reform Club. Frank Henderson, 
1 Clarendon terrace, Dundee ; addresses in London, Reform Clvib, and House 
jf Commons. 


Provost and Chief Magistrate— Hugh Ballingall. 

Bailies — William Hunter, First ; William M'Dougall Ogilvie, Second ; 
William Doig, Third; Robert Taylor, Fourth; Daniel John M'Kinnon, 
Fifth ; John Samuel Bradford, Sixth. 

Dean of Guild — Alexander Mathewson. 

Treasurer — James Nicoll. 

Common Councillors — Peter Adamson, John M'Farlane, Alexander Speed, 
William Whyte, James Allan, James Perrie, William Blair, James Cowan, 
Peter Craig Storrie, James Foggie, John Tulloch, William Philip, jun., John 
Iklaclaren, James Gentle, James Low, Alexander M'Culloch, William Edwin 
ilobertson Young, John Ormond Black, Duncan M 'Donald. 

Committees of Council. — Law Committee — Councillor Allan, Convener. 
?rovost Ballingall, Bailies Hunter, Ogilvie, and M'Kinnon ; Dean of Guild 
MLathewson ; Treasurer Nicoll ; Covmcillors Speed, Perrie, Black, M'Culloch, 
["uUoch, Yoimg, Maclaren, and Macdonald. 

Property and Esplanade Committee — Covmcillor Blair, Convener. Bailies 
)gilvie, Doig, M'Kinnon, and Taylor ; Councillors Gentle, Cowan, Allan, 
CuUoch, Young, Adamson, M'Farlane, Black, Philip, jun., M'Culloch, Whyte, 
^ggie, Storrie, Maclaren, Macdonald, and Speed. 

Finance Committee — Treasurer Nicoll, Convener. Provost Ballingall ; 
Bailies Hunter, Ogilvie, and Bradford ; Councillors Perrie, Blair, Cowan, 
Qlan, Speed, Tulloch, Adamson, M'Farlane, Black, M'Culloch, Low, and 

Committee on Hospital Fund and Johnston's Charity — Councillor Tulloch, 
lospital-Master, Convener. Bailies Doig, M'Kinnon, and Bradford; Dean 
•f Guild Mathewson ; Treasurer Nicoll ; Councillors M'Farlane, Perrie, 
foung, Black, Whyte, Maclaren, and Storrie. 

Covmcil Harbour Trustees — The Provost and Four Senior Bailies, ex officio, 
[nd Councillor Gentle. 

I Council Directors of the High School Corporation — The Provost and Dean of 
iruild, ex officio; Bailies Taylor and M'Kinnon; Councillors Allan, Philip, 
in., and Speed. 

Council Governors of Morgan Hospital — The Provost, ex officio ; Councillors 
'errie and Allan. 
' Council Representatives at Meetings of Commissioners of Supply under the 

Sheriff Court-Houses Act, 1860 " — Dean of Guild Mathewson ; Bailies 

lunter and Bradford ; Councillors Tulloch, Blair, Young, Philip, jun. and 


! Council Members of Free Library Committee — Provost Ballingall, Chair- 

lan. Bailies Ogilvie, Doig, and Bradford ; Councillors M'Culloch, Blair, 

fi\ lentle, Philip, jun., Macdonald, and Young. 

d'il Council Commissioners under " Dundee Gas Act, 1868 " — The Provost and 


First Bailie, ex officio: Bailie M'Kinnon ; Treasurer NicoU; Councilloi 
Cowan, Black, and M'CuUocli. 

Representative Trixstee, from the Council, of William Harris's Institution- 
Provost Ballingall. 

William Hay, Town Clerk — office, Townlioiise buildings. David Banned 
man. Town Chamberlain — office, Townhouse buildings. William Alexande:| 
Town Architect — office, 36 North Lindsay street. James Robertson, Counci 
Officer and Billet-Master, Townhouse buildings. Thomas NicoU, jvin., Iii 
spector of Weights and Measures — office, 29 North Lindsay street. 

Public Analyst — George D. Macdougald, 82 High street. 





POLICE COMMISSIONERS.— The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Com 
oil are also the Commissioners of Police for the Burgh. The following ai 
the Committees appointed by the Commissioners : — ■ 

Police Committee, including Watching and Fire Engines — Bailie Hunte: 
Convener. Bailies Ogilvie, Doig, Taylor, M'Kimion, and Bradford ; Coui 
cillors Adamson, M'Farlane, Speed, Nicoll, Perrie, Blair, Cowan, Philip, jun 
Young, Black, Low, INIaclaren, Whyte, Storrie, Foggie, and Macdonald. 

Lightmg Committee — Councillor Adamson, Convener. Bailies Ogilvie aD 
Taylor ; Coimcillors Perrie, Blair, Cowan, Tulloch, M'CuUoch, Yoimg, Blacl 
Whyte, Maclaren, Low, and Macdonald. 

Works Committee — Councillor Gentle, Convener. Bailies Hunter, Ogilvi< 
Taylor, M'Kinnon, and Bradford ; Dean of Guild Mathewson ; Councillo: 
M'Farlane, Speed, Nicoll, Allan, Blair, Cowan, Tulloch, Philip, jun 
M'Culloch, Young, Black, Storrie, Whyte, Foggie, Maclaren, Low, an 

Sanitary Committee, including Cleansing and Lodging-Houses. CouncilL 
Perrie, Convener. Bailies Ogilvie, Doig, Taylor, and M'Kinnon ; Councillo 
M'Farlane, Speed, Allan, Blair, Cowan, Tulloch, Philip, jun., M'Culloc" 
Young, Black, Storrie, Foggie, Whyte, Maclaren, Low, and Macdonald. 

Improvement Committee — Councillor Low, Convener. All the Commi 
sioners are Members of this Committee. 

Finance Committee, including Law — Councillor Macdonald, Convene 
Bailie Doig, Dean of Guild Mathewson, Councillor Black, and the Convene 
of all the other stated Committees of the Commission. 

Recreation Grounds Committee, including Balgay Hill — Councillor Speei 
Convener. Bailies Ogilvie, M'Kinnon, and Bradford ; Councillors Nicol 
Allan, Perrie, Philip, jun., Gentle, M'Culloch, Black, Storrie, Maclaren, ar 

Baths Committee — Bailie Bradford, Convener. BaUies Hunter and Tayloij ** 
Councillors Adamson, M'Farlane, Speed, Allan, Blair, Cowan, Gentl 
M'Culloch, Black, Maclaren, Whyte, Storrie, Foggie, Low, and Macdonald. _ 

Markets, &c.. Committee — Councillor Cowan, Convener. Bailies Ogilv; Y 
and M'Kinnon; Councillors Nicoll, Perrie, Whyte, M'Farlane, and Ma 

Tramways Committee — Councillor M'Farlane, Convener. Bailies Hunte 
Doig, Taylor, M'Kinnon, and Bradford ; Coiuicillors Allan, Blair, Cowa; 
Tulloch, Gentle, M'Culloch, Young, Black, Speed, Storrie, Foggie, Phili! 
Low, and Macdonald. 

Harbour Arbitration Committee — Councillor Macdonald, Convener. Baili^ 
Ogilvie, Doig, Taylor, and Bradford ; Dean of Guild Mathewson ; Councillo 
Speed, Cowan, Gentle, Low, and M'Culloch. 

N.B. — The Provost is a Member of all the Committees of the Board. 

Thomas Thornton, Clerk. James W. Barnet, Depute-Clerk— office, '. 
Albert square. James Smith, Collector and Treasurer — office, 8 Meadowsid 
William Macldson, Svrveyor and Master of Works — office, 79 Commercial stree 




. WATER COMMISSION, consisting of all the Members of the Town Council 
t Dundee ; and James Mudie, Chief Magistrate, Thomas Lamond, Senior 
[agistrate, and Thomas Smibert, Junior Magistrate of Broughty Ferry. 

Works Committee — Councillor M'CuUoch, Convener. Provost Ballingall ; 
lailies Himter, Ogilvie, Doig, Taylor, and Bradford ; Dean of Guild Mathewson ; 
reasurer NicoU ; Councillors Gentle, Tulloch, Young, M'Farlane, Cowan, 
hilip, Whyte, Foggie, Macdonald, LoV, Maclaren, Storrie, and Black ; 
ames Mudie, Chief Magistrate, Thomas Lamond, Senior Magistrate, and 
'homas Smibert, Junior Magistrate of Broughty Ferry. 

Finance Committee — Coimcillor Tulloch, Convener. Provost Ballingall; 
iailies Ogilvie, Doig, and M'Kinnon ; Dean of Guild Mathewson ; Treasurer 
1 icoll ; Coimcillors Speed, Perrie, Young, Adamson, M'Farlane, Allan, Blair, 
['Culloch, Low, and Macdonald ; James Mudie, Chief Magistrate, Thomas 
.amond, Senior Magistrate, and Thomas Smibert, Junior Magistrate of 
droughty Ferry. 

James Watson, C.E., Engineer and Manager — office, 7 Euclid street. James 
mith, Treasurer — office, 8 Meadowside, 

N.B. — Notices of bursts of water pipes are requested to be sent to the 
lanager's office, 7 Euclid street, where they will be immediately attended to. 

DUNDEE BUPJAL BOARD.— The Provost, Magistrates, and Council are 
lie Parochial Board for burial grotmd i^urposes. 
'1* Works Committee — All the Members of the Board — Alexander Speed, 
Ifflonvener. Finance Committee — All the Members of the Board — Alexander 
ipeed. Convener. William Hay, Clerk. James Smith, Treasurer. 
' BuKiAL Gkounds. — Eastern Necropolis, Arbroath road ; Western Necro- 
olis, Balgay hill ; New Burying Ground, Constitution road ; Howff , Meadow- 
ide ; St Peter's, Perth road ; St Andrew's, Cowgate ; Roodyards, Ferry road ; 
ind Logie Churchyard, Lochee road. 
William R. M'Kelvie, Superintendent. Office, 13 Ward road ; open from 
a.m. till 12 noon, and from till 7 p.m. Offices at the Eastern Necropolis 
"llnd Western Necropolis open during the day. 

RECREATION GROUNDS, including Balgay Hill— Alex. Speed, Convener 
ntff Committee. Wm. R. M'Kelvie, Superintendent — office, 13 Ward road. 

' BURGH POLICE ESTABLISHMENT.— Central Office, West Bell street, 
district Stations — Northern Office, Union street, Maxwelltown ; Eastern Office, 
rrinces street ; Western Office, Scouringburn ; and Lochee Office, South road, 
[lOchee. David Dewar, Chief Constable and Procurator-Fiscal. Three 
ieutenants, five inspectors, one detective insi^ector, eight detective officers, 
ourteen sergeants, and one hundred and thirty-one constables. Total 
trength, 163. 

Sanitary Department. — West Bell street. Thomas Kinnear, Chief 
inspector, one sanitary inspector, five practical inspectors, five sanitary 
I fficers, two clerks, and one van driver. 
! Cleansing Department. — One inspector, five foremen, one hundred and 
)iifty scavengers and carters. James Arthur, Inspector. 

Judges op Police Court. — The Provost and Bailies of the Burgh. Thomas 
I phornton. Assessor ; James W. Barnet, Depute-Assessor. 
I H.M. Prison. — 8 West Bell street. Cauvin S. Alston, Governor ; James W. 
vliller, M.D., Surgeon; Rev. David R. Robertson, Chaplain and Teacher; 
diss Christie, Matron ; Colin Bain, Head Warder. 

Fire Brigade. — Superintendent, Robert Ramsay. Central Station — West 
jell street ; Captains, G. Matthew and John Ramsay ; twelve firemen. Har- 
)oxu' Station — Customhouse ; Captain, James Anderson ; three firemen. 
"<^orthern Station — 66 Union street, Maxwelltown ; Captain, J. Milne ; three 
iremen. Lochee Station ; Captain, R. M'Intosh ; three firemen. 


GAS COMMISSION.— Office, 16 Meadowside ; Works, Peep-o'-Day. Mem- 
bers ex officio — Provost Ballingall, Chairman ; Bailie Hunter ; Dean of Guild 
Mathewson ; Joseph Lindsay, Convener of the Nine Trades. Elected Mem- 
bers — From the Town Council — Bailie M'Kinnon ; Councillors James Cowan. 
James Nicoll, John O. Black, Alex. M'CuUoch. From the Guildry— Thos. S. 
Blakeney, James Luke, James Mitchell, Wm. C. Norrie. From the Chambei 
of Commerce — David Bruce, Victor Fraenkl, Wm. N. AValker, Thomas Bell, 
jun., James Logie. From the Nine Trades — John Scrymgeour, AV. B. 
Thompson. From the Three Trades— Bobert W. Laburn. 

Finance Committee — All the Members of the Board — James Mitchell, Con- 
vener. Works Committee — All the Members of the Board — Joseph Lindsay .i 
Convener. Thomas Thornton, Clerk; James Matthew, Treasurer; John 
M'Crae, Manager of Works. 

Applications for Gas or Meters, and Notices of Escapes of Gas, &c., are re- 
quested to be sent to the Office, where they will be immediately attended to. 

GUILDRY INCOEPORATION.— Alexander Mathewson, Dean of Guild 
Assessors — Alex. Henderson, James Yeaman, Robert Webster, James Shaw. 
James Mitchell, George Sheriff, James Luke, T. S. Ross, John P. Kyd, Wm. 
A. Macveigh, Joseph Lindsay, Alex. Mathewson, Charles Edward, W. C 
Norrie, T. S. Robertson, Robert L. Watson, James Logie, Joseph J. Barrie, 
W. B. Thompson. D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadowside, Clerk ; Alexander 
Simpson, Collector. 

NINE INCORPORATED TRADES.— Joseph Lindsay, Convener ; Robert 
C. Walker, Solicitor, Boxmaster and Clerk. 

Deacons. Assessors. 

Bakers, William Nicoll. John Brown. 

Shoemakers, John E. Mann. Joshua Smith. 

Glovers, David Stewart. Charles Stewart. 

Tailors, P. M. Young. William Brown, jun. 

Bonnetmakers, John Miln. W. B. Thompson. 

Fleshers, David Niven. William Wilkie. 

Hammermen, John Why tock. G. H. Nicoll. 

Weavers, T. K. Kinmond. Alex. Fairweather. 

Dyers, George Stevenson, Francis Stevenson. 

THREE UNITED TRADES.— William B. Scott, Convener; Da^ddMartm, 
Boxmaster ; George Haggart, Clerk. Deacons. — Masons — James CroU ; 
Wrights — James Boyd ; Slaters — William Gauld. 

MALTMEN INCORPORATION.— Joseph Brown, Deacon; Andrew Webster, 
Boxmaster ; D, Gordon Stewart, Clerk. 

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.— (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1864), 
Royal Exchange, Panmure street. President, Alexander Henderson ; Vice- 
President, James F. Low ; Ex-President, John H. Walker. Directors- 
Messrs D. Low, Montague Cannon, H. Luhrs, Robert V. Scroggie, J. G. Orchar, 
J. J. Barrie, David S. Fergusson, and J. M. Keiller. Robert Sturrock, Secy 
and Treasiirer ; Moody Stuart & Robertson, Axiditors. John Cow^ier and Robert 
Carnegie, Officers. 

Town-House Buildings, 1 St Clement's lane. Managers— Meet first Tuesday 
of each month at 11 a.m. — Duncan Macdonald, Chairman ; John M'Farlane 
James Robertson, David M. Allan, James Thomson, William Why te, Matthew 
M'Kenna, James Perrie, Lochee ; David Espltn, Lochee ; James Cowan, 
John Beath, Alexander D. Mair, Robert H. Mitchell, John Kennedy, 
Allan Storrier, David H. Ferrier, James P. Smith, William Norwell, Danie! 
Dailly, James S. Langlands, David Gray, Laiirence Phin, Daniel J. 



M'Kinnon, Alexander Ewan, Eobert Keith, Bailie Hunter, Bailie Ogilvie, 
'' i James Allan, Rev. Peter Grant, D.D., Eev. Colin Campbell, John Greig, 
« George T. Graham, Rev. John Wilson, Liff ; David Myles, Blairfield ; John 
L Geekie, Birkhill ; Andrew Osier, Loch of Liff ; John Nicoll, David W. Clarke, 
■ Robt. AY. Laburn, William Smith, Bailie Bradford. 

Relief Committee. — Meets every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Daniel J. 

M'Kinnon, Convener; A. D. Mair, James Perrie, Robt. Keith, James S. 

t Langlands, D. Gray, Robt. H. Mitchell, Allan Storrier, John Beath, Laurence 

! Phin, D. Macdonald, Jas. Robertson, John Kennedy, D. M. Allan, John 

'i Nicoll, R. W. Laburn, M. M'Kenna, James Cowan, D. W. Clarke, D. H. 

Ferrier, D. Dailly, John Geekie. 

Poorhouse Committee.— Meets on the Thursday before the first Tuesday of 
each month. Robt. Keith, Chairman ; John Beath, Vice-Chairman ; John 
M'Farlane, D. [.Macdonald, D. M. Allan, James Thomson, James Perrie, 
[] James Cowan, G. T. Graham, Alex. D. Mair, R. H. Mitchell, Daniel Dailly, 
David Gray, L. Phin, D. J. M'Kinnon, John Kennedy, John Greig, John 
Geekie, Alex. Ewan, J. P. Smith, Bailie Hunter, Jas. Allan, Bailie Ogilvie, 
William Whyte, Rev. C. Campbell, Matthew M'Kenna, D. Esplin, Allan 
Storrier, D. H. Ferrier, Wm, Norwell, James S. Langlands, Robt. W. Laburn, 
Rev. Dr Grant, John Nicoll, D. W. Clarke, Jas. Robertson, Bailie Bradford. 

Thomas Brown, Inspector ; Robert Edwards, Assistant Inspector ; John 
Begbie and Wm. Young, Out-door Sub-Inspectors ; Wm. Scrimgeour, Collector ; 
Robert Stewart, Assistant Collector ; D. B. Buglass, Governor of East Poor- 
house ; T. D. Aitken, Governor of West Poorhouse. 

Assessor, R. S. Forbes, 29 Bank street ; Collector, Jas. Smith, 8 Meadowside. 
This Assessment is collected along with the Prison Rates, under the direction 
of the Finance Committee of the Town Council. 


St Peter's District — James Young, Registrar ; Office, 146 Perth road. 2,d or 
St Mary's District — James Anderson, Registrar ; Office, 11 Ward road. Zd 
or St Clement'' s District — David Scott, Registrar ; Office, 16 Bank street. 
'Uh or St Andrexo's District — Finlay Macdiarmid, Registrar ; Office, 16 King 
street. 5th or Lochee District — John Robertson, Registrar ; Office, 62 High 
street, Lochee. Office Hours, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and from 6 to 7 p.m. ; 
Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Registrations must be eft'ected as follows, viz. : — Births within 21 days ; 
Deaths within 8 days ; Marriages within 3 days ; Vaccinations within 6 
months ; unless certificate of postponement be granted by a qualified Medical 
Practitioner. Parties registering births ought to produce proof of the 
marriage of the parents. 

Registeation Districts. 

For the purposes of the Acts of Parliament relative to the Registration of 
Births, Deaths, and Marriages, those i)ortions of the parish of Dundee and of 
the united parishes of Liff and Benvie, comprehended within the boundaries of 
the Btirgh of Dundee, are divided into Five Districts as follow : — The First, or 
St Peter's District, to comprehend and include that portion of the Burgh within 
the Boundary commencing at the point where the Parliamentary Boundary on the 
west terminates in the River Tay ; thence along said boundary Northwards till it 
joins the Blackness road ; thence along the middle of said road till it joins the 
Scouringburn; thence along the middle of the Scouringburn and Westport till 
it joins South Tay street ; thence along the middle of South Tay street, and 
across the Nethergate and Southwards in a line with and along the West Wall 
of the Roman Catholic Chapel to the Southern Boundary of the Burgh. 
Second, or St Mary's District, to comprehend and include that portion of the 


Burgh within the Boundary, commencing at that point in the Kiver where the 
Southern bovmdary of the First District terminates; thence along said boundary 
Northwards to Westport, thence in a Westerly direction along the middle of 
the Westport, Scouringburn, and Blackness road, as far as the road leading to \ 
Glenagnes cottage; thence along the middle of said road till it joins a road I 
leading to Balgay street; thence along the middle of Balgay street till it joins | 
the Lochee road; thence in an Easterly direction along the middle of said road | 
to Union place; thence along the middle of the road at Union place in a North- j 
Westerly direction till it joins the Loons road; thence along the middle of that i' 
road in an Easterly direction till it joins the Old Newtyle Railway ; thence- |. 
along said Railway to the Tunnel; thence along the middle of the road leading ; ^ ^ 
from the Southern entrance of the Tunnel to the top of Constitution road ; 
thence along the middle of Constitution road, Barrack street. Tally street, and 
Couttie's wynd, across Dock street till it joins West Dock street; thence along J 
the middle of West Dock street to the River. Third, or St Clement's District, i 
to comprehend and include that portion of the Burgh within the boundary 
commencing at that point in the River where the Southern Boundary of the 
Second District terminates ; thence along that boundary Northwards along the 
middle of West Dock street, Couttie's wynd. Tally street, Barrack street, and 
Constitution road to the Tunnel ; thence in a line Northwards till it joins the 
Northern Boundary of the Burgh ; thence along said boundary Eastwards as 
far as the Mains road ; thence in a Southerly direction along the middle of the 
Mains road, Hilltown, and AVellgate ; thence East along the middle of the 
Cowgate to St Andrew's street ; thence along the middle of St Andrew's 
street. Trades lane, and the Road on the East side of the Customhouse till it 
reaches the Shij)building Yards ; thence along the middle of the road on the 
South side of Victoria Dock till it joins a road leading along the East side of 
the Patent Slip buildings ; thence along the middle of said road to the River. 
Fourth, or St Andrew's District, to include that portion of the Burgh com- 
prehended within the Eastern Boundary of St Clement's District and the 
Eastern Boundary of the Burgh. Fifth, or Lochee District, to comprehend 
and include that portion of the Burgh, commencing at the j)oint in the Black- 
ness road where the Western Boundary of the First District terminates ; thence 
along the middle of Blackness road, the road leading past Glenagnes cottage, 
Balgay street, Lochee road to Union place ; thence along the middle of Union 
l^lace and Loons road to the Old Newtyle Railway ; thence along the middle 
of said Railway to the Northern Boundary of the Burgh ; thence along that 
Boundary Westwards and Southwards, to the jjoint in the Blackness road 
before mentioned. 


CIRCUIT COURTS OF JUSTICIARY.— Circuit Courts, for the trial of 
criminal cases in Forfarshire, and disposal of certain appeals from the Sheriff 
Court, are held within the Court House, Dundee, four times in the year. 

SHERIFF COURT— DUNDEE DISTRICT.— Court Rooms, Sheriff-Clerk's 
Office, and Procurator-Fiscal's Office, in the New Court Buildings, West Bell 
street. Small Debt Court held on Tuesdays, at half -past 10 forenoon ; Debts 
Recovery and Ordinary Court for Motions and Debates, on Wednesdays, at 
half -past 10 forenoon; Ordinary Court for Motions, on Fridays, at 10.30., 
during the Session. Courts are held during the vacation, of which the dates 
are fixed before close of the Session. 

John Comrie Thomson, Advocate, Sheriff-Depute ; John Campbell Smith, 
Advocate, Sheriff-Substitute ; James Ross, Solicitor, Sheriff -Clerk ; Alex. 
Simpson, Sheriff-Clerk Depute and Auditor of Court ; W. B. Dunbar, Pro- 



The Sheriff-Clerk's Office is open from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. every lawful day, 
xcept Saturdays, when it is closed at 1 p.m. 
Peter M'Gregor, Bar-Officer of Sheriff Court. 

Auxiliary Sheriff-Substitutes — Duncan M'Lauchlan, solicitor ; D. Small, 
oHcitor ; Thomas Thornton, solicitor ; William Kerr, solicitor ; and William 
lay, Town Clerk. 

BUEGH OR BAILIE COURT.— Held in the Town Hall. The Bailies, 
udges; William Hay, Town Clerk, Assessor; John M. Milne, Procurator-Fiscal. 
ee ' GUILD COURT. — Dean of Guild, Judge ; D. Gordon Stewart, Assessor 
It, ind Clerk of Court ; Office, 10 Meadowside. Alex. Speed, 82 High street, 
\.\literim Fiscal; James M'Donald, 44 High street, Officer. 
ij I JUSTICE OF PEACE COURT.— The Acting Justices of the Peace for the 
ig pistrict, Judges. David Small, solicitor, Clerk and Assessor. Walter Thom- 
Vian Currie, solicitor, Depute-Clerk. 

IJ j The Court is held in the Court-Room, Town Hall, each alternate Monday, at 
le pleven o'clock forenoon. The Dundee District comprehends the Parishes of 
lejpundee, Mains and Strathmartine, Liff and Ben vie, Monikie, Monifieth, 
i(l{]lurroes, Auchterhouse, and Tealing. 

IS lEncorporated by Royal Charter in 1820). — David Small, Preses ; David 
It tewart Littlejohn, Vice-Preses; George Heron, Treasurer; Alexander Agnew, 
* iccretary. 

Members of Faculty. Those marked "■■ are Notaries Public, and, as such, are com- 
petent to act as Commissionei's for taking affidavits to be used in English and 
Irish Courts. 

Agnew, Alex. , 11 Reform street 
Jarnet, Jas. W., 15 Albert square 
Baxter, Allan, 81 Murraygate 
Baxter, Walter, 81 Murraygate 
jBissett, Gray, 12 Bank street 
[Bruce, John D., 116 Seagate 
jtesar, William, 84 Commercial street 
|)alder, John F., 9 Ward road 
Congleton, Thomas, 20 Castle street 
le 1 Currie, Walter T., .5 Bank street 
It jhimming, A. W., 1 Bank street 
ili Dickie, W. B., 22 Euclid crescent 
liDuncan, CliarlesC, 41 Reform street 
jJDuncan, David, jr., 41 Reform street 
'j)unbar, Wm. B., Courthouse buildings 
:j'ergusson, Robt. M., 51 Reform street 
ji iGray, Jas. M., 30 Reform street 
It ilaggart, George, 11 Ward road 
iHay, William, Townhouse 
J : Hendry, Andrew, 32 Bank street 
II ! Heron, George, 20 Castle street 
[J :Iunter, James, jun., 69 Reform street 
i. Husband, Peter F., 20 Reform street 
jl Johnston, David, 31 Reform street 
illj Johnstone, J. J., 69 Reform street 
''Kerr, William, 26 Castle street 
Kyd, John P., 8 Euclid street 

*Littlejohn, D. S., 27 Bank street 
*Littlejohn, Thomas, 27 Bank street 
Martin, W. H. Blyth, 30 Reform street 
Milne, W. B., 10 Reform street 
*Ogilvie, George, 12 Meadowside 
Pattullo, Henry A., 1 Bank street 
*Pattxillo, James, 1 Bank street 
Paul, George B., 22 Euclid crescent 
Pollock, James, 32 Bank street 
Rollo, James Alexander, 41 Reform st. 
Ross, James, .Courthouse buildings. 
Scrimgeour, John, 31 Reform street 
*Shiell, John, 5 Bank street 
Simpson, John, 69 Reform street. 
*Small, David, 5 Bank street 
Small, William James, 5 Bank street 
*Smith, Robert, 24 Meadowside 
*Speed, Alexander, 82 High street 
*Stephen, Wm. W., 51 Reform street 
Steven, Robert, 41 Reform street 
^Stewart, D. Gordon, 10 Meadowside 
Stewart, David, 61 Reform street 
""Thornton, Thomas, 15 Albert square 
*Thornton William, 15 Albert square 
Walker, Robert C, 12 Euclid street 
*Watt, George, 84 Commercial street 
Young, W. E. R., 7 Ward road 

laird, James M., 62 Commercial street 
iJ^ISTRICT.— The Earl of Dalhousie ; the Earl of Camperdown ; Sir John 


Ogilvy, Bart.; James E. Erskine, Linlathen; Robert M'Gavin, of Balliimbie 
W. O. Dalgleish, Mayfield ; William Neish, of Olepington ; E. H. A. OgUvy 
of Balclovan ; Lord Craighill ; O. G-. Miller ; J. Ogilvy, Harecraig ; the Sherif 
of the Coimty and the Sheriff-Substitute for the Dundee District ; the Provos 
of Dundee ; the First and Second Bailies of Dundee, for the time being ; W 
E. Baxter, of Kincaldrum, M.P. ; George Armitstead, M.P. ; James Cox, o 
Cardean ; Peter Carmichael, of Arthurstone ; William Lowson, of Balthayock 
Robert Arklay, of Ethiebeaton ; John Sharp, of Balmuir; D. Small; Johi 
Laing, of Kellyfield ; Thomas Bell, Joseph Grimond, Thomas Smith 
Frank Stewart Sandeman, Charles Smith, William G. Don ; Thomas HI 
Cox, of Maulesden ; James Luke, Alex. J. Buist, James G. Orchar, Edwan: 
A. Baxter, James Yeaman, George Mackenzie ; William Cox, of Snaigow 
George Gilroy, William Moir ; P. G. Walker, of Ravensby ; Hug.^ef 
Ballingall, H. B. Fergusson, Henry Goxirlay, G. LL. Alison, Jame 
Cunningham, G. B. Simpson, John Ewan; Jas. Pattullo, of Ashmore am 
Persey ; Thos. Thornton, Andrew Hendry, William Kerr, William Hay ; Henr 
S. Wedderburn, of Birkhill ; James F. Low, Moniiieth ; Alex. Bell, Balnuith 
Charles Edward ; J. E. Lacon, of Duntrune ; G. D. Clayhills Henderson, c 
Invergowrie ; George A. Cox, of Cardean ; Rev. R. Lingard Guthrie, Williar 
Brownlee, John Don, T. W. Thoms, James Mudie ; John Henderson, Banker 
Duncan Maclachlan, John Leng, Walter Shepherd, John H. Luis, Jame 
Guthrie ; William Robertson, Balmore. 

Justice of Peace Clerk's office, 5 Bank street — David Small, Solicitor, Clerk 
Walter Thomas Currie, Solicitor, Depute-Clerk ; J. M. M'Wee, Office-Clerk 

JUSTICE OF PEACE OFFICERS.— James Bisset, 51 High street; Thoma 
Gourlay, 10 High street ; James S, Mills, 10 High street ; Colin Walker, 5 
High street ; William Gouk, 3 Barrack street ; James M'Donald, 44 Hig 
street ; John M'Keran, 29 Panmure street ; Edward William Strachan, 5 
High street ; William Henry, 44 High street. 

MESSENGERS-AT-ARMS.— Jas. S. Mills, 10 High street ; James M'Donalc 
44 High street ; Edward William Strachan, 51 High street. 

SHERIFF OFFICERS.— James S. MHls, 10 High street ; Thos. Gourlaj 
10 High street ; James Bisset, 51 High street ; William Gouk, 3 Barrac 
street ; Robert Scott, 8 Bank street ; James M'Donald, 44 High streetjloi 
James Ross, 8 Meadowside ; Edward William Strachan, 51 High street. 

Dundee. — Thomas Govirlay, 10 High street, James S. Mills, 10 High stree 
and James Bisset, 51 High street. 

Dundee. — James S. Mills, 10 High street; Thos. Gourlay, 10 High streei 
Robert Scott, 8 Bank street. 

COMMISSARY OFFICER.— James S. Mills, 10 High street. 


down. Sheriff Smith, Col. R. H. A. Ogilvy, J. E. Erskine, G. D. ( 
Henderson, Provost Ballingall, Treasurer Nicoll, Councillor M'Cullocl 
Provost Reid, Montrose, Provost Thornton, Arbroath, Bailie John Fergussoi 
Forfar, Provost Lamb, Brechin. Sheriff Smith, Chairman ; Thos. Thorntoi 
15 Albert square. Clerk. Imi 

FORFARSHIRE LUNACY BOARD.— Earl of Strathmore, Duncan Ma.fct 
donald, Sheriff Robertson, Robert Henderson Arkley, Colonel Rait, Councilh 
TuUoch, Councillor Cowan, Councillor Adamson, Dundee ; Provost Thorntoi 
Arbroath ; Provost Doig, Forfar ; Provost Reid, Montrose ; James Hem 
Lamb, Brechin. Duncan Macdonald, Chairman. 







( 27 ) 



Bank of Scotland— Office, 34 Reform street, Fulton Spiers, Agent;- 
If A. F, Steele, Assistant Agent ; William Freeland, Accoimtant ; Thomas- 
i: Willock and William Gauld, jnn.. Tellers. Victoria Street Brancli — Robert 
t Walker, Agent. London Office — Lothbury, E.C. London Correspondents — 
tl lOoutts & Co. ; Smith, Payne, & Smiths ; and Bank of England. 
1 British Linen Company Bank — Office, 83 Murraygate. John A. Smith,. 
" Agent ; David Brand, Accomitant ; Robert Shepherd and Peter Kerr, jun.,. 
' Tellers. Westport Branch — James Ireland, Agent. London Office, 41 Lombard 
I- street, E.C. Agents — Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London ; Bank of England, 

London, and Branches ; Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and Branches. 

I The National Bank of Scotland Limited — Office, Bank biiildings, 71 

! Reform street. Robt. Murdoch, Agent ; John Colville, Assistant Agent ; David 

P. Scott and James R. Mitchell, Tellers. Brancli Office at 115 Hilltown, R. C. 

Reid, Agent. Bank's London Office — 37 Nicholas Lane, E.C. Bankers in 

'London : C%— Bank of England, Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co. ; Union Bank of 

London, Limited, West End — Cou.tts & Co. 

Royal Bank of Scotland — Offices, 22 Castle street, 97 Murraygate, 22 
King street, and Westport. Castle street — George Mackenzie, Manager ; 
^4eo. W. Boase, Cashier ; John Welch, Accountant ; David Stewart and James 
Htewart, Tellers. Murraygate — George Mackenzie, Manager here also ; 
^Yilliam W. Thomson, Sub-Agent ; James Simpson, Accountant ; King street 
—Robert M. Brodie, Agent ; John M'Nab, Accountant. Westport — Henry 
VVyse, Agent ; E. Christian, Accountant. Bank's London Office — 123 
Bishopsgate street, Within, E.C. London Correspondents — Coutts & Co., The 
Bank of England, and Ransom, Bou.verie, & Co. 

The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited — Office, Commercial Bank 

3uildings, Commercial street. Agents — Kenneth W. Henderson and David 

;'' Rennie. John Low^son, Accountant ; J. D. Muir and William Walker, 

I Tellers. London Office, 123 Bishopsgate street, Within, E.C. Agents in 

London — London and Westminster Bank, Limited ; and Coutts & Co. 

The Clydesdale Bank, Limited — Office, Clydesdale Bank buildings, 
East end of High street. Duncan Sidey and Alexander Scott, Agents ; P. 
K. Matthew, Accoimtant. James Smith and James Watson, Tellers, 
Agents in London — The Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 30 Lombard street. 

Union Bank of Scotland, Limited. — Office, 2 Panmure street. David Scott 
iFergusson, Agent ; George Black, Accountant ; D. G. Glennie, Teller. 
London Agents — Union Bank of Scotland, 62 Cornhill, E.C. 

Town and County Bank, Limited — 5 Albert square. James Low, Agent ; 
Geo. Angus, Accountant. London Agent — The London Joint-Stock Bank. 
i North of Scotland Bank, Limited,— 24 High street (top of Crichton 
Street). George Anderson, Agent ; James P. Buyers, Accountant ; Robert 
axton, Teller. London Agent — Union Bank of London, Limited. 
Dundee Savings Bank, 1815. — Office, 2 Euclid street. The Right Hon. 
4 tW. E. Baxter, M.P., Chairman of the Committee of Management ; Thomas 
Smith, Deputy-Chairman ; Bank of Scotland, Treasurer ; Robert Sturrock, 
Actuary ; John Miln, Cashier. Open Daily for Deposits and Payments from 
10 to 3 o'clock (with the exception of Saturdays, when the office shuts at 12^ 
o'clock), and for Deposits only on Wednesday evening, from 6 to 8 o'clock, and 
on Saturday evening, from 5 to 8 o'clock. Open at Broughty Ferry on Satur- 
day evenings at 105 Brook street, from 6 to 7.30. 


Post Office Savings Bank — Head Office, Post Oflfice biiildings, top of 
Reform street. Open every lawful day, from 9 in the morning till 6 in the 
evening. Branch Office — Customhouse buildings. Dock street. Open from 
9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Receiving Offices— At 128 HilltoAvn, 90 King street, 242 
Perth road, 199 Princes street, G8 Blackscroft, 142 Scouringburn, 57 Hawkhill, 
and 28 Dundonald street. Open from 9 morning till 6 evening every lawful 
day. On Saturdays the Receiving Offices remain open till 8 p.m. Direct 
Government security for the prompt rejiayment of all deposits. 

Holidays at the Banks — New Year's Day, Good Friday, First Mondays in; 
May and August, Christmas Day ; on Parochial Fast Days, open from 9 a.m 
to 10.30 a.m. 


Accident Insiirance Company 
R. A. Miller, 31 Panmure street 
W. D. Barnet, 70 North Church st. 
John Macnab, Roj^al Bank, King street 

Atlas (Fire and Life) 
Geo. Gumming, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Corrie, Mackie, &Co.^ 1 Rl. Exchange pi. 
Boiler Insur. & Steam Power Co., Ltd. 

A. B. Lj'all, 1 Roj'al Exchange place 
British Equitable (Life) 

P. Robb, Miller street, Carnoustie 
British Legal (Life Assurance) 

James Galloway, Arcade bldgs.. King st. 
Oaledonian Insurance Co. (Fire & Life) 
East of Scotland Branch, 37 Albert square 
R. J. Niven, Resident Secy. Agents — 
Thos. Thornton, Son, & Co., 15 Albert sq. 
J. & H. Pattullo, 1 Bank street 
Anderson, Gardner, & Hepburn, 10 

Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeour, cfe Co., 31 

Reform street 
A. W. Gumming, 1 Bank street 
D. S. & T. Littlejohn, 27 Bank street 
A. Fairweather, 4 India buildings 
Paul, Dickie, & Paul, 22 Euclid crescent 
G. W. Boase, Royal Bank, Castle street 
Young & Meldrum, 10 Reform street 
"Geo. A. M'Laren, 4 India buildings 
W. & A. Baxter, 81 Murraygate 
J. Simpson, 69 Reform street 
John S. Buchan, 21 Barrack street 
W. T. Yeaman, 81 Murraygate 
Adam Jack, 19 Cowgate 
Charles D. Braid, Calcutta buildings 
W. Brown Robertson, 6 Candle lane 
Alex. E. Gray, Harbour chambers 
David Martin & Co., 10 Bain square 
John M'Farlane, 3 East Dock street 
R. Ferguson, 27 Panmure street 
A. M. Banks, 30 Dock street 
Mathers & Turnbull, 9 Bain square 
W. E. Reid, 38 St Andrew's street 
R. & W. Moncrieff , 4 India buildings 
Jas. Beattie, 3 Exchange street 
D. Howie, 26 Commercial street 
.John Wallace, Royal Exchange court 
D. Halley, 3 Royal Exchange place 

James Bates, 25 Dock street 

John M'Nicoll, 4 Panmure street 

James White, 46 Castle street 

D. Mackenzie, Victoria Road Calender 

John Methven, 2 Baltic buildings 

Watson & Philip, 7 Shore terrace 

C. & L. Ower, C.E., 104 Commercial st 

A. W. Wemyss, 87 Commercial street 

Wm. Hunter, 19 Wellgate 

Jas. Buchan, Bank buildings. King st. 

T. C. Keay, 17 Baltic street 

Dawson & Camaichael, 38 Westport 

Alex. Ogilvie, 20 Panmure street 

Fire only — 
Henry Wyse, Royal Bank, Westport 
Wm.'Phiiip, jun., 169 Seagate 
Geo. D. Forbes, East Port Calender 
W. P. Henderson, Campbeltown place 
P. M. Cochrane, 1 Dudhope terrace 
W. S. Melville, 5 Coupar's alley 
David D. Paton, 11 Panmure street 
Thain & Co. , 5 St Andrew's street 
P. D. Mitchell, 108 Commercial street 
P. A. Stuart, 24 Thomson street 
Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate I 

Adam Small, 2 Reform street 
James H. Martin, 51 Westport 
W. & H. Chalmers, 37 Albert square 
W. M. Robertson, Wallace Works 
David W. Clarke, 63 N. Wellington street 
Hutcheson & Henderson, 10 Reform st. 
W.Sturrock,LaingStreet Works, Laingst. 
John Watson, 24 Crichton street 
J. M'Laren, 21 Albert square 
J. A. Norrie, 82 Commercial street 
T. S. Pattullo, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Boyack, Barclay, & Co., 6 Rl. Exchange ct. 
Maurice, Filer, & Co., 4 India buildings 
John J. Deas, 79 Perth road 
Charles Duncan, 10 East Dock street 
George Reid, 12 Cowgate 
A. M. Smith, 2 Royal Exchange place 
W. N. Machan, 53 Dock street 
A. Macdonald, 33 Albert square 
V. C. Baird, Broughty Ferry 
John Anderson, 14 Strathmartine road 
H. C. Alexander, 13 Dock street 
Caledonian (Plate Glass) 
Watt & Cffisar, 84 Commercial street 




J. W. Birrell, 23 Panmure street 
James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 

City of Glasgow (Life) 
A. Ogilvie, 1 Royal Exchange place 
R. A. Miller, 31 Panmure street 
Robert Smith, 24 Meadowside 
Gray & Martin, 30 Reform street 

Commercial Union Insurance Co. 
Alex. J. Warden, 23 Panmure street 
William Haxton, 44 High street 

County (Fire) 
Joseph Gibson & Co., 26 Commercial st. 
Alex. Tosh, 11 Reform street 
Peter Fleming, 44 High street 
John M'Laggan, Calcutta buildings 
James Sturrock, 7 Bank street 
Jas. Mollison, jun., & Co., 9 Panmure st. 
Arch. Galloway, 52 Watson street 

Crown (Life) 
H. Baxter, 8 Shore terrace 
Robert Smith, 24 Meadowside 
Edwin Scott, 87 Commercial street 

Dundee and District Mutual Glass In- 
surance Association, Limited 
Wm. Tulloch, President. A. J. Murdoch, 
Manager, 79 Commercial street 

Economic (Life) 
Alex. Simjison, 122 Nethergate 
Henry Baxter, 8 Shore terrace 

Edinburgh (Life) Chief Agents- 
George Heron, 20 Castle street 
Alex. Scott, The Clydesdale Bank Ld. 
David Rennie, The Commercial Bank Ld. 

Edinburgh & Provincial (Plate Glass) 
R. M. Simpson, 23 Panmure St., District 

Manager. Agents — 
W. Phillips, 3 Barrack street 
W. E. Reid, 38 St Andrew's street 
J. R. Wilson, 62 Commercial street 
W. F. Longmuir, 93 Victoria road 
T. C. Boyd, 62 Commercial street 
RoUo & Stiven, 41 Reform street 
John F. Birrell, 123 Murraygate 
P. Burns, 42 Balgaj^ street 
Alex. Meek, King street, Bro'ty Ferrj" 
; Employers', The, Liability Assurance 
Corporation, Limited 
W. & R. Ritchie, 6 Panmure street 
Robert Keith, 87 High street 
Robert Craig, Newbigging, Monikie 
J. Dickson Dodds, 3 India buildings 
R. J. Brough, 12 Victoria chambers 
John S. Kerr, 2 Nelson street 
A. J. Murdoch, 79 Commei'cial street 
R. C. Reid, National Bank, 115 Hilltown 
R. Walker, Bank of Scotland, Victoria st. 
James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 
John M'Laggan, Calcutta buildings 
Robt. Blackadder, 41 Reform street 
W. E. Reid, 38 St Andrew's street 
W. A. Martin, 22 Bell street 
E. M. Mudie, 2 Royal Exchange court 
David Stewart, 61 Reform street 

D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadowside 
R. G. Corsane, 112 Princes street 
Henry A. Pattullo, 1 Bank street 
Wm. Kinnear, 1 Commercial street 
Thos. Farquharson, 26 Commercial st. 
Walter Baxter, 81 Murraj-gate 

English & Scottish Law (Life) 
Thos. Thornton, Son, & Co., 15 Albert sq. 
James Logie, 67 Reform street 
P. D. Mitchell, 108 Commercial street 
W. E. R. Young, 7 Ward road 
William Johnston, 61 Reform street 
Watt & Csesar, 84 Commercial street 
Rollo & Steven, 41 Reform street 

Engine, Boiler, and Employers' Lia- 
bility Insurance Co., Limited 
Agent— P. D. Mitchell, 108 Commercial 

street. Engineers — 
W. L. Gordon, Barnhill 
John Gibb, 19 Thomson street 

English and Scottish Boiler Insur. Co, 
W. & R. Ritchie, 6 Panmure street 
J. Dickson Dodds, 2 India buildings 
Robert Craig, schoolmaster, Newbigging, 

J. W. Brown, merchant, 37 Albert square 
Robt. Matthew, 4 Reform street 
William Kinnear, 1 Commercial street 

Equitable (Life) of United States 
Manager for Scotland, William Howat, 

156 Buchanan street, Glasgow 
John Sellar, 13 Ward rd., Resident Secy. 

Agents — 
Wm. Howat, jun. , 13 Ward road 
Peter Matthew, 12 Panmure street 
John Greive, 21 Nethergate 
W. F. Soutar, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Anderson, Gardner, & Hepburn, 10 

Wm. W. Parker, 38 South Tay street 
Andrew M. Fergaison, 31 Reform street 

Equitable (Fire) 
Local Members of Scottish Board, Wm. 
Cox, Jos. Grimond, Alex. Henderson. 
Agents — 
Sommerville, Watt, & Co., 30 Meadowside 
Alex. Patterson & Co., 8 Pannuire street 
D. Barclay Brown, 23 St Andrew's street 
R. J. Brough, 12 Victoria chambers 
W. S. Taylor, Raglan street 
A. B. Crichton, 38 South Tay street 
Thos. Roger, 74 Commercial street 

Fire Insurance Association, Limited 
Head office in Dundee, 9 Panmure st. 

P. C. Piggot, Local Manager. Agents — 
William B. Blair, 63 Cowgate 
M. Blackie, 123 Murraygate 
C. Forrester, 119 Nethergate 
J. B. Fairweather, 35 Cowgate 
John Jessiman, 133 Seagate 
Geo. C. Keiller, 33 Albert square 
William Smith, 1 Royal Exchange place 
W. C. Smith, 118 Hawkhill 
W. & A. W. Stiven, 61 Refomi street 



Oeneral, The (Life and Fire) 

W. B. Ritchie, 33 Dock street, District 

Agent. Agents — 
D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 
W. F. Longmuir, 93 Victoria road 
J. B. Mason, 161 Scouringburn 
John D. Sturrock, 23 St Andrew's street 
G. B. Ritchie, Hawkhih place 
Thos. Berry, 53 Cowgate 
Charles Adamson, 9 Exchange street 

Oresham (Life) 

James Craig, 63 St Vincent street, Glas- 
gow, Local Secretary ; James Boyes, 
63 St Vincent street, Glasgow, Inspec- 
tor of Agents. Dundee Agents — 
John Stewart, 74 Commercial street 
Alex. Neish, 51 Reform street 
Thomas Gourlay, 10 High street 
Jacob Clark, 4 Peddie street 
James M'Wee, 5 Bank street 
James Sibbald, 79 Commercial street 
Robert Hunter, 41 Reform street 
John S. Matthew, Beaconsfield place 
Marshall & Johnston, 14 St Clement's lane 
James Fairweather, 41 Reform street 
Samuel P. Nicoll, 2 Park terrace 

<juardian (Plate Glass) 

Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 

Giiardian (Fire and Life) 

Wm. T. Murison, 3 Roj^al Exchange pi. 

P. L. Johnston, 11 King street 

W. Gumming, Links house, Bro. Ferry 

Hand-in-Hand (Fire and Life) 
Edwin Scott, 87 Commercial street 
W. & H. P. Stiven, 62 Commercial st. 
David Band, 10 Panmure street 

Imperial (Fire) 

Henry Baxter, 8 Shore terrace 
George Anderson, 24 High street 

Insiu'ance Company of Scotland, united 
with Alliance F. &L. Assurance Co. 
District Agent — 
Wm. Milne, 23 Panmure street 

Other Agents — 
Joseph J. Barrie, 10 Panmure street 
George Black, Union Bank 
R. Blackadder, 41 Reform street 
*W. T. Currie, 5 Bank street 
K. W. Henderson, Commercial Bank 
D. B. Hendry, 13 Coupar's alley 
William Kerr, 26 Castle street 
J. & E. Shepherd, 28 Cowgate 
A. L. Stark, 43 Albert square 
"J. C. Smith, 4 India buildings 
* Fire Department only. 

Lancashire (Fire and Life) 

K. W. Henderson, Commercial Bank 
Roht. Smith, 24 Meadowside 
A. J. Brough, 12 Victoria chambers 
Joseph Gibson & Co., 26 Commercial st. 
R. C. Walker, 12 Euclid street 
Jas. Fullerton, 51 Meadowside 
John D. Bruce, 116 Seagate 
George Guild, 10 Bain square 

Alex. Esplin, 7 Cowgate 
R. M'Gavin Greig, 9 Bain square 
Daniel Dow, 4 India buildings 
W. B. Simpson, 6 Panmure street 
Robert Sturrock, Savings Bank 

Lancashire and Yorkshire (Accident) 
Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 

Law Union (Fire and Life) 
W. D. Barnet, 70 North Church street 

Life Assoc, of Scot. (Life & Annuities'- 
Branch Office, 4 India buildings, Victoriai 
road. Arch. Smith, Secy. Agents — 
Shield & Kyd, 8 Euclid street 
James Millar, 54 Commercial street 
R. G. Kennedy, 10 Panmure street 
Wm. R. Ireland, 41 Cowgate 
Thomas Congleton, 20 Castle street 
John Nicoll, 1 Bain square 
W. & A. W. Stiven, 61 Refonu street 
James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 
Anderson, Gardner, & Hepburn, 1( 

William Fyfife, Camperdown Shipyard 
William Haxton, 44 High street 
William Mann, 1 India buildings 
David Ramsay, 51 Reform street 
Andrew Robertson, 6 Garland place 
Charles S. Reid, 10 Shore terrace 
J. Farmer Anderson, Baltic buildings 
David A. Tyrie, 2 Peddie street 
James Nicoll, 9 King's road 

Liverpool & London & Globe (F. & L.) 
James Guthrie, 10 Panmure street 
John W. Shepherd, 6 Panmure street 
James B. Crichton, 7 Trades lane 
John D. Luke, 4 Park terrace 
Peter Matthew, 12 Panmure street 
Peter C. Scott, 31 Meadowside 
William Pattullo, 18 St Andrew's street 
William Thomson, 3 Rl. Exchange court 
James Buchan, 3 King's road 
A. W. Wemyss, 87 Commercial street 
James Watt, 9 Union place, Perth road 
Thomas C. Boyd, 62 Commercial street 
James Rattray, 82 High street 

London Guarantee and Accident 
W. & R. Ritchie, 6 Panmure street 
Thomas Ireland, 87 High street 
Irvine Diimmie, 10 Panmure street 
W. E. Reid, 38 St Andrew's street 
William Kinnear, 1 Commercial street 
J. Dickson Dodds, 2 India buildmgs 
R. M. Simpson, 23 Panmure street 
W. & A. W. Stiven, 61 Reform street 

London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow As- 
surance Co., Limited. Agents — 
J. Buchan, Bank buildings. King street 
D. D. Bain, 62 Commercial street 
John F. Birrell, 123 Murraygate 
Thos. C. Boyd, 62 Commercial street 
J. W. Birrell, 23 Panmure street 
Georg-e Christie, 46 Dudhope Crest, road 
J. B. Clark, 54 Commercial street 
A. Esplin, 7 Cowgate 








p. Fleming, 44 High street 

J. Fairweatiier, 31 Dock street 

J. Gibson & Co. , 26 Commercial street 

R. Hunter, 41 Reform street 

Wm. Hunter, 160 Perth road 

George Haggart, 11 Ward road 

A. T. Hunter, East station 

Robert Isles, 9 Ward road 

Wm. Kinnear, 1 Commercial street 

J. Luke, 52 Reform street 

A. J. Murdoch, 79 Commercial street 

J. Macmillan, Taybridge station 

J. M'Laggan, Calcutta buildings 

W. W. Parker, 38 South Tay street 

W. G. Weatherall, schoolmaster, Lochee 

A. M'Caskie, schoolhouse, Liff 

R. P. Beattie, 79 Commercial street 

lOndon and Lancashire (Life) 

Head office in Dundee, 9 Panmure st. 
P. C. Piggot, Local Manager. Agents — 

William B. Blair, 63 Cowgate 

M. Blackie, 123 Murraygate 

C. Forrester, 119 Nethergate 

John Jessiman, 133 Seagate 

George C. Keiller, 33 Albert square 

William Smith, 1 Royal Exchange place 

W. C. Smith, 118 Hawkhill 

Jas. Lindsay Brown, 132 Victoria road 
jondon and Provincial Horse and 
Carriage Insurance Co., Limited 

John Ramsay, 3 Barrack street 
london and General (Plate Glass) 

David Duncan & Son, 41 Reform street 
iondon Assurance Corporation (Fire) 

Wm. Gellatly, 4 Royal Exchange place 

Robt. Isles, 9 Ward road 

Edwin Scott, 87 Commercial street 

William R. Mills, 6 Willison street 

ondon (Guarantee) 

Shield & Kyd, 8 Euclid street 
lanchester (Fire) 

A. Ogilvie, 1 Royal Exchange place 

R. Sturrock, Savings Bank 

James B. Ci'ichton, 7 Trades lane 

A. J. Murdoch, 79 Commercial street 

Rollo & Steven, 41 Reform street 
larine and General Mutual (Life and 
Effects). District Agent — 

J. R. Wilson, 46 Castle street 
lidland Counties 

Stewart Mitchell, 51 Reform street 

R. Rea, 14 Euclid crescent 
lutual, The, Accident Association, Ld. 

Geo. Schleselman, 12 Victoria chambers 
lutual, The (Fire) 

Geo. Schleselman, 12 Victoria chambers 
iutual. The (Life) 

J. C. Smith, 4 India buildings 
rational Boiler Insurance Co. 

John W. Warden, 23 Panmure street 
National Guarantee 
J PbObert Sturrock, Savings Bank 

I William Kerr, 26 Castle street 

National Insurance of Ireland 

John Sellar, 13 Ward road 
NationalProvidentlnstit. (Mutual, Life) 

William B. Simson, 6 Panmure street 
North British and Mercantile (F. & L.) 
Branch office, 11 Panmure street ; Wm. 
Moir, Agent; Wm. Kirkwood, Surveyor. 
Agents — 
John Laing, 10 Panmure street 
J. & J. Ogilvie, 12 Meadowside ■ 
Jas. L. Keith, 2 Royal Exchange place 
D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 
Shield & Kyd, 8 EucKd street 
Gray & Martin, 30 Reform street 
John Ogilvy, Harecraig 
D. M. Watson, BuUionfield 
R. A. Miller, 31 Panmure street 
J. B. Young, 1 Royal Exchange place 
James Ronald, 31 Dock street 
Irvine Drimmie, 10 Panmure street 
R. E. M'Gavin, 9 Royal Exchange lane 
R. Walker, Bank of Scotld., Victoria st. 
David B. Smith, 14 Victoria chambers 
James M'Lai'en, 21 Albert square 
Hermann Luhrs, 37 Albert square 
George C. Spence, 13 Panmure street 
Gowans & Buick, 32 Castle street 
John M. Milne, 41 Reform street 
Northern (Accident) 

Mackay & Mess, 13 Albert square 
Northern Assurance (Fire and Life) 
Head Office in Dundee, Northern 
Assurance buildings, 110 Commercial 
street. Dundee Board of Directors — 
Wm. Lowson, Chairman ; Thomas H. 
Cox, William 0. Dalgleish, John Don, 
Geo. Rough, Andrew Whitton 
Secretary— Thomas Kyd. Agents — 
George Anderson, 24 High street 
Gray Bissett, 12 Bank street 
R. M. Brodie, Royal Bank, 22 King street 
John D. Bruce, 116 Seagate 
John Colville, National Bank 
J. D. Cox & Co., 8 Panmure street 
David Duncan & Son, 41 Reform street 
J. Dickson Dodds, 2 India buildings 
Ferguson & Stephen, 51 Reform street 
George Haggart, 11 Ward road 
Hendry & Pollock, 32 Bank street 
Heron & Congleton, 20 Castle street 
D. S. & T. Littlejohn, 27 Bank street 
Mackay & Mess, 13 Albert square 
William Martin, 10 Reform street 
David Myles, 11 Reform street 
M'Intyre & Sievwright, 13 Albert square 
J. &, H. Pattullo, 1 Bank street 
R. C. Reid, National Bank, 115 Hilltown 
Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeour, & Co., 31 

Reform street 
David Stewart, 61 Reform street 
James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 
Moody Stuart & Robertson, 9a Ward road 
Thos. Thornton, Son, &Co.,15 Albert sq. 
Alexander Tosh, 11 Reform street 
Chas. B. Ovenston, 10 Panmure street 



Henry Wyse, Royal Bank, Westport 
Watson & Lowson, 107 Commercial street 
J. M. Laird, 62 Commercial street 
J. C. Chalmers, 54 Commercial street 

Newcastle-on-Tyne Steam Boiler In- 
surance Co., Ltd. 
Alex. Simpson, 104 Commercial street 

Norwich and London (Accident and 
Employers' Liability) 
John Ferguson, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

Norwich Union Fire Office 
Dundee office, 62 Commercial st. ; J. R. 
Wilson, Surveyor 

Norwich Union Life Office 
Dundee Office, 62 Commercial st. J. R. 
Wilson and J. G. Whitelaw, Joint Dis- 
trict Inspectors 

Ocean, Railway, and General Accident 
and Guarantee 
District Agent — W. Buchan Ritchie, 33 

Dock street. Other Agents — 
John D. Sturrock, 23 St Andrew's street 
Geo. A. Harris, 4 Reform street 
A. M. Banks, 30 Dock street 
Alex. Ross, 129 Perth road 
Boyd & Husband, 20 Reform street 
John Ferguson, 5 Renny place, Bro. Ferry 
David Duncan & Son, 41 Reform street 

Pelican (Life) 
John D. Bruce, 116 Seagate 
D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 

People's Universal (Life) 
Jas. Lindsay Brown, 132 Victoria road 

Phoenix (Fire) 
James B. Crichton, 7 Trades lane 
John D. Bi-uce, 116 Seagate 

D. G. Stewart, 10 Meadowside 
Provident (Life) 

Joseph Gibson & Co., 26 Commercial st. 
Alex. Tosh, 11 Reform street 
Prudential Assurance Company 

Office— 21 Panmure st. James Phillips, 

Superintendent of Agents, of whom 

there are upwards of 30 in Dundee. 
Queen (Fire and Life) 
Dundee Board of Directors — John Sharp, 

Chairman ; Thomas Bell, Wm. G. Don. 

Medical Referee, A. J. Duncan, M.D. 

Resident Secretaries, W. & R. Ritchie, 

Union Bank buildings, 6 Panmure st. 

Agents — 
G.LL. Alison, wine merch. , 14 Panmure st. 
Alex. Agnew, solicitor, 11 Refoi-m street 

E. P. Berg, 6 Panmure street 
A. H. Bell, 12 Panmure street 
J. W. Brown, 37 Albert square 

E. C. Baird, 1 Royal Exchange place 
James Cuthbertson, 10 Panmure street 
G. M. Cox, 1 Meadow place 
George Guild, 10 Bain square 
Johnstone & Simpson, 69 Refomi street 
William Kinnear, 1 Commercial street 
John F. Lyon, 1 Gowrie place 

W. B. MiUer, 20 Panmure street 

W. A. Martin, 22 Bell street 

Alex. Buttar, 9 Ward Road 

David Ritchie, 51 Overgate 

Jas. Henderson, 62 Commercial street 

Jas. S. Low, 39 Cowgate 

Wm. M. Martin, 23 Panmure street 

James T. Steele, 23 Panmure street 

J. G. Sibbald, 78 Murraygate 

David Moodie, Meadow house 

G. F. White, 3 Gowrie place 

Mitchell & Jones, 8 Meadow street 

J. & F. Salmond, 6 High street 

W. E. R. Young, 7 Ward road 

William Abbot, 51 Cowgate 

J. W. Dickson, 6 Kinnaird street 

George Findlay, 3 Viewforth street 

David Lindsay, Coupar's land, Downfiel 

George Martin, 17 cJgilvie street 

E. M. Mudie, Royal Exchange court 

Robert M. Simpson, 23 Panmure street 

Graj^ & Martin, 30 Reform street 

John M'Laggan, Calcutta buildings 

RoUo & Steven, solicitors, 41 Reform st 

Fergusson & Stephen, 51 Reform street 

A. G. Primerose, 33 Dock street 

A. A. Paul, Arcade buildings, King st. 

John C. Scott, 19 Cowgate 

David Smith, 72 Victoria road 

W. F. Soutar, 1 Royal Exchange place 

James C. Stewart, 6 Panmure street 

Henry Smith & Co. , 10 Panmure street 

George Jameson, 4 Royal Exchange plac 

Thomas Bett «& Co., 21 Albert square 

R. G. Corsane, 112 Princes street 

George Gilruth, 1 Glamis street 

R. M'Gavin Greig, 9 Bain square 

James Sinclair, 36 Victoria street 

Rollo & Steven, 41 Reform street 

D. R. Proudfoot, Post Office, Ne'Hiiort 

Reliance Mutual (Life) 
John Maclaggan, Calcutta buildings 
J. Ireland, British Linen Bank, Westpoi 
George Black, 10 Forfar road 
R. M. Brodie, Royal Bank, 22 King stree 
J. Robertson, postmaster, Lochee 
A. J. Murdoch, 79 Commercial street 
David Gellatly, 123 Murraj'gate 
J. S. Buchan, 21 Barrack street 
Adam Small, 2 Reform street 

Royal (Fire and Life) 
J. Forsyth, 62 Commercial street 
J. J. Anderson, 8 Panmure street 
Rollo & Steven, 41 Reform street 
Davidson & Co., 84 Commercial street 
Silvester Rollo, 2 India buildings 
George M'Gregor, 62 Commercial streel jj^u 
Thomas Wighton, 30 Meadowside 
D. H. Saunders, 11 Panmure street 
Peter Kerr,Bonnybank house, 2 Nelson s' 

Scottish Accident Insurance Compan T™ 
Irvine Drimmie, 10 Panmure street '■'''" 
Alexander Macdonald, 19 Thomson st, 
John F. Lyon, 1 Gowrie place 
Ireland & Maclaren, 81 Murraygate 



R. J. Brough, 12 Victoria chambers 

Henry Baxter, 8 Shore terrace 

Robt. Walker, Bank of Scotd., Victoria st. 

W. E. R. Young, 7 Ward road 

J. & F. Sahnond, 6 High street 

John Sellar, 13 Ward road 

A. J. Murdoch, 79 Commercial street 

John Macmillan, Tay Bridge station 

Archibald Smith, 4 India buildings 

William Kinnear, 1 Commercial street 

E. M. Mudie, 2 Royal Exchange court 
Wm. N. Machan, 54 Dock street 

John Ferguson, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

R. C. Reid, National Bank, 115 HUltovrn 

John S. Kerr, 2 Nelson street 

James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 

Henry Wyse, Roj^al Bank, Westport 

Mitchell & Jones, 8 Meadow street 

A. W. Cumming, 1 Bank street 

R. M. Brodie, Roj'al Bank, 22 King street 

R. M. Simpson, 23 Panmure street 

Robert Keith, 87 High street 

Wm. E. Reid, 38 St Andrew's street 

John Watson, 24 Crichton street 

J. Dickson Dodds, 2 India buildings 

James W. Brown, 37 Albert square 

Robt. Craig, Newbigging, Monikie 

V. C. Baird, Camperdown pi. , Bro. Ferry 

G. B. Doe, commission agent, Errol 

William Dott, N.B. Rail. Goods station 

Jas. Smith, Tay Bridge station 

William B. Milne, 10 Reform street 

William Buchan, 11 Bell street 

R. Fairweather, 95 Murraygate 

W. A. Martin, 22 Bell street 

R. G. Corsane, 112 Princes street 

Geo. Gilnith, 1 Glamis street 

J. M. Laird, 62 Commercial street 

J. Duncan, Station agent, Newport 

James Henderson, 62 Commercial street 

Alex. Buttar, 9 Ward road 

David Ritchie, 51 Overgate 

R. S. Low, 111 Rosebank street 

Alex. Wilson, jun., 62 Commercial street 

Alex. Henry, 140 Murraygate 

J. A. Norrie, 80 Commercial street 

W. F. Soutar, 1 Royal Exchange place 

R. Matthew, 4 Reform street 

D. R. Proudfoot, Post Office, Newport 

cottisli Amicable (Life) 

F. Fai'quharson, 8 Meadowside 
Hendry & Pollock, 32 Bank street 
Thos. Willock, Bank of Scotd. , Reform st. 

I Robert Robertson, 202 Overgate 
T. E. Methven, Calcutta buildings 
Mackaj'^ & Mess, 13 Albert square 

cottish Boiler Insurance Co. , Limited 
A. J. Murdoch, 79 Commercial street 
John Robertson, 13 Meadow street 
I Geo. Schleselman, 12 Victoria Chambers 

Icottish Employers' Liability and 
Accident Assurance Co. , Limited 
Thos. Ireland, 87High st. , District Manager 
James B. Stiven, 32 Bank street 

Scottish Equitable (Mutual, Life) 
Office, 6 Panmure street. Dundee Board 
of Reference — William Arnott, Chas. 
Edward, Alexander Malcolm, P. Spence 
Mudie, Robert Small, P. G. Walker. 
Wm. Simpson, District Secretary 
ScottisLi Life Assurance Co. Ltd. 

James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 
Scottish (Plate Glass) 
J. Rattray, 51 S. Tayst.,Dist. Manager 
Alexander Esplin, 7 Cowgate 
Robert Hunter, 41 Reform street 
J. & E. Shepherd, 28 Cowgate 
D. G. Farquharson, 3 Barrack street 
Hugh Martin, 3 Larch street 
David Milne & Son, 164 Overgate 
Scottish Provident Institution (Life) 
Local Board of Directors — John Don, 
George Malcolm, Oliver G. Miller, and 
D. M. Watson. John W. Shepherd, 
6 Panmure St., Local Secy. Agents — 
Robert Sturrock, Savings Bank 
Moody Stuart & Robertson, 9a Ward rd. 
J. & J. Ogilvie, 12 Meadowside 

F. Stewart Sandeman, 2 Baltic buildings 
George C. Keiller, 33 Meadowside 

J. M. Laird, 62 Commercial street 
Scottish Temperance (Life & Accident) 
James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 
Jas. Lindsay Brown, 132 Victoria road 
John Macnab, Royal Bank, King street 
Scottish Union and National (F, & L.) 

G. Armitstead & Co., 4 Panmure street 
John Birrell, 1 West Bell street 

Da\id Bruce & Co., 3 Royal Exchange 

James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 
J. & J. Hunter, 69 Reform street 
James Johnston, 82 Murraygate 
Robert Laing, 89 High street 
Alex. Macdonald, 33 Albert square 
W. M. Martin, 23 Panmure street 
Robert Mui-doch, National Bank 
Nicholson & Marquis, 32 Castle street 
D. Petrie, 4 Royal Exchange place 
James K. Prain, 20 Castle street 
James Rankin, 13 Albert square 
Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeour, & Co., 31 

Refomi street 
David Scott & Son, 62 Commercial st. 
J. R. Wilson, 46 Castle street 
James S. Young, 38 St Andrew's street 
Scottish Widows' Fund (Life) 
Honorary Board of Directors— Sheriff 

Cheyne, Rev. Wm. Wilson, D.D., Harry 

Walker, John George Paton, W. L. 

Boase, Edward Cox, Alex. Malcolm, 

James Shaw, Walter Shepherd 

Principal Agent — 
David Scott Ferg-usson, Union Bank 

Other Agents — 
D. Myles, 11 Reform street 
W. Gellatly, 4 Royal Exchange place 
G. M. Kidd, 4 Royal Exchange place 



George Ilaffsai't, 11 Ward road 
John Sinclair & 8on, 9 Dock street 
Fer{,'T]sson & Stephen, 51 Reform street 
J. ,]. JohristoTiu, GO Kefonu street 
Daniel M'lntyro, 18 Albert H(|uare 
Thomas Ireland, 87 lliyh street 
Mackay & Mess, 13 Albert square 
Peter C. Scott, 31 Meadowsidc 

Standard (Life) 
Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street 
Boyd & llnsband, 20 Reform street 
D. S. & T. Little John, 27 Bank street 
George Anderson, 24 High street 
Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeoiir & Co., 31 Re- 
form street 
Henry Wyse, Royal Bank, Westport 
Alex. Fairweather, 4 India buildings 
John Macnab, Royal Bank, King street 

Star (Life) 
John E. Dow, 18 Cowgatc, Resident Secy. 

Sun (Fire) 
D. S. Fergaisson, Union Bank 
Boyd & Husband, 20 Reform street 
R. A. Miller, 31 Pamnure street 

United Assurance Society- 
District Office, 3 Barrack street — Wm 
Phillips, Manager 

United Kingdom 
William J. Little, 117 Ann street 

United Mercantile Association 
James Cram, 16 Euclid crescent 

Wesleyan and General (Life) 
David H. Ferrier, 2 Hilltown 

Westminster (Fire) 
D. R. Kyd, 40 Rosehank road 
Smart & Schollay, 3 Rl. Exchange court^'' 

West of England (Fire and Life) 
James Martin, Rl. Exchange buildings 






British and Foreign Marine Insurance 

Co., Limited, of Liverpool 
David Bruce & Co., 3 Rl. Exchange place 
George A. M'Laren, 4 India buildings 
Dundee Mxitual Marine Insurance 
Office, 26Connnercial street. Committee— 
Chas. Robertson, Chairman ; James Kil- 
gour, James Mollison, Matthew Allison, 
John Isles, J as. Allison. George Duff us. 
Surveyor. Duncan Howie, Secretary 
Dundee Freight Insurance Association 
Duncan Howie, 26 Connnercial st., Secy. 
Dundee Shipping and Dundee Shipping 

Freight Insurance Associations 
Office, 46 Castle street. Directors- 
James Millar, Chairman ; Chas. Duncan, 
James B. Robertson, Jas. Cappon, Chas. 
Couper, and James White. Geo. Dulf us. 
Surveyor. John R. Wilson, Secy. 
East of Scotland Shipowners' Mutual 

Protection Association 
Connnissioners— Geo. Welch, Chas.Robert- 
son, Chas. Barric, Jas. Millar, Jas. Finlay, 
Jas.Allison, Chas. Duncan, R.V. Scroggie, 
Dundee; Jas. Warrack, Montrose. Jos. 
Gibson, 26 Commercial st.. Secy. 
Lloyd's Surveyors 
Geo. P. Cooper, !'A Commercial street, for 
district of Dundee, Perth, Arbroath, and 

John Sturrock, M Connnercial street. En- 
gineer Surveyor for district of Dundee 
and Aberdeen 
Maritime Insurance Co., Limited, of 
.Fames Logie, 67 Reform street 
Merchants Marine Insurance Company , 
Limited, of London 
David Bruce & Co., 3 Rl. Exchange place 

Northern Marine Insurance Company 


Office, 67 Reform street. Directors — Johi 

Guild, Chairman ; Jos. J. Barrie, Wm 

Robertson, Thos. Smith. Secretary am 

Underwriter, James Logie, 67 Refori; 


Standard Marine Insur. Company, Ld 

W. Buchan Ritchie, 33 Dock street 
Ulster Marine Insurance Co., Limitec 

Duncan Howie, 26 Commercial street 
Union Association of Underwriters 
Commissioners — George Welch, Wm. E 
Croudace, James Finlay, Jas. Mollisor 
jr., William Kilgour, David Simpsor 
Joseph Gibson, 26 Commercial streei 
Union Freight Association 
Commissioners as above. Joseph Gibsoi||j p 

26 Connnercial street. Secy. 
Union Marine Insurance Co., Limitec 

of Liverpool 

James Millar, 54 Commercial street 

Union Iron Sailing Ship Insurancjlicli 

Association of Dundee pili; 

Conunittee — David Bruce, W. S. Croudac 

Matthew Allison, Charles Barrie, R. '' 

Scroggie, James Millar, Dundee ; Georjlllej 

Duncan, London. Jos. Gibson, 26 Con y 

mercial street. Secy. 

Union Iron Sailing Ship Freight an 

Outfit Insurance Association 
Committee— David Bruce, W.S. Croudacfilter 
Matthew Allison, Charles Barrie, R, 
Scroggie, James Millar. Joseph Cibso|lj" 
26 Connnercial street. Secy. 
Union Iron Sailing Ship Small Damaj 
Indemnity Association of Dundee 
Committee and Secretary same as abov 








"llie Union Iron Steamship Mutual 
Insurance Association of Dundee 

Directors— P. M. Duncan, James Mitchell, 
John Machan, Andrew Leitch, James 

Mudie, James Millar, Dundee ; W. D. 
Johnston, Montrose ; John B. Adam, 
Newcastle. Jos. Gibson, 26 Commercial 
street, Secy. 


DUNDEE JOINT STOCK COMPANY.— Established in 1824.— Charles 
^mith, Preses. Alex. B. Ptobb, Vice-Preses. Board of Management — James 
riiomson, Ptennald F. Hunter, David Bruce. David G. Bruce, Factor and 
Pjcasurer. James Hunter, Jr., 69 Reform street. Secretary and Law 


Directors — James C. Law, Chairman ; David Brown, Peter Stewart, Wm. R. 
!)inith, D. S. W. Pyott, Patrick Hunter, Patrick Dow, Alex. Butter, and 
Robt. Keith. Secretary and Treasurer — Jas, Kennedy Prain, 20 Castle street. 


—Head Office, 13 Albert square. Directors — Alexander Banks, Chairman ; 
Thomas Robb, Douglas Thomson, David M'Donald, A. H. Brown, John Hep- 
mrn, Hugh Sandeman, D. G. Farrjuharson, Alex. Ewan. Bankers — The 
iank of Scotland. Manager and Secretary — I). M'Intyre, 13 Albert square. 

Chairman; Wm. Alexander, Wm. Thomson, John Anderson, James Wright, 
lurveyors — William Alexander and John Anderson. Solicitors — D. S. & T. 
littlejohn. Manager and Treasurer — Charles M'NicoU, 27 Bank street. 

-John Guild, Chairman ; Thomas H. Cox, John Sharj), Thomas Smith, 
lecretary- — Robert Fleming. Office — 13 Albert square. 


ilMiTED. — Directors — John Guild, Robert Fleming, Andrew Whitton, Alex. 

Tourlay, Alex. Henderson, James Guthrie. Secretary^ — William Mackenzie, 
«I3 Panmure street. Solicitors — Thomas Thornton, Son, & Co. Auditors — 

loody-Stuart & Robertson, C.A. 
\i ' 

THE DUNDEE INVESTMENT COMPANY, Limited.— Directors— Andw. 

Vhitton, Robt. Fleming, Alex. Gourlay, James Guthrie. Secretary — Wm. 
millackenzie, 13 Panmure street. Solicitors — Thomas Thornton, Son, & Co. 

.uditor — David Myles. 


i lex. H. Moncur, Eockfield ; Alex. Henderson, Westpark ; Robert Duke, 

earhill, Brechin ; Alex. D. Grimond ; Gershom Gourlay ; Frank L. Under- 

ood, Kansas City. Secretaries — Moody-Stuart & Robertson, 9a Ward road. 

stered Offices, 13 Albert square. Directors — William Robertson, Robert 
litleming, George Halley, John Robertson, William Smith, Benholm Castle, 
la [incardine ; Alfred M. Britton, Fort Worth, Texas. Secretary — A. Mackay. 

India buildings. George A. Cox, Alex. Gilroy, John Leadbetter, Robert 
amb. Secretary — Geo. A. M'Laren. 




Limited. — Directors — George Halley, Chairman ; Alex. Gotirlay, Alex. Gilroj 
Wm. Ritchie, sen., D. S.Littlejohn. Secretary — John W. Shepherd. Officii 
— 6 Panmure street. 

Directors — P. IVI. Cochrane, Chairman ; Alex. Nicoll, John Smith, Williaij |t 
Ritchie, sen. Secretary — John W. Shepherd. Offices — 6 Panmure street 





Carbrook, Stirlingshire, Chairmfai ; Thos. Hill, Dean Park House, Edinburgh 
Deputy-Chairman ; John Cowan, Stoneleigh, Greenock ; James Kin 
Campsie, Glasgow ; Major Green Thompson, Bridekirk, Cumberland ; Rigl: 
Hon. the Earl of Breadalbane, Taymouth Castle, Aberfeldy ; Daniel Ainsli 
The Gart, Callander : Hugh Brown, Glasgow ; William W. Hozier, Mauldsl 
Castle, Lanarkshire ; «Tas. Taylor, Starley Hall, Bvirntisland ; James ] 
Nicholson, Glenbervie House, Kincardineshire ; John Sharj?, of Balmui 
Dtmdee ; J. C. Bunten, Glasgow; Alex. Crum, M.P., Thornlie Bank, Glasgo'v 

Distance — Railway, 720^ miles ; Canal, 52 miles — Total, 772^ miles. 

Head Office — 302 Buchanan street, Glasgow. James Thompson, Gener 
Manager. Arch. Gibson, Secretary. Arch. Hillhouse, General Goods Manage 

Dimdee — Robert Small, Traffic Superintendent; George Thomson, Assistai 
Traffic Superintendent ; D. Conacher, Goods Agent, West Station ; Alexand 
Lamb, Station-Master, West Station. 

in the Soiith to Dundee and Perth in the North, including Branches 96.' 
miles. — Directors — Sir James Falshaw, Bart., Edinburgh, Chairman; Jolfko' 
Beaumont, Ravensknowle, Huddersfield, Deputy-Chairman ; James Co 
Clement Park, Lochee ; Peter Garnett, South Woods Hall, Thirsk ; Hen; 
Grierson, 8 Park Circus place, Glasgow ; George Harrison, merchant, Edi 
burgh ; Sir Geo. Harrison, LL.D., Lord Provost of Edinburgh ; Sir Wm. Milkj^ 
Bart. , of Manderston, Dunse ; Adam Johnstone, Esq. , Kingswood, Burntislan 
George Robertson, W.S., Edinburgh ; Henry J. Trotter, Langton Grang 
Gainford, near Darlington ; Robert Young, 107 Buchanan street, Glasgo\i 
the Marquis of Tweeddale, Yester House, Haddington. 

Head Office — 4 Princes st,, Edinburgh. John Walker, General Manage 
G. B. Wieland, Secretary ; James M'Laren, General Passenger Sviperintender 
Edinburgh. D. M'Dougall, General Goods Manager, 14 West George streei !ia| 
Glasgow. A. Rutherford, District Goods Manager, Edinburgh. D. Deuchai 
District Goods Manager. William Dott, Goods Agent, Tay Bridge Statiof«5« 
Dundee. James Smith, Station-Master, Tay Bridge Passenger Station. 

Commercial st., Dundee. Committee — John Shari^, of Balmuir, Dundee; S 
George Harrison, Bart., Lord Provost of Edinburgh ; the Earl of Breadalban 
Taymouth Castle, Aberfeldy ; James Cox, Clement Park, Lochee ; James 
Nicholson, Glenbervie House, Kincardineshire ; Adam Johnstone, Kingswoo 
Burntisland. Edward Gilbert, Carphin, Bro. Ferry, Manager and Secretar; 
D. Philp, Accountant. 

EAST COAST RAILWAY.— Office, 33 Cowgate. D. Bisset, Agent. 

MIDLAND RAILAV AY.— Offices, .57 Meadowside, and Tay Bridge Static fjpTr 
I. R. Benner, Agent. 

RAILWAY CARRIERS.— Mutter, Howey, & Co., 24 Cowgate, Contract, 
to H.M. War Department, Carting Agents for the North British Railw 







Oy., Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway, and East Coast Railways, viz., 
orth Eastern Railway Coy. and Great Northern Railway Coy. — Forward and 

ijceive Goods to and from all Stations in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 

James Slidders, Manager. 

[ Wordie & Co., South Union st., Carting Agents for Caledonian, Dundee and 

irbroath Joint, Great North of Scotland, and Highland, Railway Companies 

l-Forward and receive Goods to and from all Stations in Scotland, England, 

id Ireland. Hugh Grant, Manager. 

Sutton & Co., General Carriers to all parts of the world. Despatches to 

ad from London daily. James Cant, 26 Greenmarket, Agent. 
Globe Parcel Express. — Parcels collected and forwarded to, as well as received 

id delivered from, all iiarts of the world. G. Montgomery, 64 High st. , Agent. 

aves East King street, Bro. Ferry,' at 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. ; and 50 High street, 
IKindee, at 11 a.m. and 4.30. p.m. "Wm. Thornton, Proprietor. 


ihe Van leaves the office, Brook street, Broughty Ferry, at 9 A.M. and 2 p.m. ; 
iid 40 High street, Dundee, at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily. Alexander Hume, 

Ill r 






ro'ty Ferry 
I urrelton 
*urrelton & ) 

Dunkeld j" 


upar Fife 









t Andrews 



David Peebles 
David Dick 
James Braid 
Jas. Longair 
Wm. Frain 
D. Hood 

Jas. Fleming 

James Braid 

Jas. Nicholson - 

Joseph Dryden 

Alex. Duncan-! 

L. Culling 

Alex. Finlay 
John Pindlay 
David Bell 
David Kermath 

John Brown -\ 

Wm. M'Farlane 
Charles Neave 
David Lumgair 

John Petrie 4 

Wm. Stewart 
James Braid 
Wm. Black 

D. Malcolm 
Wm. Mann -< 


William Milne, 18 Overgate 

West Railway station 

5 Yeaman shore 

James Cowan's, 23 Greenmarket 

Wm. Brown, jun., 13 Greenmarket 

J. White, 33 Westport 

Royal Hotel Stables 

5 Yeaman shore 

5 Yeaman shore, and at J. ] 
Gillanders, 57 Overgate i" 

18 Overgate 

John White, 33 Westport 
J. Gillanders, 57 Overgate 
W. Milne, 18 Overgate 
G. Mitchell, 26 High street ( 

T. Mitchell, 11 Union street ; 

W. Brew, 77 Nethergate J 

D. Mathew, 49 Overgate 
James Cowan, 23 Greenmarket 
D. Mathew, 49 Overgate 
D. Mathew, 49 Overgate 
John White, 33 Westport ) 

Royal Hotel Stables ) 

108 Murraygate 
Eagle Inn, 108 Murraj'gate 
Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 
Eagle Iim, 108 Murraygate 
F. H. M'Gavin, 99 Murraygate 
Eagle Inn, 108 Murraygate 
James Nicoll, 5 Yeaman shore 
Wm. Brown, jun., 13 Greenmarket 
F. H. M'Gavin, 99 Murraygate \ 
M. M'Kenzie, 103 Murraygate ) 
M. M'Kenzie, 103 Murraygate I 
Eagle Inn, 108 Muri'aj'gate )' 



Tu. Fri. 
Tu. Fri. 
Tu. Fri. 



Tu. Fri. 

Wed. Sat. 


Tu. Fri. 

Twice daily 
Twice daily 

Tu. Fri. 

Tu. Fri. 
Tu. Fri. 
Tu. Fri. 

Tu. Fri. 




3 p.m. 
3.30 „ 
1 „ 
1 „ 
1 „ 

3.30 „ 
1 » 
1 ,. 
1 p.m. 
3 „ 
3.30 „ 

3 „ 
3 ,, 

3.30 „ 

1 » 
12 n. 
1 p.m. 
1 „ 
1 „ 
3.30 „ 

1 .. 
1 ,, 

1 p.m. 



HACKNEY CAKRIAGES.— Abstract of Bye-Laws enacted by the Com 
missioners of Police for regulating Hackney Carriages. Stands: — 1. On tht 
High street, in front of the Town House. 2. On the Nethergate street, be 
twixt Tally street and South Lindsay street. 3. On Meadowside oi)posite th« 
Old Burying Ground. 4. On the West side of South Union street. 5. On th( 
South side of E. Dock street, at the West end of the Bail way Station. 6. Or 
Victoria Dock quay, at the East end of the Customhoiise. 7. On the Nortlftei 
side of Cowgate, at its jvinction with Bang street. 8. On East side of Soutl 
Lindsay street. 9. In North Lindsay street. North of Courier and Argus 
buildings, on West side. 

Fares: — The following and no higher fares shall be charged : 

For any distance betwixt the High street stance, or the Meadowside stance 
and any place within the area embraced within the place known as Lilybahfc 
Toll-bar and Taybank gate on the east, the places at which existed th( 
Blackness and Logie toll-bars on the west, and Dudhope terrace, Somer 
ville place, head of Bonnethill, and Stobswell (at crossing of Forfar and Mur 
roes road. Lunatic Asylum), on the north, — One Shilling : And should anj 
Hackney Carriage be engaged at any stance or place other than either of th« 
two before mentioned, the fare shall be only One Shilling for any distance 
traversed within the said area, if not more than from either of said stances 
The fare shall also be One Shilling within the following circuit wheresoevei 
within such cii'cuit the carriage may be engaged : namely, within a circuit com 
mencing at the foot of Shepherd's loan (Magdalen yard), and passing by Shep 
herd's loan to the junction of Hawkhill and Perth road, and thence by Hawk 
hill and Annfield road, Cherryfield, and Scouringburn, to the junction of Miln 
bank road and Polepark road, and thence to Dudhope Free Church at th( 
junction of Lochee road and Polepark road, and proceeding by Dudhope housi 
Dudhope terrace, Somerville place, Constitution street, Bosebank street. Am 
street. Cotton road, Laing street, and Dura street to Brown Constable street 
and thence by Lyon street, Raglan street, and Lower Lilybank to Broughtjll 
Ferry road, and terminating on said Ferry road at Springhill or Carohna port 

In cases to which neither of the rules prescribed in the immediately pre 
ceding paragraph may be applicable, the following shall apply, viz. — From an; 
place to any other i^lace within five miles from the General Post Office of th< 
burgh, if not more than a mile, One Shilling ; and for each additional half 
mile, and also for any part of .a half-mile, Sixpence additional. 

The foregoing fares to aj^ply to cases where the number of passengers doei 
not exceed four. If five passengers are carried, Sixpence extra, irrespective o: 
mileage or distance, may be charged. In the case of children imder twelv( 
years of age, two are to be reckoned and charged for as one adult. 

When engaged by the hour in shopping or calls, the fares shall be, per houi 
Two Shillings ; and when engaged by the hour in pleasure or country driving 
Two Shillings and Sixpence. 

When required to ply after eleven o'clock p.m. to twelve o'clock p.m., a far* 
and a-half to be charged ; after twelve o'clock j).m., to five o'clock a.m., doubh 
fares ; after five o'clock a.m. till six a.m., a fare and a half to be charged. 

Luggage not exceeding in weight 100 lbs. shall be taken free of charge ; abov*- 
that weight it shall be liable to a charge of Sixpence extra. 

Half fares to be charged for returning by the same carriage (when not engagec 
by time), but the carriage not to be detained beyond fifteen minutes, unless bj 
agreement. If a carriage be required to take up two or more parties at different 
places, or to go out of the ordinary route betwixt two places, Sixpence extre 
may be charged. 

When a carriage is called, but not iised, a charge of Sixpence shall be allowed ||,| 
if the j)lace to which it is called be imder half a mile from the nearest stand, 
and One Shilling if beyond said distance. 




Any party shall be entitled to withhold payment of the Fare : When the 
* fl^ame and Number are not jjainted outside, or when there is no card or plate 
« nside the carriage in terms of the Bye-Laws. When the Reference Ticket is 
': lot offered on being asked for. When the Bye-Laws, Table of Fares, and 
•■ ^Driver's License, are not shown on demand ; and when an Overcharge is made. 
^' ; Persons contravening any of the Bye-Laws to be liable (excejat in special cases 
'f iivhere other j)enalties are stipulated) in a penalty not exceeding Five Povmds 
''' for each offence, but with power to the Judge to remit the whole penalty. 

^: DUNDEE AND DISTRICT TRAMWAY CO., Ltd.— Registered Office, 19 
jffigh Street. Directors — Thomas Buchan, Chairman ; James M'Laren, David 
tf Pirie, C. C. Maxwell, John Scrymgeour, John Rattray. Secretary and 
It Manager, Daniel Duff. 

1: Perth Road and East End Cars. 

e kVestpark road to Baxter Park, 9 a.m. and every hour until 10 p.m. 
I W'^estpark road to Morgan Hospital, 8.30 a.m. and every hour until 9.30 p.m. 
11; Dalhousie terrace to Baxter park, 8.25 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 10.5 
t p.m., and on Satui-days until 10.25 p.m. 

a Dalhousie terrace to Morgan Hospital, 8.15 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 
9.55 p.m., and on Saturdays until 10.35 p.m. 
Baxter Park to Westpark road, 9 a.m. and every hour until 9 p.m. 
Morgan Hospital to Westpark road, 9.30 a.m. and every hour until 9.30 p.m. 
Baxter Park to Dalhousie terrace, 9 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 10.40 
j).m., and on Saturdays tmtil 11 p.m. 
li Morgan Hospital to Dalhousie terrace, 8.45, 9.10 a.m. and every 20 minutes 
until 10.30 p.m., and on Saturdays until 11.10 p.m. 
High street to Dalhousie terrace, 9, 9.15 a.m., and every 10 minutes until 10.55 

p.m., and on Saturdays until 11.25 -p.m.. 
High street to Westpark road, 9.15 a.m. and every half -hour until 9.45 p.m. 
High street to Morgan Hospital, 8.30 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 10.10 

p.m., and on Saturdays until 10.50 p.m. 
High street to Baxter Park, 8.40 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 10.20 p.m., 

and on Satiirdays until 10.40 p.m. 
Hawkhill place to High street, 8.21 a.m. and every 10 minutes until 10.11 

I).m., on Saturdays until 10.41 p.m. 
Hawkhill place to Dalhoixsie terrace, 9.6, 9.21 a.m. and every 10 minutes 

until 11.1 p.m., and on Saturdays until 11.31 p.m. 
Hawkhill place to Westpark road, 9.21 a.m. and every half -hour until 9.51 p.m. 
lit|V"ictoria Bridge to Morgan Hospital, 8.40 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 
10.20 i5.m., on Saturdays xintil 11p.m. 
i^ictoria Bridge to Baxter Park, 8.50 a.m. and every 20 minutes until 10.30 

p.m., on Saturdays imtil 10.50 p.m. 
Victoria Bridge to High street and Dalhousie terrace, 8.50, 9.5 a.m. and every 
10 minutes until 10.45 p.m., on Saturdays until 11.15 p.m. 
i|Victoria Bridge to Westpark road, 9.5 a.m. and every half -hour until 9.35 p.m. 

TjOottef Oars 

flflfiochee to Dundee, 8.20, 8.40, 9, 9.20, 9.40, 10, 10.20, 10.40, 11, 11.20, 11.40 
a.m., 12 noon, 12.20, 12.40, 1,1.15 p.m., and every 15 minutes until 10 
i ' p.m., on Saturdays from 2.30 p.m. every 10 minutes until 10.30 p.m. 
' ?olepark to Dundee, 8.30, 8.50, 9.10, 9.30, 9..50, 10.10, 10.30, 10.50, 11.10, 
11.30, 11.50 a.m., 12.10, 12.30, 12.50, 1.10, 1.25 p.m., and every 15 
tBi minutes imtil 10.10 p.m., on Saturdays every 10 minutes from 2.40 p.m. 
until 10.40 p.m. 

High St., Dundee, to Lochee, 8.50, 9.10, 9.30, 9.50, 10.10, 10.30, 10.50, 11.10, 
' 11.30, 11.50a.m., 12.10, 12.30, 12.50, 1.10, 1.30,1.45, and every 15 minutes 
until 10.30 p.m., on Saturdays from 3 p.m. every 10 minutes until 10.50 p.m. 



Polepark to Lochee, 9.3, 9.23, 9.43, 10.3, 10.23, 10.43, 11.3, 11.23, 11.43 a.m., 
12.3, 12.23, 12.43, 1.3, 1.23, 1.43, 1.58, and every 15 minutes until 
10.43 p.m., on Saturdays every 10 minutes from 3.13 until 11.3 -p.m. 


Mrs John M. Robertson, 43 & 45 Perth 
road, and 32^ King street 

James Short, Royal Stables, 27 Yea- 
man shore 

Peter Peebles, .55 Perth rd. , and Queen's 
Hotel Stables, 160 Nethergate 

James Peters, 12 Park lane 

"William Lowden, 142 Hilltown 

W. & C. M'Fee, 16 E. Henderson's wd. 

James Morris, 48 Strathmartine road 

David Stratton, 60 Seagate 

Alex. Arthurson, 29 Kincardine street 

Robert Parr, 51 Small's wynd 



"VV. P. Robertson, Post Office, Lochee 
Peter Stevs^art, 125 Blackness road 
John Svyord, 21 Back street 
Wm. M'Fee, jun., 5 Brown street 
R. H. Fleming, 57 Union st.,Maxwltn.(ll' 
Jas. Greig, sen., 57 Main street 
Wm. Faulkner, 36 Rosebank street 
John Lowden, 176 High street, Lochee 
John M'Lean, 39 Couparst., Lochee 
Thos. Smith, sen., 78 Rosebank street I'C 
Isaac Smith, 78 Rosebank street 
Alex. Cooper, 27 Rosebank street 
Thomas Mill, 43 Wilkie's lane 



TAY FERRIES — Managed by Dundee Harbour Trustees under "Dundee 
Harbour and Tay Ferries Act, 1873. " — John Methven, Superintendent. James 
Stewart, Collector. Station — Craig pier. South Union street. 

A Steamboat sails from Dundee not before 6, 7, 8, 8.45, 9.25, 10.5, 11 A.M., 
12 noon, 1, 2, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5; 6.5, 7.5, 8.30, 9.15, 10.15, 11 P.M. ; and from Newijort 
not before 6.30, 7.30, 8.25, 9.5, 9.45,10.30, 11.30 a.m., 12.30, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30, 
4.30, 5.30, 6.30, 7.30, 8..50, 9.4.5, 10.40, 11.15 p.m. 

On Sundays the Steamboat sails from Dundee not before 9 and 10 A.M., 
12.40, 1.15, 4.5, 5.15, 6.15, and 8.15p.m. ; and from Newi^ort not before 9.30, 
10.30 A.M., 12.55, 1.45, 4.30, 5.4.5, 6.45, 8.30 p.m. 

During the Winter Months the sailing at 6.15 p.m. on Sunday is omitted. 



(For Addresses, see Professions Directory.) 

Established Church. 

St Mary's (East Church), Nethergate, Rev 

St Paul's (South do. ), Do „ 

St Clement's(Steepledo.), Do ,, 

St John's (Cross do. ), Tay street, ,, 

St David's, North Tay street, .. . ,, 

St Mark's, Perth road, ,, 

St Andrew's, King street, ,, 

Chapelshade, Constitution road,.. ,, 

Wallacetown, Crescent street, ,, 

Logie, Balgay street, ,, 

Rosebank, Constitution street, ,, 

StMatthew's Ferry road, ,, 

Clepington, Clepington, ,, 

St Enoch's, Nethergate, ,, 

Lochee, j, 

„ St Luke's, ,, 

Colin Campbell 
William Smith 
James E. Houston 
Peter Grant, D.D. 
Robert S. Warren 
Charles M. Grant 
Alexander Legge 
Archibald Bell 
James M. Campbell 
Stewart Galloway 
David B. Cameron 
John Mills 
David R. Robertson 
Hugh George Watt, B.D. 
AYilliam Wright 
William May 



Free Church. 
'l3t Andrew's, Meadow place, Rev. James Ewing 


3t John's, Perth road, 

3t David's, Ward road, 

5t Peter's, St Peter street, 

5t Paul's, Nethergate, 

lUbert Square, Meadowside, 

iVillison, Barrack street, 

iVallacetown, Crescent street , . . . . 

Eilltown, .....Maxwelltown, 

Jhapelshade, Constitution road, . . 

Dudhope, Ujoper pleasance, . . . 

Jhalmers, Hunter street, 

VVellgate, Dudhope street, 

.Vl'Cheyne Memorial, 328 Perth road, 

Sonnethill, Hilltown, 

)gilvie, ..;Duxa street, 

Martyrs, Annfield road, 

ligh Church, Hosi^ital wynd, 

is« Jochee, 

United Presbyterian Church. 

st Congregation,George'sChapel,S. Lindsay st.Eev.Josephus L. Skerret, M.A. 

Bell street, , , Thomas S. Dickson 

Tay square, | " J- R- M'Gavin, D.D., and 

do. Dudhope Cres. rd., 

do. (AVishart), . . . .Cowgate port, 

do. (James'), Bell street, 

do. Butterburn, 

do. Victoria street, 

lawkhill, Hawkhill, 

iyehill, Perth road, 


Congregation ALisT Churches. 

iV^ard Chai^el, Constitution road, Eev. Charles Short 

Princes street, ,, 

Jindsay street, ,, 

i*anmure street, , , 

]/astle street, , ,, 

ivissell Cha^jel, Hawkhill, ,, 





D. M. Ross 
John Dunlop 
John Jenkins 
Richard Waterston 
Dugald Matheson 
Thomas Hill 
James Fenton 
John Macj)herson 
Alexander Adamson 
Andrew Inglis 
Robert Milligan 
Donald Cook 
Alexander H. Reid 
James A. Simpson 
Archibald Black 
John Wylie 
Gavin Anderson 
Thomas B. Dodds. 

John Reid, M.A. 
James "Wilson 
James George 
Robert Laurie 
Robert A. Watson, M.A. 
William Rose 
John Taylor 
James Drummond 
Arch B. Connel 

John Park Noble 
Alfred Gardner 
W. J. Cox 
J. H. Crawford 
Jonathan Roebuck 

QnnairdHall, | ^^^ 

Rev. David Macrae 

Alexander Thomson 
Evangelical Union. 

iVinity, Victoria road, Rev. Wm. Hamilton, M.A. 

lorison, Young Men's C. A. Hall, ,, James Monie 

t James', Euclid street, ,, Gilbert Paterson 

Wesley AN Methodists. 

Vard road, Rev. Jose]3h Dawson 

/"ictoria road, ,, John Wilson 


tattray street, W. Henderson and George Stewart 

;!onstitution road, Thos. Brown, David Mills, and Wm. Smith 

liong Wynd, Nethergate, Rev. William Tulloch 

United Original Seceders. 
IJuclid Crescent, Rev. Peter M'Vicar 





Scottish Episcopal Church. 
The Right Rev. H. W. Jermyn, D.D., Bishop of Brechin ff; 

/'Rev. Edward John Govigh, Incumbent 
a -p T n +1 vn ) ?> Robt. Cruickshank, M. A., Assistant-Curate 
to. ram s, uastlemil, ....<> ^^ ^_ j^_ Calcutt, Assistant-Curate 

V ,, R. R. Lingard-Guthrie, M.A. 
S. Mary Magdalen's, Bluishall street, I lev! ArthS DSlny,XSant-Curate ' 
Holy Trinity Mission, Rev. A. Denny 

( Very Rev. J. Nicolson, Dean ol 
S . Salvador's, Clepington, < Brechin, Incumbent 

( Rev. A. Grainger, Assistant-Curate 
S. John Baptist's Mission, Albert street. Rev. J. J. Dunbar, Mission Priest 

S. Margaret's, Lochee, Rev. Thomas Lennie, Incumbent 

Newport Mission, Rev. S. B. Hodson, Mission Priest 

English Episcopal Church. 
St John's (Iron Church), Lochee road, Rev. Joseph Gillibranc 

Roman Catholic Church. 
CI . A J 5 XT 4-1 J- f Rev. Robert Clapperton ; Rev. Michael Phe 

St Andrew s, Nethergate, | j^^ . ^^^ jeremiah O'Hea 

Rev. Augustine M'Dermott ; Rev. Patriclfill 

St Mary's, Maxwelltown, <v O'Connor ; Rev. James Brown ; Rev. Johr 

( O'Neill ; Rev. Thomas Brophy. 
o . T T,' x>i 1 1 i 'Rev. Joseph Holder ; Rev. Thomas Furlong 

St Joseph s, Blackness road,... | ^^^ Jeremiah O'Dwyer 

ax TIT 5 T 1 i Rev. Peter L. Butti ; Rev. James J. Dawson 

St Mary s, Lochee, | ^^^ ^j^^^^^ Connelly, D.D. 

Catholic Apostolic Church. 
Constitution road, Rev. John Rankh 

King street, Ministers variou 

Christian Church. 
Salem Chapel, 59 Constitution road,... John Selbie, Thomas Y. Millar 

Unitarian Christian Church. 
Constitution road, Rev. H. Williamsoi 

German Church 

76 High street, Rev. Wm. H. Blumenreicl 


The Dundee Established Presbytery meets in St Enoch's Class-Room, Lonj 
wynd, on the first Wednesday of each month, at 12 o'clock noon. Clerk- 
Rev. P. L. Burr, Lundie Manse. Officer — James Mailler, 16 West wynd. 

The Dundee Free Church Presbytery meets in Chapelshade Free Church oi 
the second Wednesday of each month, at 11 a.m. Clerk — Rev. Robt. Lorimer 
Free Church Manse, Mains. Officer — James T. Arklay, 3 Mid street 

The Dundee United Presbyterian Presbytery meets in the hall of Dudhopcj ^j^J 
Road Church on the Tuesday after the first Sabbath of each month, atlla.mj jj^^ 
Clerk — Rev. James Wilson, 17 Springfield. Officer — James Melville, 19 Wes 







SESSION CLERK.— John Miln, 56 Bell street. Office hovirs— 1.30 to : 
o'clock afternoon ; from 6 to 8 o'clock evening. itei 

SACRAMENTAL FAST DAYS.— Thursdays before the third Sundays 0I51 
April and October. 


j^mith ; Vice-Presidents, Robert Gardner, Peter Murray, and George Cruick- 
Ihank ; Treasurer — Geo. Yeaman ; Secretary — John Foggie. Committee— 
jrames Lyon, Thomas Clark, James Small, David Jeffrey, James Smith, 
tYilliam A. Scott, A. D. Fleming, James Rae, John Tullis, William B. 
)onald. Walker S. Melville, William Hepburn, John Robertson, John 
?,ichardson, Charles L. Cruickshank, William F. Chalmers, Thomas Doig,. 
»atrick Hunter, Thomas Angus, W. W. Halley, Jas. Davidson, David Annan, 
|)avid Brown. Missionary — Henry Moncrieflf . 

15IBLE SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND.— President— Patrick Watson; Vice- 
I'residents— George Rough, Alex. H. Moncur, Alexander Henderson, Thomas 
ISmith. Committee— H. B. Fergusson, Thomas Rait, George Carmichael, 
i)avid Petrie, Thomas Bell, James Cox, James Logie, John Earl Robertson, 
'George Jack, William Small, Bailie Doig. Secretaries— The Rev. James Ewing 
,nd John W. Shepherd. Treasurer — John Henderson, Banker. Depositarian 
-James Smith, Y.M.C.A. Collector — David Kilgour. 

i'OR FEMALE EDUCATION IN INDIA.— Committee— Mrs Pitcairn, Fort 
; iVilliam house; Mrs Grant, Perth road; Mrs Lowson, Graybank ; Mrs Thomas 
k jmith, Ashwood ; Mrs A. Taylor ; Mrs C. M. Grant, Airlie place ; Mrs Watt, 
>t Enoch's ; Mrs A. A. Watt, Kincraig : Miss Nimmo, Newport ; Mrs James. 
Carmichael, Newport. President — Mrs Pitcairn ; Treasurer — Miss Jessiman,, 
iroughty Ferry ; Joint Secretaries — Mrs Colin Campbell and Miss Thow. 

SOCIETY.- Rev. Charles Short, Chairman ; Rev. William J. Cox, Secretary;: 
Sreorge Rough, Treasurer. 


quare. President — Rev. F. G. Widdows ; Vice-President— Wm. M'Leod 

" ?horburn ; Secretary — James Wright. Treasurer — Archibald Rea. Com- 

aittee— James Campbell, David Monro, J. D. Burt, Alex. Henry, Alex. 

Jatchelor, Wm. M'Kay. 


s«'|lLSSOCIATION, 1870— consisting of all the Elders and Managers elect in the 

iJnited Presbyterian Churches in Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Newport, Lochee, 
id Jlairgowrie, Alyth, Kirriemuir, Newbigging, and Tayport. Office-bearers and 

bmmittee :— President— Thos. Kyd ; Vice-President— W. F. Chalmers ; 

'reasurer — A. D. Fleming ; Secretary — A. M. Strachan, 9 Airlie terrace ; 

yommittee — James Ramsay, Stewart Martin, David Laird, John Tullis, Wm. 

lutchart, James Cuthbert, James Dickie, Wm. Fleming, Wm. Culross, Jas.. 

lorton, W. A., Scott, David Brown, John Salmond, James Thomson, James. 

)avidson, Archibald Galloway. 

THE M*ALL MISSION IN FRANCE (Dimdee Auxiliary).— President, 
reorge Rough ; Committee — Rev. W. J. Cox, David Easson, James Logie, 
[reorge Ogilvy, John Earl Robertson, Thomas Smith, Rev. James Wilson, 
-lex. J. Buist, Rev. John Jenkins, Alex. H. Moncur, John W. Shepherd '^ 
[on. Secretary and Treasurer, J. Dickson Dodds, 2 India buildings. 

ANGLO-INDIAN CHRISTIAN UNION, for promoting the Spiritual 
iterests of Europeans in India. — President— Right Hon. Lord Polwarth. 
'undee Board. — A. J. Buist, Chairman ; Rev. Messrs W. J. Cox, A. 
iglis, R, Lang, C. M. Grant ; Bailie Macdonald ; Messrs Edward Cox, John 



TV. Shepherd, William Cox, James Cunningham, A. D. Grimond, William 
Lowson, William Mackison, W. R. Morison, George Rough, W. O. Dalgleish, 
Treasurer — John Henderson, Banker, 

ducting of Sabbath Forenoon Meetings and other Religious Services for the Young. 
Hon. President — Alex. H. Moncur. Hon. Vice-Presidents — Geo. Armitstead, 
M.P. ; Rev. Colin Campbell ; Revs. Richard Waterston, Arch. B. Connel, 
C M. Grant, John Jenkins, James George, James Ewing, James Wilson, 
Gavin Anderson, Alex. Legge, A. H. Reid, Jas. Fenton, Robt. Lorimer, W. J. 
Cox, Thos. Dickson, D. M. Ross ; Thos. Bell, William Robertson, W. O. 
Dalgleish, Alex. Henderson, A. D. Grimond, W. Y. Blyth-Martin, Alex. J. 
Buist, James Cox, H. B. Fergusson, Geo. Halley, John Sharp, John Leng, 
Thomas Thornton. President — William Lowson ; Vice-President — John W, 
Shepherd ; Treasurer — W. W. Halley, Blackness terrace ; Secretary — Alex. 
Murray, 106 Nethergate ; Assistant Secretary — Chas. Morris, 69 Reform street. 
Directors — D. H. M'Intosh, James Combe, George Harris, D. L. Paterson, 
Charles Stewart, David Watson, C. W. Scrimgeour, J. R. Coupar, J. M'Nicoll, 
Jas. Logie, T. Carmichael, John Melville, jun. 


Name of Meeting. 
Taylor's Lane,. 
Asliton Place Hall,... 
Victoria Road, 
Wilson, Overgate,.... 

Dallfield AValk, 

Willison Mission, 

Bonnethill, ... 


William Street, King street, 

Ogilvie Church, 

Butterburn, ... 

Camperdown, Lochee,> 

Park Wynd, 


Wallace Street Hall, 
Long Wynd, ... 
Bain Square,... 

Annfield Street Mission, 

Maxwelltown Hall, ... 

Cochrane Street Mission,.... 

Rosebank, ... 



Clepington, ... 

Cherry field Mission, 

Muirhead of Liff , ... 

Baldovan Industrial School, 


Campbell Street, Lochee, ... 

Reform Street Hall — Senior Meeting, 

Boys' Home, Bell street, 

Wrought co-operatively with 
M'Cheyne Memorial Free Church 
St Peter's Free Church 
St Andrew's Free Church 
St Paul's Free Church 
United Presbyterian Mission 
Willison Free Church 
Bonnethill Free Church 
Dudhope Free Church 
West Bell Street U.P. Church 
Ogilvie Free Church 
Butterburn U.P. Church 
Various Presbyterian Churches, Lochee 
St John's Free Church 
St Mark's Established Church 
Men Varioiis Denominations 
East Established Church 
Chaiielshade Free Church 
St Peter's Free Chm-ch 
Hilltown Free Church 
Dudhope Crescent Road U.P. Church 
Young Men's Christian Association 
Wallacetown Free Clmrch 
Wishart U.P. Church 
Ogilvie Free Church 
Men Various Denommations 
Liff Free Church 
D. B. & G. Religious Association 
Ogilvie Free Church 
D. B. & G. Religious Association. 


Do. • 


• — Average attendance of Boys and Girls, 3970 ; 
The Directors will be glad to co-operate with 

Number of workers, 524 
Sessions or Managers o 

Clnu-ches or others for the conducting of these Special Services for the Young 

( 45 ) 


University College.— Trustees— Provost Ballingall ; Eight Hon. W. E. 
r Baxter, M.P.; Geo. Armitstead, M.P,; Frank Henderson, M.P.; John Clieyne, 
; Sheriff-Substitute, Dundee ; Alex. Robertson, Sheriff-Substitute, Forfar ; 
' Alex. Mathewson, Dean of Guild, Dundee. Governors — Life : G. W. Baxter, 
:i E. F. Maitland, James Smart, George Armitstead, George H. Thoms, T. W. 
I Thoms, Victor Fraenkl, J. Martin White, Robert B. Don ; Representative : 
'! The Earl of Strathmore, Lord-Lieutenant of the County ; Sir John Ogilvy, 
' Bart., Convener of the County ; J. W. Barclay, M.P. for the County ; Right 

• Hon. W. E. Baxter, M.P. for Montrose District of Burghs ; John Comrie 
''I Thompson, Sheriff of the Coimty ; Alex. Mathewson, Dean of Guild, and their 
' sxiccessors in their respective offices ; H. B. Fergiisson, for the Chamber of 

• Commerce ; Rev. James Ewing, for the School Board ; William Robertson, for 
J the Directors of the High School ; Rev. John Dunlop, for the Free Library 
' ,C!ommittee ; and the members of Council for the time being. Council — 

Elected by the Governors : The Earl of Dalhousie, the Earl of Camperdown, 
AVilliam Brownlee, Rev. W. J. Cox, William Ogilvie Dalgleish, John Sharp, 
John Robertson, Thomas Thornton, G. W. Baxter. Ex-ojjicio : Provost 
Ballingall, Geo. Armitstead, M.P., Frank Henderson, M.P., Sheriff Smith, 
Sheriff Robertson. Elected by the Owens College, Manchester — Sir Henry 
Enfield Roscoe, LL.D., F.R.S., Manchester. Elected by the Lord President 
of the Privy Council — Prof essor James Donaldson, LL.D., Aberdeen. Elected 
by the Principal and Professors of the College— James Cunningham, jun. 
Education Board — ^Principal W. Peterson, Chairman ; Professor J. E. A, 
Steggall, Professor Thos. Carnelley, Professor J. A. Ewing, Professor Thos. 
Gilray, Professor D'Arcy W. Thompson. Professors — 
Principal— W. Peterson, M.A. 

Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Professor Steggall, M. A. 

' Chemistry, Professor Carnelley, D.Sc. 

-c, • . 1 T^ • 5 Professor J. A. Ewing, B.Sc; 

Engmeermg and Drawing, | Assistant, Thomas Reid. 

Classics and Ancient History, Professor W. Peterson, M.A. 

"^ Modern ffiXr"""^ ^^^ Literature and ^p^^j^g^^^^j^^g (..j^^y^^^^ 

I Biology, Professor D' Arcy W. Thompson, B. A. 

j Assistant Lecturer and Demonstrator in the Physical Laboratory — 

i J. W. Capstick, B.A., B.Sc. 

Chemical Laboratory Steward — John Foggie. 
j Janitor— Alex. Martin. 

I Secretaries— Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street. 

High School. — Directors — From the Town Council — Provost Ballingall; 
Dean of Guild Mathewson ; Bailies M'Kinnon and Taylor ; Councillors Jas. 
Allan, William Philip, Alexander Speed. From the Subscribers— Rev. Colin 
Campbell, Sheriff Cheyne, William Robertson, Thomas W. Thoms, Robert 
Stiirrock, P. G. Walker, Charles Smith. Appointed by William Harris — John 
Sharp, George Malcolm, Thomas Smith, James Adie, John Guild, John Leng, 
W. E. H. Valentine. Rector — George Ross Merry, M.A., Lincoln College, 
Oxford. Teachers — 

Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Mr George Dott 

j Arithmetic (to Boys), Algebra ; Descriptive, ) ^ Miller M A 

: Physical, and Mathematical Geography, f " * > • • 

I Latin (Boys), Greek, and Classical Geography and ) ^ Wilson MA LL D 


Latin (for Girls), Mr P. J. Imandt 

English Grammar, Geography, &c., -j QiS' ^^do ^^ } " J- ^- Charles, M.A. 

Modem languages, | ^^s^;::::::—:::—:: ;; f;f i^^at 

Writing, Bookkeeping, Phonography, and Arith- ) j p,-, 

metic to Girls, f » "^a-mes ixlass 

Drawing, Painting, and School of Design, ,, AVm. M. Grubb 

Chemistry and Natural Science, , , F. W. Yonng 

Singing, ,, Frank Sharp 

Plain and Fancy Needlework, ,, Miss M'Kenzie 

Calisthenics, Sergt. -Major Kilgour 

Gymnastics, Alexander Sturrock 

Lady Superintendent — Miss E, R. Carmichael. John Mess, C.A., 104 Comjieti 
mercial street, Treasurer; A. W. Cumming, 1 Bank street. Secretary 
James Scott, High School buildings. Janitor. 

West-End Academy. — Head Master — Mr George Clark, M.A. Teachers- 
Writing, Phonography, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, &c., Messrs G. Clark ^" 
M.A., David Hampton, James Stviart, M.A,, Thomas Low. English, Grammar 
Geography, Com^position, &c. — Senior Classes, W. Simpson, M.A. ; Junio 
Classes, Messrs Hampton and Low. Classics — Messrs James Stuart, M.A. 
W. Simpson, M.A. ; French — Mr Clark ; German — Mr Triie ; Drawing am 
Painting — Mr R. T. M. Allan ; Plain and Fancy Needlework — Miss M. Murray 
Vocal Music — Mr Frank Sharp. Janitress — Mrs Milne. 

Mb Irvine's Institution for the Education of Young Ladies, 17 Tay streei 
Branches taught — English, Writing, Arithmetic, Latin, French, GermaD 
Italian, Natural Science, Music, Drawing, Dancing, Calisthenics, and Sewing 
Masters — Messrs William B. Irvine, Imper, Peterson, Sharp, and Assistants 
Governesses — Misses Marshall and Brown. 

Mr Irvine's School for Boys, 15 Tay street. — Branches taught — English 
Writing, Arithmetic, Classics, Mathematics, Natural Science, Music, Drawing 
Masters — Messrs W. B. Irvine, Imper, and Assistants. 

East op Scotland Institution, 31 Tay street— conducted by Misse 
Schultzen and Murray. Branches taught — English, French, German, Music 
Singing, Drawing, Needlework, Dancmg, and Gymnastics. Teachers — Th 
Principals and Messrs Hunter, Durlac, Lauder, Peterson, F. Sharp,' Roland, Mr 
Haden, Mrs Kennedy, and English, French, and German resident Governesses 

Constitution House Institution, for the Board and Education of Younj 
Ladies, 12 Constitution terrace. Branches taught — English, Writing, French 
German, Drawing and Painting, Elementary Science, Music (Pianoforte anc 
Vocal), Dancing, Calisthenics, and Sewing. Teachers — Miss Hodge, Mis 
Lizzie Hodge, Mrs Kennedy ; Messrs Spindler, Sturrock, and P. Lauder, 

Young Ladies' College, 21 South Tay street.— Director — Mr Henry Nagel 
Principal English and Mathematical Master, Mr E. T. Peberdy ; Master o 
French, E. Th. Triie ; German, Rev. W. H. Blumenreich ; English Governesses 
Miss Moncrieflf, LL.A., Miss Robertson, LL.A., Miss W. Robertson, LL.A.' 
Miss A. Duff, LL.A., Miss G. Girdwood ; Drawing and Painting, Miss Etti 
Johnston ; Dancing, Mrs Kennedy ; Gymnastics and Calisthenics, Mr Stur 
rock ; Music, Mr H. Nagel, Miss Kinnison, and Miss Bell. 

Meadowside Academy, Constitution road and Mid street.— Branches taugh 
— All the branches of an English and Commercial Education, Latin and Frenc] 
Languages, Mathematics, Drawing, Vocal Music, and Plain and Fancy Needle 
work. Teachers — Messrs George Powrie, Sharpe, Malcolm, Adamson, an* 
Miss Mearng. 











Euclid Crescent School, Euclid crescent. — Branches taught — All the 
Jranches of an English and Commercial Education, Mathematics, Drawing, 
?lain and Fancy Needlework. Teachers — Mr John Birrell and Assistants. 

Linguistic Institution, 86 Nethergate. — Principal, Mr William Eodger. 
Subjects taught— Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, 
Swedish, &c. ; Elocution, Mathematics, Bookkeeping, English Composition, 
Shorthand, and all the Branches of a liberal Education. 

Select Private School and Boarding Establishment, Tayside House, 
.62 Nethergate — conducted by Miss Buchan, LL.A., assisted by Misses Mon- 
irieffe, LL.A., Irwin, LL.A., Fergusson, LL.A., Jackson, and three Junior 
Srovernesses ; Messrs Magnus Peterson, Arthur C. Haden, A. Imper, F. Sharp, 
.'. D. Lauder, M. Thomson, and A. Sturrock. Branches taught — English, 
jatin, French, German, Italian, Early English, and Anglo-Saxon ; Arith- 
1 iaetic. Algebra, Mathematics, and Elementary Science ; Writing, Drawing, 
iji'ainting. Music, Pianoforte, Organ, Violin, Harmony, and Singing; Needle- 

ivork, &c. 
i- Infant School, 39 Nelson street. — Branches taught — Reading, Writing, 
illLrithmetic, Grammar, Geography. Teacher — Miss Mann. 
a; Private School, 5 St Andrew's street. Teacher — Miss Sinclair. 

Private School, 33 Cowgate. Special Classes for Ladies of neglected 
•^ (lucation. Teacher — Mrs M'Gregor. 

Navigation School, Old Trinity House buildings, 14 Yeaman shore, 
branches taught — Navigation, Astronomy, Mathematics. Teacher — L. Allen. 
King Street Institution, 19 King street.— Head Master, R. N. Kerr, 
Idem. Ph. Soc, Lond. ; Lady Superintendent, Mrs R. N. Kerr. The course 
5' tf study comprises all subjects which constitute a liberal English Education, 
vith Latin, French, German, Drawing, Painting, Music, Needlework, and 
calisthenics. Teachers — Messrs Horton, Spindler, Christie, Imper, Lauder, 
Sturrock ; Misses Strachan, Ross, Brandei', and Morrison. 

Wallacetown Parish Private School. — Branches taught — Reading, 
Yriting, Arithmetic, Elementary Latin, and French, Book-keeping, Neddle- 
irork, &c. Teachers — William Mackenzie and Assistants. 


St Andrew's School, 2 William street, Forebank. — Managers — The Trus- 
ses and Kirk-Session of St Andrew's Parish Church. Branches taught — 
™ pementary Branches, French, Latin, Mathematics, Drawing, Sewing, and 
Quitting. Teachers — Mr James Donaldson, Miss Macdonald, and Assistants. 

Rosebank Sessional School, 20 Rosebank street. — Managers — General 
tirk-Session. Branches taught — Elementary, Grammar, Geography, History, 
yiusic, and Drawing ; also. Plain and Fancy Needlework. Teachers — Mrs 
Duncan Stewart. 


! St John's Free Church School, 40 Park wynd.— Managers — Ladies' 
„ 'Committee of Free St John's. Branches taught — All the Branches of an 
?ilnglish Education. Teacher — Miss Margaret Eraser. 

DuDHOPE Girls' School, St Mary's place, Lochee road. — Managers — Dea- 
ons' Court of Dudhope Free Church. Branches taught — The Ordinary 
branches of an English Education, with Plain and Fancy Needlework, Knit- 
ling, and Music. Teachers — The Misses Cunningham. 

St Paul's F.C. School, 143 Overgate. — Managers — Deacons' Court of St 
'aul's Free Church. Branches taught — Elementary, Geography, History, 
[ijrrammar, Indiistrial Work, and Vocal Music. Teachers — Mary Thorns 
Avo Assistants, and two Puj)il Teachers. 











S. Paul's, Panmiire Hall, Wellgate. — Managers—Eev. K, E. Lmgar(B'\! 
Gutkrie and Eev. E. Cruicksliank. Branches taught — Elementary. Teacher*^ 
— Miss Miller; Infants, Miss Templeman. 

S. Salvador's, Church street, Clepington feus. — Manager — Very Eev. J 
Nicolson. Branches taught — Elementary, Latin, French, German, Mathe 
matics, and Drawing. Teachers — Boys' Department, Mr S. Miller; Girls 
Department, Miss Gilgour ; Infants' Department, Miss Hinsley. 

S. Martin's, Smithfield. — Manager — Very Eev. J, Nicolson. Branche 
taught — Elementary. Teachers — Miss Mary Gibb and Assistants. 

S. Margaret's, Lochee. — Manager — Eev. T. Lennie. Mixed Department h 
Balgay street ; Infant Department in St Ann street. Subjects taught — Elel 
mentary Subjects, English, Latin, French, Mathematics, Domestic Economyftg, 
Drawing, Music. Teachers— W. G. Weatherall, Miss Donaldson, Assistants 
and Pupil Teachers. 


St Joseph's (Girls), Blackness road.— Manager — Eev. J, Holder. Branche 
taught — Elementary, Needlework, and Knitting. Teachers — Sisters of Mercj 

St Stephen's (Boys), Larch street. — Manager — Eev. Joseph Holdei 
Branches taught — Elementary. Teachers — The Marist Brothers. 

St Andrew's (Boys), Tay street. — Manager — Eev. E. Clapperton. Branche 
taught — Elementary, Geometry, Algebra, Bookkeeping, and French. Teachei 
— The Marist Brothers. 

St Andrew's (Girls), Overgate. — Manager — Eev. E. Clapperton. Branche|i))if 
taught — Elementary, Grammar, Geography, History, French, and Music 
also, Needlework and Knitting. Teachers — The Sisters of Mercy. 

St Mart's (Boys), Forebank road. — Manager — Eev. A. M'Dermott. Branche 
taught — Elementary. Teachers — The Marist Brothers. (Girls), Forebank roac 
Branches taught — Elementary, Needlework, and Knitting. Teacher — Mis 
Conway. (Infants), Powrie place. Teacher — Miss M'Manus. 

St Mary's, Lochee. — Manager — Eev. P. Butti — Branches taught — Elemeii J°' 
tary. Teachers — Boys, E. A. Smith; Girls, Miss Morgan; Infants, Misj ^^ 

DUNDEE SCHOOL BOAED.— Alex. H. Moncur, Chairman; Ee^ 
Eobert Clapperton, "William Doig, Eev. John Dvmloj), Duncan Macdonalcldi 
Eev. Joseph Holder, Eev. Dr Grant, Very Eev. Dean Nicolson, Eev. Wnj j, 
Hamilton, Eev. A. Legge, A. W. Smith, Eev. D. B. Cameron, George Hooc 
Eev. A. B. Conn el, and John W. Shepherd. Thomas Thornton, 15 Albeilig, 
square, Clerk ; C. J. Marquis, 32 Castle street, Treasurer ; David Maclareij if 
81 Murraygate, Architect ; John Eobbie, 32 Castle street, Officer. 

schools under the board : — 

Balfour Street Public School. — Branches taught — Ordinary branches ( 
an English Education, English Literature, Mathematics, French, Domest 
Economy, Drawing, Theory and Practice of Mvisic, and Needlework. Teache: 
— Mr Wm. Bertie and Mrs Bertie ; Mr F. Sharp, Music Master ; five Assistan- 
and five Pupil Teachers. 

Long Wtnd Public School. — Branches taught — Ordinary branches : Hi| 
tory, French, Drawing, Music, Sewing, and Knitting. Teachers — Mr Andrei jl 
W. Forbes, Miss Marjory S. Baird, and Assistants. 

Blackscroft Public School, Peep-o'-Day lane. — Branches taught— -Eea( 
ing, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geograj)hy, Latin, Dravidng, Musi 
Teacher — Mx Eobert Locke ; five Assistants and one Pupil Teacher. 





DUDHOPE Public School, St Mary's place. — Branches taught— English, 
itc, together with Latin, French, Mathematics, Drawing, Music, Sewing, and 
fitting. Teachers— Wm. Robb and Miss M. C. Low. 

Hawkhill Public School. — Branches taught — Elenaentary, English Litera- 

.liire. Mathematics, Latin, French, Theory and Practice of Music, Sewing, 

Domestic Economy, and Drawing. Teachers — Mr George Caird and Miss 

itiathew ; eleven Certificated Assistants, nine Pupil Teachers, and one 

ilonitor. Visiting Master — Mr Frank Sharp. 

Brown Street Public School.— Branches taught — The ordinary branches 
if an Elementary Education. Teachers — Misses Shaw and Smith, seven 
\LSsistants, and nine Pupil Teachers. 

Victoria Road Public School, King's road.— Branches taught— Ordinary 
I 'ranches of an English Education, Latin, French, Algebra, Geometry, Draw- 
iig, Music, Sewing, and Knitting. Teachers — Mr David Wilson and Miss 
i Toung ; five Assistants and eight Pupil Teachers. 

Hill Street Public School. — Branches taught — Ordinary branches of an 
English Education, Latin, French, Mathematics, Singing, Sewing, Knitting, 
nd Drawing. Teachers — William Dickson and Miss Baird ; six Assistants 
nd six Pupil Teachers. 

Glebe Lands Public School, Glebe place. — Branches taught — Ordinary 
ranches of an English Education, English Literature, French, Latin, Mathe- 
latics. Drawing, Music, Sewing, Knitting, Domestic Economy. Mr John 
ludie. Headmaster ; Miss M. Reid, Headmistress ; eight Assistants and 
light Pupil Teachers. Visiting Master — Mr Alex. Adamson. 

Ancrum Road, Locheb, Public School. — Branches taught — Ordinary 
abjects, Latin, French, Higher English, Mathematics, Drawing, Bookkeeping, 
inging. Teachers — Mr John Gibson and Miss Thomson ; Mr F. Sharp, 
lusicmaster ; three Assistants and six Pupil Teachers. 

Clepington Public School, 54 Cotton road. — Branches taught — The ordi- 
ary branches of an English Education, Knitting, and Needlework. Teachers 
-Mr W. Mudie and Mrs Jessie Davies. 

Wallacetown Public School, Crescent street. — Branches taught — Read- 
ig. Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, History, Latin, Music, Draw- 
ig, Sewing, and Knitting. Infant Department — Miss Anderson ; Junior 
')epartment — Miss V. Taylor ; Senior Department — David Muckersie, Head- 
laster ; Wm. Robertson, Assistant Master ; F. Sharp, Musicmaster. 

Hunter Street Public School. — Branches taught — The ordinary branches 
[t an English Education, with Sewing and Knitting. Teacher — John M'Keitli. 
ihisicmaster — Alex. Adamson. 

Butterburn Public School.— Branches taught — The ordinary branches of 
;i English Education, with Singing, Knitting, and Needlework. Teachers — 
H (r C. Treasurer and Assistants. 

GOTLAND. — Ofloice-Bearers— P. J. Imandt, Master of Languages, High 
)hool. President ; John Fergusson, Public School, Newport, Treasurer ; Robt. 
In ^terson. Public School, Invergowrie, Secretary. 

^•morgan hospital— Boakd of Governors.— £'a;-o#ms— The Provost 

_ Dundee, Sheriff- Substitute of Dundee District, the Minister of the Parish of 

* lundee, the Dean of Guild, the Convener of the Nine Trades, and the Deacon of 

•"fie Fraternity of Maltmen. Elected by the Town Council of Dundee— James 

jrrie and Jas. Allan. By the Town Council of Forfar— Bailie Ferguson and 

ilie Doig. By the Town Council of Arbroath— Provost Thornton and Bailie 

bith. By the Town Council of Montrose— Ex-Provost Lackie and Provost 

8id. By the Presbytery of Dundee — Rev. John Mills, and Rev. J. A. Honey, 



Inchture. By the Nine Trades of Dundee — J. A. Stewart and A. Fairweather, 
By the Directors of the High School— T. W. Thorns and P. G. Walker. 

Clerk and Treasurer— Andrew Hendry, 32 Bank street. Auditor — J. C. 
Robertson. Physician — Dr A. James Duncan. Headmaster — William Wilson, gsii 
;M.A. Matron — Mrs Jackson Jler, 

THE DEAF AND DUMB, Association for Aiding the Education of.— 
Established 1846. President — The Earl of Airlie ; Vice-Presidents — Sir John 
Ogilvy, Bart. ; Geo. Armitstead, M.P. Ordinary Directors — The Provost of 
Dundee, the Sheriff-Substitute of the Dundee District, the Dean of G-uild. 
the Convener of the Nine Trades; Revs. Jas. Ewing, R. Lang; Messrs Jame& 
Cunningham, W. O. Dalgleish, Thos. Smith, R. M'Gavin, Jas. Shaw. Johnj ''y,^ 
Miln, 2 Euclid street, Treasurer. Robert Sturrock, 2 Euclid street. Secretary. ' 

AND DUMB, Dudhope Bank.— Established in 1846.— The Institution is the 
property of the Association for Aiding the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. 

The Directors of the above Association and the Trustees of the late Mr Jas. 
Key pay the fees for the education, board, and clothing of children of 
indigent parents from the interest of invested funds. 

The Institution is open to visitors every week-day except Wednesday and 
Saturday, from 10 to 1 and from 3 to 5 o'clock. 

The meetings of the adidt deaf and dumb living in town and neighbourhood I^f 
are held in the Institution on the Lord's Day at 2.30, for the exposition of 
Scripture and the worship of God ; and at 6.30 for illustrated Bible readings 
in the finger and sign language. 

Governor, Teacher, and Missionary — James Barland. Matron — Miss Mont- 

road. President — Wm. Small. Vice-Presidents — David Kyd, Thos. Smith, 
Alex. D. Grimond, James Logie, William Mackison. Honorary Secretaries — 
Walker S. Melville, William Dickson. Treasurers — James Low and William 

Directors — Joseph Shepherd, C. W. Scrimgeour, James Combe, Alexander 
Donaldson, Charles Ferrier, James Fyffe, William Doig, R. H. Fleming, 
J. W. Chalmers, William Robb, David M. Hampton, Richard Summers, 
WilHam Nairn, W. R. M'Kelvie, J. H. Martin. ^ 

Teachers — Science Classes — Frank W. Young, Robt. Chalmers, John ™ 
Thomson, and James Brebner. Art — George Malcolm. General Classes 
English Grammar, Composition, and Latin — James Low. Arithmetic, Book-^s 
keeping, Writing — David M. Hampton. Shorthand — Thomas M. Davidson 
French — H. Durlac. German — Rev. W. Blumenreich. Gymnasium — Alex, 
Sturrock. James Smith, Secretary. iitte 

street. Hon. President — Lady Kinnaird. President — Miss M. N. Jessiman, *' 
Broughty Ferry. Vice-Presidents — Mrs Alex. Henderson, Westpark, and Mrs 
W. J. Cox, 10 Aii'lie place. Secretary — Miss F. Dodds, F.C. Manse, Lochee. 
Treasurer — Miss Hill, 2 Dudhor)e terrace. Meetings held on Thursday, at SiK 
P.M. ; Saturday, 7.30 P.M. ; and Bible Class on Sabbath at 5 p.m. Classes for| ^oi 
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, &c., during the vnnter months, superintended 
by Miss Hill. 

Alex. H. Moncur. Honorary Directors — Right Hon. W. E. Baxter, M.P. ; 
George Armitstead, Esq., M.P. ; Frank Henderson, Esq., M.P. ; W. O. lb 
Dalgleish, H. B. Fergusson, William Lowson, A. J. Buist, James Logie, w 
Rev. R. S. Warren, Rev. W. J. Cox, W. Y. Blyth- Martin, Thomas j ij 
Smith, Alex. Henderson, James Shaw, Bailie Hunter, Rev. R. Waterston,; jj^j 







^v. Joseph Dawson, Kev. James George, Bailie Doig, "William Mackison* 

'. Buchan, John J. H. Henry. Office-bearers — President, William Small ', 

' ice-Presidents, A. Watson Smith and W. E. M'Kelvie ; Secy., A. W. Stiven 5 

'i reasurer, James Low. Directors — P. Murray, P. Hunter, James Craig, T. M- 

jjUer, J. Scott Gray, J. P. Lawrence, Henry Scott, J. L. Cunningham, 

- 1. M. Hampton, John Gordon, A. M. Dick, W. F. Chalmers. 

, jittee — Rev. W. Hamilton, Ex-Provost Moncur, J. Brown, Thomas Kyd, 
: . Robertson, J. Kennedy, R. Small, Walter Shepherd, T. S. Ross, George 
' jnderson, J. G. Orchar, C. R. Baxter ; Provost Ballingall, Chairman, ex-officio ; 
i. Lyell, Treasurer ; J. Maclauchlan, Secretary. 

5 1 DUNDEE FINE ART ASSOCIATION.— Exhibition of Works of Living 
lij .rtists, held annually for three months, opening in October. Chairman — 
, 's-Provost Robertson ; Conveners of Sub-Committees — Frank Henderson, 
^ .P., Jas. G. Orchar, John Kennedy, J. Shaw. Hon. Secy., J. Maclauchlan. 

1 ^ DUNDEE ART UNION, Sanctioned by the Board of Trade, 1877.— Drawing 

r Prizes annually. Chairman — Ex-Provost Robertson. Committee — J. 

ill jobertson, F. Henderson, M.P., J. Kennedy, J. D. Cox, T. S.Robertson, 

J. B. Spence, W. Henderson, C. C. Maxwell, C. Ower, A. C. Lamb, W. M. 
SI gilvy, J. G. Orchar, A. J. Brough. Secretary, J. Ma,clauchlan. 

DUNDEE NATURALISTS' SOCIETY.— President— Wm. N. Walker, 
,G.S. Vice-Presidents — James Durham, F.G.S., and David Cunningham, 
.Inst.C.E. Treasurer — Alex. Simpson, 104 Commercial street. Hon. 
cretaries — Frank W. Young, F.R.S.E., F.C.S., High School; and J. Martin 
''hite, F.R.P.S., Edin. Councillors — Dr James Rorie, Professor Carnelley, 
.Sc, F.C.S. ; A. C. Lamb, F.S.A., Scot.; Allan Mathewson, Cor, Mem. 
A., Scot. ; George Lowdon, and John Nelson. 

Ibert Square. Committee — From the Town Council — Provost Ballingall, 
tiairman ; Bailies Ogilvie, Doig, and Bradford ; Councillors Young, Philip, 
lair, Gentle, M'CuUoch, and Macdonald. From the Householders — Ex- 
kilie Robertson, Convener; Rev. John Dunlop, John Kennedy, W. Y. 
lyth-Martin, James D. Cox, James G. Orchar, T. S. Robertson, Rev, R. S. 
''arren. Rev. C. Campbell, Dr Spence, Thomas Kyd, and C. C. Maxwell. 
Chief Librarian and Curator, and Clerk to the Board — John Maclauchlan. 
ssistant Librarians — W. Beveridge, D, Douglas, R. Wilson, D. Duif, and D. 


DUNDEE LITERARY SOCIETY.— President— Geo. Scrymgeour; Com- 
ittee — John P. Lawrence, W. H. Roy, David Robertson, Alfred Gibson, Wm. 
ir swell, David Duff ; Treasurer — David Watson ; Secretary— James R. 
atthew, 3 Park terrace. Meets in Y.M.C.A. biiilding on Saturday evenings 
am October to April. 

UNIVERSITY CLUB.— President— Henry Gourlay. Vice-Presidents— 
N. M'Cosh, M.D., and Rev. R. S. Warren. Secretary — Alex. Agnew, 11 
iform street. Treasurer — George Anderson, North of Scotland Bank. 
Committee— A. M. Stalker, M.B., Walter Baxter, Rev. D. M. Ross, Rev. 
[ex. Stewart, Robert Smith. 

ROYAL EXCHANGE READING-ROOM— Royal Exchange buildings, 
ader the management of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, 
ihn Cowper and Robert Carnegie, Waiters. 

|tHE ARMITSTEAD trust LECTURES.— Trustees— George Armitstead, 
LP., A. J. Buist, James Cimningham, William Lowson, C. C. Maxwell, 
larry Walker. Secretary — A. Mackay, 13 Albert square. 


( 52 ) 


Ward road ; Boys, Baldovan. President — Sir Jolin Ogilvy, Bart. Vice-PresiHf; 
dents — Earl of Strathmore, Bight Hon. W. E. Baxter, M.P., and George Armit 
stead, Esq., M.P. 

Directors — Chas. Smith, Geo. Carmichael, Robt. M'Gavin, John Adam, G. ffi "" 
Nicoll, Wm. Lowson, Chas. R. Baxter, Colonel Ogilvy, John Carmichael 1^ 
John E. Robertson, Geo. Rough, Jas. Martin, Thos. Taylor, AV. Y. Blythl ^j 
Martin, David Moodie, Thomas Smith, D. C. C. Laing, Robert B. Don, Robt 

Ladies' Connnittee — IMrs Pitcairn, INIiss Symers, Mrs Berry, IMiss Miller, Misi 
Thow, Mrs Lowson, Mrs Ewing, Mrs ('heyne, Miss Neish, Miss Nimmo, Mri 
W. Ogilvy Dalgleish, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs A. Henderson, Mrs T. Smith, Misi|ou 
(Junningham, Mrs Luis, Miss Pirie, Mrs Watt, IMrs Fergusson, IMrs Bruce 
Mrs Lamb, Mrs (Jox, Mrs ('ampbell, Mrs R. Mudie, Miss ('armichael, Mri 
Colin Campbell, Mrs Steggall, Miss G. Walker, Mrs W. Henderson. Mrs W 
Ogilvy Dalgleish, Secretary to Ladies' Committee. 

Superintendent and Secretary — W. M. Dickson. Treasurer — David Myles, 
Physician— David Greig, M.D. Agent — James Scrymgeour, 18 Meadow^side. 
Teacher — Peter Langlands. Assistant Teachers — James Turner, George 
Nicolson. Matron — Miss Thomson. Female Teacher — Miss Butter. Sewing 
mistress— ^Mrs Mackie. Work-masters — Thos. Muat, Robt. Walker, B. Ander 
son. Janitor and Drill Instructor — A. Scotland. Bandmaster — W. Wallace. 

BOYS' HOME, West Bell Street, in connection with the Industrial 
Schools. — Alex. M'Ewan, Superintendent; Mrs M'Ewan, Matron. 

DUNDEE ORPHAN INSTITUTION— 1815.— Craigie terrace, Ferry road 
President — Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. Vice-Presidents — Thomas Bell, A. H 
Moncur, George Rough, J. H. Luis. 

Directors — Ex offidiii — The Provost, Parish Minister, Dean of Guild. 
Deacon of the Maltmen, Convener of the Nine Trades, Boxmaster of the Sea- 
men Fraternity, and Preses of the Faculty of Procurators and Solicitors. 

Ordinary Directors — Duncan Macdonald, William Gellatly, Henry Boase. 
John Adam, William Ritchie, J. E. Robertson, Thomas Bell, jun., Alex 
Henderson, Alex. Gilroy, Wm. Lowson, Thos. Smith, James Luke. 

Governesses — Mrs Wm. Lowson, Mrs John Sharp, Mrs Alex. Gilroy. 
Dunalistair ; Mrs Alex. Gilroy, jun., Craigie ; Mrs J. E. Robertson, Mrs A. A, 
Watt, Mrs Henry Smith, Mrs James Adie, Mrs Alex. Kinmond, Mrs James 
Yeaman, Mrs A. H. Moncur, Mrs Colin Campbell, Mrs Duncan Macdonald/ 
Miss Gellatly. 

Surgeon — David Greig, M.D. Treasurer — John Miln, 2 Euclid street 
Secretary— D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Mcadowside. Master and Matron — W. S 
Peddie and Mrs Peddie. 

ROYAL INFIRMARY.— Office-Bearers— President, Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. 
Vice-Presidents, Earl of Dalhousie, Earl of Strathmore, George Armitstead 
M.P., Alex. Easson, and George Rough. 

Committee — James Luke, Chairman ; David R. Malcolm, Thomas Maitland 
John Earl Robertson, Tliomas Bell, jun., John W. Shepherd, John W' 
Fleming, Rev. Richard Waterston, Victor Fraenkl, James Guthrie, jun. 
Andrew H. Foggie, William Kidd, Robert Scott, Walter Shepherd, Johi 
Adam, Wm. Thomson, Robt. Murdoch, and Rev. D. R. Robertson. 

The Connnittee is open to the President, Vice-Presidents, Governors for Life 
and Treasurers, who are entitled by the Charter to attend, but not to vote. fe 



Honorary Consulting Physicians, J. W. Miller, M.D., and A. James 
)uncan, M.D. Honorary Consulting Surgeons, Wm. Crockatt, M.D., David 
Ireig. M.D., and Alex. Campbell, M.B. Attending Physicians, Robert 
jiinclair, M.D., and Jolm B. Macleod, M.D. Attending Surgeons, David 
/I'Ewan, M.D., and D. Steele Moon, L.R.C.S.Ed. Aural Physician, Robert 
ISinclair, M.D, Ophthalmic Surgeon, A. J. Duncan, M.D. Dental Surgeon, 
i,Valter Campbell, L.D.S. Pathologist, A. M. Stalker, M.A., M.B. 

Medical Attendants on Out-Patients at their own Hovises. — 1. East District — 
Juncan J. Reid, M.D., 17 King street. From the North-East and East 
boundaries of the Bu.rgh to Castle street, Murraygate, Wellgate, Hilltown, and 

2. Middle District— A. M. Stalker, M.A., M.B., 13 King street. From 
boundaries now stated on the East, to Small's wynd. Hunter street, and 
Jlinshall street on the West. 

.'i. West District — C. Templeman, M.B., 8 Airlie place. From the AVest 
boundaries of the Middle District stated above, to Western and North-West 
irnits of the town. 

4. Lochee District — James K. Lennox, Surgeon, Lochee. 

Joint-Treasurers, Robert Sturrock and John Miln, 2 Euclid street. Secretary, 
). Gordon Stewart, solicitor, 10 Meadowside. Medical Superintendent, R. N. 
^I'CJosh, M.D. Assistants, Drs Gibb and Ker. Matron, Miss Finlayson 
.'ollector, James Crowe, who is authorized to solicit subscriptions for the 

ROYAL LUNATIC ASYLUM— 1812.— Extraordinary Directors— ^ic officiis 
!— The Right Hon. the Earl of Stratlnnore, Jjord Lieutenant of the County ; 
r. W. Barclay, M. P. for tlie County; -lohn C. Thomson, Advocate, Sheriff of the 
bounty ; Geo. Armitstead, M.P. ; F. Henderson, M.P. ; the Moderator of the 
5ynod of Angus and Mearns. Directors for Life — The Right Hon. the Earl of 
Jtrathmore ; Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. ; the Right Hon. the Earl of Dalhousie ; 
tVilliam Robertson of Balmore ; the Right Hon. the P]arl of Camperdown. 

Ordinary Directors — Ex officm — Provost Ballingall, Bailie Hunter, and Dean 
f Guild Ma.thewson. For the Nine Trades— John Scrymgeour, J. E. Mann, 
md John Miln. For the Guildry — Chas. Scott, Alex. Henderson, John Proctor 
iyd, Hugh Ballingall. For the Seamen Fraternity — Wm. Kilgour. For the 
\lason Lodges — John Lewis, Higli street. For tlie Three Trades — James Foggie. 
:<'or the Kirk-Session — Rev. Dr Grant and Robert Keith. For the Presbytery 
—Rev. Dr Ritchie, Longforgan, and Rev. Dr Young, Monifieth. For the 
Jounty — Colonel Ogilvy ; G. D. Clayhills Henderson of Invergowrie ; J. E. 
^-Irskine of Linlathen ; and Robert M 'Gavin of Balumbie. For the Governors 
)f the Royal Infirmary^ Very Rev. Dean Nicolson, J. W. Miller, M.D., John 
* 'iobcrtson, John Earl Robertson, James Mitchell, John B. Macleod, M.B., 
lenry Robertson, Walter Shepherd. Sir John Ogilvy, Chairman of Directors. 

Committee of Management — Sir John Ogilvy, Chairman ; William Robert- 
ion, John Robertson, G. D. Clayhills Henderson, H. Robertson, and R. Keitli. 

Officers — Medical Superintendent— James Rorie, M.D. Medical Assistant - 
Fohn Baker, M.B. Matron — Miss Bayne. Treasurer — C. J. Marquis, 32 
astle street. Chaplain — Rev. .lohn Wilson. Secretary — Robert C. Walker, 
12 Euclid street. 

CONVALESCENT HOUSE, Dundee, 14 William street.— For the benefit 
pf persons who have been discharged from the Infirmary, and otliers recover- 
ng from sickness. Such persons arp taken into the Convalescent House for 
li month. 

Patronesses — The Right Hon. the Coimtess of Southesk, The Right Hon. 
);he Countess of Airlie, The Right Hon. the Countess of Glasgow, The Riglit 
.on, Frances Lady Kinnaird. Trustees — Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. ; Right 

ev, the Bishop of Brechin ; David Small, Esq. 



Resident Lady Superintendent — Miss A, F. Marshall. Hon. Medical Superin 
tcndent— Dr M'Leod. Hon. Secretary— Miss Sturrock, 2 Woodford Villas 
Broughty Ferry. Hon. Treasurer— Tlios. Willock, Bank of Scotland, Dundee 

THE DUNDEE CONVALESCENT HOME, Barnhill, Br ouglity Ferry. - 
This Institution was founded in 1876 by the late Sir David Baxter, Baronet o 
Kilmaron, who defrayed the cost of erection and furnishing, and provided te 
along with Ms friends, an endowment of £20,000 for the annual maintenanc<:tr' 
thereof, to which has been added the sum of £5,000 given by Miss Baxter o 
Balgavies, and £1,200 from others. The building is capable of accommodating 
50 patients. The Management is in the hands of the Directors of the Dundett 
Royal Infirmary. Robt. G. Kennedy, Chairman. Medical Officer— Wm. Sang; 
M.D., Bro. Ferry. Mrs Kydd, Matron. D. Gordon Stewart, 10 Meadow-i 
side. Secretary ; Robert Sturrock and John Miln, Savings Bank, Treasurers; 
Forms of admission can be obtained from the medical men in Dundee. 

BALDOVAN ASYLUM, near Dundee— Established for the Treatment oii 
Imbecile and Idiot Children. Under the Patronage of Her Most Gracious 
Majesty the Queen. 

Patrons— The Earl of Strathmore, the Earl of Southesk, K.T., the Ear] 
of Dalhousie, K.T., the Earl of Camperdown. 

Honorary Directors— Rev. R. R. Lingard-Guthrie, "Wm. Y. Blyth-Martin, 
Colonel J. E. Erskine of Linlathen, "VVm. Neish of Clepington and Tannadice. 
Robert M'Gavin of Balumbie, David Small, Alex. Anderson of Longhaugh, 
John Mitchell of Arngask, John Sharp of Balmuir, John Cowan of Beeslack, 
Edinburgh, G. D. Clay hills Henderson of Invergowrie. 

Trustees, who are also Directors ex oficio — *Sir John Ogilvy , Bart. , *Colone] 
R. H. A. Ogilvy, *The Right Rev. the Bishop of Brechin, *the Rev. Colin 
Campbell, *the Rev. Alex. Stewart, *the Rev. Robert Lorimer, *the Very Rev. 
the Dean of Brechin, and *Dr Greig. (Those marked * form the Visiting 

Physician — Dr Greig. Secretaries and Treasurers — Nicholson & Marquis. 
Superintendent — William Douglas. Matron — Elizabeth Douglas. Governess 
Mary J. Barron. , 

THE HOME.— An Institution for the Reformation of Females, 23 Baton's 
lane. Established 1848. Under the Patronage of Her late Royal Highness 
the Duchess of Kent. 

Patronesses— Right Hon. Frances Lady Kinnaird, Mrs Harry "Warren Scott 
of Balgay and Logie. 

Patrons— Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore, Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. 

Committee of Management — Right Hon. Frances Lady Kinnaird, Miss 
Ogilvy of Baldovan, Mrs Walter Shepherd, Mrs J. H. Luis, Mrs Robert Lamb, 
Miss Symers, and Miss Sidey. 

Treasurer and Secretary to the Ladies' Committee — Miss Sidey, Newport ; 
General Treasurers — Nicholson & Marquis, 32 Castle st.; Physician — Dr Greig; 
Superintendent — Mrs Swanston ; Assistant Superintendent— Miss Mackenzie. 

Governors of the Guthrie Davidson Mortification (for the use and benefit 
of "The Home")— Sir John Ogilvy, Bart., Colonel R. H. A. Ogilvy, the, 
Provost of Dundee, the Sheriff-Substitute of the County of Forfar at Dundee, 
the Parish Minister of Dundee, the Bishop of the Diocese of Brechin, the 
Dean of Guild of Dundee, the Convener of the Nine Trades. 

" MARS " TRAINING SHIP INSTITUTION, in the River Tay, for Home- 
less and Destitute Boys. Patrons — The Earl of Dalhousie ; Earl of Camper- 
down ; Earl of Strathmore ; Sir Robt. Anstruther ; Sir John Ogilvy ; George 
Armitstead, M.P. ; Right Hon. W. E. Baxter, M.P. ; C. S. Parker, M.P. ; S. 
Williamson, M.P., and Thomas Gray, Board of Trade. President— Admiral 
Maitland Dougall. 


Trustees — Thomas Bell, W. O. Dalgleish, Thos. Smithi, and Harry Walker. 
Chairman of Committees — Harry "Walker. 

General Committee — The Sheriffs-Substitute at Cupar -Fife, Dundee, Forfar, 
Perth ; Provosts of Arbroath, Brechin, Cupar-Fife, Dundee, Forfar, Montrose, 
Perth, St Andrews ; Alex. Anderson, Thos. Bell, Alex. J. Buist, William Cox, 
Tas. Cunningham, W. O. Dalgleish, H. B. Fergusson, G. Gourlay, Joseph 
Grrimond, John Leng, Wm. Lowson, Geo. Rough, Frank S. Sandeman, John 
Sharp, Thomas Smith, P. Watson, Harry Walker, W. S. Croudace, David 
Bruce, George Halley ; David Harris, Edinburgh ; A. B. Fleming, Edinburgh ; 
Lord Provost of Aberdeen ; Major Boss, Aberdeen. 

Executive Committee — Wm. O. Dalgleish, Alex. H. Honour, Harry 
Walker, Thomas Smith, Wm. Robertson, W. Y. Blyth-Martin, W. S. 
Croudace, George Halley, Da\id Bruce, Thomas Bell, jun. 

Captain-Superintendent of the " Mars" — Captain C. C. Scott, R.N. Surgeon 
— Dr Stewart, Newport. Secretary and Treasurer — George Jack ; Office, 
Sailors' Home buildings, Dundee. 

SEAMEN'S FRIEND SOCIETY.— Chapel and Library— Sailors' Home 
buildings. Committee of Management — Wm. Ogilvy Dalgleish (Chairman), 
W. Y. Blyth-Martin, A. J. Buist, Alex. H. Honour, P. A. Feathers, John 
Maohan, Wm. Gellatly, W. S. Croudace, David Bruce, and Charles Duncan. 
Chaplain — Jas. N, Tait. Treasurer — Joseph Gibson. Secretary — Geo. Jack. 

PRISON AID SOCIETY.— President, Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. Vice- 
Presidents — Admiral Haitland Dougall, Sheriff Robertson, Col. Haodonald 
Macdonald of St Hartins. Directors — Rev. Dr Grant, Rev. Wm. Home, H.A., 
Col. Ogilvy, A. D. Grimond, Alex. H. Honcur, Col. Walker, Alex. J. Buist, 
Thomas Thornton, Andrew Coates. Treasurer — Robert H'Gavin. Secretary 
— William Lowson. Agent and Assistant Secretary — Jas. Scrymgeour, 18 

EYE INSTITUTION, 84 Hurraygate.— Patron— The Earl of Dalhousie. 

Extraordinary Directors — The Hembers of Parliament for the Burgh of 
Dundee, the Provost, and the Senior Bailie. Ordinary Directors — Robert 
H'Gavin, Rev. James Ewing, James Cunningham, W. G. Don, John Sharp. 
Treasurer — John Hiln, Savings Bank. Secretary — Robert Sturrock. Sur- 
geons — Peter Steven, surgeon, and A. J. Duncan, M.D. 

Established in 1865, by the late Francis Molison, of Errol, and Mrs Molison. 
President — W. O. Dalgleish, of Hayfield. Vice-Presidents — George H. 
Nicoll, and Thos. Smith. Directors — Wm. Hay, Alex. Hathewson, J. G. 
I Orchar, W. Y. Blyth-Hartin, Alex. Johnston, Thos. Hurdoch, Wm. Hood, 
I John E. Robertson, Wm. Thomson, Rev. Colin Campbell, R. G. Kennedy, 
i Thos, Bell, jun., John C. Buist. Treasurer — R. B. Ritchie, 6 Panmure street. 
Hon. Secy. — James Hunter, Jr., 69 Reform st. Manager — Colin Macdonald. 

Boarding House in connection with Institution. — Directors, &c., as above, 
and Ladies' Committee — Mrs Wm. O. Dalgleish, Secretary. 


Ogilvy, Geo. Armitstead, M.P., F. Henderson, H.P. President— James Cox. 

Directors — Alex. H. Honour, Alex. D. Grimond, Alexander Henderson, 
I Joseph J. Barrie, Robert H'Gavin, Geo. Carmichael, Joseph Lindsay, Alex. 

Gourlay, G. H. NiooU, Thos. Thornton, Jas. Cunningham. Secretary and 
j Treasurer — David Hunter. Mission Superintendent — John Gait, 18 Speed's 

terrace, to whom subscriiitions, donations, &c., may be paid. 

CLOTHING SOCIETY.— Miss J. Millar, Springfield, President ; Miss 
Shaw, Hiln's buildings, Treasurer ; Hiss Neish, 13 Roseangle, Secretary. 


FEMALE SOCIETY, for Visiting and Relieving Aged Females in Distressed! 
Circumstances. — Miss Miller, Springfield, President ; Miss Symers, Treasurer ;| 
Miss C. Thow and Miss Agnes Shaw, Secretaries, 







INDIGENT SICK SOCIETY.— Directors— Alex. H. Moncnr, President ;».j 
George Rough, Esq., Vice-President ; Francis Stevenson, John Adam, Alex.r 
Henderson, A. D. Grimond, Alex. Easson, Alex. Mathewson, Thomas Smith,| 
William Wright ; John Adam, Treasurer ; D. Gordon Stewart, Secretary, 
William Westwater, Collector. 

DUNDEE DAY NLTISERIES, Corner of Larch street, Scouringburn— |ira« 
Matron, Mrs Hill; and Hillbank Cottage, Cotton Road— IMatron, Itlrs-; 
Robbie. President— The Countess of Breadalbane; Vice-President— Missj 
Ogilvy, Baldovan. Hon. Treasurer — Mrs Weinberg, Fernbrae. Hon. Sec-, 
retary— Mrs M'Leod, 136 Nethergate. Hon. Physician— Dr D. Beattie Bain. K^ 
Committee— Mrs and Miss Adie, Thornbank ; Miss Boase, 10 Airlie terrace ;^\ 
JMrs Colin Campbell ; Mrs John Don, Broughty Ferry ; Mrs Gilroy, Craigie ; 
Mrs Friedlander, Grosvenor terrace ; Mrs Greig, Tay street ; Miss Gourlay, 
Balgay house ; Mrs and Miss Henderson, Westpark ; Mrs R. Small, 2 Mag- 
dalen Yard road ; Mrs Polack, 8 Clarendon terrace ; Miss Ritchie, Newport ; 
Mrs P. G. Walker, 2 Airlie place ; Mrs Bain, 43 Tay street ; Miss Buist, Reres 
Mount ; Miss Duncan, 1 Constitution terrace ; Mrs Cargill, Longhaugh ; Mrs 
R. Don, 9 Balgillo crescent ; Mrs Duncan, 144 Nethergate ; Mrs M'Donald, 
32 Tay street ; Miss Mitchell, 1 Park place ; IVIrs Orchar ; Miss Robertson, 1 
Craigiebank terrace ; Mrs Steel, 3 Nelson terrace ; Misses Smith, Ashwood ; 
Mrs Urquhart, Broughty Ferry ; Mrs Wilson, Morgan Hospital ; Mrs Wilson, 
Osborne ^place.j Miss Robertson, Craigiebank terrace, Hon. Treasurer; Mrs 
Bain, 43 Tay street, Hon. Secretary ; and Dr Gibb, 161 Princes street, Hon. | 
Physician, for the Cotton Road Nursery, 

BAXTER PARK,— Trustees— The Lord-Lieutenant for the County of 
Forfar ; the Member of Parliament for the County of Forfar ; the Members 
of Parliament for Dundee ; the Sheriff of Forfarshire ; the Sheriff-Substitute, 
Dundee District ; the Provost, Bailies, and Dean of Guild ; the Convener of 
the Nine Trades ; the Convener of the Three United Trades ; the Boxmaster 
of the Seaman Fraternity ; the Parish Minister ; the Senior Minister of the 
Free Church in Dundee ; the Senior Minister of the U,P, Church in Dundee ; 
the Senior Minister of the Congregational Churches in Dundee ; the President, 
Vice-President, and Ex-President of the Dundee Chamber of Commerce ; 
William Ogilvy Dalgleish, of Mayfield, appointed by Miss Baxter ; Messrs 
John O, Aitchison, tinsmith, and Thomas Smith Robertson, mechanic, as 
Representatives of the Working Classes. Secretary and Treasurer — William 
James Small, 5 Bank street. 

Lochee road. Under the management of a Committee of Ladies : — Mrs 
Henderson, Westpark, President ; Miss Neish, 13 Magdalen Yard road, Vice- 
President ; Mrs Inglis, Balgay terrace, Lochee, Secretary ; Mrs Buist, Reres 
Mount, Broughty Ferry, Local Treasurer ; J. Scott Gray, 100 Commercial 
street, Hon. General Treasurer. Miss M'Donald, Matron. Laimdry and 
Sewing work done, regarding which application may be made to the Matron. 

Honorary President — The Earl of Strathmore, President — Provost Ballingall ; 
Vice-Presidents — Sir John Ogilvy, AVilliam Lowson, Thomas Smith, I. Julius 
Weinberg. Committee — John Adam, Henry Robertson, Alfred Boase, W, L, 
Boase, Wm. Wright, Alfred W. Pearce, Alex. Hutcheson, Henry Boase, 
W. Y. Blyth-Martin, James Stevenson, James Scrymgeour, A. M. Fer- 


uson. Joint Treasurers — P, M. Cochrane, John A. Thorns. Secretary— 
'homas Buist, 16 Castle street. Inspector— Walter Hutchings, 13 Park 

CURE NIC4HT REFUGE, West Bell street.— President— Alex. H. Moncur, 
''ice-Presidents — David Carmichael and Alex. D. Grimond. Directors — 
tailies Doig and Hunter ; Joseph Shepherd, Henry Robertson, J. W. Shepherd, 
ames Logie, W. L. Boase, Alex. Henderson, Geo. Armitstead, M.P., Frank 
[enderson, M.P., Thos. Smith, Geo. Rough, Chas. C. Maxwell. Treasurer, 
!has. Morris, 38 St Andrew's street; Secretary, James Combe, 4 Airlie 
jrrace ; Superintendent, Thomas Phinn. 

AND above 50 Years of Age and Unmarried. — Local Directors — Revs. Jas. 
Iwing, Dr Grant, Robt. Lang, Robt. Laurie, R. Waterston, Jas. Nicholson, 
hos. B. Dodds, Colin Campbell, John Lyon, James Wilson, and A. Adamson. 
lumber of Annuitants in 1884—597, of whom 19 reside in Dundee. The 
jUnuities granted in 1884 amounted to £6543. Joint Treasurers in Dundee — 
i,ev. Robt. Lang and John W. Shepherd. Secretary— J. T. Maclagan, 6 North 
t David street, Edinbiirgh. 

j'OSPITAL.— Founded 1874.— The Hospital is open for the reception of 
icurable patients from all parts of the country. Has accommodation for 46 
iitients, including 4 private rooms. Local Treasurer in Dundee — James 
iow, Town and County Bank, Limited. Secretary and Treasurer — J. T. Mac- 
gan, 6 North St David street, Edinburgh. 


Bailie William Roger's— 1658. — Ten boys receive each one suit of clothes 
id £4 yearly, and education at a Public School. Capital £1,400, and a 
iperiority, value £18, 2s. per annum. Patrons, the Kirk-Session. Factor, 
Dhn Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

Miss Euphan Graham's — 1766. — Two female bursars receive £2 per annum, 
id education at a Public School. Capital £200. Patrons, the Kirk-Session, 
actor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

Mrs Margaret Hughes'— 1825.— One poor girl (names of Kirkcaldy and 
atullo preferred), receives £2 i)er annum, and education at a Public School, 
cm the age of six to twelve years. Capital £130. Patrons, the Kirk-Session, 
actor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

Mrs Euphan Mann or Roger; or the Poor Widow's Fund— 1663,— 
wenty-eight poor mdows, above sixty years of age, receive 6s. per month. ■ 
apital, £2,300, and a superiority, value £10 per annum. Patrons, the Kirk- 
ission. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

Charles Anderson's, or Old Man's Fund— 1820.— Twelve old men, 
)ove 60 years, receive 6s. monthly ; and half the free revenue paid annually 
;i the Indigent Sick Society. Capital, £2,269, 6s. 9d. Patrons, the Kirk- 
jssion. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

Gilbert Guthrie's — 1674. — Forty-two poor boys receive £2, 6s. 8d. annu- 
ly, with education at a Public School, and fifteen receive education only, 
apital, £1,400, and feu-duties amounting to £104, 6s. 9d. Patrons, the 
Magistrates and Kirk-Session. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell st. 

Thomas Smith Thomson's Fund for Old Men — 1862. — Six old men 
)ove 60 years, receive 6s. monthly. Capital £450. Patrons, the Kirk- 
ission. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 


Dr John Brown's — 1768. — Twenty-five boys or girls receive each £5 pi 
annum, and education at a Public School. Capital £4,400. Patrons, tl 
Magistrates and Kirk-Session. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell a 

Captain John Ramsay's — 1774. — Three boys, named Ramsay, the sons ' 
seamen or brewers, receive £4 yearly, and education at a Public School. J 
to be j)aid for preaching of a sermon on the wonders of Divine Providenc 
Cajiital £550. Patrons, the Magistrates, the Dean of Guild, Town Treasure 
and Clerk, and the Ministers of St Mary's, the Murraygate, and Overgai 
Districts, and five Capital Members of the Kirk-Session. Factor, John Mill 
Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

Alexander Whtte's — 1799. — Twenty-eight hojs or guis (seamen's chili 
ren preferred), receive £4 annually, and education at a Public School for fi-" 
years. Also £10 per annum "for encouragement of Sunday Schools 
Dundee, and for defraying the expenses thereof." Cajiital £3,600. Patron 
the Kirk-Session. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street. 

The William Harris Institution. — William Harris, Esq., in 1874 creati 
a Trust for the assistance of persons (male or female), who from a better cone 
tion in life have been reduced to necessitous cu'cumstances (i^ersons who ha" 
filled menial occupations are excluded). The annual income of this fund 
about £500. Forty-four pensioners on the roll receive from £10 to £20 p||loi 
annum. Trustees — The Parish Minister of Dundee ; one elected annually 1 
the Town Council ; one elected annually by the Dundee Chamber of Commerc 
and Messrs William Lowson, Thomas Smith, John Sharp, John Gml 
James Adie, William Roderick Harris Valentine, AVilliam Robertson, ai 
Sheriff Cheyne. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell street 

Ogilvie's Hospital and Mortification for Juveniles— 1808. — T] 
present amount of the funds is about £12,000, besides the heritable propert 
By the will of the Mortifier, the trust is not to come into operation until oi 
hundred years after his death, which took place on the 19th April 182 
Patrons, the Kirk Session. Factor, John Miln, Session Clerk, 56 Bell stree 

Ferguson (Dundee) Mortification, Created 1695 — New Scheme < 
Management Approved by Court of Session in 1878. — The income is aba 
£4,000, and is applied to the maintainence and education of boys. The bursari 
are open to competition, and are tenable for three years at the High Schoc 
Dundee, and for three years at the University of St Andrews. The numb Jj' 
of boys to receive benefit ixnder the Mortification may be any number not e 
ceeding six, nor less than tv^^o. Patrons — James Webster, Aberdovey, t 
Provost of Dundee {ex officio), Rev. Professor Eoiight, St Andrews, Sher 
Cheyne, Principal Shairp, St Andrews, and W. O. Dalgleish. Factor, Willia 
Kerr, Solicitor. 

James Webster's — 1789. — The interest of about £7,500 is applied for t] 
education of fifteen boys at the High School, and thirty-five boys and thirt 
five girls at Mr Powrie's School. Factor, William Kerr, Solicitor. 

George Brown's — 1695. — The anniial income is derived from a groiu 
annual of £80 secured over property in the Overgate. The free income of tl 
Mortification is divided — one half is devoted to the maintenance of aged po 
people — and the other to the education and maintenance of i^oor chilcfre 
Each aged person receives £4 per annum so long as he or she hold their appoic 
ment, and each child also receives £4 per annum, and holds the bursary f 
four years. Patrons, the Provost, Bailies, Ministers, and Kirk Treasurt 
Factor, William Kerr, Solicitor. 

William Steven or Stephen's — 1720. — The interest of nearly £2,200 
annually applied to the education and maintenance of eight boys of the nar 








|>f Steven or Garden, or sons of decayed merchants. Patrons, the Provost, the 
! Vlinister of St Paul's Established Church, Dundee, and the Lairds of Blackness- 
J aid Dunnichen. Factor, William Kerr, Solicitor. 

I Symers' Fund for Indigent Females — 1878. — The interest of £8,900' 
1 jinually applied for the benefit of infirm and indigent females of respectable 
■ iharacter, resident in the town and parish of Dundee, including therein the 
' dllage of Lochee and the town of Broughty Ferry. Patrons, the Provost, the 
' Sheriff-Substitute of Forfarshire resident in Dimdee, the Dean of Guild, andi 

! ;.he First and Second Bailies of Dundee. Factor, William Kerr, Solicitor. 
j George Bruce' s — 1738.— To maintain the Mortifier's Library, and to educate 
,p ji, boy named Bruce, Gray, or Duncan, or the son of any indigent burgess of the 
j "Rirgh of Dundee, for six years at the Grammar School. The Patrons resolved 
jome years ago to assume an additional bursar. The Stock is about £400 
' 'terling. Patrons, the Provost, Dean of Guild, Ministers, and Senior Master 
'' sf the Grammar School. Factor, Robert C. Walker, Solicitor. 

Mrs Margaret Petrie or Morton's — 1827. — The interest of the bulk of 
I" ler fortune is destined for the maintenance of aged and indigent persons be- 
'' longing to the town and parish of Dundee, those of the name of Petrie and 
1* jyVighton having a preference, who each receives £4 and upwards per annum, 
il j- here are upwards of 160 pensioners on the roll. Patrons, James Powrie, 
[•: Thomas Bell, William Lowson, Charles Philip, Rev. Colin Campbell, Henry 
'lixourlay, William Lowson, jun., and Thomas Bell, jun. Factor, Robert 
40. Walker, Solicitor. 

T James Constable's— 1821. — The interest of about £2,900 is annually ap- 
^plied for the education of as many boys as it will maintain at £8 each. Pat- 
Ions, the Provost, Dean of Guild, and Parish Minister. Factor, Robert C. 
I! ,,Valker, Solicitor. 

!: William Henderson's — 1742. — The interest of £470 is applied to the edu- 
' ation of about thirty poor boys and girls at a Sessional School. Patrons, the 
'• ^rovost. Bailies, Town Clerk, and Ministers. Factor, R. C. Walker, 
V Solicitor. 

James Pullar's — 1804. — The sum of £3,000 affords annually £10 to the 

nfirmary, £5 to the ijoor of the Nine Trades, and £5 to the poor of the 

n ^arish, the remainder of the annual rent being for the maintenance and edu- 

, ation of ten poor boys, and the support of ten old men and women not under 

; years of age ; those who can trace their pedigree from James PuUar, the 

lortifier, preferred first ; second, persons of the name of Pullar ; and thirds 

trangers. Patrons, the Minister of the Overgate district, twenty members of 

virk-Session, Convener and Deacons of the Nine Trades, and their immediate 

ilii»iredecessors in office. Factor, Robert C. Walker, Solicitor. 

Webster, Speid, Watt, and Johnston's — 1840. — The interest of £5,000— 

[j low increased to £6,000 — applied in annuities to blind men and women, and in 

liil jducating blind boys and girls ; failing whom to boys and girls having their 

*^ight, but always limited to the names of "Webster, Speid, Watt, and John- 

,..iton." Patrons, the Provost, Sheriff Substitute, Parish Minister, Dean of 

, kiild. Convener of Nine Trades. By a supplementary Fund given by the late 

ames Guthrie Davidson, Esq., amounting originally to £5,000, and increased 

^ y his deed of settlement to £6,000, the benefits of this charity are extended 

j. blind men, women, and children, of other names than the above of whom 

j, jhe Trustees may apjirove. Factor, Robert C. Walker, Solicitor. 

■;iifv John Lawson's — 1728. — The interest of 2,000 merks Scots, now increased 

£187 sterling, is apj)lied to the maintenance of one bursar, without 

, estriction as to name, at St Andrews. Patrons, the Town Council. Factor, 

;',, he United College of St Andrews or their Factor. 



Dr "William G-uild's — 1656.— The interest of a sum equal to £350 is applie( 
to the maintenance of a bursar at the United College, St Anckews. Patrons 
the Town Council. Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

George Webster's — 1839. — The interest of £105 is applied towards the edu 
cation of children at Sessional Schools. Patrons, the Provost and Bailies 
Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

Miss Elizabeth Hallyburton's — 1826.— The interest of £1,262 is annual!;, 
divided amongst three, four, or five maiden ladies. Patrons, the Town Council Jil 
Factor, the Town Chamberlain. itli 

Mrs Gibson's — The interest of £114 applied for the preaching of a sermoj leei 
yearly against Cruelty to Animals. Patrons, the Provost, Dean of Guild lyai 
Parish Minister, and first Master of the Academy. Factor, Town Chamberlain )yi 

James Clark's — 1744. — The interest of £914 is applied for maintaining ant 
educating four boys. The Town Covmcil jiresents a list of double the numbe 
of vacancies to Sir George Clerk of Pennycuik, who from it elects the bxirsars 
Factor, the Town Chamberlain. 

Edward Bursary Fund. — The interest of £150 is applied for the educatioi 
of one or more buxsars at the Classical and Mathematical Departments of th' ^" 
High School. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, A. W 
Cummmg, Solicitor, 1 Bank street. 

Alexander Edward's Educational Bequest.— The interest of £1,000 i 
applied for the education of bursars at the High School. Children of employee 
at Messrs A. & D. Edward & Company's AVorks have a preference. Patrons 
the Directors of the High School. Secretary, A. W. Gumming, Solicitor, '. 
Bank street. 

Anderson Scholarship FuND.^The interest of £1,000 is applied for th 
endowment of two Scholarships at the University of St Andrews, for Higl 
School pupils. Patrons, the Directors of the High School. Secretary, A. W 
Gumming, Solicitor, 1 Bank street. 

The Misses Baxter of Balgavies Scholarship Fund. — The sum o 
£2,500 was mortified for the endowment of two Scholarships of £40 each ; anc 
the accumulations of income were in 1877 consolidated for the foundation an( 
endowment of an additional Scholarship of the value of £20, at the University 
of Edinburgh, in connection with the High School, for the encouragement o 
stvidies in Mechanics and Engineering. Patrons, the Directors of the Higl 
School. Secretary, A. W. Gumming, Solicitor, 1 Bank street. 

Miss Janet Henderson's — 1848. — The Stock is £2,200. Seventeen oh 
or indigent women each receive an annual allowance of £5 from the revenue 
Menial servants are strictly prohibited, by the Mortifier's will, from sharing jEsce 
in the benefits of the trust. Patrons — Rev. James Ewing, John Henderson 
John Henderson, jun.. Professor J. A. Ewing, Rev. Colin Campbell, and Johi 
W. Shepherd. Factor, Andrew Hendry, Solicitor, 32 Bank street. |^)^^ 

George Marshall's Bequest. — The interest of £500 is divided half-yearly 
among five old seamen who have served in the Royal Navy. Patrons, thf 
Master and Committee of the Trinity House, Dundee. Factor, James Hunter 
Jr., Solicitor, 69 Reform street, Secretary to the Incori^oration. 

Lord Panmure's— 1840. — The interest of £1,000, given to the Town by the 
late Lord Panmure, is paid annually to the Royal Infirmary. 

John Grieve's — 1806. — The sum of £393, Is. 3d., mortified for the mainten 
Ance of an indigent lunatic in the Dundee Asylum. Patrons, the Kirk-Session 
Factors, Treasurers of the Dundee Asylum. 




( 61 ) 


ibion Hotel, 

rowii Hotel, 

agle Inn, - - - - 

nperial Temperance Hotel, 

amb's Temperance Hotel, 

[athers' Temperance Hotel, 

lueen's Hotel, - 

;oyal Hotel, 

ioyal British Hotel, - 

ough's Temperance Hotel, 

^''averley Temperance Hotel, 


15 Tally street, 
1 Shore terrace, 
108 Murray gate, 
55 Commercial street 
60 Reform street, 
7 Crichton street, 
160 Nethergate, 
54 Nethergate, 
4 Castle street, 
78 Murraygate, 
7 South Union st 

David Rodney 
Mrs E. Steel 
John Stewart 
, Charles Macmaster 
Lamb & Co. 
Alex. C. Mathers 
"William Smith 
James T. Russell 
J. Rickard 

Mrs Ellen Angus. 

11(1 31 Bank street. John Owens, Collector of Inland Revenue and Dis- 
•ibutor of Stamps ; Thomas G. Dobson and John H. Clarke, Chief Clerks ; 
Jfred J. Sims and George F. Grant, Clerks. Office — 31 Bank st. Hours — 
'om 9 a.m. till 3 j).m. ; and on Saturdays, 9 a.m. till 12 noon. 

Thomas Burgess, Supervisor ; Andrew Milne, John Westacott, and D. L. 
earston, Officers. Office — 29 Bank street. 

Robert S. Forbes and Robert S. Smith, Surveyors of Taxes ; and James M. 
pankie, Assessor of Income Tax ; Office — 29 Bank street. William James 
mall, 5 Bank street. Clerk to Income Tax Commissioners. 

.GiiEEMENT, or any Memorandum of an Agreement, .. .. 6d. 

Exemptions — Where the matter is not of the value of £5 ; Agreement for 

\ the hire of any labourer, artificer, manufacturer, or menial servant ; re- 

I lating to the sale of any goods, wares, or merchandise ; between the 

master and mariners of any ship for wages on any voyage from port to 

port in the United Kingdom. 

ifSTRUMENT OP APPKENTICESHIP, where no premium or consideration, 2s 6d. 

In any other case — for every £5, and also for any fractional part of £5, of the 

amount or value of the premium or consideration, ... ... 5s. 

ILL OF Exchange of any kind whatsoever f except a bank note) and Promissory 

„ Note of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) — drawn, or expressed to be 

't' ' payable, or actually paid, or endorsed, or in any way negotiated in the 

United Kingdom, where the amount or value of the money for which the 

bill or note is drawn or made 

I'oes not exceed £5, ... ...Id. 

tlfxceed £5, and not exceed £10,... 2d. 

10, „ „ 25,. ..3d. 

25, „ „ 50,. ..6d. 

Exceed £50, and not exceed £75,.. .9d. 
75, „ „ 100,.. .Is. 

,, 100, for every £100, and 
for any fractional part of £100, . . .Is. 

:ONVEYANCE OR TRANSFER ON SALE of any property (except stock or debenture 
stock or funded debt), where the amount or value of the consideration for 

the sale does not exceed £5, 

I £5, not 

ex. £10, 



, 15, 

.. Is 6d. 


, 20, 




.. 2s 6d. 





, 75, 

.. 7s 6d. 


, 100, 



, 125, 

.. 12s 6d. 

ay fractional part of £50, of such amount or value, 

Exceed £125, not ex. £150, 



.. 173 6d. 

£1 2s 6d. 
. £1 5s. 
£1 7s 6d. 
.. £1 10s. 

for every £50, and 


liEASE OK Tack — (1.) For any definite term less than a year : — 

(a.) Of any dwelling-house or tenement, or part thereof, at a rent not ex 

ceeding the rate of £10 per annum, .. . ... ... ... Id 

(6. ) Of any furnished dwelling-house or apartments where the rent for suclj 

term exceeds £25, ... ... ... ... ... 2s 6d 

(c.) Of any lands or heritable subjects except or otherwise than as afore 

said, the same duty as a lease for a year at the rent reserved for th(| 

definite term. 

(2.) For any other definite term or for any indefinite term, of any lands ox Z 
heritable subjects, where the consideration or any part thereof consists o:( | 
any money, stock, or security, in respect of such consideration, the samti 
duty as a conveyance on a sale for the same consideration. 
Where the consideration or any part thereof is yearly or otherwise. 

Rent not exceeding £5, 
Above £5, and not above £10, 



Term not ex- 
ceeding 35 years 
or indefinite. 


Above 35 but 
not above 
100 years. 
£0 3 


100 years. IW 
£0 6 


1 4 
1 10 


4 10 



Where the same shall exceed 
£100, thenfor every £50, and 
for any fractional part of £50, 


1 10 

3 ( 


(3.) Of any other kind whatsoever not hereinbefore described, 
Duties on Legacies, &c. Duty per cent, 

To children or their descendants, or lineal ancestors of the deceased, £1 ( 
Brother or sister, or descendants, ... ... ... ... 3 ( ^' 

Uncle or aunt, or descendants, ... ... ... ... 5 ( 

Granduncle or aunt, or descendants, ... .. ... 6 ( 

All other relations or strangers, ... ... ... ... 10 ( 

The husband or wife of the deceased not chargeable with duty, 
Receipt given for, or u^Don payment of, money — £2 or upwards, ... Id. 
Voting Paper. Any instrument for the purpose of voting by any persor 
entitled to vote at any meeting, ... ... ... ... Id 

more, the Earl of Dalhousie, the Earl of Wharncliflte, the Earl of Airlie, Lord 
Kinnaird ; W. E. Baxter, M.P. ; the Provost, Magistrates, and Town CouncU ol 
Dundee ; Dean of Guild Mathewson, Joseph Grimond, James M. AVTiite, James 
E. Erskine ; George Armitstead, M.P. ; Frank Henderson, M.P. ; J. M. 
Drummond, Megginch ; James Yeaman, James F. Low, William Lowson. 

Office-Bearers — Hon. President, the Earl of Camperdo-\vn ; President, Ex- 
Provost Moncur ; Vice-Presidents, Duncan Macdonald, James F. Low, Alex. 
Henderson ; Manager of Exhibition, Andrew Pattison ; Treasurer, J. Scott 
Gray, 100 Commercial street ; Secretary, D. P. Scott, 9 Remiy place, Broughty 
Ferry. Committee — Gardeners, Wm. Alison, Monifieth ; Peter M'Arthury 
Kinbrae ; James Johnstone, Ashludie ; Samuel Fulton, Carbet Castle ; Thos. 
H. Milne, Linlathen ; Peter Marshall, Balmore ; Wm. Croll, Westpark ; 
John Johnston, Panmure villa ; George Milne, The Grange ; Nurserymen, 
David Croll, 63 Commerical street ; James Hardie, 73 Nethergate ; David 
Storrie, 96 Nethergate ; Wm. Stewart, jun., 16 Reform street ; Amateurs, 
J. D. Ker, Douglasfield ; Andrew Scott, Forgan ; James Crighton, Inchture 


W. Warden, Broixglity Ferry; G. S. Cruiks, Sunny cottage, Broughty 
l)rry ; Peter Barron, Balgay Lodge ; W. P. Henderson, Campbeltown place ; 
tmes Fergusson, Lorimer street ; V. C. Baird, Broughty Ferry. 

S. AND T. WHIST CLUB, 104 Nethergate.— Peter Hean, President; 
iseph J. Barrie, Vice-President ; Thomas Taylor and Jas. Fullerton, Council ; 
C Eeid, Treasurer ; H. A. Pattullo, Secretary. 


;DuNDBE Advertiser— Established 1801— Office, 7 to 25 Bank street, 
iblished daily — Price Id ; and Semi- Weekly (Tuesday and Friday) — Price 2d. 
[Evening Telegraph— Established 1877— Office, 7 to 25 Bank street. Pub- 
ihed every afternoon— Price Jd. 

JPeople's Journal — Established 1858— Office, 7 to 25 Bank street. Pub- 
[[hed every Saturday morning — Price Id. 

IjPeople's Friend— Established 1869— Office, 7 to 25 Bank street. Pub- 
hed weekly — Price Id ; and monthly — Price 6d. 

Dundee Courier and Argus— Established 1816— Office, 34 North Lindsay 
jreet. Published daily — Price ^d. 

[Courier and Argus and Northern Warder — Established 1841 — Office, 
j North Lindsay street. Published every Tuesday and Friday — Price Id. 
JWeeklt News — Established 1855 — Office, 34 North Lindsay street. Pub- 
[hed every Saturday morning — Price Id. 
Wizard op the North. Published monthly — Price Id. 
The Scottish Fancier and Eural Gazette : A Monthly Illustrated 
*urnal, devoted to the Breeding, Management, and Exhibition of Dogs, 
(ultry, Pigeons, Cage Birds, and other Pet Stock. Treats also of Shooting, 
igling, Natural History, Bees, and Eural Pursuits. Office, 17 Cowgate. 
iblished monthly — Price 4d. 

Fellow's Dundee Almanack — Office, 76 High street. Annually — Price Id. 
Dundee Trade Eeport Association. — Committee Eoom, 23 Panmure st. 
le object of this Association is to piiblish weekly a Prices Current, with a 
}port on the Flax, Tow, Jute, Yarn, Linen, and Grain Markets, and 
itistical information interesting and useful to the trade. Alex. J. Warden, 
i:cretary and Treasurer. 

THE DUNDEE ANGLING CLUB (1862).— President, James B. Mills; 
;Ce-President, Herman Quosbarth ; Council of Management, David Eodger, 
m. F. Bell, David Ireland, W. G. Irving, James Barron, George EoUo, Alex. 
ancan, John P. Eobertson, T. S. Eobertson. Secretary and Treasurer, Thos. 
mgieton, 20 Castle street. 

djilent, Eobert Allan ; Vice-President, Eobert Mackie ; Treasurer, James 

nith ; Committee of Management, Jas. Strachan, Jas. Alexander, Alex. 

iamson, John Nicoll, Jas. Ogilvie ; Eeferees, Geo. Aimer and D. Nicoll ; 

eigher, E. Mackie ; Auditor, John Nicoll ; Secretary, John Kinnoch, 67 

::e street. 

DUNDEE EAST END ANGLING CLUB.— Hon. President, John Eobert- 

n, 1 Craigiebank terrace ; President, Jas. Gellatly ; Hon. Vice-President, 

ex. D. Mair ; Treasurer, David Henderson, 15 Mortimer street ; Secretary. 

m. Martin, 25 Asylum lane. 
"f DUNDEE WEST END ANGLING CLUB— 1878.— President, Jas. Brimner ; 
Hjice-Pres., Jas. Phin. Secy, and Treas., John M. Tyrie, 5 St Andrew's street. 
;;![DUNDEB WALTON CLUB, Instituted 1880.— Hon. President, George 
jli'mitstead, Esq., M.P. ; Hon. Vice-President, Frank Henderson, Esq., M. P.; 
Resident, A. D. Mair; Vice-President, E. M 'Gavin Greig; Treasvirer, Colin 
'ijeasurer ; Secretary, John S. Lawson, 2 Thomson street. 


DUNDEE ART CLUB— Eooms, 31 Eeform street.— President, James GI 
Orchar ; Vice-President, Thos. Kyle ; Secretary and Treasurer, Martin Andei 
son ; Committee, Miss J. E. Spindler, Miss E. H. Bell, Stewart Carmichael 
John I. Duncan. 

?. — President, James Maclaren ; Vice-President, E. Blackadder ; Hoe ^| 






Secretary, C. Ower, 104 Commercial st. ; Hon, Treasurer, E. Keith, 78 High st 

DUNDEE MECHANICAL SOCIETY.— Hon. President, Professor Ewingi 
B.Sc, F.E.S.E. ; President, D. E. Stiven ; Vice-President, D. J. M'Donaldi 
Treasurer, C. D. Pattullo, 25 Magdalen Yard road ; Secretary, W. B. Mair, , 
Airlie terrace. Committee— O. Stevenson, D. Douglas, and G-. C. Douglas. 

DUNDEE BUENS CLUB— 1860. Eooms, 7 Ward Eoad. Literary ano 
Business Meetings on Wednesday evenings. Hon. President, Frank Hendei 
son, M.P. ; President, W. H. Phin; Vice-President, Thos. Bemiet ; Treasurer 
David Taylor ; Secretary, Jas. M'Donald ; Curator and Librarian, J. Beat 
Committee — J. K. Smith, Jas. Sharj), Eobt. Greive, Alex. M'Donald, Johj 

GAEEICK CLUB — Eooms, 31 Eeform street. Secretary, Wm. IMilligan 
Magdalen place, Clepington road. 

FOOTBALL CLUBS. Secretaries. 

Our Boys Hon. Secy. — W. T. Scott, 2 Allan street. 

,, Match Secy. — Alexander M'Kenzie, 163 Victoria road. 

Strathmore Hon. Secy. — W. Deas, 79 Perth road. 

,, Match Secy. — Charles Howe, 19 Blackness street. 

East End Hon. Secy. — John Welsh, 69 Watson street. 

,, Match Secy. — Geo. B. Eeid, 13 Albert street. 

Harp Hon. Secy . — JosephHardiman, Young Men's Hall,Tay st 

,, Match Secy. — James Diamond, ,, ,, 

West End James C. Fairweather, 47 Yeaman shore. 

BALGAY BOWLING CLUB.— President, Daniel M'Intyre ; Vice-Presi 
dent, Andrew H. Foggie ; Committee — Geo. Caird, David Dewar, Charles E 
Baxter, James Watson, Eobert Lickely, Alex. H. Moncur, W. E. M'Kelvie 
Alex. W. Scott, David Eodger ; Secretary and Treasurer, James Low. 

MAEYFIELD BOWLING CLUB, Madeira street.— President, Wm. Mihi 
Vice-President, Wm. Mudie ; Treasurer, E. Walker ; Committee, W. P. Butler 
chart, W. H. Benvie, W. F. Hill, James Moir, David Mitchell, J. W. Lyon 
Thomas Meek. Secretary — W. B. Blair, 3 Madeira street. 

MAEYFIELD LAWN TENNIS CLUB— Ground, Maryfield.— Committee 
Geo. Malcolm, jun., W. B. Blair, T. C. Ferguson, Jas. Gibson, F. M. Nairn 
Treasurer, Wm G. Eoss ; Secretary, A. Neish, Union cottage, Maryfield. 

THE DUDHOPE LAWN TENNIS CLUB.— President, Geo. Carmichael 
Vice-President, Thomas Murdoch. Committee — John Methven, W. M 
INIartin, W. H. B. Martin, W. W. Faii-weather, John Fisher, D. E. Malcolm 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, H. A. Malcolm, Viewbank. 

DUNDEE WEST END TENNIS CLUB— Ground, Hyndford.— President 
James Mills. Committee — James Miller, A. W. Stiven, L. M'Lennan, D 
Eobertson, William Sturrock. Treasurer, D. C. Henderson. Secretary, 
James Scott, 370 Perth road. 

DUNDEE CUELING CLUB.— Sir John Ogilvy, Bart., Patron; James 
Nicoll, President ; A. H. Foggie, Vice-President ; P. G. Walker and John B 

iftay, Representative Members ; Rev. C. M. Grant, Chaplain ; Robert "Walker, 
reasurer; Robt. C. Walker, Secretary; Committee — Alex. Johnston, A. 
['Ritchie, Geo. Gilroy, jun., G. M. Cox, D. Smieton, J. Prain, andJ. FuUerton. 

i FORFARSHIRE CYCLING CLUB— Hon. President, Right Hon. the 
arl of Airlie ; Patron, W. L. Boase ; Captain, James S. Martin ; Sub- 
aptain, William Milne ; Buglers, Wm. Rennie and Jas. H. Scrimgeour ; 
Bcretary, Alex. Wilson, jun., 13 N. Wellington street ; Treasurer, John S. 
onaldson ; Committee, N. Irving, G. H. Morris, F. Macphail, W. Lamb, 
, id A. Kinnear. 

DUNDEE CYCLING CLUB— 1881.— Hon. Presidents— Geo. Armitstead, 
;.P., and Frank Henderson, M.P. Cai^tain, George Slimman, jun. Sub- 
aptain, Wm. Lawson. Buglers, James Robertson and Peter Owler, jun. 
; !on. Secretary and Treasurer, John S. Matthews, 120 Victoria road. Com- 
ittee— Wm. Hunter, Geo. Leask, R. B. Menmuir, Wm. Petrie, R. M. Noble. 

eform street. Alexander Tosh, Secretary and Treasurer ; R. P. Fleming, 
,E., 9 Albany terrace, Engineer. 


Union Royal Akch Chapter, No. 6. — Jas. Robertson, Z. ; Jas. B. Lang- 
nds, H. ; John Logie, J. ; Wm. Reid, Treasurer ; Jas. Stevenson, Scribe, E. 
St David's Royal Arch Chapter, No. 164.— James H. Mackay, Z. ; David 
'Donald, H.; Wm. Taylor, J.; J. G. Sprunt, Treas.; Jas. B. Third, Scribe, E. 
Operative, No. 47. — David Henderson, R.W.M. ; Peter Irving, Treasurer ; 
)hn Croll, 14 Arbroath road. Secretary. 

Ancient, No. 49.— John Lewis, R.W.M. ; Thos. Bulk, R.W.P.M. ; John 
innear. Treasurer ; Andrew Ross, 2 High street, Secretary. 
St David's, No. 78.— William C. Cowan, R.W.M. ; Wm. G. Gardiner, 
•easurer ; James B. Third, 144 Perth road, Secretary. 

Thistle Operative, No. 158. — D. K. Robertson, R.W.M. ; John Roberts 
•easurer ; Alex. Allan, 119 Blackscroft, Secretary. 

Forfar and Kincardine, No. 225.— G. F. Roger, R.W.M. ; Wm. Reid, 
'I 'easurer ; C. Robertson, 7 Ireland's lane. Secretary. 
Caledonian, No. 254. — James Barron, R.W.M. ; James Birse, Treasurer; 
ihn Chalmers, 111 Hawkhill, Secretary. 

Camperdown, No. 317. — John G. Clarke, R.W.M. ; Charles Winter, Trea- 
rer ; James Hill, 4 Reform street. Secretary. 

Albert (Lochee), No. 448.— David M'Donald, R.W.M. ; John Hutton, 

Broughty Castle (Broughty Ferry). — James Clark, R.W.M. ; James 
iwson. Treasurer ; William Leslie, Secretary. 

rsuant to Act of Parliament. Court Dundee, No. 5715.— Meets every 
jernate Thursday, at 8 p.m., in the Forfar and Kincardine Hall. Offioe- 

li arers — James Forrest, C.R. ; Peter Eraser, S.C.R. ; William Henderson, 
easurer ; David W. Tullis, 13 Hawkhill, Secretary ; John L. A. Barty, 
W. ; Joseph Dyer, J.W. ; Geo. Pullar, S.B. ; Andrew Edward, J.B. ; David 
eele Moon, Surgeon. Honorary Members — James Yeaman, Rev. Dr Grant, 
ank Henderson, M.P., George Armitstead, M.P., James Low, Councillors 
kcdonald and Black, Rev. R. S. Warren, W. E. R. Young, Alex. H. Moncur, 
»bert Keith, Rev. Hugh G. Watt, Dean of Guild Mathewson, David 

* i-athearn, Alex. R. Kidd, Rev, R. Cruickshank. 

"' 5 



Sakspield 53, Dundee. — Meets every Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Granii 
Hall, Overgate. Office-bearers— J. Ward, C.R.; E. M'Gavern, S.C.R.; 
Corrigan, S.B.; W. Hennessy, J.B.; J. Traynor, M.S.; D. Quin, C.B.K.; 
Gethins, Treasurer; P. Smith, 31 Dura street, Secretary; A. M'Millan, 
Noonan, and J. Haggan, Trustees. 

FARSHIRE.— Jas. WiMe, 7 Campbell street, Lochee, R.W.P.M. ; Geor- 
M'Donald, 245 Lochee road. Secretary. Meets by advertisement quarterly.' 

ment in Hall, Rankine's court. William S. Young, 35 Tait's lane, R.W.I 
James Duncan, 39 Miller's wynd. Secretary. 


EDEN LODGE OF FREE GARDENERS.— Meets last Tuesday of eai 
month, in the Ancient Hall, Rankine's court. David Thom, R.W.G.M' ^ 
Geo. Fairbairn, 87 High street, Secretary. 

Wednesday of each month in Hall, Rankine's court. Hercules Golde jj] 
R.W.M. ; Peter Harper, 35 Annfield road, Treasurer; William Doig, 
Ashton place. Secretary. 


District Master. Secretary. K^] 

No. 10, ... David M'Leary, ... Albert John MuUon, 51 Scouringbui fjit 

,, 25, ... Hugh Graham, Thomas Henay, 53 North Church 

Lodge ., 

No. 33, ... David M'Leary, John Williamson, 42 Hospital wyr "^ 

34, ... George Blair, George Mu die, 38 Jamaica street 

„ 35, ... T.H.Cox,17N.Weirtonst.,Wm. Hutcheon, .53 Caldrum streeli'5' 

,, 36, ... John Whyte, John Henderson, 44 N. Church st. 

,, 37, ... Albert John Mullon, ... John Cunningham, 15 Patoa's lant 

,, 38, ... Robert M'Donald, ... Andv/. Fotheringham, 12 Kialoch 

„ 39, ... Hugh Davis, James Brown, 14 Dens road 

,, 40, ... Alexander Gray, ... Ross Gray, 76 Hill street 

,,107, ... Hugh Graham, Michael Mooney, Flight's lane. Loci 

,,151, ... John Quirk, Wm. M'Kelvie, N. Wellington stn 

,,173, ... William Dale, Wm. M'Ketterick, 12 Rosebank re 

,,193, ... George Martin, 

,444, ... Thos. M'Gaw, Henry Harrison, 17 OgUvie's road 

Lodge Room, Thistle Operative Hall, 15 Vault. John M'Laren, Grand Mast 
John M'Gregor, Treasurer ; Charles P. Robertson, 21 HUltown, Secretary. 

LODGE ROYAL ST CRISPIN, No. 10.— Lodge Room, 79 High stre 
James Leith, M.W.M. ; James Lowe, S.H. ; J. E. Mann, G.M. ; R. Robe 
son. Treasurer ; Wm. Myles, 13 Union place, Perth road, Secretary. Me 
every alternate Wednesday at 8.30 p.m. m 

DUNDEE DRAPERS' ASSOCIATION, 1874.— President, BaiHe Hunt. 
Vice-Presidents, John M. Easson and John Low. Committee — Mes|j]| 
Robertson, Fay, Carmichael, Pope, Crowlie, Henry, Anderson, and W. 
Melville. Treasurer, John Dawson (of Dawson & Carmichael, Westpor|..: 
Secretary, Yv^m. Roxburgh, 93 and 95 Hawkhill. The Committee meets | Slj' 
the first Wednesday of February, IMay, August, and November. "^ 




ohn M. Keiller ; Vice-President, John W. Fleming ; Trustees, Robt. 
Vebster, Alexander Mathewson, John Scrimgeour ; Committee — J. B. Mac- 
onald, Robert Laing, James Paxton, James S. Peddie, John Heggie, James 
!ates ; Treasurer, Henry Robertson ; Auditor, Henry M'Grady ; Secretary, 
,. W. Gumming, 1 Bank street. The Committee meets on the first Wednes- 
ay of January, April, July, and October, 

1 Technical Science Class-room. President, Chas. Kerr, Ph.C. ; Treas., F. Y. 
'oung; Secy., Jas. Russell; Council, A. B. Anderson, "W. Doig, D. H. Ferrier, 

lON. — President, J. C. Cox ; Vice-Presidents, W. D. Valentine, and D. 
eland ; Council, G. D. Macdougald, J. Geddes, H. G. Eraser, A. C. Lamb, 
I Ifred Guthrie, G. F. Roger ; Hon. Treasurer, John Robertson ; Hon. Secre- 
uy, D. Ireland, jun.. Commercial street, Dundee, and Rockhill, Broughty 
erry. Meetings held first Thursday in each month except June, July, 
ugust, and September, in Lamb's Hotel. 

[ackay ; Vice-Pres., Jas. Hynd; Secretary, Wm. Brown, 141 Nethergate. 

PUBLIC BATHS.— Swimming, Private (Salt and Fresh Water), and 
URKISH Baths, West Protection Wall. — Formerly managed by a Board of 
irectors. Transferred to the Police Commissioners on 1st January 1871, and 
3w managed by them for the benefit of the community. Superintendent — 
/"alter M'Gregor. The Baths are open daily in Summer from 6.30 a.m. till 
p.m., and in AVinter from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. Sundays, 6.30 a.m. till 9 a.m. 


OCIETY, East end of Esplanade — President, James Myles ; Vice-President, 
. M'Queen; Treas., D. Mitchell; Secy., Alex. Caldwell, 31 St Andrew's st. 

FACTORY ACT, DUNDEE.— H.M. Chief Inspector of Factories, Alex. 
edgrave, C.B., Home Office, London, S.W. ; Superintending Inspector, Jas. 
enderson, Glasgow ; Inspector, W. Quayle, Dundee ; Certifying Surgeons, 
W. Miller, M.D., Tay st.; David Greig, M.D., Tay st.; J. K. Lennox, Lochee. 

DUNDEE BURIAL SOCIETY— Office, 2 Bain square.— Trustees, ex-Pro- 

LM)st Robertson ; Wm. Hay, Town-Clerk ; John Robertson, manufacturer. 

l''illiam Ramsay, President ; Alex. Ogg, 30 Raglan street. Secretary ; Alex. 

3wis, Treasurer ; Committee— Robert Tarbet, David Marshall, William 

iuman, Andrew M'Ghee, David Anderson, William Sturrock, and Alexander 

elch. Medical Officer — Dr Steele Moon. Collectors — Alexander Norrie, 

[jj j>hn M'Kenzie, John Mann, James Crodcett. 

DUNDEE CEMETERY COMPANY.— Directors— James Pattullo, Dundee, 
liairman ; James Durham, David Pirie, and John Robertson, Dundee ; James 
imieson, Crudie, near Arbroath. R. G. Rae, Superintendent, Secretary and 
* reasurer, J. & H. Pattullo, Agents. 

J DUNDEE COFFEE-HOUSE COMPANY, Limited.— Registered Office, 23 
finmure street. James M'Glashan, jun., Secretary and Treasvirer. 
Victoria," - - - 23 Victoria road, George Shallcross, Manager. 
uiitoLinnaird," - - - 54 Westport, - Edmund J. Hughes, Manager. 
lis Albert," - - - 127 Overgate, - William Christie, Manager. 


■OOMS ASSOCIATION.— Directors— Chas. Edward, David G. Bruce, Wm. 
"ilson, James Nicoll, Thos. Proven, Daniel M'Intyre, James G. Orchar, David 
fuce, John Nicoll, Alex. Esplin, J. P. Kyd, T. S. Robertson. Secretary and 




Treasurer, Daniel M'Intyre, 13 Albert square. Coffee and Reading Eoom 
o2)en daily, from 7 a.m. to 8 ji-m. 

8 Wellgate, ... - - Keeper, David Robertson. 

10 South Lindsay street, - . - ^^ Robert Rattray. 

6 West Dock street, - - - - ,, George Ballingall, 

64 East Dock street (foot of Candle lane), ,, David Robertson. ' 

16 St Clement's lane, - - - - ,, Stewart Emslie. 

THE DUNDEE AMATEUR CHORAL UNION— 1858.— Committee, &|ir 
— P. Gr. Walker, President ; Jas. Johnston, Secretary; R. O. Parker, Treasurer 
John Mathewson, J. R. Mitchell, G. S. Lamb, James Mann, A. Brown Lyal 
W. T. Scroggie,' Robert Chalmers, jun., W. F. Hill. Musical Director-i 
Henry Nagel ; Conductor, R. H. Turner. 

mittee — James Scott Marshall, President ; Alex. Henderson, Treasure: J 
William Burns, Secretary ; A. W. Forbes, Librarian ; David Croll, Wr 
Taylor, Wm. Dow, D. S. Johnston, Arch. Henderson. Meets for instrument 
practice of National Music on Monday evenings during Session — Oct. to Ma 

DUNDEE HARMONIC SOCIETY— 1867.— Patrons, The Right Hon. tl 
Earl of Strathmore ; Right Hon. the Earl of Dalhousie ; Geo. Armitstea 
M.P. President, Jas. G. Orchar. W. Davidson, Treasurer ; Thos. Sturroc 
7 St Peter street. Secretary ; S. C. Hirst, Conductor. Meets in Strathmo 
Hall every Thiu-sday evening at 8 o'clock during Session. 

Shepherd, Peter Stephen, W. E. Cathro, J. R. Fairweather, Jas. D. Mm-raj 
Geo. Johnston, Treasurer ; Andw. M. Arklie, 32 Victoria street, Secretar 
Alexander Adamson, G.T.S.C., Conductor. Meets in Euclid Crescent Scho 
on Monday evenings. 

Treasurer; Thomas Milne, Victoria road. Secretary; John Sim, G.T.S.C 
Conductor. Meets in Meadowside Academy, 53 Constitution road, eve 
Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock, during Session — August to April. 

DUNDEE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY.— President, J. G. Orchar ; Vi< 
Presidents, Jas. S. Marshall and T. S. Ross; Conductor, S. C. Hirst; Tre 
surer, J. Rattray ; Secretary, W. B. Irvine ; Librarian, A. Foote ; and fi 
Members of a Committee. Meets for the practice of Classical Music eve 
Tuesday evening at eight o'clock. 

Vice-Presidents — John H. Walker, Geo. M. Cox, W. S. Buchan, Jas. i 
Orchar, Jas. C. Cox, Thos. Taylor, G. D. Clayhills Henderson, Wm. Smit 
Robt. Chalmers, Wm. J. Dakiel, Wm. M. Jafferey ; Committee — D. J. d 
negy, Adam Strachan, Robt. Black, Jas. Fmdlay, John Anderson, J. J. Litt 
John, Alex. Thomson ; Wm. Kerr, Solicitor, Hon. Secretary ; Chas. Scryi. 
geour, Treasurer ; Geo. Scrymgeour, Secretary. Offices, India buildings. 

Earl of Dalhousie. Honorary Vice-Presidents, George Armitstead, M.I 
Frank Henderson, M.P. President, H. B. Fergusson. Vice-Presidents, Hai 
Walker, Ex-Provost Robertson, Ex-Bailie Robertson, and Ex-Bailie Norr 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Alex. Mackay, 13 Albert square. 

— Registered Office, 104 Commercial street. Directors — Alex. H. Monci 
Chairman; A. R. C. Patterson, R. G. Kennedy, Peter Matthew, John "^ ^ 
Shepherd. Alex. Simpson, General Manager and Secretary. K 







NATIONAL TELEPHONE COMPANY, Limited.— Chairman, E. Eayns- 

ird Jackson, Sydenham. Directors resident in Scotland — William Lowson, 

I'undee; "William Alexander Smith, Glasgow; John Bruce, Edinburgh. Head 

iffices, 11 Queen Victoria street, London ; Forfar Exchange, 23 Castle street, 

lorfar ; Perth Exchange, 60 High street, Perth ; Arbroath Exchange, MiU- 

jite street, Arbroath ; Dundee District Exchanges, Central, 13 Panmure st. ; 

/"estern, 2 Rosefield street, Dundee ; Broughty Ferry, Church st., Broughty 

• erry ; Newport, Union street, Newport ; Dundee District Offices, 13 Pan- 

K iiure street. John D. Miller, A.S.T.E. and E., District Manager. 

jffice, 104 Commercial street. Directors — Alex. H. Moncur, Chairman; 
, j. C. Maxwell, John Miln, M. Carr, William Hunter. Alex. Simpson, 
"' [eneral Manager and Secretary. 

Ti I EASTERN CLUB, 3 Albert square.— George E. Allen, Clubmaster ; A. 
tj[ackay, 13 Albert square. Secretary. 

''' i WESTERN CLUB, 1 New Inn entry. High street.— President, John Brown ; 
t teasurer, Jas. S. Langlands ; Secretary, R. Steven. Keeper, Jas. M'Farlane. 

, DUNDEE DOG SHOW.— President, George Ure ; Vice-Presidents, W. F. 
! ouglas and J. F. D. Walker. Treasurers, Jas. A. Duncan and Percy B. 
icoll. Secretary, James A, Stark, 62 Commercial street. 


iji IISSION. — President — Rev. John Macpherson; Vice-President — Mr Robert 
ii; hompson ; Secretary and Treasurer — Mr Peter AVill, East Somerville place. 
: ommittee — Revs. Andrew Inglis, James A. Simpson, T. S. Dickson, Robert 
illigan, William TuUoch, James Monie, A. H. Reid, John Jenkins, John 
Ijlie ; Messrs Francis Graham, James M'Donald, Charles Hardie, W. Far- 
iharson, David M'Intosh, Alexander Gray, D. H. M'Intosh, Thomas 
'Intosh, David Robertson, James Adam, Alexander Gorrie, James Watson, 
id David Murray. 


[ILUE RIBBON UNION.— President, Ex-Provost Moncur ; Vice-Presidents, 
lex. Henderson, Westpark, and P. G. Walker ; Treasurer, John Robertson, 
aymount ; Secretary, J. H. Martin, 53 Westport ; Agent, John Carter, 
I High street. Public Meeting every Saturday in Y.M.C. A, Hall, 7.30 p.m. ; 
her Meetings as advertised. 


(]| District Deputy, John Pellow, 76 High street. 

cretary to Dundee District Lodge, Charles K. Farquhar, 25 Lilybank road. 
■J j District Lodge Meets last Friday of each month, called by circular. 


Trinity Hall, Victoria rd. ; Michael Pirnie, 87^ Blackscroft 
Martyrs Hall, Annfield rd. ; R. Kilpatrick, 28 Annfield row 
Low' s Dining Hall ;Wm. M'Lachlan, Laurelbank,Monifieth 
Templar Hall, 51 Reform st. ; J.G. Whitelaw,94Nethergate 
Templar Hall, B. Ferry ; Mrs P. Patrick, East Brook st. 
U.P. Church Hall ; Thomas Brown, Robert st., Newport 
Jamaica Street Hall; John M'Keith, 16 North Ellen st. 
U.P. Church Hall, Lochee; G. Hill, 148 High st.,Lochee 
F.C. School, Invergowrie ; Robert Stewart, Invergowrie 

'Otsman, . . . 
']%lgay, ... 
■ ^onifieth, 

rue Briton, 

ar of Broaghti/ 

'eiDjport, ... 

' ^clcome, ... 
'm,ar of Goivrie, 


St Mary Magdalene, 
St John's, ... 

St PauVs, 

Belmont, ... 
St James', ... 
Broughty Ferry, . . . 
Star of Hope, 
Pleasant Union, ... 

Pioneer of Peace, 
Hope of Lochee, . . . 



Temperance Home, 

Dundee, . . 
Artizan, ... 
Heather Bell, 


Star of Freedom, . . . 



Templar Hall, 51 Reform st. ; Alex.Mitcliell,22 St Mary'spl | 
Park Wynd School ; John Davidson, 43 Ure street f ' 

U.P. Schooboom, Vict, st.; J. H. S. Grant, 20 N. Ellen st( 
U.P. Church Hall, Hill st.; Jas. Colquhoun, 58 Hill st. i 
Eussell Chapels., Ha wkhill; D. Marshall, 61Scouringburr 
Smellie's Hall, Barrack st. ; John Robertson, 119 HawkhU 
Mission Hall, 42 Hilltown ; William Rae, 6 Mid road 
Victoria Hall, Lochee; R. Henderson, S. Church st.,Lochet 
Templar Hall, Bro'ty Ferry; D. Thomson, Lawrence st. 
Temperance Hall, Tayport; J. M'Rae, Heriot pi., Taypor , ,^^ 
Trinity Hall, Victoria rd. ; G-eo.Lreland, sen., 7 Wolseley stsj t 


Craig's Hall, 76 High st. ; Adam W. M'Kay, 3 Allan st 
Smellie's Hall, Barrack st.; J. M'Creery, 16 Lawrence st 
Victoria Hall, High st.; David Dundas, 69 Ancrum roadjH 
Martyrs Hall, Annfield rd.; W. Thow, 59 Lily bank road 
Templar Hall, 51 Reform st. ; William Smillie, 91 Seagati 
8 Bank street ; John Reid, 21 Mortimer street 
Princes St. Chapel Schoolroom ; John Stephen, 51 Main stfci 


Panmure Hall, Bain square ; J. Robertson, 7 Stirling st. 
Russell Chapels., Ha wkhill; Jas.Reid,13N.Wellingtonst 
Mission Hall,42 Hilltown ; Rchd.Mitchell,69N. Wel'tonst 
51 Reform street ; David Bruce, 1 N. William street 
Smellie's Hall, Barrack st. ; D. Marshall, 7 Wilkie's lan< 
Argyle Hall ; George Bruce, 178 Scoviringburn 
St Margaret's Schoolroom, Marshall street, Lochee ; Johi 
Lamont, 25 Union place, -Lochee 




Fisherman^ Rescue, Templar Hall, Bro. Ferry; P. Matthew, Elmgrove W.Ferr, 

Juvenile Lodges. 
District Superintendent, John Campbell, 60 Hill street 

Pleasant Home, 
Hope of St Bunyan, 

Fear Not, 

Blossom of Balgay, 
Star of Peace, 
Day Star, 
Rising Star, 
Broughty Ferry, 

Monday, . . . Russell Chapel School 

,, ... Leuchars 

,, ... Low's Hall, Monifieth 

,, ... Martyrs Hall 

,, ... Newport F. C. school. 

Thursday, ... Park Wynd school 

,, ... Marshall street, Lochee 

,, ... Trinity Hall, Victoria roa( 

Friday, ... Lodge Room, Gray street 

„ ... Tayport T. hall 
61 Reform street. 

Dawn of Scots Craig, 

Hope of the Future, Saturday, 

99 meets on the first and third Friday of each month in St David's Lodge IJe 
room. Bank street, at 8 p.m. District Chief Ruler, W. S. Young ; Distric 
Secretary, W. G. Stevenson, 312 Perth road. 


sident— Rev. John Taylor. Vice-Presidents — William Roxburgh, Hugl 
Martin, Robert Allan, and George Carmichael. Treasurer and Secretary | 
Patrick Hunter, 6 Park terrace. 





President, Alex. H. Moncur. Directors —President, Rev. John Taylor ; Vice- 
residents, James Ramsay and D. H. M'Intosh ; Rev. R. Milligan, J. H. 
« iartin, William Scrymgeonr, John Carter, Charles Hutcheson, Joseph 
i argill, John Campbell, C. W. Scrimgeour, Wm. Stephenson, James Craig, 
• 60, A. Harris, James Keay, John Dawson ; Treasurer, David Mathers ; 
ii ecretary, Peter Robertson, 85 Hilltown. 

t resident, The Earl of Strathmore ; Patroness of Women's Classes, The 
,ff 'ountess of Strathmore ; Vice-Presidents, the Provost of Dundee, Sir John 
J >gilvy, George Armitstead, M.P., Frank Henderson, M.P., Col. James E. 

Irskine, Rev. Colin Camj)bell, and W. O. Dalgleish. Sub-Committee of 

lusiness — Lieut. -Col. W. R. Morison, Chairman and Convener. Vice- 
si Ihairman, Professor Steggall ; D. Beattie Bain, M.D.; James Duncan, M.D.; 
s rilUam Gibb, L.M.; W. T. Grant, M.B., Broughty Ferry ; R. N. M'Cosh, 
iS [.D., Royal Infirmary; David MacEwan, M.D.; Duncan J. Reid, CM. ; 
i; ohn Robertson ; Robert Sinclair, M.D. ; Alex. Stalker, CM. ; Chas. F. 
a; 'empleman, CM.; John W. Wemyss, M.D., Broughty Ferry. Treasurer, 

Jex. Simpson, 104 Commercial street, to whom applications relating to the 
! Lssociation may be addressed. Hon. Secretary, Jas. Rankin, 13 Albert 


' ) Act of Parliament — 

Bonnie Dundee Lodge, 1966 — Meets every alternate Wednesday in Pan- 
j mre Hall, Bain square Ofiice-bearers — Wm. NicoU, W.M. ; David Fisken, 

►.M. ; Allison Murray, M.S.; David Hendry, Treasurer; Robert Smith 
I Crescent lane, Secretary; T. L. Gordon, Check Secretary; Dr Johnston, 

Tay square. Surgeon. 

Heather Bell Lodge — Meets every alternate Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. in 
'anmure Lower Hall, Bain square. Office-bearers — Trustees : James Ross, 
"fohn Chaplin, and A. B. Reid; James Ross, P.M. ; John Paul, W.M. ; Chas. 
'. Knight, D.M. ; Alex. Lamb, M.S.; James Reid, CS. ; William Dick, 
[instrel; James Robertson, David Marshall, and William Henderson, 
■"isiting Stewards ; Wm. Henderson, Inside Guard ; John Dewar, Outside 
ruard ; Robert Phinn, Treasurer ; Alexander Nicoll, Secretary, 79 Arbroath 


[on. Colonel — Sir John Ogilvy, Bart. Lieutenant-Colonel — W. R. Morison. 

lajors — George Mitchell, James Rankin. Captains — William W. Turnbull, 

loward Hill, Alfred G. Primerose, David Scroggie, Alexander M'CuUocli, 

Jharles C Duncan, Wm. Stiven, David A. Watson. Lieutenants — John 

Telson, Henry Plenderleath, Thomas M. Pattullo, Robert M. Stewart, 

[enry W. Halley, Patrick W. Anderson, Henry Henderson, David Scott. 

Ldjutant — Captain Reginald C Annesley. Surgeons — David MacEwan, 

V Jexander Campbell. Acting Surgeon — Charles Templeman. Hon. Chaplin — 

;, lev. Colin Campbell. Quarter-Master — David Hynd. Secretary — Wm. 

v: lerr. Treasurer — Robert Moody-Stuart. Establishment — 8 Companies, 

,00 men of all ranks. 

)undee ; Orderly Room, Calcutta buildings. Commercial street. Hon. Col. — 
ames E. Erskine. Col. — John F. Dickson, P. Lieut. -Col. Commandant — 
^■.i Stewart Sandeman, P. Majors — William W. Urquhart, P.S., 



George C. Keiller, P. Adjutant — Capt. T. "VV. Powles, E,A. QiiarteiMll'j 
Master — Alex. C. Johnston, P. Surgeon — John "W.Wemyss. Acting Surgeoi^ 
— W. Chalmers Cowan. 

Batteeies Nos. 1, 2, and 3 — Arbroath. Captain Commandant, Josepli 
Ferguson, P. Capt. A. Gordon, P. ; Capt. Ewan, P. 

Battery No, 4— Montrose. Capt. David Murison, P. Lieut.— W. M. J, 
Baton, P. 

Batteries Nos. 5 and 6 — Broughty Ferry. Captain Commandant! 
Charles E. Todd, P., Captain David A. M'Corquodale, P. Lieutenants- 
Henry Gordon, P., James Guthrie, P. 

Batteries Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13— Dundee. Orderly Room- 
Drill Hall, West Bell street. Captains — Alexander H. Bell, P., P. Spenctt 
Mudie, P., Thomas Couper, P., William S. Buchanan, P., John G. Grant, P. 
AVm. G. Thomson, P., Wm. Chalmers, P. Lieutenants — Theodore G 
Luis, P., Peter Carmichael, P., J. F. D. Walker, P., T. H. Smith, P. 
R. D. Kinmond, P., J. G. Keiller, P., D. N. Scott, P., W. E. Bett. Actinj 
Chaplains — Rev. Frank Mudie, Arbroath; Rev. C. M. Grant, M.A., B.D 

Drill Hall, Parker square. Lieut. -Colonel Robert N. Reid, Commanding 
Major, William Smith. Captains — John Jessiman, James Armitt, John S 
M'Donald, Robert W. Laburn, Charles Batchelor, and Chas. J. Shaw. 
Lieutenants — Peter Anderson, William S. Malcolm, Frederick Tosh, Johr 
M'L. Yoimg, John Scrymgeour, and Chas. Tosh. Adjutant — C. A. Bushman. 
Capt. Royal Highlanders. Surgeon — Peter Yoimg. Acting Surgeon- 
Charles S. Yoimg. Quarter-Master — John C. Macdonald. Hon. Chaplin- 
Rev. Peter Grant, D.D. Sergeant-Major — JohnKilgour. "Sergeant-Instructoj 
— R. Thacker. Bandmaster — Daniel Sweeney. Secretary — D. M'Intyre, 
Establishment, 6 Companies. 

FORFAR LIGHT HORSE.— Captain— P. A. W. Carnegy, of Lour, 
Commanding. Qiiarter-master Sergeant — J. Miller. Sergeant-Major — D. 
Wybrants. Sergeant-Major — W. Currie, St Mary's, Downfield. Surgeon- 
William T. Grant. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evening in Trades Hall, Victoria road. Band- 
master — Wm. G. Jarvis, Gray St. House, Broughty Ferry. Band Sergeant — 
J. T. Henderson. Sergeant — A. Patterson. Lance-Sergeant — D. Thompson. 
Corporal — J. Ruxton. 

BAND OF THE DUNDEE HIGHLANDERS.— Practise every Tuesday 
and Friday evening in Masonic Lodge, Vault. Pipers practise every Monday 
in the same place. Bandmaster — Daniel Sweeney, 2 Rosefield street. Pipe- 
Sergeant — Donald Bain, 47 St Andrew's street. Drummers and buglers 
practise every Tuesday evening at Mr Thorburn's Hall, Wellgate. Drum- 
Sergeant — William Miller. 

Thursday evenings in Rooms, 59 Wellgate. Bandmaster — Jas. Chambers, 82 
Dudhope st. ; Trumpet-Major — John Hennessy ; Sergeant — Wm. Fairweather. 

KNOX FIFE AND DRUM BAND.— Meets on Mondays in Rosebank St. 
Hall at 8 p.m.— Conductor, John Cathmore ; Leader, John Simmond ; Treas., 
James Andrew ; Secretary, Wm. Johnston, Crammond cottage, Rosebank st. 


TRADES SOCIETIES.— Places of Meetings, and Names and Addresses of 
lecretaries : — 

[Bakers, 15 Vault, ...John M'Dougall, 37 Arbroath road 

[Blacksmiths, IleformSt,Hall...JamesMann, 79 Arbroath road 

^fkipvfs^^Jo!'! } ^1 Overgate, ...George Bruce, 16 Baffin street 
Do. do., ,, JVo. 2 Wallacet'n School, James Duke, 12 Craigie street 
'^"jfcto/'^ <*"•'■ [ - - - ...John Whyte, 10 North Ellen street 

'"'2SSiif°*''" { """IclSor"* } P^t- Brown, 20 North Ellen st. 

i Masons, Operative, ...Tally St. Hall,... Alexander M'Lagan, 3 Hilltown 
\ Moulders' Society, ...13 Overgate, ...William Craig, 3 Arklay street 
■ Plicmbers, ... ... - - - ...James Keen, 29 Hilltown 

Shipwrights, Celtic Hall, High st. Andw. Powrie, 40 Lilybank road 

Tailors, 51 Overgate, ...John M'Intosh, 110 Hilltown 

^ FAIRS AND MARKETS.— Stobb's Fair, for Cattle, Sheep, and Horses, 
Is held on the first Tuesday after the 11th of July. 

i Dundee First Fair, for Cattle and Horses, is held on 26th August, if that 
lay fall upon a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday ; but if on other 
lays, then the first Tuesday thereafter. Sheep market on the previous day. 

! Dundee Latter Fair, for Cattle and Horses, is held on the 19th September 
!-the same rule applying as with the First Fair. 

; Bell's Fair. — Feeing Market is held on the first Friday of October. 
N.B. — These Markets are held at the Fairmuir, Strathmartine road. 

" Flit-Fridays," or the Term Feeing Markets, are held on 26th May and 
2d November, if these dates fall on a Tuesday or Friday, failing which on the 
rst Tuesday or Friday thereafter. 

A Weekly Cattle and Sheep Market is held every Tuesday forenoon, at 
ae New Cattle Market, Carolina port. 

Market Days — Tuesday and Friday. 

( 74 ) 


HAKBOUR TEUSTEES.— Harbour Office, and Shore Dues Office, Custom 
house buildings, Dock street. 

For the Town Council — Provost Ballingall ; Bailies Hunter, Ogilvie, Doig, 
Taylor, and Councillor Gentle, 

For the Guildry — Dean of Guild Mathewson, James Shaw, P. M. Duncan 
W. B. Thompson, Charles Edward, and T. S. Boss. 

For the Nine Trades — John Cooper, Joseph Lindsay, and T. K. Kinmond. 

For the Three United Trades— W. B. Scott. 

For the Seaman Fraternity — "Wm. Kilgour. 

For the County of Forfar— The Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore, tht 
Right Hon. the Earl of Camperdown, Robert M'Gavin, Colonel Ogilvy. 

For Chamber of Commerce — "W. B. Wilson, John Rhind, Joseph Gibson. 

For the Shipowners — David Bruce, James Millar, Charles Barrie. 

For the Ratepayers — James Luke, R. V. Scroggie, J. T. Inglis. 

For the Municipal Electors — William G. Thomson, John Anderson. 

Committees. — Finance and Rights — Consisting of all the Members of tht 
Board ; Mr Shaw, Convener. Works — Consisting of all the Members of th( 
Board ; Mr Edward, Convener. Tay Ferries — Consisting of all the Member; 
of the Board ; Mr Millar, Convener. Lighting, Buoying, and Pilotage Com 
mittee — Consisting of all the Members of the Board ; Mr Bruce, Convener. 

Alex. E. Gray, Clerk ; James Watson, Treasurer ; David Cunningham 
Engineer; Charles Yule, Harbourmaster; David Caiman, Master o 
Graving Docks and Patent Slip ; George Ritchie, Master of Camperdown anc 
Victoria Docks ; John Carmichael, Master of King William Dock ; Jamei 
Cooper, Master of Earl Grey Dock ; David Black, Piermaster ; Jamei 
Lindsay, jun.. Warehouse Keeper; Robert Archibald, Messenger; Willian- 
Norrie, Head Weigher and Superintendent of Weighing Gear ; Captaini '; 
David Edwards and James Finlay, Surveyors of Cargoes. 

Dock Gates. — The Gates are generally opened two hours before highwatei , 
at spring tides, and one hour at neap tides. Blue and White Chequered Flags 1 jtti 
hoisted at the Gate-houses, indicate that the Gates are open. The following 
Signals at Earl Grey Dock indicate Vessels entering the River : — 
Red, - - - Pennant, indicates Steamers. 

White, - - Do,, „ Ships. 

Blue and Red, - Square Flag, ,, Barques. 

Red and White, Do,, ,, Brigs. 

Blue, - - Pennant ,, Schooners or Sloops. 

Day and Night Signals representing Depth of Water on Tide Gauges art 
exhibited at Earl Grey Dock and Camperdown Dock. Signal sheets may bf 
obtained at Harbourmaster's office, Earl Grey Dock. 

The Pilotage of the River Tay and Harbour of Dundee is now managed bj 
the Lighting, Buoying, and Pilotage Committee of the Harbour Trustees 
George Taylor, Pilotmaster. Pilot Cutters— "Tay" and "Pilot." Masters o 
Cutters — James Knight and John Maclagan. Pilots Licensed by authority o 
the Trustees — John Chambers, John Martin, George Keith, Alex. Ferguson 
James White, George Baird, Peter Lowson, William Ferrier, Chas. Webster 
George Sutherland, Jas. Wilson, Fred, Edwards, and Jas. Stephen. Super 
numeraries — James Baird, William Mills, and Frederick Jones. 

Light Keepers.— Lights of Tay— Buddoness— J. Ogilvie, Principal Ligh 
Keeper; David Meldrum, Assistant. Tayport — John Greig, Principal Ligh 
Keeper ; David Pryde and Fleming Bishop, Assistants. 

Light Ship "Abertay."— Master, James Menzies; Mate, James Cockerelli 
Superintendent of Lighting and Buoying, George Taylor, I 




LOCAL MAKINE BOAKD.— Office, Sailors' Home buildings. Members— 

'he Provost, ex officio. Elected — John Machan, David Bruce, James Mudie, 

leorge Halley, Joseph Gibson, and "W. B. Thompson. Appointed by the 

I iioard of Trade — Admiral Maitland Dougall, Chairman ; John Guild, Charles 

jSarrie, and Charles C. Scott, R.A. 

'i i Geo. Jack, Superintendent of Mercantile Marine Office and Secretary to the 

jJoard ; Alfred Smith, Deputy-Superintendent ; Alex. Nicol, Second Deputy ; 

"* iVm. Scott, Messenger and Housekeej)er ; and Geo. Ritchie, Board of Trade 

)fficer. Jas. Mitchell, Examiner of Masters and Mates ; Jas. Rae, Surveyor for 

{card of Trade and Examiner of Engineers. Robert Mercer, Surveyor's Clerk. 

i DUNDEE TRINITY HOUSE.— William Kilgour, Box-Master ; John M. 

, [/ochrane, Deputy Box-Master ; Committee — George "Welch, George Taylory 

fames Cappon, John Kennedy, Charles Duncan, William Speedy, David 

iimpson, William Barron, Peter Myles, Thomas Herald, James Kilgour, 

nd David Japp ; James Hunter, Jr., 69 Reform street, Secretary ; James. 

\V. Melville, Officer. 

|, ,ENT SOCIETY.— Central Office— Hibernia Chambers, London. Honorary 
I,, agents at Dundee — John Machan and David Bruce. 

(c CUSTOMS.— , Collector and Surveyor ; Robert Scott, David 

t x. Davidson, W. Harry Hudson, Clerks ; Michael J. Harte, Surveyor ; Robt. 
jrildea, J. W. Paddock, William Archer, George R. Spencer, R. L. Scott, 
B nd John Aitken, Examining Officers, and eight Out-Door Officers, and twO' 
If Joatmen. Chas. W. Meldrum, Housekeeper. Broughty Ferry. — Robert 
ID L Bell, Examining Officer ; five Boatmen. Tayport AND St Andrews. — 
;,; 'eter Matthew, Principal Coast Officer. Perth — Henry Christie, Principal 
J; )oast Officer. Arbroath. — W. H. Bignold, Superintendent; one Out-Door 
an Officer, and two Boatmen. Montrose. — J. W. Cumberland, Superintendent; 
., ne Out-Door Officer, and three Boatmen. 


G /barter for the preservation of Life from Shipwreck. Dundee Branch Com- 

» littee, W. O. Dalgleish of Mayfield, President ; G. Lloyd Alison, Vice-Presi- 

11. 'ent; James Cox, of Cardean ; Alexander Anderson, of Longhaugh ; Harry 

Valker, R. C. Scroggie, James Yeaman, James Mudie, David Ireland, David 

'.ruce, James W. Kidd, John Machan, Captains George Thoms, George Taylor, 

Charles Duncan, and James Mitchell. Committee meet in the office of James. 

lunter, Jr., 69 Reform st., Hon. Secretary; James Mudie, 26 East Dock 

b., Hon. Treasurer. Superintendent of Boats and Apparatus at Broughty 

'erry and Buddonness, Captain George Thoms, Coringa House. 

DUNDEE SAILORS' HOME, Dock street.— President, William Ogilvy 

)algleish ; Vice-Presidents, A. H. Moncur, W. Y. Blyth-Martin. Com- 

nittee — Geo. Armitstead, M.P., Alex. J. Buist, David Bruce, Alex. D. 

Ill Wmond, Alex. Gourlay, Alex. Henderson, and John Leng. George Jack, 

ecretary and Treasurer. Duncan Ritchie, Superintendent of the Home. 

THE EAST COAST SALVAGE COMPANY, Limited.— Directors— Joseph 

Gibson, Chairman ; Jas. Mudie, P. M. Duncan, David Bruce, Andrew Leitch, 

V. B. Thompson. Office, 26 Commercial st. Thos. Farquharson, Secretary. 


Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Company. — Office, 5 Shore terrace,, 
)undee. James W. Kidd, Manager. 

Dundee and London Trade. — Screw Steam-ships — Britannia, 951 tons, 250 
orse-power, William Packham, commander; Cambria, 944 tons, 220 horse- 
ower, David Chapman, commander. Agent in London — James Brand, New 
;>undee Wharf, 273 Wapping. 


Dundee and Hull Trade. — Screw Steam-sliip London, 821 tons, 140 horse- 
power, R. M'Intosh, commander. Agents in Hull — Thomson, M'Kay, & Co. 

Dundee and Newcastle Steam Shipping Company, Limited.— OflBce, 1 
Commercial sti-eet. H. Plenderleath, Manager. Screw Steam-ship Pladda, 
398 tons, 80 horse-power, Robert Latto, commander. Screw Steam-ship Tay, 
150 tons, 35 horse-power, Joseph Cartwright, commander. Company's OflBce 
in Newcastle, 93 Quayside. Agent — W. Paul Craig. 

Dundee and Liverpool Steam-Packet Office— 33 Dock street. J. T,' 
Inglis & Co., Agents. Steam-shi^js Tuskar, Princess Beatrice, Princess Alice,; 
and others. Agents at Liverpool — M. Langlands & Sons, 5 Rumford place. 

These Steamers call occasionally at Aberdeen, Inverness, Stromness, andi 

Dundee Seal and Whale Fishing Company. — Whale Yard, East Doc¥ 
street. David Bruce, Manager. Screw Steam-ships — Polynia, 358 tons, 60! 
horse-power, John B. Walker, master ; Esquimaixx, 436 tons, 70 horse-power, 
Wm. F. Milne, master ; Resolute, 424 tons, 98 horse-power, Arthur Jackman,' 

Tay Whale Fishing Company. — Screw Steam-ship Intrepid. George 
Welch and Robert Kinnes, Whale lane, Managers. 

Private Oivners — Screw Steam-ship Active. George Welch, Manager. 
Polar Star and Star. R. Kinnes, Manager. 

Dundee Polar Fishing Company — W. O. Taylor & Co., Managers. 
Steam-ships, Jan Mayen and Nova Zembla. 

National Steam-Ship Co., Limited, of Liverpool. — Agent — 
James Millar, 54 Commercial street. 

Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. — Great Western Despatch of United States 
and Canada; Steam Line from London to Montreal and Quebec. Henry 
Head & Co., (David D. Bain), 62 Commercial street. Agents. 

Albany Shipping Company, Limited, 54 Commercial street. — James 
Millar, Manager, Directors — William Robertson (Chairman), Wm. Gibson, 
Wm. Henderson, George Malcolm, Alex. Gilroy, and James Millar. 

Dundee Shipowners Company, Limited, 83 Commercial Street. — W. O. 
Taylor & Co., Managers. Directors. — Thomas Smith, Wm. Robertson, 
Robert Guild, Wm. Ritchie, John Robertson, and R. V. Scroggie. 

Dundee Loch Line Steam Shipping Company, Limited. — Ireland, Leitch, 
& Co., Managing Directors. Directors — Alex. Mathewson, Chairman; David 
Pirie, John Brownlie, David Rodger, Alex. NicoU, Robt. L. Watson. 

Dundee Gem Line Steam Shipping Company, Limited. — Office, 59 Dock 
street, Dundee. Managers — P. M. Duncan & Son. Directors — John Rhind, 
Chairman ; P. M. Duncan, Joseph Lindsay, John G. Paton, and James 
M 'Donald. Secretary — James Duncan. 

North Sea Steam Shipping Company, Limited.— Geo. Armitstead & Co., 
4 Panmure street, Managers. 

Allan Line of Royal Mail Steamers, 27 Panmure street. — (James and 
Alex. Allan, 70 Great Clyde street, Glasgow.) Goods and passengers carried 
by regular Steam Packets to all parts of the United States, Canada, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, also to South American ports. 
Twin-Screw Line of Steamers — London to New York, Sailing weekly. Jas. 
& Alex. Allan, 27 Panmiu-e street. Agents. 

FuRNESS Line. — Dundee to New York and Boston. W. Buchan Ritchie, 
33 Dock street. Agent. 

Clan Line. — Glasgow and Liverpool to Bombay, Kurrachee, Calcutta, 
Madras, and South African ports. W. Buchan Ritchie, 33 Dock st.. Agent. 

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. — London to 
Gibraltar, Malta, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Colombo, and Australia. W. 
Buchan Ritchie, 33 Dock street, Agent. 



May 1884. 


A-BBREVIATIONS.— Ship, sli ; Barque, bar ; Brig, br ; Brigantine, bn ; Schooner, 
sch ; Sloop, si ; Smack, sm ; Steamer, st ; Paddle -steamer, p.s. ; Screw- 
■ steamer, s.s. ; Cutter, cut. 

I Vessels. 

li Active s.s. 

' Abertay sch 

;. A-gnes sch 

i: Albany bar 

p A-lma si 

,: A.methyst s.s. 

A.ntelope cut 

A.rba sch 

A.rcher sch 

_ A-rctic st. bar 

Atirlie bar 

A.shurst s.s. 

A.rthurstone bar 

A.urora st. bar 

A.urora s.s. 

A-^iemore s.s. 

, i^vlona s.s. 

Balgay sch 

Ballochmyle sh 

Balmore bar 

Balmuir s.s. 

Barcelona s.s. 

J , Betsey Davidson sch 

Beryl s.s. 

Bob and Harry s.s. 

iijErazilian bn 

Britannia s.s. 

Broomhall bar 

Calabria s.s. 

Calcutta bar 

Cambria s.s. 

C'amperdown sh 

Caiimore bar 

Garmona s.s. 

Castle Eoy sh 

Ceres si 

Cheftain s.s. 

Chili bar 

Chittagong bar 

Cornwallis s.s. 

Corona bar 

Cottage Girl cut 

Countess of Derby bar 

Countess of Eothes bar 

Craigowl bar 

Cuba bar 
























Owner or Agent. 
George Welch 
Harbour Trustees 
William McoU 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
James Petrie 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
Harbour Trust 
A. More 
James Ross 
W. Stephen 
D. Bruce & Co. 
W. B. Ritchie 
D. Bruce & Co. 
W. Stephen 
James Sludie 
James Millar 
Wm. Thomson & Sons 
Robertson Bros. 
D. Bruce & Co. 
Jas. Millar 
John Machan 
Wm. Thomson & Sons 
K. M'Kenzie 
P. M. Duncan & Son 

Geo. Winder 

D. P. & L. Shij)ping Co. 

W. S. Croudace 

D. Scott & Son 

Chas. Barrie 

D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 

D. Bruce & Co. 

Jas. Millar 

Wm. Thomson & Sons 

Gilroy, Sons & Co. 

Josej)h Imrie 

J. F. Birrell & Co. 

John Stewart 

Charles Barrie 

W. S. Croudace 

Wm. Stephen 

David Edwards 

M. AlHson 

M. Allison 

Wm. Thomson & Sons 

Robertson Bros. 



































Owner or Agent. 
Wm. Thomson & Sons 
Chas. Barrie 
W. H. Burns 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
W. S. Croudace 
Dundee Harbour Trustees 
Charles Barrie 
D. Bruce & Co. 
Wm. Stephen 
Percy Bicknell 
Robertson Bros. 
Robertson Bros. 
James Love 
Robertson Bros. 
Robertson Bros. 
Robert Taylor 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
W. B. Thompson 
D. Foreman 
David Bruce 
"Wm. Thomson & Sons 
Henry Gibson 
Dundee Harbour Trustees 
Dundee Harbour Trustees 
John Isles 

Dundee Harbour Trustees 
D. Bruce & Co. 
G. Armitstead & Co. 
Gilroy, Sons & Co. 
John Deans 
D. Bruce & Co. 
Charles Barrie 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
Jas. Mitchell 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
Wm. Stephen 
Wm. Cramond 
W. B. Thompson 
G. Armitstead & Co. 
D. Bruce & Co. 
Charles BaxTie 
Tay Whale Fishing Co. 
Robertson Bros. 
Robertson Bros. 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
W. Milne 











J. Brown 








pad. st. 







Little John 

Earl of Dalhousie sh | 


Early Morn 















Edith Mary 
















st. sh 









s. tug 


pad. st. 





pad. st. 








Gil Roy 



Gipsy Queen 






























































R. Davidson 




Jane Kilgour 



Jan Mayen 

st, bar 






























































ruana Nancy 



jass o' Gowrie 

! jjintrathen 


!iOch Ness 

Lioch Garry 

lioch Leven 

lioch Maree 

lioch Rannoch 

Lioch Ard 



Lord Kinnaird 

Lorna Doone 





Margaret Reid 



, Mayfield 



■■ Neptune 
■ ■ Niger 
\ Norfolk Hero 

North Sea 

Nova Zembla 




' Osprey 
i Panmure 

; Persian 





Polar Star 


Princess Louise 







st. sch 

st. bar 

st. bar 

st. bar 



































Owner or Agent. 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
Robt. Wilson 

C. O. Fawcus 
James Millar 
Chas. Couper 

D. Edwards 
Wm. NicoU 
Joseph Gibson 
David Bruce & Co. 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 
D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 
Charles Barrie 
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Robertson Bros. 
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J. D. Luke 
John Machan 
W. S. Croudace 
G, C. White 
W. S. Croudace 
A. Barron 
R. Colling 
John Gilmour 
D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 
AV. O. Taylor & Co. 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
G. Welch 

C. Duncan 
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A. M'Bryde 

D. Bruce & Co. 
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J, Cappon 
John Stewart 

Dundee Harbour Trustees 

Jas. Bowman 

Dun, &NewcastleShip.Co. 

R, Kinnes 

David Bruce 

Dundee Harbour Trustees 

D. Bruce & Co. 

W. C. Sargeaunt 

Robert Taylor 





































Storm King 

Terra Nova 

The MacBain 
White Sea 
William Thrift 
Will o' the Wisp 



stm. br 

st. bar 

st, bar 


Owner or Agent. 
Alexander Edwards 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
P. M. Duncan & Son 
Wm. Cook 
W. O. Taylor & Co. 
Geo. Bruce 
D. Bruce & Co. 
G. Armitstead & Co. 
R. Kinnes 
R. Taylor 
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Dundee Harbour Trustees 
Dun. & Newcastle Ship. Co. 
Wm. Stephen 
P. & O. Stm. Nav. Co. 
James Mudie 
Robertson Bros. 
P. & O. Stm. Nav. Co. 
Jas. M'Intosh 
W. S. Croudace 
M. Allison 
Alex. White 
James Latta 
James Mudie 
Wm. NicoU 

D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 
Eliz. Anderson 
Wm. Stephen 





























New Steamer, 1600 tons, Ireland, Leitch, & Co. 

,, 1300 tons, Jas. Mudie. 

„ 1000 tons, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. 

New Ship, 1300 tons, Wm. Stephen. 

( 81 ) 


Post-Office Dundee— Post-Office Buildings, Top of Eeform Street. 

"William Gribb, Postmaster. 

i On Week Days the Office is open for Postal business from 6.45 a.m. till 9 

'),m. ; and for Money Order, Savings Bank, Life Insurance, and Annmty busi- 

less, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

; On Sunday the Office is open for Postal business from 9.4.5 till 10.45 a.m. 
\, inly, but the Letter-Box remains open as on other days, 
i For Telegraph business there is attendance continuously during the day and 
ight, both on "Week Days and Sundays, 
For Arrivals and Departures of Mails, see pages 96 and 97. 

Inland Kates of Postage — Letters.* 
The rates of postage, when prepaid, are as follows, viz. — 

For a letter not above 1 oz. - - - Id. 

,, above 1 oz. but not above 2 oz. - IJd. 

„ ,, 2 oz. ,, 4 oz. - 2d. 

,, ,, 4 oz. ,, 6 oz. 2^d. 

,, ,, 6 oz. ,, 8 oz. 3d. 

,, ,, 8 oz. ,, 10 oz. - 3Jd. 

jlj. ,, ,, 10 oz. ,, 12 oz. - 4d. 

; A letter above the weight of 12 oz. is liable to a postage of a Id for every 
mce, beginning with the first ounce. Thus a letter weighing between 14 and 
J oz. must be prepaid Is 3d. 

A letter posted unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double postage ; and 
letter posted insufficiently prejjaid is chargeable with dou.ble the deficiency. 
No letter may be above 18 inches in length, 9 inches in width, or 6 inches in 
L^pth, unless it be sent to or from one of the Government Offices. 
lf| Newspapers. 

The prepaid jjostage on every inland newspaper is one halfpenny, but a 
icket, containing two or more registered newspapers, is not liable to a higher 
ite than the book -postage upon it would be. For each transmission a fresh 
)stage must be paid. 

A newspaper jiosted unpaid, or a packet of newspapers posted unpaid, or 
sufficiently paid, is treated as an unpaid or insufficiently paid book i^acket of 
le same weight {see p. 82 par. 2, Book Post), 

Any publication fulfilling the subjoined conditions can, upon payment of an 
mual fee of 5s, be registered at the General Post Office for circulation 
ithin the United Kingdom as a newspaper, as also for transmission to 
aces abroad. Unregistered, a newspaper is liable to the book rate of 

a. The publication must consist wholly or in great part of political or 
other news, or of articles relating thereto, or to other current topics, 
with or without advertisements. 
6. It must be printed and published in the L'l'nited Kingdom ; and in num- 
bers at intervals of not more than seven days. 
c. The full title and date of publication must be printed at the toj) of the 
first page, and the whole or part of the title, and the date, at the top of 
( every subsequent page. This regulation applies also to "Tables of 
' Contents," and "Indices." 

i* Inland letters are those which pass between places in the United King-dom, includino- 
« Isle of Man, the Orkney, Shetland, Scilly, and Channel Islands. 



d. A supplement must consist wholly or in great part of matter like thi 
of a newspaper, or of advertisements, printed on a sheet or sheets, or c 
a piece or pieces of paper, unstitched ; or wholly or in part of engraving 
prints, or lithographs illustrative of articles in the paper. It must i 
every case be published with the paper, and have its title and da1 
printed at the toj) of every page ; or, if it consists of engravings, print 
or lithographs, at the top of every sheet or side. 
A newspaper, if posted in a cover, must have such cover open at both end 
so as to admit of easy insx^ection, otherwise it will be treated as a letter. 
The title of every newspaper must be exposed to view. 
A newspaper or i^acket of newsj)apers which contains any enclosure, exce]e 
supplements (unless it be such as might be sent at the book rate of postag4g 
and the entire packet be sufficiently prepaid as a book packet), is liable to I 
charged as a letter. 

A newspaper which has anything written on it, or its cover, of the natuiu 
of a letter, is liable to postage as an unpaid or insufficiently paid letter. 

A iJacket of newspapers must not weigh above 14 lbs. , or exceed two feet it. 
length, one foot in width, or one in depth. 

Book Post. 
The prepaid postage is one halfpenny for every 2 oz. or part of that weigh I 
If posted uni^aid the charge is double that amoimt ; and if posted partial > 
paid, doiible the deficiency. 

A book-packet may contain any number of separate books or other public i 
tions, photograi^hs (when not on glass or in cases containing glass or any lill 
substance), drawings, prints, or maps, and any quantity of paper, orany otht 
substance in ordinary use for writing or printing upon ; and the books or oth 
publications, prints, maps, &c., may be either printed, written, engraved, Utl 
graphed, or plain, or any mixture of these. It may also contain all legitima 
binding, mounting, or covering of a book, &c., or of a portion thereof, wheti 
such binding, &c., be loose or attached ; as also rollers in the case of prints 
•maps, markers (of i^aper or otherwise) in the case of books, pens or pencils in t 
case of pocket-books, &c., in short, whatever is necessary for the safe trai 
mission of such articles, or usually appertains thereto ; but the binding, rollei 
&c., must not be sent as a separate packet ; neither may a book packet conta 
anything in the natm-e of a letter* (attached or otherwise), unless it bt 
"circular," or any enclosure shut against inspection, otherwise the enti 
packet will be charged as a letter. 

A book-packet may be posted either without a cover (in which case it mi 
not be fastened, whether by means of gum, wafer, sealing wax, postage start 
or otherwise), or in a cover entirely open at both ends, so as to adn 
of the contents being easily withdrawn for examination, otherwise it is treat ' 
as a letter. It may, however, be tied at the ends with string. 

No book-packet may be above 5 lbs. in weight, 18 inches in length, 9 
Avidth, or 6 in depth, unless it be sent to or from a Government office. 

When, owing to an unusually heavy influx of letters, books, &c., the trai 
mission or delivery of the letters would be delayed if the whole mail were dei 
with without distinction, book -packets may be kept back till the next despat 
or delivery. 

Circulars — i.e., letters which, from internal evidence, appear to be : 
tended for transmission in identical terms to several persons, and t 
whole or the greater part of which is produced by means of ordinary ty] 
engraving, lithography, or other mechanical process — may also be s( 
by book post. 


* Entries merely stating- who sends the book, &c., or to whom it is given, are not 
garded as a letter. 


Large numbers of letters, not being circular letters, are from time to time 
found in halfpenny wrappers, contrary to the express provisions of the book 
post ; and, as the officers of the department are instructed to surcharge all 
such letters with additional postage, it will save not only trouble to the Post 
Office, but annoyance to the public, if care be taken always to pay letter 
i,postage for letters other than ch-cular letters, unless they be wintten or printed 
on Post Cards, 

Inland Parcels Post. 

Parcels not exceeding 7 lbs. in ^oeight are received at any Post Office for 
transmission between jilaces in the United Kingdom. 

In order that a packet may go by Parcels Post, it must be tendered for 
transmission as a parcel, and should bear the words " Parcels Post," — which 
should be clearly written in the left-hand top corner. 

Every Post Office is open to the public for Parcels Post business on week 
(lays during the same hours as for general postal business. No Parcels Post 
business is, as a rule, transacted in England or Ireland on Sundays, Christmas 
Days, and Good Fridays ; nor in Scotland on Sundays and Sacramental Fast 
Days, but there will in most cases be a delivery on Christmas Day. 
The size allowed for an Inland Postal Parcel is — 

Greatest length, - - - - - 3 ft. 6 in. 

Greatest length and girth combined, - - - 6 ft. in. 

For example — 

A parcel measuring 3 ft. 6 in. in its longest dimensions may measure as 

much as 2 ft. 6 in. in girth, i.e., round its thickest j)art ; or — 
A shorter parcel may be thicker ; thus, if it measure no more than 3 ft. 
in length, it may measure as much as 3 ft. in girth, i.e., roimd its 
thickest part. 
The most convenient mode of measuring is by means of a tape 6 ft. long, 
having the length of 3 ft. 6 in. marked thereon. So much of the tape as is 
not used in measuring the length is the measure of the maxim girth per- 

The rates of Postage are — for a Parcel — 

Not exceeding 1 lb. in weight, - - - - 3d. 

Exceeding 1 lb. and not exceeding 3 lbs., - - 6d. 

,, 3 lbs. „ „ 5 lbs., - - 9d. 

,, -5 lbs. „ ,, 7 lbs., - - IsOd. 

No parcel is accepted which weighs more than 7 lbs., or is not sufficiently 
paid. The postage must, in all cases, he paid in advance, and by ordinary 
sis postage stamps, which must be affixed by the sender before tendering a parcel 
for transmission by Parcels Post at a Post Office. 

Parcels must not be posted in a letter-box, but must be taken into a Post 
Office and handed over the counter. Care must be taken that every parcel 
jbears a clear address. 

Post Cards. 

reJ Official Post Cards, impressed with a halfpenny stamp ; — double or reply 
^ Post Cards impressed with a halfpenny stamp on each portion of them, — and 
private Cards impressed at the Office of Inland Revenue with halfpenny 
(tamps, — may be transmitted between places in the United Kingdom with 
etters jirinted or written upon the back. Adhesive stamps are not accepted in 
ayment of the postage. 

The front (or stamped) side is for the address only, in addition to the words 

Tinted thereon. Nothing else must be written, printed, or otherwise im- 

ressed on it or the stamp. On the reverse side any communication, whether 

^f the nature of a letter or otherwise, may be written or printed. Nothinf*- 






•whatever may be attached ; nor may the card be folded, cvit, or otherwis€ 

altered. If any one of these rules be infringed, the card will be charged Id 

on delivery. 
No card other than one of those issued by the Grovernment, or a private card 

impressed with a halfpenny stami^ at the Office of the Inland Eevenue, will pass 

under a halfpenny stamp, if it bear on it a communication of the nature of a 

letter (unless it be a circular letter as defined above). 

Post Cards are sold at 7d per dozen ; sui3ei'ior quality, 8d, 

Double or xejAj Post Cards are sold at Is 2d per dozen ; sujjerior quality,- 

Is 4d. 


The fee for registering a letter, newsi)aper, or book -packet, is twopence, and 
this registration fee and the postage must be prepaid, except on official letterst 
for Government Offices in London, Dublin, or Edinburgh, which may bt 
registered on prepayment, in stamps, of the registration fee only. 

No article addressed to initials or to a fictitious name can be registered, 
imless it be addressed to the care of a person or firm. 

Every article presented for registration must be enclosed in a strong enve 
ope, securely fastened. If the article contains money, it must, in order tc 
gain the benefit of the guarantee described in the last j)aragraph under tliis 
heading, be enclosed in a Registered Letter Envelope sold by the Post Office 
and if coins are sent, they must on no account be i^ut in loose, but must ):>( 
packed and enclosed in such a way as to move about as little as j^ossible. 

Every article to be registered must be given to an agent of the Post Office 
and a receipt obtained for it ; and it should on no account be dropped into < 
letter-box. If, contrary to this rule, an article marked "Registered" b( 
dropped into a letter-box, it will, if directed to anyplace in the United Kinf/dom 
be liable to a registration fee of 8d, instead of the ordinary fee of 2d. 

The loss of a registered article (as it can be traced tlirough its whole course I 
is a rare occurrence. Nevertheless large sums of money or other articles of grea' 
value should not be sent through the post, even if registered ; as the machinery ! 
of the Department is not arranged vtdth a view to such transmissions. If sen| 
unregistered, valuable articles are exposed to risk ; conseqiiently Inland letteri 
or packets which contain coin, watches, or jewelleiy, if posted without regis 
tration, are subjected to registration, and are charged on delivery with a fe(i 
of eightpence in addition to the ordinary postage. If they cannot be registerec i 
in time to be forwarded by the Mail for which they are posted, they ar( 
detained for the next despatch. 

By law the Postmaster General is not responsible for the safe delivery o 
registered articles ; but henceforth he will be prepared to make good the con 
tents of a registered article lost while i^assmg through the Post to the extent q 
£2, in certain cases, provided that the sender duly observed all the condition 
of registration ; that the article was securely enclosed in a reasonably stronj 
cover ; and, if it contained money, that it was enclosed in one of the Regis 
tered Letter Envelopes sold by the Post Office ; that application was madi 
to the Secretary of the Post Office immediately the loss was discovered ; anc 
that the Postmaster General, whose decision shall be final, is satisfied that th 
loss occurred while the article was in the custody of the British Post Office 
and was not caused by any fai;lt on the part of the sender. 

Foreign and Colonial Letters. 

The rates of postage on letters for Foreign Countries and the Colonies wil 
be found in tbe Table of Foreign and Colonial Postage at page 91. 

Letters posted unpaid, or insufficiently paid, to any country where paymen 
is compulsory, are retxirued to the writers. 


i Letters posted unpaid, or insufficiently paid, for Australia, New Zealand, 
ij Cape Colony, or Natal, are charged 6d each in addition to the deficient iiostage. 
■ Unpaid letters addressed to countries in the Postal Union are charged double 
! bhe prepaid rate, and those partially prepaid are charged "with double the 
ji deficiency. 

1 1 No letter for a, colony or foreign country may exceed 2 feet in length or 1 
foot in width or depth. 
No letters containmg gold or silver money, jewellery, or precious articles, or 
X 'anything liable to customs duties, can be sent, even if registered, to any country 
of the Postal Union. 

Foreign and Colonial Newspapeks. 
The rates of postage to Foreign countries and the Colonies on newspapers 
',, registered for transmission abroad will be found in the Table of Foreign and 
[, 'Colonial Postage, page 91. Each newspaper is liable to a separate rate of post- 
age, whether sent singly or in a packet, and if above 4 oz. in weight, it is liable 
s ifco two rates of i^ostage ; and so on. 

' ! All j)ublications registered for transmission abroad must he 'posted tvithin 
-: tight days from the date of publication, including that day ; and any newspaper 
, posted more than eight days after the date of publication, as well as any un- 
■^ ,registered publication, must be prepaid at the book rates of postage. 
■,. \ The collected numbers issued during the month of a weekly or fortnightly 
1 publication are not allowed to pass as a monthly ijublication. 

Book Post. 
Articles which may be sent to places abroad under the Book Post Regulations 
consist of two classes, as follows :— 
(a) "Commercial Papers," under which are comprised all papers or docu- 
ments written or drawn wholly or partly by hand (except letters or com- 
munications in the nature of letters, or other papers or docmuents having 
the character of an actual and personal correspondence), documents of 
legal procedtu'e, Deeds drawn up by public functionaries, copies of or 
extracts from Deeds under private seal (and whether written or printed 
on stamped or unstamped paper). Way Bills, Bills of Lading, Invoices, 
and other documents of a mercantile character, documents of Insurance 
and other public companies, all kinds of manuscript music, the manu- 
script of books and other literary works, and other papers of a similar 
(h) "Printed Papers," including periodical works, books (stitched or bound), 
pamphlets, sheets of music (i^rinted), visiting cards, address cards, proofs 
of printing (with or withoiitthe inanuscript relating thereto), engravings, 
photographs (when not on glass or in frames containing glass), dramngs, 
j)lans, maps, catalogues, i^rospectuses, announcements, and notices of 
various kinds, whether printed, engraved, or lithographed, and in general 
all impressions or copies obtained iipon iiaper, parchment, or card-board 
by means of printing, lithograi^hing, or any other mechanical process 
easy to recognise, except the copying press, and anything iisu^ally at- 
tached or appurtenant to any of the before-mentioned articles in the 
i* I Avay of binding, mounting, or otherwise, and anything convenient for 

their safe transmission by post which shall be contained in the same 
packet ; also printed, engraved, or lithogTaphed circulars, notwith- 
standing that such circulars may be letters or communications in the 
nature of a letter. 
The two classes are subject to the same rates of postage, except that when 
addressed to countries in the Postal Union the minimum rate for Commercial 
Papers is higher than that for printed papers. If there be any mixture of 
the two in the same i^acket the whole packet is treated as Commercial Papers. 


The rates of postage for Commercial Papers are tlie same as for printec 
Papers, except that the lowest charge for each packet is 22d, even if th( 
packet weigh less than 2 oz. 

The rates of postage, which must be prepaid, on packets to places abroac 
are given, under the heading of Books, in the Table of Foreign and Colonia j. 
Postage, page 91. I 

Patterns and Samples. j 

There is a Pattern and Sample Post to Foreign Countries and the ColonietiSj 
generally ; but it is restricted to bond fide trade 2:)atterns or samples of merchant 
disc. Goods sent for sale, or in execution of an order (however small theJi 
quantity may be), or any articles sent by one j)rivate individual to anotheji! 
which are not actually patterns or samples, are not admissible. i 

No article liable to Custom Duties can be sent as a sample or jiattern. !j 

The rates for Patterns are the same as for Books, excej)t that the lowes'' 
charge is Id for a packet addressed to any of the countries to which the post ' 
age is M per 2 oz. for Books. ■ 

Foreign and Colonial Post Cards. i 

Post Cards for abroad with impressed stamps of Id, l^d, and 2d each are sole 

at those rates, and are transmissible to all the countries of the Postal Unioi 

without extra charge. 

Reply Post Cards for certain i>laces abroad are also issued, those with a Ic 

stami? imiJressed on each half, jirice 2d ; those with a IJd stamp on eacl 

half, price 3d ; and those vnth a 2d stani]) on each half, price 4d. 

The regulations relating to Inland Post Cards a^jply also to Cards posted foi 

places abroad, except that the latter, when these regulations are infringed, art 

not forwarded. 

Miscellaneous Regulations and Suggestions. 

The Post Office is not, by law, responsible for any loss or inconvenience 
which may arise from the non-delivery, mis-sending, or mis-delivery of any letter. 
book, or other postal jiacket (even if the packet be registered), nor is the Posi|, 
Office resi)onsible for any injury which a packet may sustain during its trans ^j 

To guard against such injury all postal packets which are likely to suff ei , 
from stamping or from great pressure should be placed in strong covers ; anc j 
even with this precaution no fragile article should be sent through the Post. 
It should be remembered that every packet has to be handled several times ^ 
that it is exposed to considerable pressure and friction in the mail bag ; anc ; 
that whenever the bag has in the course of its transmission to be transferred j 
by means of the railway apparatus, the risk of injury is much increased. ; 

Postmasters are not allowed to return any letter or other packet to the v^ritei • 
or sender, or to any one else, or to delay forwarding it to its destination accord '■ 
ing to the address, even though a request to such effect be written thereon. 

Neither money nor any other article of considerable value ought ever to b( 
sent tlirough the Post, except by means of a money or j^ostal order, or in a 
registered letter. Any person who sends money or jewellery otherwise, nol 
Qnly runs a risk of losing his projjerty, but exi^oses to temptation every ont 
through whose hands his letter passes. 

To facilitate the delivery of letters, a Letter-box should be affixed to everj 

Money Orders. 

When applying for Money Orders, the pxiblic should use the printed " Appli 
cation Forms," which are supplied gratuitously at all Money Order Offices. 


The commission on Inland Money Orders is :- 


For sums 

under 10s., 






of £6 and under £7, 


of 10s and under £2, 



55 £' 55 55 £8, 


55 £2 ,, 





55 £8 55 55 £^5 


5 5 £•* 5 5 





55 £9 5, 5, £10, 


5 5 £4 5 5 





5, £10 - - - 


55 £5 55 




No order may contain a fractional i^art of a penny. 

i The applicant must furnish, in full, the surname and at least the initial of 

ae Christian name, both of the remitter and the payee, together with the 

ijmitter's address. In the case of Foreign Orders the full address of the payee 

• iiust be given ; and if the Order be payable to a native in British India, the 

[ribe or Caste, and the Father's name must also be furnished. 

Exceptions. — 1st. The remitter of an Inland Order may direct at the time 

of issue, that the Order be crossed like a cheque thus, & Co., and thus be 

payable only through a Bank. In that case he may give or withhold the 

name of the payee. The designation of the Bank need not be furnished. 

j 2d. If the remitter or payee be a peer or a bishop, his ordinary title is suffi- 

i|: cient. 

f 3d. The usual designation of a firm is sufficient, excejit when a company 

trades under a title which does not consist of the names of the persons 

composing it, as the "Carron Company," but even a designation of this 

nature may be accepted provided the Order be crossed for presentation 

through a Bank. 

; The holder of an Inland Money Order may direct, by crossing it, that the 

Irder be paid through a Bank, even though its payment was not originally so 


Money Orders are issued in the United Kingdom on the following Foreign 
joimtries, British possessions. Agencies, and Colonies, at the rates of commis- 
iion shown below : — 
Foreign Countries. — Belgium, Denmark, Danish West Indies, Dutch East Indian 
'ossessions, Egypt, France, German Empire, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Norway, 
'ortugal, Sweden, Switzerland, United States. British Agencies. — Gibraltar, Malta, 
lonstantinople, Smyrna, Panama. British Possessions and Colonies. — Aden, Belize, 
lermuda, British Columbia, British Guiana, Cape of Good Hope, Canada, Ceylon, Cyprus, 
I'aUiland Islands, Gambia, Gold Coast, Heligoland, Hong Kong (with an agency at 
ihanghai), India (including agencies at Bagdad, Bandor Abas, Bushire, Busrah, Guadur, 
ask, Linga, Muscat, and Zanzibar), Lagos, Mauritius, Natal, New Brunswick, New- 
Dundland, New South Wales, New Zealand, North Borneo (Sandakan), Nova Scotia, 
'rince Edward Island, Queensland, St. Helena, Seychelle Islands, Sierra Leone, South 
iustralia, Straits Settlements, Tasmania, Victoria, West Indies, Western Australia. For 
urns not exceeding £2 — 6d ; £5 — Is ; £7 — Is 6d ; £10 — 2s. 

j Postal Orders. 

' Postal Orders, for certain fixed sums from Is up to £1, are issued to the 
)ublic at all Post Oflfices in the United Kingdom at which Money Order 
msiness is transacted. 

The following are the amounts for which Postal Orders are issued, together 
jivith the Poundage jaayable in respect of each Order :- 

Amount of Order. 


Amount of Order. 


Is Od 


4s 6d 

- Id 

Is 6d 


5s Od 

- Id 

2s Od 


7s 6d 

- Id 

2s 6d 


10s Od 

- Id 

3s Od 


10s 6d 

- Id 

3s 6d 


15s Od 

- lid 

4s Od 


20s Od 

- Ud 

Broken amounts, but not fractions of a penny, may be made up by the use of 


postage stamps not exceeding fivei^ence in value aflSjced on the hack of any oil 
Postal Order. 

The person to whom a PostpJ Order is issued must, before parting Avith i j 
fill in the name of the person to whom the amount is to be paid, and may fi j 
in the name of the Money Order Office at which the amount is to be paii 
The person so named must, before payment can be made, sign the receipt j i 
the foot of the Order, and must also fill in the name of the Money Ordi 
Office, if that has not been already done. i. 

Every person to whom a Postal Order is issued should keep a record of tl' 
number, date, and name of office of issue to facilitate enquiry if the ordi 
should be lost. 

If a Postal Order be crossed ^^ <£■ Co." payment will only 1 

made through a Banker, and if the name of a Banker is added, i^ayment wi 
only be made through that Banker. 

Post Office Savings Bank. 

The Post Office Sa-\dngs Bank is open for bank business during the sanj 
hours as for Money Orders. 

Deposits of one shilling, or of any number of shillings, or of pounds 
shillings, may be made by any person at the Post Office Savings Banks, prH 
vided that such depositor shall not make deposits amounting to more the 
£30 in any one year ending 31st December, or make any further dei)osit whe 
the total amount standing to his credit has reached £150 exclusive of interes 

Government Insurances and Annuities. i 

Under the Government x\.nnuities Act, 1882, Insurances may be effected fi f 
amounts not less than £5 and not more than £100 on one life ; and Annuiti' ( 
may be purchased for amounts not less than £1 and not more than £100 c 
one life. jl 

The persons whose lives are insured, or to whom Annuities are granted l !' 
the Postmaster General, have direct Government security for the payment < ^, 
the money, at the j)roper time. ;, 

Forms of proj)osals for the Insvu-ance of Lives and the Purchase of Annu t 
ties, and all necessary information on these subjects, may be obtained at tl «l 
Post Office. ! 

Post Office Telegraphs. — Inland Telegrams. ; 

The charge for telegrams throughout the United Kingdom is Is for tl |; 
first 20 words, and 3d for every additional five words or part of five word , 
The names and addresses of the sender and receiver are not counted. Tl li 
public are required to affix the stamps to the message forms just as they ai 
required to affix stamjis to letters. 

"When the terminal office, i.e., the office situated nearest to the address, 
a Head Post Office, the amount paid for transmission covers the cost of deliver 
within one mile or within the to^vn postal delivery of that office when tl 
delivery extends for more than a mile. But when it is not a Head Post Offic- 
the message is delivered free within the limit of one mile only. 

When the addressee resides beyond the free delivery, porterage is charge 
at the rate of 6d per mile or part of a mile, proAdded the whole distance do( 
not exceed three miles ; but the charge is calciilated from the boundary of tl 
district within which no jDorterage is levied. For instance, if the addressee 
residence is a mile and a quarter from the terminal office, and also beyond tl 


»wn postal delivery, the charge for porterage would be 6d ; if the distance is 

Ibove two miles and under three, Is. 
''; I If the addressee resides at a greater distance than three miles from the 
:* terminal office, porterage is charged, for delivery by mounted messenger, at 
*" the rate of Is per mile (except in Ireland, where the charge usually is only 
''* Id per mile), the distance being reckoned from the office door. 

Foreign Telegrams.* 

)ii!( \. (Eegulations founded upon the International Telegraph Convention.) 

[ 1. Foreign telegrams are divided into three classes, — ordinary, code, and 
ljl( jypher. Ordinary telegrams are those composed of a series of words, or of 
;il prds, figures, and letters conveying an intelligible meaning. 
: [ 2. Code telegrams are those composed of words, the context of which has 
!o intelligible meaning. Proper names are not allowed in the text of code 
jjlegrams, except in their natural sense. 

In European code telegrams any of the languages in use in Europe, or Latin, 
'^ iay be employed ; but no telegram may contain words of more than one 

* In extra-European code telegrams, only English, French, German, Italian, 
1" jpanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Latin, may be employed ; but words of any 
^''^ fr all of these languages will be allowed in one and the same telegram. 

!J^ [ 3. Cypher telegrams are those containing series or groups of figures or letters 

ijaving a secret meaning; or words not to be found in a standard dictionary of 

le language. The portion in cypher must be composed exclusively of figures 

ijr exclusively of letters. 

Cypher telegrams written in letters are not accepted for extra-European 


4. The address of the receiver must be paid for, and must not consist of less 
lan two words, a name and a town. Example : Hercules, Bombay. 

5. The address of the sender is charged for, if transmitted ; if not to be 
:ansmitted, it must be written at the foot of the form. 

6. In European telegrams the maximum length allowed for a single word is 
^ letters ; in extra-European telegrams 10 letters ; any additional letters being 
Dunted and charged for as extra words at the rate of 15 or 10 letters respec- 
Lvely to the word. 

: 7. Subject to the limit imposed by rule 6, ordinary compound words and 
;ames of persons and places, &c., written without break or interruption, are 
joimted as single words. If joined by a hyphen, or separated by an apostrophe, 

other sign of punctuation, they are counted as so many separate words. 

Words incorrectly spelled, so as to reduce the number of letters below the 
laximum, or words incorrectly joined together, contrary to the usage of the 
mguage, cannot be accej)ted as single words. 

! 8. Every separate letter or figure is charged for as one word, and in Euro- 
jean telegrams every group of five figures or letters is counted as one word, 
irger groups being counted at the rate of five figures or letters to a word, plus 

" ne word for any excess. In extra-European telegrams groups of figures or 
; jtters are counted at the rate of tliree to a word, plus one word for any excess. 

=*' iJars of division, decimal points, and stops used in the formation of numbers 

*'!re counted as figures. Letters added to figures to form ordinal numbers are 

'1" lounted as figures. 

"■■' For rates, see next page. 



European Telegrams. — From any part of the United Kingdom. 

s. d. 

Algeria each word 4 

Austria 4^ 

Belgium 2 

Bosnia 5 

Bulgaria 5^ 

Cyprus 1 0.^ 

Denmark 4 

France 2^ 

Germany 3 

Gibraltar 6i 

Greek Islands — 

Corfu 7A 

Other Islands .. S.^. 

Greece and the Isl 
of Poros ea 
Holland ... 
Hungary ... 

Malta ... . 

Portugal ... 
Roumania ... 
Russia (Caucasus) 


s. d. 

. wd 















Europe ea 



... ... 


... ... 


... ... 



... ... 

Turkey in 



TurkeyinAsia — Seap'tsO 1( 

Do. Inland 1 I 

Turkish Islands — 

Candia or Crete 1 j 

Mytelene ... 1 ' 

Rhodes and Samos 1 i 

Scio, or Chios,or Chio I 

Extra-European Telegrams. 

Aden 3 9 

Alabama 2 1 

Arkansas 2 1 

Argentine Republic 10 
Beloochistau ... 4 2 

Bolivia 12 11 

Brazil 9 

Burmah (Independent) 5 1 

California 2 2 

Canada 1 8 

Cape Breton ... 18 
Cape Colony ... 8 11 

Ceylon 4 10 

Chili 10 8 

China — Amoy, Hong 

Kong, and Shanghai 8 4 
Cochin China ... 7 3 
Colon (Aspinwall) 6 10 

Colorado Territory 2 1 
Columbia, District of 1 10 
Columbia, British 2 5 

Connecticut ... 18 

Delaware 1 10 

Egypt — Alexandria 1 7 
Cairo & other Sta'ns, 

Lower Egypt 1 10 

Souakim ... 2 6 

Other Sta'ns. Up.Egp. 2 
Florida — Lake City 2 1 
Pensacola, StMark's 2 1 
Talahassee ... 2 1 
Other places ... 3 2 

Georgia 2 1 

Illinois 1 II 

India (w.of Cbittagong) 4 7 

Do. (east do. )4 10 

Indian Territory ... 2 1 

Indiana 1 11 

Iowa 2 1 

Japan 9 3 

Java 6 10 

Kansas 2 1 

Kentucky 1 11 

Louisiana 2 1 

Madeira ... 

Manitoba ... 
Maryland ... 
Mexico — Matamoras 

Vera Cruz 
Michigan ... 
Minnesota ... 
Missoui'i — St Louis 

Other places 


Natal — Durban .. 

Other places 



New Brunswick .. 
New Hampshire .. 
New Jersey 
New Mexico 
New South Wales 
New York— N.York City 
and Brooklyn 

Other places 
New Zealand 
North Carolina .. 
Nova Scotia 


Orange Free State 






Persian Gulf — Bushire 

All other Stations 
Peru — Arequipa ... 

Callao and Lima 


Prince Edward's Isl'd. 

1 7 

1 8 

2 1 

1 10 

1 8 

2 5 

3 2 

1 11 

2 1 

2 1 

1 11 

2 1 

2 2 

8 10 

8 9 

8 11 

2 1 

2 2 

1 8 

1 2 

1 8 

1 10 

2 2 

10 10 


1 8 

1 10 

11 10 

2 1 

1 8 

1 11 

8 11 

2 2 

5 10 

5 7 

1 10 

1 7 

2 9 

4 2 

12 9 

8 11 

12 9 

1 8 

10 10 

Rhode Island ... 1 

Russia in Asia — IstReg. 1 

2d Region ... 2 

St Vincent, C.deVerde4 

Singapore ... 
South Australia 
South Carolina 
Tasmania ... 
Tennessee ... 
Transvaal ... 





Uruguay — M'teVideo 11 

Utah 2 

Vancouver's Island 2 

Vermont 1 

Victoria 10 

Virginia 1 

Washington Territory 2 

Western Australia 10 

. Cuba — Havana 3 

Santiago ... 4 

Cienfuegos 4 

Other places ... 4 

Jamaica ... 7 

Porto Rico ... 10 

2 St Thomas ... 10 

„ St Croix 10 

fiStKitts 11 

!2; Antigua 11 

'^Guadaloupe ... 12 

H Dominica ... 12 

2 Martinique ... 12 

^ St Lucia ... 12 

St Vincent ... 13 

Barbadoes ... 13 

Grenada ... 13 

Trinidad ... 13 

Demerara ... 15 

Berbice (B. Guiana) 15 

Wisconsin (Milwaukee) 1 

Other places ... 2 

Wyoming 2 

Zanzibar 7 



1 this Table the Book rate for 2 oz. is given, but to those countries to which the rate 
Ji for 2 oz., 1 oz. can be sent for Id. 

BBKEViATiONS. — alt. alternate; ea. mo. each month; ev. every; E. evening, or the 
5 p.m. Mail; M. morning, or the 2.30 p.m. Mail; Mon. Monday; Tu. Tuesday; Wed. 
;\:inesday; Th. Thur. Thursday ; Fri. Friday; Sat. Saturday; ex. exceeding. 


ica (West Coast of) 




iientine Republic, via 

\ Southampton .. 

I „ by French Pkt 
„ via Liverpool.. 





rbadoes, via S'hampton 
,, via Liverpool 




irmuda, via Halifax ., 

„ via New York 


livia, via S'hampton . 
I „ by French Pkt. 
j „ via Liverpool . 


jizil, via Southampton 
!„ via Liverpool 
„ by French Packet 
jitish Guiana, by B. Pkt 
„ by French Pkt. 

enos Ayres 





pe Colony 

ylon, via Brindisi 

I „ by French Pkt.... 

lili, via Southampton ... 

, by French Packet 
,, via Liverpool 
lina, via Brindisi 

„ by French Packet 


;iba, via United States... 
i, by British Packet 
i, by French Packet 




Despatched from 

E, every Thursday 

E, every Thursday 

See Egypt 

Twice daily 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 

M, 8th and 23d each mo. 

E, 2d and 17th each mo. 

M, 14th July & ev. alt. Tu 

Seethesev. Colonies under 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 

E, every Friday 

M, 1st and 16th ea. mo. 

E, 3d and 23d each mo. 

Twice daily 

Twice daily 

•See British Guiana 

M, 16 July &ev. 4th Thur 

E, ev. Thurs. and Sat. 

E, every Thursday 

M, 1st and 16th each mo. 

E, 5th and 22d each mo. 

M, 14t.h July & ev. alt. Tu. 

E, every Thursday 

M, Sth and 23d each mo. 

M, 14 July & ev. alt. Tues. 

E, 17th eacli month 

M, 1st and 16th ea. mo. 

E, 18th each month 

See Argentine Republic 

Twice daily 

iSee Egypt 

M, ev. Tues., Thur., & Sat. 

M, ev. Tues., Thur., & Sat. 

E, every Wednesday 

E, 9th July & ev. alt. Thur. 

E, 2d July <fc ev. alt. Thur. 

M, 1st and 16th each mo. 

E, Sth and 22d each mo. 

M, 14th July & ev. alt. Tu. 

E, 9th July & ev. alt. Thur. 

E, 2d July & ev. alt. Thur. 

M, ev. Wed. & E, ev. Fri. 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs.,& Sat. 

M, 1st each month 

E, 18th each month 

E, every Thursday 

Twice daily 

Due at 

Every Wednesday 
Every Friday 

Twice daily 

13th and 29th ea. mo, 

1st and 15th each mo, 
I2th & 27th each mo 

respective headings. 
Twice daily 
Twice daily 

13th and 29th ea. mo. 

Twice daily 
Twice daily 

Sth July &ev.4thWed 

every Wednesday 
I3th and 29th ea. mo. 

Every Friday 

1st & 14th ea. month 

12th and 25th ea. mo. 
13th & 29th ea. month 
I4tli each month 


Three times a-week 
Every Tues. and Sat. 
Every Saturday 
15 July &ev. alt. Wed 
Sth July&cv.alt.Wed. 
13th and 29th ea. mo. 

15 July &ev. alt. Wed 
Sth July& ev.alt.Wed, 
Ev. Sunday and Thur, 

29th each month 
14th each month 

Twice daily 


gle Rate 1 

of Postage for| 




rA ^ 



s. d. 







































































1 1 










1 1 



1 1 

















Egypt, by Italian Packet 
„ by French Packet 
„ by British Packet 
France and Algeria 





Grey Town 

Guadaloupe, via S'mpton. 
„ by French Pkt. 

Hamburg and Hanover ... 
Hayti, via Southampton 
,, by French Packet 


Honduras (British; 

„ (Kepublic) 
Hong Kong, via Brindisi 

,, by French Pkt. 


Ionian Islands 


Jamaica, via Southampton 

„ by French Pkt. 
Japan, via Brindisi 

„ by French Pkt. 
Java, via Brindisi 

, by French Pkt. ... 


Madagascar (St Mary) ... 

„ other parts 

Madeira ... 



Mexico, via Southampton 
„ by French Pkt. 
„ from New York... 


Monte Video, via Southa. 

,, via Liverpool... 

,, by French Pkt. 

Natal, by Cape Packet ... 

New Brunswick ... 


N. S. Wales, via S. Franc'o 

,, via Brindisi .. 

N. Zealand, viaS. Franc'o. 

„ via Brindisi ... 



Nova Scotia 

Old Calabar 

Panama, via S'hampton... 


Despatched from 

M, every Monday 

M, every Tuesday 

E, every Thursday 

Twice daily 


Twice daily 


E, Mon., Wed., and Fri. 

M, 16th each mo. 

M, 1st and 16th each mo. 

E, 5th, 18th, & 22d ea. mo. 

Twice daily 

M, 1st and 16th ea. mo. 

E, 18th each month 

Twice daily 

E, 1 July & ev. 3 Wed., & 

10 July & ev. 3 Frid. 
M, 1st and 16th ea. mo. 
Same as China. 

E, every Thursday 
E, Mond., Wed., & Thur. 
Twice daily 

M, 1st & 16th each month 
E, 18th each month 
Same as China. 



Same as Egypt 
Same as Mauritius 

E, every Wed. & Thurs. 
M, ev. Wed., Thurs., & Fri. 
M, 25 July & ev. 4th Sat. 
M, 1st each month 
E, IStli each month 
M, Tues., Thu., & Sat. 
Twice daily 
Same as Uruguay 


E, every Wednesday 
M, ev. Tues., Thurs.," & Sat. 
M. 7th July & ev. alt. Tues. 
M, 16 July & ev. 4th Thurs. 
E, every Thursday 
Same as N. S. Wales 

M, 16th each month 

Twice daily 

M, ev. Tues., Th., & Sat. 

E, every Thursday 

M, 1st and 16th each mo. 

Due at 

Every Tuesday 

Every Wednesday 

Every Wednesday 

Twice daily 


Twice daily 


Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 

l?th each month 

13th <fe 29th ea. mo. 

14, 23, & 28th ea. mo. 

Twice daily 

13th and 29th ea. mo, 

14th each month 

Three times daily 

Every Monday. 

Same as China. 

Every Wednesday 
Tuesday & Saturday 
Three times daily 
13th and 29th ea. mo. 
14th each month 
Same as China 



Ev. Tuesday 
Same as Mauritius 

Three times ea. mo. 
Ev. Tues., Thu., <fe Sun. 
6 July & ev. 4th Mon. 
26th each month 
14th each month 


Same as Uruguay 


Every Saturday 

17 Jul V &ev. alt. Fri. 
4th July & ev. 4th Sat, 
Every Wednesday 
Same as N. S. Wales 

14th each month 

Every Friday 

I3th and 29th ea. mo. 

Single Ral 
of Postage 

. d. 












iinama, by French Pkt. 
from New York 

iiraguay, via S'hampton 
I „ by French Pkt. 
Iinang, via Brindisi 

irsia, by Russia 

! „ by Brindisi 
•TU, via Southampton ... 
„ by French Packet 
„ from New York ... 

,, via Liverpool 

lillippine Islands 
,, by French Pkt. 


ffto Rico, via Southam. 
„ by French Pkt. 


Ince Edward's Island, 

leensland, via S. Francis. 
, via Brindisi ... 





Thomas, via Southam. 
„ by French Packet 

; ilonica 

I ngapore 

! nyrna 

; lain 


Iimnam,via Southampton 
1 „ by French Pkt. 

1 veden 

1 yitzerland 


] ahiti, via San Francisco 
1 asmania,via S. Francisco 
l! ,, via Brindisi 

; rebizond 

( rinidad, by British Pkt. 

t„ by French Pkt. 
nited States 
ruguay, via Southamp. 
„ via Liverpool... 
,, by French Pkt. 
lancouver's Island 
I'enezuela, via Southamp. 
„ by French Pkt. 
ictoria, via Brindisi ... 
i ,, via San Francisco 

E, 5th and 22d each mo. 
About lOfh, 20th, and 30th 

each month 

M, 8tli <fc 23d each month 
E, 2d and 17th each mo. 
Same as China 
Twice daily 
Every Thursday 
M, 1st and 16th each mo. 
E, 5th and 22d each mo. 
About 10th, 20th, and 30th 

each month 

E, 14th July &ev.alt.Tues. 

>- Same as China 

Twice daily 

M, 1st and 16fch ea. month 
E, 18th each month 

M, ev. Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 
M, 16th July & ev. 4th Th. 
E, every Thursday 

Twice daily 
Twice daily 

M, 1st and 16th ea. month 
M, 1st and 16th ea. month 
E, 18th each month 
M, ev. Wed., & E, ev. Sat. 
Same as China 
E, every Wed. and Fri. 
Twice daily 
See Egypt 

M, 1st and 16th each mo. 
E, 3d & 18th each month 
Twice daily 
Twice daily 

M, 7 July & ev. alt. Tu. and 
E, 16 July & ev. alt. Thur. 
M, ev. Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 
M, 16th July & ev. 4th Th. 
E, every Thursday 
E, every Wed. and Thurs. 
M, 1st and 16rh each mo. 
E, 22d each month 
E, every Tues. & Friday 
M, ev. Tues., Th., & Sat. 
M, Sth & 23d each month 
M, 14th July & ev. alt. Tues. 
E, 2(1 and 17th each mo. 
See Canada 
M, 16th each month 
E, Sth «fc 22d each month 
E, every Thursday 
JI, 16th July &ev. 4th Th. 
E, letb July & ev. 4th Th. 

18th and 28th ea. mo. 

1st & 14th each mo. 
12th and 27th ea. mo. 
Same as China 

13th and 38th ea. mo, 


13th and 29th ea. mo. 

14th each month 


4th July &ev.4th'sat. 

Every Wednesday 




13th and 29th ea. mo. 

13th and 29th ea. mo. 

14th each month 

Every Monday 

Ev. Sun., Th., & Sat. 

13th and 29th ea. mo. 
14th each month 

Three times daily 
18July&ev. alt.Sat. 

4th July &ev. 4th Sat. 
Every Wednesday 
11 July & ev. alt. Sat. 
13th and 29th ea. mo. 
23d each month 

Three times a- week 
1st and 14th each mo. 

12th and 27th ea mo. 

23d and 28th ea. mo. 
Every Wednesday 
4th July &ev. 4th Sat. 
Sth July &ev.4th Wed. 

Single Rate 

of Postage for 



(B ° 



•~ ■* 



£ 03- 

O +3 


® C 

o o 


^ o 

W C 

s. d 










1 1 

1 1 












1 1 




























1 1 





















































List of Countries which, in addition to Geeat Britain, are 
comprised in the postal union. 

Class A. — Atistria-Himgary, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada (Don 
ion of), Canary Islands, Cyiirus, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Gibrall 
Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Madeira, Malta, Marquesas Islands, Montenej 
Netherlands, Newfoundland, Norway, Persia, via Russia, Portugal, R 
mania, Russia, St Pierre-et-Miquelon, Servia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerla 
Tahiti, Turkey, United States. 

Class B. — Antigua, Argentine Republic, Bahamas, Barbadoes, Bermu 
Brazil, British Guiana, British Honduras, Ceylon, Chili, Costa Rica ; Dan 
Colonies, viz. — Greenland, St Croix, St John, and St Thomas ; Domini 
Dominican Republic (San Domingo), Eucador, Falkland Islands; Frei 
Colonies, viz. — Martinique, Guadaloupe and dependencies, French Guif 
(Cayenne), Senegal and dependencies, Gaboon (also Grand Bassam 
Assinie), Reunion, Mayotte and dependencies, St Mary (Madagascar), i\ 
Caledonia and dependencies, the French portion of the Low Archipela 
and the French Establishments in India (Pondichery, Chandernag 
KariTcal, Make, and YanaonJ and in Cochin China; Gambia, Gold Cos 
Grenada, Grenadines, Guatemala, Hawaiian Islands, Hayti, Hondu 
(Republic of). Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Japan, Lahuan, Lag 
Liberia, Mauritius and dependencies, Mexico, Montserrat ; Netherla 
Colonies, viz. — Dutch Guiana (Surinam), Curacoa and dependencies, viz 
Bonaire, Aruba, the Netherland portion of St Martui, St Eustache, Sa 
Java, 3fadura, Sumatra, Celebes, Borneo (except North-west i^art), Billit 
Archipelago of Banca, Archipelago of Biouiv, Svnda Islands (Bali, Lomh 
Sumbaiva, Floris, and the South-ioest part of Timor), the Archipelago of 
Moluccas, and the North-^vest part of N etc Guinea (Papua) : Nevis, Nicarag" 
Paraguay, Patagonia, Persia, via the Persian Gulf, Peru ; Portugese Coloni 
viz. — -Goa and its dependencies (Damao and Diu), Macao, Timor, Cape de Vt 
and dependencies (Bissau and Cacheu), Ambrizette, Islands of St Thomas a 
Prince (in Africa), with the Establishment of Ajuda, Mozambique, and Ango! 
St Kitts, St Lucia ; St Vincent, West Indies ; Salvador, Sierra Leone ; Span 
Colonies, viz. — Cuba, Porto Rico, Fernando Po, Annobon and dependenci 
Philippine Islands, and Marian Islands ; Straits Settlements, Tobago, Torto 
Trinidad, Turk's Island, United States of Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela. 

The rates of postage for correspondence jjosted in the United Kingd 
addressed to the above countries are as follows : — 


For a 



h oz. 

For Countries in Class A 2id 

For Countries in Class B 
which are not printed 
in italics, and for 
Hong Kong, Japan, 
and New Caledonia, 
via San Francisco. 

For Countries in Class 
B which are printed 
in italics, via Brindisi 

Do. by French Packet 
(eoixept India). 




For a 


For a 


|d per 
2 oz. 

l^d Id per 
4 oz. 



lid per 
4 oz. 

IJd per 
4 oz. 

For a 

per 2 oz. 







Same as for 
Printed Pa- 
pers, except 
that the low- 
est charge for 
each packet 
is 2Jd in all 

For Patten 

Same as 
Printed ], 
pers, exc( 
that asrega; 
those cor 
tries whei'el 
postage is 
halfpenny ] 
2 oz. , the k 
est charge 




Situations of Receiving Houses, Pillar 
* Letter Boxes, &c. 

Hours of Collection on 

Week Days. 


11 I Dock Street, Branch Office, 

*199 Princes St., Receiving House, 


* 90 King Street, 
*128 Hilltown, 
*142 Scouringburn, 
*242 Perth Road, 

* 68 Blackscroft, 

* 57 Hawktiill, 

* 28 Dundonald Street, do., 
Roseangle (Top of) Pillar Letter 


123 Hawkhill, Pillar Letter Box, 
1 Tay Street (North), do., 
Hilltown (Foot of), 

44 Dock Street, 

Carolina Port, 
Ann Street, at top of William St., 

Wall Letter Box, 

Victoria Road, at foot of William 

Street, Wall Letter Box, 

Royal Exchange Letter Box, 


High Street, Wall Letter Box,.., 

West Railway Station, 

75 Annfield Road, 
Perth Rd. (near Western 

Constitution Road (near 

Mains Loan (Foot of), 
4 Strathmartine Road, 
Newport Boat, Letter Box, 

Logie Feus, Wall Letter Box, 

Strathmartine (Bridgefoot), do.. 





8 "30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 

7 30 

8 30 
8 30 
8 30 
8 30 

8 30 

8 30 

8 30 

8 30 
8 30 

8 30 

8 30 

7 30 

7 15 

7 15 



9 45 

8 30 


11 30 

11 30 
11 30 
11 30 
11 30 
11 30 
11 15 

11 30 
11 30 
11 30 
11 30 

11 30 

11 30 

11 30 

11 30 
11 30 

11 45 

11 45 

10 15 

10 30 

11 45 













1 15 

12 30 

1 45 

1 0) 

2 0| 












4 45 


6 45 

6 45 
6 45 

6 45 

6 45 
6 30 

6 15 

6 15 
6 45 
6 45 
6 45 







8 15 

8 30 

8 45 


Open for Money Order and Savings Bank business from9 a.m. till 6 p.m. 
Saturdays, till 8 p.m„ 



I— I 


o o o 




2 n 


: '^ 13 

J^ ' r^ 





•2 S 

: s 

•*i • o 

•2 S ^ 

to eS 03 

: cu '^ 
':3 =« ti 

■s O o 

•*^ I— I 
^ '" a 

to c-S 
• — * aj 
"< _ c3 

S 1^ 
<o t^ ^ 

• ^ c a 






.S '^ 

._] . ^ • 

ca 7 

,-- fcd) : o : 




s^ a 

Ph 5 


S 15 
: Srt; 
• O >> 

o <o 

> ? 


o h 

Pm o 'CO 

h- 1 

■ fa 







P=4 fcJO; 


I «^ 
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( 99 ) 


JBBOT, Alexander, sack and bag maker, 51 Cowgate ; house, 19 

ibbot, Alexander, stevedore, 50 Ferry road 

ibbot, David, mechanic, 5 Catherine street 

.bbot, Gershom, confectioner, 16 Hilltown 

.bbot, James, photographer, 57 Constitution road ; h. 59 

.bbot, James, mechanic, 151 Hawkhill 

bbot, Peter H., accountant, 4 E.1. Exchange pi. ; h. 2 Roxburgh ter. 

bbot, Wm., cabinetmaker, 42 King st. and 17 King's rd, ; ^.46 King's rd, 

bbot, William, sack and bag maker, 96 Blackness rd. ; h. 87 Peddie st. 

bbot, Mrs Alexander, 22 Annfield road 

bbot, Mrs David, confectioner, 80 Blackscroft 

bbot, Mrs, wool and fancy goods, smallware, and furnishing ware- 
house, 100 Nethergate 

bbot, Mrs, manglekeeper, 86 Cowgate 

bbot. Miss E. M., dress and mantle maker, 19 Cowgate 

bbott, Peter, dresser, 5 Ritchie's lane 

berdeenshire Meat Co., wholesale and retail butchers, 20 Wellgate, 
4 Hawkhill, 3 Polepark, 34 Ann street, and 286 Hilltown ; also 
6 Bank street, Lochee 

berdein, James, cabinetmaker, 27 Charles street 

berdein, James, cloth inspector, 133 Victoria road 

ble, James, blacksmith, 99 Perth road 

iam, David, of John Adam & Sons, 37 Rosebank street 

dam, David, bootmaker, 162 Hilltown ; h. 160 

iam, George, flax inspector, Ellen place, 19 Lyon street 

dam, James, grocer and wine mercht. , 25 Hilltown ; h. 67 Seagate 

dam, James, dairyman, 7 Willison street 

dam, James, porter, 90 Dens road 

iam, James, clerk, Dundee Gas Commission ; A. 18 Meadowside 

lam, Jane, dressmaker, 1 Union street, Maxwelltown 

iam, John, of Halket & Adam, Magdalen place 

iam, John, & Sons, plasterers, 15 Park lane 

iam, John, of John Adam & Sons, 37 Rosebank street 

iam, John, joiner, 40 Dallfield walk 

lam, John, grocer and wine mer., 183 Hawkhill; h. 1 Westfield avenue 

lam, John, jun., Magdalen place 

lam, Robert, lock and hinge maker, 31 Overgate ; h. 51 High street 

lam, Robert, calenderworker, 48 Blackscroft 

lam, Robert, watchman, 102 Caldrum street 

lam, Thomas, clerk, Angus Jute Works ; h. 13 Victoria street 

[am, Thos., plumber and gasfitter, 67 South Tay st. ; h. 36 Logic st. 

lam, William, of John Adam & Sons, 101 Hilltown 

Lam, William, agent, Prudential Assurance Co., 18 Dens brae 
am, Mrs, stationer and tobacconist, 29 Lochee road 
ams, Alexander, ironmonger and fancy goods merchant, 121a Hawk- 
hill ; h. Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 
ams, Charles, salesman, 66 Albert street 



Adams, Charles, late seaman, 40 Dura street 

Adams, Charles, hay merchant, 7 Small's wynd ; h. 41 Park wyml 

Adams, George R., engineer, 1 Kemback street 

Adams, George, bootcloser, 8 Bank street 

Adams, George, basketmaker, 24 Seafield road 

ADAMS, HENRY, glove manufacturer, hosier, shirtmaker, &c., 5 H 

street ; A. 3 Windsor street. See Advertisement 
Adams, James, grocer and wine merchant, 9 Constitution street ; / 

East Somerville place 
Adams, James, police constable, 50 Hill street 
Adams, James, harbour weigher, 19 Middle street 
Adams, James Duncan, of J. D. Adams & Co., potato farmer 

merchant, 42 Reform st. ; h. Lundie castle, and 84 Commercial 
Adams, J. D., & Co., clothiers and men's mercers, 42 Reform street 
Adams, James 0., manager Dundee Calendering Co. ; li. 8 Victoria 
Adams, Peter, watchmaker, 20 Albert street ; h. 32 Raglan street 
Adams, Robert, inspector, Forfarshire Constabulary, Courtho 

buildings ; h. 32 Raglan street 
Adams, Robert, calenderworker, 23 Kinloch street 
Adams, Thomas, ironmonger, plumber, and gastitter, 205 Overgate 

9 Parker street 
Adams, William, tenter, 54 J amaica street 

Adams, Mrs Jane, spiritdealer, 12 Castle lane ; h. 33 Castle street 
Adams, Miss Johanira, herbdealer, 9 Dallfield walk 
Adams, Mrs William, dressmaker, 133 Princes street 
Adams, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 62 Princes street 
Adamson, Alex., of James Spence & Co., 13 Clarendon terrace 
Adamson, Alex., teacher of music, Sol-Fa Academy, 7 9 Commercial sti 
Adamson, Rev. Alexander, B.D., Free Chapelshade ; h. 16 Albany 
Adamson, Catherine, draper, 35 Victoria street 

Adamson, Chas., produce broker, 9 Exchange street ; li. Forebank t 
Adamson, David, joiner, 1 Church street. Princes street 
Adamson, David M. , lapper, 7 Langlands street 
Adamson, George, flesher, 5 Craig street 
Adamson, George, mason, 30 Isles' lane 
Adamson, Jas., & Co., coal, brick, lime, cement, and fireclay merchai: 

manufs. of brick, tile, and potterj^ 24 East Dock st. ; tvorhs, Ern litk 
Adamson, James, of James Adamson & Co. , 9 Mountpleasant 
Adamson, John, wholesale grocer, 67 and 71 Seagate ; h. Ava locjUk 

69 Magdalen green 
Adamson, John, carter, 61 Lochee road 
ADAMSON, PETER, machinery merchant, 5, 7, and 9 Allan street ; k 

Seagate. See Adv. 
Adamson, Robert B., clerk, 1 Church street. Princes street 
Adamson, Thomas B., iron turner, 2 Dallfield terrace 
Adainson, William, wireworker and bellhanger, 49 Nethergate ; 1 

Victoria square 
Adamson, William, builder, 15 Stirling street 
Adamson, William, clerk, 61 Watson street 
Adamson, William, mechanic, 3 Stobswell road 
Adamson, William, calenderworker, 2 Ness street 











damson, Miss, 370 Loons road 

ddison, James, lapper, 4 St Matthew street 

die, A. & J,, spinners and manufs., 7 Bell st., and Sonth Anchor Works 

die, Andrew, of A. & J. Adie, Beachtower, Harecraig 

die, Andrew H., precentor. Free St Andrew's Church; h. 51 Main st. 

die, Jamfes, of A. & J. Adie, Thornbank, 102 Ferry road 
ffilgnew, Alexander, solicitor and notary public, 1 1 Reform street ; h. 5 
Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 

iken, George, bookkeeper, 253 Blackness road 

iken, John, compositor, 107 Ann street 

iken, Patrick A., clerk, 1 Mountpleasant 

iken, William, detective officer, 9 Stirling street 
ill timer, George C, cabinetmaker, joiner, and funeral undertaker, 201 
ialii Overgate; li. 225 

imer, Jas. D., coffee, tea, and spice merchant. Arcade bldgs. , Kingst. ; 
rial h. Viewbank terrace, Clepington road 
t imer, William, sewing machine maker, 36 Ferry road 

Linslie, J. G., 17 Strawberrybank 

ir, Andrew, mechanic, 13 Caldrum street 

ir, David, of James F. White & Co., Cedarlea, Broughty Ferry 

ir, Mrs Alexander, 5 Gowrie place 

itchison, John, tinsmith, 45 Cotton road 

itken, Alexander, blacksmith, 71 Albert street 

itken, Allan, mechanic, 9 King's road 

itken, David, platelayer, 10 West Dock street 

dtken, Henry, confectioner, 10 Overgate ', h. S 

dtken, James, grocer and wine merchant, 53 Perth road ; li. 182 

1 dtken, John, chimneysweeper, 53 Ann street 
dtken, John, mechanic, 7 Graham place 
dtken, John, Customhouse officer, Ellen place, 7 Lyon street 
dtken, John, mason, 50 Hill street 
te dtken, Thomas, shoemaker, 115 Hawkhill ; h. 22 Willison street 
dtken, Thomas D., governor. West Poorhouse, Blackness road 
dtken, William, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 76 Dura street 

and 63 High street, Lochee ; h. 67 High street, Lochee 
dtken, Mrs A., draper, 69 Albert street ; h. 75 

iitken, Mrs John, wine and spirit mer., 175 Princes st. ; h. 2 Graham pi. 
ikitken, Mrs T. D., matron. West Poorhouse, Blackness road 
liitken. Miss, music teacher, 75 Albert street 

Ubany Shipping Co. , Limited, 54 Commercial st. ; Jas. Millar, manager 
Ubert Coffeehouse, 127 Overgate ; William Christie, manager 
\.lbion Foundry, 28 Hill street ; Beath & Keay, ironfounders 
Ubion Hotel, 15 Tally street ; David Rodney, proprietor 
Alexander, Adam, printer. Courier and Argus office ; h. 3 Hilltown 
Mexander, Alexander, watchman, 59 Wellgate 
Alexander, Alexander, mason, 42 William street, Forebank 
Alexander, Alexander, vandriver, 70 James street 
Mexander, Ann, confectioner, 18 Hilltown 
Alexander, Charles, & Co., printers and publishers, Dundee Courier and 

Argus office, 34 North Lindsay street 
Alexander, Charles, jun. , 5 Albany terrace 


Alexander, David, merchant, agent for Dundee and Hamburg steamt 

26 St Andrew's street ; h. 8t Phillans, Newport 
Alexander, David, engineer, 5 Kinnaird street 
Alexander, David, bootmaker, 249 Hawkhill 
Alexander, Edward, mason, 20 William street, Forebank 
Alexander, George, carpenter, 15 Glamis street 
Alexander, George, church- olficer, 76 Albert street 
Alexander, H. C., produce mer., 13 Dock st.; h. Longlane cot., B. Fer; 
Alexander, James, brassf ounder, plumber, and gasfitter, 31 Overgate aj 

14 Bank street ; h. 8 Crichton street 
Alexander, James, of Alexander & Law, 4 Lawrence street 
Alexander, James, late stationer, 91 Peddie street 
Alexander, James, joiner, 16 Annfield road 
Alexander, James, gardener, Morgan Hospital, Maryfield 
Alexander, James, stableman, 1 Church street. Princes street 
Alexander, Jessie G., dressmaker, 13 St Peter street 
Alexander, John, agent, 1 Forebank terrace, 20 Forebank road 
Alexander, John R. , traveller, Lochside Brewery ; h. 32 Seagate 
Alexander & Law, slaters, 25 Brown street 
Alexander, Robert, foreman turner. Glebe place, 3 Glebe street 
Alexander, Thomas, seaman, 14 West Dock street 
Alexander, Thomas, 6 Park terrace, Blackness road li 

Alexander, William, town architect, and valuator, 36 North Lindsay si 1 

h. 4 AJbany terrace ', 

Alexander, William, of Laird & Alexander, 3 Parker street 
Alexander, William, clerk, 42 Dallfield terrace 
Alexander, William, joiner and furniture dealer, 12 King's road 
Alexander, William, shipwright, 11 Crescent street 
Alexander, William, draper, 45 Main street 
Alexander, Mrs Charles, 5 Albany terrace 
Alexander, Mrs, grocer, 7 Glamis street 
Alexander, Mrs John, laundress, 151 Princes street 
Alexander, Mrs, 24 Garland place 
Alexander, Miss, 2 West wynd 
Alison, George LLoyd, wine merchant, 14 Panmure street ; h. 58 Hollar' 

road, Kensington, London, W. ' 

Alison, Harry Cecil, clerk, 14 Panmure street ; A. 19 Airlie place j 

Alison, Thos., merchant, 19 and 20 W. Dock st. ; h. Dalhousie cottag| 

West Ferry j 

Alison, William, carpenter, 8 St Matthew street 
Allan, Alexander, solicitor, 26 Seagate ; li. Carnoustie 
Allan, Alexander, clerk, 119 Blackscroft 
Allan, Alexander, signalfitter, 10 West Dock street 
Allan, David M., perfumer and hairdresser, 1 High street ; h. Westfiel 

house, Broughty Ferry 
AUan, David, fishdealer, 181 Perth road ; h. 10 Shepherd's loan 
Allan, George, manager, Albert Mill, Clepington Waste Works ; h. 

Roslin terrace 
Allan, Grant T., general superintendent, London, Edinburgh, and Glas 

gow Assurance Co., Limited, 79 Commercial st.; h. 2 Gowrie plac 
Allan, James, & Sons, perfumers, 11 and 13 Crichton street 



A.llan, James & Alexander, "Allan" Line Royal Mail Steamers, 27 

Panmure street, and 70 Great Clyde street, Glasgow. 
A-Uan, James, of James Allan & Sons, Westfield house, Broughty Ferry 
AJlan, Jas., jun., & Son, hairdressers and perfumers, 19 Ann street 
j Allan, Jas., jun., of James Allan, jun., & Son, 24 Crichton street 
Allan, James, ropemaker, 134 Blackness road 
i|AUan, James, coaldealer, 21 Kinnaird street ; h. 16 Kinloch street 
Allan, James, joiner, 62 Caldrum street 
Allan, James, dockgateman, 38 Lilybank road 
Allan, James, salesman, 86 Peddie street 
Allan, Jane, waitress, 4 Step row 

Allan, John, newsagent and pictureframe maker, SODudhopeCres. rd. ;^.46 
Allan, John, manager. East Port Calender ; h. 27 North Wellington st. 
Allan, John, seaman, 8 Fish street 

Allan, Johnston R., coal merchant, 4 Crescent lane ; h. 6 North Ellen st. 
Allan, Joseph, coal, potato, grain, and pipeclay merchant, 60 Foundry 

lane and 15 Baltic street ; h. Ill Blackscroft 
Allan Line of Royal Mail Steamers ; J. & A. Allan, 27 Panmure street — 

Robert Ferguson, manager 
Allan, Peter, woodturner, 62 Peddie street 

Allan, Robert, confectr., 12 and 14 Meadow st. ; h. Long lane, Bro. Ferry 
[Allan, Robert, manager. Blackness Foundry ; h. 123 Blackness road 
Allan, Samuel, sailmaker, 9 Hunter street 
Allan, Thomas, porter, 2 Russell street 
Allan, William, engineer, 13 Rosefield street 
Allan, William, coaldealer, 69 South Tay street ; h. 1 Ure street 
Allan, William, engineer, 1474 ^^^ street 
l^llan, William, turner, 13 Annfield row 
^llan, Mrs John K., perfumer, hairdresser, and wigmaker, 54 Reform st.; 

h. 10 Airlie terrace 
Allan, Mrs Christina, 26 Arthur -street 
illan, Mrs Elizabeth, 111 Rosebank street 
yian, Mrs James, 26 Seafield road 
yian, Mrs John, Fernbank, Logieden 
Ulan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 23 Ryehill lane 
Ulan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 2 J Catherine street 
jjVllan, Miss R. M., music teacher, Fernbank, Lochee road 
Ulard, Maurice, commer. traveller, Arctic Tannery ; h. Leabank, W. Ferry 
Ulardice, David, sawtrimmer, 22 Gellatly street 
Ulardice, James, warehouseman, 74 North Church street 
Ulardice, Peter, clerk, Police Chambers ; /i. 11 Stirling street 
Ulardice, Wm. D., clerk, 5 Bank st, ; h. Viewbank ter., Clepington rd. 
Ulen, Charles B., clerk, Clarence cottage, 90 Albert street 
Ulen, George E. , clubmaster, Eastern Clab, 3 Albert square 
\.llen, Leonard, teacher of navigation; school, Old Trinity House, 14 

Yeaman shore; and agent for the London Meteorological Office; h. 

Garland villa. West Newport 
jjjIUlison, David, marine engineer, 123 Princes street 
lUlison, James, & Sons, rope and sail makers, shipchandlers, oil and 

bonded and free store merchants, 47 and 48 Dock street 
lUison, James, of James Allison & Sons, 8 Garland place 


Allison, Matthew, of Jas. Allison & Sons, Eclina villa, E. Newport 
Alston, Cauvin S. , governor, H.M. Prison ; h. 8 West Bell street 
Alston, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 7 High street ; h. 2 Craigiete 
Anchor and Douglas Mills, Anchor lane ; J. & H. Gordon, spinners 
Anderson, Alex., merchant, 11 King street ; h. The Grange, Monifiett! 
Anderson, Alex. Black, chemist and druggist, 38 and 201 Princes sti 

121 Blackscroft, and 10 Ferry road ; h. 60 Albert street 
Anderson, Alexander M'G., M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 26 South Tay street 
Anderson, Alexander, spirit merchant, 181 Seagate; h. IE. Whale Ian 
Anderson, Alexander, painter, 105 Cowgate ; h. 9 Middle street 
Anderson, Alexander, confectioner, 20 Arbroath road ; h. 1 Stobswell r<i 
Anderson, Alexander, ironturner, 41 Miinbank road 
Anderson, Alexander, coaldealer, 351 Loons road ; h. 343 
Anderson, Alex., superindt. engineer, D. P. &L. Ship. Co. ; h.l Graham p 
Anderson, Alex., manager, Clepington Waste Works ; h. 6 Tannadice s 
Anderson, Alexander, weigher, 61 Yeaman shore 

Anderson, Alex. , watchmkr. and j eweller, 9 Hilltown ; h. 1 Lowden's alle 
Anderson, Alexander, blacksmith, 54 Princes street 
Anderson, Andrew, warehouseman, 3 Thorter row 
Anderson, Andrew, joiner, 22 Catherine street 
Anderson, Andrew R., advertising agent. Weekly News office ; h. Hi] 

bank place, Monilieth 
Anderson, Andrew, shipwright, 44 Ferry road 
Anderson, Andrew, engineer, 8 Ferry road 

Anderson, Archibald G., hairdresser, 32 Overgate ; h. 249 Hawkhill 
Anderson, Benjamin, mechanic, 15 Lawson place 
Anderson, Charles, housepainter, Arctic place, 79 Arbroath road 
Anderson, Charles, ironturner, 27 Clepington street 
Anderson, Charles, ironturner, 2 Erskine street 

Anderson, Churchill, & Co., linen merchts., 11 King st., and New Yoii 
Anderson, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 52 Wellgate ; h. 29 Stirling stre 
Anderson, David, clothier, 39 Reform street; 7i. 5 Hawkhill place 
Anderson, David, calenderworker, 10 Hospital wynd 
Anderson, David, spiritdealer, 45 Hawkhill ; h. 35 Hunter street 
Anderson, David, professor of dancing, 3 Thorter row 
Anderson, David, joiner, 23 Rose street 
Anderson, David, mechanic, 58 Mains road 
Anderson, David, overseer, 4 Dock street 
Anderson, David, shoemaker, 8 Parker street 
Anderson, David, shipsteward, 31 Exchange street 
Anderson, David, seaman, 46 Charles street 
Anderson, David, tenter, 51 Lochee road 
Anderson, David, fireman, 7 William street, Forebank ■ 
Anderson, David M., mechanic, 2 Craigie street 
Anderson, David S., family grocer and wine merchant, 71 and 73 Princ 

street ; h. 41 Todburn lane 
Anderson, Francis, slater, 4 Elizabeth street ; h. 3 
Anderson, Gardner, & Hepburn, solicitors, 10 Meadowside 
-Anderson, Rev. Gavin, M.A., Free High Church ; h. 20 Albany terras 
Anderson, George, agent. North of Scotland Bank, Ltd., 24 High streei 

h. Gardenhurst, 5 Douglas terrace 



'Anderson, George, slater, 57 Hilltown 

l^nderson, George, gi-ocer and spirit mer., 39 Cotton rd. ; h. 3 S. Ellen st. 
^filnderson, George, bookagent, 26 South Wellington .street 

Anderson, George, hay merchant, 8 Crichton street 
* Anderson, George, carpenter, 143 Blackscroft 

st|JAnderson & Glass, spinners and manufacturers, Ladybank Mill, Mid 
street ; office, 4 India buildings 

[inderson, Henry, engineer, 56 Blackscroft 







esti Union street ; /*. Alexandra place, Carnoustie 

'lit Anderson 
t Anderson 
«| Anderson 
h. 7 

I Anderson 
I Anderson 
I Anderson 

James, draper, 106 Ann street 
James, chemist and druggist, 27 Hilltown, and Arcade build- 
King street ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Jas., registrar of births, &c., 11 Ward rd. ; h. 3 Gowrie place 
Jas., factory manager, Chapelshade Works ; h. 16 Dallfield ter. 
James H., wine and spirit merchant, 18 High street and 28 

James, chartered accountant, 9a Ward rd. ; h. 1 Windsor st. 
James, teacher, Hawkhill Public School ; h. 10 Albert street 
James, dairyman, 3 Union place, Perth road 
James, dockgateman, 35 Ferry road 
James, clei'k, 10 West Dock street 
James, of Anderson & Petrie, 58 Hawkhill 
James, shipmaster, 23 Stanley place, Step row 
James A., shipping and insur. agent, 6 St Andrew's st.; h. 23 
James, foreman painter, 87g Blackscroft 
James, recruiting sergeant, 52 Westport 
James, fireman, 65 Lochee road 
James, joiner, 1 Blackheath place 
James, porter, 59 Wellgate 
James, mason, 3 Tannadice street 
James, factoryworker, 6 Annfield row 
James S., baker, 137 Hilltown ; h. 139 
James, plumber, 5 Temple lane 
James, brassfounder, 11 Meadow street 
James, marine engineer, 1 North William street 
James, plumber, gasfitter, and tinsmith, 66 Ann street ; 
Paterson street 
Jane J. , 3 South Tay street 
Jessie, dressmaker, 89 Peddie street 

John, auctioneer and valuator, 14 New Inn entry ; h. The 
ge, West Ferry 
John, tailor, 8 Charles street 
John, waiter, 1 West Whale lane 
John, builder, 24 Willison street ; h. 10 Albert street 
John, clerk, 10 Roslin terrace, Court street 
John, assistant druggist, 39 Strathmartine road 
John, joiner, 47 Rosebank street 
John, newsagent, 9 Albert street 
John, compositor, 39 Arbroath road 
John, railway signalman, 31 Crescent street 
John, Wright, 14 Gardner's lane 
John, harbour porter, 41 Todburn lane 





Anderson, J. Farmer, yarn merchant, Baltic buildings ; ^. 11 S. George st 
Anderson, Peter, baker, 32 North Lindsay street, and Newport ; Ii. 1. 

Kilnburn place, Newport 
Anderson & Petrie, drapers and milliners, 56 Hawkhill 
Anderson, Robert, of Anderson & Glass, 7 Clarendon terrace 
Anderson, Robert, merchant, 3 Union place, Perth road 
Anderson, Robert, coal merchant, 9 Anniield street ; h. 16 
Anderson, Robt., grocer & spiritdlr., 253 Lochee rd.; 7i. 1 Union pl.,Lochei 
Anderson, Robert, boilermaker, 2 Middle street 
Anderson, Robert, lapper, 11 Mid street, Chapelshade 
Anderson, Robert, railway guard, 3 Kincardine street 
Anderson, Robert, beamer, 46 North Ellen street 
ANDERSON, R. F., civil and mining engineer and patent agent, 84 Com 

mercial st., and Chancery lane, London ; h. 2 Park ter. See ^tZ«.|lB(li 
Anderson & Scobie, coal merchants, 9 Annfield street 
Anderson, Simon, carriage inspector, East Station ; h. 17 Glebe street 
Anderson, Stewart, collector, 46 King's road 
Anderson, Susan, milliner, 10 Hawkhill 
Anderson, Thomas, postman, 25 Mid road 
Anderson, Thomas, clerk, 64a Nethergate 
Anderson, Thomas, plumber, 15 Balfour street 
Anderson, William, bricklayer, builder, and contractor, Craig pier. 

Esplanade ; h. Scotia villa, West Newport 
Anderson, William, butcher, 73 Overgate; h. 4 Willison street 
Anderson, William, flesh er, 89 Peddie street 

Anderson, Wm. G., manager, Dundee Flour Mills; h. 8 RennypL, W.Ferrj 
Anderson, William, producebroker, 8 S. Lindsay st.; h. Hill st., B. Ferrj 
Anderson, Wm., manager, Caledon Shipbuilding yard ; h. 11 Maryfield ter, 
Anderson, William, engineer, Tay Ferries ; h. 8 Graham place 
Anderson, William, market gardener, 66 Polepark rd. ; h. Kirkton of Liff 
Anderson, William, cowfeeder, 58 Constable street 
Anderson, William, draper, 34 Dudhope street ; h. 4 Dallfield walk 
Anderson, William G., engineer, 33 South Wellington street 
Anderson, William, carpenter, 20 Grove street, Springhill 
Anderson, William, commission agent, 3 Pitfour street 
Anderson, William, clerk, 3 South Ellen street 
Anderson, William, porter, 26 Park wynd 
Anderson, William, boilermaker, 3 Glebe street 
Anderson, William, painter, 107 Albert street 
Anderson, William, fireman, 14 North Ellen street 
Anderson, William, millforeman, 14 Gardner's lane 
Anderson, William, draper's assistant, 36 North Ellen street 
Anderson, William, traveller, 12 Wolseley street 
Anderson, William, moulder, 36 Cotton road 

Anderson, William, baker, 2 Gray's square ; h. 4 Carmichael street 
Anderson, William B,, ironplaner, 20 Carmichael street 
Anderson, Mrs A., 66 Wellgate 

Anderson, Mrs E., midwife, 44 North Church street 
Anderson, Mrs George, dressmaker and milliner, 1 Thomson street 
Anderson, Mrs George, linen draper, 64 Ann street 
Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 23 St Andrew's street 


Anderson, Mrs James, butcher, 42 Princes street ; h. 40 

Anderson, Mrs John, 58 Crescent lane 

Anderson, Mrs Patrick, Blackness house 

Anderson, Mrs J., 1 Lowden's alley 

Anderson, Mrs Mary, midwife, 54 Princes street 

Anderson, Mrs Mary, midwife, 117 Ann street 

Anderson, Mrs Thomas, 17 North Wellington street 

A-nderson, Mrs Robert, lodgings, 22 Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Anderson, Mrs R., dressmaker, 71 Crescent street 

A.nderson, Mrs, 31 Springfield 

Aiderson, Mrs, manglekeeper, 5 Baxter street 

A.nderson, Mrs, confectioner, 54 North street 

A.nderson, Mrs, 15 Langlauds street 

Anderson, Miss Jane, teacher, Wallacetown Public School; h. 10 Albert st. 

Anderson, Misses J. & H,, drapers, milliners, and dressmakers, 172 

Hilltown ; h, 47 Rosebank street 
Anderson, Miss, 3 Dalhousie terrace 
Anderson, Miss M. H., dressmaker, 72 King street 
Andrew, James, blacksmith, 24 Charles street 
Andrew, Robert, mechanic, 24 Jamaica street 
[Andrew, William, coachsmith, 34 Dallfield walk 

Andrews, Joseph, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, Hawthorn cottage, 
I North Clepington road 
Andrews, Mrs Lothian, 65 Commercial street 
\ngus, Alexander, cutter, 9 Bonnybank road 

\.ngus, George, accountant, T. & C. Bank, Limited, 5 Albert square 
ij Angus, George, foreman to Wordie & Co. ; h. 5 Baffin street 
1 Angus, George, porter, 38 Hillbank road 
''' Angus, James, mechanic, 98 Albert street 

l^ngus, John S., watchmaker, 8 Balfour street 
ft Angus, Thomas, shore porter, 38 Penny cook lane 
|bigus, Mrs Ellen, hotel-keeper, Waverley Hotel, 7 South Union street 
ikngus. Miss G., tobacconist, 6 Balfour street 

Annan, Mrs Ann, coal merchant, 6 S. Ellen st. ; h. 19 S. Wellington st. 
jLnnan, Miss, Annan terrace, 19 South Wellington street 
iVnnand, James, coachman, 7 Tay Street lane 
jknnand, Thomas, joiner, 29 Rose street 

innfield Works, 246 Hawkhill; D. W. Baxter & Co., spinners and 
linen manufacturers 

inns, Thomas, mercht., 7 Rl. Exchange court; h. 8 Alma ter., Newport 

inton, George, spirit merchant, 4 and 6 Ferry road ; h. 8 

linton, George, clerk. Shore Dues office ; h. Gowrie villa, Liff 

jvnton, James, wine merchant, 131 and 135 Perth road ; h. 155 

uiton, James, cooper and turner, 18 Greenmarket 

Jiton, John, dairyman, 22 Watson's lane 

Jiton, Mrs George, Arcade buildings, King street 

jaton. Miss Elizabeth, lodgings, 43 Constitution road 

.ppleby, Mary A., grocer, 84 Hilltown ; h. 72 

rcher, Alexander, bootmaker, 30 Polepark road ; h. 15 St Mary street 

.rcher, Alexander, labourer, 11 Lawrence street 

iXcher, Alexander, lathsplitter, 15 St Mary street 


Archer, John, joiner, 19 Glebe street 

Archer, Wm., examming officer, H. M. Customs ; h. Ivybank cot. , Downfiel< 

Archer, William B., shipmaster, 1 Strawberrybank 

Archer, Miss, dressmaker, 213 Perth road 

Archibald, David, coaldealer, 27 North Ellen street 

Archibald, Robt., messenger to Harbour Trustees ; h. Harbour chamber 

Archibald, William M., manager, Stubbs' Mercantile offices, 84 Com 

mercial street ; It. 9 Airlie terrace 
Arklay, David, weaver, 52 Ure street 
Arklay, James, overseer, 26 Kincardine street 
Arklie, Andrew M. , clerk, 34 Victoria street 

Arklie, Ebenezer, grocer and provision merchant, 32 Victoria st.; h. 3:j 
Arklie, James R., mechanic, 34 Victoria street 
Arklie, Mary, dressmaker, 51 Crescent street 
Arklie, Thomas, blacksmith, 51 Crescent street 
Armitstead, George, M.P., of George Armitstead & Co. , Kinloch-Laggan 

Kingussie; London address, 4 Cleveland square, St James's, S.W. 
Armitstead, George, & Co. , merchants, 4 Panmure street ; and 21 01 

Broad street, London, E.C. 
Armour, William, teacher, Morgan Hospital, Maryfield 
Armour, Mrs, 7 Laing street 

Armstrong, John, pastrybaker, 27 Arbroath road 
Armstrong, John, fireman, 4 Tindal's wynd 

Armstrong, Wm., wine and spirit mer,, 5New Inn entry; h. 1 Blacknesscres 
Armstrong, Mrs, 7 Ritchie's lane 

Arnold, J. P. , teacher, High School ; h. 3 Rugby terrace, Bro'ty Ferr' j 
Arnot, David, of Robertson & Arnot, Lilybank, Carnoustie 
Arnot, Robert, baker, 7 South Ellen street 
Arnot, William, clerk, 3 Annfield street 
Arrol, William, & Co., of Dalmarnock Iron Works, Glasgow, contracto;j 

for new Tay Bridge ; office, 49 Magdalen green 
Arthur, Alexander, bootmaker, 18 King's road 
Arthur & Co., Limited, warehousemen (Glasgow), 10 Bank street; i\ 

L. Greig and W. H. Wotherspoon, agents 
Arthur, David, & Son, sack manufacturers, 44 St Andrew's street 
Arthur, George, grocer, 89 Princes street 

Arthur, James, inspector of cleansing, Allan street; li. 6 Allan street 
Arthur, John, of David Arthur & Son, 253 Blackness road 
Arthur, John, tenter, 21 Lawson place 
Arthur, Robert, shipfitter, 149 Seagate 
Arthur, William P., calender manager. Dens Works ; h. 21 Albert stre 
Arthur, William, ship's cook, 8 Balfour street 
Arthur, William, clothier's assistant, 8 Forfar road 
Arthur, Mrs David, 12 Nelson street 
Arthur, Mrs S., milliner, 18 St Andrew's place 
Arthurson, Alexander, cab proprietor, 29 Kincardine street 
Ashcroft, Alfred, carpetweaver, 5 Stirling street 
Ashford, John, tailor, 39 North Church street 
Ashford, Mrs Jane, of Clark & Ashford, 18 Albert street 
Ashton Works, 189 Hawkhill ; James K. Caird, manufacturer 
Auchterlonie, William, cabinetmaker, 99 Blackscroft 


lAusten, Miss E. (late John Austen), optician, 15 Nethergate ; h. 2 St 
Johnswood terrace, Westpark road 

Backer, K., picture-frame maker, 6 Daniel street ; h. 1 Temple lane 

Bailey, Edward, fruit and seed mercht., 13 High st. ; h. 10 Garland pL 

Baillie, Alexander F., harbour porter, 8 Graham place 

Baillie, David, cooper, 14 Kinloch street 

Bain, Ann, confectioner, 139 Ann street 

Bain, Colin, head warder, H.M. Prison; A. Prison buildings, West Bell st. 

Bain & Co., coal merchants and contractors, Clepington 

Bain, David D. , commission merchant, agent for Henry Head & Co., of 

London, 62 Commercial street ; h. 10 Garland place 
Bain, David Beattie, M.D., 43 South Tay street 
Bain, Donald, pipe-major, 47 St Andrew's street 
Bain, John, grocer, 12 Dudhope Crescent road ; h. 6 Garland place 
Bain, Peter, jvm. , of Bain & Co., 30 Dundonald street 
Bain & Ramsay, builders and joiners, 20 Watt street 
Bain, Robert, grocei", 5 Parker street 
Bain, William, of Bain & Ramsay, 304 Perth road 
Bain, William, tailor, 4 Forebank road 
Bain, William, clerk, 7 Viewforth street 
Bain, Mrs, 38 Cotton road 

Bain, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 40 Watson street 
Baird, Fleming, blacksmith, 70 Ure street 
,|[ Baird, George, of J. & G. Baird, 2 East Henderson's wynd 
Baird, George, clerk, 185 Princes street 
Baird, George, mechanic, 150 Princes street 
Baird, James, grocer, 8 Watson street 
Baird, James, shoemaker, 29 Charles street 
Baird, James, tailor, 103 Overgate 
Baird, John M., joiner, 22 Miller's wynd 
Baird, John, of J. & G. Baird, 8 Brown street 
Baird, John, clerk, 24 Peddie street 

Baird, J. & G. , nettlebeer manufacturers, 30 Horsewater wynd 
Baird, Marjory S., teacher, Long Wynd Public School ; h. 150 Princes st, 
Baird, Peter W., draper, 44 High street 
Baird, Richard, 88 Hawkhill 
Baird, Mrs Thomas, 22 Miller's wynd 

Baird, Mrs P., draper and clothier, 1 New Inn entry; h. Downfield house 
Baird, Mrs, lodgings, 93 Overgate 
Baird, Miss Catherine B., 46 Magdalen Yard road 

Baird, Miss Johanna, teacher, Hill Street Public School; h. 113 Victoria rd. 
Baker, William, seaman, 33 Paton's lane 
Bald, John, of M'Gregor & Bald, Cairneymount, West Ferry 
Baldy , William D, , clerk, 1 Leng street 
Baldy, Mrs James, 36 Dallfield terrace 
Balfour, Arthur, 19 Paterson street 
Balfour, David, wholesale and retail grocer and wine merchant, 125 

and 127 Hawkhill ; h. 13 Thomson street 
Balfour, David, labourer, 26 Jamaica street 
Balfour, James, machinefitter, 110 Victoria road 



Balfour, James M. , boot and shoe maker, 92 Murraygate ; h. 94 Com' 

mercial street 
Balfour, John, cofFeehouse-keeper, 252 Hawkhill ; A. 22 Miller's wynd 
Balfour, Robert, carter, 24a Hawkhill 

Balfour, R. H., agent, 5 Bain square ; h. 10 Louise ter., West Ferry 
Balfour, William W., spirit merchant, 15 Scouringburn ; h. 42 Westporl 
Balfour, Mrs John, grocer, 138 Princes street 
Balharrie, John, engineer, 31 Crescent street 

Ball, Wm. C, furrier, Arctic Tannery; h. St Roque's cottage, W. Ferri 
Ballantine, Earnest, grocer, 9 Watson street 

Ballantine, Mrs James, wine and spirit mercht. , 34 Dens rd. ; h. 9 Ellen st 
Ballantine, Mrs Peter, 301 Loons road 
Baliantyne, Austin, blacksmith, 23 Stirling street 

Ballingall, David, wine and spirit merchant, 55 Dock street ; h. Hop st 
Ballingall, George, manager, coflfeerooms, 6 Dock street ; h. 4 
Ballingall, Hugh, of Ballingall & Son, Ardarroch, 3 Douglas terrace 
Ballingall & Son, brewers, maltsters, and hop merchants. Park an(|ini( 

Pleasance Breweries, Lochee road ; office, 6 Hop street 
Ballingall, William B. , wine and spirit merchant, 55, 57, and 59 Westport 

h. St Mary's terrace 
Balmain, Isaac, mechanic, 10 Arthur street 
Balsillie, John, grain porter, 2 Blyth place 

Baltic Linen Works, 28 Annfield road ; Hardie & Smith, manufacturersHrri 
Band, David, jute salesman, 10 Panmure street; h. Balgay ter., Loche< 
Bank Mill, 40 Milnbank road ; P. Spence Mudie, manufacturer 
Bank of Scotland, 34 Reform street ; Fulton Spiers, agent 
Banks, Alexander, manager, printing department. Advertiser office 

h. 178 Perth road 
Banks, Alexander M., shipagent, 30 Dock street ; h. 8 Albany terrace 
Banks, David, carpenter, 126 Princes street 

Banks, James, manager. South Anchor Works ; h. 149 Blackness road 
Banks, John, sackmaker, 50 Rosebank street ; h. 6 Garland place 
Banks, William, sub-editor, Advertiser office ; h. 3 Dalhousie terrace 
Banks, William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Constitution road ; 

h. 3 Blackness terrace 
Banks, William E., agent for A. Campbell & Co., brewers, Edinburgh,] 

10 Shore terrace ; h. 6 Annfield row 
Bannerman, David, town chamberlain, Townhouse, 14J High street ; h. 

Terrace house, Carnoustie 
Bannerman, John, joiner, 8 Kincardine street 
Bannerman, John, clerk, 5 Temple lane 
Baj)tie, Miss J. S., manageress, steam laundry, Tait's lane ; h. Laundry 

cottage, Tait's lane 
Barclay, James, draper, 3 Pitfour street 
Barclay, James, painter, 21 Mains road 
Barclay, John, & Sons, umbrellamakers, 5 Barrack street 
Barclay, John, of John Barclay & Sons, 38 Hawkhill 
Barclay, John, dresser, 203 Lochee road 
Barclay, Margaret, umbrellamaker, 12 Barrack street 
Barclay, William, landscape painter, 14 Barrack street 
Barclay, Wm., of Boyack, Barclay, & Qo., Marine villa, Broughty Ferry 




.Barclay, William, railway guard, 11 Glebe street 

parland, James, governor, teacher, and missionary, Deaf and Dumb 
Institution, Dudhopebank, Lochee road 

tARLOW, T. C, silk and bunting flag manufacturer, and artist in fireworks, 
103 Bath street, Glasgow. See Adv. 

Jarnes, Ann & Elizabeth, dairy keepers, 235 Hilltown ; h.lSi Rosebank st. 
^iJarnes, James, newsagent, stationer, and tobacconist, 270 Hilltown; 
[ A. 131 Rosebank street 

Jarnet, James W., of Thomas Thornton, Son, & Co., 3 Woodville place 
■] Jarnet, James, factory worker, 76 Strathmartine road 

Jarnet, James, joiner, 6 Malcolm street 
it{arnet, James, milloverseer, 94 Dens road 

larnet, Keith, blacksmith, 94 Dens road 

tarnet, William, feuar, 171 Hilltown 
jlarnet, William, clerk, 4 Derby street 

»arnet, William D. , law-clerk, 70 North Church street 

larnet, Mrs, coffeehouse-keeper, 72 Strathmartine road ; h. 76 

larnett, James, broker, 5 Session street 

arnett, William, stationer and tobacconist, 102 Ann street 

arnie, George, engineer, 12 Park lane 

arnie, John, copper, tin, and plumber works, King William "dock : h 
25 Hawkhill 

arrie, Alex., houseagent, 13 Overgate; h. 12 Sea view pi., Bro'ty Ferry 

arrie, Charles, shipowner, ship and insurance broker, and ao-ent for 
the " City " Line of Steamers, 41 Albert square ; h. 8 Westfield pi. 

arrie, David, carting contractor, 10 Shore terrace ; h. 39 Hilltown 

/lERIE, G. & P., aerated water manufacturers, Carbon Aerated Water 
Works,Premier pi. , 109 Albert street; office, 34 Bell street. 'See Adv. 

arrie, George, of G. & P. Barrie, Premier place, 109 Albert street 

arrie, James, patternmaker, 11 Westport 

arrie, James, fireman, 10 North Ellen street 

irrie, John, grocer, 123a Perth road ; h. 86 Annfield road 

irrie, John, Joiner, 123 Murraygate 

irrie, John, seaman, 44 Annfield row 

irrie, Joseph J., merchant, commission and insurance agent, lOPanmure 
street ; h. The Vine, Magdalen green 

irrie, Peter, of G. & P. Barrie, Premier place, 109 Albert street 

irrie, Robert S., mercantile stationer, printer, lithographer, and book- 
binder, 16 Panmure st. ; h. 31 Wellgate ; pi^inting office, 29 Panmure st. 

irrie, Robert, mechanic, 24 Lawson place 

irrie, Thomas, milloverseer, 111 Rosebank street 

rrie, William, tailor, 48 Union street 
li]|i,rrie, William M., collector, 6 M'Vicar's lane 

;rrie, William, mechanic, 38 Hillbank road 

,rrie, Mrs Charles, grocer and spiritdealer, 126 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 128 

,rrie, Mrs George, 1 Westfield avenue 

irrie, Mrs Jessie, 30 King's road 

-rron, Geo., aerated water manufacturer, 73 Hilltown; h. 19 Kinloch st. 

,rron, James, hosier, glover, smallware and fancy goods merchant, 38 
Nethergate ; h. Braeknowe, West Newport 

,rron, James, draper and clothier, 24|^ Ann st. ; h. 7 Roslin terrace 


Barron, Peter C, joiner, 80 Pedclie street i. 

Barron, Peter, carriage inspector, West Station ; /*. Balgay lodge 
Bari-owman, John, manager, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Socie' 

Limited, Trades' lane ; h. 10 Taymouth place, Broughty Ferry 
Barry, Arthur, 24 Garland place 
Barry, James, baker, 70 King street ; h. 72 
Bartholomew, John M., of Bartholomew & Marshall, 32 Dudhope Ores, re 
Bartholomew & Marshall, ironfounders. Star Foundry, 62 Bell street 
Bartleman, John, cashier, 3 Rustic place 
Barty, David, boilermaker, 51 Larch street 
Barty, Stuart, coaldealer, 16 Cherryfield lane 
Basford, Miss Jane M., dressmaker, 42 South Tay street 
Baskerville, Mrs Jane, ironer, 11 Lyon street 
Bason, Thomas, dairyman, 6 Springhill place ; 7^ 59 Ferry road 
Batchelor, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 236 Lochee road 
Batchelor, David, coppersmith and plumber, west end of Victoria doc 

h. 62 Ferry road 
Batchelor, David, sanitary inspector, 41 Rosebank street 
Batchelor, David, cabinetmaker, 20 Baxter street 
Batchelor, George, plumber, 6 Hawkhill ; h. 3 Balfour street 
Batchelor, George, overseer, 15 Balfour street 
Batchelor, James, coppersmith, 13 Middle street 
Batchelor, Mrs Francis, farmer, Craigie Home Farm 
Batchelor, Mrs George, West Craigie 

Batchelor, Mrs Gershom, apartments, 11 South Union street 
Batchelor, Mrs James, manglekeeper, 28 Pennycook lane 
Batchelor, Mrs John, 28 Balfour street 
Batchelor, Mrs Stewart, 166 Perth road 
Batchelor, Mrs, 1 Westfield lane 

Bates, James, commission agent, 25 Dock street ; h. 17 Airlie place 
Bathie, David, night watchman, 16 Malcolm street 
Bathie, Peter, dairyman, 251 Blackness road 
Bathie, William, of Dodds & Bathie, Hydepark, Arbroath 
Bathie, William G., shoemaker, 63 Scoiiringburn 
Bathie, Mrs John, greengrocer, 96 Princes street ; h. 98 
Baxter, Alexander, joiner, 13 Wolseley street 
Baxter, Allan, of W. & A. Baxtei', Eden lodge 
Baxter Bi'othei-s & Co., spinners and manufacturers, Dens Works; oj j 

7 King street 
Baxter, Charles R. , wine and spirit broker and exporter, and impo; 

of foreign and colonial produce, 4 Horse wynd ; h. 2 Magdalen p^ 
Baxter, Charles, of Charles R. Baxter, 1 Alma terrace, Newport 
Baxter & Co., merchants, Baltic buildings 
Baxter, David, saddler, trunk and portmanteau maker, 5 and 7 Ca 

street ; h. Bloomtield cottage, Newport 
Baxter, David H., ironturner, 15 Mid street 
Baxter, David W., of D. W. Baxter & Co., Waterloo cottage, Anntield 1 
Baxter, David S., bootmaker and fancy goods merchant, 218 Hawkl 

h. 11 Rosefield street W- 

Baxter, D. W., & Co., spinners and manufacturers. Temple Mill 

Annfield Works, 246 Hawkhill 




Baxter, Edward A., of Baxter & Co., Ashcliff, Perth road 
Baxter, Geo. W., of Baxter Brothers & Co., 4 Grosvenor terrace, Perth rd. 
Baxter, George, tailor, 142 Hilltown 

Baxter, George, pawnbroker, 126 Victoria road ; h. 1 Lamb's lane 
Baxter, George H., foreman, Seafield Road Factory; h. 37 Step row 
Baxter, George, hairdresser, 218 Hawkhill ; li. 11 Rosefield street 
Baxter, George, currier, 13 Cochrane street 
i Baxter, Henry, & Forbes, produce brokers, 7 Shore terrace 
Baxter, Henry, of H. Baxter & Forbes, 6 Alma terrace. West Newport 
Baxter, Horatio T., solicitor, 87 Commercial street ; h. Magdalen place 
Baxter, Hugh, clerk, 83 Commercial street ; h. 4 Magdalen Yard road 
5axter, James A., clerk, 16 Baffin street 
Baxter, James B., compositor, 2 Ogilvie's road 
Jaxter, James, railway porter, 5 Milnbank road 
ijBaxter, John B., of J. & W. Baxter, 24 Garland place 
iaxter, John, powerloom manager, Taybank Works ; h. 71 Albert st. 
?axter, John, lithographer, 8 Daniel street 
Jaxter, John D., clerk, 18 Albert street 
Jaxter, John, mechanic, 43 Princes street 
iaxter, John, sailmaker, 284 Perth road 
Jaxter, John, machinefitter, 12 Craigie street 
Jaxter, J. & W., butchers, 143 Hilltown 

Jaxter, RichardL.,mercht.,81Murraygate; h. Eden lodge, 95 Arbroath rd. 
Jaxter, Robert, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, rope and twine 

makers, 64 and 66 Bell street 
iaxter, Robert, of Robert Baxter & Co., Invertay cottage, Broughty Ferry 
Jaxter, Robert S., of Chas. R. Baxter, 6 Rugby terrace, Broughty Ferry 
•axter, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 144 Hilltown ; h. 1 Rustic pi. 
iaxter, Robert, clerk, 4 Wolseley street 

•axter, Thomas D., commission agent, 246 Perth road 

•axter, Thos. H., grocer and spirit merchant, 100 Blackness road; h. 46 
Watson's lane 

Iaxter, Walter, of W. & A. Baxter, Thorniebank cottage, Maryfield 

axter, Right Hon. W. E., M.P., Kincaldrum, Forfar 

axter, William B., of J. & W. Baxter, 24 Garland place 

axter, William, coal merchant, Tay bridge Station ; h. 17 Todburn lane 
I iaxter, William, ironturner, 68 Bell street 

axter, William, clerk, 40 Seafield road 

axter, William, ironmoulder, 63 North Wellington street 
jaxter, W. & A., solicitors and notaries public, 81 Murraygate 
Iaxter, Mrs C. M., 165 Victoria road 

axter, Mrs Charlotte, dressmaker, 32 Main street 
(|j|axter, Mrs Gordon, 61 Cowgate 

axter, Mrs Jessie, stationer, 19 Princes street ; 7i. 17 

axter, Mrs John M., Eden lodge, 95 Arbroath road 

axter, Mrs John, Craigie, Ferry road 

axter, Mrs J., greengrocer, 28 Hilltown 

axter, Mrs Margaret, 44 King street 

axter, Mrs, confectioner, 37 Larch street 

axter, Mrs, lodgings, Bank buildings, 3 King's road 

axter, Misses Elizabeth & Jane, 3 King street 


Baxter, Miss May H., 1 Graham place 

Baxter, Miss, music teacher, 284 Perth road 

Baxter, Miss, 3 Craigiebank terrace, Pitkerro road 

Bayne, William, housefactor, 4 Dallfield walk 

Beam, Robert, fireman, 15 Bain square 

Beat, Charles, greengrocer, 24 Union place, Perth road ; h. 22 

Beat, Charles, fishdealer, 42 Hawkhill 

Beat, John, calender overseer, 42 St Mary's place 

Beat, John, lithographer, 26 Union place, Perth road 

Beat, William, confectioner, 13 Springhill place. Ferry road 

Beath, David, currier, 23 High street 

Beath, James, manager, 32 Dudhope street 

Beath, John, of Beath & Keay, 20 South George street 

Beath, John, grocer, 24 William st., Forebank; h. 20 South George s 

BEATH & KEAY, ironfounders, Albion Foundry, 28 Hill street. See A^ 

Beats, Alexander, & Son, slaters, 52 North Lindsay street 

Beats, Alexander, of Alexander Beats & Son, 68 Bell street 

Beats, Alexander, jun. , of Alex. Beats & Son, 27 Constitution road 

Beats, James, milloverseer, 4 Hunter street 

Beatson, Mrs Isabella, grocer, 20^ Alexander street ; h. 20 

Beatt, Charles, ironmonger, 43 Constitution road 

Beattie, Chas., confectr., 9 0vergateand44 Scouringburn; /i. 24 Bank 

Beattie, George, plumber, 21 Charles street 

Beattie, Jas., produce merch., 3 Exchange st.; h. 10 Kilnburn pi., N'p 

Beattie, Peter, confectioner and pastrybaker, 71 Overgate ; h. 77 

Beattie, Robert, bundler, 61 Alexajider street 

Beattie, Robt. P:, district superintendent (Industrial) London, Ed- 

burgh, and Glasgow Assurance Co., 79 Commercial street 
Beattie, William, brushmaker, 52 and 54 Barrack street ; h. 2 Park t 
Beattie, Miss Helen, lodgings, 25 South Lindsay street 
Beattie, Miss, Annan terrace, 19 South Wellington street 
Beatts, Charles, 143 Victoria road 
Beatts, David B., warehouseman, 32 South Tay street 
Beatts, John M., auctioneer, valvxator, and agent, 49 St Andrew's str 
Beatts, John, foreman mechanic, 38 Hillbank road 
Beaumont, Robert, leatherdresser, 8 Charles street 
Begbie, John, assistant inspector of poor, 17 North Wellington stree 
Begbie, William F., grocer and wine merchant, 2 and 4 Greenmark 

h. 24 Crichton street 
Begbie, William, compositor, 51 Meadowside 
Begg, Arthur, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 106 Commercial street 
Begg, Arthu.r, of Arthur Begg & Son, The Limes, East Somerville pi 
Begg, Arthur, cloth inspector, 5 South Ellen street 
Begg, David G., of Arthur Begg & Son, 15 Louise terrace. West Fen 
Begg, F. A., millmanager, Lady bank Mill ; /i. 20 Dallfield terrace 
Begg, Robert, carpenter, 219 Blackness road 

Begg, Wm. , grocer and spirit merchant, 109 Perth road ; h. 3 Ryehill 1; 
Begg, Mrs, 12 King street 
Begley, John, broker, 22^ James street 

Beharrie, Alexander, tobacconist, 41 Dock street ; h. 63 Gellatly sti 
Beharrie, Alexander, clerk, 98 Rosebank street 


Jeharrie, William, mechanic, 20 Baxter street 

Jehrens, S. L., & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 63 Cowgate, and 
at 80 and 82 Mitchell street, Glasgow 

Behrens, Mrs John G., Thistle cottage, Shamrock street 

3elford, James, manager to A, & G. Taylor, photographers ; h. 2 Dal- 
housie terrace 

Belford, John, stationer, 110 Murraygate ; h. 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Belgium, Vice-consul for — R. J. Niven, 37 Albert square 

iJell, Alexander, spirit merchant's assistant, 86 Albert street 

Bell, Alexander H., merchant, 12 Panmure st. ; h. Tay cliff, Harecraig 

Bell, Alexander, warder, H.M. Prison ; h. 133 Blackness road 

Bell, Alexander, tea merchant, 41 Cowgate ; h. Friar street, Perth 

Bell, Rev. Arch., M. A.,Chapelshade Est.Ch.; A. Ashton villa. Shamrock st. 

Bell, David, joiner, 52 Constable street 

Bell, David, joiner, 8 Strathmartine road 

Bell, David, funeral undertaker, 51 Ann street 

Bell, George, pawnbroker, 74, 76, and 78 Cowgate; h. 63 Gellatly street 

Bell, George G. , of James Bell & Sons, Myrtlebank, East Newport 

Bell, George Jarvis, Belmont, 15 Perth road 

Bell, Hay, stationer and ironmonger, 26 Dundonald street and 26 Watson 

1 street ; h. 2 Wolseley street 

.jBell, James, & Sons, wholesale grocers and tea merchants, N. Lindsay st. 

Bell, James F., of James Bell & Sons, Newington terrace, Bro'ty Ferry 
JBell, James, of Bell & Sime, Gowanbank, Lochee road 

iBell, James Harriott, of Thomas Bell & Sons, Belmont, 15 Perth road 

Bell, James, grocer, 82 Lochee road 

Bell, James M. , merchant, 2 India buildings 

Bell, Jas., telegraphist, Post Office; h. Greenlaw place, Clepington road 

Bell, James, seaman, 15 Lawrence street 

Bell, John W., of Thomas Bell & Sons, Belmont, 15 Perth road 

Bell, John, cowfeeder, 21 Cleghorn street ; h. 19 

Bell, John W., Morton's square, 31 Wellgate 

Bell, John, bootcloser, 96 Hilltown 

jBell, John, telegraphist. Post Office ; h. 17 Step row 

iBell, Peter, clerk, 16 Cleghorn street 

tell, Peter, patternmaker, 8 Parker street 
JBell, Rannie, & Co., wine merchants, 44 Reform street 

5ell, Richard, milloverseer, 96 Dens road 

Bell, Robert, trimming merchant, 74 North Church street 

Jell, Robert, baker, 35 Cotton road 

Jell, Robert, confectioner and grocer, 24 Dundonald street ; h. 22 

Bell, Robert, house proprietor, 17 Cleghorn street 

Jell, Robert, joiner, Scott street; h. 247 Blackness road 

Jell & Sime, timber merchants. Marine parade 

i I Jell, Susan, dressmaker, 42 Blackness road ; h. 11 Cochrane street 
jBell, Thomas, & Sons, floorcloth canvas manufacturers and export 
j merchants, Belmont Works, 118 Hawkhill 
/Bell, Thomas, of Thomas Bell & Sons, Belmont, 15 Perth road 
Bell, Thomas, stereotyper, 48 Annfield row 

Bell, Thomas, jun., of Thomas Bell & Sons, Hazel wood, W. Ferry 
|iell, William F. , of James Bell & Sons, Woodmuir, West Newport 


Bell, William, tailor and. clothier, 10 High street 

Bell, William, late of H.M. Customs, 3 Arbroath road 

Bell, William, waste merchant, 18 and 20 Baltic st. ; h. 12 Dallfield tei 

Bell, William, mechanic, 5 Milnbank road 

Bell, William, tailor, 68 Nethergate 

Bell, William, fishdealer, 84 James street 

Bell, Mrs Jessie, milliner, 72 Princes street 

Bell, Mrs Adam, greengrocer, 153 Perth road 

Bell, Mrs John, 16 King's road 

Bell, Mrs Mary, confectioner, 149 Perth road 

Bell, Mrs William, Hawkhill house, 10 Hawkhill place 

Bell, Mrs J., lodginghouse keeper, 51 Overgate 

Bell, Mrs, Taycliff, Harecraig 

Belmont Works, 118 Hawkhill; Thomas Bell & Sons, merchants ant 

floorcloth canvas manufacturers 
Bell wood, J., & Co., general printers, 4 J High street 
Bennet, Alexander, mechanic, 1 Meadow entry 
Bennet, Charles M., joiner, 11 East Henderson's wynd 
BENNET, DAVID, joiner, cartwright, and blacksmith, 20 and 22 Eas 

Henderson's wynd ; h. 11. tSee Adv. 
Bennet, David, jun., joiner, 11 East Henderson's wynd 
Bennet, Robert B., cabinetmaker, 11 East Henderson's wynd 
Bennet, William, woodturner, 35 Lower pleasance 
Bennet, William, coaldealer, 33 Miller's wynd ; h. 39 
Bennet, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 7 Park lane 
Bennett, Thos., boot, shoe, and clog maker, 123 Overgate ; h. 19 Stanley 

place. Step row 
Benny, Agnes W. , babylinen establishment, 55 Hilltown ; A. 36 
Benny, David, overseer, Fairley place, Clepington road 
Benvie, William, house proprietor, 9 Somerville place 
Ben vie, William H., calenderer and sack manufacturer, King Streef 

Calender, 21 King street ; h. Daisybank, Mary field 
Beocher, John, cabinetmaker, 137 Lochee road 
Berg, E. P., secretary, North Sea Steam Shipping Co., 4 Pamnure street 

h. Seafield, Broughty Ferry 
Bermingham, Mrs Bridget, confectioner and tobacconist, 59 Scouring 

burn ; h. Rosefield place 
Berry, James, produce merchant and corn factor, 13 Shore terrace ; A.j 

25 Springfield ^ 

Berry, John, chairmaker, 14 North Ellen street 
Berry, Thomas, & Co., mill and factory furnishers, 53 Cowgate | 

Berry, Thomas, of Thomas Berry & Co., yarn and linen merchant, 52 

Cowgate ; h. 11 Renny place, West Ferry 
Bertie, James, carpenter, 26 St Roque's lane 
Bertie, James, joiner, IS Belltield lane 
Bertie, Thomas, cooper, 24 St Roque's lane 

Bertie, William, teacher, Balfour Street Public School; h. 11 Springfield 
Bertie, William, grocer, 144 Overgate ; h. 138 
Best, John W., leatherdresser, 25 South Lindsay street 
Bett, James, plumber, 26 Bell street 
Bett, Thomas, & Co., flax merchants, 21 Albert square 




?ett, William E., joiner,. 17 Stanley place, Step row 
lett, Misses, 3 Springfield 
Jetts, Mrs Helen, grocer, 52 Hilltown 
Jeveridge, Geo., sanitary inspector, 13 Blackness street 
5everidge, George, clerk, 28 Balfour street 
5everidge, James, police constable, 3 Kincardine street 
5everidge, James, factory overseer, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
»everidge, Meldrum, sergeant of police, 21 Kincardine street 
Jeveridge, William, assistant librarian, Free Library; h. 6 M 'Vicar's lane 
ieveridge, William, tinsmith, 6 Dallfield terrace 
Severidge, Mrs, confectioner, 120 Lochee road 
tewick, George, factory overseer, 25 Langlands street 
liewick, Peter, traveller, 30 Thomson street 
iewick, Thomas, weaver, 47 Annfield road 
ilewick, Mrs, 3 Step row 

I'.iggar, Thos. R., clerk, 97 Seagate ; h. 5 Bafiin street 
ilinney, Alexander, millforeman, 3 Mitchell street 
jiinny, James, clerk, 8 Park terrace 
flird, Thomas, jun., pianoforte tuner, 13 Stirling street 
lirnie, Alexander, photographic apparatus maker, 118 Perth road ; h. 

3 Magdalen Yard road 
(lirnie, David, late moulder, 23 Mains loan 
jlirnie, Edward, engineer and machine merchant, 101 Hilltown; h. 22 

Clark street 
jlirnie, John, clerk, 98 Ferry road 
irnie, Robert, moulder, 12 Lawrence street 
irnie, Mrs Eleanor, 43 Union street 
lirrell, Andrew, bootmaker, 113 Overgate ; h. 103 
irrell, John, teacher, Euclid Crescent School ; h. 1 West Bell street 
lirrell, John F., shipping and insurance agent, 123 Murraygate ; h. 5 
t Victoria place. West Ferry 

firrell, John W., insurance broker, 23 Panmure st. ; h. 43 Peddie street 
iirrell, Peter G., waiter, 49 Gellatly street 
[irrell, William, dresser, 2 Dens brae 
jiirse, David, joiner, 3 Castle lane 
irse, James, shoemaker, 35 Victoria road 
irse, William, frenchpolisher, 7 Bruce street 
jirse, Mrs Thomas, 12 Elizabeth street 
jiirse, Mrs, midwife, 11 Blackness street 

I isset, A. Stephen, bookkeeper, Ashbank, East Somerville place 
; isset, Christopher J., architect, 123 Victoria road 
isset & Co., tailors, 157 Victoria road 
isset, David, agent, East Coast Railways, 33 Cowgate; h. 1 St Vincent 

street, Broughty Ferry 
isset, George S., merchant and manufacturer, 8 Panmure street ; h, 7 
: Alma terrace. West N ewport 

Jisset, James, sheriff-officer, 51 High street ; h. 10 Albert street 
isset, James, baker, 310 Perth road ; h. 306 
asset, John, 22 Air lie place 

isset, William, saddler, 57 Reform st. ; h. Ashbank, E. Somerville place 
Ifisset, William, compositor, Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 







Bisset, Mrs, 2 Urquhart street 

Bissett, Gray, solicitor and notary public, 12 Bank st. ; h. Gowanbanl 

Broughty Perry 
Bissett, Thomas, feuar, 99 Lochee road 
Black, Alexander D. , flax inspector, 3 Dallfield terrace 
Black, Alexander, tailor, 119 Blackscroft 
Black, Andrew, gardener, 34 Pennycook lane 

Black, Rev. Archibald, Ogilvie Free Church ; h. 2 Craigiebank terrace 
Black, David L., painter and paperhanger, 9 Shore terrace ; h. 10 
Black, David, gardener, 1 Hean's lane 
Black, David, piermaster. Harbour ; h. 30 Balfour street 
Black, David, seaman, Lorimer street 
Black, David, clerk, 84 Peddie street 
Black, Edmund, mercht., 2 India buildings ; /«. Lower Victoria, Carnoustj 
Black, Elizabeth D., dressmaker, 3 Dallfield terrace j c, 

Black, Geo., accountant, Union Bank ; h. St Mary's terrace, Downfiel' y, 
Black, George B. , clerk, 2 Baltic buildings ; /*. Maryfield, Tayport 
Black, James, draper, 39 Strathmartine road 
Black, James, bootmaker, 51 Nethergate ; h. 13 Park entry 
Black, James, greengrocer, 197 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Blackheath place 
Black, James, shoemaker, 26 West wynd 
Black, James M., 1 West Bell street 
Black, James, tailor, 30 Balfour street K 

Black, John 0., baker, 12 Hawkhill ; h. 10 " 

Black, John, milloverseer, 10 Lawrence street 
Black, John, clerk, D. & A. Joint Pi,ailway ; h. Tayport 
Black, John, shoemaker, 103 Lochee road 
Black, Michael, weaver, 28 Annfield row 
Black, Peter, factory worker, 29 St Salvador street 
Black, Robt., manager, Rosebank Works, Victoria crescent, 1 Lamb's lai' 
Black, R. W. , commercial traveller, 34 Seagate 
Black, William M. , school and market bag manufacturer, 1 Jamaica st 

li. Dalhousie lodge, Carnoustie 
Black, William, ironmonger, and bicycle and tricycle dealer, 94 and i 

Murraygate ; h. 74 Seagate 
Black, William, coal merchant, 58 Victoria road ; h. 3 Hilltown 
Black, Mrs Andrew, 4 Lawrence street 

Black, Mrs B., coaldealer, 18 Small's wynd ; li. 1 Hean's lane 
Black, Mrs David, baker, 5 North Lindsay street ; h. 7 
Black, Mrs Isabella, spiritdealer, 137 Blackscroft ; h. 61 Ferry road 
Black, Mrs John, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Gellatly street ; h. "t 

Commercial street 
Black, Mrs Thomas, 16 North Ellen street 
Black, Mrs, teacher, 34 Seagate 
Black, Mrs, manglekeeper, 23 South Ellen street 
Black, Mrs, 1 St Peter street 
Black, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 3 Bruce street 
Black, Miss, dressmaker, 308 Perth road 

Black, Miss A. F., milliner, dress and mantle maker, 1 St Peter streel 
Blackadder, Robert, civil engineer and architect, 41 Reform street ; } 

7 Duntrune terrace. West Ferry 



Qackie, Matthew, commission merchant, auctioneer, and valuator, 123 
Murray-gate ; h. Albert street, Tayport 
ackie & Son, publishers, booksellers, and bookbinders, 37 Union st ; 

I John Brown, agent 

51acklaws, John, cabinetmaker, 31 Westport and 3 Small's wynd ; h. 
15 Step row 

Slackness Factory, Blackness road ; Douglas, Reid, & Co., manufacturers 

Slackness Foundry, Larch street; Urquhart, Lindsay, & Co., engineers 

Jlackwood, Henry, manager, Dundee Aerated Water Manufacturing Co., 
Limited ; h. 21 Magdalen Yard road 

Jlair, Alexander, millworker, 65 North Church street 

Jlair, Ann, bookseller and stationer, &c. , 215 Overgate ; h. 3 Baltic street 

Jlair, David, house proprietor, 14 Dallfield terrace 
. jjlair, David, coal merchant, 50 Crescent lane ; h. 61 Crescent street 

'Mair, David, millmanager, Wallace Craigie Works; h. 18 Arbroath rd. 

-Jlair, David M., engineer, 69 Blackscroft 
"'Blair, David, clerk, Wallace Foundry ; h. 56 Dura street 

51air, Duncan, foreman riveter, 2 Baffin street 

Blair, li^lizabeth, house proprietor, 4 Dock street 

Blair, Ewan, clerk, 2 Eliza street 

Blair, Francis, blacksmith, 58 Crescent lane 

Blair, George, hammerman, 27 Kidd street 

Slair, James, of Blair & Sons, 65 Commercial street 

Slair, James, joiner, 19 Kinnaird street 

Slair, James, bill deliverer, 4 Wallace street 

Blair, John, wine merchant, 48 Scouringburn ; 7i. 4 Hunter street 

Blair, John G., clerk, 4 Stanley place. Step row 

Blair, John, warping overseer, 33 Peddie street 

Blair, Peter, shipmaster, 4 Dock street 

Blair, Robert, powerloom tenter, 1 1 Robertson street 
*'}Blair & vSons, stationers and newsagents, 28 Castle street 
jBlair, Wm. B., merchant, 63 Cowgate ; h. Clematis cottage, Madeira st. 
''iBlair, William, of William Blair & Co., 3 Baltic street 
ujBlair, William, & Co., stationers and newsagents, 40 Wellgate 

fBlair, Mrs John, lacecleaner, 38 Seafield road 

JBlair, Mrs, 36 Dundonald street 

iBlair, Mrs J. , clothesdealer, 204 Overgate ; h. 65 Commercial street 

iBlair, Mrs Sarah, 35 North Ellen street 

jBlair, Miss, dressmaker, 26 Albert street 

[Blairgowrie Spinning Co. , jute and flax spinners, 37 Albert square ; 

vjorks, Blairgowrie ; J. W. Brown, secretary 
'■'Blakeney, Thomas S., of Moon, Langlands, & Co., 10 Dudhope place 

Blaney, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 180 Hilltown ; h. 184 

Blues, Mrs, 144 Seagate 

Blumenreich, Rev. William H., minister of German Church, and teacher 
of German, 6 Airlie terrace 

filyth, Alex. P., watchmaker and jeweller, 91 Princes street; h. 99 

Blyth, David, modelmaker, 26 Raglan street 

Blyth, James, stoker. Gasworks ; A. 90 Blackscroft 

Blyth, James, biscuitbaker, 12 Glebe street 

Blyth, John B., tailor, 17 Glamis street 



Blyth, Thomas, seaman, 89 Murraygate Wfi^ 

Blyth, William, glazier and pictureframer, 99 Princes street ; h. 97 

Blyth, Wm., grocer, wine and spirit mer., 4 Hospital wynd ; h. Lorimer si 

Boak, William, mason, 48 Princes street 

Boase, Alfred, of Boase & Co., Claverhouse, Mains 

Boase & Co., yarn bleachers and yarn millers, Claverhouse 

Boase, George William, banker, Rl. Bank, Castle st. ; h. 10 Windsor sli '«'' 

Boase, Henry, & Co., jute spinners and manufacturers, and merchants '^r 

Wellfield Works, Kemback street 
Boase, Henry, of Henry Boase & Co., 3 Clarendon terrace 
Boase, Henry S., of Henry Boase & Co., 28 Springfield 
Boase, William L,, & Co., flax, hemp, and jute spinners, merchants! 

manufacturers, and waterproof cover makers, Rockwell Works anc 

Jamaica Works, and at Johnshaven ; office, 62 St Andrew's street i iw 
Boase, William L., of W. L. Boase & Co., and of Small & Boase, Leven| 

1 Airlie place 
Boase, Miss, 10 Airlie terrace ||p 

Boath, Allan, painter, 17 Ryehill lane 
Boath, David, mason, 15 Paterson street 

Boath, David M. , clerk, Bank of Scotland ; A. Kelly cottage, Carnousti 
Boath, Richmond S. T., woodturner, 224 Lochee road 
Boath, Wm. S., clerk, 64 Dura street 
Bodie, Peter, tailor, 40 Ferry road ; h. 57 
Boggie, Andrew, gardener, Invergowrie house 
Bogie, David, spiritdealer's assistant, 1 Dallfield walk 
Bogie, James, shoemaker, 17 Lawrence street 

Bogue, John, waste merchant, 29 Watson's lane ; h. 19 Airlie place 
Bogue, Mrs Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Scouringburn ; h. 24 
BOILER INSURANCE and Steam Power Co., Limited; A. B. Lyall & Co.. 

1 Royal Exchange place, agents. See Adv. 
Boland, Joseph A., pawnbroker, 72 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Park wynd 
BOLAND, M., & CO., clothiers and outfitters, 20 and 24 Hawkhill, See Adv. 
Boland, M., of M. Boland & Co., 7 Park place 
Bonar, Helen, confectioner, 109 Hilltown ; h. 114 
Bonar, James, boatbuilder, 10 Lamb's lane 
Bonar, Thomas, slater, 47 North Wellington street 

Bond, Albert, wine and spirit mercht., 41 Victoria rd. ; h. 16 Watson sfc 
Bond, Thomas A., wine and spirit merchant, 139 Victoria road ; k 

Arcade buildings, 46 King's road 
Bonded Warehouse, No. 2, 79 and 81 Seagate ; Jas. Yeaman, proprietor! 
Bonded Warehouse, No. 4, 99 Seagate ; Jas. Watson & Co., proprietors 
Bonnar, John, carpenter, 7 Fleuchar street 
Booth, Allan, millwright, 1 Shepherd's loan 
Booth, Adam, seaman, 214 Overgate 
Booth, A. L., clerk. Grove Mill ; h. 4 Park terrace 
Booth, A., & Co., builders and contractors, 17 Constitution road 
Booth, Andrew, of A. Booth & Co. , Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
Booth, David, blacksmith, 21 West Henderson's wynd 
Booth, James, mason, 6 Havelock place 
Borrie, David, joiner, 4 Ben vie road 
Borrie, James, blacksmith, 19 Ogilvie street 


lorrie, James, mason, 111 Rosebank street 

oswell, David, of M 'Naughton & Boswell, 28 Arbroath road 

ioswell, James W., jeweller, 105 Hawkhill 

lothwell, James, police sergeant, 12 Peddie street 

lowbridge Works, Mains road and Thistle street ; J. & A. D. Grimond, 
spinners and manufacturers 

k)wer Mill, Blinshall street ; John Sharp, spinner and manufacturer 

Jower, Mrs Amelia, dressmaker, 82 Overgate 

lowes, George, joiner, 40 St Mary's place 

(Owes, George, jun., ironturner, 20 St Mary's place 

lowes, John Y. , boot warehouse, 26 Westport ; h. 40 St Mary's place 
t^i kowes, John, of J. Bellwood & Co. , 38 Seafield road 

Jowie, John, coachpainter, 28 Parker street 
t iWman, Alex., collector. Advertiser office; h. Cottage place, B. Ferry 
vltowman, Charles, dairyman, 30 Blackness road 

ilowman, David, grocer, 1 Roslin terrace 

iiowman, Ebenezer, painter and decorator, 189 Princes st.; h. 98 Albert st. 

iiowman, John, porter, 19 Ogilvie street 

iSowman, Mrs, 172 Perth road 
tidloyack, Alex., of Boyack, Barclay, & Co., Links villa, Broughty Ferry 

ioyack, Barclay, & Co., merchants, 6 and 7 Wallace court, Murraygate 

Joyack, David, calenderworker, 25 Charles street 

)0yack, James, waste merchant, 72 Constable street ; h. 1 Lamb's lane 

i)Oyack, John, grocer, 121 Perth road ; h. 1 St Peter street 

iJoyack, Peter, mechanic, 57 Mains road 

|5oyack, Robert, stationer and tobacconist, 16 N. Church street ; h. 3 

lloyd, Eliza, of E. & M. Boyd, 131 Ann street 

J5oyd, Eliza, manglekeeper, 29 Union street, Maxwelltown 
I, boyd, E. & M., drapers and milliners, 135 Ann street 

iJoyd, Fox Maule, jun., painter, 125 Nethergate 

'Joyd, Frank, sub-editor, 16 Wilkie's lane 
I, iJoyd & Husband, solicitors, 20 Reform street 

iJoyd, James, cabinetmaker and joiner, 89 Perth rd. and 7 West wynd ; 
h. 87 Perth road 

ioyd, James, enginedriver, 16 Long wynd 

ioyd, James, church-officer, 223 Hilltown 
t ioyd, John, hairdresser and perfumer, 4 and 6 S. Tay st. ; h. 2 Taylor's lane 
! ioyd, John, porter, 24 South Ellen street 

Joyd, John, of J. Boyd & Co., 2 Park terrace 

'?oyd, J., & Co., wholesale fruit merchants, 11 West Dock street 

iJoyd, Omar, grocer and spiritdealer, 183 Scouringburn ; h. 178 

'ioyd, Peter, cattleman, 142 Strathmartine road 

fioyd, Peter, carter, 9 Langlands street 

Joyd, Thomas C, solicitor, 62 Commercial street ; h. Mylnefield feus 

iJoyd, Mrs James, 1 Craigiebank place, Pitkerro road 

Joyd, Mrs Martha, confectioner, 54 William street, Forebank 

3oyd, Mrs Omar, 148 Scouringburn 

Boyd, Mary, of E. & M. Boyd, 131 Ann street 

Boyle, James, shoemaker, 8 Peddie street 

Boyle, John, broker, 165 Perth road 

jipyle, Robt., calender manager, Victoria Rd. Cal. Co. ; h. 120 Victoria rd. 


Boyle, Robert S., paper-ruler, 37 Stirling street 

Boyle, Mrs Mary, broker, 48 Long wynd ; h. 90 Overgate 

Boyle, Mrs Robert, ironer, 48 Dallfield walk 

Boyle, Mrs Mary, grocer, 122 Scouringburn; h. 58 Peddie street 

Boys' Home, West Bell street ; Alexander M'Ewan, superintendent 

Boyter, Alexander, 43 Castle street 

Boyter, Alexander, jun., clerk, 43 Castle street 

Boyter, John, commission merchant, 43 Castle street 

Boyter, Mrs, china merchant, 104 Hawkhill 

Bracken, Rose, confectioner, 60 Hawkhill ; h. 6 Small's lane 

Brackenridge, Mrs, lodgings, 8 Parker street 

Bradford, John S., rag, rope, and waste merchant, 20 to 30 Baltic st 
and Clepington Steam Waste Works, Arklay street, and jui 
spinner, Albert Mill, Clepington ; office, Baltic buildings ; h. Tl 
Sycamores, 1 Albany terrace 

Bradley, James, overseer, 38 Blackness road 

Brady, Ann, grocer, 19 North Wellington street 

Brady, Thomas, waiter, 9 Powrie place 

Braid, Charles D., oil, paint, and colour merchant, non-corrosive an 
anti-foxiling varnish manufacturer, lamp glass importer, and shi]^ 
chandler, 30 Commercial street ; A. 59 Dock street 

Braid, John, labourer, 32 Bell street 

Braid, Robert, joiner, 63 North Wellington street 

Braid, Mrs, 18 Pitfour street 

Brand, Charles, confectioner, 89 Hilltown ; h. Carnoustie 

Brand, David, accountant, British Linen Co. Bank ; h. Bank house, 8 

Brand, James, mechanic, 23 Baxter street 

Brand, Robert, confectionery manager, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Brand, Rodman C, of Zoller, Brand, & Co., Mylnefield house 

Brand, Thos. S., commission mercht., 47 & 48 Dock st. ; h. 22 Airlie p] 

Branigan, William, bellhanger, 22 Blackscroft 

Brannan, Edward, shipsteward, 68 Peddie street 

Brannigan, Patrick, baker, 7 Clepington street 

Brebner, Gavin Emslie, bank-clerk, Bright cottage, Maryfield 

Brebner, James, M.A., rector, Harris Academy ; h. 2 Scotswood terrac 

Brebner, John, baker, 3 Glamis street 

Brechin, James B., late bookbinder, 2 Tay Street lane 

Bremner, Andrew, joiner, 23 Baton's lane ; h. 249 Hawkhill I 

Bremner, David, builder, 34 Ash street ; h. 10 Garland place ,J 

Bremner, George, salesman, 125 Nethergate 

Bremner, John, mason, 38 Scouringburn 

Bremner, Joseph R., clerk, 26^ Forfar road 

Bremner, Sutherland, police constable, 24 North Ellen street 

Brew, Wm. , grocer and wine merch. , 77 Nethergate ; h. 2 Viewforth si 

Brews, David, boatbuilder, 80 Nethergate 

Bricknal, Alexander, clerk, 1 St Peter street 

Bridie, David A., shipsmith, Salisbury place, 9 Baffin street 

Bridie, Mrs W., 8 Arbroath road 

BRIERLEY & KERSHAW, Roach Spring Works, Rochdale. See Adv. 

Briggs, Jas. H., foreman porter, Taybridge Station; h. 7 Ireland's lane 


RIGGrS, WILLIAM, asphalter, East Dock street; h. Arbroath. ^Qe Adv. 
riggs, William, coalagent, 2 Arbroath road 
RIMNER, JAMES, wine and spirit merchant, 16 Dock street ; h. 125 

Nethergate. See Adv. 
Irimner, William, blacksmith, 31 Trades lane ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Iritish and Foreign Metaline Co., manufacturers of metaline bushes 

and engine packing, 132 Murray gate ; office, 74 Commercial street 
Iritish Linen Co. Bank, 83 Murraygate, James Arbuthnott Smith, 

agent ; Westport branch, James Ireland, agent 
Jritish Sanitary Co. of London, 26 Commercial st. ; Jas. Haste, agent 
Irodie & Buchan, solicitors, Bank buildings, 22 King's street 
ylJrodie, Catherine, grocer and confectioner, 228 Blackness road 
y^Jrodie, David, ironturner, 23 Robertson street 
jJrodie, James, bootmaker, 93 Perth road; h. 1 St Peter's street 
jJrodie, James, butcher, 25 Victoria road ; h. 80 
jJrodie, James, joiner, 37 Milnbank road 
iJrodie, John, joiner, 42 Westport 
jJJrodie, John, greengrocer, 54 Hawkhill 

y 3rodie, Robert M., banker and solicitor, Royal Bank, 22 King street ; 
I h. Grange terrace, Broughty Ferry 
iBrodie, Mrs Ann, 1 1 Graham place 
i3rooks, John, wastedealer, 31 Watson's lane ; h. 38 
jBrophy, Rev. Thomas, St Mary's R. C. Church ; h. 22 Powrie Place 
Brought, Alexander J., of Storrier, Brough, & Co., 6 Clarendon terrace 
K Brough, James, & Son, fruit merchants, 12 Dock street 
jBrough, James, of James Brough & Son, Gardens, Rait, Errol 
jBrough, James, jun., of James Brough & Son, 8 Crichton street 
IBrough, John, market gardener, fruit and potato mer. ,Stannergate Gardens 
jBrough, Lawrence, tobacconist, 9 Cowgate; h. 3 Rustic place 
I IBrough, Robert, engineer, 62 Blackscroft 
^ IBrough, Robert A. , clerk, 3 Rustic place 
jBrough, Miss, teacher of music, 3 Rustic place 
Brown, Abraham T., ropespinner, 27 Hill street 
[Brown, Adam, joiner, 1 Union street. Maxwell town 
jBrown, Alexander, draper, 24 Victoria street ; li. 22 
IBrown, Alexander, dyer, 21 Strathmartine road 
iBrown, Alexander, foreman ship painter, 60 Lilybank road 
jBrown, Alexander, enginefitter, 98 Princes street 
iBrown, Alexander, 29 St Salvador street 
jBrown, Alexander, engineer, 126 Princes street 
Brown, Alexander, gardener, Dunmore, Perth road 
Brown, Alexander H., mechanic, 5 Graham place 

Brown, Andrew H., corn merchant, Guthrie st. ; h. Ferry house, B. Ferry 
Brown, Andrew, joiner, 17 North Wellington street 
Brown, Andrew, dairyman, 125 Ferry road 
jBrown, Charles C, of Thomas Brown & Sons, 14^ Baton's lane 
Brown, Charles M., of Brown & M'Lellan, 14 Baton's lane 
Brown, Colin, messenger, Banks Clearing House, 54 Commercial street ; 

A. 13 Balfour street 
Brown, Daniel D., merchant, 81 Murraygate; h. Newport 
Brown, Daniel, shipsteward, 40 Lilybank road 


Brown, David, agent for Bell, Rannie, & Co., 44 Reform stree 

h. 2 Balgillo terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Brown, David, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 55 South Tay stre 

and 175 Overgate ; h. Camperdown cottage, Baldovan 
Brown, David, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Overgate ; h. Elma villi 

East Newport 
Brown, David, of John Brown & Son, 80 Strathmartine road 
Brown, David, merchant, 5 Craigie terrace 

Brown, David, assist, supert. Prudential Assur. Co. ; h. 2 Havelock pla^ 
Brown, David, mechanic, 45 Cotton road 
Brown, David, mason, 156 Lochee road 
Brown, David, vanman, 11 M'Gill street 
Brown, David, joiner, 23 Baxter street 
Brown, David, bleacher, 3 Tannadice street 
Brown, David, ironturner, 31 Dura street 
Brown, David, carter, 48 Taylor's lane 
Brown, Duncan, seaman, 30 Step row 

Brown, D. B., auctioneer, 138 Murray gate ; h. 20 William street 
Brown, D. Barclay, insur. agt., 23 St Andrew's st. ; h. Oswald house, B.Fer: 
Brown, Edward, warehouseman, 30 Dallfield terrace 
Bro"WTi, Elizabeth, eatinghouse-keeper,ll N. Lindsay st.; ^.22Willisonst. 
Brown, George, bellhanger, 62 Commercial street 
Brown, George, late shipmaster, 65 Commercial street 
Brown, George, church- officer, 79 Commercial street 
Brown, George, baker, 68 Rosebank street ; h. 29 Jamaica street 
Brown, George, porter, 12^ Mortimer place 

Brown, George D., M.A., teacher. High School ; h. 10 Garland place 
Brown, George, at Baxter Bros. & Co. ; h. Tay cottage, East Newport \ 
Brown, Harry, painter, 2 Idvies street 
Brown, Jas. W.. jute and flax broker, 37 Albert sq. ; h. Edmonton placi; 

Broughty Ferry 
Brown, James, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 55 South Tay stree 

and 175 Overgate ; h. 34 Tait's lane \ 

Brown, James, merchant and commission agent, 8 Panmure street ; h ; 

Tayview terrace. East Newport 
Brown, James, minister. Apostolic Church ; A. 15 Balfour street 
Brown, James, tobacconist, 65 Victoria road ; h. 63 , 

Brown, James, spirit merchant, 118 Lochee road ; h. 143 j 

Brown, James, shipmaster, Campbeltown place, 273 Hawkhill ■ 

Brown, James, canvasser, Dundee West Station ; A. 16 Seafield road 
Brown, James, gardener, Crawford lodge 
Brown, Jas. Lindsay, & Sons, insurance agents, joiners, and funeral^ 

undertakers, 132 Victoria road 
Brown, James, jun., clerk, 13 Panmure street ; h. Errol 
Brown, James, blockmaker, 3 Melrose terrace 
Brown, James, plasterer, 9 Glamis street 
Brown, James, milloverseer, 2 Paterson street 
Brown, James, fireman, 4 Idvies street 
Brown, James, ooaldealer, 9 Mid wynd ; h. 6 Ben vie road 
Brown, James, painter, 23 Princes street 
Brown, James, porter, 1 Wolseley street 



jrown, John, & Son, builders, 80 Strathmartine road 
Town, J ohn, of John Brown & Son, builders, 80 Strathmartine road 
irown, John, of Thomas Brown & Sons, 8 Paton's lane 
irown, John,& Son,boatbldrs.and shipwrights, E. side King William dock 
trown, John, shipbuilder, sawmiller, and ship repairer, Victoria dock, 

East; h. 10 Airlie terrace 
Irown, John, baker, 102 Scouringburn ; h. 100 
Irown, John, inspector of works, 7 Lyon street 

Irown, John, of John Brown & Son, boatbuilders, 13 W. Dock street 
irown, John, blacksmith, 22 Rose street 
Irown, John, agent, 37 Union street ; h. 12^ Mortimer place 
Irown, John, labourer, 38 Dura street 

Irown, John, clerk, 7 King street ; h. Raglan cottage, Carnoustie 
Irown, Joseph, collector, 16 St Mary's place 
Irown & M'Lennan, family and shipping butchers, 22 Seagate 
Irown, Matthew, grocer, 93 Princes street ; h. 5 Middle street 
Irown, Patrick, dealer in watches, 218 Overgate ; h. 214 
Irown, Peter, joiner, 20 North Ellen street 
Irown, Peter S., of Brown & Tawse, 174 Perth road 
Irown, Robert, carpenter, 5 Thomson street 
Irown, Robert, draper, 3 Ann street 

Irown, Robt,, bootmaker, 33 Reform st. ; h. 3 Kilnburn pi., E. Newport 
Irown, Robert, calender manager, Wallace Works ; A. 175 Victoria rd. 
Irown, Robert, flourmiller, 10 Glebe street 
Irown, Robert, coaldealer, 8 Ash lane ; h. 109 Lochee road 
Irown & Tawse, iron and steel merchants, 14, 16, and 18 Exchange street 

and 36 Castle street 
Jrown, Thomas, & Sons, painters and decorators, 47 Perth road 
Jrown, Thomas Hay, butcher, 5 Tannadice street ; A. 22 Wolseley street 
Jrown, Thomas, inspector of poor, Dundee Combination, Townhouse 

buildings, 1 St Clement's lane ; h. Balgay terrace, Lochee 
i5rown, Thomas, farmer; dairy, 110 Hawkhill ; h. Emmock farm 
Irown, Thomas, vandriver, 44 Catherine street 

Jrown, William, decorator, 141 Nethergate ; h. 2 Blackness crescent 
Jrown, William, calender manager, 151 Victoria road 
Irown, William, greengrocer, 2 Thorter row ; h. 3 
Irown, William, coal merchant, 165 Scouringburn ; h. 1 Hop street 
Jrown, William, agent. Prudential Assurance Co., 25 Peddie street 
Jrown, Wm., jun., salt merchant, 13 Greenmarket; h. 1 Grove, W. Ferry 
Jrown, William, china merchant, 121 Princes street; h. 119 
Irown, William, 7 Penny cook lane 
Irown, William, traveller, 12 Alexander street 
irown, William, fireman, 29 Arbroath road 
irown, William, baker, 100 Scouringburn 
Jrown, William, mason, 154 Lochee road 
irown, William, ironturner, 2 Fleuchar street 
Jrown, Mrs Archibald, 9 South Wellington street 
jirown, Mrs James, 2 Gibson terrace, Maryfield 
jJrown, Mrs Robert, 6 Rosebank street 
{5rown, Mrs Robert C, 123 Victoria road 
irown, Mrs Thomas, 174 Perth road 


Brown, Mrs William, 2 Kinnaird street 

Brown, Mrs, manglekeeper, 2 Brown street 

Brown, Mrs, Greenlaw place, Clepington road 

Brown, Miss Alice B. , 1 West Bell street 

Brown, The Misses, teachers, 13 Osborne place 

Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Benvie road 

Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 88 Hawkhill 

Browne, David J., clerk, Dundee Gem Line S.S. Co., Limited; 

Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 
Browne, Rev. James I., St Mary's R.C. Church ; h. 22 Powrie place 
Brownlee, W. & R., builders and manufacturing joiners, 40 Small's wyi; 
Brownlee, William, of W. & R. Brownlee, 1 Clarendon terrace 
Bruce, Alexander, joiner and builder, 47 Elizabeth street ; h. 41 
Bruce, Alexander, baker, 13 Annfield street ; h. 93 Peddie street 
Bruce, Charles, butcher, 189 Hilltown ; h. 62 Caldrum street 
Bruce & Co., blacksmiths and cartwrights, 17 Long wynd 
Bruce, David, & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 3 Royal Exchan^ 

place ; and 3 Fenchurch avenue, London 
Bruce, David, of D. Bruce & Co., Ethelstone, West Ferry 
Bruce, David, wine and spirit mer., 57 Lochee rd. ; h. 2 Gardner's Ian 
Bruce, David, of Bruce & Co., blacksmiths, 15 Long wynd 
Bruce, David G., houseagent, 67 Seagate ; h. 8 Laurelbank 
Bruce, David, wine and spirit merchant, 24 Wellgate ; li. 2 Meadow s 
Bruce, David, mason, 34 Alexander street 
Bruce, George, boilermaker, 16 Baffin street 
Bruce, George, baker, 108 Princes street ; h. 110 
Bruce, George, grocer, 27 Strathmartine road ; h. 25 
Bruce, George, millforeman, 178 Scouringburn 
Bruce, George M. , clerk, Calcutta buildings ; h. 4 Park terrace 
Bruce, John P. , clerk, 8 Panmure street ; h. 25 Strathmartine road 
Bruce, John, architect, 8 Bank st. ; h. Seaside lodge, Barnhill, B. Ferr 
Bruce, John Duff, S.S.C, solicitor and notary public, 116 Seagate; / 

Sunnybank, 61 Magdalen green 
Bruce, John, mechanic, 1 North William street 
Bruce, Laurence, porter, 10 St Matthew street 
Bruce, Peter, cowfeeder, 78 Strathmartine road 
Bruce, Peter, late grocer, 25 Strathmartine road 
Bruce, Robert, confectioner, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
Bruce, Robert, hairdresser, 12 Tally street ; h. 149 Seagate 
Bruce, Thomas, calender manager, 48 Blackscroft 
Bruce, Thomas W., plumber, tinsmith, and ironmonger, 23 and 36 Strath | 

martine road ; h. 23 
Bruce, William K. , of James Keiller & Son, 9 Clarendon terrace 
Bruce, William M. , of David Bruce & Co. , 8 Laurelbank 
Bruce, William, marine and land engineer, and machinemaker, Victori; 

dock ; li. 10 Albert street 
Bruce, William, agent for Fairbairn, Naylor, Macpherson, & Co., Limited 

Leeds ; office, 74 Commercial st. ; li. 2 Blackness crescent, Perth rd 
Bruce, William, spirit merchant, 45 Caldrum street ; h. 41 
Bruce, William, 10 Janefield place 
Bruce, Mrs Ann, dressmaker, 37 Main street 



llruce, Mrs J. M., 4 Park terrace 

Jruce, Mrs Margaret, 5 Church street, Princes street 

Jruce, Mrs William, 4 North street 

iruce, Mrs Robert, Miln's buildings, 146 Nethergate 

3ruce, Mrs, 49 Annfield road 

Jruce, Mrs, draper, 308 Hawkhill 

Bruce, Mrs, sicknurse, 9 Annfield i"OW 

5runton, William, tailor, 53 William street, Forebank 

3rush, Samuel, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, 43 Constitution street 

3ryan, Mrs Margaret, general dealer, 165 Overgate ; h. 198 . 
'^jiRYDEN, JOHN, & SONS, bellhangers and window blind manufacturers, 
Calcutta buildings, 22 Commercial street. See Adv. 

3rymner, Alex. R. D., stoneware merchant, 69 Wellgate 
iSrymer, Alexander, hammerman, 13 North Ellen street 
|3rymer, David, ironturner, 4 Glebe street 

jBrymer, James, stationer and tobacconist, 141 Hilltown ; h. 160 
sBrymer, Thomas, joiner and house factor, 7 Parker street 
iBrymer, Miss Mary, manglekeeper, 44 Dudhope street 
jBryson, David S., oil, paint, varnish, and ships store merchant, engineer, 
' I and shipbuilders' furnishings, 38 Dock street ; depSt, Carolina port ; 

h. 32 Raglan street 
Bryson, Julius F., painter, 67 Lochee road 
jBryson, Mrs John, 32 Raglan street 
jBuchan, Alexander, jun., mechanic, 6 Blyth street 
Buchan, Alexander, mill porter, 8 Blyth street 
Buchan, David, baker, 85 Perth road 
iBuchan, David, fiourmiller, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
[Buchan, David C, clerk, 10 Shepherd's loan 
jBuchan, David, cowfeeder, Ninewells 

jBuchan, James, solicitor, of Brodie & Buchan; h. Tayside house, 162 
I Nethergate 

[Buchan, James C, clerk, 2 Balgay street 

jBuchan, John S. , of T. & J. Buchan, houseagentj 32 Bank street ; h. 12 
j Strawberrybank 

jBuchan, John, mechanic, 109 Lochee road 

Buchan, Thomas, of T. & J. Buchan, 12 Strawberrybank, and Balhousie 
Buchan, T. & J., auctioneers and valuators, 32 Bank street 
Buchan, William, & Co., jute, starch flour, and farina merchants, and 

rope and twine makers, Baltic chambers. Bell street 
Buchan, William, of William Buchan & Co., 3 Norman ter., Baldovan 
Buchan, William, commission agent, 17 Springhill place. Ferry road 
Buchan, William, tailor, 190 Hawkhill 

Buchan, Miss Sarah Cannon, LL. A. , teacher, Tayside house, 162 Nethergate 
Buchanan, Alex., stair railer, Whitehall Palace buildings, Whitehall st. 
Buchanan, David, storekeeper, Caledon Shipyard ; h. 10 St Matthew st. 
Buchanan, David, pointsman, 2 Annfield road 

Buchanan, Donald, dairyman, 23 North Lindsay street ; h. 103 Overgate 
Buchanan, Euphemia, laundress, 98 Seagate 
Buchanan, James, foreman riveter, 28 Ferry road 

Buchanan, W. S., manager. Trades Lane Calendering Co.; h. 3 Balgillo 
terrace, Broughty Ferry 


Buchanan, Mrs, 5 Melrose terrace 

Bucklish, Henry, hide, skin, and tallow merchant, Slaughterhouses ; 

4 Idvies street 

Buglass, David B., governor. Combination East Poorhouse, Mains loj 
Buick, Thomas, of Gowans&Buick, Camphill cottage, Camphill, B. Fern 
Buik, Andrew, jeweller, 74 Commercial street ; h. 24 Blyth street 
Buik, George, of Buik & Reoch, coachbuilders, 61 Cowgate 
Buik, George, mechanic, 12 Dundonald street 
Buik, Henry, of W. & H. Buik, 246 Perth road 
Buik & Reoch, coachbuilders. Arcade buildings, King street 
Buik, K. H., 246 Perth road 
Buik, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 75 Seagate ; h. 42 King's roa; 
Buik, W. & H., ropemakers, Dundee Rope Works ; office, 17 Dock stref 
Buist, Alexander J., of Don Brothers, Buist, & Co., Dundee, and of Wn! 

& John Don & Co. , Forfar ; h. Reresmount, Broughty Ferry 
Buist, Alexander B. , lathsplitter, 42 William street, Forebank 
Buist, David, compositor, 84 Peddie street 
Buist, Hy., factory manager, Rockwell Wks. ; h. Rockwell house, Coldsid 
Buist, John C, of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Dundee, and Wm. & Joh 

Don & Co. , Forfar; h. Reresmount, Broughty Ferry i' 

Buist, John H., of R. Buist & Sons, 16 Castle street ; h. 7 Viewforth si' 
Buist, Richard, & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 16 Castle street 

ivorks, 15 Bell street 
Buist, Robert, contractor, 1 Hunter street 

Buist, Thomas, of R. Buist & Sons, 2 Gowrie street t 

Buist, Mrs C, laundress, 149 Blackness road 
Buist, Mrs, 16 Annfield street 

Buist, Miss Barbara, stationer and tobacconist, 58 Princes street 
Bunch, Peter, railway gviard, 1 Wilkie's lane ' 

Burch, John, chimneysweeper, 127 Blackscroft 

Burdon, Rev. Francis, S. Mary Magdalene's Epis. Ch. ; h. 15 Park plac( 
Burden, Mrs Jas., wine and spirit merchant, 47 Union st. ; h. 7 Airlie ter 
Burgess, John, hallkeeper, 8 Parker street 
Burgess, Joseph, blacksmith, 121 Hawkhill 
Burgess, Thomas, supervisor of Inland revenue, 29 Bank street 
Burgh Surveyor's Office, 79 Commercial street; Wm. Mackison, C.E., 

burgh surveyor 
Burk, Peter, cooking depdt, 180 Overgate 
Burke, Peter, lapper, 10 Crescent lane 
Burke, Thomas, coaldealer, 3 St Mary street ; ft. 1 
Burke, Mrs Thomas, dressmaker, 73 JS^orth Church street 
Burlie, Robert, waiter, 21 Nelson street 

Burness, Archibald, fishdealer, 146 Hawkhill ; h. 24 Watson's lane 
Burness, Robert, gas inspector, 8 Parker street 
Burness, Mrs William, 117 Ann street 

Burnet, David, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Stirling st. ; h. 88Rosebank st. 
Burnett, Alexander, clerk, East Station; h. 16 Wilkie's lane 
Burnett, Alexander, postman, Arcade buildings, 101 Victoria road 
Burnett, George, & Co., merchants, 2 India buildings 
Burnett, James A. , 6 Alexander street 
Burnett, James, baker, 117 Hilltown ; h. 225 Overgate 


5urnett, John, shipmaster, 18 Ferry road 

5urnett, John, policeman, 10 Dens brae 

Burnett, John, baker, 1 1 Scouringburn ; h. 225 vergate 

Burnett, Thomas, porter, Lilybank Foundry ; h. 36 Kemback street 

Jurnett, Mrs, 14 Bellfield lane 

5urns, Charles D., flesher, 21 Dallfield terrace 

5urns, David, ship draughtsman, 8 North Ellen street 

Jurns, James, coachtrimmer, 16 South Lindsay street 

Jurns, John S., grocer and wine merchant, 55 Watson st. ; h. 12 Forfar rd. 

Jurns, Margaret, manglekeeper, 7 Middle street 

Jurns, Patrick, agent. United Insurance Co., 42 Balgay street 

Jurns, Thomas, storekeeper, 7 Lyon street 

Jurns, William, mercantile and fancy stationer, and bookseller, 102 

Nethergate ; h. 4 Cowrie place 
Jurns, William, messenger. Royal Bank, Murraygate ; h. 3 Peter street 
Jurns, William, 41 Hawkhill 
kirns, William, milloverseer, 10 Blyth place 
Jurns, William, carter, Ellen place, 21 Lyon street 
:Jurns, Mrs Mary, lodgings, 8 Charles street 
)urns, Mrs, 12 Benvie road 

l>urridge, George, cashier, Caledonian Railway ; h. 16 Seafield road 
l>urrie, Charles, joiner, 6 Isla street 

j>urrows, John, pianotuner, organist, Liff Parish Ch. ; h. 79 Commercial st. 
|)urry, Peter, calenderworker, 32 Bell street 
^►urt, James D. , calenderworker, 2 Annfield road 
'lutchart, Alexander, mechanic, 24 Hill street 

lutchart & Co., grocers and spirit merchants, 195 Lochee road 

lutchart, George, retired baker, 16 Forebank road 

^tutchart, James R., basket manufacturer and fancy goods merchant, 
30 Overgate ; h. 1 Mid street 
late i^utchart, James, shipcarpenter, 23 Arbroath road 

ter, iutchart, John, of Butchart, Lindsay, & Co. , Tigh- vonie, 2 Douglas ter, 
jutchart, Lindsay, & Co., manufacturers, 31 Constitution street 

utchart, Peter, powerloom manager, Dens Road Factory; h. 31 Cotton rd. 
lutchart, Robert K., millmanager, Taybank Works ; h. 22 Raglan st. 
Eijutchart, Robert, of Butchart & Co., 16 Loons road, Lochee 

utchart, Thos., sculptor, 68 and 70 Logic st. ; h. 18 Taylor's st., Lochee 

utchart, William P., 9 Wellington street 

utchart, William, cloth inspector, 62 Caldrum street 

utchart, Mrs, 10 Catherine street 

utchart, Mrs David, 88 Princes street 

iutler, Patrick, tobacconist, 43 Hilltown 

iittar, Andrew, slater and slate merchant, 31 Hawkhill, and Coupar- 

i Angus ; h. 31 Hawkhill 

attars, Robert, coachman, 22 Shepherd's loan 

utter, Alexander, clerk, 15 Balgay street 

utter, Alexander, private inquiry agent and dectective, 9 Ward road 

utter, Alexander, moulder, 54 James street 

utter, Christina, teacher. Industrial School, Ward road 

utter, James, spirit merchant, 54 South Tay street ; h. 30 

itter, Peter, tailor, 127 Cowgate 



Butter, Robert, macliinefitter, 72 King street 

Butter, William R., clerk, 12 St Mary's place 

Butters, James, lapper, 18 King's road 

Buyers, James P., accountant. North of Scotland Bank, Limited ; ^,| 

Argyle terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Byer, William, pork butcher, 57 Nethergate ; h. 61 
Byres, William, clerk, 33 South Wellington street, Forebank 

Cable, John, traveller, Viewbank house, 144 Ferry road 

Cable, Mrs J., Manor place, 193 Perth road 

Caddie, Andrew, tailor, 10 North Tay street 

Cadogan, Mrs, dressmaker, 18 Arbroath road 

Csesar, William, of Watt & Ceesar, Rowanbank, Philip st,, Carnoustij; 

Caffin, F. C, civil engineer. New Tay Viaduct ; office, 47 Magdalen gr€ i 

Cahn, Sigismund, merchant, 2 India buildings 

Caird, Alexander, of Ramsay & Caird, 89 Arbroath road ' 

Caird, George, teacher, Hawkhill Public School ; h. 14 Thomson stre j 

Caird, James Key, manufacturer, Ashton Works, 189 Hawkhill; M 

Magdalen Yard road ; 

Caird, Thomas, ironturner, 204 Lochee road { 

Cairncross, Andrew, merchant, 10 Baltic street ; h. 19 Airlie place \ 
Cairncross, James, sailmaker, 7 Annfield row 

Cairncross, Mrs, 20 Thomson street , 

Cairnie, James, tailor, 10 Tannadice street I 

Cairns, Arthur, powerloom overseer, 4 Lawrence street | 

. Cairns, Peter, coffeehouse-keeper, 34 Arbroath road 
Cairns, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 2 Annfield street 
Caithness, David, mechanic, 8 Annfield street 

Caithness, Francis, carting agt. , Cal. Rail. ; K. 1 Lower Renny pi, , W. Fe: ' 
Caithness, John, shipmaster, 28 King street | 

Caithness, Mrs, 2 Baxter street f 

Calcutt,Rev. Alfred Masters, S. Paul's Episcopal Ch. ; h, 65 Commercial^, 
Caldenbach, Charles, clock and watch maker, 43 Overgate 
Calder, Alexander, house proprietor, 223 Hilltown 
Calder, Alexander, jun., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Milnbs : 

road; h. 233 Hilltown 
Calder, John F,, of J. F. & C. Calder, Myrtlebank, East Newport 
Calder, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 225 Hilltown; h. 219 
Calder, John G. , accountant, 20 Castle street ; h. Arbroath 
Calder, John, cowfeeder, 22 Rosebank road 
Calder, John, engineer, 42 Kemback street 
Calder, J. F. & C., solicitors, 9 Ward road 
Calder, William, millforeman, 8 Fleuchar street 
Calder, Mrs John, 30 Hospital wynd 
Calder, Mrs, 7 South Ellen street 

Calderwood, James, shoemaker, 22 North Wellington street 
Caldrum Works, St Salvador st. ; H. Walker & Sons, spinners and mam 
Caldwell, Alex., bookseller, 27 St Andrew's st. ; h. 24 Constitution i 
CALEDONIAN Insurance Co., East of Scotland Branch, 37 Albert squf 

R. J. Niven, resident secretary. See Adv. 
Caledonian Oil Mills, 2 Blackscroft; Wilson &Sons,linseedcakemanuf£{ 


valedonian Railway Station and Goods Office, South Union street 
yaledonian and London and North- Western Railways ; central office, 94 

High street ; James Milne, agent 
3ALED0NIAN Plate Glass Insurance Co. See Adv. 
Jallaghan, Francis, broker, 26 Dudhope Crescent road 
Giallander, James, grocer, 112 Lochee road 
Callander, Mrs Louisa, 31 Step row 

Dalman, David, supt. of Graving Docks, Patent Slip, &c. ; h. 21 Dock st. 

llJalman, James P., insurance agent, 133 Perth road 

■palman, John, carpenter, 98 Blackscroft 

[balman, Mrs, milliner, 75 Nethergate 

pameron, Alexander, moulder, 22 Peter street 
stidCJameron, Alexander, surfaceman, 34 Step row 
3sOameron, Alexander, hairdresser, 47 Princes street 

iDameron, A. S., housefactor, 31 Reform st. ; h. Bay cottage, West Ferry 

pameron, Daniel, boatman, 14 Gellatly street 
rs Pameron, Rev. David B,, M. A., Rosebank Parish Ch. ; h. 2 Garland place 
\ pameron, David, house proprietor, Salisbury place, 3 Baffin street 

Pameron, Donald, police constable, 46 Hilltown 

[Cameron, Donald, overseer, 10 Dens brae 

jDameron, George, marine engineer, 10 Exchange street 

Cameron, Geo. , comm. agent, 33 Exchange st. ; h. Unthank house, Inchture 

Cameron, Henry, manager, Lilybank Foundry ; h. 83 Albert street 

I Cameron, James, upholsterer, 9 Parker street 

iCameron, James, housefactor, 26 Dens brae 

{Cameron, James, collector, 2 Ogilvie's road 

iCameron, James, carter, 12 Hillbank road 

iCameron, John, coaldealer, 22 North Church street ; h. 24 
effCameron, John, collector, Water Commission ; h. 10 Forfar road 

jCameron, John, traveller, 48 Overgate 

iCameron, John, tailor, 95 Murraygate 
ill jCameron, John, joiner, 26 Dura street 

ICameron, M 'Donald, tobacconist, 30 Ferry road 

Cameron, Patrick, tailor and clothier, 7 Overgate 
E jCameron, Robert, woodturner, 5 Melrose terrace 

Cameron, Robert, bellhanger, 88 Scouringburn 

jCameron, Robert, overseer, 10 Carmichael street 

jCameron, Robert, mason, 91 Peddie street 

iCameron, Robert, joiner, 2 Eliza street 

Cameron, Samuel, shipsteward, 12 Gellatly street 

Cameron, Walter, patternmaker, 18 Arbroath road 

Cameron, Mrs David, 29 South George street 

Cameron, Mrs, dressmaker, 104 Ann street 

Cameron, Mrs Peter, milliner, 2 Graham place 

Cammack, George, shoemaker, 7 Annfield row 

iCampbell, Alexander, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 15 Airlie place 
; ICampbell, Alex. , mercht. , 23 St Andrew's st, ; h. 2 Kilnburn ter. , Newport 

jCampbell, Alexander, engineer, 2 Catherine street 

;j|Campbell, Andrew A., hatter and hosier, 110 Ann st. and 108a Princes 
l' street ; h. Magdalen place, Clepington road 
^Campbell, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 105 Princes street 


Campbell, Archibald, baker, 1 Lamb's lane 

Campbell, Charles, gardener, 30 Miller's wynd 

Campbell, Rev. Colin, B.D., Parish Church; h. Hermonhill, 21 Perth rij 

Campbell, Colin, seaman, 71 Perth road 

Campbell, Daniel, currier, 1 Littlejohn street 

Campbell, Daniel, clerk, 24 Dallfield walk 

Campbell, Donald, teacher, 38 South Tay st. ; h. Bruce cottage, Newpo' 

Campbell, Elizabeth, grocer, 14 Bell street ; h. 16 

Campbell, George L., seaman, 9 Glebe street 

Campbell, Henry, painter, 2 Hean's lane 

Campbell, Isabella, waitress, 8 Paton's lane 

Campbell, Rev. James M., Wallacetown Parish Church; h. Retrea 

cottage, 4 William street 
Campbell, James M., manufacturer and merchant, Viewbank terrace 
Campbell, Jas., scrap iron mercht. and marine store dealer, l7Gellatly st 

h. 3 East Somerville place 
Campbell, Jas. , steam laundry, muslin curtain finishing and carpet beatin 

works, 37 Hilltown ; h. 36 
Campbell, James, contractor, 62 Constable street ; h. 84 
Campbell, James, joiner, 91 Milnbank road 
Campbell, John, insurance agent, 60 Hill street 
Campbell, John, clerk, Midland Railway, Taybridge Station; h. 77 Overgat 
Campbell, John, lapper, 4 William street, King street 
Campbell, John, shipmaster, 318 Perth road 
Campbell, John, butcher, Park house, 1 Bruce street 
Campbell, John, grocer and wine mer., 73 Albert st. ; h. 28 Raglan st. 
Campbell, John, church-officer, Russell Chapel; h. 30 Miller's wynd 
Campbell, Kenneth, saddler, 9 Tay Street lane 
Campbell & M'Lauchlan, coal merchants, 56 Gellatly street 
Campbell, Peter, butcher, 103 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Easson's angle 
Campbell, Peter, detective officer, 194 Scouringburn 
CAMPBELL, P. & P., of Perth, dyers and cleaners, 33 Nethergate. See A dv 
Campbell, Robert L. , tar twine manufacturer and tar merchant, 35 Hill 

town; h. 130 Scouringburn 
Campbell, Robert C. , accountant, 6 Panmure street ; h. 58 Mains road 
Campbell, Robert, grocer, 14 Victoria chambers 

Campbell, Thos., manager, John Wallace & Co. ; A.Youngsdale pl.,Newpor1 
Campbell, Walter, L.D.S., R.C.S., Eng., dental surgeon, 27 S. Tay st. 
Campbell, William, butcher and gamedealer, 191 Perth road; h. 199 
Campbell, William, baker, 152 Princes street ; h. 150 
Campbell, William, lathsplitter, 13 Wolseley street 
Campbell, William, seaman, 229 Hilltown 
Campbell, Mrs, general dealer, 2 Session street 
Campbell, Mrs, butcher, 4 Wellgate ; h. 6 
Campbell, Mrs, 15 Clepington street 
Campbell, Joanna, 304 Perth road 
Campbell, Miss, 13 St Peter street 
Campbell, Miss, 8 Alexander street 
Canada Jute Co., Limited, 33 Cowgate 

Canning, B. M., confectioner, 15 Barrack street; h. 7 Tally street 
Canning, Mrs, confectioner, 217 Overgate ; h. 187 


lannon, Montague, merchant, Seafield Works; h. 19 Strawberrybank 
I !ant, David, labourer, 3 Melrose terrace 

ant, Mrs, 27 Catherine street 

ant, James, bookseller, and agent for Sutton & Co., 26 Greenmarket; 
A. 61 Nethergate 

!ape, Archibald B., M.A., 213 Perth road 

apstick, John Walton, lecturer. University College ; h. 13 Albert sq. 

lilaraway, Owen, shoemaker, 169 Hawkhill ; A. 2 Bellfield lane 

li'arey, David R., grocer's assistant, 7 William street, Forebank 

Ijarey, James, baker, 55 Victoria road 

Jarey, Jane, grocer, 25 Small's wynd 

' 'arey, Margaret, dressmaker, 23 Small's wynd 

farey, Robert, mechanic, 4 Rosefield street 

,iargill & Co., yarn merchants and bleachers, Dundee Bleach Works; 
i| office, 23 Cowgate 
. jargill, David, of Cargill & Co., Longhaugh 

argill, Isabella, confectioner, 15 St Salvador street 

argill, James, calenderer, 18 Wolseley street 

argill, John, dockgateman, 26 Long wynd 

argill, Joseph, ironmonger and joiner, 67 Main street and 12 North 
Wellington street; h. 63 Main street 

arlin, R., grocer, 213 Hawkhill 

larline, Henry, writer, H.M.S. Unicorn; h. Campbeltown place 

larling, B., master of No. 2 Dredger; h. 16 Bank street 
, iarlton, Hubert, clerk, 1 Moimtpleasant, Hawkhill 

j arlyle, George, clerk, West Station ; h. 3 Paradise road 

jarmichael, David, of James Carmichael & Co., 10 Dudhope terrace 

jarmichael. Miss E. R. , lady superintendent High School; h. 172 Perth rd. 

larmichael, George, of James Carmichael & Co., 11 Dudhope terrace 

armichael, James, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and boilermakers, 
I Ward Foundry, Session street 
j, armichael, James, leather merchant, 15 N. Tay st. ; h. 51 Park wynd 

larmichael, James, of Baxter Brothers & Co., Springhill house 
I larmichael, John, dockmaster. King William dock ; h. 56 Blackscroft 

armichael, John, factory worker, 55 North Church street 

armichael, John, weigher, 6 Balfour street 
' jarmichael, Peter, of Baxter Brothers & Co. , Arthurstone, Meigle ; tele- 
' i grams to Ardler 

Irmichael, Thomas, of Dawson «& Carmichael, 28 Isles' lane 

irmichael, William, tailor, 9 Hawkhill 

armichael, Mrs M., spirit merchant, 18 and 22 St Clement's lane; h. 
10 Shore terrace 

arnegie, Alexander, engineer, 28 Raglan street 

arnegie, David, sculptor, 105 Commercial street; h. 9 King's road 

arnegie, D. J,, clerk, 9 Balfour street 

arnegie, George, fireman, Watson terrace, 60 Watson street 

arnegie, James, fishdealer, 103 Ann street 

arnegie, James, shipcarpenter, 19 South Wellington street 

irnegie. Reader, & Co., chimney restorers, 40 Dallfield walk 

arnegie, Robert K., waiter. Royal Exchange; h. 4 Royal Exchange pi. 

arnegie, Robert, moulder, 33 Cotton road 



Carnegie, William, police sergeant, N. Police Station, 66 Union st. , Ma2! 

Carnegie, William, grocer, 98 Overgate 

Carnegie, Mrs, greengrocer, 27 North Church street 

CarneUey, Thomas, D.Sc, professor of chemistry. University College 

A. 12 Clarendon terrace 
Carr, Alexander, mechanic, 22 Temple lane 
Carr & Co., warehousemen, 10 Reform street 
Carr, George, engineman, 161 Victoria road 
Carr, James T. , tinsmith, 57 North Wellington street 
Carr, John, turner, 2 Fairley place, Clepington road ' 

Carr, Michael S., of Carr & Co., Taycliff house, East Newport 
Carraway, John, confectioner, 152 Scouringburn; h. 2 Bellfield lane 
Carrick, Richard, shipriveter, 11 Craigie street 
Carrick, William, blacksmith, 61 Murray gate 
Carrie, Alexander, dairykeeper, 26 Hunter street; h. 24 
Carrie, George, Cowgate porter, 61 Murraygate 
Carrie, George, moulder, 36 Carmichael street 
Carrie, George, clerk, 30 Union place, Perth road 
Carrie, Stewart, seaman, Tay Ferries; h. 67 Lochee road 
Carrie, William, calenderworker, 42 King's road 
Carroll, John, labourer, 35 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Carroll, John, labourer, 71 Constable street 
Carroll, John, greengrocer, 71 Caldrum street 
Carruthers, Charles, fireman, 16 Annfield row 

Carruthers, Mrs George, pawnbroker, 4 William st. , Scouringburn ; h. 
Carse of Gowrie Dairy Co., Ltd., dairy produce merchants. Ward roa< 

William Smith, secretary 
Carse, William, woodturner, 23 Miller's wynd 
Carswell, Alexander, flaxdresser, 32^ King street 

Carswell, David, & Sons, wholesale grocers, Wallace court, 114Murraygaj y 
Carswell, D., of D. Carswell & Sons, 10 Tay square 
Carswell, David, joiner, 22 Kincardine street 
Carswell, Thomas, grocer and wine merch. , 24 Alexander st. ; h. 10 Tay s 1 1 
Carswell, Thomas, bootmaker, 14 Malcolm street 
Carswell, William, of D. Carswell & Sons, 5 Gowrie place 
Carter, J ohn, agent. Temperance Society, 39 High street; A. 8 Park te 
Carter, Mrs Mary, lodgings, 12 Gellatly street 
Carthy, John, painter, 8 Hunter street 
Carver, William, cabinetmaker, 14 Gardner's lane 
Cascianic, Francis, plasterer, 31 Nethergate 
CASEY, JAMES P., & CO., dealers in furniture, left-off clothing, antiqu, 

rian books, &c., 174 and 176 Seagate. See Adv. 
Casey, James P., of James P. Casey & Co., 172 Seagate 
Cassaday, John, surgeon dentist, 89 Murraygate 
Cassidy, James, bricklayer, 54 King street 

Cassie, William, stereotyper. Advertiser office ; h. 45 Annfield road 
Castagnino, Guilio, confectioner, 24 Seagate; h. 22 Barrack street 
Castagnino, John, confectioner, 8 South Union street; h. 22 Barrack st 
Castillo, Johnde, hairdresser, 100 Dura st. ; h. 20 Dudhope Crescent r 
Catanach, Mrs Charles, grocer, 96 Blackscroft 
Cathie, Mrs, 49 Peddie street 








LMtluiioir, John, saddler, Ellen place, 7 Lyon street 
ifathrew, Patrick S., joiner, 29 St Salvador street 
athro, Alexander, carpenter, 150 Princes street 
,, lathro, Alexander, overseer, 23 Stirling street 
' [athro, Alexander, foreman mechanic, 2 Eliza street 
athro, David, spiritdealer's assistant, 50 Gellatly street 
: athro, David, traveller, 12 Waterloo place, Annfield road 
athro, George, overseer, 2 Lawrence street 
,!athro, John N,, grocer, 76 Annfield road ; h. 73 
lathro, Thomas, messenger. National Bank ; A. 2 Ann street 
Pathro, Miss H., dressmaker, 73 Annfield road 
JATTLE FOOD COMPANY, 68 Cowgate. See Adv. 
|iaw, Charles, of W. & C, Cavr, 23 Panmure street 
jlaw, William, of W. & C. Caw, 42 King's road 
law, W. & C. , restaurateurs, 25 Panmure street 
lemeteries Office, 13 Ward road; W. R. M'Kelvie, superintendent 
Jhalmers, Alex. P., manager. Bank Mill; h. Waterloo pi., 75 Annfield rd. 
Ihalmers, Alexander, milloverseer, 4 Ben vie road 
Chalmers, Alexander, carter, 185 Princes street 
,'halmers, Annie, fruiterer, 94 King street; h. 49 Gellatly street 
Jhalmers, Barbara, fruiterer, 52 William street; h. 41 
/halmers, Bell, of B. & J. Chalmers, 31 Ash lane 
Chalmers, B. & J., contractors and dairymen, 31 Ash lane 
Jhalmers, David, stationer and confectioner, 194 Seagate 
Chalmers, David F., commercial traveller, 11 Union place, Perth road 
yhalmers, David, clerk, 11 Union place, Perth road 
yhalmers, David, mechanic, 10 Benvie road 
Ohalmers, David, sailmaker, 10 Ashton place, Hawkhill 
Chalmers, Francis, labourer, 28 Hospital wynd 

;^halmers, Frank Y., butcher and cattledlr., 90 Blackscroft; h. 54 King st. 
iJhalmers, George, plasterer, 14 Gardner's lane 
Ohalmers, James George, solicitor and notary public, agent Northern 

Assurance Co., 54 Commercial street; h. 3 Stewart ter., Barnhill 
Chalmers, James, 56 Mains road 

Jhalmers, James, manager, Tay Works ; 1i. 4 Constitution terrace 
Ohalmers, James, of B. & J. Chalmers, 31 Ash lane 
Chalmers, James, clockfitter, 16 Scouringburn 
Chalmers, James, milloverseer, 29 Dallfield terrace 
Chalmers, John, manager D.P.S.A., 26 Bank street; h. 119 Nethergate 
Dhalmers, John, rope and twine maker, 128 Blackness rd.; A.lllHawkhill 
Chalmers, John, clerk, 93 Arbroath road 
Chalmers, John, mechanic, 131 Ann street 
Chalmers, John, tailor, 38 Blackness road 

Chalmers, John, confectioner, 135 Victoria road; h. 82 Dudhope street 
Chalmers, Peter, stationer, and sub-postmaster, 128 Hilltown ; h, 126 
Chalmers, Robert, millmanager. Dens Works; h. 165 Princes street 
Chalmers, Robert, shipsteward, 10 South George street 
Chalmers, Thomas, grocer's assistant, 7 William street, Forebank 
Chalmers, William F., of Chalmers & White; h. 36 Jamaica street 
Chalmers, William, sawyer, 38 Long wynd 
Chalmers, William, bootmaker, 40 High street ; h. Grove, West Ferry 



Chalmers, William, merchant, 37 Albert sq.; h. 13 William st., Foreban 

Chalmers, W^illiam, fireman, 5 Glebe street 

Chalmers, William, engine tenter, Fern cottage, Clepington road 

Chalmers, W. & H., merchants, 37 Albert square 

Chalmers & White, merchants and manufacturers, 30 Meadowside 

Chalmers, Mrs Alex. , 32 South Wellington street 

Chalmers, Mrs Robert, Craigiebank cottage, Pitkerro road 

Chalmers, Mrs, 40 Perth road 

Chalmers & Kidd, Misses, tobacconists, 70 Nethergate 

Chalmers, Misses E. & J., dressmakers, 119 Nethergate 

Chambers, Alexander, tenter, 46 Bell street 

Chambers, Alexander, manager. Verdant Works ; h. 1 Bruce street 

Chambers, James, bandmaster, 1st F.A.V., 82 Dudhope street 

Chapelshade Works, 42 Bell street ; J. Malcolm & Sons, manufacturers 

Chapelton, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 163 Hilltown; h. 159 

Chaplin, David, carter, 16 Cochrane street II 

Chaplin, Jacob, seaman, 2 St David's lane ij 

Chaplin, John, mason, 10 Roslin terrace. Court street ji 

Chapman, Charles W., clerk, 8 Meadowside ; h. 29 Union street I 

Chapman, David, shipmaster, 29 Union street 1 

Chapman, David, fruiterer, 187a Perth road 

Chapman, David, lapper, Albert court, 37 Nethergate 

Chapman, George, seaman. 111 Princes street 

Chapman, James, & Son, confectioners, 113 Murraygate 

Chapman, James, jun., of Jas. Chapman & Son, confectioner, 22 Unio 

street; h. Ashclifi"e, West Newport 
Chapman, Jas., of Jas. Chapman & Son, Yewbank cottage, W. Newpor 
Chapman, John, shipcarpenter, 19 West wynd 
Chapuy, Miss, music teacher, 7 Tay square 
Charles, James, enginefitter, 12 Seafield road 

Charles, John B. , English master, High School ; 1i. Westlea, W. Ferrj 
Charles, John, seaman, 6 Blackness street 
Charles, Robert, watchman, 145 Princes street 
Charran, Augustin, lodginghouse-keeper, 97 Overgate 
Chasser, James, tailor, 18 West wynd 
Chelsom, William, police sergeant, 144 Princes street 
Cheyne, Wm. , grocer and spiritdealer, 28 Wilkie's lane; h. 27a Tait's lan€ 
Chisholm, Duncan J. , clubmaster, Whitehall Club, 23 High st. ; h. 82 
Chisholm, James, grocer, 11 North Wellington street 
Chisholm, John C,, tailor, 2 Rosebank street 
Chisholm, John P., grocer, 16 Arthur street ; A. 18 
Chisholm, Roderick, harbour weigher, 2 Arbroath road 
Christian, Edward H., accountant. Royal Bank, 36 Westport; h. 3 

Dalhousie terrace 
Christie, Alexander, tenter, 14 W^olseley street 

Christie, Chas., fruit and potato mercht., 15Cowgate; 7i.23 St Andrew's st. 
Christie, Charles, foreman ironturner, 3 Roslin terrace 
Christie, Charles, stoker, 30 Victoria street 
Christie, David, fish and game dealer, 63 Hawkhill ; h. 61 
Christie, David, jun., fish and game dealer, 81 King st. ; h. 39Todburn lane 
Christie, David, bricklayer, 99 Peddie street 



iti^hristie, D. H., wholesale tea merchant, 13, 15, and 17 Exchange street; 

h. 10 Derby place, Broughty Ferry 
Christie, Fergus, mechanic, 35 Alexander street 

Christie, Geo., of Dewar & Christie, Friartongrove, 57 Magdalen green 
Christie, George, coal merchant, 3 Thistle street ; A. 13 Derby street 
]!hristie, George, engineer, 4 Temple lane 

Jhristie, George, clerk. Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 
Christie, James, of Robertson & Christie, 2 Bell street 
Christie, James, baker, 2 Dudhope Crescent road 

Christie, Jas. R. , blacksmith and cartwright, E. Dock st. ; h. 90 Dens rd. 
yhristie, James L., warehouseman, 8 North Ellen street 
Christie, Jas., wine and spirit merch., 125 Murraygate ; h. 1 Meadow entry 
/hristie, James L., sackmaker, 2 Ness street 
hristie, James, grocer, 59 Milnbank road 
)hristie, James, mechanic, 2 Catherine street 
/hristie, John, 1 Victoria square, Nethergate 

)hristie, John R., of Forbes & Christie, 10 Derby place, B. Ferry 
Jhristie, John, housepainter, 34 South Tay street ; A. 25 Hawkhill 
Ihristie, John, seaman, 72 Ann street 
Jhristie, Mary, greengrocer, 108 Hawkhill 
Jhristie, Nimmo, organist and music teacher, 87 High street 
)hristie, Peter, furniture dealer, 41 King street 

Ihristie, Robert, butcher, Livingstone place; h. 1 Gardner st., Locheerd. 
Jhristie, R. Kay, of J. T. Inglis & Co. , shipagent ; h. Longforgan 
rJhristie, Robert S., of Christie & Co., 30 South Tay street 
phristie, Robert, joiner, 31 Main street 

rt Jhristie, Robert, mechanic, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
ihristie, Stewart, watchmaker, 6 High street 
Ihristie, Thomas, hammerman, 25 Grove street 
!hristie, Thomas, grocer, 10 Dallfield walk 
ihristie, Walter C,, grocer and spirit merchant, 41 Hilltown ; h. 1 Logie- 

bank, Lochee road 
Ihristie, Wm., grocer and wine mercht., 35 Ann st.; h. Craigna-brattan, 

Broughty Ferry 
Ihristie, Wm., mechanical draughtsman. Fern cottage, Downfield 
Jhristie, William, mason, 4 Isla street 
Ihristie, William, cloth measurer, 30 Hillbank road 
Jhristie, William C, law-clerk, Beaconsfield place, 110 Victoria road 
Ihristie, William, manager, Albert Coffeehouse, 127 Overgate; h. 57 

Arbroath road 
hristie, William, nightwatchman, 6 North Ellen street 
hristie, W^illiam, turnkey, Police Office ; h. 26 Pitfour street 
hristie, Mrs Andrew, confectioner, 13 Lilybank road 
hristie, Mrs, 23 Castle street 
hristie, Mrs, 10 Lawrence street 
Ihristison, John, brassfinisher, 129 Ann street 

Ihristopher, David B. , coachtrimmer, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
Ihrystal, James, joiner, 24 Temple lane 

Ihrystal, Thomas, commission and insurance agent, 1 North William street 
lament, Mrs J., 21 Step row 
lapperton. Rev. Robt., St Andrew's R.C. Church; h. 150 Nethergate 



Clark, Alex., rope and twine spinner, 54 Caldrum street 

Clark, Alexander, warehousenian, 101 Victoria road 

Clark, Alexander, tailor, 8 Blackness street 

Clark, Alexander, fireman, 18 Craigie street 

Clark, Ann, dressmaker, 99 Lochee road 

Clark, Archibald, assistant overseer, 13 Craigie street 

CLARK & ASHFORD, dress and mantle makers, baby linen and ladie 

underclothing, 171 Princes street. See Adv. 
Clark, David, grocer, 27 Balgay street ; A, 1 Pitfour street 
Clark, David R., of D. R. Clark & Son, Maryfield terrace, Newport 
Clark, David A., plumber, 185 Princes street 
Clark, David R., & Son, printers, 31 Castle street 
Clark, Euphemia, confectioner, 168 Scouringburn 
Clark, George, shoemaker, 52 Dura street 
Clark, George, M.A,, headmaster, West-End Academy; A. Ythanbanl 

West Newport 
Clark, Hugh, commission agent, 62 Commercial street ; h. BroughtyFeri 
Clark, H. M. & I., stationers and tobacconists, 169 Scouringburn 
Clark, Jacob, printer, 4 Havelock place 

Clark, James G., of D. R. Clark & Son, Maryfield terrace, Newport 
Clark, James, mason, 42 St Mary's place 
Clark, James M., milloverseer, 22 St Mary's place 
Clark, James, ironturner, 3 St Matthew street 
Clark, James, painter, 8 Fish street 
Clark, James, gardener, 30 Pennycook lane 
Clark, John, produce broker and commission merchant, 7 Ranking 

court ; h, 3 Roxburgh terrace, Westpark road 
Clark, John, medical herbalist, 20 Charles st. ; h. 67 North Church st 
Clark, John, plumber, 22 Annfield road 
Clark, John, coal merchant, 19 Wilkie's lane ; h. 25 
Clark, John, teacher, 93 Arbroath road 
Clark, John, chimneysweeper, 16 Strathmartine road 
Clark, John, ironturner, 28 Kincardine street 
Clark, John, clerk, 22 West wynd 
Clark, John, butcher, 62 Caldrum street 

Clark, John Bryce, solicitor, 54 Commercial street; h. 40 Perth road 
Clark, Joseph, carting contractor, 9 and 11 Ash lane 
Clark, Patrick D., clerk, 1 Blackness cresceat, Perth road 
Clark, Robert, compositor, Advertiser office ; h. 2 Gardner's lane 
Clark, Robert, overseer, 25 Wolseley street 
Clark, Thomas, joiner, 68 Strathmartine road 
Clark, Thomas, 1 Blackness crescent, Perth road 

Clark, Wm. G., second manager, Caledon Ship Yard; h. 107 Ferry rd 
Clark, William, ironturner, 67 Lochee road 
Clark, William, printer, 44 Seafield road 
Clark, William, overseer, 58 Peddie street 
Clark, William, teacher, 28 Kinloch street 
Clark, W. Ronaldson, M. A., M.B., and CM., 15 Airlie place 
Clark, Mrs Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 167 Scouringburn ; 

Falcon place, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Clark, Mrs Jane, 23 Nelson street 


i)lark, Mrs Charles, Westfield cottage, 11 Westfield place 

dlark, Mrs David, wine and spirit merchant, 58 King street; h. 72 

vlark, Mrs James, 20 Airlie place 

31ark, Mrs Robt., of Ashford & Clark, dressmakers, 18 Albert street 

Jlark, Mrs, 19 Hill street 

;jlark, Mrs, grocer, 33 Crescent street 

ylark, Mrs D., 8 Bank street 

plark, Miss Nellie, ladies' outfitter, 171 Princes street; h. 18 Albert st. 

blarke, David W., joiner and builder, 51 N. Wellington street; A. 63 

Olarke, James, joiner, 63 North Wellington street 

Olarke, John G. , cabinetmaker, 23 Union street 

Clarke, John H., chief clerk, Inland revenue, 31 Bank st. ; h. 2 Col- 
lingwood terrace, Barnhill 

Dlarke, Peter, lamplighter, 34 Alexander street 

Clayton, Charles, harbour cranekeeper; h. 84 Commercial street 

[/leghorn, John, spinner. Garden Works ; A. Dudhope villa, Gardner's lane 

Oleghorn, William, merchant and jutespinner. Garden Works, Benvie 
road; office, 35 Albert square; h. Logie house, Lochee road 

Dleghorn, Wm. , jun, , mer. , Garden Works ; h. Milnbank house, Milnbank rd. 

Oleland, Alexander, dairyman, 129 Victoria road ; h. 38 Forfar road 

Clements, Benjamin, oificer, Wesleyan Church, Ward rd. ; h. Rattray st. 

Clepington Spinning Co., jutespinners, North Isla street 

Cliff, Samuel M., hacklepin maker, 4 Lawrence street 

Cloudsley, Adam, coachpainter, 8 Brown street 

Cloudsley, David, engineer, 47 Dallfield walk 
"'fCloudsley, John, spiritdealer, 104 Blackness road ; h. 80 

Clunie, Douglas, joiner and cartwright, 200 Hill town ; A, 2 Russell street 

Clunie, James, hair and wig dyer, 94 Dens road; A. 69 Caldrum street 

Glutton, George H., waiter, 11 Blackscroft 

Clyde, Mrs Thomas, fruit and potato merchant, 70Hawkhill; A. 7 Parker st. 

Clydesdale Bank, Limited, High st. ; D. Sidey and Alex. Scott, agents 

Cobb, George, 106 Lochee road 

Cochran, Elizabeth H., 2 Peter street 

Cochran, John, sculptor, 108 Albert street ; A. 20 Alexander street 

Cochran, John, draper, 22 Alexander street ; A. 20 

Cochrane, Alexander L., sorting clerk. Post Olfice; A. 26 Dura street 

Cochrane, Alexander, M.R.C.V.S., veterinarj' surgeon, 76 High street 

Cochrane, Peter M., merchant, and vice-consul for France, 1 Dudhope ter. 

Cochrane, William, cloth inspector, 180 Blackness road 

Cochrane, William, commission agent, 22 Dock st. ; A. 7 William street 

Cochrane, Mrs, missionary, 49 Geilatly street 

ijCockburn, J., & Campbell, wine merchants, of Edinburgh, 55 Reform at. ; 
y R- Sturrock, agent 

Cockburn, Thomas R., grocer and wine merchant, 23 Lilybank rd.; h. 25 

Cockburn, Miss, 1 Gibson terrace, Mains loan 

Coffell, Mrs Elizabeth, laundress, 36 Constable street 

Coghill, William, cooper, 19 Middle street 

Cohen, Arnold, & Co., of Hamburg, merchants, 14 Victoria chambers 

Cohen, J. H., French and fancy jeweller, 171 Overgate 

Coldstream, John, chandler, 72 Hilltown 

Cole, Mrs Ann, 17 Derby street 



Collier, Francis, of Robt. Small & Co., Brae cottage, Broughty Ferry- 
Collier, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 9 Meadow Place buildings 
Collier, Thomas, of Thomas Collier & Co., 10 Balgillo ter., Bro, Ferry- 
Collins, Isabella, tailoress, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
Colman, Mrs Helen, lodgings, 46 Castle street 
Colville, David, & Son, contractors, 38 North Lindsay street 
Colville, David, of David Colville & Son, 20 Union street 
Colville, James, of David Colville & Son, 20 Union street 
Colville, James, woodturner, 21 North Tay street 
Colville, John, assistant agent, National Bank ; h. 10 Springfield 
Colville, Thomas, coal merchant, 46 Cotton road ; h. 48 
Colville, William, grocer and spiritdealer, 163 Perth rd. ; h. 1 Ford's Ian 
Comar, James A., clerk, Tayview, East Newport 
Combe, James, wholesale grocer, 165 Seagate ; h. 4 Airlie terrace 
Combs, William, draper, 1 Cotton road 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, 85 Commercial street ; K. W 

Henderson and David Rennie, agents 
Comrie, Alexander, tenter, 11 Rosefield street 
Conacher, David, goodsagent, Caledonian Railway, West Station ; h 

42 Magdalen Yard road 
Conacher, John, joiner, 4 Baxter street 
Conacher, Thomas, grocer, 16 Kincardine street 
Condie, Thomas, tailor, 56 William street, Forebank 
Congleton, Thomas, of Heron & Congleton, solicitor and notary public 

20 Castle street ; h. Wellgate park. West Newport 
Conlin, John, porter, 5 Ramsay street 

Conn, James, provision merchant, 7 North Wellington street 
Coimel, Mrs James, 8 Paton's lane 
Conn ell, J. M., bootmaker, 62 Nethergate ; h. Tay terrace, Newport 
Conn ell, William S., bootmaker, 81 High street, and Rankine's court 

h. Tay terrace, Ne-w"port 
Connell, Mrs William, grocer, 30 Bell street ; h. 32 
Connelly, James, weaver, 3 St Salvador street 
Connelly, James, shoemaker, 2 William street, Scouringburn 
Connelly, Peter, grocer, 23 Derby street 

Connelly, Mrs Mary, grocer and spiritdealer, 14 Brewery lane ; h. 18 
Connelly, Mrs Ann, broker, 15 Urquhart street 
Connelly, Mrs, manglekeeper, 10 Daniel street 
Connolly, P., grocer, 24 Small's wynd 
Connoly, Miss, 31 Lawrence street 
Connon, Mrs M., manglekeeper, 81 Blackscroft 

Conrad, Charles, & Son, merchants, 2 India buildings, and Philadelphia 
Conroy, Margaret, dressmaker, 23 Clark street 

Constable, George, coal merchant, Raglan street ; h. 18 Albert street 
Constable, James, warehouseman, 12^ Mortimer place j 

Constable, Jas. , jun. , agent, bonded stores, 27 Dock st. ; h. 15 DaUfieldter.| 
Constable, Robert, foreman fitter, 2 Graham place |; 

Constable, Robert, blacksmith, 2 Parker's court, William street j 

Constable Works, Dura street ; Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., manufacturers, 
Conway, James, vanman, 4 Rosebank street 
Conway, John, labourer, 30 Back street 


>nway, Miss Annie, teacher, St Mary's R.C. School ; A. 24 Powrie pi. 

>ogan, John, spirit merchant, 82 Annfield road; h. 226 Blackness road 

iHoogan, John, collector and sheriff-officer, 8 Blyth place, Balgay street 

^oogan, John, jun., tailor, 8 Blyth place, Balgay street 

Oook, Andrew, painter, 8 Kincardine street 

>ok, Daniel, carter, 5 Constable street 

Jock, Rev. Donald, Wellgate Free Church ; h. 6 Albany terrace 

>ok, Jas., blacksmith and cartwright, 9Gellatly st.; h. 2 Gardner's lane 

)ook, John, grain merchant, 7 Langlands street 

Jook, John, porter, 3 Baxter street 

yook, John, auctioneer, 3 Castle lane 

;Ook, Peter, coachman, 26 Long wynd 

/ook, Robert, fish salesman, 7 Fishmarket; A. 19 Louise ter., W. Ferry 

Jook, Robert, calenderworker, 63 Blackscroft 

)ook, Thos., agent, and superintendent harbour weigher; A. 20 Cowgate 

look, Thomas, carter, 55 Blackscroft 

look, William, insurance agent, 70 Caldrum street 

look, William, joiner, 9 Hunter street 

look, William, porter, 30 Long wynd 
'[look, William, blacksmith, 20 Court street 

look, Mrs Andrew, manglekeeper, 117 Princes street 

looke, William, coachman, 11^ Wellington street 

iooke, William, second manager, Dundee Foundry ; A. 93 Arbroath rd. 

iooper, Alexander, baker, 66 Blackscroft ; A. 62 Blackscroft 
fooper, Alexander, engineer, 51 Crescent street 

coper, Arthur W., of J. & H. Whyte & Cooper; A. 1 Brown st., W. Ferry 

ooper, A., coach proprietor, 27 Rosebank street; A. 4 South George st. 

ooper, George P., surveyor for Lloyd's Register, Clydesdale Bank 
chambers, 54 Commercial street ; A. Downie villa, Broughty Ferry 

ooper, George, manager, Tay Foundry ; A. 3 Hermitage ter. , B. Ferry 

ooper, James, millmanager, Angus Jute Works ; A. 87 Ann street 

ooper, John, mill, factory, and engineer's furnisher, 21 Meadow street ; 
A. Salisbury place, 89 Arbroath road 

ooper, John, officer, Hilltown Free Church ; A. 57 N. Wellington street 

ooper, John 0., baker, 40 Annfield row 

ooper, John G., clerk. South Dudhope Works ; A. 24 Peddie street 

ooper, Peter, blacksmith, 51 Elizabeth street; A, 29 St Salvador street 

ooper, Robert, joiner, 3 North Church street 

ooper, William, joiner and cabinetmaker, Balgay Saw Mills 

ooper, William, foreman joiner, 5 Graham place 

ooper, W. & W., tailors and clothiers, 7 and 9 Reform street 

ooper, Mrs John, 11 Graham place. Princes street 

Doper, Mrs, 13 Lawrence street 

3oper, Mrs, 2 Cherryfield lane 

Ooper, Mrs, 4 South George street 

ormack, John, chemist, 7 Ward road 

ormack, John, carpenter, 12 Springhill place 

)rner Co., The, drapers, &c., 73 Commercial st, and 2 and 4 Murray- 
gate; William Menzies, manager; A. 43 Peddie street 
[ornfoot, David, joiner, 6 Benvie road 

)rnwall, Ed., pawnbroker, 17Meadow st. and 12 Hilltown; A.2Melvilleter. 


Corr, John, damper, 219 Blackness road 

Corrie, Mackie, & Co., flax and jute merciiants, 1 Royal Exchange place 

Corsane, Robert G., bookseller and stationer, 112 Princes street ; h. 110 

Cosgrove, James, labourer, 46 Constable street 

Cottage Factory, East Dock street ; John Moir & Son, manufacturers 

CouU, David, teacher of languages, 21 Reform street 

Coull, John, tailor, 1 Watson's lane 

Coulson, John, glazier, 45 Blackscroft ; h. 22 Grove street 

Coupar, David, mechanic, 16 North Ellen street 

Coupar, James, mechanic, 68 Albert street 

Coupar, James, foreman carter, P. M. Duncan's yard ; h. Rattray street 

Coupar, James R., clerk, 67 Reform st.; h. 1 Victoria sq., Nethergate 

Coupar, James, mechanic, 23 Clepington street 

Coupar, James, warehouseman, 43 Castle street 

Coupar, John, confectioner, 128 Murraygate; h. Ellen place, 17 Lyon st. 

Coupar, John, late clothier, 28 King street 

Coupar, John L. , millmanager, Scouringburn Works ; h. 28 King street 

Coupar, Peter, mechanic, 133 Blackscroft 

Coupar, Thomas, engineer, 36 Paterson street 

Coupar, William, baker, 51 Perth road 

Coupar, William, carter, 15 John street 

Coupar, William, mechanic, 7 M'Gill street 

Coupar, Mrs J., 159 Ann street 

Coupar, Miss Grace, 104 Nethergate 

Couper, Charles, shipbroker, 94 Commercial street ; h. Dudhope house 

Couper, Charles H., grocer, 91 Milnbank road 

Couper, Guthrie, engineer, 13 Union place 

Couper, James 0., baker, 30 Princes street; h. 32 

Couper, James, dockmaster, Earl Grey dock ; h. 62 Conmaercial street 

Couper, John, jute merchant, 94 Commercial street; h. 16 Windsor st. 

Couper, John, conxmercial traveller, 78 Peddie street 

Couper, Thomas, of James Paterson & Co. , 2 Beech wood terrace 

Couper, William, stationer and tobacconist, 196 Blackness road ; h. 200 

Couper, William, foreman pipelayer. Gas Works ; h. Longforgan 

Couper, Mrs, 91 Milnbank road 

Couttie, James, wholesale confectioner and baker, 98 Albert street and 

27 Cowgate ; h. 98 Albert street 
Couttie, William, sawyer, 8 Graham place 

Coutts, David, joiner, 30 King's road ' 

Coutts, James, bookbinder, 67 Seagate 
Coutts, John, postman, 36 Cotton road 
Coutts, John, clerk, 6 High street; h. 88 Hawkhill 
Coutts, Mrs Elizabeth, laundress, 96 Ferry road 
Coventry, Charles, porter, 6 Isla street 
Coventry, James, 40 Union street 
Coventry, Robert, beamer, 36 Watson's lane 

Cowan, Henry, salt merchant, 11 Dock street; h. 146 Murraygate 
Cowan, James, house proprietor, Weighbouse, 23 Greenmarket; h. 1 

Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Cowan, James, jun., salt merchant, Weighhouse, 23 Greenmarket; h. 1 

Castle terrace, Broughty Ferry 


Cowan, John, salt merchant, 7 Craig street; h. Stannergate 
Cowan, Thomas, stonecutter, 42 Balgay street 
Cowan, William C, L.R.C.P. and S.Ed., medical practitioner, S' South 

Tay street 
Cowans, David S., of John Cowans & Son, 1 Newington ter., Bro. Ferry 
Cowans, John, & Son, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 71 High 

street ; and distillery draff agents, Box office, Cattle market 
Cowans, Mrs, 61 Ure street 
Cowie, James, contractor, 6 Shepherd's loan 
Cowie, James, woodturner, 2 Church street, Princes street 
Cowie, William, broker, 148 Seagate; h. 7 Ash lane 
Cowley, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 1 10 Seagate 
Cowley, John, ironturner, 131 Ann street 
Cowley, William, of Ltimsden & Cowley, 33 Isles' lane 
Cowpar, Mrs, 3 Magdalen Yard road 
Cowper, David S., law-clerk, 86 Nethergate 

Cowper, John, waiter, RL Exchange Reading-room; h. Rl. Exchange bldgs. 
Cowper, John, clerk, 143 Victoria road 
Cowper, William W. , insurance agent, 24 Bellfield lane 
Cowper, Mrs, maker of Peacock's ointment, 24 Bellfield lane 
Cowper, Miss, 6 Shore terrace 

Cox, Alfred W., of Henry Boase & Co., Beechwood, Lochee 
Cox Brothers, merchants, jute and flax spinners, manufacturers of all 

kinds of jute fabrics, bleachei's, dyers, and calenderers, Camperdown 

Linen Works; offices, 1 Meadow place, Dundee; 27 King street, 

Guildhall, London ; 23a Portland street, Manchester ; and 57 Miller 

street, Glasgow 
Cox, David, cloth measurer, 114 Lochee road 

Cox, Edward, mercht., Camperdown Linen Works; h. Lyndhurst, Lochee 
Cox, George Addison, of Cox Brothers, Beechwood, Lochee; and Inver- 

trossachs, Perthshire 
Cox, Geo. M., mercht., Camperdown Linen Works; A. Beechwood, Lochee 
Cox, Henry S., merchant, 1 Meadow place, Dundee, and Calcutta; h. 

9 Windsor street 
Cox, James, of Cox Brothers, vice-consul for D'Haiti, Clement park, 

Lochee ; and Cardean, Perthshire 
Cox, James C., mercht., Camperdown Linen Wks.; h. The Cottage, Lochee 
Cox, James D., & Co., stockbrokers, 8 Panmure street 
Cox, James D., of James D. Cox & Co., Woodford, Broughty Ferry 
Cox, Thos. H., of Cox Bros., Duncarse, Dundee; and Maulesden, Brechin 
Cox, Thomas, flesher, 231 Lochee road ; h. 40 Union place, Lochee 
Cox, William, of Cox Bros., Foggyley, Lochee; and Snaigow, Perthshire 
Cox, Rev. Wm. J., Panmure Street Congregational Church; h. 10 Airliepl. 
Cox, Mrs Ann, confectioner, 139 Rosebank street 
Cox, Mrs Helen, china merchant, 33 James street; h. 3 Clark street 
Coyle, Michael, wine and spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Hawkhill; h. 288 
Coyle, Patrick, spiritdealer, 43 Ann street; h. 288 Hawkhill 
Coyle, Mrs, 60 Bell street 

Crabb, Alexander, shoemaker, 17 North Wellington street 
Crabb, Charles, confectioner, 26 Scouringburn; h. 24 
Crabb, David, builder, 11 Clepington street 



Crabb, George, teacher, Ogilvie Street School; h. 20 North Ellen stre ^ 

Crabb, James, calenderworker, 3 Wolseley street 

Crabb, John, flaxdresser, 23 Wolseley street 

Crabb, John D., plater, 23 Brown street 

Crabb, John M., calenderworker, 28 Kincardine street 

Crabb, John, porter, 47 Albert street 

Crabb, William, clerk, 9 Grove street 

Crabb, Mrs William, provision merchant, 27 Lilybank road 

Crabb, Mrs, 1 Gowrie place 

Crabbe, David S., grocer and spirit merchant, 127 Blackness road; h. 

Logiebank cottages 
Crabbe, William, millmanager, Pleasance Works ; h. Dudhope cottage 
Craig, Alex., housef actor, 3 Barrack st. ; h. Osborne place, E. Newpoj 
Craig, Alexander, ironplaner, 68 Strathmartine road 
Craig, Alexander, tenter, 40 St Mary's place 
Craig, Alexander, ironmonger, 6 Lamb's lane 
Craig, Alexander, lapper, 3 Tay Street lane 

Craig, David, factory manager. Dens Works ; h. 22 Catherine street 
Craig, George B., china merchant, 28 and 30 Westport; h. 143 Nethergal 
Craig, Hannah, provision dealer, 69 Lochee road ; h. 67 
Craig, James, house proprietor, 3 Wellington street -^ 

Craig, James, rag and waste merchant, 43 Scouringburn; /i. 4 Lawrences': ^ 
Craig, James, clerk, Dens Works ; h. 30 Reform street ! ^' 

Craig, James, dairyman. Honey's road ^^ 

Craig, John, hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 75 High street ; h. 71 ^ 

Craig, John, Sanitary Office, West Bell street; h. 3 William street ^^J. 

Craig, John, hairdresser, 261 Hawkhill ; h. 22 Union place 
Craig, John, foreman mechanic, Pleasance Works ; A. 17 Brewery lam 
Craig, Matthew L., draper, 1 Viewbank terrace 
Craig, Peter, draper's assistant, 12 Glebe street 
Craig, Robert R., shipmaster, 12 Springhill jDlace 
Craig, Thomas, stationer, 51 Albert street ; A. 47 
Craig, William, Elizabeth place, 129 Hawkhill 
Craig, William, moulder, 3 Arklay street 
Craig, Mrs, Arcade buildings. King street 
Craig, Mrs, manglekeeper, 63 Arbroath road 
Craig, Mrs, lodgings, 43 Castle street 

Craigen, Alexander, joiner, 35 West wynd; h. 247 Blackness road 
Craighead, John, ironmoulder, 54 King street 
Craighead, Peter, mason, 54 Mains road 
Craighead, Robert, packer, 21 Glamis street 
Craighead, Mrs, confectioner, 41 Watson street 
Craigie, James, gardener, 21 Step row 

Craigie Works, Robertson street ; Gibson, Robertson, & Co. , spinnen 
Craigie Yard Warehouse Co. ; Jos. J. Barrie, manager, 10 Panmure st. 
Craik, Charles, 21 Langlands street 
Craik, David, joiner, 13 Ure street 
Craik, David, clerk, 13 Stirling street 
Craik, George, assurance agent, 118 Hawkhill 
Craik, Mrs Charles, grocer and confectioner, 81 Arbroath road 
Cram, James, accountant, 16 Euclid cres.; h. 5 Prospect ter., E. Newport 



yramb, David, jun.jbootmkr. &houseagent, 178Hilltown; h. 34LawsonpL 

!ramb, David, mechanic, 5 Ellen street 

Jramond, James, confectioner, 171 Hilltown 

Jramond, William, shipmaster, 63 Gellatly street 

Urammond, Samson, commercial traveller, 7 Yeaman shore 

Jrammond, Mrs George, 31 Charles street 

Jrammond, Mrs, Craigie cottage. Ferry road 

Jranmer, Mary, draper, 54 Dura street ; /*. 56 

Jranmer, William, ironplaner, 25 Langlands street 

Jranston, Miss Elizabeth, missionary, 7 Mid street 

/rawford, David, messenger, Royal Bank ; h. 20 Castle street 

'rawford, James, millwright, 2 Meadow street 

Jrawford, John, grocer and provision merchant, 42 Polepark road and 

65 Peddie street ; h. 38 Polepark road 
Jrawford, John, violinist, 2 William street. King street 
Jrawford, Robert, colliery agent, 18 Cowgate 

[Jrawford, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 53 Overgate ; h. 55 
Jrawford, Wm., fruit and potato mercht., 66 Overgate ; h. 12 Parker st. 
Crawford, Mrs Agnes, 6 JMorth Ellen street 
Jrawford, Mrs R. H., 10 Airlie terrace 
/ree, Thomas, mason, 51 Main street 
Jrearer, Alexander, shipwright, 56 Watson street 
/rerar, Alexander, moulder. 24 Hunter street 
/rerar, Ann, laundress, 41 Miller's wynd 
Urerar, Dan, pianoforte tuner, 1 Gowrie place 
]!rerar, Robert, mason, 8 Russell street 

Mchton, Alex. B., & Co., school bag manufrs., Meadow Works, 38 S. Tayst. 
Jrichton, Alex.B.,of Alex. B. Crichton &Co., Falcon place, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Jrichton, Donald, draper and clothier, 14 AJnnst. ; h. 101 Victoria rd. 
Mchton, Elizabeth, 8 South Tay street 
/richton, Ellen, milliner, 27 Step row 

/richton, George, provision store p<jrter, 13 West Dock street 
/richton, George, ironturner, 35 Lower pleasance 
/richton, Isabella, 8 South Tay street 

Urichton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 13 and 15 Victoria rd; h. 17 
Urichton, James B., spinner and merchant, 7 Trades lane; h. llDuntrune 

terrace. West Ferry 
Wchton, Jane and Isabella, dressmakers, 32 South Tay street 
:Hchton, John R. , hairdresser, 130 Victoria road 
''/richton, John, brassfinisher, 28 North Church street 
i/richton, Peter, 6 Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
/richton, Robert, colporteur, 98 Rosebank street 
/richton, Thomas, draper, 48 Ann street ; h. 3 Elizabeth street 
/richton, Thomas, grocer and confectioner, 214 Hawkhill; h. 220 
/richton, William, wine and spirit merchant, 5 Wellgate; ^.31 
/richton, William, porter, 67 Alexander street 
/richton, Mrs Alexander, Westfield, 31 Magdalen Yard road 
/richton, Mrs David, lodgings, 38 Seafield road 
)richton, Mrs, sicknurse, 14 Kirk entry, Wellgate 
/righton, Francis R., clerk, 4 Havelock place 
/righton, James, commis. agent, 82 High st, ; h. Willowgrove, W Ferry 



Crighton, James F., joiner, 29 Rose street 

Crighton, John, plumber and gasfitter. 111 Cowgate ; h, 27 Lyon atree 

Crighton, Lewis, painter, 19 Lawson place 

Crighton, William F., plumber, 47 Princes street 

Crighton, Mrs, lodgings, 23 St Andrew's street 

Croal, John, harbour porter, 79 Arbroath road 

Crockatt, George, moulder, 2 Malcolm street 

Crockatt, John, coaldealer, 12 North Wellington st. ; A. 11 Glamis st. 

Crockatt, John, grocer, 13 Poleparkroad 

Crockatt, John, veterinary practitioner. South Ward road 

Crockatt, John, jun., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, S. Ward road 

Crockatt, William, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 12 Westfi eld place 

Crockatt, Miss, 142 Nethergate 

Crockett, Alexander D., clerk, Harbour chambers; h. 1 Kemback stree 

Crockett, James, insurance agent, 19 Wellington street 

Crockett, Mrs G., 9a Victoria street 

Croley & Co., corsetmakers, 9 South Tay street 

Croll, David, of D. & W. Croll, 5 Rugby terrace, Broughty Ferry 

CroU, D. & W. , nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 63 Commercial st. 
and Dalhousie Nursery, Broughty Ferry 

Croll, George, 17 Cleghorn street 

Croll, James, builder, 1 Blackheath place 

Croll, Jessie, of J. Croll & Co., 3 St Johnswood terrace 

Croll, John, of D. & W. Croll, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Croll, J., & Co., drapers, 217 and 219 Perth road ! 

Croll, William R., draughtsman, 12 Bank street; h. 172 Hawkhill \ 

Croll, William, grocer, 16 Arbroath road; h. 14 

Croll, Mrs Elizabeth, draper, 213 Perth road 

Cromack, William, engineer, 3 Park terrace 

Cromb, James, sub-editor, Evening Telegraph ; h. Rustic place, 69.' 
Constitution road 

Crook, John, powerloom manager, 1 Annfield street 

Crooks, James, of Robert Crooks & Son, 89 King street 

Crooks, John, tenter, 13 Glamis street 

Crooks, Robt., & Son, ironmongers, plumbers, and gasfitters, 89 King st. 

Crooks, Robert, of Robert Crooks & Son, Holly cottage, West Newport 

Croom, Alexander, 21 Crichton street; A. 4 Balfour street 

Cross, Alexander, commission agent, 19 Peddie street 

Cross, David, stableman, 1 Westfield place 

Crossley, Thomas, assist, supt. Prudential Assurance Co. , 3 Baffin street 

Croston, Mrs Thomas, 8 Bank street 

Croucher, Chas. , draper & clothier, 59 Main st. ; A. Fairmuir cot. , Fairmuii 

Croudace, William S., shipowner and shipagent, 18 Dock street; h. Elm- 
bank, Broughty Ferry 

Crow, Andrew, harbour porter, 21 Todburn lane 

Crow, Annie E., tobac. and stationer, 80 King st.; h. 22 Catherine st. 

Crow, David, house proprietor, 7 Westfield lane 

Crow, Edward, blacksmith, 90 Dura street; h. 26 

Crow, James, gamedealer, 27 Union street 

Crow, John E., tea and provision merchant, 14 Polepark road; h. 18 

Crow, William, shoemaker, 36 Gellatly street 



browe, David, of W. & S. Strong, 12 Dudhope place 

/rowe, James, prison warder, H.M. Prison; h. 8 Scouringburn 

Jrowe, William S., hairdresser and perfumer, 8 Thorter row; h. 4 

Eorebank road 
Urowhnrst, William, waiter, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 
Jrowley, William, merchant, 81 Murray gate; h. 6 M'Gill street 
Jrowlie, John, draper and milliner, 8 and 10 Princes st.; h. 6 M'Gill st. 
Jrowlie, John, ink manufacturer, 1 Mortimer street 
Jrowlie, J. P. , Havelock place, 2 Peddie street 

Jrowlie, William, draper and milliner, 8 and 10 Princes st. ; h. 6 M'Gill st. 
Irown Hotel, 1 Shore terrace; Mrs E. Steel, proprietrix 
Iruden, David A., flesher, 16 Strathmartine road 
Iruden, James H., joiner, Fairley place, Clepington road 
',!ruickshank, Alexander L., clerk, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
!ruickshank, Charles L. , merchant, 6 Park street ; h. 43 Peddie street 
Iruickshank, George, flax and waste merchant, 6 Park street 
iruickshank, James, patternmaker, 13 Arbroath road 
iruickshank, James, painter, 56 Dudhope street 
■ruickshank, Joan, grocer, 22 Gellatly street 
iruickshank, John, mason, 3 Pitfour street 

ruickshank, Richard, commission agent, 31 Dock st. ; h. Kinnoul, Perth 
tuickshank. Rev. Robt., S. Paul's Epis. Ch. ; h. Gastlehill house, Seagate 
ruickshank, William, warehouseman, 18 Wolseley street 
ruickshank, Wm., coal merchant. East Dock street ; A. 17 Arklay st. 
ruickshank, Mrs David, manglekeeper, 50 Kemback street 
iuUen, Andw. J. , baker and confr. , 39 & 41 Constitution rd. ; h. 159 HilltoAvn 
ullen, Mary, cabinetmaker and general dealer, 92 Hilltown; h. 161 
'ullen, Peter, shoemaker, 191 Scouringburn; h. 34 Fleuchar street 
Wross, Alex., plumber, tinsmith, gasfitter, and ironmonger,22 Small's wynd 
umming, Alexander, mason, 59 Hill street 

umming, Andw. W., solicitor, 1 Bank st. ; h. 5 Balgillo cres., B. Ferry 
lumming & Co., tea and coflfee merchants, 5 Murray gate; wholesale, 6 

Hope street, Glasgow 
umming, C, & Co., rag and waste merchants, 7 East Henderson's wynd 
"\ umming, David, wine and spirit merchant, 54 Ann st. ; h. 42 William st. 
iumming, George, merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court; h. 3 Albany ter. 
(umming, George, merchant, 1 Rl. Exchange place; h. 4 Wellington st. 
umming, Peter L., watchmaker, 45 Nelson street 
umming, William, clerk, Clepington Waste Works ; h. 3 Melrose ter. 
ummings. A., enginedriver, 10 Park lane 
ummings Brothers, chemists and druggists, 49 Reform street 
unningham, Catherine, confectioner, 6 Watson street 
iunningham, David, M.Inst.C.E. , civil engineer. Works office, Harbour 

chambers ; h. Viewbank, East Newport 
unningham, Henry, purveyor of sports, 11 Greenmarket 
unningham, James, of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Douglas house, W.Ferry 
unningham, Jas., jun., of Malcolm, Ogilvie, &Co., Hill street, B. Ferry 
unningham, James, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 1 Cowgate; 

tobacconist, 11 Wellgate; Ji. 123 Murraygate 
funningham, James, diver, 10 Annfield street 
unningham, John L., merchant, 38 Magdalen Yard road 





Cunningham, Jolin, railway guard, 10 Annfield street 

Cunningham, John, tenter, 9 Paton's lane 

Cunningham, John, butler. Eastern Club; h. 17 Wellington street j 

Cunningham, William 0., of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Hillside, Bro. Ferr 

Cunningham, Wm. , mechanical engineer, Ward Mills ; h. 10 Windsor tei 

Cunningham, William, blacksmith, 8 Arbroath road 

Cunningham, William, millwright, 12 North Ellen street 

Cunningham, William, draper, 250 Hilltown ; A. 209 

Cunningham, Mrs, 4 Gowrie street 

Cunningham, Mrs E. , outfitter, 36 Greenmarket ; h. 8 Crichton street . 

Cunningham, MrsJas.,pastrybaker, 106 Victoria road; h. 33Forebank rcl 

Cunningham, Mrs Margaret, 26 Union street 

Cunningham, Misses, teachers, 44 St Mary's place ; 7i. 175 Victoria roa 

Cunnison, David R., blacksmith, 5 Arklay street 

Cunnison, Robert, joiner, 1 Pitfour street 

Cunnison, Mrs C, pawnbroker, 2 Milne's East wj^nd; h. 6 Fleuchar st 

Curr, John, seaman, 23 Wolseley street 

Curr, John, grocer, 16 Wolseley street 

Curr Night Pv.efuge, 3 West Bell street ; Thomas Phinn, superintendec 

Curr, R., of Arthur Harris & Curr, 61 Watson street 

Curr, Thomas, baker, 88 Princes street 

Curr, William, moulder, Salisbury place, 7 Baffin street 

Currie, James, hairdresser, 30 Greenmarket ; h. 183 Overgate 

Currie, Walter T., of Shi ell & Small, Glendoick house, by Perth 

Ciirrie, Mrs Donald, lodginghouse keeper, 13 West Dock street 

Currigan, Mrs Peter, manglekeeper, 14 St Mary street 

Curtis, Andrew, bleacher, 8 Fairiey place, Clepington road 

Cusick, Mrs Margaret, confectioner, 43 William street, Forebank 

Cuthbert, Alexander, compositor, 5 Mountpleasant 

Cuthbert, Alexander, calenderworker, Reid street 

Cuthbert, Andrew, sub- editor, Evening Telegraph ; h. 8 Roslin terrace 

Cuthbert, David, packer, 59 Caldrum street 

Cuthbert, David, lapper, 37 Stirling street 

Cuthbert, Duncan, compositor, Elm place, 121 Hawkhill I 

Cuthbert, George, of Thos. Cuthbert & Son, 6 Somerville place ; 

Cuthbert, James, grocer, 154 Hilltown; h. 119^^ 

Cuthbert, James, jobbing gardener, 6 St Peter street I 

Cuthbert, James, mason, 31 Crescent street | 

Cuthbert, John, shoemaker, 20 St Peter street; h. 35 j 

Cuthbert, Robert, joiner, 15 Annfield row | 

Cuthbert, Samuel, mechanic, 24 North street I 

Cuthbert, Thomas, & Son, coachbuilders, 4 Meadowside ' 

Cuthbert, Thomas, of Thomas Cuthbert & Son, 6 Dudhope place ' 

Cuthbert, Thomas, bottler, 32 Union street i 

Cuthbert, William, plasterer, 251 Lochee road 

Cuthbert, William D., caretaker, New Hilltown Mission ; h. 46 Hilltow i 

Cuthbert, William, coaldealer, 12 Park wynd 

Cuthbert, Mrs, lodgings, 14 Barrack street 

Cuthbertson, Jas., flax mercht., 6 Panmure st.; h. Jessiman ter., B. Ferr 

Cuthill, William, mechanic, 2 Brown street 

Cuthill, William, officer, St Mary's Established Church ; h. 55 Murraygat 


Outhill, William, spiritdealer, 56 Hilltown; h. 14 King's road 

Dagan, Joseph, coaldealer, 8 James street ; h. 41 Alexander street 
Dailly, Daniel, babylinen, underclothing, and remnant warehouse, 61 

and 63 Nethergate ; A. 65 
Dailly, David, seaman, 5 St Salvador street 
Dailly, Peter, engineer, Tay Works ; h. 8 Daniel street 
Daily, Francis, shoemaker, 73 Milnbank road 
Dair, James, confectioner, 35 Small's wynd 
Dakers, David, shipmaster, 94 Nethergate 
IDakers, James, baker, 44 Strathmartine road ; h. 39 
Dakers, James, tailor and clothier, 83 Hospital wynd 
Dale, John, general dealer, 10 James street 
Dale, John, milloverseer, 110 Lochee road 
Dale, Thomas, 32 Carmichael street 
Dalgairns & Co., wine merchants, 4 Shore terrace 
Dalgety, David, horsedealer, 9 Greenfield place ; h. 62 Annfield road 
iDalgety, George, flesher, 104 Princes street and 47 Constitution road ; 
el h. 106 Princes street 
Dalgleish, James, enginefitter, 32 Carmichael street 
IDalgleish, L. & M. A. , drapers, 7 Scouringburn ; h. 24 Charles street 
jDalgleish, Peter, 2 Meadow street 
IDalgleish, William 0., of Baxter Brothers & Co., Mayfield, Ferry road, 

and Errol Park, Errol 
Dall, George, calenderworker, 56 Dudhope street 
(Dallas, Alexander, moulder, 15 Tannadice street 
IDallas, David, overseer, 15 Tannadice street ^ 

Dallas, James, foreman mechanic, 12 Ben vie road 

Daly, James, bottler, 11 Clark st. ; h. 36 Commercial st. , Maxwelltown 
Dalziel, George, plasterer, 51 William street, Forebank 
ti jDand, Charles, traveller, 10 Speed's terrace 
Dand, Charles G., draper, 127 Victoria road; h. 3 King's road 
jDand, John, pensioner, 79 Arbroath road 
iDandie, Mrs Jessie, ladies' school, 163 Princes street 
jDaniels, E. T., & Nicholson, wholesale teadealers, 22 Dock street; 

William Cochrane, agent 
Dargie, Alex . , blacksmith, 24 Commercial st. , Maxwelltown ; A . 19 Glamis st. 
;Dargie, Annie, pawnbroker, 72 Ferry road ; h. 20 Cowgate 
iDargie, Charles, tailor and clothier, 61 Crescent street 
Dargie, David, warehouseman, 151 Victoria road 

Dargie, David, dairyman, 117 Perth road, and farmer, Tarbi'ax, Forfar 
jDargie, James, of J. & W. Dargie, 32 Main street 
! .Dargie, James, 1 St Johnswood terrace, Westpark road 
jDargie, James, slater, 2 Graham place 

IDargie, James, stableman, Wordie & Co., E. Dock st. ; h. 33 Watson st. 
ra iiDargie, J. & W. , builders and contractors, 241 Hilltown 
Dargie, Robert, 1 St Johnswood terrace, Westpark road 
Dargie, William, of J. & W. Dargie, 10 Main street 
•J Dargie, William, blacksmith, 17 Blackness street 

Dargie, Mrs William, Peter's court, 20 Cowgate 
ifjiDavid, John, bootmaker, 12 Princes street; h. 8 Ci^aigie street 






David, John, clerk, 89 Arbroath road 

David, Joseph, printer, 3 Kinnaird street 

David, Thomas, clerk, Ward Foundry; h. Rustic place, 1 Dudhope stre« 

Davidson, Agnes, dressmaker, 41 Cowgate 

Davidson, Alexander, of Davidson & Co. , 2 Madeira street, Maryfield 

Davidson, Alexander, mechanic, 45 Cotton road 

Davidson, Archibald, mechanic, 30 North street 

Davidson, Balfour H., skinner, 17 Blyth street 

Davidson, Barbara, wine and spirit mer, , 8 North Tay st. ; h. 42 WestpoiKvi 

Davidson, Charles, engineer, 7 Roslin terrace 

Davidson & Co. , merchants, 84 Commercial street 

Davidson, David A., clerk, H.M. Customs ; h. 3 Tay terrace, B. Ferrj 

Davidson, David, engineer, 1 Roslin terrace 

Davidson, David, moulder, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Davidson, David, clerk, 2 Annfield street 

Davidson, David B., tenter, 16 Dallfield terrace 

Davidson, David, moulder, 11 St Salvador street 

Davidson, George, dockgateman, 51 Foundry lane 

Davidson, George, joiner, 28 Forfar road 

Davidson, George, enginedriver, 40 Perth road 

Davidson, H. P., 1 Buckingham terrace, Maryfield 

Davidson, Isabella, confectioner, 49^ E. Dock st. ; Ji. 1 Commercial st, 

Davidson, Isabella, dressmaker, 16 Baffin street 

Davidson, James N, & Gray, pharmaceutical chemists and wholesal 

druggists, 128a Nethergate 
Davidson, James N., of James N. Davidson & Gray, 45 South Tay st. 
Davidson, James, temperance hotel, 16 Greenmarket 
Davidson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 50 Bell street ; h. 54 
Davidson, James, cashier, Ladybank Leather Works ; h. Union Cottagt 

West Newport 
Davidson, James, labourer, 12 Wolseley street 
Davidson, James, factory porter, 25 Robertson street 
Davidson, Jas., factory overseer, WellingtonSt. Factory; A.lORosebankrd 
Davidson, James, packer, 54 Dallfield walk 
Davidson, John, collector, 7 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
Davidson, John, blacksmith, 1 Balgay street 
Davidson, John, sen., joiner, 28 Forfar road 
Davidson, John, saddler, 7 Yeaman shore 
Davidson, John, storekeeper, 43 Ure street 
Davidson, John, labourer, 10 South George street 
Davidson & Powrie, tailors and clothiers, 141a Nethergate 
Davidson, Robert, shipmaster, 36 Ferry road 
Davidson, Robert, diver, 203 Lochee road 

Davidson, Robert, packer, 3 Allan street , ' 

Davidson, Robert, leathercutter, 49 Victoria i-oad 
Davidson, Robert, 27a Tait's lane, Hawkhill 
Davidson, Thomas, carpenter, 12 William street, King street 
Davidson, Thomas M., M.A., teacher. High School; h. 78 Peddie streei 
Davidson, William, merchant and commission agent, 1 Rattray street 
Davidson, William, of Davidson & Powrie, 22 Peddie street .^i 

Davidson, William, inspector of police, 144 Princes street [^ ' 



Davidson, William, ironmonger, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 36 
Polepark road; h. 38 

Davidson, William, brassfinisher, 30 Caldrum street 

Davidson, William, milloverseer, 110 Locliee road 

Davidson, William, clerk, 10 Dens road 

jDavidson, William, 21 St Salvador street 

Davidson, Mrs Alexander, ladies' nurse, 180 Blackness road 

[Davidson, Mrs Helen, 20 Lawson place 
'' 'Davidson, Mrs J. , dress and mantle maker, 142 Perth road 

Davidson, Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 3 King's road 

JDavidson, Mrs R. B. , fancy repository, 72 Nethergate ; h. 16 S. Lindsay st. 
^ 'Davidson, Mrs William, dress and mantle maker, 48 Victoria road 

Davidson, Mrs, 24 Windsor street 

Davidson, Miss M., dress and mantle maker, 1 King's road; li. 3 

Davie, Alexander, fruiterer and confectioner, 159 Hawkhill 

^ Davie 

Alexander, of P. & A. Davie, 5a William street 

Alexander, tenter, 32 Charles street 

Charles, clerk, 2 Gibson terrace. Mains loan 

James, mechanic, 42 Kincardine street 

James, calenderer, 50 North street 

John, packer, 13 Hospital vs^ynd 

John, slater, 55 Victoria road 

Oliver, lapper, 16 Bellfield lane 

Peter, of P. & A. Davie, 23 Dallfield terrace 

P. & A., painters, 44 and 46 Victoria road 

Robert L., clerk, 35 Cowgate 

William, fireman, 61 Arbroath road 

Mrs John, 2 Craigie street 

Miss, mantlemaker, 86 Albert street 
Davies, Archibald, foreman blacksmith, Camperdown Shipyard ; h. 3 

St Matthew street 
Davies, James, agent for Midland Railway Co., 57 Meadowside; li. 1 
' Collingwood terrace, Barnhill 

Davies, Mrs, teacher, Clepington Public School; li. 6 Tay ter., B. Ferry 
Davis, Andrew, joiner, 30 Kincardine street 

Davis, William A., accountant, house and insurance agent, 74 Com- 
; mercial street, and 37 George street, Edinburgh 
Dawson & Carmichael, wholesale and retail drapers, tailors, hatters, 

and milliners, 38, 40, and 42 Westport 
Dawson, D. R., merchant, 57 Meadowside; h. Abernyte house, Lichture 
Dawson, George, waiter, 6 Ramsay street 
Dawson, Henry, 15 Mid road 

Dawson & Hunter, dress and mantle warehousemen, 12 and 14 Reform st. 
Dawson, James, millinery, mantle, and dress warehouseman, 32 and 34 

Reform street; h. Gladstone cottage, Maryfield 
Dawson, John, of Dawson & Carmichael, 18 Airlie place 
Dawson, John, 129 Hawkhill 

Dawson, Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan Church, Ward road; h. 7 Albany ter. 
Dawson, William, confectioner, 134 Scouringburn; li. 2 Daniel street 
Dawson, William, wine merchant, 75 and 77 Murraygate; h. 2 Bell st. 
Dawson, William, of Dawson & Hunter, Rose cottage, Shamrock street 



Dawson, Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 129 Hawkhill 

Deans, George, milloverseer, 57 Mains road 

Deas, Henry, enginefitter, 15 Annfield row 

Deas, James, draper and hosier, 3 High st. ; h. 30 North Lindsay stree 

Deas, John J. , sewing-machine, knitting-machine, type-writer, and life '^' 

fire, and accident insurance agent, Ryehill house, 6 Mid Wynd 
DEESIDE Hydropathic Establishment. See Adv. 
Deick, John R. , shoemaker, 113 Rosebank street 
Delany, Michael, labourer, 52 Jamaica street 
Dempsey, James, coaldealer, 19 Clark street ; h. 18 
Dempster, David, boot and shoe maker, 101 Hawkhill ; li. 5 Park ter 
Dempster, William, joiner, 17 Dudhope street 
Dempster, Mrs James, fish merchant, Fishmarket, and 23 Nethergate 

h. n Crichton street 
Denham, Hannah, tobacconist, 84 Scouringburn ; h. 1*1 Victoria road 
Denham, John, overseer, 109 Albert street; h. 81 Victoria road 
Denham, Mrs, 8 William street, Scouringburn 
Denholm, George, moulder, 25 Hill street 
Denholm, William, 46 Castle street 
Denmark, Vice-consul for — T. W. Thoms, 18 Cowgate 
Denny, Rev. Arthur L., S. Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Church; h. S 

Mary Magdalene's Parsonage, 15 Park place 
Dens Road Factory, Dens road ; John Laing & Sons, manufacturers 
Dens Works, 2 Princes street ; Baxter Brothers & Co., flaxspinners an( 

manufacturers W: 

Derrick, James C, water inspector, 8 Alexander street 
Deuchara, David, district goods manager, N,B. Railway, Taybridg 

Station ; h. 11 Park place 
Deuchars, David, porter, 9 St Andrew's street 

DEUCHARS, Mrs DAVID, lace and curtain cleaner, 32 Main st. See Adv 
Devany, James, grocer, 47 King street ; h. 45 
Devlin, Arthur, bottler, 110 Rosebank street ; h. 108 
Devoto, Peter, confectioner and icecream manufacturer, 12 Shore terrace 

h. 3 Castle court 
Dewar, Alexander, bootmaker, 90 Princes street and 44 Watson street 

h. 5 Robertson street 
Dewar, Alexander, police constable, 1 Blyth place 
Dewar, Andrew, factory manager, 7 Ure street 
Dewar, Archibald, gi-eengrocer, 47 North Church street 
Dewar & Christie, cotton yarn agents, 1 1 Cowgate 
Dewar, Daniel, dyer, 27 Union place, Perth road ; Ji. 8 Osborne place 
Dewar, David, chief constable. Central Police Chambers, West Bel 

street; h. 5 Windsor terrace 
Dewar, David, blacksmith, 1 Meadow entry 
Dewar, Duncan, porter, 30 South Tay street 
Dewar, Duncan, tailor, 151 Victoria road 
Dewar, James, spirit merchant's assistant, 10 Middle street 
Dewar, James, ironturner. Thorn place, 225 Blackness road 
Dewar, James, waggon inspector, Tay bridge Station; h. 6 Rosefield st. 
Dewar, John, carting foreman, 151 Victoria road 
Dewar, John, joiner, 200 Seagate 







ewar, John, furniture dealer, 109 Cowgate; h. 115 
ewar, Walter, broker, 15 Kinloch street 
ewar, William, mechanic, 10 Ashton place 
R(i ewar, Mrs, 3 Dalhousie terrace 
!ii(, ;ewar, Mrs, 1 Lawrence street 
jewar. Miss Betsy, 8 Kinloch street 

jewhurst, William, carpetweaver, 23 Union place, Perth road 
iiey, James, shoemaker, 86 King street 
iack, George B., clerk, 13 North George street 
ick, Andrew, lapper, 5 Wallace street 
ick, A. H., wholesale butter, egg, game, poultry, and fish merchant, 

51 Victoria road ; h. 49 
lick, Christina, dressmaker, 9 Graham place 
ick, David, clerk, 48 Blackscroft 
ick, Francis, 43 Overgate 

ick, Frank, cabinetmaker, 14 Temple lane; h. 6 Manor place 
ick, George P., spirit merchant, 84 Lochee road; h. 1'2 
ick, Henry, butcher, 107 Hilltown; h. 118 Ann street 
ick, James, hay, straw, and grain merchant, 40 Lochee road; h. 51 
ick, James, butcher, 5 North Church street; h. 4 
^ick, James, watchmaker, 155 Victoria road; h. 203 Scouringburn 
ick, Jessie, of J. & M. Dick, 44 King street 
ick, Jessie, dressmaker, 160 Hilltown 
fick, John, joiner, 14 Temple lane 
)ick, J. & M., stationers, 62 Wellgate 

?'ick, John G., wholesale tea merchant, 29 Dock street ; //-. 94Nethergate 
. 'ick, Margaret, of J. & M. Dick, 44 King street 
»ick, Robert, joiner, 13 St Mary street 

»ick, R. & J., gutta-percha boot and shoe manufacturers, 21 Overgate 
' tick, S. & E., dressmakers, 11 Nethergate 

)ick, Mrs F., tinsmith, 20 Kirk entry ; h. 31 Wellgate 
. )ick, Mrs Jane, 199 Perth road 
V )ick, Mrs Thomas, 94 Nethergate 
)ick, Mrs, 7 Viewforth street 
)ick. Miss, dressmaker, 26 Peddie street 

)ickie, David, builders' ironmonger, 3 New Inn entry ; h. 9 Osborne pi. 
' IICKIE, JAMES A., wireworker and bellhanger, 18 and 22 Barrack street; 

h. Inverbay villa, Invergowrie. See Adv. 
)ickie, James, manager, P. Owler's shoe factory ; h. 1 Lamb's lane 
)ickie, William B., of Paul, Dickie, and Paul, Westfield villa, 29 

Magdalen Yard road 
l)ickie, Mrs Joseph, 31 Charles street 

)ickson, Alex., night watchman, Lilybank Foundry; h. VI Craigie street 
)ickson, James, sawyer, 101 Blackscroft 
)ickson, John, carpet printer, 181 Victoria road 
)ickson. Rev. Thos. S., M.A., Bell Street U.P. Church; h. 4 Norwood 

terrace, Westpark road 
)ickson, William, of Gray & Dickson, Rose cottage. West Newport 
Oickson, William, fish and poultry dealer, 182 Blackness road; h. 180 
)ickson, William, riveter, 15 Glebe street 
)ickson, William, shoemaker, 42 Annfield row 


Dickson, W, M., superintendent and secretary, Dundee Industi 

Schools Society; h. Industrial Schools, Baldovan 
Dickson, Mrs, late laundress, 40 Cotton road 

Dingwall, Joseph, goods checker. West Station; h. 10 North Ellen str 
Dingwall, Thomas, factory overseer, 216 Perth road 
Dingwall, William, house proprietor, 60 Strathmartine road 
Ding-wall, William, grocer and wine merchant, 51 Princes st. ; h. 53 
Dixon, Henry G., sawmaker, cutler, tool, bicycle, and fancywii 

merchant, 41 High street; li. 39 
Dixon, William, Limited, coalmasters, 10 Shore terrace 
Dobbie, David, mechanic, 59 North Church street 
Dobson, Edward, bookkeeper, 129 Nethergate 
Dobson, Thomas G., chief clerk. Inland revenue, 31 Bank street ; h 

Tay terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Dobson, Mrs M., basketmaker, cooper, and fancy goods mer., 47 Overg^Jp 
Docherty, Hugh, seaman, 31 Wellgate ■'" 

Docherty, James, tenter, 95 Hospital wynd 
Doctor, James, seaman, 114 Rosebank street 
Doctor, John, milloverseer, 54 Blackness road 

Doctor, Wm. F. , manuf., Jamaica St. Works ; A. Woodriffe villas, Newpc 
Doctor, William, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit mer., 1 Kinloch st. ; h. 
Dodds&Bathie, agricultural auctioneers and live stock salesmen, 19 High 
Dodds, J. Dickson, export and commission merchant, and insuran 

agent, 2 India buildings 
Dodds, Thomas M. , of Dodds & Bathie ; h. Baldovie farm 
Dodgson, William, foreman, Max welltown Works ; h. 57 N. Wellington 
Doherty, Mary Ann, confectioner, 21 Ann street ; h. 18 
Doig, Alexander, tailor, 70 Caldrum street 
Doig, Alexander, tailor's cutter, 6 St Peter street 
Doig, Archibald, carter, 37 Dura street 
Doig, David, house proprietor, 59 Caldrum street 
Doig, David, coachman, 20 Shepherd's loan 
Doig, James L. , inspector, D.& A. Joint Railway ; h. Dick pi., B. Fer) 
Doig, James, waiter, 18 Todburn lane 
Doig, James, tailor, 197 Princes street 
Doig, James, joiner, 32 Pennycook lane 
Doig, James, brassfmisher, 24 Dallfield walk 
Doig, James, seaman, 161 Victoria road 
Doig, James, baker, 100 King street; h. 30 Todburn lane 
Doig, James, engineer, 69 Wellgate | 

Doig, James, of Thomas Doig & Son, 163 Victoria road 
Doig, John, joiner & funeral undertkr., 39 Wellgate ; h. 4 Morrison's coui! 
Doig, John, mechanic, 24 Union street, Maxwelltown { 

Doig & M'Kechnie, carvers, gilders, and printsellers, 81 Commercial s ; 
Doig, Margaret W., stationer, and sub-postmistress, 90 King street 

h. 31 Nelson street 
Doig, Thomas, & Son, sculptors and build ei's, 167 Victoria road 
Doig, Thomas, of Thos. Doig & Son, 163 Victoria road 
Doig, Thomas, commission agent, 14 North street 

Doig, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 57 Albert street ; /i. 14 Forfar re 
Doig, Thomas, joiner, 1 Morrison's court, Wellgate 


)oig, William, chemist and druggist, 9 High, street, and 1 High street, 

Xewport; li. Forebank terrace 
)oig, William, house proprietor, 6 St Peter street 
i)oig, William, assistant photographer, 10 Cleghorn street 
)oig. Miss J. R., dressmaker, 163 Victoria road 
)oig. Miss Margaret, 5a William street, Forebank 
Man, John, mechanic, 10 Mid road 

)olan, William, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 8 Well road, Hawkhill; h. 6 
JOMESTIC SEWING-MACHINE CO.; Duncan Brothers, agents, 123 

Hawkhill. See Adv. 
)on Brothers, Buist, & Co., flax and jute spinners and manufacturers. 

Ward Mills, Barrack street, and at Forfar 
,)on & Duncan, manufacturers. King's Cross Works, Lochee 
)on, Francis, overseer, 23 Rose street 

)on, James, of Don & Duncan, 21 William street, Forebank 
)on, John, of Don Brothers, Buist, & Co. , Dundee, and William & John 

Don & Co., Forfar, The Lodge, Broughty Ferry 
)on, John B., of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Dundee, and W. & J. Don & 

Co., Forfar; h. Pitmuies, Guthrie 
™ i)on, Robert B., of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Dundee, and W. & J. Don 
I & Co. , Forfar; h. Seafield cottage, Broughty Ferry 
,l,j |)on, Robert, currier, 204 Hawkhill 
'jj L)on, William G., of Don Bros., Buist, & Co., Dundee, and William & 

John Don & Co., Forfar; h. 1 Rothesay terrace, Drumsheugh 

Gardens, Edinburgh 
pen, Mrs, dressmaker, 43 Union street 
)on, Mrs Jane, 6 Greenfield place 
)on, Mrs, 2 Urquhart street 
)onachie, Daniel, fireman, 24 Todburn lane 
)onaghey, John J., chemist and druggist, 193 0vergate; h. 46 Magdalen 

Yard road 
)onaghey, Martha, mangiekeeper, 6 Pole street 
i)onaghey, Mary Ann, grocer, 78 Blackness road 

)onaghey, Sarah J. , draper and milliner, 173 Overgate; h. 78 Blackness rd. 
)onald, Alexander, photographer, 17 Wellington street 
!i)onald, Alexander, mason, 38 Polepark road 
)onald, Andrew B., carpenter, Arctic place, 79 Arbroath road 
Donald, Andrew, china and stoneware merchant, 170 Ann street 
|)onald Brothers, manufacturers and merchants, James' Park Factory,, 

98 Albert street; office, 9 Meadow Place buildings 
)onald, David, of Donald Brothers, Earle villa, Broughty Ferry 
i)onald, David, butcher, 7 Rosebank road 
')onald, David, seaman, 16 Craigie street 
Oonald, David, factory overseer, 3 Tannadice street 
;)onald, George, railway porter, 31 Dallfield walk 
Donald, George, brassfinisher, 7 Watson's lane 
)onald, George, engraver, 2 Gardner's lane 
)onald, George, tailor, 47 Princes street 
)onald, James, milloverseer, 25 Lawrence street 
Oonald, James, mason, 30 Dundonald street 
)onald, James, clerk, 43 Peddie street 


Donald, Stewart, accountant, Dens Works ; li. Livonia cot. , Mains lo 
Donald, William, plumber and gasfitter, 4 and 6 Gardner's lane; h. 2 
Donald, William B. , clerk, Savings Bank ; li. 82 Peddie street 
Donald, Mrs Jane, confectioner, 85 King street 
Donald, Mrs, house proprietor, 36 Seafield road 
Donald, Mrs, 23 Balgay street 
Donaldson, Alexander, tailor, 12 St Maiy's place 
Donaldson, Alexander, hamcurer, 26 Balfour street 
Donaldson, Alexander, calenderer, 13 Hospital wynd 
Donaldson, Alexander, porter, 43 Main street 

Donaldson, Alexander, bootmaker, 61 Wellgate; h. 27 South George s 
Donaldson, Charles, mason, 4 Catherine street 
Donaldson, David, chinadealer, 78 Albert street ; h. 76 
Donaldson, David, china and sniallware merchant, 28 Rosebank stree 
Donaldson, George, joiner, 30 Union st., Charles st. ; h. 27 Charles st. 
Donaldson, George, mechanic, 18 Ellen street 

Donaldson, James, teacher, St Andrew's School, 2 William street ; h. 
Craigiebank place 


James, tailor and clothier, Arcade buildings, 46 King's roj 
John, yarn and linen merchant, 11 Meadow street; 

Crescentbank, Newport 
Donaldson, John, tinsmith, 1 Middle street 
Donaldson, John, joiner, 4 Annfield street 
Donaldson, John, turner and blockmaker, 84 Caldrum street 
Donaldson, John, lapper, 3 Penny cook lane 
Donaldson, Robert, cutler and locksmith, 188 Hawkhill 
Donaldson, William, coffeehouse-keeper, 7 Brown st. ; h. 9 Hawkhill 
Donaldson, William, railway guard, 86 Albert street 
Donaldson, William, hairdresser, 14 Blackness road 
Donaldson, William, jun., hairdresser, 203 Overgate ; h. 44: Balgay st 
Donaldson, William, tenter, 20 Catherine street 
Donaldson, William, seaman, 38 Blackness road 

Donaldson, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 26 Kingst. ; h. 9 Hawkhi 
Donaldson, Mrs John, ironmonger, 60 William street, Forebank 
Donaldson, Mrs Margt., grocer and spiritdlr., 33 Nelson st. ; h. 87Ann s 
Donaldson, Mrs, 15 Hunter street 
Donaldson, Mrs, spiritdealer, 41 Castle street ; h. 33 
Donaldson, Mrs, dressmaker, 18 Parker street 
Donaldson, Miss, stationer, 165 Hawkhill; h. 8 Lowden's alley I 

Donelly, Patrick, overseer, 1 Hunter street 

Donn, Robert, compositor, 4 Havelock place I 

Donnelly, William, spirit merchant's assistant, 196 Hilltown 
Donnet, Jas. , grocer and spirit mercht., 82 and 84 Dura st. ; h. 86 Albert s 
Dorward, Alexander, seaman, 14 Commercial street. Maxwelltown 
Dorward, John, joiner, 52 Westport 
Dorward, William, confectioner, 56 Sti'athmartine road 
Dorward, Mrs Hannah, 8 Panmure street 
Dorward, Mrs John, 8 Balfour street 
Dorward, Mrs John, midwife, 44 Ferry road 
Dorward, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 59 Wellgate 
Dott, George, teacher, High School ; h. 2 Union place, Broughty Ferrj 


itt, William, goods agent, N. B. Rly. , Taybridge Station ; h. 3 Baffin st. 

ougall, John, grocer, 18 Bernard street 

ougall, William, gardener, 65 Commercial street 

puglas, David, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Crichton street ; h. 
Myrtle cottage, 21 Ancrum road, Lochee 

ouglas, David, draughtsman, 46 King's road 

ouglas Foundry, Blinshall sti^eet ; Thomson, Son, «fe Co., engineers 

ouglas, Francis, mechanic, 10 Wolseley street 

ouglas, George, telegraphist, 8 Rosefield street 

ouglas, George C, engineer, Douglas Foundry ; h. St Mary's terrace 

ouglas, George T., manager, Bradbury & Co., sewing machine manu- 
facturers, 24 Barrack street 

ouglas, James, seedcleaner, 25 Stii'ling street 
liKiiouglas, James, turner, 28 Lawson place 

ouglas, James, hammerman, 38 Carmichael street 

ouglas, John, of Douglas & Smith, 2 Airlie terrace 

ouglas, John, cashier. Courier & Argus ; h. Bloomfield house, Newport 

ouglas, John, joiner, 10 Court street 
io|ougias, Peter, upholsterer, 81 Victoria i^oad 

ouglas, Reid, & Co., spinners, manufacturers, and merchants. West 
Ward Works and Blackness Works ; office, 8 Panmure street 

ouglas, Robert I., art teacher, High School ; h. 4 Morrison's court 

ouglas, Robert, mason, 13 Glamis street 

ouglas & Smith, engravers and lithographers, 8 Crichton street 

ouglas, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 8 Brown street 

ouglas, W. A., of Douglas, Reid, & Co., Idabank, Broughty Ferry 

ouglas, Mrs Andrew, Elmbank, 6 Union terrace 

•ouglas, Mrs H., grocer, 24 Balfour street ; h. 12 

'ouglas, Mrs James, 1 North Wellington street 

ove, Edwin, clerk. Post Office; h. 52 Westport 

'ow, Alexander, coal merchant, 24a Hawkhill ; h. 7 Park terrace 

'ow, Alexander, milloverseer, 172 Hawkhill 

'OW, Alexander L., mason, 71 Magdalen green 

'ow, Daniel, merchant, spinner, and manufacturer, 4 India buildings ; 

j h. Norwood villa, Westpark road 

'ow, David, accountant, Camperdown Linen Works; h. Marchbanks 

house, Lochee 

fow & Duncan, iron, steel, and metal merchants, 5 Commercial street 
fow, James, wine and spirit merchant, 36 Scouringburn ; h. Ill Hawkhill 
'i>ow, James, joiner, 14 King's road 
i>ow, James, flourmiller, 3 Springhill, Ferry road 
|»ow, James, porter, 116 Blackscroft 

i!>ow, John, of Dow & Duncan, Woodmuir park, West Newport 
|>ow, John Ewan, merchant and manufacturer, and insurance agent, 18 
li Cowgate ; h. Bi-aehouse, Broughty Ferry 
>ow, John, cabinetmaker, 50 North Ellen street 
i)ow, Margaret, 30 South Tay street 
!)ow, Mary, dressmaker, 1 Kirk entry 

|)ow, Pat., accountant, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; h. 17 Magdalen Yard rd. 
:)ow, Peter, wine and spirit mercht., 24 N. Tay st.; h. 2 St David's lane 
t>ow, Robert, joiner, 2 Lamb's lane 


Dow, Robert, enginefitter, Kintore place, 63 Watson street { 

Dow, Thomas, law-clerk, 20 Castle street ; h. 253 Blackness road \ 

Dow, Walter, spiritdealer's assistant, 7 Ellen street * 

Dow, William, potato and fruit merchant, and market gardener, 18 

Hawkhill ; gardens, Park-neuk, Invergowrie ; h. 9 Hawkliill 
Dow, Mrs James, 44 King street 
Dowall, Charles, & Co. , bleachers, Kelly Bleachfield, Arbroath ; office, 

2 Royal Exchange place 
Dowall, William P., of Alex. A. Miln & Co., Pitalpin house, Lochee 
Dowie, Geoi'ge, clerk, 9 Roslin terrace 
Dowie, Miss Agnes, music teacher, 9 Roslin terrace 
Dowie, Rev. James, assistant, St John's Established Church ; h. 16 

Downie, Andrew, shoemaker, 13 Alexander street 
Downie, James, shipmaster, 76 High street 
Downie, Jessie Y. , 33 Forebank road 
Downie, John, coffeehouse-keeper, 17 Greenmarket 
Downie, John C, overseer, 18 Kincardine street 
Downie, Thomas, machinist, 14 Eliza street 
Downie, William, butcher, 121 Ann street ; h. 13 Ellen street 
Downie, William C. , foreman ironturner, 4 Rosefield street 
Downie, Mrs James, milliner, 76 High street 
Downie, Mrs, laundress, 22 Temple lane 
Downie, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 3 Melrose terrace 

Downie, Miss B., 21 Annfield road i 

Doyle, James, grocer, 6 Hunter street ; h. 8 

Drabble, William, steel hardener and hacklemaker, 11 Don's road 
Drimmie, Irvine, comm. agent, lOPanmurest.; h. Springbank, Monifieth 
Driscoll, Charles, armourer. 110 Victoria road 
Dron, James M. , clerk, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Dron, Thomas, clerk, 23 Victoria street 
Dron, Mrs David S., 10 Somerville place 
Dron, Mrs Robert, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
DRUMMOND, ALEXANDER S., & SONS, painters and decorators, 77 

Commercial street. See Adv. 
Drummond, Alex., of Alex S. Drummond & Sons,Grant'spl.,42 Westport 
Drummond, Rev. Jas., PvyehillU.P. Church; h. Dalmore, Westpark road 
Drummond John, factory overseer, 4 Easson's angle 
Drummond, John, bookbinder, 44 King street 
Drummond, John, carpenter, 27 Charles street 
Drummond, Peter, joiner, 224 Lochee road 
Drummond, William, ropemaker, 19 Blackness street 
Drummond, Mrs A. S., 75 Nethergate 
Drummond, Mrs Eliza, 166 Perth road 
Drummond, Mrs Helen, 138 Nethergate 
Dryden, David, carter, 60 Hill street 
Dry den, David, joiner, 6 Ogilvie's road 

Dryden, James, of Robertson, Dryden, & Co., 91 Arbroath road 
Dryden, James, sergeant of Harbour police ; h. Harbour Police office 
Dryden, James, lapper, 93 King street 
Dryden, William, millwright, 58 Dallfield walk 


Drysdale, Thomas, clerk, 1 Dallfield terrace 

Drysdale, William, officer, St Matthew's Church ; h. 53 Ferry road 

Dudgeon, Peter, foreman joiner, 22 Watson street 

Dudhope Tanworks, Brown street and Smellie's lane ; H. Henderson & 

Sons, tanners, curriers, and leather merchants 
Dudhope Works, Douglas street ; Wm. Fergusson & Sons, manufacturers 
Duff, Alexander, police constable, 8 Cleghorn street 
Duff, Daniel, manager and secy. to TramwayCo., 19 High st. ; 7i.21 Airlie pi. 
Duff, David, traveller, Victoria crescent, 1 Lamb's lane 
Duff, David, clerk, 36 Jamaica street 
Duff, Henry, general dealer, 7 Ann street 
Duff, James, packer, 59 Crescent lane 
Duff, John, storekeeper, 20 Parker street 
Duff, John, engineman, Watson terrace, 58 Watson street 
Duff, John D,, agent for Clark &Rowe, wholesale tea and coffee dealers, 

London, 4 Reform street; h. 1 Abbotsford place, 87 Peddie street 
Duff, John M., saddler, 61 Hill street 
Duff, Peter, cowfeeder, 175 Victoria road 
Duff, P. M., commission merchant, 2 Coupar's alley; h. 6 Bothwell 

terrace. West Ferry 
Duff, Robert, gardener, Salisbury place, 71 Watson street 
Duff, Thos., &Co., Limited, merchants, 94 Commercial street 
Duff, William, fruit and vegetable merchant, 97 Ann street ; h. 12 North 

Wellington street 
Duff, William, pastrybaker, 72 Hilltown 
Duff, Mrs Alex., 5 Rustic place 

Duff, Mrs Jane, stationer and tobacconist, 10 Perth road ; li. 12 
Duff, Mrs, Salisbu.ry place, 93 Arbroath road 
Duffus, George, sailmaker, 2 Crescent lane 
Duffus, Captain George, surveyor of shipping, 234 Perth road 
Duffus, George, upholsterer, 43 Nethergate 
Duffus, James, plasterer, 14 Hospital wynd 
Duffus, John H. , clerk, 3 Kinnaird street 
Duffus, John H. , house proprietor, 2 Gowrie place 
Duffus, John H., clerk, 234 Perth road 
Duffus, William, of Fowler & Duffus, 53 Ann street 
Duffus, Mrs David, midwife, 151 Princes street 
Duffy, Francis, shoemaker, 60 Hilltown ; h. 21 
Duffy, Michael, patternmaker, 21 Hill street 
Duffy, Mrs Francis, confectioner, 20 Small's -wynd 
Duffy, Mrs, confectioner, 8 Taylor's lane 
DUGDALE, JOHN, & SONS, machinists, millwrights, &c,, Soho Foundry, 

Blackburn. See Adv. 
Duguid, Charles, blacksmith, 7 Clepington street 
Duguid, James, shipmaster, 1 Ford's lane 
Duguid, William, police constable, 11 Well road, Coldside 
Duirs, William, turner, 38 Hunter street 
Duke, John, joiner and stationer, 101 Ann street 
Duke, Miss Ann, grocer, 193 Hawkhill ; h. 10 Ashton place 
Dumbrake, Alexander, fii^eman, 304 Loons road 
Dunbar, Eglantine, lodgings, 62 Commercial street 


Dunbar, George, sheriff ci'iminal officer, 9 Stirling street 

Dunbar, Rev, James J., S. John Baptist's Episcopal Church, Albert 

street ; A. 12 King street 
Dunbar, Wm. Bishop, solicitor, procurator-fiscal, Courthouse buildings; 

h. 18 Windsor street 
Dunbar, William M. , pkimber, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 186 Seagate; 

h. 15 Victoria street 
Duncan, Alexander, & Sons, reed and camb makers, 30 Hilltown 
Duncan, Alex., builder, Soapwork lane; h. Duncraggan lodge, E.Newport 
Duncan, Alexander, of Alex. Duncan &. Sons, 27 Victoria road 
Duncan, Alexander, 3 Derby street 
Duncan, Alexander, shipmaster, 11 South Union street 
Duncan, Alexander, joiner, 188 Perth road 
Duncan, Alexander, milloverseer, 20 Ellen sti-eet 
Duncan, Alexander, birddealer, 211 Lochee road 
Duncan, Alexander, jun., clerk, 8 Baffin street 

Duncan, Alex., traveller, Commercial St. Shoe Factory ; h. 49 Gellatlyst. 
Duncan, Andrew G., butcher, 57 Murray gate; h. Ramsay place, B. Ferry 
Duncan, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 136 Hawkhill ; h. 43 Peddie st. 
Duncan, Andrew, tobacconist and stationer, 114 Scouringburn ; h. 110 
Duncan, Archibald, restaurateur, 3 Murraygate ; h. 65 Commercial st. 
Duncan, A. G., photographer, 2 Commercial street 
Duncan, A. James, M.D., 144 Nethergate 

Duncan, Bella, draper, 94 Annfield road ; h. 45 [ 

Duncan Brothers, merchants, spinners, and manufacturers, Wallace 

Works, Hilltown ; office, 33 Cowgate 
DUNCAN BROTHERS, drapers, milliners, dressmakers, and sewing-machine 

agents, 123 Hawkhill. See Adv. 
Duncan, Charles C. , of David Duncan & Son, 4 Craigie terrace 
Duncan, Charles, shipchandler, 10 and 12 East Dock st.; h. 17 Airlie pi. 
Duncan, Charles, confectioner, 30 Dura street 

Duncan, Charles, coal merchant, 16 Charles street; h. 2 Idvies street 
Duncan, Christian, telegraphist, Post Office ; h. 23 Tait's lane 
Duncan, David, & Son, solicitors and notaries public, 41 Reform street 
Duncan, David, of David Duncan & Son, Bellfield, 106 Ferry road 
Duncan, David, slater, 33 Stirling street 
Duncan, David, harbour porter, 8 Graham place 
Duncan, David, iron annealer, 45 Anniield road 
Duncan, David, cabinetmaker, 9 Catherine street 
Duncan, David, printer, 21 Stirling street 
Duncan, David, boilermaker, 37 Cotton road 
Duncan, David, carter, 67 North Wellington street 
Duncan, David, titter, 24 Rose street 
Duncan, David, clerk, 1 Abbotsford place, Peddie street 
Duncan, George, of Alex. Duncan & Sons, 34 Dallfield terrace 
Duncan, George A., clerk. Post Office ; h. 5 Roslin terrace, Clepington 
Duncan, George, of Duncan & Thomson, 9 Viewforth street 
Duncan, George, painter, 187^ Victoria road 
Duncan, George, butcher, 161 Perth road; h. 25 Union place 
Duncan, James, & Co. , merchants, 33 Cowgate, and at New York 
Duncan, James, of P. M, Duncan & Son, 1 Constitution terrace 


Duncan, James, of Winter, Duncan, & Co. , St Mary's terrace, Downfield 
Duncan, Jas. , manager, Miln Street and Bower Mills ; h. 8 Lawrence st. 
Duncan, Jas., butcher, 63 and 65 Wellgate ; h. Morton's sq., 31 Wellgate 
Duncan, James, painter, 221 Hilltown ; h. 219 
Duncan, James, shoemaker, 16 North Ellen street 
Duncan, James G., mechanic, 21 Annfield road 
Duncan, James, 7 Castle court 
Duncan, James, cowfeeder, 20 Hill street ; ^. 18 
Duncan, James, butcher, 68 Wellgate and 148 Hilltown; h. Hope 

cottage, 41 Rosebank street 
Duncan, James, ironturner, 67 Blackscroft 
Duncan, James, harbour porter, 13 Eliza street 
Duncan, James, cowfeeder, 40 Strathmartine road 
Duncan, James, engineer, 69 North Church street 
Duncan, James, overseer, 1 Gibson terrace. Mains loan 
Duncan, James C, ironturner, 12 Watt street 
Duncan, James, seaman, 23 Charles street 
Duncan, James H., shoemaker, 17 Albert street 
Duncan, James, joiner, 104 Caldi^um street 
Duncan, John, of Duncan Brothers, Lower Craigie, Ferry road 
Duncan, John, of Winter, Duncan, & Co., 21 Kilnburn place, Newport 
Duncan, John, Chapelshade Works ; A. Marrbank house, 2 Paradise rd. 
Duncan, John, contractor and manure merchant. East Dock street 
Duncan, John M., bookkeeper, Seafield Works ; h. 16 North Ellen st. 
Duncan, John, saddler, 24 Cotton road 
Duncan, John, joiner, 12 Watt street 
Duncan, John, feuar, 32 Rosebank street 
Duncan, John, mason, 23 Victoria street 
Duncan, John, mason, 48 Union street 
Duncan, John, mechanic, 95 Hospital wynd 
Duncan, John, tenter, 6 Lamb's lane 

Duncan, J. C, of Dow & Duncan, Ellenbank cottage, Pitkerro road 
Duncan, Mary, dressmaker, 3 Springhill 
Duncan, Michael S. , bootmaker, 146 Princes street 
Duncan, Michael, goods porter, 91 Seagate 
Duncan, Peter, joiner, 62 Princes street 

Duncan, P. M., & Son, coalagents and steamship owners, 59 Dock st. 
Duncan, P. M., of P. M. Duncan & Son, 1 Constitution terrace 
Duncan, P. M., jun. , 1 Constitution terrace 
Duncan, Robert, engineer, 28 Kincardine street 
Duncan, Robert, china merchant, 159 Perth road ; h. 17 Tait's lane 
Duncan, Robert, coaldealer, 11 Erskine street; h. 48 Blackscroft 
Duncan, Robert K., store-clerk, 3 Mountpleasant 
Duncan, Stewart, coffeehouse-keeper, 20 Laing st. ; h. 162 Ann street 
Duncan & Thomson, manufacturers, Rosebank Works, Rosebank road 
Duncan, William, wholesale stationer, printer, account-book and paper- 
bag manufacturer, 90 Commercial street; h. 3 South George sti'eet 
Duncan, William, engineer, 10 Glebe street 

Duncan, Wm. , agent, Scottish Union and National Insur. Co., 35 Cowgate 
Duncan, William G., butcher, 26 Overgate; h. 28 
Duncan, William, teacher of music, 5 Balfour street 


Duncan, William, draper and jeweller, 141 Hawkhill ; h. 26 Ryehill lane 

Duncan, William, tailor, 27 North Ellen street 

Duncan, William, joiner, 59 Hospital wynd 

Duncan & Thomson, carpet manufacturers, Rosebank Works, Rosebank rd. 

and Wellgrove Works, Lochee 
Duncan, Mrs Alexander, 6 Isla street 
Duncan, Mrs George, confectioner, 75 King street 
Duncan, Mrs James, ladies' nurse, 22 Ellen street 
Duncan, Mrs James, 11 Harriet street 

Duncan, Mrs Jane, confectioner, 39 William street, Forebank 
Duncan, Mrs John, 26 Balfour street 
Duncan, Mrs William, 29 Stirling street 
Duncan, Mrs William, 17 Janefield place, Maryfield 
Duncan, Mrs, 26 Isles' lane 
Duncan, Mrs, 366 Loons road 

Duncan, Mrs, coffeehouse-keeper, 65b Lochee road ; h. 67 
Duncan, Miss A., music teacher, 17 Janelield place, Maryfield 
Duncan, MissEuph. L. , milliner and dressmaker, 24 Strathmartine rd; h. 26 
Duncanson, Alexander, mechanic, Annan terrace, 19 S. Wellington street 
Dundas, David C. , insurance agent, 22 Dallfield terrace 
Dundas, James, milloverseer, 3 Laing street i 

Dundas, James, engineer, 14 Annfield street I 

Dundas, John, gardener, 210 Lochee road 
DUNDEE ADVERTISER; John Leng, managing proprietor, editor, and 

publisher, 7 to 25 Bank street. See Adv. 
Dundee Aerated Water Manufacturing Company, Limited ; Henry 

Blackwood, manager, 21 Magdalen Yard road 
Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway ; ojfice, 65 Commercial street ; 

Edward Gilbert, manager and secretary 
Dundee Arms Inn and Coffeehouse, 31 High st.; John Graham, proprietor 
Dundee Art Club, 31 Reform street ; Martin Anderson, secretary 
Dundee Association of Open- Air Bathers and Humane Society, Esplanade 

(East end) ; Alex. Caldwell, secretary, 5 Charles street 
Dundee Auction Rooms, Ward road ; Henry Fairweather, auctioneer 
Dundee Boatshed Coy., Esplanade; Wm. A.Edward, 119Nethergate, secy. 
Dundee Burial Society, 2 Bain square 
Dundee Burns Club, 7 Ward road 
Dundee Calendering Company, calenderers, 48 St Andrew's street ; John 

Fisher, manager 
Dundee Combination Parochial Board Office, Town House buildings, 1 

St Clement's lane ; Thomas Brown, inspector 
Dundee Conservative Association Committee-room, 6 Tay square 
Dundee Courier & Argus, printers and publishers, 34 North Lindsay st. 
Dundee Day Nurseries, 3 Larch street, Mrs Hill, matron ; and Hillbank 

Cottage, 52 Cotton road, Mrs Robbie, matron 
DUNDEE AND DISTRICT Mutual Glass Insurance Association, Limited, 

79 Commercial street ; A. J. Murdoch, manager. See Adv. 
Dundee and District Telephone Company, Limited, 104 Commercial 

street ; Alexander Simpson, general manager 
Dundee and District Sanitaiy Association Office, 11 Reform street; 

Alexander Tosh, secretary and treasurer ; R. P. Fleming, engineer 


Dundee and District Tramway Company, Limited, 19 High street 
DUNDEE DYE WORKS, 222 Hilltown ; Stevenson Bros. , dyers. See Adv. 
Dundee Eastern Co-operative Society, Ld., bakers, grocers, and provision 
merchants, 1 Erskine st., 145 Ann st., 8 Main st., 153Hawkhill, and 
23 High St., Lochee; office, 34 North Ellen st. ; manager, Wm. Phillips 
Dundee Eye Institution, 84 Murraygate 

Dundee Flour Mills, East Dock street ; John F. White, proprietor 
Dundee Foundry, East Dock street ; Gourlay Brothers & Co. , engineers 
Dundee Gas Commiss. Olfice, 16 Meadowside ; Jas. Matthew, treasurer 
Dundee Gem Line Steam Shipping Company, Limited ; P. M. Duncan 
& Son, managers ; James Duncan, secretary ; office, 59 Dock street 
Dundee Gospel Temperance Union, 39 High street ; John Carter, agent 
Dundee Hat Company, hat manufacturers, 93 High street 
Dundee Industrial Schools — Boys, Baldovan ; W. H, Dickson, superin- 
tendent. Girls, Ward Road ; Miss Isabella Thomson, matron 
DUNDEE INSTITUTION FOR THE BLIND, basket, bedding, brush, firewood, 
and mat manufacturers, and feather cleaners, 59 Magdalen green; sale 
shop, 17 Nethergate ; Colin Macdonald, manager. See Adv. 
Dundee Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb, Dudhope- 

bank, 165 Lochee road ; James Barland, teacher 
Dundee Investment Co., Ld., 13 Panmure st. ; Wm. Mackenzie, secy. 
Dundee, James, assistant spiritdealer, 8 Lowden's alley 
Dundee Linen Works, Constitution st.; Butchart, Lindsay, & Co., manufs. 
Dundee and Liverpool Steam Shipping Office, 33 Dock street ; J. T. 

Inglis & Co., agents 
Dundee Loch Line Steam Shipping Co., Limited, Calcutta buildings, 

18 Commercial street; Ireland, Leitch, & Co., managing directors 
Dundee Markets and Slaughterhouses, E. Dock st. ; David Knight, supert. 
Dundee Mercantile Advertiser, 7 New Inn entry ; Robt. Easson & Co. , pubrs. 
Dundee Mortgage and Trust Investment Co., Limited, 13 Panmure st. ; 

Wm. Mackenzie, secretary 
Dundee and Newcastle Steam Shipping Co., Limited, 1 Commercial st. ; 

H. Plenderleath, manager 
Dundee Oil Blacking Co. , 34 Bell street 

Dundee, Perth, & London ShippingCo., 5 Shore ter. ; J. W. Kidd, manager 
Dundee Polar Fishing Co., 83 Commercial street, and Marine Parade ; 

W. 0. Taylor & Co., managers 
Dundee Police and Water Commissions — Treasurer's office, 8 Meadow- 
side ; James Smith, treasurer and collector 
Dundee Professional Supply Association, Limited, 26 and 28 Bank st. ; 

James Anderson, manager 
Dundee Property and Investment Building Society, 20 Castle street ; J. 

K. Prain, secretary 
Dundee Protestant Association, 2 Bain square 
Dundee Public Baths; Walter M'Gregor, superintendent 
Dundee Public Warehouse Co., 12 Cowgate ; T. S. Ross, manager 
Dundee Public Washing-house and Bleaching Green, Constitution road 
DUNDEE SAVINGS BANK, 2 Euclid street; Robert Sturrock, actuary. 

See Adv. 
' Dundee Seal and Whale Fishing Co. ; ivhale yard, East Dock street ; 
David Bruce, 3 Royal Exchange place, manager 


Dundee Shipping and Dundee Shipping Freight Insurance Associations, 

46 Castle street ; John R. Wilson, secretary 
Dundee Shipowner's Company, Limited, 83 Commercial street ; W, 0. 

Taylor & Co., managers 
Dundee Steam Laundry Co. , Limited, Tait's lane ; Alexander Simpson, 

general manager; registered office, 104 Commercial street 
Dundee Steam Forge, Lochee road 
Dundee Stock Exchange Association, 1 Royal Exchange place ; James 

R. Mudie, secretary, 2 Royal Exchange court 
Dundee Swimming Club, head-quarters Public Baths; J.A.Wilson, sec. 
Dundee Trade Report Association, 23 Panmure street; A. J. Warden, 

secretary and treasurer 
Dundee Water Commission — Engineer's office, 7 Euclid street ; James 

Watson, engineer and manager 
Dunlop, James H., agent for J. Veitch Wilson & Co., oil refiners, 

Glasgow, 33 Albert square ; h. Laurelbank, Monifieth 
Dunlop, Rev. John, St David's Free Church; h. 1 Douglas terrace 
Dunlop, John, of Ross & Dunlop, 39 Church street, Maxwelltown 
Dunlop, John, confectioner, 40 Polepark road ; h. 38 
Dunn, Alexander D., lapper, 4 Church street. Princes street , 

Dunn, Alexander, confectioner and stationer, 57 Victoria road ' 

Dunn, James, printer, 30 Ure street 
Dunn, James, carter, 12 Bell Street lane 
Dunn, James, joiner, 4 Tindal's wynd 
Dunn, John, blacksmith, 6 Lamb's lane 

Dunn, John, clerk. Central Police chambers, West Bell street 
Dunn, Patrick, fireman, 57 Constable street 
Dunn, Robert, checker, 2 Raton's lane 
Dunn, William, labourer, 30 Long wynd 
Dunn, William, compositor, 75 Victoria road 
Dunn, Mrs J. , fruiterer and poulterer, 27 Nethergate 
Dunn, Mrs Wm., draper and milliner, 154 Ann street ; h. 6 N. Ellen st. 
Dunnett, Walter, shipwright, 4 Watson street 
Dunnett, William, shipwright, 4 Watson street 
Dunnett, Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 87 High street 
Dura Works, Dura street ; P. & J. Walker, spinnei's and manufacturers 
Durham, James, of John Durham & Son, Wingate place, Newport 
Durham, John, & Son, wholesale stationers, account-book and paper-bag 

manufacturers, 49 High street and 13 Overgate 
Durham, J., Son, & Kinnoch, printers, engravers, and lithographers, 

13 Overgate 
Durie & Miller, hessian manufacturers, 13 Seafield road, and London 
Durkie, A. F., corn merchant, 33 St Andrew's street; h. Mill of Mains 
Durkie, David, baker, 78 Dura street ; /k 3 Eliza street 
Durkie, John S. A., shipmaster, 9 Maryfield terrace 
Durlac, Henry, teacher of modern languages. High School ; h. Greybank,*; 

22 Magdalen Yard road I 

Durward, John, police sergeant, 30 Carmichael street ' 

Dutch, George, postman, 6 Dallfield terrace 
Duthie, Alexander, potato merchant, Arcade buildings, 1 Id vies street ; , 

h. Clayholes, Carnoustie 


Duthie, Andrew Mennie, mechanic, 53 William street, Forebank 
Duthie, James S., butcher, 41 Lochee road ; It. 4 Union street, Lochee 
Duthie, James, tobacconist, 2 8couringburn 
Duthie, John, clerk, 4 Garland place 
Duthie, William S., daii-yman, 12 Carmichael street 
Duthie, William, potato salesman, 147J Ann street 
Dye, Chas., chinineyswpr.and soot merch., 96 Murray gate and 63 Perth rd. 
Dye, James, chimneysweeper, 77 Overgate 
Dye, John, clerk, 4 Roslin terrace 
Dye, Mrs, 88 Strathmartine road 

Dyer, Agnes, confectioner and fruiterer, 138a Hawkhill; h. 13 Balfour st. 
Dyer, John, milloverseer, 13 Balfour street 
Dyer, Joseph, mason, 26 Balfour street 
Dyer, Peter, joiner, 69 Watson street 
Dyer, Robert, overseer, 17 Rosebank road 
i Dykes, Thomas, seaman, 54 North Ellen street 

I Eadie, Robt. , agent, 30 Dock street; h. Athole place, 13 Arbroath road 
Eagar, Thomas, Custom's officer, 48 Victoria road 
Easson, Alexander, retired manufactvirer, 13 Wellington street 
Easson, Andrew, carter, 20 Alexander street 

Easson, David, factor, Camperdown; office, 14 High st. ; /?.. Dry burgh, Lochee 
Easson, James, late grocer, 23 Janefield place, Maryfield 
Easson, John, & Son, cork manufacturers, 28 Barrack street 
Easson, John M., draper and clothier, Argyle House, 56 Overgate, top of 

Tally street ; h. Tayview terrace, East Newport 
Easson, John, cattledealer, 6 Lawrence street 
Easson, Robert, of R. Easson & Co., 52 Westport 
Easson, Robert, & Co., printers, publishers of Dundee Mercantile 

Advertiser, paper-bag and fancy-box manufactrs., 7 New Inn entry 
Easson, Thomas, of John Easson & Son, Fairview cottage, E, Newport 
Easson, William, chimneysweeper, 12 Lawrence street 
Easson, William, seaman, 14 North Ellen street 
Easson, Mrs George, hardware merchant, 35 Hospital wynd ; h. 43 
Easson, Mrs James, confectioner. 111 Ann street 
East, Alfred, chairmaker, 16 Nelson street 

East, Francis, chair manufr. ,45 and4'? Nelson st. ; A. Hughenden, Maryfield 
East Port Calender, 100 Cowgate ; Strachan, Kinmond, & Co., calenderers 
East of Scotland Investment Company, Limited, Union Bank buildings, 

6 Panmure street ; John W. Shepherd, secretary 
Eastern Club, 3 Albert square; G. E. Allen, clubmaster; A. Mackay, 

13 Albert square, secretaiy 
Eastern Police Station, 144 Princes street 
Easton, James, stationer, 247 Lochee road 
Easton, James, shoemaker, 104 Rosebank street 
Eber, Albert, representative of Heilnor Brothers, 23 Panmure street; 

h. 119 Nethergate 
Edgar, James, mason, 91 Hilltown 

EDINBURGH and Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Co., Ld. See Adv. 
Edinburgh Hide, Skin, and Tallow Market Company, Limited, Dundee 

Public Slaughterhouse ; William Cooper, manager 


EDINBURGH Life Assvirance Co., 54 Commercial street; T. H. Eraser, 

inspector. See Adv. 
Edward, Allan, & Co., merchants, 8 Panmure street 
Edward, Archibald, dairyman, 61 Hospital wynd 
Edward, Charles, Rock lodge, Ferry road 
Edward, James, compositor, 36 Main street 
Edward, James, postman, 16 South Lindsay street 

Edward, James A., clerk, B. L. Co. Bank; h. 17 William st., Forebank 
Edward, James, brakesman, 103 Perth road 
Edward, Mrs John S., 27 Yeaman shore 
Edward, John, traveller, 12 Craigie street 

Edward, Kenrick A., of Allan Edward & Co., Faringtonhall, Perth road 
Edward, Peter, 108 Hilltown 

Edward, William A., bookkeeper, 119 Nethergate 
Edward, William, overseer, 52 Larch street 
Edward, William, mechanic, 59 North Church street 
Edward, Mrs L. Bowden, millinery, mantle, and dressmaking saloon, 1 

South Tay street; h. 119 Nethergate 
Edward, Mrs Allan, Mertyn, Perth road 

Edwards, David, tug and j)assenger boat owner, 1 Commercial street 
Edwards, David, surveyor of cargoes, Harbour chambers; h. 6 Craigie ter. 
Edwards, David, coachman, 11 Springhill 
Edwards, David, brewer, 35 St Salvador street 
Edwards, David, of D. & W. Edwards, West End cottage, Barry 
Edwards, D. & W., porter and ale bottlers, and non-intoxicating hore- 

hound beer manufacturers, 10 Church street, Princes street 
Edwards, Frederick, pilot, 4 Springhill place 
Edwards, George, blacksmith, 58 Crescent lane 
Edwards, James, mechanic, 5 Cleghorn street 
Edwards, John, shipmaster, 3 Roslin terrace 
Edwards, Joseph, seaman, 2 Graham place 
Edwards, Robert, assistant inspector of poor, 42 Annfield road 
Edwards, William, warehouseman, Ellen place, 27 Lyon street 
Edwards, William, of D. & W. Edwards, M^est End cottage, Barry 
Edwards, Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 13 West Dock street 
Edwards, Mrs John, confectioner and grocer, 143 Seagate ; // . 31 Queen st. 
Edwards, Mrs J. H., 14 Raton's lane 
Edwards, Mrs Jane, 304 Perth road 
Egan, Margaret, grocer, 19 Urquhart street 
Egan, Mrs, dressmaker, 88 Annfield road 

Eggo, George A., telegraph superintendent. Post Office; h. 3 Gowrie pi. 
Elder, Charles, grocer, 1 1 Park wynd 
Elder, David, manager, Ashton Works ; h. 2 Ure street 
Elder, David, millmanager, Jamaica Works ; h. I Rustic place 
Elder, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 137 Blackness road 
Elder, James, mate, 71 High street 
Elder, James, warehouseman, 6 Alexander street 
Elder, John, feuar, 8 Daniel street 
Elder, John, jun., grocer's assistant, 1 Harriet street 
Elder, John, fireman, 13 Blackheath place 
Elder, Thomas, shoemaker, 66 Dura street 


Elder, Thomas, calender worker, 22 Barrack street 

Elder, William, 64a Nethergate 

Elder, William, mechanic, 59 Caldrum street 

Elder, William, general dealer, 3 Ireland's lane 

Elder, William, baker, 16 Mid road 

Elder, Mrs, 166 Blackness road 

Elgin & Son, wholesale confectioners, 88 Murraygate 

Elgin, Mrs, of Elgin & Son, 89 Murraygate 

EUer, Maurice, & Co. , merchants, 4 India buildings 

Ellis, James, mason, 11 Dallfield walk 

Ellis, William, tailor and clothier, 250 Perth road ; h. 213 

Ehnslie, Stewart, coffeehouse keeper, 16 St Clement's lane 

Elphinstone, Rev. William, 3 Eassou's angle, Milnbank road 

Embacher, Richard, 4 Melville teri'ace 

EMPLOYERS' Liability Assurance Corporation, Limited. See Adv. 

Emsley, David, clerk, 9 Rosetield street 

Emslie, John F., of J. F. Emslie & Co., 4 Hawkhill place 

Emslie, John, 14 Victoria street 

Emslie, J. F., & Co., merchants, 37 Albert square 

Emslie, Mrs, 4 Hawkhill place 

England, Thomas, baker, 41 Wilkie's lane 

ENGLISH AND SCOTTISH Law Life Assurance Association. See Adv. 

EQUITABLE Fire and Accident Oflaces. See Adv. 

EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States ; branch office, 

13 Ward road. See Adv. 
Ernst, John, shipmaster, 23 Strawberrybank 
Esplin, Alexander, valuator, house and insurance agent, 7 Cowgate ; h. 

Rusticbank, Glencarse 
Esplin, Alexander, fireman, 177 Victoria road 
Esplin, John, porter, 86 Constable street 
Esplin, Robert, mechanic, 126 Princes sti-eet 
Esplin, William, tenter, 1 Langlands street 
Esplin, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 10 St Peter street 
Evans, George Frederick, teacher of music, 132a Nethergate 
Evans, Henry W., engineer, 84 Blackscroft 
Evans, John, messenger, 36 Rose street 

Evans, Thomas D., messenger, Union Bank; h. Bank buildings 
EVENING TELEGRAPH, 7 to 25 Bank street ; John Leng & Co., printers 

and publishers. See Adv. 
Ewan, Alexander, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 25 and 27 

Westport ; li. 26 Isles' lane 
Ewan, Charles, carter, 18 Ness street, Forebank 

Ewan, Francis M., of Ev/an, Young, & Thomson, Viewbank, B. Ferry 
Ewan, John, merchant, 32 Cowgate ; h. Edenhall, West Ferry 
Ewan, Robert, machine overseer, 36 Nethergate 
Ewan, Young, and Thomson, spinners and manufacturers. Verdant 

Works, West Henderson's wynd; office, 32 Cowgate 
Ewart, James, 29 Step row 
Ewart, John, mechanic, 36 Dundonald street 
Ewart, Joseph, weaver, 12 Ogilvie's road 
Ewing, David, j)orter, 93 Rosebank street 


Ewing, David, bottler, 19 Union place, Perth road 

Ewing, James Alfred, professor of engineering, University College ; h. 

3 Norwood terrace, Westpark road 
Ewing, Rev. James, St Andrew's Free Church ; h. 12 Laurelbank 

Fagak, John, currier, 54 Blackness road 

Fagan, Peter, traveller, 42 Westport 

Fair, James, spirit merchant, 177 Overgate; li. 87 King street 

Fair, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 33 Princes street, and potato and 

manure merchant, 31 King street; h. Arcade buildings, King street 
Fairbairn, Naylor, Macpherson, & Co. , Limited, machinemakers, Leeds ; 

office, 74 Commercial street 
Fairful, Mrs, waitress, 95 Peddie street 
Fairley, George, mason, 4 Craig street 
Fairley, James, milloverseer, 237 Blackness road 
Fairley, Mrs Mary, 28 Charles street 
Fairlie, Andrew, draper, 17 Union place, Perth road 
Fairweather, Alexander, merchant, 4 India buildings ; h. 1 St Peter st. 
Fairweather, Alexander, dairyman, Lawside, Lochee road 
Fairweather, David, greengrocer, 286 Hilltown ; h. 286^ 
Fairweather, David, bootmaker, 111 Perth road; A. 13 Westfield lane 
Fairweather, David F., 19 Airlie place 
Fairweather, David, glass merchant and glazier, 227 Overgate; h. 24a 

Fairweather, Esther, 79 King street 
Fairweather, Francis, 13 Union place, Perth road 
Fairweather, George J., butcher, 204a Hawkhill; h. 204 
Fairweather, Henry, auctioneer and valuator, Dundee Auction Rooms, 

Ward road ; h. 17 Thomson street 
Fairweather, James A., of Fairweather & Sons, 4 Prospect place 
Fairweather, James, tobacco manufacturer, 101 Murraygate 
Fairweather, James K. , 143 Victoria road 
Fairweather, James, accountant and stockbroker, 41 Reform street ; h. 

1 St Peter street 
Fairweather, James, builder, 46 North street 
Fairweather, James G., 24 Peddie street 
Fairweather, James, grocer, 40 King street ; h. 32^ 
Fairweather, Jane, dairy keeper, 3 Hawkhill; h. Lawside farm 
Fairweather, John, coal merchant, 31 Dock street ; h. 1 St Peter street 
Fairweather, John, clerk, Ashton Works ; h. 2 Strawberrybank 
Fairweather, John, spirit merchant's assistant, 18 Arbroath road 
Fairweather, Joseph, architectural and monumental sculptor and granite 

monument manufacturer, 36 and 38 Commercial street, and 

Ai'broath road; h. Maryfield terrace, East Newport 
Fairweather, J. B., merchant and commission agent, 35 Cowgate ; h. 11 

Bonnybank road 
Fairweather & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 108 Seagate 
Fairweather, William W. , of Fairweather & Sons, 4 Prospect place 
Fairweather, William, 47 Yeaman shore 

Fairweather, William P., bookkeeper and accountant, 11 Bonnybank rd. 
Fairweather, William, lapper, 4 Lawrence street 


Fairweather, Mrs David, Gowanbank, Lochee road 
Fairweather, Mrs James A., 9 Ward road 
Fairweather, Mrs J. T. , 4 Prospect place 
Fairweather, Miss, 79 King street 

Falconer, Charles M., of Halket & Adam, 3 Viewforth place 
Falconer, James C, compositor, 204 Hawkhill 

Falconer, James, ironmonger, plumber, andgasfitter, 35 Nethergate; h. 142 
Falconer, Major James, Netherlaw, 11 Albany terrace 
Falconer, James, shoemaker, 125 Ann street 
Falconer, John, jjatternmaker, 25 Clepington street 
Falconer, John, tenter, 43 Ure street 
Falconer, Mary, stay maker, 13 St Andrew's street 
Falconer, Richard, goods clerk, Taybridge Station ; h. 3 Ure street 
Falconer, Mrs Jane, manglekeeper, 3 Tait's lane 
Falconer, Mrs, lodging-house keeper, 167 Overgate 

Falding, J. B., agent for J. White & Sons, millfurnishers, 2 India bldgs. 
Farfor, Alexander, clerk, Royal Bank; A. Broughty Ferry 
Farley, Patrick, milloverseer, 38 Scouringburn 
Farmer, James, joiner, 61 Nethergate ; li. 37 Stirling street 
Farmer, James, moulder, 34 Catherine street 
Farmer, Thomas, confectioner, 48 Alexander street 
Farmer, William, moulder, 10 Church street, Princes street 
Farquhar, Agnes C, draper and milliner, 64 Princes street; li. 7 Castle st. 
Farquhar, David, goods porter, 4 Bain square 
Farquhar, George, carter, 17 Dallfield walk 
Farquhar, George, stoker, 174 Ann street 
Farquhar, George, gardener, 37 Seafield road 

Farquhar, John, porter, D.P. & L, Shipping Co.; h. 14 New Inn entry 
Farquhar, Mrs Euphemia, ladies' niirse, 8 Blackscroft 
Farquhar, Mrs G. , ladies' nurse, 2 Westtield place 
Farquhar, Miss, dressmaker, 35 St Peter street 

Farquhar, Mrs George, dressmaker, 276 Hawkhill ; h. 37 Seafield road 
Farquharson, Alexander, carter, 19 Craigie street 
Farquharson, Archibald, 18 Ferry road 
Farquharson, David G. , house and insurance agent, 3 Barrack street; h. 

Woodsicle, Newport 
Farquharson, Finlay, cashier. Police Commis. office ; h. 8 Meadowside 
Farquharson, F. W., of R. W. Farquharson & Son, Forthill, B. Ferry 
Farquharson, George, general dealer, 34 Hilltown 
Farquharson, George, plumber, 38 Barrack street 
Farquharson, James, hosier, glover, hatter, milliner, and ehirtmaker, 

108 and 110 Nethergate ; h. 18 Raton's lane 
Farquharson, James, of Garvie & Farquharson, 46 Peddie street 
FARQUHARSON, JOHN, plumber, brassfounder, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 

36 and 38 Barrack street; A. Jassmine cottage, Barnhill. See Adv. 
Farquharson, John, jun., plumber, 177 Perth road; h. 13 Union place 
Farquharson, John, tenter, 6 Polepark road 
Farquharson, John, warehouseman, 2 Urquhart street 
Farquharson, Peter, calenderworker, 39 Dallfield walk 
Farquharson, R., & Son, glass merchants and glaziers, 114 MuiTaygate 
Farquharson, R,, of R. Farquharson & Son, Brothockbank, Arbroath 


Farquharson, R. W., & Son, watchmakers, jewellers, and opticians, 73 

High street 
Farquharson, Thomas, of Joseph Gibson & Co. , Ahercraig, Harecraig 
Farquharson, Walter, 61 Scouringburn 
Farquharson, William, clerk, 38 Barrack street 
Farquharson, Mrs John B., 12 Airlie place 
Farquharson, Mrs William, Ardal villa, 3 Scotswood terrace 
Farquharson, Mrs, dressmaker, 8 Forfar road 
Farrell, John, waiter, 42 Scouringburn 
Farrell, Lewis, pawnbroker, 22 Scouringburn ; h. 24 
Farrell, Michael, hat manufacturer, 69 High street ; h. 94 Hawkhill 
Farrell, Thomas, bootmaker, 155 Blackness road 
Farrow, John B., shipmaster, 40 Blackscroft 
Fasken, Alexander, clerk, 3 Garfield place, 53 Hawkhill 
Faulkner, Thomas, coachman, 26 AVilliam street 
Faulkner, William, grocer, 36 Rosebank street 
Fawcett, Edmond Robert, manager, 10 Airlie terrace 
Fawns, David, hairdresser, 8 Scouringburn ; h. 36 Logic street, Lochee 
Fawns, Robert, packer, 69 Crescent street 

Fay, John, spirit merchant, 140 Scouringburn ; h. 4 Gowrie place 
Fay, Patrick, draper, milliner, and clothier, 49 and 55 Scouringburn ; 

h. 6 Airlie place 
Fealy, Lawrence, bottler, 52 Alexander street ; h. 54 N, William street 
Feathers, George F. , merchant, 4 India buildings 

Feathers, James, of P. A. Feathers & Son, 3 Louise terrace, W. Ferry 
Feathers, Peter, photographic stock dealer, 43 Dock street 
Feathers, P. A., & Son, opticians and chronometer makers, 43 Dock st. 
Feathers, Peter A., of P, A. Feathers & Son, Somerville house, B. Ferry 
Feathers, Mrs James, 6 Shore terrace 
Fegan, John, currier, 54 Blackness road 

Feggetter, William, clerk, D. & N. Shipping Co. ; h. 38 Step row 
Fehranbach, Charles Joseph, watchmaker, 46 King's road 
Fenton, Andrew, railway guard, 11 Blackness street 
Fenton, David, officer. South Church ; h. 22 Barrack street 
Fenton, Eliza, confectioner, 164 Perth road 

Fenton, Rev. James, M.A., Wallacetown F.C. ; li. 15 Maryfield terrace 
Fenton, John, coaldealer, 28 Union street, Charles street ; h. 19 
Fenton, Lizzie C. , fruiterer, 1 24 Hawkhill ; h. 5 Balfour street 
Fenton, Mrs Charles, 1 1 Thomson street 

Fenton, Mrs Mai'garet, manglekeeper, 70 North Church street 
Fenton, Mrs, 21 Airlie place 
Fenton. Mi-s, 22 Dundonald street 
Fenwick, Peter, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 97 and 99 Nethergate ; 

li. 11 Craigie street 
Fenwick, Stewart, currier, 36 Pennycook lane 
Fenwick, William, plumber, 13 Ure street 
Fenwick, Mrs, midwife, 95 Victoria road 
Fenwick, Miss B. , dressmaker, 39 Wilkie's lane 
Ferguson, Alexander, pilot, 48 Blackscroft 

Ferguson, Andrew M., solicitor, 31 Reform street; h. 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Ferguson, David, plumber, 26 Wilkie's lane ; h. 35 


Ferguson, David, provision merchant, 31 Hawkhill 

Ferguson, David T., clerk, 107 Murraygate ; h. 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Ferguson, David, mechanic, 1 1 Well road, Coldside 

Ferguson, George, S. B. teacher. Hill Street School ; h. 65 Rosebank st. 

Ferguson, George, seaman, 5 Stirling street 

Ferguson, George, engineer, 12 Blyth place 

Ferguson, Graham, pawnbroker, 3, 5, and 7 Powrie pi.; h. 13 Ann street 

Ferguson, Henry, tinsmith, 17 Ferry road 

Ferguson, Henry, police constable, 194 Scouringburn 

Ferguson, James, mechanic, Lorimer street 

Ferguson, James & Son, confectioner, 18 Tindal's wynd 

Ferguson, James, of J. Ferguson & Son, 4 Fish street 

Ferguson, James, dresser, 6 Tannadice street 

Ferguson, James, shoemaker, 51 Arbroath road 

Ferguson, John, merchant, 3 Coupar's alley 

Ferguson, John (of Robert Ferguson & Sons, oil merchants), agent, 
Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Society, Norwich and 
London Accident Insurance Association, and Scottish Accident In- 
surance Co. , 1 1 Royal Exchange lane ; h. Forebank terrace 

Ferguson, John, shoemaker, 1 1 St Andrew's street ; li. 90 Seagate 

Ferguson, John, harbour porter, 19 vSt Matthew street 

Ferguson, Peter, of G. H. Nicoll & Co. ; li. 3 Gladstone place, Bro. Ferry 

Ferguson, Peter, seaman, 103 Nethergate 

Ferguson, Robert, & Sons, rope and sail makers, 34 Commercial street 

Ferguson, Robert, & Sons, oil and leather merchants, mill and factory 
furnishers, and agents for chemicals, 11-15 Royal Exchange lane 

Ferguson, Robt., of Robert Ferguson & Sons, sailmakers, 94 Commercial st. 

Ferguson, Robt., of Robt. Ferguson & Sons, oil merchants, Forebank ter. 

Ferguson, Robert, shipping agent, 27 Panmure st. ; h. 4 Dallfield terrace 

Ferguson, Thomas, mechanic, 60 Bell street 

FERGUSON, WILLIAM, house painter and decorator, 29 Barrack street ; 
h. 14. See Adv. 

Ferguson, William, clerk, Salisbury place, 89 Arbroath road 

Ferguson, William, goods porter, West Station ; h. 19 Bain square 

Ferguson, William, watchmaker, 58a Wellgate 

Ferguson, William, joiner, 124 Lochee road 

Ferguson, Mrs Ann, 80 Nethergate 

Ferguson, Mrs John, 36 Nethergate 

Ferguson, Mrs, 1 Balgay street 

Fergusson, David Scott, agent, Union Bank of Scotland, Limited; h. 
Holly bank, Newport 

Fergusson, H. B., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, 13 Airlie place 

Fergusson, R. A., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, 5 Fintry place, B. Ferry 

Fergusson, Robert M., of Fergusson & Stephen, 3 Lansdowne place 

Fergusson & Stephen, solicitors, 51 Reform street 

Fergusson, William, & Sons, manufacturers of jute fabi'ics, Dudhope 
Works ; office, 4 Royal Exchange place 

Fergusson, W. H., of Wm. Fergusson & Sons, The Buchties, Bro. Ferry 

Fergusson, Miss, dressmaker, Fairmuir toll 

Fernham, Grace, 45 Anntield road 

Fernie, George, prison warder, 8 Lawrence street 


Fernie, James, stationer, ironmonger, and fancy goods merchant, 60 Ann 

street ; h. 62 
Fernie, John, engineer, 69 Crescent street 
Fernie, William, engineer, 2 Arbroath road 
Ferrie, Michael, waiter, 156 Lochee road 

Ferrier, Charles, clerk, James Smieton & Sons ; h. 9 Dallfield terrace 
Ferrier, Charles, provision merchant, 4 Fish street 
Ferrier, David H. , chemist and druggist, 2 Hilltown, and 14 Strath- 

martine road ; h. Park cottage, 75 Hospital v^ynd 
Ferrier, David, joiner, 20 Union place, Perth road 
Ferrier, David, ironturner, 68 Albert street 
Ferrier, David, harbour porter, 49 Crescent street 
Ferrier, George, printer, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 
Ferrier, James, clerk, 29 Trades lane ; /;. 6 Polepark road 
Ferrier, James, shipfitter, 82 Constable street \ 

Ferrier, John, joiner, 309 Loons road 
Ferrier, Michael, millmanager, 29 Isles' lane 
Ferrier, Thomas M., of Thomas Taylor & Co., vice-consul for the United 

States of Columbia, and consul for Venezuela, 11 Panmure street ; 

h. Melrose house, Perth 
Ferrier, William, photographer, 3 Tally st. ; h. 8 King street 
Ferrier, Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 7 South Union street 
Ferrier, Miss, 46 Castle street 
Fettes, Charles, clerk, 4 Balfour street 
Fettes, Robert, grocer and spiritdealer, 15 Dudhope street ; h. 21 

Stirling street 
Fields, Alexander, baker, 21 North Tay street ; h. 10 
Findlay, Alexander, ironturner, Lorimer street 
Findlay, Andrew, joiner, 31 Back street 

Findlay, Charles, manufacturer, 48 Rosebank street ; h. 8 Garland place 
Findlay, Charles, powerloom manager, 8 Dallfield terrace , 

Findlay, Christina, dressmaker, 52 Princes street ; h. 58 Lyon street 
Findlay, David, harbour porter, 93 King street , 

Findlay, David, gatekeeper, Tay Ferries ; A. 1 1 Tay Street lane 
Tindlay, George, of Andrew Reid & Co., 1 Norman terrace, Downfield 
Findlay, Geo. P., ironmonger, 38 Overgate; h. 15 Union place, Perth rd, 
Findlay, Hugh, waiter, 40 Dallfield walk 
Findlay, James, mechanic, 12 Annfield street 
Findlay, James, cabinetmaker, 1 Pennycook lane 
Findlay, James, shoemaker, 5 Pitfour street 

Findlay, James, coal merchant, 18 Dudhope street ; h. 22 Raglan streel 
Findlay, John, jun., cashier and bookkeeper at 116 Seagate ; h. 21 SI 

Vincent place, Broughty Ferry 
Findlay, John, shuttlemaker, 12 North Erskine street 
Findlay, William, baker, 21 Dudhope street 
Findlay, William, painter, 5 Annfield row 
Findlay, Mrs James, laundress, 151 Princes street 
Findlay, Mrs, grocer, Fairley place, Clepington road 
Findleton, David, fish and poultry dlr. , 109 Victoria rd.; A.45 Blackscrofi 
Finigan, Patrick, confectioner, 130 Blackness road 
Finlay, Chas. S., clothier and draper, 12 Strathmartine road; /t. 39 



Finlay, David, compositor, Beaconsfield place, 110 Victoria road 

Finlay, George, clerk and insurance agent, 3 Viewforth place 

"Finlay, James, blacksmith, 54 Gellatly street ; h. 22 Barrack street 

Finlay, James, tailor, 8 Hospital wynd 

Finlay, James, foreman boot-top cutter, 11 Royal Exchange lane 

Finlay, Mrs David, 8 Speed's terrace 

Finlay, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 27 Westport 

Finlay son, Alexander D. , packer, 38 Penny cook lane 

Finlayson, Arch. , draper, milliner, and clothier, 46 Westport ; h. 42 

Finlay son, James, joiner, 181 Victoria road 

Finlayson, Robert, grocer and spiritdealer, 8 Albert street ; h. 87 

Finlayson, Wm. , grocer and spirit mer., 198 Hawkhill; h. 3 Ure street 

Finlayson, Mrs George, draper and milliner, 27 Princes street; h. 31 

Finnan, Mrs Ann, confectioner, 12 St Mary street 

FIRE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION, 9 Panmure street; P. C. Piggot^ 
local manager. See Adv. 

Fisher, Alexander, late grocer, 131 Rosebank street 

Fisher, Alexander, shopkeeper, 14 Graham place 
[Fisher, George, manager, Tay Works Calender ; h. 19 Cleghorn street 

Fisher, George, mechanic, 27 South George street 

Fisher, John, & Son, hairdressers and stationers, 37 Perth road 

Fisher, John, of J. Fisher & Son, 3 Westfield lane 

Fisher, John, jun. , of J. Fisher & Son, 27 Seafield road 

Fisher, John, clerk, 40 Dallfield walk 

Fisher, John, porter, 10 Dura street 

Fisher, John, calender manager, 48 St Andrew's st.; h. 63 Constitution rd, 

Fisher, Peter, mechanic, 25 Lilybank road 
j Fisher, Thomas, tenter, 2 Cherryfield lane 

Fisher, William, journalist, 7 Bank street; h. 13 Forebank road 

Fisher, W. M., L.D.S., R.C.S., London, dental surgeon, 140 Nethergate; 
h. The Terrace, West Newport 

Fisher, Mrs William, grocer, 54 Constable street 

Fisher, Mrs, 27a Tait's lane 

Fisken, David, mechanic, 2 Bruce street 

Fitchet, David, tailor, 145 Princes street 

Fitchet, James, grocer and spirit mer., 36 Princes st. ; h. 2 Crescent lane 

Fitchet, James F., grocer, 36 Princes street ; h. 28 King street 

Fithie, William S., milloverseer, 9 Bell street 

Fithie, Mrs David, 24 Garland place 

Fitzgerald, James, painter, 8 Kincardine street 

Flanagan, Daniel, grocer, 9 Polepark road ; A. 10 

Fleet, Mrs Isabella, 65 Nethergate 

Fleming, Alexander D. , accountant, 3 Nelson street 

Fleming, Alexander, of Fleming Brothers, West Brook street, Bro. Ferry 

Fleming, Alexander, of Salmond & Fleming, 7 Airlie terrace 

Fleming, Andrew P., of D. H. Fleming & Sons, 5 Unionbank, Toft- 
hill, Lochee 

Fleming Brothers, clothiers and men's mercers, 1 6 Cowgate 

Fleming, Charles P., of D. H. Fleming & Sons, Adelaide place 

Fleming, David H., of D. H. Fleming & Sons, 9 Albany terrace 

Fleming, David N., clerk. Blackness Foundry ; h. 2 Rosefield street 



Fleming, David, & Son, builders and jobbing masons, 40 N. Lindsay st. 

Fleming, David, rope and sail maker, 67 Ure street 

Fleming, David, blacksmith, 58 Watson street 

Fleming, D. H., & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Gi-ay Street Works, 
Lochee ; ojfice, 30 Meadowside 

Fleming, Douglas, & Co. , flax and jute merchants, 19 Covpgate 

Fleming, Edward W., of J. & J. Fleming, East Somerville place 

Fleming, George, tailor, 7 Parker street 

Fleming, George, sculptor, 153 Blackness road ; h. 89 Peddie street 

Fleming, George, mechanic, 121 Hawkhill 

Fleming, James, compositor, 141 Ann street 

Fleming, James, wholesale ironmonger and saddler's furnisher, 31 
Yeaman shore; h. 5 Park place 

Fleming, James, of J. & J. Fleming, East Somerville place 

Fleming, James A., of J. & J. Fleming, East Somerville place 

Fleming, James, ironmonger, 26 Victoria road 

Fleming, James R., collector, D. P. & L. Shipping Co.; h. 6 St Phillans 
place, Newport 

Fleming, James, flax inspector, 106 Annfield road 

Fleming, James, factory manager, Manhattan Works; h. 21 Albert st. 

Fleming, James H., 32 Seagate 

Fleming, James P., clerk, 10 Reform street 

Fleming, John, & Sons, wholesale grocers, 165 and 167 Seagate 

Fleming, John, timber merchant, Camperdown Sawmills ; h. 1 Grange 
terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Fleming, John I. , commercial traveller for A. C. Whyte & Sons, Glasgow, 
4 Gowrie street 

Fleming, John, of John Fleming & Sons, 9 Panmure terrace 

Fleming, John A., grocer, 40 Ann street; h. 141 

Fleming, John C. , clerk, Tay Biscuit Wks. ; h. 26 St Vincent pi. , B. Ferry 

Fleming, John W. , of Salmond & Fleming, Dalhousie ter. , West Ferry 

Fleming, J. & J., wholesale Loudon, Birmingham, and Sheffield ware- 
housemen, and importers of French and German goods, 1-7 Overgate 

Fleming & Lindsay, jute spinners and manufacturers, Mid Street Mill, 
50 Mid street, and Hillside Works, 112 Hilltown 

Fleming, Lizzie H., teacher of music, 10 Reform street 

Fleming, Peter, emigration and shippuig agent, 44 High street ; h. Brae- 
side villa. West Newport 

Fleming, Peter, builder, 1 Watt street ' 

Fleming, Peter, manager, Gray Street Works; h. 10 Reform street 

Fleming, Peter, shipmaster, 24 Thomson street 

Fleming, Reid, & Co., mill yarn store, 1 Castle street 

Fleming, Richard P., resident engineer of the Dundee and District 

Sanitary Association, 11 Reform street ; h. 9 Albany terrace 
Fleming, Robert, merchant, and secretary, Scottish American Trust; 
Companies, Ltd., 13 Albert square; h. Tighnavon, Newport 

Fleming, Robert H., of Fleming & Lindsay, Caenlochan ter., W. Ferry 

FLEMING, THOMAS, SON, & CO., West Grove Mill, Halifax. See Adv. 

Fleming, Thomas P., architect, 30 Meadowside; h. 9 Albany terrace 

Fleming, Thomas, fireman, 11 Robertson street 

Fleming, William, retired wholesale grocer, 13 Springfield 











rieming, William N., of Fleming Bi'others, 21 Kinloch place, Hawkhill 

i'leming, William, of John Fleming & Sons, 9 Panmure terrace 

i^leming, W. S., railway canvasser, 30 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 

i^leming, W. P., music teacher, 51 Meadowside; h. 9 Albany terrace 

I'leming, Mrs H. S. , proprietrix. Bonded Stores, 27 Dock street; h. 
36 Drumsheugh gardens, Edinburgh 

i'leming, Mrs John, 9 Panmure terrace 

leming, Mrs Joseph, 1 Scotswood terrace 

i'leming, Mrs William A., 3 Nelson street 

i'leming, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

i'letcher, Eobert, house proprietor, 1 Rustic place 

i'letcher, William, gardener, 187 Overgate 

i'letcher, Mrs Duncan, milliner, 14 Cowgate; h. 42 South Tay street 
[ii'light, Elizabeth, china merchant, 194 Hawkhill; h. 14 Bernard street 

•'light, William, engineer, 8 Havelock place 
I •'light, William, joiner, 9 Clepington street 
[;i,i'linn, John, butcher, 183 Seagate 

i'lood, Edward, market gardener, 95 Arbroath road ; h. 25 Watson street 

i'lorence, John, heel and toe plate maker, 17 Dudhope street 

i'loyd, James, circular addresser and deliverer, 9 Tay Street lane 

foggie, Andrew H. , of Baxter & Co. , Woodville house, Westpark road 

{•'oggie, James, architect and licensed valuator, 2 Raglan street; h. 3 

I Graham place 

l^'oggie, John, clerk, 31 Albert square; h. 10 Albert street 

:Mey, John, shoemaker, 153 and 231 Hilltown ; h. 122 

j^oote, Alexander A., of William Foote & Son, Rose cottage, 16 Rose st. 

i^'oote, Andrew Allan, joiner, cabinetmaker, and funeral undertaker, 33 

Rosebank street; It. 20 North Ellen street 
■:?oote, William, & Son, blacksmiths, 33 Rosebank street 

ij'oote, Mrs C. , draper, 49 Perth road 

^oote, Mrs James, laundress, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 

?oote, Mrs William, 9 Ward road 

.^oi-bes, Alexander, waiter, 7 Kirk entry 

Forbes, Andrew W. , teacher. Long Wynd Public School; h. 3 Parker st. 

J'orbes & Christie, calenderers, sack manufs. and packers, 80 Victoria rd. 

Forbes, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 20 Hospital wynd; h. 30 

Forbes, David, ship carpenter, 1 Littlejohn street 

Forbes, Elizabeth, milliner, 143 Blackscroft 

I Forbes, Geo. D., manager. East Port Calender; h. 28 King street 
iForbes, James, teacher of music, and pianotuner, 5 William street 
^Forbes, James, millmanager, Seabraes Mill ; h. 6 Perth road 
""orbes, James, porter, 22 Blackscroft 
'orbes, James S. , baker, 4 St Clement's lane; h. 2 
porbes, John, mechanic, 12 Benvie road 
Forbes, John H., of Forbes & Christie, 23 Forebank road 
Forbes, John, mechanic, 51 Lochee road 
Forbes, John M. , enginefitter, 6 Balfour street 

Forbes, Jonathan, of Baxter & Forbes, 2 Taymouth ter., Broughty Feriy 
Forbes, Peter, 25 South Lindsay street 

Forbes, R. S. , surveyor of taxes, 29 Bank st. ; h.W Castle terrace, B. Ferry 
[Forbes, Stewart, porter, 9 Harriet street 


Forbes, Thomas, fish and egg mercht. , 118 Victoria rd. ; A. 6 Lamb's la 

Forbes, William, bleacher, 4 Eliza street 

Forbes, William, fireman, 24 Arthur street 

Forbes, Mrs Margaret, provision dealer, 22 Craigie street 

Forbes, Mrs William, broker, 5 Strathmartine road; h. 9 

Forbes, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 9 Brown Constable street 

Forbes, Miss Margaret, stationer and tobacconist, 13^ Mains road 

Ford, James, traveller, 14 Speed's terrace 

Ford, John, painter, 68 Caldrum street 

Ford, John, vanman, 3 North Church street 

Ford, William, ironmoulder, 62 Ann street 

Ford, William, engineer, 94 Nethergate 

Fordyce, Miss, 3 Gowrie place 

Forebank Dye Works, Victoria road ; James Stevenson & Co., dyers 

Foreman, John, grocer, 210 Hilltown ; h. 15 Stirling street 

Foreman, William, labourer, 30 Main street 

Foreman, William, shore porter, 60 Lilybank road 

Forfarshire 1st Artillery Volunteer Corps ; headquarters Brigade office, 

Commercial street 
Forfarshire 1st Rifle Volunteers ; headquarters, Drill hall 
Forfarshire 3d Rifle Volunteers (Dundee Highlanders); headquai'te. 

Drill hall 
Forgan, Thomas, railway guard, 33 Peddie street 
Forgan, William, railway guard, 10 West Dock street 
Forman, Robert, tailor, 21 Reform street 

Forrest, Alexander, miller, Dundee Flour Mills ; h. East Dock street 
Forrest, Alexander, grocer, 14 Paterson street ; h. 16 
Forrest, John, sawyer, 7 Kirk entry 
Forrest, Simon, retired teacher, 5 Gowrie place 
Forrest, Simon, jun. , clerk, 5 Gowrie place 
Forrest, William, ironmoulder, 25 Robertson street 
Forrester, Alex. , & Son, bread and biscuit bakers, conf rs. , and manufi 

of ship biscuits, 115 and 1 17 Nethergate, and 23 Constitution roac 
Forrester, Christopher, of Alexander Forrester & Son, Wellgrove, Loch 
Forrester, David, waste merchant, 16 Cotton road; h. Magdalen plac 

Clepington road 
Forrester, David, seaman, 7 Yeaman shore 
Forrester, James, overseer, 2 Gardner's lane 
Forrester, William H., joiner, 17 Hill street 
Forrester, William, dresser, 24 North Ellen street 
Forrester, Mrs Janet, chinadealer, 133 Rosebank street 
Forrester, Miss Julia, dressmaker, 93 King street 
Forster, George, Venetian blindmaker, 11 Annfield row 
Forsyth, Alexander, clerk, 51 Victoria street 
Forsyth, Alexander, spirit merchant's assistant, 18 King's road 
Forsyth, James, solicitor's clerk, 20| Thomson street 
Forsyth, John, commission, insurance, and house agent, 62 Commerci 

street; h. 5 Collingwood terrace, Barnhill 
Forsyth, John C. , patternmaker, 44 Seafield road 
Forsyth, John, jun., ironturner, 51 Victoria street 
Forsyth, Mrs D., spirit merchant, 151 Overgate ; h. 225 








forth and Clyde Sack Hiring Co., Glasgow and Leith ; James Smith, 

agent, 21 St Andrew's street ; h. 5 Stobswell road 
'ortune, Alexander, fish merchant, 28 Princes st. ; h. 25 Robertson st. 
'orwell, William, wholesale biscuit manufacturer, 146 Hilltown ; h. 150 
'otheringham, Andrew, dresser, 12 Kinloch street 
'otheringham, Peter, mason, 46 Kemback sti-eet 
'otheringham, William, joiner, 8 Smellie's lane 
'oulis, John, bootmaker, 5 Harriet street 
'oulis, Patrick, wane and spirit merchant, 136 Victoria road ; Ji. Victoria 

crescent, 1 Lamb's lane 
owler & Duffus, frenchpolishers, 35 Cowgate 

owler, James, potato merchant, 38 Lochee road; h. Gateside, Newtyle 
owler, James, of Fowler & Duffus, 3 Glebe street 
owler, James, clerk, 1 1 Stirling street 
owler, Mrs, 4 Ashton place 
ox, Chai'les, overseer, 44 Balgay street 
ox, Daniel, shoemaker, 8 Springhill place 
ox, Robert, milliner, 56 Wellgate ; h. 7 Garland place 
ox, Robert, milloverseer, 120 Victoria road 

raenkl, Victor, of Jaffe Brothers & Co. , Osborne villa, 77 Magdalen green 
RAIN, WILLIAM, & SON, wholesale and retail china and glass merchants, 

11, 17, and 19 Castle street. See Adv. 
rain, William, sen., of William Frain & Son, Tayview ter. , E. Newport 
rain, William, jun., of William Frain & Son, Tayview ter., E. Newport 
rancis, Samuel, umbrellamaker, 83 Victoria road ; h. 81 
raser, Alexander, carver and gilder, 19 Albert square ; h. 72 Bell street 
raser, Alex., joiner and washingboard-maker,72Bellst.; A. 28 St Mary's pi. 
raser, Alex., tailor and clothier, 17 N. Wellington st. ; h.8 Alexander st. 
faser, Alexander, greengrocer, 24 Hospital wynd 
aser, Alexander, shoemaker, 145 Perth road 
aser, Alexander, engineer, 35 Arbroath road 
£&ser, Alexander, jun., mason, 36 William street, Forebank 
j| ?aser, Allister J., teller. Royal Bank, Westport; h. 58 Peddie street 
raser, Charles, flax inspector, 7 Ellen street 
!*aser, David, powerloom tenter, 55 Alexander street 
•aser, David, joiner, 51 Strathmartine road 
•aser, Donald, coal merchant and sackmaker, 22 Barrack street; h. The 

Cottage, Barnhill 
'aser, Donald, auctioneer and valuator, 44 Overgate ; />. Mary field 

terrace. East Newport 
'aser, Duncan, mason, 10 Crescent lane 
■aser, George B., commission merchant, 1 Commercial street; h. 10 

Louise terrace. West Ferry 
"aser, Geo., wholesale fruit and potato merchant, 39 and 41 Commercial 

street; gardens, Craigie; h. Stirling park 
iaser, George, 2 Shore terrace 
'aser, George, blacksmith, 138 Murray gate 
aser, George, joiner, 8 Peddie street 

aser, James, curio collector, 123 Nethergate ; h. 13 Westfield lane 
aser, James, of Mann & Eraser, 27 Victoria road 
aser, James, harbour constable, 161 Overgate 




Eraser, James, joiner, 18 Caldrum street 

Eraser, James, currier, 23 Princes street 

Eraser, James, mason, 59 North Wellington street 

Eraser, John, designer and tracer for embroidery, 53 Nethergate ; h. 5 

Eraser, John,ticketwriter & picturefr. mkr. ,48 Barrack st. ; A. 4Gellatly s' 

Eraser, John S., artist, 12 Queen street, Edinburgh ; h. 13 Westfield Ian f|' 

Eraser, John K. , clerk, Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 

Eraser, John, pictureframe maker, carver and gilder, 52 King street; / 

54 Blackscroft 
Eraser, John, mechanic, 229 Hilltown 
Eraser, John, joiner, 1 Blackness street 
Eraser, John, police constable, 69 Hospital wynd 
Eraser, John, labourer, 45 Nelson street 
Eraser, Peter, corkcutter, 47 Cowgate; h, 5 Kinloch street 
Eraser, Simon G., of Rough & Eraser, 2 Bruce street 
Eraser, Thomas, secondhand bookseller and dealer in rare old picturei 

30 King street; h. 25 Stirling street 
Eraser, Thomas, gamedealer, and potato merchant, 236 Perth road 
Eraser, T. H., inspector, Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., 54 Conunercii 

street; A. Taybank, Tayport 
Eraser, William, insurance agent, 26 Alexander street 
Eraser, William, night turnkey, 2 East Henderson's wynd J'J 

Eraser, Mrs A., garden seed merchant, 12 Arbroath road 
Eraser, Mrs Jane, spiritdealer, 15 Princes street ; h. 28 Todburn lane 
Eraser, Mrs Thomas, manglekeeper, 6 Kinnaird street 
Eraser, Mrs, grocer, 9 Alexander street 
Eraser, Mrs, manglekeeper, 5 Cherryiield lane 
Eraser, Mrs, 63 Ure street 
Eraser, Miss Margaret, 39 Main street 

Erazer, Miss E., baker, 181 Overgate; h. 4 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhi 
Erazer, James, of John Erazer & Son, 65 Commercial street 
Erazer, John, & Son, clothiers and outfitters, 88 High street 
Erazer, Miss Ann, grocer, 138 Hawkhill; h. 4 Kinloch pi., 105 Hawkhi P 
Eree Library, Museum, and Picture Gallery, Albert square ; John Ma| P 

lauchlan, librarian and curator 
Ereir, Alex. ,millmanager, Ward Works; A.Gladstone pi. ,32 Dud.Cres. roi 
Ereir, James, confectioner, 13 Mid street 

Erench, George, coal merchant, 22 Isles' lane ; h. 19 Blackness street 
Eriedheim, Otto, of E. Rosenstern & Co., 1 Viewforth street 
Eriedlander, Edward, of Lipman & Co. , 1 Grosvenor ter. , Perth road 
Eriedman, Lewis, wholesale pictureframe manufac. , 42 Victoria rd. ; h. li 
Erister & Rossman's Singer Sewing Machines ; Wm! Roxburgh, whol jalb 

sale agent for Dundee, 93 and 95 Hawkhill and 1 Kincardine str© 
Euhr, Ernest A., merchant, Meadowside Calender (Lipman & Co.); h. '. 

Thomson street 
Eullerton, James, merchant, 51 Meadowside; h. 15 Magdalen Yard roj ^11; 
Eurlong, Rev. Thomas E. , St Joseph's R. C. Church ; h. Wilkie's lane 
Eyall, Andrew, carpenter, 29 Hill street jUi 

Eyfe, A. Morrison, & Co., marblecutters, flooring, wall, and hearth tile! jalli 

and marble mosaics, monumental sculptors, and agents for Stuart ; islli 

Co. 's granolithic, 28 Commercial street I islli 



[yfe, Andrew, stationer, and fancy goods, 162 Ann street 

fyfe, Archibald M. , of A. Morrison Fyf e & Co. , 9 Newington terrace, 
Broughty Ferry 

fyfe, Charles, carpenter, 63 Victoria road 

fyie, George T., fish and poultry dealer, 191 Princes street; h. 185 

Pyfe, James, of Scott & Fyfe, Woodbank, Tayport 

fyfe, James, stationer and tobacconist, 34 Lilybank road ; h. 3 Glebe st. 

fyfe, Robert, clerk, 65 Commercial st. ; h. Greenlaw pi., Clepington rd. 

i'yfe, William, carpenter, 22 Peter street 

i'yfe, William L. , mechanic, 8 North Ellen street 

i'yfe, Mrs James, 1 Blackness crescent 

yfe, Mrs William C, 3 Windsor terrace 

ii'yf e, Mrs, .teacher of dress and mantle cutting and fitting, and pattern 
dealer, 2 Dalhousie terrace 

f'yfFe, Andrew, tailor, 1 Tay Street lane 
w ii'yffe, David, master shipwright, Marine parade; h. 82 High street 
. ''yffe, George, warehouseman, Greenlaw place, Clepington road 
' •'yffe, George, cooking depOt, 86 Overgate; h. 90 

•"ytfe, James, plumber, brassfounder, gasfitter, tinsmith, and zincworker, 
95 Nethergate; loorksJiop, 103; h. Rustic place, 1 Dudhope street 
j Jy&e, James, harbour porter, 47 Albert street 

''ySe, John, wine and spirit mercht. , 58 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 4 Russell st. 

''yffe, John W., & Co., slaters, 14 Bank street 

i^yffe, John W., of John W. Fyffe & Co., 12 Bank street 

fyfFe, John, confectioner and sugar toy manufacturer, 33^ Rosebank st. 

^'yffe, John, lathsplitter, 150 Princes street 

^'yffe, Joseph, shoemaker, 86 Annfield road 

^'yffe, Peter, joiner, 42 Annfield road 

fyffe, Richard, milloverseer, 44 Hill street 

Tyffe, William, slater, 30 Blackness road; h. 4 Gowrie street 

i'yffe, William, clerk, Camperdown Ship Yard ; h. 36 Ferry road 

l^'yffe, Mrs Janet, 16 Bank street 

I'yffe, Mrs John, wine and spirit mer. , 58 Strathmartine rd. ; h. 4 Russell st. 

Tyffe, Mrs John, 19 Cowgate 

i'yffe, Mrs Ann, grocer, 113 Princes street 

tAebtnee, Hans, music teacher, 74 Commercial street, and organist 
Broughty Ferry Parish Church; h. 2 Castle street, Broughty Ferry 
Sraffney, Lawrence, police constable, 233 Hilltown 

ahan, Thomas, photographer, 1 Dallfield walk 
xairn, John, shoemaker, 42 Blackscroft ; h. 63 
Talbraith, William, cashier, 107 Commercial street; h. 9 Ward road 

ale, Chai'les P., shipmaster, 95 Victoria road 

all, John, commercial traveller, 119 J Hilltown 
Jail, Thomas, grocer, 91 Milnbank road 
^all, William, night watchman, 6 Clepington street 
J^allacher, John, general dealer, 72 Hilltown 
"allacher, Peter, grocer, 6 William street, King street 
!xallacher, William, chimneysweeper, 39 Blackscroft 
I .lallettia, Frederick, hairdresser, 140 Overgate; h. 138 
iallocher, James, milloverseer, 110 Victoria road 





Galloway, Archibald, assurance agent, 52 Watson street 

Galloway Brothers, chemists, 123 Hilltown 

Galloway, David, cooper, 36 Tindal's wynd; h. 29 Strathmartine road 

Galloway, Edward, cooper, 133 Princes street 

Galloway, George, enginedriver, 37 Step i*ow 

Galloway, James, superintendent of collectors, Arcade buildings. King st. 

Galloway, James, spiritdealer, 129 Princes street; h. 133 

Galloway, John, ironmonger, tinsmith, plumber, and gasfitter, 237 and 

239 Hilltown ; h. Cluny cottage, Clepington road 
Galloway, John, baker, 2 Isles' lane 
Galloway, John, seaman, 100 Annfield road 

Galloway, Robert, coaldealer, 15 and 17 Park street ; h. 29 Ash lane 
Galloway, William, M.A., M.D., L.R.C.P.E., 32 South Tay street 
Galloway, William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 5 Balgay st. ; h. 16 
Galloway, William, stevedore, 120 Victoria road 
Galloway, Mrs, grocer, 182 Seagate 
Galloway, Mrs, 23 Queen street 
Galloway, Miss, 2 Windsor terrace 

Gait, John, missionary and teacher to the blind ; h. 18 Speed's terrace 
Gamble, Robert, cowfeeder, 119 Rosebank street ; //. 121 
Gamble, Samuel, police sei-geant, 144 Princes street 
Gandy, Maurice (Liverpool), patentee and manufacturer of cotton belting; 

agents, Alexander Ogilvy & Sons, 20 Panmure street 
Garden Works, Benvie road ; Wm. Cleghorn, spinner and manufacturer 
Gardiner, Alexander, moulder, 58 Nethergate 
Gardiner, John, blacksmith, 63 Watson street 
Gardiner, John, blacksmith, 13 Blackheath place 
Gardiner, Peter, storekeeper, 29 Grove street 
Gardiner, William D. , draper, 95 Victoria road 

Gardiner, Wm. G., wine and spii'it mer., 49 Westport; h. 5 Brown st. 
Gardiner, William, milloverseer, 22 Hunter street 
Gardiner, William, iron moulder, Tay Foundry ; h. 7 M'Gill street 
Gardiner, Mrs A., manglekeeper, 26 Dudhope street 
Gardner, Rev. Alfred, Lindsay Street Chapel; h. 2 Victoi'ia ter. , W. N'port. 
Gardner, John, meter inspector. Gas Office ; h. 38 Milnbank road u 

Gardner, Robert, of Anderson, Gardner, & Hepburn, 9 Maryfield ter 
Gardyne, James, late baker, 3 Stanley place, Step row 
Garland, John, shoemaker, 9 Rosefield street a 

Garland, Miss, 1 Blackness terrace, Perth road 

Garrie, James, grocer and provision merchant, 129 Rosebank st. ; h. 131 
Garriock, Lewis F. U., of Berry, Shetland, Seafield house, Magdalen 

place; and Gibblestone house, Scalloway 
Garry, Christopher, bottler, 38 Commercial street, Maxwelltown ; h. 39 
Garthley, John, shipmaster, 6 Park terrace 
Garthley, M. R., grocer, 53 Rosebank street 'jj' 

Garvie, Charles, carter, 19 Union place, Perth road 
Garvie & Farquharson, joiners, 46 Balgay street 
Garvie, George, joiner, 8 Rosefield street 
Garvie, James, of Garvie & Farquharson, 21 Balgay street j, 

Garvie, William, shipwright, 46 Lilyl^ank road 
Garvie, Mrs, confectioner, 11a Victoria street 






Gas Commissioners' Office, 16 Meadowside ; James Matthew, treasurer 

Gauld, Archibald, sackmaker, 65 Cowgate ; h. 48 Victoria road 
iGauld & Laburn, slaters and slate merchants, 61 Constitution road 
i&auld, William, sen., of Gauld & Laburn, 6 Garland place 

|Grauld, William, jun., teller, Bank of Scotland ; h. 6 Garland place 

iGauld, Mrs Helen, lodgings, 25 Nethergate 

.Gravin, Alex,, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Dock st. ; h. 7 S. Union st. 

'Gravine, Jane, of J. & M. Gavine, 146 Murraygate 

jravine, Jane & Mary, pawnbrokers, 146 Murraygate 

Ijravine, Mary, of J. & M. Gavine, 146 Murraygate 

JGravine, Thomas, blacksmith, 14 Dens brae 

jjavine, Mrs James, manglekeeper, 15 North Wellington street 

ijreake, Henry, pianoforte tuner, 142 Perth road 
'xeddes, Alexander, wood merchant, East Dock st. ; h. 1 Kemback st. 

jreddes, Daniel B., of D. Geddes & Son, 21 Miller's wynd 

i^xeddes, David, of D. Geddes & Son, 21 Miller's wynd 

Jeddes, D., & Son, saddlers, 168 Perth road 

Tcddes, James, commis. agent, 79 Commercial street; h. 1 Gowrie place 

jreddes, John C., draper, 114 Princes street; h. 1 Kemback street 

^eddes, William, clerk, Clepington cottage. Dens road 

xeddie, William, carpenter, Watson terrace, 56 Watson street 

xeekie, Alexander, carpenter, 2 Melrose terrace 

Tcekie, Allan, mechanic, 28 Kincardine street 

xeekie, David, blacksmith, 98 Blackscroft 

Tcekie, James, hairdresser, 77 Hilltown ; h. 65 Milnbank road 

J-eekie, John, sen., engineer, 80 Ure street 

Jeekie, John, mechanic, 143 Lochee road 

Jeekie, John, jun., patternmaker, 172 Hawkhill 

Sreekie, William, grain and potato merchant, 77 Princes street ; h. 32 

reekie, William, carter, 25 Mains loan 

leekie, William, spiritdealer's assistant, 14 Ogilvie's road 

reekie, William, mechanic, 15 Rosefield street 

Jeekie, Mrs, grocer, 36 Back street ; h. 34 
" reekie, Mrs, manglekeeper, 20 Union place, Perth road 

reekie, Miss C, draper, 78 Ure street 

rcUatly, Alexander, mechanic, 9 Derby street 

rellatly, Alexander, bookbinder, 35 North Wellington street 

rellatly, David, commission and insurance agent, 123 Murraygate ; h. 
Islabank, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 
'' rellatly, James, butcher, 16 Hawkhill ; h. 18 Kincardine street 
'^'■' lellatly, James, cloth inspector, 35 North Wellington street 
, rellatly, John, coachpainter, 191 Hilltown; h. 72 
* 'rellatly, John, mason, 35 North Ellen street 

ellatly & Millar, Misses, dressmakers, 32 Bank street 

rellatly, Robert, chimneysweeper, 4 North Tay street 

ellatly, Thomas, tinsmith and gasfitter, 88 Strathmartine road 

i-ellatly, Wm., & Co., linseed crushers, oilcake manufacturers, and oil 
refiners, Tay Seed and OilWorks,Stannergate;q^ce, 4 Rl. Exchange pi. 
ellatly, William, of Wm. Gellatly & Co. , merchant, 4 Royal Exchange 

place ; li. 6 Fintry place, Broughty Ferry 
ellatly, William, auctioneer and valuator, 26 Balfour street 


Gellatly, William M., blacksmith, 5 Miller's wynd 

Gellatly, Mrs Janet, 9 Balfour street 

Gelson, James, cabinetmaker, 72 Princes street 

Gemmell, David, clerk of works, 5 Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Gemmell, Samuel, photographer, 7 Fish street 

GENERAL Life and Fire Assurance Co., 33 Dock street ; W. Bucha; 

Ritchie, district agent. See Adv. 
Gentle, James, builder, 62 Commercial street ; h. Hyndford terrace 
Gentle, William, printer, 51 Overgate ; h. 12 Garland place 
George, Rev. James, Wishart U.P. Church ; h. 9 Nelson street 
George, Stewart, joiner, 9 St Peter street 
George, Mrs, 3 Cleghorn street 

German Empire, Consul for — Hermann Quosbarth, 46 Castle street 
Gibb, David, flax merchant, 16 William st., King st.; h. 10 Airlie terrac 
Gibb, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 43 North Church street 
Gibb, E. G., factory manager, Maxwelltown Wks. ; /i.Tayview,Mains loa 
Gibb, Geo., yai'n and waste merchant, 22Rosebank st. ; h. Forebanktei 
Gibb, James, photographer, 51 Victoria street; h. 26 
Gibb, John, lapper, 10 Graham place 
Gibb, John, engineer, 19 Thomson street 
Gibb, Mary J. , teacher, St Martin's School, Derby street ; h. Campei 

down cottage, Broughty Ferry 
Gibb, William, postmaster, General Post Office ; h. 14 Airlie place 
Gibb, William, L.R.C.P., L.R. C.S.Ed., med. practitioner, 161 Princes s" 
Gibb, William, patternmaker, Kintore place, 61 Watson street 
Gibb, Wm., clerk, Carse of GowrieDairyCo.,Ltd.,Wardrd.; A. 11 Blythp 
Gibb, Mrs James, 10 Wellington street 
Gibb, Mrs William, 87i Blackscroft 
Gibson, Alex. , grain and meal merchant, 1 1 Mains rd, ; h. 37 Stirling s 
Gibson, Alexander, tailor, 1 Mountpleasant 

Gibson, Alfred, & Co., commission agents and merchants, 128 Seagate 
Gibson, Alfred, of Alfred Gibson & Co., 2 Dallfield terrace 
Gibson, Andrew, upholsterer, 25 Kinloch street 

Gibson, Daniel, painter, 1 Littlejohn street i 

Gibson, David, of O'Kane & Gibson, 78 Princes street 
Gibson, David, 5 Parker street 

GIBSON, HUGH, surgeon-dentist, Lothian Rooms, 20 Union st. See Ad- 
Gibson, James, engineer, 12 Balfour street 
Gibson, James, oil, glass, and earthenware dealer, 81 Milnbank roa( 

h. 19 Blyth street 
Gibson, James S., mason, 98 Princes street 

Gibson, James HepbiTrn, clerk, National Bank; h. 4 Westfield pi. , B.Fen 
Gibson, John H., flax, hemp, and jute merchant, 3 Royal Exchanf 

court ; h. The Grove, Broughty Ferry 
Gibson, John, warehouseman, 35 St Salvador street 
Gibson, John, irondresser, 20 William street, Forebank 
Gibson, John, woodturner, 1 1 Baxter street 
Gibson, John, D.P. & L. Shipping Co.; h. 1 Mid street 
Gibson, Joseph, & Co. , marine insurance blockers, 26 Commercial stree 
Gibson, Joseph, of Joseph Gibson & Co., average stater, 26 Commerci 

street ; h. EUieslea, West Ferry 









Tibson, Robert, wine and spirit mer., 122 Overgate ; A. 7 N. Lindsay st. 

jibson, Robert, evangelist, 3 Parker street 

jribson, Robertson, & Co., jute spinners and manufacturers, Craigie 

Works, Robertson street 
libson, Thomas, of Martin & Gibson, 46 Dudbope Crescent road 
xibson, William, of Gibson, Robertson, & Co., Invertay, West Ferry 
xibson, Wm., jun., of Gibson, Robertson, & Co., Somervillebank, B. Ferry 
xibson, William, goods receiver, 29 Hilltown 
zibson, William, jun., engineer, 7 North Lindsay street 
jribson, William, tenter, 15 St Mary street 
jribson, Mrs Thos., stationer, tobacconist, and fancy goods merchant, 

177 Scouringburn ; h. 177^ 
Gibson, Mrs, 332 Perth road 

Gibson, Miss A. K., confectioner, 168 Ann street; h. 36 
jribson. Miss J. R. , dressmaker, 58 Crescent lane 
jrilbert, Edward, manager and secretary, D. & A. Joint Railway, 65 

Commercial street ; h. Carphin, Broughty Ferry 
rilbert, Joseph, cabinetmaker, 149 Blackness road 
jrilchrist, Alexander, machine merchant, Benvie road, off Lochee road; 

h. Tay terrace. East Newport 
Gilchrist, Henry, commission agent, 10 Shore terrace ; 7t. 11 Nelson st. 
jrilchrist, James, fireman, 40 Hillbank road 
Grilchrist, Jane, dressmaker, 11 Balfour street 
ijrilchrist, Mackie, labourer, 1 Mitchell street 
: jrilchrist, Mrs Jemima, teacher, 13 St Peter street 
[jrilchrist, Mrs Margaret, 6 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
ijrildea, Robert, H.M. Customs ; h. Lower crescent, 93 Magdalen green 
3rilgour, Mary, teacher, S. Salvador's Girls School; h. 1 Forebank ter. 
jrilkison, Samuel, grocer, 17 Cotton road 
jrill, David, joiner, 2 Hillbank road 
jlill, William, insurance agent, 16 Annfield street 
jillan, Alexander, mason, 145 Princes street 
Ilillan, John L., spiritdealer, 151 Scouringburn; Ti, 149 
jillan, John, tailor, 107 Blackscroft 

jrillan & Norrie, tin and copper smiths, and gasfitters, 56 Cotton road 
3rillan, Peter, tinsmith, 16 Court street 
jlillanders, John, family victualler, wine and spirit merchant, 57 Overgate; 

wholesale ham and bacon department, 164 Overgate; h. 7 Craigie ter. 
Grillanders, Robert, grocer, 26 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Gillespie, Erskine, shoemaker, 185 Victoria road 
Gillespie, Hay, housepainter and decorator, 67 Seagate 
Gillespie, Hay, jun., clerk, 2 Kinnaird street 
Gillespie, James, mechanic, 38 Kincardine street 
Gillespie, James, currier, 13 Mid street 
Gillespie, James, seaman, 8 Raglan street 

Gillespie, John S., watchmaker and jeweller, 6 Overgate; h. 13 Mid st. 
Gillespie, William, overseer, 1 Balgay street 

Gillibrand, Rev. Joseph, St John'sEpis.Church; ^.Ashton villa, Lochee rd. 
Gillies, Alexander, bootmaker, 86 Scouringburn; h. 134 Blackness road 
Gillies, Charles, shipcarpenter, 25 Charles street 
Gillies, David, labourer, 61 Mains road 


Gillies, J. W. , of Jas. Spence & Co. , 4 Erskine terrace, Clepingtoii roac 

Gillies, MissM. A. , milliner, 24 Albert st. ; h. Magdalen pi. , Clepington r< 

Gillies, Robert, machinist, 57 Main street 

Gilligan, William, calenderworker, 60 Jamaica street 

Gillon, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 123 Murraygate 

Gilmour, Alexander, contractor and stevedore, 15 Exchange street 

Gilray, Thomas, M.A., F.R.S.E., professor of English literature an 

Modern history, University College; h. 8 Castle terrace, B. Ferry 
Gilroy, Alexander, mei-chant, 10 Victoria chambers; h. Craigie house 
Gilroy, A. Bruce, of Gilroy, Sons, & Co. , Castleroy, Broughty Ferry 
Gilroy, George, of Gilroy, Sons, & Co., Castleroy, Broughty Ferry 
Gilroy, George, jun., & Co., jute manufacturers and merchants. Sec 

Street Linen Works 
Gilroy, George, jun., of George Gilroy, jun., & Co., 21 Windsor street 
Gilroy, George A. , of Gilroy, Sons, & Co. , Castleroy, Broughty Ferry 
Gilroy, Sons, & Co. , merchants, spinners, manufacturers, and shipowneri 

Tay Works ; office, 1 Lochee road 
Gilruth, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 16 Commercial stree 

Maxwelltown ; h. 119^ Hilltown 
Gilruth, George, wine merchant, 1 Glamis street ; h. 88 Rosebank stret 
GiLruth, Mrs John, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Girdwood, George, engraver, lithographer, and mercantile stations] 

70 and 74 Commercial street 
Girrity, Peter, contractor, 1 Lowden's alley 
Glasgow, Alex., & Co., butchers, 8 Cowgate 

Glasgow, Alexander, of Alex. Glasgow & Co., 49 Gellately street 
Glasgow and West of Scotland Guardian Society for the Protection c 

Trade, 54 Commercial st. ; Alex. C. Rutherford, secy, and manage 
Glass, Alexander, 17 St Andrew's street 
Glass, Alexander, shipmaster, 43 Constitution road 
Glass, Andrew, coffeehouse keeper, 9^ Ann street 
Glass, Andrew H. clerk, Burns cottage. Mains loan 
Glass, Charles C, of Anderson & Glass, North street, St Andrews 
Glass, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 170 Scouringburn; h. 2 Urquhart street 
Glass, George, Burns cottage, Mains loan 
Glass, James, teacher of writing, arithmetic, and bookkeeping, Hig 

School; h. 2 Tay Street lane 
Glass, Jane, dressmaker, 9a Victoiia street 
Glass, Miss, dressmaker, 200 Blackness road 
Glen, George, cattledealer, 26 Catherine street 
Glenday, John P., tailor and clothier, 121 Victoria road; h. 123 
Glenholmes, Samuel, traveller, 18 Dura street 

Glennie, Donald Gordon, teller, Union Bank ; h. 1 Viewforth place 
Gloag, Alexander, storekeeper, 4 Dock street 
Gloag, Charles C, wine and spirit merchant, 149 Ann street; h. 1 Gibsoi 

terrace, Mains loan 
Gloag, William B., joiner, 34 Watson street 

Gloag, Mrs Andrew, wine and spirit mer. , 106 Dura st. ; h. 4 Mains loar 
Gloak, David, shipmaster, 7 Victoria street 

Godfrey, C. T., merchant, 73 Cowgate ; h. 4 Invermark ter., Barnhill 
Gold, David, cowfeeder, 277 Hawkhill 



tffold, William, bootmaker, 260 HaM'khill; h. 292 
liliold, Mrs, manglekeeper, Thorn place, 241 Blackness road 

jrolden, Hercules, cofieehouse keeper, 25 Princes street ; h. 23 

jrolden, Mrs, grocer, 101 Lochee road 

jiroldie, David, sailmaker, 38 Mid wynd 

jjrollan, George, painter, 10 Kincardine street 

lonella, Joseph, modeller, jfiguremaker, and importer of Italian scnlp- 
ture, 81 Nethergate; h. 120 Perth road 

rood, Henry, joiner, 12 North Erskine street 

roodall, James, mechanic, 3 Annfield street 

roodfellow, Miss, of Misses Whyte & Goodfellow, 26 Commercial street 
wiioodlad, John, watchmaker, 3 Allen street 

roodlet, Isabella, dressmaker, 34 Polepark road 

loodwin, James, tenter, 15 Blyth street 

rordon, Adam, joiner, 1 Melrose terrace 
enfroi'don, Boswell, blacksmith, 2 High street 

ijrordon Brothers & Co., corn and hay merchants, 9 and 11 Brown street 
eeflrordon, Charles, mechanic, 5 Hill street 

; rordon, David T. , 6 Buckingham terrace 
rcfifrordon, David, insurance agent, 50 Dalllield walk 

rOrdon, David, bootmaker, 58 Wellgate ; h. 4 Morrison's court 
It rordon, Donald, grain merchant, 22 Victoria street 

rordon, Elizabeth, dairy, 56 Blackness road; h. Clepington road 

lordon, Henry H., of J. & H. Gordon, Foxmount, Broughty Ferry 

|rordon, James, of Gordon Brothers & Co. , Sylvan house, Newport 

trordon, James, houseagent, 3 Barrack street; h. 30 Caldrum street 
i: lordon, Jas., millmanager, Polepark Works; h. Tollbank cot., Lochee rd. 
sjrordon, James, clerk. Smith, Hood, &Co. ; h. 53 Fort st., Bro'ty Ferry 

lordon, James, bookseller, 40 Hawkhill 
Irordon, Jane F., mantlemaker, 80 Nethergate 

rordon, John, grocer, 6 Dura street ; h. 8 

rordon, John, jun., merchant, Buchanan Works ; h. 7 Buckingham ter. 

rordon, John L. , of J. & H. Gordon, Ashludie, Monifieth 

lordon, John S., butcher, 64 Hawkhill; A. 53 

Rordon, J. & H., jute spinners and manufacturers. Anchor and Douglas 
Works, Anchor lane 

ordon, Peter, grocer, 35 Caldrum street ; h. 37 

j-ordon, Robert, plumber, 3J Blackscroft 

tordon, Robert, tailor, 27 Westport 

j-ordon, Thomas L., joiner, 2 Rosefield street 

Gordon, William, flax merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court 

lordon, William J., solicitor, 12 Meadowside; h. Foxmount, B. Ferry 

lordon, William, blacksmith, 26 St Roque's lane 

rordon, William L., engine and boiler inspector, 108 Commercial street; 
h. 2, Invermark terrace, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 

rordon, Mrs Mary, ladies' nurse, 59 Wellgate 

rorman, James, coal merchant, 12 Bellfield lane ; h. 148 Scouringburn 

J'Orrie, James, firewood manufacturer, 49 Forebank rd. ; h. 29 Balgay st. 

rorrie, John, confectioner, 28 Victoria street 

lorrie, Peter, L.D.S., F.P.S.G., dental surgeon, 148 Nethergate 

:rorrie, Richard, wine and spirit mer., 34 Castle st. ; h. 17 Crichton st. 




Gorrie, Mrs David, 46 Peddie street 

Goudie, Henry, foreman carpenter, 28 Ferry road 

Gough, Rev. Edward James, M.A,, S. Paul's Epis. Ch.; 7t. Westpark i 

Gouick, John, commercial traveller, 7 Albert sq. ; h. 13 Victoria stree 

Gouk, Wm., sheriff-officer, 3 Barrack street; h. 9 Ellen street 

Gouk, Mrs Jane, & Co., furnishings, 22 Arbroath road 

Gourlay Brothers & Co., engineers and shipbuilders, Dundee Foundi 

East Dock street, and Camperdown Ship Yard 
Gourlay, Gershom, of Gourlay Brothers & Co., 10 Drumsheugh Gardej ahi 

Gourlay, Henry Garrett, of Gourlay Brothers & Co., Rowanlea, B. Ferjalii 
Gourlay, Henry, of Gourlay Brothers & Co., Balgay house 
Gourlay, Jane, draper, 79 Ure street 
Gourlay, John, shipcarpenter, 32 Charles street 
Gourlay, Thomas, sheriff- officer for the counties of Fife, Forfar, a; 

Perth, 10 High street; h. Victoria terrace, Barnhill, Broughty Far 
Gove, Mrs, draper, 21 Wolseley street 
Gow, Alexander, mason, 65 Arbroath road 

Gow, Charles, calender overseer. Verdant Works ; h. 59 Milnbank ro 
Gow, George R. , of John R. Gow & Sons, 14 Union street 
Gow, James, painter, Livingstone place, Lochee road 
Gow, James, grocer and wine merchant, 28 Albert st. ; h. 8 Forfar ro; 
Gow, James, upholsterer, 16 Lawson place 

Gow, John R,, & Sons, gun, fishing rod, and tackle makers, 12 Union i 
Gow, John, irontumer, 135 Blackscroft 
Gow, John, vandriver, 92 Overgate 
Gow, John, ironturner, 45 Annfield road 
Gow, Robert, of John R. Gow & Sons, 14 Union street 
Gow, Robert, cabinetmaker, 34 North Church street 
Gow, William, general dealer, 5 John street 
Gow, William, grocer's assistant, 76 Strathmartine road 
Gow, Mrs Charles, dairykeeper, 17 Temple lane 
Gow, Mrs Marjory, manglekeeper, 8 Bernard street 
Gowans, Alexander, tenter, 14 Malcolm street 
Gowans & Buick, solicitors and notaries public, 32 Castle street 
Gowans, David, of Gowans & Buick, Alma cottage, Monifieth 
Gowans, George, mechanic, 18 Paterson street 
Gowans, William, harbour porter, 4 St Matthew street 
Gowrie, John, plasterer, 8 Overgate 
Gracie, Thomas, baker, 40 Gellatly street 
Gracie, William P., Beaconsfield place, 120 Victoria road 
Gracie, William, grocer, 42 Catherine street 
Grafton, Bernard, fishdealer, 8 Hawkhill 
Graham, Alexander, mason, 227 Lochee road 

Graham, Charles, joiner, 41 and 43 St Peter street ; h. 224 Blackness r 
Graham, Charles, foreman lapper, 90 Dura street 
Graham, Francis, of Hunter & Graham, 10 Dallfield terrace 
Graham, George T., manufacturer, &c., 81 Murraygate; ^.Shamrock s 
Graham, George, joiner, 8 Tannadice street 
Graham, James, bookseller, 163 Overgate ; h. Prospect ter. , E. Newpo 
Graham, James, engineer, 15 Baffin street 







raliam, James, factory overseer, 10 Kinloch street 

raham, James, engineer, 5 Pitfour street 

raham, John, restaurateur, Dundee Arms, 31 Highst. ; h. 36 Nethergate 

raham, John, bookseller, Bookstall, East Station ; h. 14 Barrack st. 

raham, Peter, grocer, 217 Lochee road; h. 227 

raham, Peter M., grocer & wine mer. , 208Hawkhill; A. 3 Mountploasant 

•raham, Robert, bookseller, Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 

•raham, William S., of M'Pherson & Graham, 6 Kinnaird street 

•raham, William, clerk, 10 Peddie street 

raham, William, coachman, 3 Mountpleasant, Hawkhill 

raham, William, warehouseman, 49 Todbura lane 

raham, Mrs Edward, 29 Balgay street 
fraham. Miss Jean, 53 Princes street 

rahame, John, provision dealer, 30 Dudhope street ; h. 32 
Irandy, Miss E. , dressmaker, 49 Small's wynd 
Irange, Robert, clerk, 19 Elsinore place, 3 Hill town 
rranger, Rev. A., S. Salvador's Episcopal Church; h. 4 Logiebank, 

Lochee road 
rrant, Alex. S. , grocer and spirit merchant, 26 Princes st. ; h. 13 Albert st. 
rrant, Andrew, butcher, 233 Hawkhill ; h. 14 Ford's lane 
rrant, A. S., milliner, 195 Perth road; h. 4 Gowrie place 
"jfrrant, B. E., millinery and babylinen warehouse, 87 Murraygate 
^rant, Rev. Chas. M., M.A., B.D., St Mark's Established Church; 

h. 9 Airlie place 
l^rant, Charles, tenter, 26 Kidd street 

jlrant, David, fruit and potato merchant, 7 and 8 Dock st. ; h. 67 Seagate 
>rant, Duncan, moulder, 18 Ann street 

xrant, George F., Inland revenue officer-, 37 Dallfield terrace 
xrant, Hugh, joiner, 16 William street, King street ; h. 82 Victoria rd. 
xrant, Hugh, agent for Wordie & Co. , S. Union st. ; h. Louise ter. , W. Ferry 
Trant, James, joiner, 17 Catherine street 

rant, James H. S. , clerk, Star Foundry ; h. 20 North Ellen street 
prrant, James, confectioner, 55 Lochee road 
jrrant, James, foreman machinist, 30 Caldrum street 

rant, James, boot and shoe maker, 78 King street; h. 32 William street 

rant, James, dairyman and greengrocer, 256 Perth road 

rant, John, gardener, 96 Dudhope street 

rant, John, grainmiller, Craigmills, Strathmartine 
srrant, John, currier, 31 Park wynd 

■rant. Rev. Peter, D.D., St John's Estab. Church ; h. 140 Perth road 
Trant, Peter Guillan, of Grieve & Grant, 140 Perth road 
Fjrrant, Peter, coal merchant, 28 Ferry road 
jrant, Peter, basketmaker, 7 Fleuchar street 
jrrant, Peter, railway guard, 46 Seafield road 

jrant, Thomas, market gardener, 1 1 Albert street ; A. Old Craigie 
Glrant, Thomas, teacher. High School; h. 7 Tay terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Grrant, William, butcher and cattledealer, 56 Westport ; h. Ill Hawkhill 
&rant, Wm. G. L. , accountant, 26 Castle st. ; h. Woodside, E. Newport 
Grant, William M'G., clerk, 31 Isles' lane 
Grant, William, bootmaker, 28 Cotton road 
■Grant, William, gardener, Fernhall ; h. Femhall cottage, Ferry road 


Grant, Mrs Barbara, fruiterer and confectioner, 30 Dudhope Crescent rd. 

Grant, Mrs Charles, general dealer, 8 Greenmarket, and dairykeeper, 

75 Peddie street ; h. 13 West Dock street 
Grant, Mrs Elizabeth, 4 Gowrie place 
Grant, Mrs George, provision dealer, 27 Small's wynd 
Grant, Mrs H. , manglekeeper, 30 Jamaica street 

Grant, Mrs J., grocer and spiritdealei-, 184 Hawkhill ; h. 26 Peddie st. 
Grant, Mrs Mary, 1 Gowrie place 
Grassick, James, fireman, 3 Scott street 
Grate, Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 26 Ferry road 
Gravill, Mrs, Salisbury place, 93 Arbroath road 
Gray, Alex. E., clerk to Dundee Harbour Trustees, Harbour Chambers ; 

h. Janefield cottage, Carnoustie 
Gray, Alexander, milloverseer, 35 Brown street 
Gray, Alexander, mechanic, 7 Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Gray, Andrew, raat merchant, 53 Caldrum street ; h. 49 
Gray, Andrew, joiner, 50 North Ellen street 

Gray, Andrew P., planemaker, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Gray, Bernard, broker, 5 Glamis street 
Gray, Catherine, 42 Seafield road 
Gray, Charles, coal, lime, cement, and fireclay goods merchant, 40 

Candle lane ; h. 3 Rustic place 
Gray, David, 5 Melrose terrace 

Gray, David J. Thomson, merchant, 37 Albert square ; h. 3 King's road 
Gray, David, wine merchant, 22 and 24 Polepark road ; h. Bellevue 

cottage. West Newport 
Gray, David, provision warehouseman, 18 King's I'oad 
Gray, David, plumber, 39 High street 
GRAY & DICKSON, furnishing ironmongers, 98, 100, and 102 Commercial 

street. See Adv. 
Gray, E. , wine and spirit mer. , 37 Constitution rd. ; h. 20 St Clement's lane 
Gray, E. F., pastrybaker, 30 Strathmartine road ; /«. 36 
Gray, George, joiner, 5 Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Gray, Henry, wine and spirit mercht. , 5 and 7 Hilltown ; h. 15 Springhill 
Gray, James M., of Gray & Martin, Taymouth villa, Carnoustie 
Graj'-, James, of J. & J. Gray, 20 Perth road 
Gray, James, watchmaker, 43 Overgate 
Gray, James, foreman cooper, 8 North Ellen street 
Gray, James A., clerk, Morton square, 31 Wellgate 
Gray, James, & Son, joiners and builders, 61 Hilltown 
Gray, James, shuttlemaker, 76 Hill street 
Gray, James, of James Gray & Son, 82 Dudhope street 
Gray, Jane, grocer, 63 Peddie street 
Gray, Jessie, eatinghouse keeper, 46 Ferry road 
Gray, John, of J. & J. Gray, valuator, 20 Perth road 
Gray, John, butcher, 183 Princes street ; h. 16 Baffin street 
Gray, John, of James N. Davidson & Gray, 38 Seafield road 
Gray, John, cashier. Exchange buildings ; h. Brown street, Bro. Ferry 
Gray, John, currier, 13 Cochrane street 
Gray, John, calendei-er, 194 Hilltown 
Gray, J. Scott, of Gray & Dickson, 9 Viewforth street 


GRAY, J. & J., cabinetmakers and joiners, painters and paperhangers, 

Venetian blind makers, funeral undertakers, and valuators, 18, 20, 

and 22 Perth road. See Adv. 
Gray & Martin, solicitors, 30 Reform street 
Gray, Peter, fruiterer, 34 Strathmartine road ; h. 36 
Gray, Robert W., & Co., coal merchants, 49 Nelson street 
Gray, Robert W. , of R. W. Gray & Co. , 8 Alexander street 
Gray, Robert C, clerk, 15 Springhill 
Gray, Robert, 10 Roslin terrace 
Gray, Robert, mason, 76 Albert street 
Gray, Robert, tenter, 8 Kinloch street 
Gray, Stewart, calenderer, 62 North Church street 
Gray, Thomas Scott, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 164 Nethergate 
Gray, Thomas, joiner, 25 Stanley place, Step row 
Gray, William, mason, 36 Hospital wynd 
Gray, Mrs Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 24a Small's wynd 
Gray, Mrs F., grocer and sjDirit merchant, 192 Hilltown ; h. 194 
Gray, Mrs George, lodgings, 8 Wallace street 
Gray, Mrs Peter, 1 Ritchie's lane 

Gray, Mrs P. , flesher, 5 Mains road ; h. 11 Well road, Butterburn 
Gray, Mrs Robert, butcher, 100 Princes street ; k. 98 
Gray, Mrs, pawnbroker, 2 Well road, Hawkhill ; h. 1 Mountpleasaut 
Gray, Mrs, fruiterer, 38 North Ellen street 
Gray, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 155 Princes street 
Greason, George H., storekeei^er, Prison ; h. 9 Airlie terrace 
Green, John, Catholic bookseller, 71 Scouringburn and 41 Ann street ; 

h. 69 Scouringburn 
Greenfield, John S., cashier, Tay Foundry ; h. Livonia cot., Mains loan 
Greenwood, Walter, colour foreman, 25 Hill street 
Gregor, James, naturalist, 20 Barrack street ; h. 77 Overgate 
Gregory, George, of John Gregory & Son, 13 Park place 
Gregory, John, & Son, joiners, 38 South Tay street 
Gregory, John, of John Gregory & Son, 13 Park place 
Greig, David, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 25 South Tay street 
Greig, David, blacksmith, 65 Arbroath road 
Greig, David, mechanic, 88 Strathmartine road 
Greig, James, seaman, 73 Arbroath road 
Greig, James, draper's assistant, 9 South Ellen sti'eet 
Greig, James, fireman, 44 Seafield road 
Greig, James, engineer, 25 St Matthew street 

Greig, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 2 Hawkhill ; h. 28 Tait's lane 
Greig, John, mechanic, 17 Constitution street 
Greig, John, brassfounder, 24 Dallfield walk 
Greig, John, shipmaster, 9 Roslin terrace 
Greig, John, seaman, 65 Blackscroft 
Greig, Joseph, tailor, 1 North George street 
Greig, Lyell, mechanic, 24 North street 
Greig, Robert L., agent for Arthur & Co., 10 Bank street ; h. Comerton 

house, Leuchars, Fife 
Greig, Robert M 'Gavin, sharebroker, 9 Bain square ; h. 1 Dalhousie ter. 
Greig, Thomas C. , clerk, 115 Murray gate 


Greig, William, sailmaker, 159 Ann street 

Greig, William, traveller, 26 Paterson street 

Greig, William, eatinghouse-keeper, 70 Ferry road; h. 3 St Matthew st. 

Greig, Mrs David, 3 Rustic place 

Greig, Mrs Mary, grocer, 38 Larch street 

Greig, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Dock street 

Greig, Mrs, lodgings, 10 North Tay street 

Greive, Andrew, dairyman, 50 Watson street; h. 17 Glebe street 

Greive, John, wholesale stationer and artists' colourman, 19 and 21 
Nethergate ; A. 30 North Lindsay street 

GRESHAM, The, Life Assurance Society, 63 St Vincent street, Glasgow. 
See Adv. 

Grewar, Mrs, midwife, 46 Kincardine street 

Grey, John, superintendent engineer, Thomson Line of Steamships, 20 
Meadowside; h. 3 Thornley terrace, Maryfield 

Grieve, Alex. , water inspector, Clepington reservoir 

Grieve, Alexander, spirit merchant, 208 Overgate ; h. 214 

Grieve, David, of Grieve & Grant, 2 Home terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Grieve, David N., clerk, 151 Victoria road 

Grieve, Elizabeth L., draper and furnishing mer. , 82 Blackscroft ; h. 143 

Grieve, Euphemia, milliner, 78a King street ; h. 151 Victoria I'oad 

Grieve & Grant, accountants, 7 Ward road 

Grieve, James B,, overseer, 43 Constitution road 

Grieve, James, mechanic, 11 Stirling street 

Grieve, James, brassfinisher, 2 Hillbank road 

Grieve, James, blacksmith, 62 Kemback street 

Grieve, John, clerk, 62 Ferry road 

Grieve, Peter, seaman, 62 Princes street 

Grieve, Robert, paper-ruler, 14 Overgate ; h. 151 Victoria road 

Grieve, Robert, tailor, 151 Victoria road 

Grieve, William, grocer, 4 Rosefield street 

Grieve, Mrs Elizabeth, 12 Dundonald street 

Grieve, Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 40 Blackscroft 

Grieve, Misses, Greenlaw place, Clepington road 

Grimond, Alexander, joiner, 4 Isla street 

Grimond, Alexander D., of J, & A. D. Grimond, Dunmore, Perth road 

Grimond, Joseph, of J. & A. D. Grimond, Carbet castle, Broughty Ferry 

Grim(?nd, J. & A. D., merchants, spinners, and manufacturers. Bow- 
bridge Works, Maxwelltown Works, and Logic Works ; office, 
1 King street 

Groat, William, saddler, 36 Annfield row 

Gron, M. E., & Son, merchants, 14 Victoria chambers 

Groundwater, George M. , telegraphist. Post Office ; h. 8 Forfar road 

Groundwater, William G. , cutter, 9 Reform street ; h. 43 Nethergate 

Groundwater, William F. , warehouseman, 30 King's road 

Grove Mill, Lower pleasance ; A. P. Mathewson & Co., manufacturers; 
office, 140 Lochee road 

Grubb, David, confectioner, 9 Tay Street lane 

Grubb, Henry, foreman carter to Mutter, Howey, & Co. ; h. E. Dock st. 

Grubb, James, tenter, 59 Caldrum street 

Grubb, John, assurance agent, 6 Blackness street 



Grabb, Robert, flaxdresser, 11 Constable street 
Grubb, William M. , art teacher, High School ; h. 5 Osborne place 
Grubb, William, factory manager, Pleasance Works ; h. 4 Benvie road 
Gx'ubb, William, weigher, 11 Robertson street 
Grubb, Miss Janet, 9 Annfield road 
Grumbrecht & Petri, merchants, 1 Bain square 
GUARDIAN Fire and Life Assurance Company. See Adv. 
Guild, Alexander, teacher of dancing, and violinist, 27 Victoria road 
Guild, David, postman, 18 South Ellen street 
Guild, George, fruiterer and grocer, 26 HilltoMoi ; h. 20 
Guild, George, merchant, 10 Bain square ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Guild, James N., plumber, 52 Westport 

Guild, James, cashier. Goods dept. , East Station ; h. 28 Raglan street 
Guild, James F., consulting engineer, 18 Dock street ; h. Magdalen 

place, Clepington road 
Guild, John, of J. & R. Guild, Bayfield, Broughty Ferry 
Guild, John S., marine engineer, 28 Raglan street 
Guild, John, foreman mechanic, 18 Arbroath road 
Guild, J. & R., merchants, 13 Albert square 
Guild, Robert, of J, & R. Guild, Boatland, Perth 

Guild, Robert Harrower, of Andrew Ogilvie & Co., Bayfield, Bro. Ferry 
Guild, William, jun., grocer, 7 Castle lane 
Guild, Mrs George, 16 Elizabeth street 
Gunn, Donald, private watchman, 20 Lawson place 
Gunn, George, compositor. Evening Telegraph office ; li. 29 Step row 
Gunning, Michael, coaldealer, 43 Scouringbum ; h. 174 Overgate 
Guthel, Andrew, of D. & A. Guthel, 69 North Wellington street 
Guthel, David, of D. & A. Guthel, 9 Muirton road, Lochee 
Guthel, D. & A., joiners, 16 Mid street 
Guthel, Francis, stationer, 22 Hilltown 
Guthrie, Alfred, modeller and plasterer, marble and tile merchant, 

5 Queen's Hotel buildings ; h. 3 Park terrace 
Guthrie, Charles, tenter, 34 Small's wynd 
Guthrie, David, sailmaker, 2 East Henderson's wynd 
Guthrie, Edward G. , tobacconist, 9 Union street ; h. 157 Perth road 
Guthrie, George W., agent, 27 Victoria road 
Guthrie & Henderson, merchants, 10 Panmure street 
Guthrie, Isabella, 139 Blackscroft 

Guthrie, James, of Guthrie & Henderson, Hopepark, West Ferry 
Guthrie, James, jun., merchant, 10 Panmure st.; h. Hopepark, W. Ferry 
Guthrie, John, lapper, 95 Hospital wynd 
Guthrie, John, calenderer, 23 Hill street 
Guthrie, J. & A., jute spinners and merchants, Seabraes Mill ; office^ 10 

Panmure street 
Guthrie, Mary, dressmaker, 258 Hilltown 
Guthrie, Robert, labourer, 30 North Ellen street 
Guthrie, Rev, R. Lingard, Taybank house, 108 Ferry road ; and 

Carnoustie house, Carnoustie 
Guthrie, Mrs Jessie, lodgings, 22 Airlie place 
Guthrie, Miss, of Guthrie, Rosair, 55 Magdalen green 


Hackney, Mrs Jane, grocer, 47 Hospital wynd 

Hadden, James K., cashier, Blackness Foundry ; h. 6 Rosefield street 

Haddo, Thomas, colliery agent, 10 Forfar road 

Haddon, John, shipmaster, I Baxter street 

Haddon, Mrs Margaret, 6 Blyth place 

Haden, Arthur C, professor of music, 3 Tay square 

Haden, Mrs A. C, professor of singing, 3 Tay square 

Hagan, Francis, grocer and spiritdealer, 245 Overgate; h. 15 Isles' lane 

Hagan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 74 and 76 Hilltown ; 7t. 72 

Hagan, Mrs Mary, grocer, 51 Hilltown 

Hagart, Jas. F., clerk, Police Treasurer's office ; h. 15 Union pi., Perth rd. 

Haggart, George, solicitor, 11 Ward road; h. 4 Windsor terrace 

Haggart, George, clerk. Parochial Board office ; h. Q Bei-nard street 

Haggart, John, postman, 5 Graham place 

Haggart, William, currier, 9 Bell street 

Haggart, Mrs George, Ardlebank villa, 4 Panmure terrace 

Hain, Mrs George, Rustic place, 63 Constitution road 

Haines, John T., music director, Theatre Royal ; h. 51 Yeaman shore 

Hales, James, sackmaker, 46 Kincardine street 

Hales, James A., foreman patternmaker, 10 South George street 

Halket & Adam, manufacturers, sail, rope, and twine makers ; worJcs, 

128 Blackness road ; office, 19 Dock street 
Halket, Charles, tailor, 35 Princes street 
Halket, Mrs Susanna, 17 Paton's lane 
Hall, Alexander, joiner, 29 Dallfield terrace 
Hall, Alexander, waiter, 69 Caldrum street 

Hall, Charles, grocer and spiritdealer, 87 Blackscroft ; /^ 10 Middle st. 
Hall, John, mechanic, 122 Hawkhill 

Hall, William, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Baltic street ; h. 2 
Hall, William B. , printer, 22 Carmichael street 
HALLEY BROTHERS, hacklemakers, South Ward road. See Adv. 
Halley, David, of Halley Brothers, Woodmuir villas, West Newport 
Halley, David, of Halley & Watson, Vinebank, West Ferry 
Halley, Francis, of Halley Brothers, Woodmuir villas. West Newport 
Halley, George, of William Halley & Sons, Broomhall, West Ferry 
Halley & Watson, stockbrokers, 3 Royal Exchange place 
Halley, William, & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, W^allace Craigie 

Works ; office, b Royal Exchange buildings 
Halley, William W. , of Melville & Halley, 4 Blackness terrace 
Halley, Wm. , commis. agent, 20 Exchange st. ; h. 10 Rugby ter., B. Ferry 
Halley, William, painter, 143 Lochee road 

Halliburton, Elizabeth, confectioner and fruiterer, 12 Polepark road 
Halliburton, William, mechanic, 8 Kinloch street 

Hallyburton, Robert, officer, Willison Free Church ; h. 8 Parker street 
Hamilton, James, boot manufacturer, 98 Nethergate ; factory, 147 

Victoria road ; h. 36 Tait's lane 
Hamilton, Joseph, flaxdresser, 14 Lawrence street 

Hamilton, Rev. William,M. A. , Trinity E. U. Ch. ; h. Derby cot. , Forfar rd. 
Hamilton, Mrs, 7 South Ellen street 

Hampton, David M., teacher, West-End Academy; /(. 3 Airlie terrace 
Hampton, John, joiner, 34 Hillbank road 


Hampton, Mrs, greengi'ocer, 306 Hawkhill 
Hancock, William, joiner, Lorimer street 
Hanna, William, coal merchant, "38 Lochee road ; h. 61 
Hannaford, Samuel, jeweller, Ellen place, 27 Lyon street 
Banning Dairy Co., llOHilltown, 16H Hawkhill, 11 5 Ann st., 29 Scouring- 

burn, 32 Polepark i-d., 51 King st., U N. Church st., 148 Princes st., 

28 Watson st., 2 Dudhope Crescent rd., 16 Barrack st., 1 S. Union 

st. ,and Bank st. , Lochee; office, 163 Hawkhill; J. R. M 'Master, manager 
Hansen, H. M., joiner and cabinetmaker, 125a Blackness road ; h. 10 

Cherryfield lane 
Hansford, Geo. H., seaman, H. M.S. "Unicorn"; h. 30 Union pi. , Perth rd. 
Hansford Land and Cattle Company, Limited; G. A. M'Laren, secretary, 

3 India buildings 
Hanton, G. H. , reedmaker, 28 North George street 
Hanton, James, contractor, 52 Watson street 
Hanton, Miss Matilda, haberdasher, 120 Princes street 
Hardacre, George, coaldealer, 5 Robertson street 
Hardacre, Thomas, coal merchant, 52 Blackscroft ; h. 46 
Hardie, Alex. , bootmaker, 16 Westport ; h. 2 Abbotsford pL, Peddie st. 
Hardie, James, of James Hardie & Son, 4 Laurelbank 
Hardie, James, & Son, pharmaceutical chemists, 68 High street 
Hardie, James M., of James Hardie & Son, 4 Laurelbank 
Hardie, James, shoemaker, 58 Nethergate 
Hardie, John, Hawkhill place, 19 Perth road 
Hardie, John M,, of Hardie & Smith, 16 Annfield road 
Hardie, John, house proprietor, 2 Paton's lane 

Hardie, Eobert A., & Co., linen and jute merchants, 28 Annfield road 
Hardie, Robert A., of Robert A. Hardie & Co., 5 Gowrie place 
Hardie&Smith,linenandjutemanufs., Baltic Linen Works, 28 Annfieldrd. 
Hardie, William, mechanic, 18 Pole street 
Hardie, Mrs, 11 Fleuchar street 

Hardiman, Martin, confectioner, 104 Annfield road; h. 106 
Hardiman, William, cabinetmaker, 98 Annfield road; h. 106 
Hare, Reginald, manager. Theatre Royal ; h. 49 Castle street 
Hare, William F., brush manufacturer, Itil Hilltown ; h. 159 
Harkis, Charles, dockgateman, 80 Nethergate 
Harley, Andrew, broker, 58 Lily bank road; ^. 51 
Harley, James, joiner, 97 Peddie street 
Harley, Louis, of William Harley & Sons, 3 Gowrie place 
Harley, William, & Sons, fruiterers, florists and seedsmen, 29 Reform 

street; vineyard and nursery — Vinehill, Kinnoul, Perth 
Harley, Mrs D. , grocer, 259 Hawkhill ; h. 255 
Harley, Mrs S., midwife and ladies' nurse, 198 Overgate 
Harley, Mrs, 96 Caldrum street 
Harper, David, gardener, 3 Bruce street 
Harper, George, ,17 Union place, Perth road 
Harper, Peter, warper, 35 Annfield road 
Harper, William, mechanic, 19 Ogilvie street 
Harris, Arthur, & Curr, auctioneers and valuators. Imperial Auction 

Saloon, 7 Murraygate 
Harris, Arthur, of Arthur Harris & Curr, Elmbank house. East Newport 




Harris, George A., architect, 4 Reform street; h. 5 Blyth place I 

Harris, George, woodturner, 21 North Tay street ; h. 13 Dudhopestr(l 
Harris, James, tailor, 2 Baltic street ;j 

Harris, James, hay, straw, and grass seed merchant, 1 Yeaman shoii 

h. 25 Hawkhill 
Harris, James, 2 Blackness crescent 

Harris, William, stationer, 27^ Tait's lane t 

Harris, Mrs James, 72 Peddie street 
Harris, Mrs, 50 Kincardine street 
Harris, Miss, Fernbank, 14 Dudhope terrace 
Harrison, Henry, coaldealer, 83 Rosebank street; h. 17 Ogilvie's road 
Hart, David, waiter, 13 Annfield row 

Hart, Hamilton, bootmaker, 188 Seagate; h. 9 Blackscroft 
Harte, M. J., surveyor, H.M. Customs, 4 Airlie terrace 
Harvey, A. M., stampcutter, 26 Bell street 
Harvey, Charles, shipwright, 26 Balfour street 
Harvey, David, enginefitter, Ellen place, 17 Lyon street 
Harvey, Silvester B. , stampcutter, 22 St Andrew's street ; h. 29 Peter, 
Hassberger & Dreschfeld, merchants, 10 Victoria chambers , 

Hassberger, Ernest, mercht. , 10 Victoria chambers; h. Adabank, Newji 
Haste, James C. , commission agent, 26 Commercial st. ; h. 36 Hillte 
Hastie, Thomas, labourer, 21 Nelson street t 

Hastie, William, clerk, 46 vSeafield road . 

Hawaii, Consul for — John George Zoller, 87 Commercial street 
Hawthorn, Edward, cooper, 23 Jamaica street ; h. 48 
Haxton, John, manager. Lower Pleasance Mill ; h. 3 Parker street 
Haxton, William, clerk, 44 High street ; h. Braehead, Invergowrie 
Haxton, William, carting contractor, Reid street; h. 6 Derby street 
Hay, Andrew, shirtmaker and outfitter, 103 Victoria road; h. Anci 

road, Lochee 
Hay, Christina, greengrocer, 167 Perth road 

Hay, David, boatbuilder. East end Esplanade ; h. 120 Nethergate 
Hay, David, stationer, 12 Cherryfield lane 

Hay, David, machine and metal merchant, 14 Dock st. ; h. 8 Park t( 
Hay, George, painter, 11 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Hay, George, draper, 83 King street 
Hay, James R., grocer and spirit merchant, 1 Bafiin street and 

Arbroath road; h. Parkview terrace, 14 Forfar road 
Hay, James, manager, 22 and 24 Baltic street; h. 8 Baton's lane 
Hay, James, warehouseman, 49 Gellatly street 
Hay, James, joiner, 4 Wolseley street 

Hay, John B., of J. & C. Hay, 14 Springfield ^ 

Hay, J. & C. , builders and contractors, 14 Long wynd 
Hay, Thomas, tenter, 6 Rosefield street 
Hay, Thomas, joiner. Nine wells, Invergowrie 
Hay, Thomas, cooper, 84 Blackscroft 
Hay, Thomas, traveller, 46 Step row 
Hay, William, solicitor, notary public, and town-clerk, Townho] 

h. Montpelier 
Hay, William, restaurateur and confectioner, 93 & 95 Murrayg 

h. 63 Gellatly street 



ay, Wm., grocer and spirit mer., 91 Victoria road ; h. 93 Arbroatli rd. 

' j.ay, Mrs John, lodgings, 14 Garland place 

'■''I'ay, Mrs Mary Jane, babylinen warehouse, 137 Victoria road; h. 151 
[azell, Wm. , grocer and wine mer. , 84 High st. ; h. Reres ter. , B. Ferry 

"Mead, Henry, & Co., shipping and forwarding agents, and insurance 
brokers, 62 Commercial st. ; David D. Bain, agent; also at 85 
Gracechurch street, London ; Liverpool ; and Manchester 
.'eadrick, Mrs Mary, 4 Wellington street 
.'ealy, Peter, shoemaker, 99 Ann street 
!ean, Peter, jun., wine merchant and Italian warehouseman, 47 Reform 

street ; h. Rosemount, Constitution road 
[ean, William, glazier, 26 Kidd street 
"ean, Mrs William, Tay cottage, 35 Step row 

i[eathfield Works, 73 Hawkhill ; James Paterson & Co., manufacturers 
'ebenton, David, overseer, Dudhope Works ; h. 7 Mid street 
ledger, Isaac, mason, 5 Pitfour street 
![eery, John, grocer, 76 Scouringburn ; h. 4 Hunter street 
[eggie, Alexander S., pawnbroker, 117 Blackscroft; h. 8 Ferry road 

''- '[eggie, David, joiner, 13 South Ellen street 
[eggie, George, joiner, 50 North Ellen street 

'\f[eggie, James, joiner, 18 South Ellen street 
f[ eggie, John, grocer and wine merchant, 120 Ann street ; h. Briar 

cottage, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
■eggie, John, draper and clothier, 1 Strathmartine road ; A. 3 
[eggie, Robert, mechanic, 50 Hill street 

[eggie, William, tailor and clothier, 44 Blackscroft; h. 39 Watson street 
[eilnor Brothers, exporters of Dundee goods, 23 Panmure street 
[elliwell, William, powerloom overseer, 5 Speed's terrace 
[enderson, Alexander, jute spinner and manufacturer, South Dudhope 

Works ; h. Westpark, Perth road 
[enderson, Alexander, of Henderson & Co. , 2 Clarendon terrace 
[enderson, Alexander, locksmith, 36 Nethergate 
[enderson, Andrew, milloverseer, 18 Kincardine street 
[enderson Brothers, shipping agents (Anchor Line), 1 Panmure street 
[enderson, Charles, gardener, 9 North Wellington street 
[enderson, Christina, dairykeeper, 3 Temple lane ; h. 27 Westport 
[enderson & Co. , silk mercers, 65 and 66 High street 
[enderson, David, family grocer and wine merchant, and sub-post- 
master, 242 and 244 Perth road ; h. Lawgrove, Perthshire 
[enderson, David, milloverseer, 15 Mortimer street 
[enderson, David C, clerk, 249 Hawkhill 
[enderson, David, joiner, 27 Westport 
[enderson, David, plumber, 32 Dallfield terrace 
[enderson, David C, calenderer, 14 Kinloch street 
[enderson, Frank, M.P., of H. Henderson & Sons, 4 Clarendon terrace; 

London address. House of Commons, and Reform Club 
[enderson, George David Clayhills, commander, R.N.,Invergowriehouse 
[enderson, George, tailor and clothier, Whitton's lane, 32^ King street 
[enderson, George, overseer, 93 Albert street 
[enderson, George, foreman fitter, 28 Ferry road 
I enderson, George, patternmaker, 12^ Mortimer place 


Henderson, Helen, china merchant, 56J Dura street ; h. 48 
Henderson, H., & Sons, tanners and curriers, leather, tallow, oil, hide, 
and bark merchants, boot and shoe, and millbelt manufacturers, 
Ladybank Leather Works, 6 Victoria road, and Dudhope and Pleas- 
ance Tanyards 
Henderson, James, of H. Henderson & Sons, The Gows, Invergowrie 
Henderson, Jas., broker, ISlScouringburn; h. 1 Williamst., Scouringburn 
Henderson, James, late draper, 82 Victoria road 
Henderson, James, accountant and shipowner, 20Meadowside ; h. Downie- 

mount, Tayport 
Henderson, James, mechanic, 13 Derby street 

Henderson, James, dairyman, 97 Victoria road ; h. Strips of Craigie 
Henderson, James, confectioner, 7 William street, Forebank 
Henderson, James, taxidermist, . naturalist, &c. , 32 Barrack sti'eet ; 

h. Taybank cottage, Barnhill 
Henderson, James, clerk, 80 Marine place, Hawkhill 
Henderson, James, draper, 96 and 98 King street ; h. 2 Athole terrace 
Henderson, Jas. , house agent, 26 Commercial st. ; h. Reid cot. , Carnoustie 
Henderson, James, jeweller, 91 Seagate 

Henderson, John, & Sons, jute spinners and manufs., Lindsay St. Woifks 
Henderson, John, late banker, Crescent house, 348 Perth road 
Henderson, John, clerk, 12 Panmure street ; /^ 19 Peddie street 
Henderson, John, jun. , of Guthrie & Henderson, Crescent house, Perth rtl. 
Henderson, John Jas. , of Hutcheson & Henderson, Downiemount, Taypbrt 
Henderson, John, carpet designer, 29 North Wellington street 
Henderson, John, timekeeper, A. Stephen & Sons ; h. Broughty Ferry 
Henderson, John, joiner, 3 Paradise road 1 

Henderson, John G., Park place | 

Henderson, John, carter, 7 Ireland's lane 
Henderson, John, engineer, 52 Constable street 
Henderson, J. H. F., & Co., manufacturers, Don's Road Factory; offic, 

23 Panmure street 
Henderson, Kenneth W., agent. Commercial Bank of Scotland ; h. Belle- 
field, 45 Magdalen Yard road 
Henderson, Margaret, grocer, 28 Gellatly street | 

Henderson, Mary, wine and spirit mer., 1 Rosefi eld st.; h. 193 Blackness r(.. 
Henderson, P., & Sons, gun and fishing-tackle makers and taxidermists, 

21 Barrack street 
Henderson, Patrick, of P. Henderson & Sons, Seaview cottage, Barnhill 
Henderson, Peter Maxton, porter, 2 Gardner's lane 
Henderson, Richard, coal merchant, 62 Constable st. ; h. 1 Crescent lane 
Henderson, Richard, of John Henderson & Sons, 1 70 Nethergate 
Henderson, Samuel, engineer, 96 Hilltown 
Henderson, Samuel, assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance C'o. , 

Ltd., 212 Blackness road 
Henderson, Thomas P. , brassfounder, 1 Harriet street 
Henderson, William, of John Henderson & Sons, Park place 
Henderson, Wm. P. , commission agent, Campbeltown pi. , 273 Hawkhill 
Henderson, William, confectioner, 116 Princes street; li. 1 Church st. 
Henderson, William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 120 Scouring- 
burn ; h. 7 South Tay street 


Henderson, William, warehouseman, 35 Stirling street 
Henderson, William, foreman bellhanger, 124 Seagate 
Henderson, Mrs Thomas, 10 Dallfield terrace 
Henderson, Mrs William, 6 Arthur street 
Henderson, Mrs, 31 Charles street 
Henderson, Mrs, 123 Victoria road 

Hendry, Andrew, of Hendry & Pollock, Braeknowe, Blackness road 
Hendry, Charles, dyer, 23 North Church street 

Hendry, David B., linen manufacturer, 3 Coupar's alley; h. 18 Union pi, 
Hendry, David, marine engineer, 4 Albert street 
Hendry, George B. , grocer's assistant, 200 Blackness road 
Hendry, John, saddler, 114 Seagate ; h. 112 
Hendry, John, marine engineer, 48 Crescent lane 
Hendry & Pollock, solicitors and notaries public, 32 Bank street 
Hendry, William B. , porter, 36 Lilybank road 
Hendry, Mrs Charles, Morton's square, 31 Wellgate 
Hendry, Mrs, herbalist, 19 Hawkhill 
Hendry, Mrs, confectioner, 14 Watson street ; h. 16 
Hennesay, P. , blacksmith, Albert court, 37 Nethergate 
Hennessy, Edward, shipcarpenter, 18 Ogilvie's road 
Hennessy, James, wine and spirit merchant, 126, 128 Scouringbtirn ; 

h. Lawside house 
Henry, Alex., millinery and baby linen warehouse ; agent for Willcox & 

Gibb's sewing-machines, 140 and 142 Murraygate ; and auctioneer 

and valuator, 115 Murraygate ; h. 6 James place, Broughty Ferry 
Henry, Alex. L. , confectioner, 59 Hawkhill ; h. 30 King's road 
Henry, A. & S., & Co., manufacturers and merchants, Baltic buildings 
Henry, Charles, music teacher, 24 Raglan street 

Henry, Helen, tobacconist, 10 Ann street ; h. 7 Elsinore pi., 3 Hilltown 
Henry, James, tenter, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Henry, John J. H., of Tocher & Henry, 63 Constitution road 
Henry, William, cowfeeder, 371 Loons road 
Henry, William, debt recovery agent, 44 High street ; h. Washington 

buildings, 1 Corso street 
Henry, Mrs David, 4 Buckingham terrace 
Hepburn, Robert, house proprietor, 44 Ure street 
Hepburn, Wm., of Anderson, Gardner, & Hepburn, 4 Gowrie street 
Hepburn, Mrs James, 44 Ure street 
Herald, Thomas, shipmaster and pilot, 3 Arbroath road 
Herbert, Jas., ironfounder, 2 St David's lane, North Tay street 
Herd, David, cowfeeder, 22 Baxter street 
Herd, William, postman, 1 Hospital wynd 

HerMajesty'sTheatre and Opera House, Seagate; Wm. M'Farland, lessee 
Heron & Congleton, solicitors and notaries public, 20 Castle street 
Heron, George, of Heron & Congleton, Home house. West Ferry 
Heron, James, detective officer, 164 Overgate 
Heron, Thomas, fireman, 89 Princes street 
Heron, Mrs, 3 Fyffe street 

Herschell, Richard, stationer and confectr. , 8 Court st., Clepington; h. 6 
Herschell, William, coal merchant and contractor, 90 Dura street ; h. 

Melville cottage, Madeira street 


Heymann, John & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 2 India buildiii 

and 161 Hope street, Glasgow f 

Hilberd, Frederick James, manager, Heathfield Works ; h. 5 Gowriejl. 
Hicks, John, 6 Elizabeth street j 

Higgins, Mrs Margaret, 9 Ritchie's lane | 

High, David, engineer, 42 Constable street I 

High, David, stonecutter, 63 North Wellington street I 

High, George, & Son, joiners and funeral undertakers, 131 "Victoria rd, 

and Whitton street [ 

High, George, of G. High & Son, 133 Victoria road 
High, John, bootmaker, 7 Wellgate 
High, Joseph, clerk, 158 Lochee road 
High, Peter, ironturner, 2 Parker's court, William street 
High, William, of G. High & Son, 133 Victoria road 
High, Mrs, furnituredealer, 125 Victoria road ; h. 133 
Highgate, Hugh, & Co., oil refiners, 2 Royal Exchange place; wc 

Dundee Oil Works, Carolina port 
Hildesheim & Co., merchants, 7 VVard road 
Hill, David, grocer, spiritdealer, potato merchant, butcher, and h 

proprietor, 46 Blackness road ; h. 26 Windsor street 
Hill, David, foreman. East Station ; h. 39 Crescent street 
Hill, David, caretaker, Clepington Public School ; h. 164 Ann stre^ 
Hill, David, mechanic, 9a Victoria street 
Hill, David, mechanic, 14 North Ellen street 

Hill, Edward W,, of Ladywell Calender Works Co. ; /*. 5 Nelson s 
Hill, George H., corn merchant, 5 Nelson street 
Hill, George, of Young & Hill, 1 Dalhousie terrace 
Hill, George, bootmaker, 54 Ferry road ; h. 50 
Hill, George, mechanic, 61 Lochee road 

Hill, Howard, of Ladywell Calender Works Co. ; h. 5 Nelson stree 
Hill, Jas. , grocer, wine and spirit mer. , 27 Union st. , Max. ; h. 107 An 
Hill, James, law-clerk, 4 Reform street 
Hill, James, mariner, 55 King street 
Hill, James, blacksmith, 21 North street 

Hill, John, deputy chief constable, 5 Logiebank, Gardiner street 
Hill, John, cabinetmaker, 7 Ritchie's lane 
Hill, Miller, of M. & C. Hill, Ashbank, 79 Magdalen green 
Hill, M. & C., spinners, M^est Dudhope Mill, Anchor lane 
Hill, Peter, mason, 40 St Mary's place 
Hill & Renny, flax merchants, 2 Royal Exchange place 
Hill, Robert, student, 4 Reform street 
Hill, Samuel B., clerk, 18 Lawrence street 

Hill, Rev. Thomas, Willison Free Church ; h. 2 Dudhope terrace 
Hill, William, mason, 78 Princes street 

Hill, William F., solicitor, 5 Bank street; h. Fairley place, Clepin; 
Hill, William, joiner, 15 Middle street 
Hill, William, dairyman, 80 Ann street 
Hill, Mrs John, Ashbank, 79 Magdalen green 
Hill, Mrs, fruiterer, 124 Victoria road ; /i. 7 Victoria street 
Hillbank Spinning Co. , jute spni's. and manufs. , Hillbank Works, Der 
Himsworth, Mrs, grocer and ironmonger, 30 Albert street ; h. 86 









llJindley, James P., of W. H. Hindley & Co., 8 Airlie terrace 
uwiliBdley, Walter H. , & Co., merchants, 51 Meadowside 
Jindmarsh, Mrs, 4 Blackness crescent 
jlinksman, John, fish merchant, 202 Seagate ; h. 141 
iJinton, William, 2 Gibson terrace, Maryfield 
Sinton, Mrs Joseph, confectioner, 79 Ann street; h. 108 Hilltown 
ffirst, Samuel C. , teacher of music, 1 1 South Tay street 
Soave, Marr, & Co., merchants, spinners, and manufacturers, 14 Victoria 
1 chambers ; and 26 Budge row. Cannon street, London, E. C. 
Eodge, David, sub-editor, Dundee Advertiser ; h. 4 Hawkhill place 
Sodge, David S. , clerk, 4 Lawrence street 
Eodge, James, L.F.P.S., medical practitioner, 39 South Tay st. ; and 

chemist and druggist, 249 Overgate 
Hodge, James M., clerk, 1 Meadow street 
iHodge, Miss Annie, teacher, 12 Constitution terrace 
jEodge, Margaret, dressmaker, 63 Lochee road ; h. 4 Lawrence street 
foiHodgkinson, F. A., & Co., shipping insurance and forwarding agents, 
1 Commercial st., and 51 Lime street London ; Wm. Kinnear, agent 
Hodgson, Mrs Jessie, 6 Balfour street 
hiiEogan, John, milloverseer, 2 Lawrence street 
Hogarth, Alex., assistant registrar, Kerrington crescent, Barnhill 
Hogg, Alexander, postman. Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 
Hogg, Andrew, tinsmith, 14 North Erskine street 
Hogg, George, clerk. Post Office ; A. 51 Crescent street 
Hogg, James, railway porter, 12 Yeaman shore 
s Hogg, James, plumber, 52 Westport 
Hogg, John, painter, 5 Brown street 
~"ogg, William, grocer and spiritdealer, 4 Hilltown; A. 11a William st. 

ogg, William, currier, 2 Corso street 
iHogg, Mrs Elizabeth, 21 Thomson street 
;et'Hogg, Miss, dressmaker, 26 Peddie street 
liilHoile, Mrs John, Hyndford terrace, Hyndford street 
iHolden, Thomas, tenter, 14 Dundonald street 
'Holder, Rev. Joseph, St Joseph's R.C. Church ; h. Wilkie's lane 
■Holiwell, John, bookseller, auctioneer, and general dealer, 24 Green- 
I market ; h. 28 

JHolland, James, seaman. Arcade buildings, 101 Victoria road 
;Holt, John, clerk, 8 Baffin street 
JHome for Incurables, 12 King street 
fHoneyman, David, cowfeeder, 346 Loons road 
jHoneyman, James, cowfeeder. Law farm, Coldside 
iHoneyman, John, confectioner, 19 Mains road 
jHoneyman, Thomas, moulder, 18 Lawrence street 
Hood, Alexander, mason, 4 Derby street 

Hood, Andrew, warehouseman, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
in Hood, David M., merchant, 5 Bain square ; h. Gedhall, Barry 
Hood, David, 3 Buckingham terrace, Maryfield 
; Hood, George, retired mechanic, 62 Ann street 

Hood, George S., traveller to Smith, Hood, & Co.; h. 42 Annfield road 
Hood, George, brushmaker, 8 Overgate 
! Hood, James, of Smith, Hood, & Co., 4 Gladstone place, Broughty Ferry 


Hood, James, engineer, 194 Blackness road 

Hood, James, tailor, 2 Middle street 

Hood, James, late farmer, 166 Perth road 

Hood, John, mechanic, 50 Dallfield walk 

Hood, John, mail guard, 7 Annfield row 

Hood, William, of Smith, Hood, & Co. , 3 St Peter's place, Montrose 

Hood, William, mechanic, 7 Blinshall street 

Hood, Miss, 1 Peter street 

Hopkinson, Benjamin, printer, 2 Melrose terrace 

Home, Alexander, cooper, 32 William street 

Home, James B. , shoemaker, 46 Hilltown 

Horsburgh, Mrs John, 13 Mid street 

Horton, Martin Thomas, professor of music, and organist, St Mark's ; h. 
104 Nethergate 

Hosea, Peter, officer. Martyrs Free Church 

Hosie, Mrs, 5 Ure street 

Hossick, Alex., & Co. , tea merchants and commis. agents, 9 Euclid street 

Hossick, Alexander, of Alexander Hossick & Co., 4 Garland place 

Hossick, Alexander S., cashier, 4 Garland place 

Hossuck, Alexander, lateH.M. Customs; h. Ashbank cottage, Maryfield 

Hould, John, 24 Hawkhill 

Houston, A. & R. , chimneysweepers and soot merchts. ,13 Penny cook lane 

Houston, Frederick, chimneysweeper, 9 Annfield road 

Houston, Rev. James, St Clement's Church; h. 1 West Bell street 

Houston, James, chimneysweeper and soot merchant, 106 Hawkhill 

Houston, William, chimneysweeper and soot merchant, 207 Perth road 

Houston, William, sawmiller, 63 Alexander street 

Houston, Mrs, confectioner, 67 Milnbank road; h. 65 > 

Hovell, David J., draper, 29 St Salvador street \ 

Hovell, James, foreman mechanic, 168 Blackness road 1 

Hovell, Joseph, millmanager, Larchfield Works ; h. 200 Scouringburn ' 

Hovell, Thomas, clerk, 80 Hawkhill 

How, David P. , of Mackie & How, 34 North George street 

How, George, collector, 20 Lawson place : 

Howat, Edward, & Co., merchants, 13 Ward road 

Howat, William, of E. Howat & Co. , manager for Scotland of the Equitable 
Life Assur. Soc. of the U.S.A., 13 Ward rd. ; A.Castleview, Stirling 

Howat, William, jun., assurance agent, 13 Ward road 

Howden, Walter C., Whitehall Palace buildings, Whitehall street 

Howe, George, & Brother, manufacturers, 2 India buildings 

Howe, John, bobbinmaker, Fairmuir Turning Works 

Howe Machine Co., Limited, sewing machine, bicycle and tricycle 
manufacturers, 24 Union street ; Robt. J. Hyslop, manager 

Howe, Peter, calender foreman, 160 Scouringburn 

Howe, Violatta, confectioner, 7 Robertson street 

Howie, Duncan, average stater and marine msurance broker, 26 Commer- 
cial street ; h. 3 Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 

Howie, George W., watch and clock manufacturer, and jeweller, 117 
Murraygate ; h. 25 Forebank road 

Howie, Thos. S. , tailor and clothier, 122 Princes st. ; h. Bath st. , B. Ferry 

Howie, William, 78 Peddie street 


Howie, Mrs Elizabeth, Waverley buildings, Peddie street 
Hoy, Robert C, mechanic, 11 Balfour street 
Hoy, Mrs Ann, manglekeeper, 18 Long wynd 
Hoy, Margaret, grocer and spiritdealer, 141 Lochee road ; h. 143 
Hudson, Thomas, millwright, Seafield Works ; h. 18 Thomson street 
Hudson, Harry, clei'k. Customhouse; h. 1 Rustic place 
Huggins, John H., engine pattei'nmaker, 185 Princes street 
Huggins, Mrs, greengrocer, 210 Perth road 
Hughes, Charles, house proprietor, 120 Overgate 

Hughes, Edmund, manager, Kinnaird Cofl'eehouse ; h. 6 St Matthew st. 
Hughes, James, N,, telephone wire fixer, 20 Bell street 
Hughes, Mrs, greengrocer and confectioner, 10 Balgay street 
Hughes, Mrs, 1 Windsor terrace 

Hull, Joseph D., watchmaker and jeweller, 116 Murraygate ; h. 108 
Hume, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 6 Step row; h. 8 
Hume, Alexander, mason, 18 Nelson street 
Hume, Alexander, milloverseer, 7 Rosebank road 
Hume, David, clerk, 14 Catherine street 
HUME, D., & SON, biscuit manufacturers and shipstore merchants, 24 

Commercial street. See Adv. 
Hume, George T. , of D. Hume & Son, 18 Commercial street 
Hume, William, manager, Seafield Works ; h. 4 Gowrie place 
Hume, Mrs James, babylinen warehouse, 1 Crichton street; h. Alpha 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Hunt Brothers, clothiers, 77 High street 

Hunt, Ninian, of Hunt Brothers, 3 Seaward place, Broughty Ferry 
Hunt, William, of Hunt Brothers, Taypark place, Broughty Ferry 
Hunter, Adam, clerk, Lawmill cottage, Coldside 
Hunter, Alexander, brassfinisher, 49 Ure street 

Hunter, Arch. T., stationmaster. East Station ; h. 197 Princes street 
Hunter, Charles, of Dawson & Hunter, 4 Beechwood terrace 
Hunter, David, of Hunter & Graham, 27a Tait's lane 
Hunter, David, 9 Mountpleasant, Hawkhill 
Hunter, David K., draper, Viewbank terrace 
Hunter, Elizabeth C. , 8 Balfour street 
Hunter, George, postman, 27 Westport 
Hunter, George, irondresser, Kinloch place 
Hunter & Graham, brassfounders and finishers, and mill, factory, and 

engineers' furnishers, Rattray street 
Hunter, James, jun., solicitor, 69 Reform st. ; h. Willowbank, Carnoustie 
Hunter, Jas. , grocer and provision mer. , 37 Lawrence st. and 54 Peddie st. 
Hunter, John, 117a Blackscroft; h. 106 
Hunter, John, foreman blacksmith, 11 Robertson street 
Hunter, Patrick, clerk, Tay Works ; li. 6 Park terrace. Blackness road 
Hunter, Rennald F., solicitor, 69 Reform st. ; h. Ferniebank, Carnoustie 
Hunter, Robt., ai'chitect, 41 Reform st. ; h. Woodriffe ter.. East Newport 
Hunter, Thomas, joiner, 8 Graham place 

Hunter, Wm., draper, 15, 17, and 19 Wellgate; /*. Dun-alec, lOLaurelbank 
Hunter, Wm. , watchmaker and bicycle builder, 160 and 162 Perth rd. ; h. 180 
Hunter, William D., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 94 Nethergate 
Hunter, Wm., baker, 37 Lochee rd. ; h. Rustic pi., 69a Constitution rd. 


Hunter, Mrs Margaret, 30 Rosebank street 

Hunter, Mrs Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 158 Hilltown ; h. 150 

Hurrie, John B., trimming merchant, 2 Nethergate ; h. Drummond pi.,. 

Broughty Ferry 
Hurst, John, grocer, 38 Rose street 

Husband, Alexander, foreman blacksmith, 16 Baffin street ■ 

Husband, James, overseer, 28 Ryehill lane • 

Husband, Janet, 24 West wynd 

Husband, Peter Fair, of Boyd & Husband, 2 St Johnswood terrace 
Husband, William, van driver, 24 Hawkhill 
Husband, William, powerloom tenter, 24 Watson street 
Husband, William, coaldealer, 31 Ryehill lane; h. 21 ' 

Husband, Mrs William, 7 Viewforth street 
Husband, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 107 Murraygate 
Hutchen, William, tailor and clothier, 6 High street 
Hutcheon, David J., traveller, 133 Perth road 

Hutcheon, Francis, shopkeeper to Halket & Adam; /*. 1 West wynd 
Hutcheson, Alex. , of Hutcheson & Henderson, Herschell house, B. Ferh 
Hutcheson, Charles, joiner, 54 Bell street i 

Hutcheson & Henderson, architects, civil engineers, and valuators, ICJ 

Reform street j ". 

Hutcheson, Jas., inspector of rolling plant, W. Station; h. 49Gellatly i,\ ^^ 
Hutcheson, William T. L. , Dundee Advertiser office ; h. 3 Bothwell t r } S; 

race, Broughty Ferry | °-l 

Hutchings, Walter, agent, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Anims sj| ^3 

104 Commercial street 
Hutchison, Adam, confec. and stationer, 95 Perth road ; h. 1 West wy 
Hutchison, David, slater, 3 South Ward road ; h. 68 Bell street 
Hutchison, David, enginedriver, Dundee West Station ; h. 40 Perth r 
Hutchison, Douglas, broker, 176 Hilltown 

Hutchison, Geo., organist, St Andrew's Church; h. 179 Blackness roa 
Hutchison, Henry A., L.D.S., F.P.S., surgeon-dentist, 6 Shore terrac 

h. 80 Nethergate 
Hutchison, James, manufacturer, 18 Cowgate ; h. 3 Viewforth place 
Hutchison, James, assurance agent, 86 Hill street 
Hutchison, Robert, machinist, 9 Middle street 

Hutchison, Stewart, coffeehouse keeper, 156 Scouringbum ; ^. 154 | 
Hutchison, Thos., wine and spirit mer.,89 Ann st. ; h. Rose villa, Maryfi^i 
Hutchison, Thomas, gi'ocer, 39 Rosebank street 
Hutchison, Thomas, enginedriver, 14 Seafield road 
Hutchison, William F. , of G. H. Nicoll & Co. , 2 East Links place, B. Feif;i 
Hutchison, William, mechanic, 40 North Church street 
Hutchison, William, grocer, Fairmuir toll 
Hutchison, Mrs John, 4 Airlie terrace 
Hutchison, Mrs W., greengrocer, 30 North Church street 
Hvitchison, Mrs Wm., lodgings, 8 North Ellen street 
Hutton, Alexander, clerk, Dundee Foundry ; //. 28 Raglan street 
Hutton, Andrew, carpenter, 45 Victoria street 

Hutton, David, greengrocer and confectr. , 42 Ferry rd. ; h. 1 Springhillp 
Hutton, David, officer, Chalmers Free Church; h. 41 Hawkhill 
Hutton, David, blacksmith, 15 Lilybank road 



»• Hutton, Hugh, coal merchant, 21 Polepark road; h. 23 
Hutton, Jas., architect, 62 Commercial st. ; h. Cedar cottage, Invergowrie 
Hutton, John, potato merchant, 29 Polepark road ; h. 7 Pitfour street 
Hutton, Mary, prison warder, Prison 
Hutton, Robert, file manufacturer, 49 Nethergate 
Hutton, Robert, coffeehouse-keeper, 208 Hillown ; h. 68 James street 
Hutton, William, retired grocer, 12 Forfar road 

(Hutton, William M., teacher of writing, arithmetic, bookkeeping, and 
shorthand, High School ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Hutton, William, foreman bookbinder, 6 Kinnaird street 
; Hutton, William, warehouseman, Craigie yard; h. 16 Queen street 
I Hutton, Mrs Helen, lodgings, Ellen place, 29 Lyon street 
jHyder, Thomas, stevedore, 150 Overgate 
Hynd, Daniel, carter, 13 Park lane 
Hynd, David, ironmonger, brassfounder, plumber, &c., 84 Victoria road j 

works, 10 Forebank road; h. 14 Forebank road 
, Hynd, James, ironmoulder, 3 Roslin terrace. Court street 
HYND, JAMES, house and ship painter, decorator, and paperhanger, 60 

Dock street ; h. 2 Nelson terrace, Nelson street. See Adv. 
Hynd, Robert, confectioner, 2 Forfar road 
. Hynd, William B., hatter's assistant, 121 Hawkhill 
[ Hyndman, Mrs Daniel, broker, 3 Arthur street ; h. 2 
: Hyslop, James B. , of Methven, Hyslop, & Co. , Woodriffe ter. , E. Newport 
I Hyslop, Robert J. , manager, Howe Machine Co. , 29 Tait's lane 

Imandt, p. J., teacher. High School ; h. Broughty Ferry 

Imlay, Alexander, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 132 Seagate and 29' 
Queen street ; h. 130 Seagate 

Imlay, James, bookbinder, 3 Parker street 
I Imper, A., teacher of languages, 3 Magdalen Yard road 
I Imperial Hotel, 55 Commercial street ; C. Macmaster, proprietor 
( Imrie, Ja.mes, sawmiller, 46 Bell street 
i Imrie, John, butcher, 28 Grove street, Springhill 
! j Imrie, Robert, lathsplitter, 2 Dens brae 
i Imrie, Robert, millforeman, 5 North Ellen street 

Imrie, William, fishmonger, 149 Hilltown ; h. 151 

Inch, John, clerk, 104 Commercial street 

Inches, Robert, joiner, 16 Crescent lane 

Inches, Mrs, 36 Dundonald street 

Inglis, Rev. Andrew, Dudhope Free Church ; h. Balgay terrace, Loche& 

Inglis, David, boilermaker, 12 Hospital wynd 

Inglis, Henry, clerk, Manhattan Works ; h. 5 Rustic place 

Inglis, James, heraldic painter, 26 Isles' lane 

Inglis, John, currier, 21 Charles street 

Inglis, Jeffrey T., of J. T, Inglis & Co., Balgillo road, Broughty Ferry 

Inglis, J. T., & Co., shipagents, &c., agents for Dundee and Liverpool 
Steamers, 33 Dock street 

Inglis, John P., compositor, 107 Ann street 

Inglis, Thomas, mechanic, 95 Peddie street 

Inglis, William, joiner and glazier, 46 Cotton road ; 7i. 41 William street 

Ingram, William, coffeehouse-keeper, 6 Hunter st.; h. 21 Kincardine st. 


Inland Revenue Office, 31 Bank street; Jolin Owens, collector 

Innes, David, stationer and newsagent, 205 Perth road 

Innes, David, of D. Innes & Son, 29 Hilltown 

Innes, David, & Son, bakers, 31 Hilltown 

Innes, George, grocer and provision mercht., 214 and 216 Blackness rd 

h. 2 Kosefield street 
Innes, James, carting foreman, 109 Albert street 

Innes, William, sawmaker and edgetool merchant, 3 Castle street ; h. 
Innes, Miss E., dressmaker, 50 Barrack street 
Inrig, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 5 Victoria crescent 
Inrig, Geo. A., colliery agent, 82 High st. ; h. 10 Gladstone ter. , B. Ferry 
Inrig, William, carpenter, 13 Cochrane street 
Institution for Blind, 59 Magdalen green ; sale shop, 17 Nethergate ; 

manager, Colin M 'Donald 
Inverarity & Ross, refreshment rooms, 33 Hawkhill 
Inverarity, David, joiner, 15 Annfield row 
Inverarity, Mrs, of Inverarity & Boss, 38 Hunter street 
Ireland, Alexander, japanner, 19 Crescent lane 
Ireland, Andrew, brassfinisher, 6 Lamb's lane 

Ireland, David, of Ireland, Leitch, & Co., Rockhill, Broughty Ferry 
Ireland, David, jun., clerk, Calcutta buildings ; h. Rockhill, B. Ferry 
Ireland, James, of Ireland & Maclaren, 5 Beechwood terrace 
Ireland, James, agent, British Linen Co. Bank, Westport; h. 6 Colling 

wood terrace, Barnhill 
Ireland, James, merchant, 104 Commercial street ; h. Newport 1 

IRELAND, JOHN, shuttle, picker, and washing machine maker, 11 Ire-l 

land's lane ; h. 26 Bell street. See Adv. I 

Ireland, John, china merchant, 90 Ann street ; h. 2 Jamaica street 
Ireland, John, merchant, 4 India buildings ; /^ 24 Springfield 
Ireland, Leitch, & Co., steam-ship owners and coal exporters, Calcutta 

buildings. Commercial street 
Ireland & Maclaren, architects, 81 Murray gate 
Ireland, Peter, coal merchant, 4 Lamb's lane ; h. 175 Victoria road 
Ireland, Robert, warehouseman, 10 Court street 
Ireland, Robert, blacksmith, 1 Lawrence street 
Ireland, Thomas, accountant, secy, and treas. of the Wholesale Traders' 

Assoc. , and district manager of the Scottish Employers' Liability and 

Accident Assurance Co., Ld., 87 High st. ; h. Hopebank, Newport 
Ireland, William R. (of William R. Ireland & Co.), agent for W. Ritchie 

& Son, 6 Lime street, London, and London Spinning Mills, Stratford, 

Essex, and 41 Cowgate ; h. Gladstone cottage, Monifieth 
Ireland, William, coffeehouse keeper, 6 Scouringburn ; A. 61 Hawkhill 
Ireland, W. R. , & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 41 Cowgate 
Ireland, Mrs John, 44 Seafield road 

Ireland, Mrs, West-End Register for Servants, 4 Perth road ; h. 6 
Ireland, Miss, Tayview, 287 Perth road 
Ireland, Jessie L., Tayview, 287 Perth road 
Irons, David R. , grocer and wine merchant, 75 Caldrum street ; h. Bal- 

dovan villa, Downfield 
Irons, James, hairdresser, 5 Victoria street ; h. 40 Watson street 
Irons, John, builder, Hawthorn cottage, Baldovan feus 





Irvine, James, engineer, 7 Springhill place, Ferry road 
Irvine, Joseph H., bootmaker, 40 Alexander street 
[rvine, Peter, of P. Irvine & Co., 110 Victoria road 
IRVINE, PETER, & CO., builders, contractors, and pavement merchants,, 

South Vi'^ard road, oflF Barrack street. See Adv. 
[rvine, William B., teacher, 17 South Tay street 
trvine, Mrs D., grocer and confectioner, 24 Dudhope Crescent road 
IRVING, DAVID W., pork, ham, and bacon curer, 43 Yeaman shore; k. 1 

Bank street. See Adv. 
[rving, Nathaniel, 1 Bank street 

[rving, William G. , & Co. , merchants, 14 Victoria chambers 
[rving, William G., of Wm. G. Irving & Co., 143 Nethergate 
'i'saac, Robert, sen. , mechanic, Ellen place, 27 Lyon street 
sles, David C., gearing manager, 12 Fleuchar street 
sles, David M., mason, 21 Union place, Perth road 
sles, D. R., 15 Stanley place. Step row 

sles, Jas., wine merchant, 109 Commercial st. ; h. St Ninians, Blairgowrie: 
sles, John, shipoAvner, 33 Castle street 
ksIcs, Peter, tobacconist, 67 Wellgate ; 7i. 19 Bain square 
r sles, Robert, accountant, 9 Ward road ; h. Forebank terrace 
sles, Robert, 9 Ward road 
sles, William, warehouseman, 57 Cowgate 
isles, Miss Lizzie, 5 Baffin street 
sles, Miss, 2 Viewforth place 
Italian Consulate, 54 Commercial street ; James Millar, vice-consul 

ACK, Alexander, blacksmith, St Mary's place 

ack, Geo., superintendent, Mercantile Marine Office, and secy, to Local 

Marine Board, Sailors' Home buildings ; h. 23 Magdalen Yard road 
ack, James, engineer, 200 Perth road 
ack, John, of Nicoll & Jack, 82 High street 
ack, John, shoemaker, 13 Ann street 
ack, John L., joiner, 98 Princes street 
ack, Peter, tobaccospinner, 56 Blackscroft 
ack, Eobert, shipjoiner, 24 Peter street 
ack, Robert, mechanic, 21 Jamaica street 
ick, William A., overseer, 8 Arbroath road 
ack, William, greengrocer, 30 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
ack, Mrs James, milliner, 132 Nethergate 
ick, Mrs William, cook, 48 Union street 
ick, Mrs, 47 South Tay street 
,a,ckson, Alexander, insurance agent, 88 Hill street 
ickson, Charles, plumber, 1 Meadow entry 
jickson, James, confectioner, 13 Milnbank road 
icksoii, James, ironturner, 55 Alexander street 
ickson, James, calenderworker, 28 Hillbank road 
ickson, Peter, mechanic, 185 Princes street 

ickson, Wm. ,millfumisher and commis. agt. , 12Bank st. ; h. 16 Seafield rd. 
ickson, William S., jun., draughtsman, Camperdown Shipyard; h. 16 

Seafield road 
^ckson, William, grocer, 9 Rosefield street 


Jackson, Mrs James, matron, Morgan Hospital 

Jackson, Mrs, dressmaker, 27 Mains road 

Jackson, Mrs, 38 North street 

Jaflf6 Brothers & Co., linen and jute merchants, 134 Seagate 

Jaffray, Mrs J. W., 47 South Tay street 

Jaffray, Mrs J., 21 Reform street 

Jagger, Ann, broker, 200 Overgate ; h. Clepington house 

Jagger, John, hairdresser, 246 Hilltown ; h. West Clepington 

Jagger, Peter, hairdresser, 98 Ann street 

Jamaica Works, Jamaica street ; W. L. Boase & Co., spinners 

James, Robert J., collector, 6 Tannadice street 

Jameson, Geo., merchant, 4 Rl. Exchange pi. ; h. Seafield house, B. Ferri 

Jameson, John C, assistant town-clerk, Townhouse 

Jamie, William, teacher, 7 Pitfour street 

Jamieson, Charles M., clerk, 27 Step row 

Jamieson, George, storekeeper, Tay Works ; h. 32 William street 

Jamieson, George, jun. , architect's assistant, 24 Bank st. ; h. 32 William st 

Jamieson, Henry G. , coal and lime mer. , 31 Trades lane ; h. 32 William si 

Jamieson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 50 and 51 Dock street ; 

Dalhousie terrace, Barnhill 
Jamieson, James, tailor, 7 Stirling street 
Jamieson, James, ironmonger, 88 Blackscroft 
Jamieson, John, & Co., clothiers, 90 and 91 High street 
Jamieson, John, seaman, 26 Hillbank road 

Jamieson, John, fruiterer, 177 Princes street ; h. 1 Langlands street 
Jamieson, Martin, carpenter, 150 Princes street 
Jamieson, Peter, contractor, 48 Wellgate ; h. 8 Morrison's court 
Jamieson, Mrs D., 6 Melrose terrace, Clepington I 

Jamieson, Miss Margaret, lodgings, 47 Yeaman shore 
Jarvis, William G., bandmaster, 1st F.R.V., and professor of musi< 

Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Jeflfers, Miss Isabella, hosier, 47 Wellgate ; h. 32 Raglan street 
Jeffrey, James, joiner, 69 North Wellington street 
Jeffrey, Joseph, broker, 146 Seagate 
Jenkins, George, Customs officer, 25 St Matthew street 
Jenkins, Rev. John, St Peter's Free Church ; h. \\ Airlie place 
Jermyn, Right Rev. Hugh W., D.D., Bishop of Brechin, Forbes cour 

Jesshnan, George, 68 St Andrew's street 
Jessiman, John, timber merchant, 135 Seagate, and East Dock stree 

h. 1 Hillbank, East Newport 
Jew, T., agent, 40 Union street 

Jobson, David A., contractor, 128 Blackness road; h. 5 Wilkie's lane 
Jobson, James A. , late baker, 25 St Peter street 
Jobson, Mrs, Crawford lodge, Perth road 
Johnman, Alexander, sawmiller, 60 Lilybank road 
Johnson, Charles, spiritdealer, 1 Powrie place ; h. 159 Hilltown 
Johnson, Chas. , photographer, 43 Nethergate ; h. 21 Stanley pi., Step res 
Johnston & Adams, drysalters, 82 Murraygate 

Johnston, Alexander, architect, 20 Reform street ; 7«. 4 Union terrace 
Johnston, Alexander, clothier's assistant, 1 Commercial street 



Johnston, Alexander C, district agent, National Assurance Co. of 

Ireland, 81 Murray gate ; h. 6 Newington terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Johnston, Alexander, mechanic, 4 Watson street 


„ Johnston 
j Johnston, 
, I Johnston 
' I j Johnston 

Clepington road 


I Johnston 

•bj Johnston 

I Johnston 






I Johnston 

I Johnston 




Andrew, draper, 70 Overgate ; k. 30 South Tay street 
Andrew, 25 Lily bank road 
David, of Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeour, & Co., Cardrona, 


David S., wine and spirit merchant, 223 Hawkhill ; h. 

David, blacksmith, Ninewells 

Geo. A., grocer and teadealer, 19 Stirling st. ; /*. 68 James st. 

James, of Johnston & Adams, Marybank, 9 Craigie terrace 

James, clerk, Shore Dues Office, 68 James street 

James, boilermaker, 29 Clepington street 

James, painter, 20 Overgate 

James, milloverseer, 209 Hawkhill 

James, broker, 206 Hilltown; A. 73 North Church street 

John, tailor and clothier, 34 Barrack street ; h. 38 

John, Leyshade Dairy, 14 Crichton st. ; h. Leyshade, Murroes 

John, Balgray Dairy, 31 Victoria road ; h. Balgray 

John, baker, 14 Small's lane. Small's wynd 

John, currier, 47 North Wellington street 

John, bookseller, 1 Blackscroft 

John, clerk. Courier office; k. 64 Peddie street 

John, pawnbroker, 256 Hawkhill; h. 258 

Joseph, & Sons, fishmongers, 13 Union street 

Pat. L., linen merchant and manufacturer, 11 King street; 

h. Kingoodie, Invergowrie 

Robert, M.B., CM., medical practitioner, 4 Tay square 

Robert, traveller, 8 Tay square 

Robert, grocer and spiritdealer, 174 Hawkhill; ^.111 

Thomas, clerk, 104 Ann street 

William, solicitor, 61 Reform street ; A. 11 South Tay street 

William, chaplain. East Poorhouse 

William M., patternmaker, 90 Dura street 

William, cook, 37 Victoria street 

William, coaldealer, 20 Blackness road ; A. 12 Balfour street 

William, lamplighter, 55 Rosebank street 

Mrs James, Bright cottage, Maryfield 

Mrs, confectioner, 131 Hawkhill; h. 129 

Mrs, 18 Step row 
Johnstone, Andrew, spiritdealer's assistant, 26 Peddie street 
Johnstone, David, agent for J. & P. Cameron, Taybridge Station ; k. 
' Links villa, Broughty Ferry 
i' Johnstone, George, shiprigger, 30 Tindal's wynd 
(Johnstone, George, blacksmith, 204 Lochee road 
'Johnstone, James, bootmaker, 10 Rosebank street 
Johnstone, James, millforeman, 22 North Tay street 
Johnstone, John, clerk. Sanitary depart.. West Bell st. ; h. 18Kinnairdst 
Johnstone, J. J., of Johnstone & Simpson, St Phillan's place, Newport 
Johnstone & Simpson, solicitors, 69 Reform street 
Johnstone, Mary Ann, grocer, 20 Dens road; h. 22 



Johnstone, Peter, grocer and spirit mercht. , 1 79 Perth road; ^.15 Union p | 
Johnstone, William, shoemaker, 8 Balgay street I 

Johnstone, Mrs Hugh, laundress, 2 Idvies street 
Johnstone, Mrs, 8 Erskine street 
Johnstone, Miss, milliner, 33 Hawkhill 
Jolly, James, fireman, 5 Glebe street 

Jolly, John, mechanical manager, Caldrum Works ; h. 6 North Ellen si 
Jolly, John H., accountant, B. L Co. Bank, Westport; /*. 18 Airlie p] 
Jones, I. & J., drapers, 193 and 195 Princes street 
Jones, John, of I. & J. Jones, 197 Princes street 
Jones, John, of Mitchell & Jones, 8 Home terrace. West Ferry 
Jones, Joseph, carpetweaver, 69 North Wellington street 
Jones, Mrs William, manglekeeper, Albert court, Nethergate 
Jupp, Charles, cane, Windsor, and kitchen chair maker, 18 Ireland's Ian 
Justice, David F., teacher of music, 20 Panmure street 
Justice, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5, 10, and 11 Tally st. 
and 48, 50, 52 South Tay st. ; works, N. Lindsay st. ; h. 27 Watt st. 
Justice, Mrs Alexander, 7 Tally street 

Kane, Andrew, tobaccopipe maker, 7 Heathfield lane ; A. 9 Hawkhill 

Kane, Paul, wholesale small ware mercht. , 33 Overgate ; A. 19 Albert sq. 

Kane, Mrs B., rag and waste store, 24 Cochrane st. ; h. 1 Littlejohn st, 

Kay, Alexander, millmanager, Chapelshade Works ; A, 5 Rustic place 

Kay, Alexander, milloverseer, 63 Blackscroft 

Kay, John, wholesale grocer, 4 and 6 Charles st. ; h. Tay ter, , E. Newpor 

Kay, Mitchell D., accountant, Lipman & Co.; h. Alma ter., W. Newpon 

Kay, Thomas, butcher, 5 Albert st. ; h. Myrtle cottage, Muirhead of Lif 

Kay, Mrs Charles, 1 Viewforth street 

Kay, Mrs R., china merchant, 95 Hilltown; h. 101 

Kean, Frederick, seaman, 22 Blackscroft 

Keay, Alexander, fishdealer, 93 Hilltown ; h. 101 

Keay, Alexander, clerk, South Dudhope Works ; h. 193 Blackness road 

Keay, Catherine, dressmaker, 51 High street 

KEAY, DAVID, blacksmith, engineer, and machinemaker, Hillbank Iron 

Works, North William street ; h. 164 Ann street. See Adv. 
Keay, David, gardener, 12 Stanley place, Step row 
Keay, James, compositor, Advertiser office; h. 32 Dudhope Crescent rd. 
Keay, James, marine engineer, 7 Graham place 
Keay, John, boilermaker, 20 South George street 
Keay, Peter, blacksmith, Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
Keay, Thomas C, engineers' factor and millfurnisher, 17 Baltic street: 

h. 8 Garland place 
Keay, Walter, pictureframe maker, 15 Arbroath road ; h. 13 
Keay, William, of Beath & Keay, 15 Hill street 

Keay, William, sackmaker, 5 Union st.. Max.; h. 17^ Wellington st 
Keay, Mrs John, lodgings, 4 Airlie terrace 
Keddie, John, engineer, 12 Raglan street 
Keddie, Peter, 35 Park wynd 

Keen, James, secretary Plumbers' Association, 29 Hilltown 
Keenan, William, furniture dealer, 211 Hawkhill; h. 209 
Keill, John, painter and decorator, 248 Perth road ; A. 213 



Ceill, Robert, confectioner, 9 Westport ; h. 5 Brown street 
Ceill, Mrs, 184 Perth road 

Lciller, George C, merchant, vice-consul for Chili, agent for the Fire In- 
surance Assn., 33 Albert square; h. Templehall house, Longf organ 
Leiller, James, & Son, wholesale confectioners, 9 Albert square ; retail 

shop, 2 Castle street 
[eiller, James, traveller, 8 Brown street 

Leiller, John, fishsalesman and auctioneer, Fishmarket; h. 24Crichtonst. 
Lciller, John M,, of James Keiller & Son, Binrock, Perth road 
leillor, William, manager, Meadowside Calender ; A. 20 Wellington st. 
[eillor, William, fruit and potato merchant, 4 Corso street 
Lcillor, William, storekeeper, 31 Princes street 
[eillor, Mrs R., spiritdealer, 14 Caldrum street ; h. 12 
teir, Alexander M., grocer, 6 Rosefield street 
leir, William, officer, Ward Chapel ; h. 13 Mid street 
[eir, Mrs, midwife, 44 Polepark road 

veith, Edmund Dodds, farmer and auctioneer, Blackness Home farm 
[eith, George, pilot, 87^ Blackscroft 
[[eith, James, hammerman, 49 Cotton road 
JLeith, John, farmer, Nether Balgay 

iLcith, John, inspector, West Station ; h. 142 Nethergate 
Ceith, John, seaman, 58 Nethergate ■ 
Leith, Robt., architect and valuator, 87 High st. ; h. Alma cot., W. Ferry 

ellie, Robert, tanner, 5 Parker street 

[ellow, Henry A., clerk, N.B. Railway ; h. 2 Havelock place 

[.elly, Daniel, recruiting sergeant, 135 Lochee road 

elly, James, grocer and spirit mercht. , 8 Middle st. ; h. 2 Crescent lane 

[elly, Margaret, dressmaker, 10 North Tay street 

^elly, Michael, grocer and spiritdealer, 84 Princes street; h. 88 

:elly, Mrs, spiritdealer, 320 Hawkhill ; h. 318 

elly, Robert, mechanic, 15 St Mary street 

elman, Alex., messenger, Clydesdale Bank; h. Clydesdale Bank buildgs. 

elman, William, wine and spirit merchant, 247 Hawkhill ; A. 1 St 
Johnswood terrace, Westpark road 

elman, Mrs James, grocer and spirit merchant, 6 North Tay street ; 
h. Kinloch place, 111 Hawkhill 

elsey, Fletcher Francis Sheridan, civil engineer, New Tay Viaduct 
office, 47 Magdalen green ; A. 39 Seafield road 

iClt, Wm. S., watchmaker and jeweller, 122 Murray gate ; h. Beacons- 
field place, 110 Victoria road 
femp, John, coachman, 3 Erskine street 

emp, William, gardener, 32 Union place, Perth road 

.endall, Joseph, fireman, 19 Cowgate 

enn, James, sen., of J. & J. Kenn, 7 Springhill place. Ferry road 

enn, James, of J. & J. Kenn, 7 Springhill place. Ferry road 

enn, J. & J., butchers, 24 Ferry road 

ennedy, George, tailor, 32 Ann street 

ennedy, David, engine and boiler inspector, 27 Stanley pi., Step row 

ennedy, Donald, ironmoulder, 31 Park wynd 

ennedy, George, fireman, 29 Wellington street 
^ennedy, Henry, pensioner, 21 North Wellington street 


Kennedy, Henry, engineer, 15 Stirling street 

Kennedy, James, harbour porter, 29 Wellington street 

Kennedy, Jolin, irontui-ner, 32 Main street 

Kennedy, John, of Kennedy & Rae, Norwood terrace, 46 Thomson st. 

Kennedy, John L., watchmaker and jeweller, 74 Princes street; h. 25 

Janefield place, Maryfield 
Kennedy, John, 4 Wilkie's lane 
Kennedy, John, late teacher, 372 Perth road 
Kennedy, John, dairyman, 22 Step row 
Kennedy, John, 193 Perth road 

Kennedy, J. S., of R. G. Kennedy & Co., Thorn-garth, West Ferry 
Kennedy, Mary, dressmaker, 7 William street 
Kennedy & Rae, hemp and wire rope and sail manufacturers, 32 Dock 

street ; zvorks, Step row 
Kennedy, R. G.,& Co., manufacturers and merchants, Wellington Works; 

office, 10 Panmure street 
Kennedy, R. G. , of R. G. Kennedy & Co. , 2 Balgillo crescent, Bro. Ferry 
Kennedy, William, blacksmith, 17 Wilkie's lane; h. 15 Watson's lane 
Kennedy, Mrs William, 26 Balfour street 
Kennedy, William, clerk, 14 Thomson street 
Kennedy, William, seaman, 76 Blackscroft 

Kenny, Frank, wine and spirit merch. , 94 Blackscroft ; h. 74 Ferry rd. 
Keracher,Jas., bootmaker, 57 Locheerd. andl49Hawkhill; A.51Locheerd. 
Kermack, David, confectioner, 119 Perth road; h. 2 Peddie street 
Kermack, James, dresser, 27 Cotton road 
Kermack, John, mason, 12 Glebe street 
Kermack, Robert, clerk. Arcade buildings. King street 
Kermack, William, mason, 197 Princes street 
Kermath, Mrs M., gi'ocer, 16 Nelson street 
Kermath, Miss A,, dressmaker, 27 South Ellen street 
Kerr, Alexander, of Kerr & Son, 19 High street 
Kerr, Charles, pharmaceutical chemist, 56 Nethergate, 197 Perth road, 

and 4 Polepark road ; h. 1 Windsor place 
Kerr, Davids., watchmaker and jeweller, 2420 vergate; h. 1 Viewforth pi. 
Kerr, David, grocer, wine and spirit mer. , 212 Overgate; h. 9 Ladywell pi. 
Kerr, Henry, hacklemaker, 5 Temple lane 
Kerr, James & William, boot manufacturers, 83 High street, 3 Wellgate, 

and 136 Murray gate 
Kerr, James, of J. & W. Kerr, 9 Ladywell place 

Kerr, John S., Bonnybank house, 94 Victoria road and 2 Nelson street 
Kerr, John, postman, 17 Isles' lane 
Kerr, John, railway porter, 48 Union street 

Kerr, Peter, Bonnybank house, 94 Victoria road and 2 Nelson street 
Kerr, Peter, jun., teller, British Linen Co. Bank ; h. Bonnybank house, 

94 Victoria road and 2 Nelson street 
Kerr, Robert Nimmo, teacher, 19 King street ; h. 'J Viewforth street 
Kerr & Son, opticians and spectacle makers, 19 High street 
Kerr, William, solicitor and notary public, 26 Castle street ; h. Nether- 
gate house, 158 Nethergate 
Kerr, William, of J. & W. Kerr, 12 Garland place 
Kerr, William, auctioneer, 163 Princes street 


Kerr, Mrs Cecilia, 29 Strawberrybank 
Kerr, Mrs, 10 St Peter street 

Kerwin, Edward, insurance agent, 19 Caldrum street 
Kerwin, Patrick, general dealer, 21 Caldrum street 
Kessock, Mrs Helen, 62 Ure street 

Kettles, James, grocer, 18 Bell street ; h. 35 Constitution road 
Kettles, James, mechanic, 12^ Mortimer street 
Kettles, James, warehouseman, Elizabeth place, 129 Hawkhill 
Kettles, James, mechanic, 31 Crescent street 
Kettles, James, tailor, 3 Lowden's alley 
Key, George, harbour porter, 22 Raglan street 
Key, George, spirit merchant, 157 Hawkhill ; h. 26 Peddie street 
Key, James, butcher, 121 Hill town ; h. 119^ 
Key, James, insurance agent, 44 Seafield road 
Key, William, blacksmith, 109 Lochee road 
Kidd, Agnes, of Chalmers & Kidd, 71 Perth road 
Kidd, Alexander R., baker, 61 King street ; h. 63 
Kidd, Alexander, contractor, 9 King's road 
Kidd, Alexander, printer, 13 Ann street 
Kidd, Andrew, architect, 62 Commercial street 
Kidd, A. G., & Son, bread and biscuit bakers and confectioners, 179 

Princes street, and Craigie Bakery, 10 Baffin street 
Kidd, David P., engineer. Trades Lane Calender ; h. 3 Baffin street 
Kidd, David, sen., of D. Kidd & Son, Lansdowne place, 1 Constitution rd. 
Kidd, David, cabinetmaker, 24 St Mary's place 
Kidd, David, joiner, 44 Polepark road 
Kidd, David, clerk of works, 8 Graham place 
Kidd, David, of Andrew Ogilvie & Co., Thymbra lodge, Newport 
Kidd, David B., tailor, 90 Seagate 
Kidd, D. , & Son, builders, 20 Mid street 
Kidd, George M., of William Gellatly & Co., 4 Garland place 
Kidd, George J. A., merchant, 11 Bain square; h. 4 Pine ter., Bro. Ferry 
Kidd, Helen, 228 Perth road 
Kidd, James W., manager, Dundee, Perth, and London Shipping Co., 

5 Shore terrace ; h. 3 Craigie terrace 
Kidd, James, draper, 18 Princes street ; h. 61 
Kidd, James, shipsteward, 14 Thomson street 
Kidd, James A. , mechanic, 50 North Ellen street 
Kidd, John, of D. Kidd & Son, valuator. Ingle wood. East Newport 
Kidd, John, grocer, 52 North Church street ; ^. 54 
Kidd, John, carpenter, 6 Polepark road 
Kidd, John, brassfounder, 11 Graham place 

Kidd, Jonas, wine and spirit merchant, 75 and 77 N. Church st. ; h. 73 
Kidd, Robert, potato merchant, 14 Greenmarket ; h. 3 Dalhousie ter. 
Kidd, Robert, labourer, 5 Wolseley street 
Kidd, Thomas B., of A. G. Kidd & Son, 99 Ferry road 
Kidd, William, bookseller, manufacturing stationer, printer, lithographer, 

and bookbinder, 112 Nethergate and Palace buildings, Whitehall 

street ; ivorks, Couttie's wynd; fi. William street, East Newport 
Kidd, William, 27 Windsor street 
Kidd, William, 171 Victoria road 


Kidd, William, printer, 3 South Ellen street 

Kidd, William, brewer, 16 Annfield street 

Kidd, William, seaman, 62 Ann street 

Kidd, William, mechanic, Livingstone place, Lochee road ^ 

Kidd, Mrs A. G., 4 Lome terrace, Maryfield 

Kidd, Mrs John, 7 South Tay street 

Kidd, Mrs William, 86 Nethergate 

Kidd, Miss Isabella, dressmaker and milliner, 33 Lilybank road 

Kiddie, Alexander, mason, 51 William street, Forebank 

Kiddie, Hugh, joiner, 4 North Ellen street 

Kiddie, Hugh, joiner, 29 St Salvador street 

Kiddie, Robert, shoemaker, 44 Charles street 

Kiddie, Mrs, midwife, 20 Hilltown 

Kidney, William, sackmaker, Gray's square, 2 Hospital wynd, and Don 

road ; h. 62 William street 
Kilgour, James, clerk and traveller, 67 Lochee road 
Kilgour, James, grocer, 4 Peter street 

Kilgour, John, sergeant-major, 3d F.R.V. ; h. 8 Park terrace 
Kilgour, Peter, ironturner, 11 Stirling street 
Kilgour, Robert, checker, 63 Dallfield walk 
Kilgour, William, book deliverer, 34 Fleuchar street 
Kilgour, Mrs John, cowfeeder, 99 Rosebank street 
Killacky, James, confectioner, 262 Hilltown ; h. 260 
Kilpatrick, Robert, bootmaker, 197 Blackness rd. ; h. 28 Annfield ro■v^|i 
Kimball & Morton, sewing-machine manufacturers, 52 Reform street 
King, Charles, painter, 13 Wolseley street 
King, David, milloverseer. Dens Works ; h. 1 Kemback street 
King, George, shoemaker, 222 Hawkhill 
King, James, coal merchant, 27 Dura street; h. 28 Catherine street 
King, John, joiner, 11 Craigie street 
King, Michael, coaldealer, 27 Polepark road ; h. 35 
KING STREET INSTITUTION for the Education of Young Ladies, 19 Kir 

street ; R. N. Kerr, headmaster. See Adv. 
King, William, draper, 88 Strathmartine road 

Kinmond, John G., secy., Trades Lane Caldg. Co.: h. Bamhill,B. Ferr 
Kinmond, Luke, & Co. , jute spinners and manufs. , Pleasance Works; Dui 

dee and Ericht Linen Works, Blairgowrie; office, 10 Victoria chambe, 
Kinmond, Peter, warehouseman, 7 M'Gill street j 

Kinmond, William, clerk, 35 North Wellington street 
Kinnaird,Wm., tailor, clothier, andhatter, 231iHilltown ; ^.21 Kinloch 
Kinnear, Alexander, grocer, 123 Victoria road 

Kinnear & Co. , manufacturers and merchants, 34 Commercial street 
Kinnear, David, manager, Wellfield Works ; h. 22 Raglan street 
Kinnear, George, patternmaker, Camden place, 71 Perth road 
Kinnear, George, patternmaker, 36 Lilybank road 
Kinnear, Henry, of Kinnear & Co., 82 Victoria road 
Kinnear, Jas., grocer and wine mercht., 1 N. Church st. ; h. 233Hillto''? 
Kinnear, James, butcher, 162 Hawkhill ; A. 3 Ure street 
Kinnear, John T. ,tailor and clothier, 8 Reform st.;h. 1 Wellpark ter. ,N'p( 
Kinnear, John, provision merchant, 14 Westport ; h. 6Newrd., B. Fen 
Kinnear, Thomas, sanitary inspector, West Bell street ; h. 4 Park ter, 


^ianear, Wm. , shipping and insurance agent, 1 Commercial st. ; ^ . 21 Dock st. 
Kinnear, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 304 Hawkhill; h. 273 
Kinnears & Co., of London, merchants, 13 Albert square 
Kitmell, Eliza J., Berlin wool warehouse, 59 Nethergate; h. 2 Bell street 
Kinnell, Mrs C, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Bell street; h. 2a Bell street 
Kinnes, Robert, shipagent and oil merchant. East Whale lane ; h. Fairley 

place, Clepingtoia road 
Kinnes, Mrs George, 43 Ryehill lane 

KINNISON & DIXON, house painters and decorators, 3 Union st. See Adv. 
Kinnison, James, of Kinnison & Dixon, 43 Constitution road 
Kinnison, William, newsagent and stationer, 187 Victoria road 
Kinnoch, John, of J. Durham, Son, & Kinnoch, 67 Ure street 
Kinnoch, William M., clerk, 67 Ure street 
Kirk, John, jun., of Kirk & Lawson, 224 Lochee road 
Kirk, John, clerk, 193 Perth road 

Kirk & Lawson, boot and shoe makers, 222 and 226 Lochee road 
Kirk, William, joiner, 27 North Ellen street 
Kirkaldy, William, gardener, 19 Wolseley street 
Kirkland, David R., 41 Magdalen Yard road 
Kirkland, Robert, chimneysweeper, 24 Arbroath road 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs, Park house, 18 Dallfield terrace 
Kirkpatrick, Misses, teachers. Park house, Dallfield terrace 
Kirk wood, William, insurance surveyor, 11 Panmure street 
Kirton, Mrs, apartments, 2 Baltic street 
Knight, Charles Y., compositor, 36 Lilybank road 
Knight, David, superintendent of market and slaughterhouses, East 

Dock street ; h. \ Market street 
Knight, James, shipstores merchant, 1 and 3 Commercial street, and 42 

Dock street ; h. Bothwell terrace, West Ferry 
Knight, James, fish merchant, 182 Hawkhill ; h. 13 Blackheath place 
Knight, James, factory worker, 34 Wilkie's lane 
Knight, Jessie G., teacher, 41 Rosebank street; h. 4 Kinnaird street 
Knight, John, traveller, 11 Mid wynd 
Knight, Robert, tinsmith, 36 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Knuck, Henry, of Tough, Knuck, & Co. , Rose cottage, Fleuchar street 
T'Konopki, Elias, jeweller, 22 Union place, Perth road 
Korting Bros., " Tovote's patent lubricators," 26 Commercial street; 

James C. Haste, agent 
Kyd, David, manufacturer, 37 Rosebank road ; A. 40 
Kyd, John P., of Shield & Kyd, 1 Duntrune terrace, West Ferry 
Kyd, Thomas, secretary, Northern Assurance Co., 110 Commercial street; 

h. Roxburgh terrace, Westpark road 
Kyd, Wm., boot factory manager, Annan cottage, 17^ Wellington st. 
Kydd, David, joiner, 29 St Salvador street 
Kydd, George, mason, QQ Peddie street 
;Kydd, John, mason, 16 Annfield row 
iKydd & M'Cauly, joiners and builders, 98 Albert street 
• Kydd, Richard, of Kydd & M'Cauly, 98 Albert street 
Kyle, Thomas, civil engineer ; loorks office, Harbour chambers ; h. 10 

Derby place, Broughty Ferry 




Laburn, George, of Laburn & Son, 1 Rattray street 

Labum, James, of Laburn & Son, 17 Dallfield terrace 

Laburn, James, & Son, slaters, 2 Dallfield terrace 

Laburn, James, plasterer, 27 Constitution road | 

Laburn, R,obert W., of Gauld & Laburn, 63a Constitution road | 

Lacaille, E., fruit merchant, 92 High street ; h. Gourdiehill, Errol ;1 

Ladybank Leather Works, 6 Victoria road ; H. Henderson & Soni| 

leather merchants 

Ladybank Mill, 34 Mid st. ; Anderson & Glass, spinners and manufacturer ami 
Ladywell Calender Works Co., calenderers, packers, and sacksewers, , 

Victoria road 
Laing, Alexander, woodturner, 18 Blyth street 
Laing, Allan S., stationer and tobacconist, 115 Perth road 
Laing, David C. C, of John Laing & Sons, 3 Westfield pi., Bro'ty Ferr 
Laing, Henry, blacksmith, 103 Nethergate 
Laing, James, engineer, 2 M 'Vicar's lane 
Laing, John, & Sons, jutespinners and powerloom linen manufacturers 

Dens Road Factoiy, and Stobswell Works ; office, 10 Panmure strec 
Laing, John, of John Laing & Sons, Kellyfield, near Dundee 
Laing, John, tailor, 8 Bellfield lane 

Laing, Robert, builder, 82 High street ; h. 3 Greenfield place 
Laing, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 89 High st. ; h. 24 Garland pi 
Laing, Robert, brassfinisher, 28 Balfour street 

Laing, William R., of John Laing & Sons, Kellyfield, near Dundee 
Laing, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 43 Alexander street 
Laing, Mrs Margaret, 13 Balfour street 
Laing, Mrs, 6 Bain sqviare 

Laing, Mrs, dressmaker and milliner, 2 M 'Vicar's lane 
Laing, Miss Isabella M., mantle and dress maker. Palace buildings 

Whitehall street 
Laing's Patent Overhead 'Handstitch Sewing Machine Co., Limited, 5 

Meadowside ; D. R. Dawson, secy. 
LAIRD & ALEXANDER, indiarubber and waterproof goods manufac h 

turers and general millfurnishers, 61 Commercial street. See Adt 
Laird, Alexander, butcher, 90 Rosebank street; h. 5 Stirling street 
Laird, Alexander, grocer and spiritdealer, 127 Hilltown ; />. 125 
Laird, Andrew, overseer, 2 Arbroath road 
Laird, David, jun., joiner, 2 Cherryfield lane 
Laird, David, mason, 2 Cherryfield lane 

Laird, George, graindealer, 22 Cowgate; A. 41 Rosebank street 
Laird, J. M., solicitor, 62 Commercial street; h. Mylnefield, Invergowrii 
Laird, Robert, mason, 68 Ure street 

Laird, R. B., of W. P. Laird & Sinclair, Fountainbrae, Monifieth 
Laird, Thomas, mechanic, 68 Albei't street 
Laird, W. P., & Sinclair, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 73 Nether 

gate ; nurseries, Broughty Ferry and Monifieth 
Laird, Mrs, grocer, 12 Shepherd's loan 
Lamb, Alexander C. , of Lamb & Co. , 3 Lansdowne place 
Lamb, Alex., stationmaster. West Station; A. Station bldgs., S. Union st 
Lamb, Alexander, clerk, 19 Isles' lane 
Lamb & Co., hotelkeepers and confectioners, 64 Reform street 


Lamb, David, detective inspector, Police chambers, West Bell street 

Lamb, George S., of Lamb & Scott, 1 James place, Broughty Ferry 

Lamb, Jas. A., teacher, Victoria Road Public School; h. 37 Todburn lane 

Lamb, James W., of Lamb & Co., 6 Garland place 

Lamb, John, joiner, 37 Todburn lane 

Lamb, John, draughtsman, 5 Melrose terrace 

Lamb, John, mechanic, 15 St Andrew's street 

Lamb, Robert, of Robert Lamb & Co. , Ravenscraig, Ferry road 

iLamb, Robert B., blacksmith, 11 Lilybank road 

Lamb, Robert, coachman, 10 Shepherd's loan 

Lamb, Robert, & Co., merchants, Victoria chambers, 12 Victoria road 

Lamb, Samuel, mechanic, 4 Kinnaird street 

Lamb & Scott, linen manufacturers, Brechin ; office, 12 Victoria chambers 
*i|jamb, William C, clerk, 4 India buildings; h. 46 Magdalen Yard road 

Lamb, William, traveller, 3 Thorter row 

lAMB, Mrs SUSAN, billposter, 14 New Inn entry; /i.25Nethergate. ^eeAdv. 
efsLamb, Mrs Thomas, Lamb's Hotel, 64 Reform street 
WjLamb, Mrs, grocer, 168 Hilltown 

Hiamb, Miss Eliza, Lamb's Hotel, 64 Reform street 

jamb's Temperance Hotel, 64 Reform street 

ambert, John, merchant, Baltic buildings ; h. 5 Somerville place 

lambert, Mrs, 63 Main street 

jambie, David, minister. Catholic Apostolic Ch, ; h. 2 Viewforth place 

amond, Alexander, clerk. East Station; h. Glebe place, 38 Lilybank rd. 

Lamond, Andrew, 33 Dallfield terrace 

[iamond, Andrew, 11 Forebank road 

jamond, Charles, carter, 14 St Mary's place 

jamond, David, enginedriver, 5 Mountpleasant 

[jamond, John, newsagent, 65 Princes street ; h. 1 Middle street 

jamond, Peter, joiner, 25 Hawkhill 

jamond, Robert, grocer and wine mer., 51 and 53 Mains rd.; h. 2 Hill st. 

jamond, Thomas, plasterer, 6 Trades lane; h. 4 Taymouth pi., B. Ferry 

jamond, Mrs Thomas, 143 Nethergate 

jiamont, James, patternmaker, 9 South George street 

Lamont, John, harbour porter, 16 Bafldn street 

amont, William, enginedriver, 1 Lowden's alley, Hawkhill 

lancett, David, of Lancett & Low, 48 Wellgate 

ancett & Low, bakers, 64 Wellgate 

ancett, Thomas, clothier, 3 Reform street ; h. Rose villa, Downfield 

ancett, William, overseer, 1 Melrose terrace 

land, Wm. , frenchpolisher& furnituredlr. ,4Brown st. ; A. 38 Blackness rd. 

landsman, Thomas, clerk, 6 Victoria square 

andsman, William, 6 Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 

lang, Peter, hairdresser, 145 Hawkhill; h. Falcon place, Wilkie's lane 

iang, Rev. Robert, 1 Tay square 

janglands, David, of D. & W. Langlands, 6 Hean's lane 

janglands, David, joiner, 86 Albert street 

ianglands, David, blacksmith, 12 North Ei'skine street 

ianglands, D. & W., machine-screw makers, 8 Hean's lane 

ANGLANDS, GEORGE, wood merchant and shuttle and picker maker, 

I 161 Hilltown; sawmill, 50 James street; h. 229 Hilltown. See Adv. 





Langlands, James B., irontumer, 18 Peter street 

Langlands, James S., house proprietor, 4 St Mary street 

Langlands, James, house proprietor, 19 Langlands street 

Langlands, James H., architect, 19 Langlands street 

Langlands, James, baker, 8 Hunter street i^ii 

Langlands, James, sawyer, 3 Springhill, Ferry road 

Langlands, Peter, hairdresser, 20 Hunter street 

Langlands, Robert, mason, 16 Dallfield terrace 

Langlands, William, of D. & W. Langlands, 6 Hean's lane 

Langlands, William, teacher, 4 St Mary street 

Langlands, William, cashier, 1 Melrose terrace, Clepington 

Langlands, Mrs, dressmaker, 38 Elizabeth street 

Langlands, Mrs, 13 Strawberrybank 

Langlands, Mrs, 51 Main street 

Lanny, Lorenza, confectioner, 58 Hilltown 

Larchfield Works, Walton street; J. Prain & Son, spinners and manui 

Larg, James, bootfinisher, 9 Kinloch street 

Laskie, Alexander, artist, 1 Mountpleasant; k. Liff 

Laskie, Wm. , drysalter and spice mer. , 35 Commercial st. ; ^. 132 Hawkh 

Latto, David, greengrocer, 46 Catherine street 

Latto, Robert, spirit merchant's assistant, 34 Catherine street 

Latto, W. D., editor. People's Journal, 7 Bank street; A. Albyn cotta^ 

Shamrock street, Maryfield 
Latto, William S., warehouseman, 28 South Tay street 
Lauder, David, clerk, Nat. Bank of Scot., Hilltown; h. 40 Blackscro 
Lauder, Peter D., art teacher and designer, and writer of illuminate 

MSS., 37 South Tay street 
Laurie, Alexander, managing clerk, Alex. Low & Son ; A, 3 S. George j 
Laurie, Alexander, police constable, 9 Bafl&n street 
Laurie, James, & Son, landscape gardeners, 2 Blackness crescent 
Laurie, Rev. Robert, James' U.P. Church, Bell street; h. 7 Beechv/0( 

terrace, Westpark road 
Laurie, William, canvasser. Mutter, Howey, & Co., Taybridge Statio: 

h. 33 Arbroath road 
Lavery, Robert, dyer, 14 Ogilvie's road 
Law, Alexander, baker, 18 Hunter street 
Law, Alexander P., slater, 60 Kemback street 
Law, Andrew, joiaer, 4 Isla street 

Law, James, ship and house carver, Marine parade ; h. 52 Watson strei 
Law, Janet, of Law & Murray, 19 Lady well place 
Law, John S., harbour weigher, 13 Arbroath road 
Law, John, tinsmith, 26 Victoria street 
Law, John, slater, 46 Foundry lane; h. 52 Constable street 
Law, Mary, dressmaker, 26 Victoria street 
Law & Murray, confectioners, 19 Lady well place 
Law, Thomas, currier, 51 Lochee road 
Law, William, of Alexander & Law, 6 Lawrence street , 
Law, William H, , baker, 1 1 Roslin terrace 
Law, William M., shipcarver, 52 Constable street 
Law, Miss Mary Ann, 30 King's road 
Lawless, Michael, plasterer, 22 Hean's lane ; ^. 18 Kincardine street 

i „ 



awrence, Alexander, coal merchant, 30 and 32 West wynd ; A. 2 Water- 
loo place, Annfield road 

Lawrence, George, & Son, coal merchants, 48 Step row 

Lawrence, George, of George Lawrence & Son, 35 St Peter street 

Lawrence, John, of George Lawrence & Son, 35 St Peter street 

Lawrence, John P. , 6 Havelock place 

Lawrie, George, shipmaster, 45 Nelson street 

Lawrie, W. R., landscape gardener, 35 North Ellen street 

Lawrie, Mrs Thomas, confectioner and fruiterer, 238 Overgate ; h. 236 

Lawson, Alexander, butcher, 38 Scouringburn 

LAWSON, ANDREW, chemist and druggist, 65 Perth road ; h. 176. See Jc^y. 

Lawson, Archibald, draper, 199 Perth road 

iLawson, Charles, mason, 23 Catherine street 

Lawson, David S., of William Lawson & Sons, 362 Perth road 

Lawson, David, 2 Somerville place 
ralLawson, David, butcher, 24 Princes street ; h. 12 Erskine street 

Lawson, David, dockgateman, 25 Charles street 

Lawson, James B., wine and spirit merchant, 106 and 108 Overgate, 
and 27 South Lindsay street ; h. Bourtreebank, Carnoustie 

Lawson, James R. D. , housefactor and insurance agent, 87 High street ; 
fl h. Kinloch place, 111 Hawkhill 
f Lawson, Jas.,clothieranddraper,21&25Unionst. ; A.20Kilnbumpl.,N'port 

Lawson, James, mason, 25 Catherine street 

Lawson, James, flaxdresser, 26 Parker street 
1 Lawson, John S., of William Lawson & Sons, 224 Perth road 

awson, John, manager, J. G. Murdoch & Co., Ltd., manufacturers, &c., 

Arcade buildings. King street ; h. 3 King's road 
awson, John, overseer, 63 Main street 

Lawson, John, seaman, 39 Exchange street 

Lawson, Mary J. , teacher, 222 Perth road 
olLawson, Peter, shipsteward, 13 Rosefield street 

Lawson, Robert, of William Lawson & Sons, 18 Union place, Perth rd. 
ioi Lawson, Robert, builder. Thorn place, 247 Blackness road 

Lawson, Thomas G., joiner, 118 Ann street 

Lawson, William, & Sons, rope, twine, and sail makers, tarpaulin and 
waterproof cover manufacturers, Tay Rope Works, 2 Thomson st. 

Lawson, William, of William Lawson & Sons, 224 Perth road 

Lawson, William, jun., of Wm. Lawson & Sons, 33 Stanley pi., Step row 

Lawson, William, joiner. Gas Works ; A. 19 Ferry road 

Lawson, Mrs Charles, apartments, 7 Cowgate 

Lawson, Mrs Isabella, 19 Constitution road 

Lawson, Mrs James, 14 King street 

Lawson, Mrs, furniture dealer, 33 Hunter street ; h. 31 

Leaburn, Mich. , fish mer. and auctioneer, Fishm'ket and 50 Hilltown; h.52 

Leaburn, William D. , fishdealer and auctioneer, 24 Crichton street 

Leaburn, William, slater, 34 Dallfield walk 

Leadbetter Brothers & Co., linen manufacturers, 31 Albert square 

Leadbetter, John, of Leadbetter Brothers & Co. , Lismore, Bro'ty Ferry 

Learmonth, John, & Son, boot and shoe manufacturers, 89 and 95 Over- 
gate, 20 Victoria road, 44 Princes street, 2 Westport, and at High 

[ street, Newport ; factory, 9 Lamb's lane 


Learmonth, John, of John Learmonth & Son, High street, Newport 

Learmonth, John, jun., of John Learmonth & Son, 29 Mains loan 

Learmonth, William, bootmaker, 41 Wellgate ; h. I Morrison's court 

Leask, George, cashier, 47 Yeaman shore 

Leask, Mrs Elizabeth, 3 Dalhousie terrace 

Leddy, Mary, confectioner, 8^ Daniel street ' 

Leddy, Matthew, spiritdealer's assistant, 225 Overgate 

Ledingham, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 34 North Wellington street 

Lee, Croll, & Co., engineers and machinemkrs. , Lawside Foundry, Lochee 

Lee, David R., 2 Buckingham terrace 

Lee, David A. , assistant draper, 120 Victoria road 

Lee, Georgina, Arcade buildings, King street I 

Lee, James, draper, 199 Blackness road ' 

Lee, John F. , of Lee, Croll, & Co. , 25 Constitution street ' 

Lee, Robert A. M., clerk, D, P. & L. Sliipping Co. ; h. 6 Shore terrace 

Lee, William, house proprietor, 60 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Lee, William, manager, Hillbank Works ; h. 20 Caldrum street 

Lee, Mrs John, 61 Cowgate 

Lee, Mrs William, 25 Constitution street 

Lee, Miss Christina, milliner, 193 Hilltown ; h. 17 Dudhope street 

Lees, James, mechanic, 3 Scott street 

Lees, John, mechanic, 3 Laing street 

Lees, Samuel, wholesale and retail general hardware and fancy goods 
merchant, and importer of French and German goods, 17, 81, 83, and 
85 Overgate, and 35 Panmure st. ; A. Li vely bank house, Bonnybank rd. 

Legg, George, steanitug owner, 1 Commercial street 

Leggatt, Henry, clerk, Forebank terrace 

Leggatt, Wm. ,millmanager, Manhattan Works; h. Salisbury pi. ,3Baffin st. 

Leggatt, Mrs, fishdealer, 9 Temple lane 

Legge, Rev. Alexander, St Andrew's Parish Church; h. 17 Albany ter. 

Legget & Co., grocers, 142 Victoria road 

Legget, David, of Legget & Co. , 3 Cotton road 

Leighton, Alexander, manager, Old Mill, Tay Works ; h. 132 Hawkhill 

Leighton, David, wine and spirit merchant, 76, 78, and 80 Seagate; 
h. 5 Castle terrace, Bi'oughty Ferry 

Leighton, David, bootcloser, 97 Princes street 

Leighton, G., 10 Victoi'ia chambers 

Leighton, James, joiner, Lorimer street 

Leighton, James, carpenter, 12 Alexander street 

Leighton, John, brakesman, Waverley buildings, 70 Peddie street 

Leighton, William, jun., cashier, Stobsmuir cottage, Pitkerro road 

Leighton, William, confectioner, 10 Scouringburn 

Leighton, Mrs D., 172 Hawkhill 

Leighton, Mrs, 70 Dura street ' 

Leighton, Mrs, 10 Victoria chambers 

Leishman, Alexander, tenter, 43 Princes street 

Leitch, Andrew, of Ireland, Leitch, & Co. , Hillcrest, West Newport 

Leitch, Andrew, stationer and tobacconist, 20 Ann street and 4 Alex- 
ander street ; h. 29 North Wellington street 

Leitch, Isabella, lodgings, 133 Victoria road 

Leitch, John, wine and spiritdealer, 47 Castle street ; h. 3 Castle lane 


Leith, Allan, bookseller and stationer, 216 Hawkhill 

Leith Brothers, bootmakers, 37 Hawkhill 

Leith, David M., harbour railway guard, 31 Park wynd 

Leith, James, of Leith Brothers, 52 Westport 

Leith, Thos., of T. & A. Leith, 18 Westport, and Myrtlebank, Carnoustie 

Leith, T. & A., wholesale and retail drapers, tailors, and clothiers, 18 
and 20 Westport 

Leith, William, dairyman, 9 Wolseley street 

LEN6, JOHN, & CO., printers and publishers, Dundee Advertiser office, 
7 to 25 Bank street. See Adv. 

Leng, John, of John Leng & Co., managing proprietor and editor of 
Dundee Advertiser, Kinbrae, Newport 

Leng, John A., journalist. Advertiser office; h. Beverley, E. Newport 

Lennox, Mrs Agnes, lodgings, 6 Castle court 

Leonard, Mrs J., 27 Victoria road 

Leslie, Alexander, ship and ornamental carver, 37 Exchange street; h. 
Brown street, Broughty Ferry 

Leslie, John, herbalist, 88 Constable street 

Leslie, John M'Laren, dockgateman, 15 Grove street, Springhill 

Leslie, John, 15 Union place, Perth road 

Leslie,Wm.M., printer, Coiirier& Argus; A. Rosefi eld pi., 179 Blackness rd. 

Leslie, William, lorryman, 3 Hilltown 

Lesslie, Alexander, hairdresser, 23 Wellgate ; h. 24 Forebank road 

Lesslie, Ann, hosier, 18 Castle street ; A. 8 Garland place 

Lesslie, David K. , hairdresser and perfumer, 59 King st. ; h. 1 10 Victoria rd. 

Lesslie, James G., mechanic, 12^ Mortimer place, Mortimer street 

Lesslie, Peter, porter, 2 St David's lane 

Lesslie, William, shipping clerk, Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 

Lesslie, Mrs, 2 Melrose teiTace 

Letters, Patrick, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 55a Hawkhill, 
134 Victoria road, and 181 Blackness road ; A. 2 Forebank road 

Lewer, Charles, collector, 30 Isles' lane 

Lewis, Alexander, timekeeper, 9 Graham place 

Lewis, Edwin, bricklayer, 38 Lilybank road 

Lewis, John, watchmaker, 76 High street 

Lewis, John, draper, 83 Arbroath road; h. 79 

Lewis, Robert, collector, 8 Meadowside ; A. 2 Roslin terrace 

Lewis, Thomas M., weighing clerk, 7 Brown Constable street 

Leys, Alexander, mechanic, 4 Melrose terrace 

Lickely, Robert, builder and joiner, 220 Perth road ; A. 218 

Lickley, Alexander T., housef actor, 10 Rosefield street 

Lickley, Robert, clerk, 2 India buildings ; A. 10 Rosefield street 

Liddle, Grindlay, wholesale pictureframe maker, 32 King's road ; A. 28 

Liddle, William, cattledealer, 142 Strathmai-tine road ; A. Denny 

Life Association of Scotland, 4 India buildings ; Arch. Smith, secretary 

Lightfoot, Mrs F. H., 51 Meadowside 

Lightfoot, Miss, teacher. Ladies' School, 7 Ward road 

Lilburn, Jessie, dressmaker, 31 Trades lane ; A. 33 

Lilburn, John, grocer, 45 Lochee road ; A. 51 

Lilburn, Robert, hay and straw importer and grain merchant, 156 Sea- 
gate ; A. 33 Trades lane 



Lilybank Foundry ; Pearce Brothers, engineers 

Lind, Robert, fine art and furniture dealer, 38 King street 

Lindberg, Otto M. , of RoUo & Lindberg, Fernbrae house, Newport 

Linder, Luke, brickbuilder, 128 Blackness rd.; h. 55 South st., St Andrews 

Lindsay, Alexander, merchant, 35 Cowgate ; h. 4 James place, B. Ferry 

Lindsay, Alexander C, architect, 19 Annfield street 

Lindsay, Alex., provision mer., 36a South Tay st. ; h. 3 Priory pi., Perth 

Lindsay, Alexander, mason, 38 North Church street 

Lindsay, Alexander, warehouseman, 93 Cowgate 

Lindsay, Alexander, senior, cabinetmaker, 5 Mountpleasant 

Lindsay, Alex., junior, clerk, 10 St Andrew's st. ; h. 5 Mountpleasant 

Lindsay, Alexander B. , grocer's assistant, 94 Cowgate 

Lindsay, James, joiner and contractor, 212 Hilltown ; h. 7 Balfour street 

Lindsay, Charles B. , collector. Gas Office ; h. 7 Roslin terrace 

Lindsay, Charles, salvage engineer, 26 Commercial street; h. 79 i 

Lindsay, Elizabeth, ironer, 56 Blackscroft j 

Lindsay, Frederick, tailor, 41 William street 

Lindsay, Graham L. , tinsmith, plumber, and gasfitter, 7 Blackness road 

and 12 Scouringburn 
Lindsay, Isabella, cowfeeder, 38 Strathmartine road 
Lindsay, Isa. R., confectioner, 12 Scouringburn 

Lindsay, James H., of Fleming & Lindsay, 28 South Wellington street 
Lindsay, James, warehouse keeper, 7 Cowgate 
Lindsay, James S., foreman mechanic, 36 Milnbank road 
Lindsay, James, joiner and contractor, 212 Hilltown; h. 7 Balfour street 
Lindsay, James, joiner, 1 Leng street 
Lindsay, James, gardener, Hazelhall lodge, Perth road 
Lindsay, Jessie, dressmaker, Hazelhall lodge, Perth road 
Lindsay, John, of J. & R. Lindsay, 8 Dudhope terrace 
Lindsay, John, slater, 34 Mid street ; h. 13 Dallfield terrace 
Lindsay, John, accountant, 5 Bank street ; A. 4 Gowrie place 
Lindsay, John, house proprietor, 25 Polepark road ; h. 86 Nethergate 
Lindsay, John, clerk. Royal Bank, Murraygate ; h. 5 Airlie terrace 
Lindsay, John, horse slaughterer, 154 Lochee rd., Dundee, and Montrose 
Lindsay, John T. , grocer and wine mer. , 16 Union st. ; A. 7 Victoria square 
Lindsay, John, manager. Mid Street Mill ; h. 41 Dallfield terrace 
Lindsay, John, joiner, 21 Stirling street 
Lindsay, John, baker, 45 Arbroath road 

Lindsay, Joseph, of Urquhart, Lindsay, & Co. , 4 Somerville place 
Lindsay, J. & R., merchants, 6 Panmure street 

Lindsay & Low, wholesale confectioners, and bread and biscuit manu- 
facturers, Tay Works, Allan street 
Lindsay, Peter, traveller, 4 Kinnaird street 
Lindsay, Richard, joiner, 18 Shepherd's loan 

LINDSAY, ROBERT, & CO., fireclay and terracotta manufacturers ; works, 
Lilliehill, Dunfermline ; office, Yeaman shore ; Robert Small & Co. , 
agents. See Adv. 
Lindsay, Robert, of J. & R. Lindsay, 8 Dudhope terrace 
Lindsay, Robert, grocer, 15 Ann street ; h. 13 

Lindsay & Scott, glass merchants, glaziers, and zinc and lead window 
makers, 42 and 44 Barrack street 


Lindsay Street Works, Lindsay street; John Henderson & Sons, spinners 
and manufacturers 

Lindsay, Thos., of Lindsay & Scott, Rose cot., Maryfield ter. , E. Newport 

Lindsay, Thomas, joiner, 2 Easson's angle, Milnbank road 

Lindsay, William, of Lindsay & Low, Miltonbank, West Ferry 

Lindsay, William, of Butchart, Lindsay, & Co, 8 Dudhope terrace 

Lindsay, William L., potato merchant, 31 S. Wellington street ; h. 33 

Lindsay, William R. , draughtsman, Lilybank Foundry ; h. Gibson 
terrace, Mains loan 

Lindsay, Wm. H., grocer and spirit merchant, 44 Gellatly street ; h. 50 

Lindsay, William P., clerk, 10 Hawkhill 

Luidsay, William A., factory clerk, 4 Lilybank road 

Lindsay, Mrs David, manglekeeper, 12 Rosebank street 

Lindsay, Mrs James, 8 Dudhope terrace 

Lindsay, Mrs John, grocer and spirit merchant, 92 Cowgate ; A. 94 

Lindsay, Mrs John, 60 Strathmartine road 

Lindsay, Mrs Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 134 Hawkhill; h. 132 

Lindsay, Mrs William, confectioner, 55 Albert street 

Lindsay, Mrs, midwife, 154 Lochee road 

Lindsay, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 47 Westport; h. 10 North Tay st. 

Lindsay, Miss Jane, professor of music and singing, 5 Airlie terrace 

Lindsay, Miss Margaret, grocer, 19 Harriet street 

Line Throwing Co., The, Limited, 57 Meadowside; D. R. Dawson, sec. 

Lmley, Francis, painter, 7 Baxter street 

Linn, John, dairyman, Roslin cottage, Clepington road 

Linton, Alexander, carpenter, 71 Albert street 

Linton, George, milloverseer, 1 Paterson street 

Linton, William, calenderer, 118 Ann street 

Lipman & Co. , merchants, Meadowside Calender ; office, 25 Albert square 

Lipton, Thomas J. , hamcurer, and butter and cheese merchant, 8 and 10 
Murraygate; h. Johnstone villa, Cambuslang 

Lister, John P., clerk 124 Seagate 

Lister, William, carpenter, 124 Seagate 

Lithgow, Miss, 138 Nethergate 

Little, William J., insurance agent, 117 Ann street 

Littlejohn, David Harrower, of D. S. & T. Littlejohn, Seafield, Bro. Ferry 

Littlejohn, David S., of D. S. & T. Littlejohn, clerk to Police Commis- 
sioners and School Board of Bro. Ferry; h. Balgillo cottage, Bro. Ferry 

Littlejohn, D. S. & T., solicitors and notaries public, 27 Bank street 

Littlejohn, Jas. J. , teacher, Camperdown Works School; h. 4 Wilkie's lane 

Littlejohn, James, warehouseman, 1 Paterson street 

Littlejohn, Thomas, of D. S. & T. Littlejohn, Corona villa, Barnhill 

Littlejohn, Mrs Ann, manglekeeper, 5 Laing street 

Littlejohn, Mrs E. , newsagent and bookseller, 14High st. ; h. 5 Windsorpl. 

Littlejohn, Mrs J., confectioner, 83 Lochee road 

Littlejohn, Mrs Margaret, 1 Stanley place, Step row 

Littlejohn, Mrs, 2 Gowrie place 

LIVERPOOL and London and Globe Fire and Life Insurance Co. See Adv. 

Livie, Archibald, moulder, 3 Honey's road, Blackness road 

Livie, David, sen., boatbuilder, Victoria dock; h. Brook street, B. Ferry 

Livie, David Brown, jun., boatbuilder, 42 Candle lane; h. 151 Victoria rd. 





Livie, David, grocer, 17 Alexander street 

Livie, George, boatbuilder, 12 Mid street 

Livie, Stewart, boatbuilder, 20 Hilltown 

Livingston, Mrs William, 16 Bell street 

Livingston, William, 22 Airlie place 

Livingston, Mrs, 24a Hawkhill 

Livingstone, Alexander, potato merchant, 53 Hospital wynd 

Livingstone, Alexander, fireman, and church-ofl&cer, 21 Charles street! 

Livingstone, George L., traveller, 68 Dudhope street 

Livingstone, John, millforeman, 10 Cleghorn street 

Livingstone, William B., printer, 108 Hilltown 

Lloyd's Agency Office, 33 Dock street ; W. Buchan Ritchie, agent 

Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, 54 Commercial street 

G. P. Cooper and John Sturrock, surveyors 
Loch, John, caretaker. Glebe Lands Public School ; h. 4 Glebe street 
Lochhead, Samuel, baker, 62 North Church street 
Locke, Robert, teacher, Blackscroft Public School ; A. 14 Paton's lane 
Lockhart & Co., bootmakers, 172 Blackness road 
Lockhart, William, draper, 140 Princes street ; h. 142 
Lofley, William, shipmaster, 62 Ferry road 
Logan, Mrs, broker, 140 Victoria road 

Loggie, Robt., teacher, Dudhope P. School; h. 7 Gladstone ter., B. Ferri 
Logic, Jas., insurance broker, 67 Reform st. ; h. Kilnburn villas, Newpon 
Logue, Daniel, bootmaker, 168 and 170 Overgate ; A. 77 
London Clothing Company, tailors, clothiers, and drapers, 114 Murray 

gate ; J. Lyall, manager 
LONDON, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Co., Limited. See Adv. 
LONDON and General Plate Glass Insurance Company. See Adv. 
LONDON Guarantee and Accident Co., Limited. See Adv. 
LONDON and Lancashire Life Assurance Co., 9 Panmure street ; P. C 

Piggot, local manager. See Adv. 
London and Newcastle Tea Co., 75 Overgate and 13 Wellgate 
Loney, Alison C. , clerk, 18 Ferry road 
Loney, Mrs Ann, laundress, 27 Ferry road 
Longair, John P., Lawmill cottage, Coldside f 

Longair, William, of James Paterson & Co. , 21 Albany terrace *^ 

Longmuir, George, cowfeeder, 144 Strathmartine road 
Longmuir, W. F., agent for Royal Liver Society and General Fire and 

Life Insurance Co., 93 Victoria road ; A. 84 Commercial street 
Longmuir, Mrs, confectioner, 129 Blackness road; h. 76 Ure street 
Lonie, John, water inspector, 16 Kinloch street 
Lord, George H., machinery auctioneer, valuer, and merchant, and fire 

assessor, 68 and 70 Cowgate ; h. Ferry house, Broughty Ferry 
Lordburn, The, Spinning Co., spinners of hemp, flax, and jute yarns, 

twines, &c., 3 Coupar's alley; loorks, Lordburn, Arbroath 
Lorimer, Adolphus, strawbonnet and millinery warehouseman, 231 

Overgate; h. 2 Park terrace ; 

Lorimer, Alexander, overseer, 10 Annfield row I 

Lorimer, James, strawbonnet and millinery warehouse, 6 Murraygate;' 

h. Sandridge cottage, Monifieth 





Lorimer, John, strawbonnet, millinery, and fancy goods warehouseman, 

37 Reform street ; li. 1 Taymouth place, Broughty Ferry 
uorimer, Robt. , milliner and strawhat maker, 1 1 SMurraygate ; h . TBalgay st. 
..OTHIAN Dental Rooms, 28 Union street; H. Gibson, dentist. See Adv. 
Louden, John, seed merchant, 32 Long wynd; h. 12 Annfield road 
[iOunan, Mrs Anne, 22 Airlie place 
Low, Alexander, & Son, spinners and manufacturers, Hillbank Linen 

Works ; office, 2 India buildings 
Low, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 34 King street ; A, 6 Victoria 
place, West Ferry 

Alexander, messenger, Bank of Scotland ; h. 24 Bank street 

Alexander, blacksmith, 91 Hospital wynd 

Alexander, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 77 King street 

Alexander, carpenter, 21 Miller's wynd 

Alexander, joiner, 44 Catherine street 

Andrew B. , of Alexander Low & Son, Guthrie Castle, Guthrie 

Andrew, of G. & A. Low, 81 Victoria road 

Andrew, clerk, 65 Commercial street; h. Castle street, B. Ferry 

Andrew, joiner, 4 Idvies street 

David, jute and flax spinner, Ann Street Works, and Keath Mill, 
Blairgowrie; office, 1 Royal Exchange pi.; A. 11 Clarendon terrace 

David, millmanager. Upper Dens Works ; A. 15 Nelson street 

David J. , manager, The Victoria Road Calendering Co. ; h. Home 
lodge, Broughty Ferry 

David, blacksmith, 10 Rosefield street 

David, blacksmith, 149 Seagate 

David, joiner, 159 Ann street 

& Duff, engineers, brassfounders, coppersmiths, and galvanizers, 
Albert Machine Works, 146 Overgate, and Albert Foundry, Lochee 

George, shoemaker, 24 Todburn lane 

George, milloverseer, 43 Princes street 

George, joiner, 26 Kidd street 

George, 2 Ramsay street 

G. & A, , joiners and funeral undertakers, 31 Overgate and 14Bankst. 

H. D., clerk, 32 Cowgate ; h. 1 Gowrie street 

James F., machinemaker, Monifieth Foundry; place of call, 20 
Castle street, Dundee; h. Seaview, Monifieth 

James, agent. Town and County Bank, Limited, 5 Albert square ; 
h. Hazel villa, 22 Baton's lane 
jOw, James, of Lindsay & Low, Mountrosa, Broughty Ferry 
iOw, James, bootmaker, 6 Albert street ; h. 4 
iOW, James, blacksmith, 36 Dundonald street 
jOW, James, clerk, 10 Roslin terrace 
ow, James, ironturner, 24 Forfar road 

Low, James S., manuf act. andmerch., 39Cowgate;A. 10 S.Wellington st. 
jOw, John, & Co., drapers, milliners, and dressmakers, 25 to 31 Wellgate 
jOW, John, of John Low & Co. , 2 Laurelbank 

jOW, John, coal and hay merchant, 13 Bell street ; h. 7 S. Ellen street 
jOw, John, greengrocer, 19 Baxter street ; h. 21 
jOw, John, clerk, 16 Elizabeth street 
jOw, John, blacksmith, 36 Constable street 










Low, John, 23 Roslin terrace 

Low, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 58 Hawkhill 

Low, Maggie C, teacher, Dudhope Public School; h. 91 Hospital wynd 

Low, Peter, greengrocer, 109 Princes street; h. 4 Church st.. Princes st. 

Low, Robert, of Low & JDuff, Albert house, 37 Nethergate 

Low, Robert, bootmaker, 43 Main street 

Low, Robert H., tailor, 75 Victoria road 

Low, Wm. , &Co. , wholesale grocers and wine merchts. , 1 1 and 13 Hunter st. ; 
branches, 304 Perth road, 87 Ure street, 47 William street, 115 Over- 
gate, 100 Murraygate, 29 Victoria road, and 56 South road, Lochee 

Low, William, Advertiser office; h. \\ Reform street 

Low, William, 25 Thomson street 

Low, William, of William Low & Co., 4 Airlie terrace 

Low, William, tailor, 84 Albert street ; h. 86 

Low, William, cowfeeder, 18 North street 

Low, William, warehouseman, 17 Lawson place 

Low, William, of Lancett & Low, Victoria place, West Ferry 

Low, William, assistant millmanager, 13 Victoria street 

Low, William, coachman, 9 Tay Street lane 

Low, Mrs Alexander, Tay Park, Perth road 

Low, Mrs Charles, 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Low, Mrs Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 14 Tindal's wynd 

Low, Mrs James, Annan terrace, 19 South Wellington street 

Low, Mrs James, 123 Victoria road 

Low, Mrs Mary, 46 Dudhope street 

Low, Mrs Peter, 111 Rosebank street 

Low, Mrs Thomas, 10 Airlie terrace 

Low, Mrs, 12 Victoria chambers 

Low, Misses, 2 Hawkhill place 

Lowcock, Arthur, Limited, improved patent fuel economiser; A. J.. 
Murdoch, agent, 79 Commercial street { 

Lowden, James, mason, 88 Strathmartine road "•! 

Lowden, Lewis, tailor, 4 Kinloch street 

LOWDEN, WILLIAM, photographer, 10 Constitution terrace. See Adv. 

Lowden, William, tailor, 3 Lowden's alley 

Lowden William, carpenter, 2 Middle street , 

Lowden, William, grocer, 27 Nelson street 

Lowden, William, cab proprietor, 142 Hilltown 

Lowden, Mrs Alexander, 2 Cherryfield lane 

Lowden, Mrs David, wine and spiritmer. , 8 Greenmarket; A. 11 S. Union st. 

Lowden, Mrs P. K., 2 Meadow entry i. 

Lowden, Mrs Peter, Magdalen place. North Clepington road 

Lowdon, Edward J. B., electrical engineer, 104 Commercial street ; h. 
Broadhaugh, West Newport 

Lowdon, George, scientific instrument maker, 65 Reform street ; h. 
Broadhaugh, West Newport 

Lowdon, John W., electrician, 65 Reform st. ; h. Broadhaugh, WestN'port 

Lowdon, Robert, draper, 2 Graham place 

Lowe, David, & Co., sailcloth and linen merchants, 7 Rl. Exchange court 

Lowe, David, of David Lowe & Co., Beach house, Broughty Ferry 

Lowe, Edward, draper, 90 Dudhope street 


Lowe, Frederick S., clerk, 8 Daniel street 
Lowe, James, bootmaker, 104 Caldrum street 
Lowe, John, cork manufacturer, 41 Sti-athmartine road ; h. 43 
Lowe, Robert, professor of dancing, 51 Yeaman shore 
Lowe, Robert, inspector of works, 3 Mountpleasant 
Lowe, Robert A., commercial traveller, 8 Forfar road 
Lowe, William, cowfeeder, 20 Nelson street ; h. 22 
Lowe, William S., clerk, 51 Yeaman shore 

Lowe, Mrs T. , wine and spirit merchant, 45 Strathmartine road ; h. 43 
Lower Dens Works, St Roque's lane ; Baxter Bros. & Co., flaxspinners 
Lower Pleasance Mill, 22 Milne's West wynd ; Geo. B. Simpson, spinner 

and manufacturer 
Lownie, William, slater, 209 Hilltown 
Lownie, Mrs William, confectioner, 211 Hilltown; h. 209 
Lowrie, James S. , hardware and china merchant, 302 Hawkhill 
Lowrie, Mrs William, 9 Blackness road 
Lowson, Agnes, dairy keeper, 21 Elizabeth street 
Lowson, David, bootmaker, 22 Ann street ; /^. 89 Hospital wynd 
Lowson, David M., 27 Constitution road 

Lowson, David, gateman, Camperdown dock ; h. 30 Grove st. , Springhill 
Lowson, George, silkmercer, furrier, skin merchant, &c., 36, 38, and 40 

Reform street ; h. 3 Taymouth place, Broughty Ferry 
Lowson, George, assistant School Board officer, 4 Rosefield street 
Lowson, Henry, mechanic, 24 North Ellen street 
Lowson, James, joiner, 2 Roslin terrace, Court street 
Lowson, John, k Son, merchants, 107 Murraygate 

Lowson, John, accountant, CommercialBank; A. Ha wthornbank, Carnoustie 
Lowson, Peter, tailor and clothier, 17 and 19 Reform street ; h. Esther 

cottage, Westfield lane 
Lowson, Peter, pilot, 7 Springhill place. Ferry road 
Lowson, William, of John Lowson & Son, Graybank, 166 Nethergate, 

and Balthayock, near Perth 
Lowson, William, jun,, of Watson & Lowson, Taymount, West Ferry 
Lowson, Mrs George, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Constitution rd. ; h.21 
Lowson, Miss Marion C, 15 Albany terrace 

Luckie, Chas., glazier, joiner, and pictureframer, 156 Hawkhill ; h. 158 
Luckie, James A., 15 Step row 

Luhrs, George, of H. & G. Luhrs, h. 3 Cumberland pi., Broughty Ferry 
Luhrs, Hermann, of H. & G. Luhrs ; h. 1 Cedar villas, Broughty Ferry 
Luhrs, H. & G.j merchants, 37 Albert square 
Luis, John Henry, of Jaff6 Brothers & Co., Cidhmore, Perth road 
Luis, John H. , jun., of Jaffd Bi-others & Co. ; h. Cidhmore, Perth road 
Luke, David, of Luke, Mackie, & Co., 17 North Wellington street 
Luke, George, mason, 13 Blyth place 

Luke, Harry D., of Kinmond, Luke, & Co., St Helens, Blairgowrie 
Luke, James, of Kinmond, Luke, & Co., Craigmount, Harecraig 
Luke, James, draper and milliner, 60 Wellgate ; h. 30 Forfar road 
Luke, John L. , of Kinmond, Luke, & Co. , Invercraig, near Dundee 
Luke, John D. , insurance and commission agent, 4 Park terrace 
Luke, J. Alexander, merchant, 10 Panmure st. ; A. Beach house, B. Ferry 
Luke, Mackie, & Co., gen. printers and wholesale stationers, 115Murray gate 



Luke, Reginald, gardener, 360 Perth road 

Luke, Robert S., clerk, 1 Springhill 

Luke, William, confectioner, 94 Caldrum street 

Luke, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Parker street 

Lumsden & Cowlej, calenderers, bagmakers, and packers, Berna 

Street Calender, 27 Bernard street 
Lumsden, David, of Lumsden & Cowley, Mary cottage, Broughty Fer 
Lumsden, James, planemaker and edge-tool dealer, 20 South Lindsi 

street; h. 32 Dudhope street 
Lumsden, John, blacksmith, 3 Kinnaird street 
Lumsden, John, collector, Scottish Legal Society ; h. \ Mountpleasam 
Lumsden, John, powerloom tenter, 3 Ann street 
Lumsden, John, joiner, 7 Mortimer street 
Lumsden, Robert, cabinetmaker, 6 Small's lane 
Lumsden, Thomas, commercial traveller, 42 King's road 
Lumsden, Thomas C, clerk, Shore Dues office; h. 110 Victoria road 
Lumsden, Walter, shoemaker, 3 Kinnaird street 

Lumsden, Wm. , foreman, Harbour Works ; /(. South quay, Victoria do' 
Lumsden, William, machine grinder, 1 North William street 
Lunan, Alexander, dairyman, 65 Albert street ; h. Westmarch, Balmu 
Lunan, Alexander, calendervrorker, 21 South Ellen street 
Lunan, Mrs, greengrocer, 294 Perth road 
Lundie, Alexander, broker, 31 Lochee road ; A. 27 
Lundie, R. H. , bookseller and stationer, 27 Reform street and 101 NetW 

gate; h. 7 Westfield lane 
Lundie, Mrs J., bookseller and stationer, 27 Reform street and 101 Neth< 

gate; h. 7 Westfield lane 
Lyall, A. B. , & Co. , merchants, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Lyall, A. Brown, of A. B. Lyall & Co. , 2 Douglas place, Carnoustie 
Lyall, Charles, dentist, 6 St Matthew street J|'{ 

Lyall, James W., manager, London Clothing Co., 114 Murraygate; h. f\ 

Parkview terrace, Maryfield 
Lyall, Margaret, waste merchant, 57 Cotton road 
Lyall, Robert, powerloom manager. Constable Works ; h. Greenlaw ] 
Lyall, Robert, spiritdealer, 110 Blackscroft ; h. 62 
Lyall, Thomas, fruit and fish merchant, 7 Greenmarket; h. 2 Butcher r( 
Lyall, William, lieutenant of police, 2 Easson's angle 
Lyall, William, fish and fruit merchant, 31 Nethergate 
Lyall, William, storekeeper, 2 Rosefield street 
Lyall, Mrs George, dressmaker, 40 Princes street 
Lyall, Mrs J. , 29 Rosebank street 
Lydon, Peter, gardener, 5 Robertson street 
Lyell, Charles, of Lyell, Gilroy , & Co. , Uplands, Monifieth 
Lyell, Gilroy, & Co., jutespinners, Monifieth ; office, 3 Panmure stree 
Lyell, James C. , of Lyell, Gilroy, & Co. , Monifieth house, Monifieth 
Lyell, Miss Betsy, dressmaker, 143 Nethergate 
Lynch, Joseph, teadealer, 40 Watson's lane 
Lynch, Owen, spiritdealer, 40 Scouringburn ; h. 220 Blackness road 
Lynch, Miss, dressmaker, 74 Blackness road j 

Lynn, David, drill instructor, H.M.S. Unicorn ; h. 6 Ben vie road 
Lyon, Rev. David, teacher of languages, &c. , 31 Reform street 





^yon, David M., gx'ocer, 49 Hill street ; h. 12 J Mortimer place 
Lyon, Jas. W. , joiner and funeral undertaker, 12 Jamaica st. ; h. 87 Ann st. 
Lyon, John F,, sorting clerk. General Post Office; h. 1 Gowrie place 
Lyon, John M., chemist and druggist, 119 Murray gate; h. 37 Stanley pi. 
Lyon, William, storekeeper, 5 Ogilvie street 
Lyon, Mrs William, 16 Bell street 
Lyon, Mrs, 25 North Lindsay street 
.YON'S Inks. See Adv. 

^I'Adam, George, warehouseman, 11 Middle street 

VL'Ainsh, Duncan & James, joiners, case and box makers, 76 Albert st. 

kl'Ainsh, Duncan, of D. & J. M'Ainsh, 76 Albert street 

yi'Ainsh, James, of D. & J. M'Ainsh, 76 Albert street 

y[ 'Andrew, Alex., police constable, Western Police Stn. , 194 Scour'burn 

V[ 'Andrew, Alexander, warehouseman, 7 Victoria street 

vl 'Andrew, Mrs, broker, 15 Elizabeth street 

d'Ara, Alexander, coppersmith, plumber, and tinsmith, Victoria dock ; 
^. 17 Springhill place 

^'Arthur, David, police sergeant, Western Police Stn., 194 Scour'burn 

/['Arthur, Jane, baker, 71 Hawkhill ; A. 25 Isles' lane 

/['Arthur, John, city missionary, 25 Isles' lane 

/['Arthur, John, jun., billposter and circular deliverer, 7 N. Lindsay st. 

['Arthur, William, coffeehouse keeper, 188 Scouringburn 

I 'Arthur, Mrs Jane, grocer, 176 Blackness road 

/['Arthur, Mrs Janet, 1 Mountpleasant, Hawkhill 
till I'Artney, J., millfurnisher, general ironmonger, tinsmith, gasfitter, and 
plumber, 51 to 55 Westport; workshop, 6 Blinshall street 

I'Artney, Mrs James, Hollybank, 7 Panmure terrace 

I'Aulay, Mrs, confectioner, 274 Hawkhill 

I 'Bain, Donald, street porter, 3 Vault 

I 'Bain, Henry, plasterer, 12 Raglan street 

I 'Bain, John, engineer, 40 Lily bank road 

~ Bain, William, tailor, 10 Annfield street 

I 'Bain, Mrs George, 356 Perth road 

I 'Bay, David, sergeant of police, 119 Lochee road 

I'Beth, David, of D. M'Beth & Son, 6'Raglan street 

['Beth, D., & Son, plasterers, 20 Raglan street 

['BURNEY, WILLIAM, china merchant, 79 Murraygate; h. 1 Rustic 
place. See Adv. 

I'Cabe, Peter, baker. Thorn place, 249 Blackness road 

I'Cafferty, Thomas, shoemaker, 1 Horsewater wynd 

['Caffray, Bernard, tobacconist, 58 South Tay street and 45 Scouring- 
burn; h. 28 Polepark road 

['Call, Andrew, blacksmith, 33 Albert square and 114 Murraygate; h. 
88 Rosebank street 

t'Call, Thomas, painter, 194 Blackness road 

['Galium, George, mechanic, 98 Albert street 

['Galium, James H., commercial traveller, 16 North Ellen street 

['Galium, James, cooper, 71 Albert street 
'Galium, John, teacher, 98 Albert street 
'Cann, Peter, grocer, 38 James street ; h. 36 


M'Cann, Peter, shoemaker, 4 Urquhart street 

M 'Carrie, Wm., bootmaker, 49 Rosebank street ; h. 10 Rosebank roac 

M'Cash, Robert, blacksmith, 35 Strathmartine i*oad ; h. 6 Mid road 

M'Cauly, Thomas, of Kydd & M'Cauly, 98 Albert street 

M'Cheyne, John, clothier, 76Nethergate: h. Youngsdale pi. , E. Newpol 

M'Clacherty, John D,, porter. Parcels depart., T.B. Station; h. 4 Docks: 

M 'Combe, George, compositor, Covirier & Argus office ; h. 86 Peddie st; 

M'Combie, Andrew, warehoviseman, 10 South George street 

M 'Combs, James, powerloom overseer, 5 Blyth street 

M 'Combs, Mrs, 11 Blackheath place, Hawkhill 

M'Cormack, Jas. , grocer and spiritdealer, 40 James st. ; h. 22 Mortimer Si 

M'Cormack,MaryJane,eggandbuttermer. , 14Mortimerst. ; A.21Glamiss! 

M'Cormack, Peter, glass stainer, artist, and decorator, 94 Hilltown ; A. £! 

M'Cormack, Richard, broker, 230 Overgate; h. 232 

M'Corquodale, William, harbour porter, 6 Lamb's lane 

M'Cosh, R. Neaves, M.A., M.D., superintendent, Royal Infirmary 

M'Cosh, Misses, 20 Airlie place 

M'Crae, John, manager. Gas Works ; h. Peep-o'-Day house, 13 Ferry re 

M'Crae, William, assistant manager. Gas Works 

M'Creery, John, coal merchant, 10 Johnston's lane ; h. 16 Lawrence s 

M 'Crone, John, family baker, 55 Wellgate; h. 36 Victoria road 

M'Cullie, Eliza, 38 North street 

M'Culloch, Alex., A.M.I.C.E., civil engineer, architect, surveyor, an 

valuator, 6 Panmure street; h. Salem villa, 59 Constitution road 
M'Culloch, John, music teacher, 10 Paton's lane 

M'Culloch, John W., baker, 137 Perth road ; /;. 17 Stanley pi., Step ro^ 
M'Culloch, Peter, blacksmith, 98 Albert street 
M'Culloch, Mrs Catherine, confectioner, 2 Watson street 
M 'Curdy, Mrs M., grocer and spiritdealer, 23 Ann st. ; h. 29 Powrie p 
M'Cutchen, Richard, drill instructor, 9 Rosefield street 
M 'Daniel, Peter, grocer and spiritdealer, 4 Scouringburn ; ^. 9 Hawkhi 
M'Dermott, Rev. Augustine, St Mary's R.C. Church ; h. 22 Powrie plac 
Macdiarmid, Finlay, registrar of births, &c., 16 King st. ; h. 3 S. Tay s 
Macdonald, Alexander J., haberdasher, 57 and 59 Commercial stree 

h. Rustic place, 63 Constitution road 
Macdonald, Alex. , merchant and manufr. , 33 Albert sq. ; h. 15 Springfiel 
Macdonald, Alex. , factory manager, Scott St. Linen Works ; h. 3 Scott s 
Macdonald, Alexander, milloverseer, 18 Lawrence street 
M'Donald, Alex., manager, Victoria Model Lodging House, 161 Overgai 
M 'Donald, Alexander, harbour porter, 8 Roslin terrace 
M'Donald, Angus, blacksmith, Ellen place, 7 Lyon street 
Macdonald, A. & C, milliners and dressmakers, 138 Scouringburn 
Macdonald, Colin, manager, Institution for the Blind, 59 Magdalen gree 
M'Donald, Daniel, late shipmaster, 214 Overgate 
Macdonald, David, coal and coke merchant, 137 Perth road 
Macdonald, David, of D. & D. Macdonald, Thomson's pi., 3 Charles sj 
M'Donald, David, harbour porter, 36 Dura street 

M'Donald, David, house proprietor, 19 Todburn lane : 

M'Donald, David, office pointer, Tay Works ; A. 18 Hunter street 
M'Donald, Donald, cashier, Caledon Ship Yard ; h. 14 Forfar road ' 
Macdonald, Duncan, 24 Thomson street 




Macdonald, D. & D. , grocers and wine merchants, 38 and 40 Dundonald st. 

M 'Donald, Frank, mason, 36 Catherine street 

M 'Donald, George, coffeehouse keeper, 4 Dudhope Crescent road ; h. 2 

M 'Donald, George, tailor, 245 Lochee road 

M 'Donald, George, blacksmith, 126 Princes street 

M 'Donald, George, 6 Arthur street 

Macdonald, Henry, jute merchant, 4 Coupar's alley; h. 32 Thomson st. 

M 'Donald, Hugh, clothier and outfitter, 2 Wellgate and 18 Panmure st. ; 
h. 36 Thomson street 

M'Donald, Hugh, coaldealer, 39 Union street, Max.; h. 8 Caldrum street 

Macdonald, James, wine and spirit mercht., 77 Rosebankst. ; A. 7 Stirling st. 

.M'Donald, James, shoemaker, 20 Dens brae 

M'Donald, James, joiner and funeral undertaker, 11^ Ann street; h. 
42 Forebank road 

M'Donald, James, messenger-at-arms, 44 High street; h. 32 Seagate 

M'Donald, James, printer, 194 Blackness road 

M'Donald, James, clothcropper, 69 North Wellington street 

M'Donald, James, mechanic, 33 Stirling street 
|M 'Donald, James, clerk. Bank Mill Works; h. Park terrace 
^1 M'Donald, James, confectioner, Couttie's wynd; h. 23 Crichton street 

Macdonald, John B. , commission merchant, Rankine's court ; h. St Johns- 
wood terrace, Westpark road 

llacdonald, John C. , merchant, tarpauling manufacturer and waterproof 
cover maker, 7 Cowgate 

^lacdonald, John, ironturner, Speed's terrace 

vi 'Donald, John, wine and spirit mercht. , 17 Constable st. ; A. 7 Wallace st. 

M'Donald, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 215 Hawkhill ; h. 73 Annfield rd. 

M'Donald, John, grocer, 36 Fleuchar street 
l"vl 'Donald, John, seaman, 60 Watson street 
M'Donald, John, police constable, 13 Stirling street 
"M'Donald, John Brander, shipriveter, 21 St Matthew street 

M'Donald, John, tenter, 32 North Ellen street 

M'Donald, Mary, stationer and tobacconist, 87 Victoria road 

'»! 'Donald, Menzies, general dealer, 3 Vault 

ylacdonald & Muir, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, funeral undertakers, 
_ and removal contractors, 71 Nethergate 

iI'Donald, Murdoch, police sergeant, 13 Baffin street 

il 'Donald, Norman, 13 Lyon place 
?' il 'Donald, Peter, shoemaker, 35 Crescent street 

i 'Donald, Peter, shoemaker, 69 Constable street 

1 'Donald, Robert, grocer, 92 Annfield road ; h. 2 

I 'Donald, Robert, cloth inspector, 38 Hospital wynd 

I'Donald, Roderick, waiter, 32 Ash street 

i'Donald, Thomas, mason, 93 Nethergate 

ilacdonald, William, joiner, 7 Balfour street 

ilacdonald, William, commission agent, 13 Dock st. ; h. 5 Catherine st. 

/t'Donald, William, provision dealer, 3 Rosefield st. ; h. 2 

J 'Donald, William, cattledealer, 16 Bernard street 

J 'Donald, Mrs Alexander, 36 Nethergate 

J 'Donald, Mrs Andrew, 100 Dens road 

VI 'Donald, Mrs Henry, sicknurse, 2 William street. King street 




M 'Donald, Mrs James, 32 South Tay street 
M 'Donald, Mrs Mai-y, fish merchant, 59 Murraygate; h. 61 
M'Donald, Mrs, caretaker, Butterburn School; h. 17 Well rd., Buttei-bui 
Macdonald, Miss Jane J., teacher, St Andrew's Sess. School, 2 Willia 

street ; A. 9 Brown Constable street 
Macdougald, Geo. D., F.Inst.Chem., public analyst for county of Pert':!| 

and burghs of Dundee, Forfar, &c., 82 High street; h. Youngsdaif 

place. East Newport 
M'Dougall, Daniel, carpenter, 3 Langlands street 
M'Dougall, James, tinsmith, 16 Baxter street 
M'Dougall, John, baker, 50 Polepark road ; h. 10 Fleuchar street 
M'Dougall, John, baker, 11 Barrack street 
M'Dougall, Peter, tailor, 60 Bell street 
M'Dougall, Peter, mechanic, 150 Hilltown 
M'Dougall, William, painter, 26 Dura street 
M'Dougall, William, painter, 53 Caldrum street 

M 'Dougall, Mrs, stationer and tobacconist, 1 97 Victoria rd. ; A . 26 Dens bn 
M'Dougall, Miss Jessie, dressmaker, 2 M'Gill street 
M 'Dow ell, Clotworthy, boot and shoe maker, 238 Hawkhill 
M'Dowell, Wm., crystal and china merchant and broker, 34 Jamaica s 
M'Eachran, Jas., dairy and farm produce, 65 Hilltown; h. 22 Russell s 
Macerlain, John, tailor and clothier, 35 Cowgate 
M'Ewan, Alexander, superintendent. Boys' Home, West Bell street 
MacEwan, David, M.D., CM., medical practitioner, 9 Tay square 
M'Ewan, David, painter, 35 Cotton road 
M'Ewan, David, bootmaker, 12 Westport ; h. 27 
M'Ewan, James, mason, 74 Hill street 
M'Ewan, John, boilermaker, 100 Foundry lane 
M'Ewan, Peter, cowfeeder. East loan, Invergowrie 
M'Ewan, Robert, tailor, 12 Thomson street 

M'Ewan, Mrs Alexander, matron, Boys' Home, West Bell street 
M'Ewan, Mrs David, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
M'Ewen, Andrew W., shipsteward, 28 Balfour street 
M'Ewen, James, calender overseer, 33 Victoria street 
M'Farland, William, proprietor, M'Farland's Theatre of Varieties, an 

lessee, H.M. Theatre and Opera House; h. Tay view ter., Newpor 
Macfarlane, Alexander, Masonic place, 46 Dudhope Crescent road 
M'Farlane, Alexander, mill overseer, 61 Strathmartine road 
M'Farlane, Alexander, blacksmith, 4 Annfield street 
Macfarlane, Andrew, overseer, Trades Lane Calender; h. 2 Graham placi 

Princes street 
M'Farlane, Archibald, janitor, Hawkhill Public School ; h. School building 
Macfarlane, David H., clerk, Caledonian Railway; h. Bolton cottag< 

Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
M'Farlane, David, blacksmith, 13 Rosefield street 
M'Farlane, George, joiner, 6 Dallfield terrace 

M'Farlane, Jas., goods superintdt.. East Station; h, 65 Commercial sl 
Macfarlane, James, compositor, 1 1 Annfield row 

Macfarlane, James, stampcutter, 42 St Mary's place ' 

M'Farlane, James, manager, Dundee Foundry; A. Beach house, B. Ferr 
M'Farlane, Jas., horsedealer, Ryehill house, 6 Mid wynd 


M'Farlane, James, clubmaster, Western Club, 1 New Inn entry 
M'Farlane, James, fish merchant, 17 Polepai-k rd.; h. 1 Lawrence st. 
Macfarlane, Jane, draper, 199 Hawkhill; h. l\ Annfield row 
iVl'Farlane, John, architectural and monumental sculptor, stonecarver, 
marblecutter, and granite worker, 3 and 5 E. Dock st. ; h. OCraigie st. 
Macfarlane, John A. G., overseer, Courier office ; h. 2 Kinnaird street 
Macfarlane, John, moulder, 41 North Wellington street 
Macfarlane, John, wine and spirit mer. , 79 and 81 Scouringburn ; h. 75 
Macfarlane, John, herbalist, 17 North Ellen street 
Macfarlane, Lilias, of L. & M. Macfarlane, 8 Ferry road 
Macfarlane, L. & M., milliners and dressmakers, 12 Ferry road 
Macfarlane, Margaret, of L. & M. Macfarlane, 8 Ferry road 
M'Farlane, Peter, engineer, 74 Ferry road 
M'Farlane, Peter, bottler, 20 St Clement's lane 
M'Farlane, Robert, engineer, 36 Ferry road 
M'Farlane, Robt., coachbuilder, 19 Magdalen Yard road; h. 6 Tait's lane 

l)f|M'Farlane, Robert, fireman, 32 Ann street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, blacksmith, 30 Ure street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, blacksmith, 34 Fleuchar street 
Macfarlane, Wm,, police sergt. , Western Police Station, 194 Scouringburn 
Macfarlane, William, spiritdealer, 39 Lochee road ; A. 2 Cochrane street 
Macfarlane, Wm. D., milloverseer, Pleasance Works ; h. 9 West wynd 
Macfai-lane, William, officer, Panmure Street Chapel ; A. 16 Bell street 
Macfarlane, William, mason, 46 North George street 
Macfarlane, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 65 Commercial street 
Macfarlane, Mrs, 23 Lawrence street 
Macfarlane, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 22 Temple lane 
M'Faulds, Mrs, midwife, 12 Pennycook lane 
M'Fee, Robert, mason, 10 Benvie road 

M'Fee, William, cab proprietor, 18 East Henderson's wynd; A. 12 
M'Gann, Wm., coaldlr., 22 Commercial st. , Max'town: h. 33 Elizabeth st. 
M'Garry, Edward, coal merchant, 82 Cowgate 
tf 'Garry, James, painter, 21 Kincardine street 
^ 'Gavin, Alexander, mechanic, 37 St Salvador street 
M 'Gavin, Alexander, cook, 23 Crescent street 

jj^M 'Gavin, David, baker, 206 Hawkhill ; h. 45 Miller's wynd 
M'Gavin, F. H., grocer and wine mercht., 99 Murraygate; h. 74 Seagate 
M'Gavin, Rev. James R., Tay Square U.P. Church ; h. Norwood lodge, 
I Blackness road 

M'Gavin, Robert, merchant, Tannage court, 7 Cowgate ; h. Ballumbie 
M'Gavin, Robert E., & Co., merchants, 9 Royal Exchange lane 
M'Gavin, Robert E., of R. E. M'Gavin & Co., Tay cliff, Tayport 
M'Gavin, Mrs Elizabeth M., grocer, 62 Overgate; A. 11 Mid Kirk style 
M '(ribbons, Alexander, officer. Unitarian Church ; h. 53 Constitution rd. 
M 'Gibbons, Mrs, 7 East Henderson's wynd 
M'Gill, James, overseer, 62 North Church street 
M'Gill, James, draper, tailor, clothier, and milliner, 56 and 58 North 

Church street; h. 14t 
M'Gill, John, boot and shoe maker, 4 Parker sti-eet 
M'Gillivray, Peter, beltmaker, 1 North William street 
M'Gillivray, Mrs, manglekeeper, 1 Derby street 



M'Gilvary, Catherine, manglekeeper, 94 Overgate Piscg 

M'Gilvary, George, clothier and tailor, 19 High street 

M'Giverin, James, minor theatre proprietor, Seagate; h. 3 Charles st 

M'Glashan, Alexander, china merchant, 50 Blackscroft 

M'Glashan, Barbara, dressmkr., 8 Hill st ; h. Pitempton cot., Downfiel^lji 

M'Glashan, David, fish and poultry dealer, 78 Scouringbnrn; h. 75 

M'Glashan, James, & Co., merchants, 23 Panmure street 

M'Glashan, James, of James M'Glashan & Co., 7 Mountpleasant 

M'Glashan, Lizzie L. , dressmaker, 31 Dallfield walk 

M'Glashan, Peter, millfurnisher, 19 Ward road 

M'Glashan, William, mechanic, Caldrum Works ; h. 62 Princes street 

M'Glashan, Mrs W. , milliner, 36 Dudhope Crescent road ; h. 32 

M'Glashan, Miss Isa., teacher, 7 Mountpleasant 

M'Gonagall, William, poet, 31 Paton's lane 

M 'Govern, Edward, grocer, 26 Small's wynd, and grocer and spiri 

merchant, 30 West Henderson's wynd ; h. 2 Small's lane 
M 'Govern, Mrs Bernard, grocer, 14 Union street, Maxwelltown 
M'Gowan, Hugh, tenter, 67 North Wellington street 
M'Gowan, John, engineer, 11 Roslin terrace 

M 'Grady & Christie, wholesale grocers, 6 to 12 North Lindsay street 
M 'Grady, Henry, of M 'Grady & Christie, Seymour lodge, 235 Perth r( 
Macgregor, Alexander, warehouseman, 41 Hawkhill 
Macgregor, Alexander, teacher, 33 Cowgate 

M'Gregor, Alexander 0., art student, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
M'Gregor, Alexander, machinist, 80 Constable street 
M'Gregor, Arthur M., porter, 37 Albert court, Nethergate 
Macgregor & Bald, linen merchants, 3 High street 
M'GREGOR & BALFOUR, shuttlemakers and millfurnishers, Gowan' 

court, 21 North Tay street. See Adv. 
M'Gregor, Colin, blacksmith, 74 Constable street 

M'Gregor & Co., fire-engine hosemanufs., Mid St. Works; oJ^cfi,2Indiabdga 
M'Gregor, Daniel, of Summers & M'Gregor, Courthouse buildings 
M'Gregor, David, of M'Gregor & Balfour, Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
M'Gregor, David, builder, 21 Jamaica street 
M'Gregor, David, porter, 6 Derby street 
M'Gregor, David, telephone lineman, 22 Union place, Perth road 
M'Gregor, Donald, collector, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 1' 

Annfield street 
M 'Gregor, Duncan, wine and spirit merch. , 57 and 58 Dock st. ; A. 1 7 Air lie pi 
M'Gregor, Duncan, confectioner, 128 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Lowden's alley 
M'Gregor, Duncan, fireman, 6 Smellie's lane 












M'Gregor, Francis, sen., gatekeeper, 10 Ogilvie's road j 

M'Gregor, Francis, jun., manager, Miln Street and Bower Mills ; / 

Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 
M'Gregor, George, commission merchant, and agent for State Steamshi 

Co., 62 Commercial street ; h. 20 Airlie place 
M'Gregor, Grigor, clerk, 34 North Lindsay street 
M'Gregor, James, butcher, 117 Hawkhill ; h. 122 
M'Gregor, James, beltmaker, 32 Ann street 
M'Gregor, James, stationer, 139 Hawkhill; h. 50 Peddie street 
Macgregor, John, waste merchant, 6 James street ; h. 38 Ann street 



kfacgregor, John, coal merchant, 4 Wellington street 

A 'Gregor, John, wme and spirit mer. , 58 and 60 James st. ; h. 20 Caldrum st. 

kl'Gregor, John, commission agent, 25 South Lindsay street 

ll'Gregor, John W., fishdealer, 226 Hawkhill ; h. 15 Shepherd's loan 

M 'Gregor, John, woodturner, 29 Queen street ; h. 34 North Lindsay st. 

^'Gregor, John, of M 'Gregor & Co., West Newport 

tf 'Gregor, John, pawnbroker, 199Locheerd. ; h. 21 Whorterbank, Lochee 

^'Gregor, Peter, Courthouse keeper, and bar-officer, Sheriff Court; 

h. Courthouse buildings, West Bell street 
ll 'Gregor, Peter, shipmaster, 185 Princes street 

^acgregor, Robert C, of Macgregor & Bald, Alpine cottage, W. Newport 
il 'Gregor, Robert S., hosier and glover, 45 Reform street ; h. 2 Hunter 

place, Broughty Ferry 
d 'Gregor, Thomas, furniture dealer, 41a Hawkhill ; h. 38 Hunter street 
ti 'Gregor, Walter, superintendent. Public Baths ; h. 3 Craig street 
»I 'Gregor, William, clerk, S. Dudhope Works ; h. 10 Rosefield street 
/['Gregor, William, clerk, Jaff6 Brothers & Co. ; h. 37 Gellatly street 
(I'Gregor, William, carting contractor, 2 Hill street 
/['Gregor, William, draper's assistant, 16 South Lindsay sti-eet 
/['Gregor, William, draper, 115 Victoria road 
d 'Gregor, William, tobacconist, 80 Princes street 
lacgregor, Mrs Hector, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 86 High 

street ; h. 87 

lacgregor, Mrs, teacher (special classes for ladies of neglected educa- 
tion), 33 Cowgate 
I 'Gregor, Miss Bella A. C. , teacher, 13 St Peter street 
i'Gregor, Jessie M. , confectioner, 29 Princes street ; h. 3 Crescent st. 
a I'Grigor, James, Rustic place, 1 Dudhope street 
[lacguckin, John, grocer and wine merchant, 25 Lower pleasance ; 

h. 3 Ramsay street 
[iacguckin, Peter, grocer and spiritdealer, 264 Hawkhill ; h. 105 
I'Guire, John, butcher, 74 Scouringburn ; h. 5 Kincardine street 
I'Guire, Patrick, china, glass, and earthenware dealer, 22 Greenmarket; 

h. 69 Rosebank street 
I'Guire, Mrs Mary, spiritdealer, 70 Dudhope street ; h. 19 James st. 
lachan & Co. , oil and paint merchants, and shipstore dealers, 53 and 

54 Dock street 

lachan, John, shipbroker. King William dock ; h. Bellevue, W. Ferry 
lachan, William N., of Machan & Co., 5 Douglas terrace, Bro. Ferry 
lachan, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Albert street 
[achar, William, 26 North George street 
I 'Hardy, Alexander, carter, 42 St Mary's place 

I'Hardy, Chas. , grocer and spirit mer. , 41 Albert st. ; h. 40 Kemback st. 
I'Hardy, Edward, grocer and wine merchant, 70 Ann street ; h. View- 
bank, Blackness road 
I'Hardy, James, clerk, Forebank terrace, 20 Forebank road 
I'Hardy, Robert, grocer and wine merch. , 96 Hawkhill; h. Viewbank, 
Blackness road 
Hugh, James, joiner and undertaker, 72 Blackness road and 21 
Scouringburn; h. 72 Blackness road 
lI'Hugh, Mary, conf ectr. , 117BBlackscroft; A. 37 Thorn pi. , Blackness rd. 


M'Hutchesoii, Robert, storekeeper, Gas Works ; //. 125 Ferry road 

M'lndoe, Alexander, riveter, 80 Hill street 

M'Indoe, Mrs Anne, tish merchant, 5 Main street ; k. 23 Hill street 

M'Innes, Geo.,powerl. manager, Tay Works; ^.Arcade buildings, King s 

M'Innes, James, clerk, 7 Vault ; h. Cottage place, Broughty Ferry 

M'Inroy, John, mason, 3 Charles street 

M'Inroy, William, feuar, 72 Hilltown 

M'Intosh, Alex., clerk, 10 Panmure st. ; h. Rustic pi., 63 Constitution re 

M'Intosh, Andrew, of M'Intosh Brothers, 8 Crichton street 

M'Intosh, Andrew, grocer and Avine mercht., 25 Victoria st. ; h. Magdalei 

place, Clepington road 
M'Intosh, Andrew, of M'Intosh & Malcolm, 114 Hilltown 
M'Intosh, Andrew, joiner, 12 Hill street 

M'Intosh Bros. , china and glass mers. , 32 Greenmarket ; h. 8 Crichton s 
M'Intosh, Charles, warehousekeeper. No. 2 Bond; h. 10 Court street 
M'Intosh, Daniel, machinefitter, 93 Lochee road 
M'Intosh, David H. , meal and grain merchant, 142 Hawkhill ; h. 

M'Intosh, David, butchei", 34 Dundonald sti'eet ; ^. 12 
M'Intosh, David, ropespinner, 14 Kinnaird street 
M'Intosh, David, insurance agent, 17 Glamis street 
M'Intosh, David, joiner, 8 Alexander street 

M'Intosh, Donald, grocer and spiritdlr., 135 Hawkhill; h. 1 1 Kincardine s 
M'Intosh, Donald, porter, 35 Baxter street 

M'Intosh, Donald, millmanager, Lower Dens Works ; h. 5a William s 
M'Intosh, Donald, jun., 6 Alexander street 
M'Intosh, Elspeth, teacher, 10 Blackness street 
M'Intosh, George, tobacco manufacturer, 22Westport; ^. 45 South Tay si j 
M'Intosh, George, shore porter, 2 Ogilvie's road 
M'Intosh, George, fireman, 12 Hill street 
M'Intosh, George, 47 Annfield road 
M'Intosh, George, horseshoer, 10 Roslin terrace 11'] 

M'Intosh, Gilbert, insurance agent, 7 Rosefield street ']I'l 

M'Intosh, Henry G. B., colporteur, 63 Constitution road 
M'Intosh, Hugh, baker, 221 Hawkhill; h. 26 Stanley place. Step row 
Macintosh , Jas . , wholesale and retail conf ec. , 24 Westport -, liA Temple Ian 
M'Intosh, James, leather merchant and boot manufacturer, 27, 29, and 3 

King street; h. 16 Bank street 111'] 

M'Intosh, James, tobacco manufacturer, 22 Westport ; h. 18 
M'Intosh, James, cattledealer, 1 Coupar's alley |M'] 

M'Intosh, James, manager, 27 King street; h. 10 North Ellen street S]'] 
M'Intosh, James, officer, James' U.P. Church ; h. 28 Euclid crescent | 
Macintosh, James G., telegraph department, N.B. Railway, Taybrid^ \\ 

Station; h. 10 West Dock street 
M'Intosh, James, porter, 1 14 Murraygate 
M'Intosh, James, mechanic, 84 Murraygate 
M'Intosh, James, teadealer, 41 Cowgate ; h. 36 Ferry road 
M'Intosh, James, inspector of police, 66 Union street, Maxwelltown 
M'Intosh, John, engineer, 54 Princes street 
M'Intosh, John, engineer, 16 Baffin street 
M'Intosh & Malcolm, tinsmiths and plumbers, 116 Hilltown 








vl'Intosh, Margaret, grocer, 20 Craigie street 
ti'Intosh, Peter, warehouseman, 68 James street 
►I'Intosh, Peter, coal merchant, West Station ; h. 1 Taylor's lane 
tl'Intosh, Peter, draper, 3 Kincardine street 
tl 'Intosh, Robert W. , vandriver, 2 Roslin terrace 
ti'Intosh, Robert, shipmaster. Logic Toll cottage, Lochee road 
tl'Intosh, Robert, fireman, 10 Roslin terrace 
'^Hil'Intosh, Thomas, sail, rope, twine, tarpaulin, and waterproof cover 

mantifacturer, 51 Magdalen green ; h. 9 Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
il 'Intosh, Wm. , assistant inspr. of weights and measures, 62 Caldrum st. 
il 'Intosh,. William F., shiprigger and painter, south side of Victoria 

Graving dock; h. Daisybank, Maryfield 
d 'Intosh, William, foreman, Gas Works ; //. 51 Crescent street 
H 'Intosh, William, dairy keeper, 40 North George street 
ti'Intosh, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 25 South Lindsay street 
tl 'Intosh, Mrs Andrew, 30 Union place, Perth road 
Itl'Intosh, Mrs G., ladies' nurse, 47 Annfield road 

/lacintosh, Mrs James, confectioner, 171 Hawkhill; h. 6 Bellfield lane 
d 'Intosh, Mrs John, 9 Brown Constable street 
I 'Intosh, Mrs John, 26 Balfour street 
/[ 'Intosh, Mrs Naomi, spirit merchant, 27 Blackness road; h. 11 

William street, Scouringburn 
'Intosh, Mrs Robert, china merchant, 44 Union street, Maxwelltown 
I 'Intosh, Miss Betsy, manglekeeper, 33 Lawrence street 
I 'Intyre, Bernard, milloverseer, 44 Alexander street 
jjji'Intyre Brothers, bleachers and yarn merchants ; office, 30 Meadowside; 

ivorks, Baluniefield 
il'Intyre & Co., spinners and manufacturers, Erichtside Works, Blair- 
gowrie ; office, 29 Cowgate 
I 'Intyre, Daniel, of M 'Intyre & Sievwright, 41 Seafield road 
I 'Intyre, David, of M 'Intyre Brothers, 8 Duntrune ter., West Ferry 
I 'Intyre, Jas., of W. A. M 'Intyre & Co., Greenfield house, Pitkerrord. 
I 'Intyre, James, shoemaker, 21 Dallfield walk 
I'Intyre, Peter, auctioneer and live stock salesman, 6 High street ; 

h. Denfind, Monikie 
M Il'Intyre, Peter, 4 Roxburgh terrace, Westpark road 
l|l'Intyre & Sievwright, accountants and stockbrokers, 13 Albert square 
I 'Intyre, William, vice and deputy consul of the United States of 

America, 81 Murray gate ; h. 130 Seagate 
I'Intyre, William A., of W. A. M 'Intyre & Co., Blairgowrie 
I'Intyre, William F., of M 'Intyre Brothers, bleacher, Baluniefield 
I'Intyre, William, baker, 18 Caldrum street 

I'Intyre, William, blacksmith, 5 Idvies street ; h. 15 Dallfield walk 
['Intyre, W. A., & Co., bleachers and yarn merchants, 29 Cowgate 
I'Intyre, Mrs John, 13 Maryfield terrace 
I'Intyre, Miss, dressmaker, 26 Long wynd 
I'Kaig, William, police constable, 7 Thistle street 
I'Kane, William, powerloom tenter, 20 Dura street 
['Kay, Adam, mason, 2 Ness street, Forebank 
['Kay, Adam, street porter, 7 Tindal's wynd 
[ackay, Alexander, of Mackay & Mess, Rockknowe, Broughty Ferry 



Mackay, Alexander, joiner, 149 Scouringburn 

M'Kay, Alexander, ironfounder, 5 Baffin street 

M'Kay, Alexander, grocer and spiritdealer, 67 Hill street ; h. 5Lenga 

M'Kay, Alexander, confectioner, 34 James street 

M'Kay, Alexandra, dressmaker and milliner, 332 Hawkhill »ir 

Mackay Brothers, watchmakers and jewellers, 11 High street W-, 

Mackay & Co., photographers, 48 Victoria road P 

Mackay, Charles, contractor, back of Customhouse; h. 14 Smellie's lanci 

Mackay, David, chemist and druggist, 47 Scouringburn ; h. 2 Union s 

M'Kay, David, blacksmith and cartwright, 144 Strathmartine road; / 

2 Russell street 
Mackay, Donald, calenderworker, 5 Roslin terrace 
M'Kay, Donald, draper, 188 and 190 Blackness road ; h. 2 Blackness S' 
M'Kay, Donald, warehouseman, 25 Lilybank road 
Mackay, George B. , of Mackay Bros. , 49 Castle street, and Lome cottag 

Tay street, Newport 
M'Kay, George, stationer, 38 Blackscroft 
M'Kay, George, newsagent, 96 Rosebank street 
M'Kay, George, moulder, Salisbury place, 89 Arbroath road 
Mackay, H., of Mackay & Co., 48 Victoria road 
Mackay, James, relief agent, Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway, ( 

Commercial street ; h. 8 Derby place, Broughty Ferry 
Mackay, James H., of J. Mackay & Son, 2 Union street 
Mackay, James, w^atchmaker, 2 Union street 
M'Kay, James, grocer, 25 Union street, Maxwelltown ; h. 23 
M'Kay, James, coal merchant, 19 Elizabeth street ; h. 33 Caldrum stre^ 
M'Kay, James, pedlar, 27 Charles street 
Mackay, James, seaman, 2 Taylor's lane 

Mackay, John, minister, Catholic Apostolic Church ; A. 20 Union stree 
M'Kay, John, police inspector, 18 St Mary's place 
Mackay, John, butcher, 40 Overgate; h. 36 Victoria road 
Mackay, J. , & Son, painters, paperhangers, and decorators, 42 Castle si 
M'Kay, Kenneth, agent for Cassell & Co.'s publications, 10 Hawkhill 
Mackay, Maggie, provision storekeeper, 153 Scouringburn ; h. 149 
Mackay, Margaret, draper, 3 North Lindsay street 
Mackay & Mess, chartered accountants, 13 Albert square 
Mackay, Neil, manager. Virtue & Co., publishers, 21 Reform st. ; h. 1 

Garland place 
Mackay, Peter, mason, 96 Dens road 

Mackay, Robert F., fine art dealer, 6 High street; h. 3 Roseangle 'I' 

Mackay, Robert, bootcloser, 3 Thorter row 

Mackay, Robert B., grocer and tea mer., 68 Ferry rd.; h. 48 Victoria rd 
M'Kay, Thomas B., shipmaster, 4 Gowrie place 
Mackay, William, of J. Mackay & Son, 2 IJnion street 
Mackay, William S., of Mackay Bros., 49 Castle street, and Lorr 

cottage, Tay street, Newport 
M'Kay, Mrs Catherine, grocer, 7 Milne's East wynd 
M'Kay, Mrs Isabella, laundress, 2 Parker's court, William street 
Mackay, Mrs John, 12 Tindal's wynd 
M'Kay, Mrs Neil, 79 Commercial street 
Mackay, Mrs, manglekeeper, 8 Castle court 







/['Kay, Mrs, cooking depOt, 61 Main street 

dackay, Miss Isabella, 2 Union street 

dackay, Miss J., tobacconist, 18 Crichton street 

iI'Kean, Alexander, 7 Victoria street 

/['Kee, Thomas, overseer, 39 North Church street 

d'Keith, John, teacher. Hunter Street Public School; h. 16 N. Ellen st. 

I'Keith, John, stair-railer and cabinetmaker, 105 Hilltown ; h. 16 
North Ellen street 

I'Kellar, EUar, coal merchant, 41 Ryehill lane; h. 24 Kinloch place 

I'Kelvie, Andrew R. , draughtsman, 7 Euclid street; h. 5 Melville 
terrace, Westpark road 

I'Kelvie, James, waterman, Camperdown dock; h. 17 Glebe street 
'Kelvie, William R., superintendent of cemeteries and pleasure 
grounds, 13 Ward road; h. 5 Melville terrace 

I'Kendrick, Andrew, cartwright and blacksmith, 11a Bell street; h. 84 

I'Kendrick, Andrew, joiner, 16 St Mary's place 

I'Kenna, James, spiritdealer, 29 Hawkhill ; h. 24a 

I'Kenna, Matthew, wholesale grocer and wine merchant, and sub- 
postmaster, 68 and 70 Blackscroft ; A. 84 Commercial street 

I'Kenna, Peter, slipper manufacturer, 10 Ryehill lane 

I'Kenzie, Alexander, tenter, 23 Wolseley street 

I'Kenzie, Alexander, birdstuifer, 45 Crescent street 

I'Kenzie, Alexander, tenter, 35 Wilkie's lane 

I'Kenzie, Alexander, clerk, 3 Charles street 

I'Kenzie, Alexander, boilermaker, 19 Constable street 

I'Kenzie, David, clerk, 3 King's road 

I'Kenzie, Donald, provision warehouseman, 63 Gellatly street 

I'Kenzie, Donald, rope and sail maker, 1 Taylor's lane 

jI'Kenzie, Francis, hacklemaker, 35 Hawkhill 

lackenzie, Geo. , manager, Royal Bank, Castle st. ; h. Craig-lee, Harecraig 

I'Kenzie, George, shoemaker, 39 Princes street 

I'Kenzie, James, grocer, 52 Mains road 

I'Kenzie, James, stevedore, 40 Union street 

lackenzie, John A., stereotyper. Advertiser office ; h. 21 Airlie place 

lackenzie, John, grocer, 84 King street; h. 23 Todburn lane 

lackenzie, John L., 10 Peddie street 

lackenzie, Joseph, blacksmith, 46 Kincardine street 

lackenzie, Murdoch, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 105 Murray gate; 
h. 3 South Ellen street 

lackenzie, Peter, clerk, 49 Castle street 

I'Kenzie, Peter, milloverseer, 2 Brown street 
^{lackenzie, Thomas, hairdresser, 7 Charles street; h. 7 William street 

lackenzie, William, stockbroker, 13 Panmure street ; h. 10 Balgillo 
crescent, Broughty Ferry 

lackenzie, William, of Glasgow, publisher and bookseller, 14 Union st.; 
James Stevenson, agent 

lackenzie, William, police constable, 53 William street, Forebank 

I'Kenzie, William, engineer, 9 Harriet street 

I'Kenzie, William, teacher, Wallacetown Parish School; h. 13 Albert st. 

I'Kenzie, William, auctioneer, 76 Overgate; h. 71 Perth road 

I'Kenzie, William, upholsterer, 104 Nethergate 


M'Kenzie, William, shiprigger, 26 Todburn lane 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Helen, china merchant, 101 Perth road; h. 103 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Jane, furnished apartments, 26 Union street 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Mary, grocer, 4 Thorter row; h. 6 

Mackenzie, Mrs William, 20 Airlie place 

M'Keracher, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Westfield avenue 

M'Keran, John, justice of peace officer, 29 Panmure st. ; h. 19 Blackness sli 

M'Kettrick, John, yarndresser, 20 Ogilvie's road 

Mackie, Alexander, assurance agent, 14 New Inn entry; h. 4 Cleghorn sli 

Mackie, Alexander, calenderworker, 40 Constable street 

Mackie, Andrew D. , of Mackie & How, 36 North George street 

Mackie, Charles, of Luke, Mackie, & Co., Salisbury place, 3 Baffin st 

Mackie, David, of Corrie, Mackie, & Co., St Katharines, West Ferry 

Mackie, David, wine and spirit merch., 42 Union st. ; A. 11 Westfield lar 

Mackie, David, coal merchant, 98 Albert street; h. 64 Kemback street 

Mackie, David F. , clerk, Caledon Ship Yard ; h. 43a Arbroath road 

Mackie, David, wine and spirit mercht., 1 Westport; h. 132ANethergai 

Mackie & How, builders and joiners, 11 Caldrum street 

Mackie, Jas., & Co., Ltd., wholesale provision merchts, 10 and 12 Charles si 

Mackie, Jas., ironmonger and blacksmith, 136 and 187 Princes st. ; h. 18 ^^^ 

Mackie, James, of James Mackie & Co. ,Ltd. ,Lewesof Fyvie,Aberdeenshiij 

Mackie, James, mason, 2 Bell street 

Mackie, John, & Co., general dealers, 3 Castle lane 

Mackie, John, fruiterer, 25 Constitution road; h. 35 

Mackie, Peter W., jeweller, 24 Bank street 

Mackie, Robert, pastrybaker, 45 Cowgate 

Mackie, Thomas, water inspector, Lawton reservoir 

Mackie, William, sen., 24 Bank street 

Mackie, William, engineer, 3 Baffin street 

Mackie, William, waiter, Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 

Mackie, Mrs James, ladies' nurse, 204 Hawkhill 

Mackie, Mrs William, professional cook, Victoria square, 43 Nethergat 

Mackie, Mrs, 7 St Peter street 

M'Kinlay, John, baker, 73 and 75 Lochee road; h. 71 I 

M'Kinlay, John, carpenter, 19 Constable street | 

M'Kinnes, Arthur, warehouseman, 14 St Peter street 

M'Kinnon, Alexander, enginefitter, 7 Graham place 

M'Kinnon, Daniel J., chemist and druggist, 116 Hawkhill; h. 114 

M'Kinnon, Samuel, overseer. Thorn place, 223 Blackness road 

M'Kinnon, Thomas, engineer, 18 Ferry road 

Mackison, William, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.A. Scot., C. E. , &c. , burgh engineer 

79 Commercial street; A. 8 Constitution terrace "1 

M 'Knight, David, millforeman, 21 Lilybank road ™| 

Mac Knight, James, ship-plater, 7 Albert street 
M 'Lagan, George, mason, 39 Overgate 

M 'Lagan, James, spirit merchant's assistant, 183 Victoria road 
M'Lagan, John, coaldealer, 46 Rosebank st. ; h. 5 Kirk entry, Wellgaii ^^ 
M 'Lagan, Thomas, coachbuilder, 226 Blackness road ' 

M'Laggan, Elizabeth, milliner, 96 Annfield road; h. 113 Victoria road 
M'Laggan, John, commission merchant, Calcutta buildings; h. S' 

Phillan's place, Newport 









lI'Laggan, Robt. , blacksm. andhorseshoer, 20 Kirk entry; h. 7 Graham pi. 

jiI'Laren, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer and wine merchant, 
288 and 290 Hilltown; h. 19 William street, Forebank 

iil'Laren, Alexander, overseer, 16 East Henderson's wynd 

jd'Laren, Charles R., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 101 Albert st. ; 
h. 2 M'Gill street 
isij Maclaren, David, of Ireland & Maclaren, School Board architect, 2 

St Johnswood terrace 
I ! kI'Laren, Donald, grocer and wine merchant, 104 and 106 Albert 
street ; h. 13 Victoria street 

tiaclaren, Geo. G. , of James Maclaren & Son, 3 Invermark ter. , Barnhill 
% ^I'Laren, George A., merchant and insurance agent, 4 India buildings; 
y ,; h. Marchbanks, Broughty Ferry 

isi i,»Iaclaren, James, & Son, architects and surveyors, 24 Bank street 
-'i flaclaren, James, valuator and ordained surveyor, of Jas. Maclaren & 

Son, Ferry bank house, Cupar Fife 
gal I'Laren, James, merchant, 21 Albert square 

d'Laren, James, fireman, Gas Works; h. 8 St Matthew street 
isj daclaren, John, bootmaker, 68 Princes street; A. Kintorepl.,4Glebestreet 
Ij iaclaren, John, cowfeeder, 29 Dura street; h. 31 

ti i'Laren, John, family grocer and wine merchant, 44 and 46 William st., 
Forebank ; h. Salisbury place, 93 Arbroath road 

I'Laren, John, marblecutter, 47 Yeaman shore; h. 37 Nethergate 

laclaren, John, commission merchant, 13 Albert square 
1 I'Laren, Matthew, hatter's assistant, 29 Wellington street 
j. /I'Laren, Richard, carter, Albert court, 37 Nethergate 

/['Laren, Robert, spirit merchant's assistant, 22 Lilybank road 

iI'Laren, Robert, blacksmith, 1 Lawrence street 

/['Laren, Thomas, blacksmith, 89 Princes street 

/['Laren, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 55 Cotton road; h. 53 

Idaclaren, William S., 13 Albert square 
,jt [I'Laren, Mrs, confectioner, 42 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 

/['Laren, Miss, 25 Union place, Perth road 

I'Laren, Miss, 133 Blackness road 

[I'Lauchlan, Alex., draper. Masonic place, 42 Dudhope Crescent road; 
h. Salem street, 59 Constitution road 

iI'Lauchlan, Jane, warder, H.M. Prison 

laclauchlan, John, chief librarian, curator, and secretary, Free Library, 
Museum, and Art Gallery, Albert Institute 

I'Lauchlan, William, printer. Advertiser office; h. 1 Mountpleasant 

I'Lauchlan, William, carting contractor, 11 Hop street 

I'Lauchlan, Mrs G. B., lodgings, 24 South Lindsay street 

I'Lauchlan, Mrs Walter, 56 Blackscroft 

I'Lauchlan, Peter, painter, 22 Dens brae 

I 'Lay, Mrs John, manglekeeper, 96 Hilltown 

I 'Lean, Alexander, joiner, 4 Balfour street 

I'Lean, Angus, mechanic, 37 Nethergate 

I'Lean, Charles, blacksmith. Union court, 6 Thorter row 

I'Lean, David, engineer, 7 Fairley place, Clepington road 

I'Lean, Ewan, police constable, 61 Hill street 

I'Lean, George, carpenter. 111 Princes street 


M'Lean, George, tobacconist, 70 Bell street 

M'Lean, Hector, calenderworker, 14 Charles street 

M'Lean, Hugh, contractor, 40 Seagate ; h. 50 Magdalen Yard road 

M'Lean, James A., auctioneer and valuator, 10 and 12 South Lindsa 

street ; h. Grant place, 42 Westport 
M'Lean, James, greengrocer, 1 Magdalen Yard I'oad ; h. 3 
M'Lean, James R., mason, 2 Craigie street 
M'LEAN, PETER, cigar importer, tobacconist, and fancy goods merchan 

16 High street ; h. 4 Gowrie street. See Adv. 
M'Lean & Phillip, fruiterers, 12 Albert street 
M'Lean, Richard, general dealer, 25 Crichton street ; A. 23 
M'Lean, Robert, mechanic, 9 Laing street 

M'Lean, Samuel, tobacco pipemanuf., 21 Hean's lane ; h. 22 Bernard sisjji 
M'Lean, Thomas, merchant, 8 St Andrew's street 
M'LEAN, WILLIAM, engineer and machine merchant, Fairmuir Machiri 

Works. See Adv. 
M'Lean,MrsAnnie,grainandpotatomer.,34Greenmarket ; h. SCrichtons ; 
M'Lean, Mrs William, of M'Lean & Phillip, Fountainbleau, Pitkerro y(. 
M'Lean, Mrs, dressmaker, 72 Hilltown 

M'Lean, Miss Agnes, eatinghouse-keeper, 107 Princes street 
M'Leish, David, railway porter, 6 Kinloch street 
M'Leish, Helen, 5 Balfour street 

M'Leish, Jessie, dress and mantle maker, 64a Nethergate 
M'Leish, John, blacksmith, 109 Lochee road 
M'Leish, John, engineman, Ellen place, 17 Lyon street 
M'Leish, John, beltmaker, 3 Scott street 

M'Leish, William R., of Robertson & M'Leish, 16 Westfield place 
M'Leish, Mrs Margaret, 28 Balfour street 
M'Leish, Mrs, lodgings, 31 Princes street 
M 'Lallan, Watson, engineer, 8 Lilybank road 
M'Lennan, William, of Brown & M'Lennan, 3 Arbroath road 
M'Lennan, Mrs D., dairy keeper, 1 Greenfield place 
M'Lennan, Mrs, manglekeeper, 12 Peter street 
M'Lennan, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 181 Victoria road 
M'Leod, Alexander, milloverseer, 43 Princes street 
M'Leod, Alexander, clerk, D. & A. Joint RailM'ay ; h. 95 Peddie stree Kj 
M'Leod, David, boot and shoe maker, 41 Overgate ; h. 28 
M'Leod, Donald, confectioner, 272 Hawkhill ; h. 12 Peddie street 
M'Leod, Donald, calenderer, 16 Paterson street 
M'Leod, James, grocer, hay, and straw merchant, and dairymar '^ 

22 Cotton road ; h. 20 
M'Leod, James, tenter, Waverley buildings, 70 Peddie street 
Macleod, John B., M.D., CM., 136 Nethergate 
M'Leod, John, cooper, 16 Candle lane ; h. 24 Watson street 
M'Leod, John, fishdealer, 22 Dudhope Crescent road 
M'Leod, John, cook, 11 Rosefield street 
M'Leod, Robert, joiner, 10 St Matthew street 
M'Lean, Robert, 11 Lawson place 
Macleod, Wm., concrete builder, asphalter, and steampipe and boilei 

covering manufacturer, 54 Caldrum street 
M'Leod, Mrs, 10 Wolseley street 


(I'Letchie, David, plumber, 14 St Mary's place 

d'Mahon, James, clerk, Dundee East Station ; h. 80 Blackness road 

d'ManuSjChas., wine and spirit dealer, 147 Hawkhill; h. 25 Wilkie's lane 

iI'Manus, James, shoemaker, 137 Princes street 

tiacmaster, Charles, proprietor. Imperial Hotel, 55 Commercial street 

iI'Master, Daniel, clerk, 63 Cowgate ; ^.11 Dallfield terrace 

I'Millan, Alex., manager, Clepington Spinning Co. ; h. Rose cottage, 84 
Strathmartine road 

iI'Millan, Alexander, mason, 18 Shepherd's loan 

iI'Millan, Bernard, wine and spirit merchant, 6 St Clement's lane ; h. 
63 Gellatly street 

4'Millan, George, shipmaster, 3 Arbroath road 

'd'Millan, George, mason, 60 Annfield road 

iI'Millan, James, chemist and druggist, 196 Hawkhill; h. 3 Park terrace 

'iI'Millan, James, joiner, 13 Alexander street 

/[acmillan, John, passenger agent, Taybridge Station; h.W Thomson st. 

II'Millan, Robert, commission agent, 20 Airlie place 

dacmillan, Mrs, greengrocer, 42 Larch street 

I'Millan, Mrs, wine and spirit dealer, 45 Hilltown ; h. 61 

/['Mullen, Michael, stationer, 65 Wilkie's lane 

/['Murchie, Arch. , foreman plater, Camperdown shipyard; h. 74 Ferry rd. 

[['Nab, Charles, enginefitter, 51 Dallfield walk 

['Nab, Charles G., of Scott & M'Nab, 19 Bain square 

['Nab, George R. , bookseller, stationer, and sub-postmaster, 57 Hawk- 
hill ; A. 3 Balfour street 

'lacnab, John, accountant, Rl. Bank of Scotland, King st. ; h. 31 Step row 

I'Nab, John, of M'Nab & M'Rostie, 4 Kinnaird street 

i'Nab, John, corkcutter, 37 King street ; h. 27 Cotton road 

I'Nab & M'Rostie, joiners, 49 Forebank road 

I'Nab, Sherwood, & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 13 Panmure st. 

I'Nab, William S., leather merchant, and shoemakers' furnishing ware- 
house, 1 Vault ; h. 7 Park lane 

I'Nab, William M., mechanic, 4 Small's lane 

I'Nab, William, of W. M'Nab & Son, 23 Union street, Charles street 

I'Nab, W., & Son., cork manufacturers, 37 King street 
trs^'Nab, Mrs, midwife, 7 Cowgate 

I'Nab, Mrs, 87 Albert street 

I'Nair, John, housef actor, 3 Barrack street ; h. 1 Exchange street 

lacnair, J. A. H., O.A., 13 Panmure st. ; h. 5 James place, Bro. Ferry 

I'Naughton, Alexander, carter, 15 Exchange street 

lacnaughton, Angus, office sergeant, detective department, Central 
Police chambers -, h. QQ Union street, Maxwelltown 

I'NAUGHTON & BOSWELL, brassfounders, Tay Brass Works, East 
Dock street. See Adv. 

I'Naughton, Daniel, coachbuilder, 21 Kincardine street 

I'Naughton, John, stonecutter, Watson terrace, 60 Watson street 

I'Naughton, John, fishdealer, 119 Ami street ; h. 117 

lacnaughton, William, confectioner, 185 Perth road ; h. 30 Union pi. 

I'Naughton, William, of M'Naughton & Boswell, 2 Isles' lane 

I'Naughton, William, joiner, 10 North Ellen street 

I'Naughton, Mrs Euphemia, bootmaker, 58 Overgate ; h. 120 Perth rd. 



M'Naughton, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 73 Magdalen green I 

M'Nee, John, booking-clerk, West Station ; /*. 40 Seafield road j 

M'Neil, James, tenter, 22 Catherine street 

M'Neil, Neil, agent, 97 Rosebank street 

MacNeil, Mrs John, 68 Bell street 

MacNeill, Mrs Margaret, 204 Hawkhill 

M'NicoU, Alex., poultry, game, and feather mercht. , and Dundee registd 

office for servants, 91 Nethergate ; h. Elmbank, 2 Miller's wynd 
M'Nicoll, Charles, accountant, 27 Bank st. ; h. 32 Dudhope Cres. roac 
M'Nicoll, David, engineer, Dundee Foundry ; h. 19 St Matthew street 
M'Nicoll, James, joiner, 29 Step row P'l 

M'Nicoll, John, clerk, 8 Panmure street ; h. Elmbank, 2 Miller's wyn< 
M'Nicoll, John, canvasser, goods dept., Taybridge Stn. ; h. 10 Garland p 
M'Nicoll, Peter, housepainter, 31 Crescent street 
M'Nicoll, Miss, grocer, 31 Larch street 
M 'Nidder, David R. , engineer, 52 Watson street 

M'Nidder, Peter, manager, Camperdown Shipyard ; h. Ill Ferry roac 
M 'Ornish, James, grocer, 20 Arthur street 
Maconochie, John, fireman, 20 Ness street 
Maconochie, Lauchlan, draper, 86 Princes street; h. 88 
Maconochie, Mrs, 22 Airlie place 

Maconnachie, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 71 Perth road 
Macphail, Christina H.,boot and shoe dealer, 12 Overgate; h. 1 Bank i '^ 
Macphail, Frederick, collector. West Station ; h. 1 Bank street 
Macphail, John P., late teacher, 1 Bank street 
Macpherson, Alexander, jeweller, 19 High street 
Macpherson, Andrew G., postman, 19 High street 
M'Pherson, Angus, vandriver, 11 Tay Street lane 
M'Pherson, Colin, potato merchant, 11 Jamaica street; h. 13 
M'Pherson & Graham, drapers, tailors, and milliners, 134 Murray gate 
M'Pherson, Hugh, bootmaker, 9 Kincardine street 
M'Pherson, James, of M'Pherson & Graham, 51 North Wellington st. 
Macpherson, Rev. John, Hilltown Free Church ; li. 6 Woodville place 
Macpherson, Mark H. D. , church-officer, St Clement's E, Ch. ; h. 80 N'ga 
M'Pherson, Wilson, confectioner, 12 South Union street; h. 11 
M'Pherson, Mrs Stewart, grocer and spiritdealer, 31 Craigie street ; h. i 
MacPherson, Mrs, dressmaker, 7 North Ellen street 
M'Pherson, Mrs, 49 Elizabeth street 

M'Quattie, Robert, calendering overseer, 10 Morrison's court 
M'Quattie, William, dockgateman, 1 Langlands street 
M'Queen, Andrew, of A. & D. M'Queen, 23 South George street 
M'Queen, A. &. D., cork manufacturers, 23 South George street 
M'QUEEN, DAVID, packingcase maker, 56 St Andrew's street ; h. 

Cowgate. See Adv. 
M'Queen, Robert, confectioner, 11 Victoria road ; h. 55 Murraygate 
Macrae, Alexander, plasterer, 1 1 Annfield row 

Macrae, Daniel, enginefitter, Waverley buildings, 66 Peddie street 
Macrae, Rev. David, Tayview house, East Newport 
M'Rae, David, painter, 44 Cowgate ; h. 126 Princes street 
M'Rae, David, of D. & D. M'Crae, 126 Princes street 
M'Rae, Duncan, fruiterer, 18 Union street ; h. 28 South Tay sti'eet 



\I'Rae, D. & D., shoemakers, 15 Wolseley street 

Vlacrae, Wm. , plumber and gasfitter, 2 Horse wynd; h. 95 Murraygate 
Vlacrae, Mrs James, stoneware dealer, 103 Peddie street 
M'Rae, Mrs, cook, 144 Perth road 

H'RITCHIE, ALEXANDER, modeller and plasterer, 29 Temple lane ; h. 
Edenbank, Monifieth. See Adv. 
;i:, VI 'Ritchie, David, plasterer, 29 Temple lane 
li M 'Ritchie, George, Morton's square, 31 Wellgate 
,; M 'Ritchie, James, plasterer, 20 Crescent lane 
IV M 'Ritchie, Mrs, 27 Victoria road 

VI'RITHER, DAVID, tinsmith, plumber, and ironmonger, 112 Scouringburn; 
\\ h. 110. See Adv. 

(IfjM'Rither, John S., tinsmith, 38 Peddie street 
jlM'Rostie, Peter, of M'Nab & M'Rostie, 30 Caldrum street 
fM'Tavish, John, joiner, box and case maker, 5 Seafi eld lane; h. 223Perthrd. 

IjMacveigh, Macintyre, & Co., merchants, 104 Commercial street 
jMacveigh, Wm. A., of Macveigh, Macintyre, & Co., Dunella, W. Ferry 
M 'Vicar, Rev. Peter, Original Secession Church ; h. Adelaide terrace 
'M 'Walter, David, carter, 109 Lochee road 
('M 'Walter, James, moulder, 33 North Ellen street 
M'Walter, John, collector. Gas Office; h. 16 Baffin street 
M 'Walter, Mrs Alexander, 12 Dudhope terrace 

M'Walter, Mrs Ann, dressmaker, 13 Scouringburn; h. 11 Mid wynd 
M'Walter, Mary, confectioner, 15 Arthur street 
M'Wattie, James, clerk, 7 Blackness street 
iM'Wattie, Nicol, nightwatchman, 40 St Mary's place 
M'Wee, James M., of Justice of Peace Clerk's office; h. 15 Blackness st. 
M'Whiney, Samuel, coal merchant, 18 Brewery lane; h. 177 Blackness rd. 
M'Whiney, Thomas, coaldealer, 18 Brewery lane; h. 9 Rosefield street 
M 'William, Robert, shop porter, 11 Stanley place, Step row 
M 'Williams, Samuel, weaver, 35 Main street 

Magee, Francis, warehouseman, 116 Overgate ; h. 7 N. Lindsay street 
ic( Maich, John, joiner, 7 Langlands street 
jMaich, Joseph, tailor, 49 King street 
Maiden, Alexander, mason, 6 Kinloch street 

jMaiden, James, biitcher, 36 Dudhope street ; h. 25 Kinloch street 
■Maiden, James, potato merchant, 20 Watson's lane ; h. 114 Hawkhill 
Mailler, James, officer, St Mark's Established Church; h. 16 West wynd 
Mainds, Colin, coaldealer, 23 M 'Donald street; h. 29 Caldrum street 
Mains, Richard, joiner, 19 Middle street 
Mair, Alexander D., engineer, 81 Albert street 
Mair, James, tailor and clothier, 9a Victoria street 
Mair, William, joiner, 2 Annfield road 
Mair, Miss, 9 Osborne place 

Maitland, Edward F. , of Baxter Brothers & Co. , Hazelhall, Perth road 
Maitland, James, leathercutter, 126 Princes street 
Maitland, Thomas, of Baxter Brothers & Co., Reres cottage, B. Ferry 
Malcolm, Alexander, Viewbank house, 7 Dudhope terrace 
Malcolm, DavidR.,manuf., Constable Works; h. Netherlaw, 11 Albanyter. 
Malcolm, Fredrick J., of Jas. Malcolm & Sons, Forthill house, Bro. Ferry 
Malcolm, Geo. , of Malcolm, Ogilvie, &Co. , Inverlaw, Douglas ter., Dudhope 





MalcolnijGeo. , jun. , manuf., Constable Works; h. 2Erskineter. , Maryfiel: 

Malcolm, George, brushmaker, 8 Hospital wynd 

Malcolm, George, science and art teacher, 10 Constitution road 

h. Whitehall Palace buildings, Whitehall street 
Malcolm, Henry A. , of H. A. Malcolm & Co. , Viewbank, 7 Dudhope te:; 
Malcolm, H. A. , & Co. , manufacturers, Rashiewell Works 
Malcolm, James, & Sons, jutespinnersandmanufactrs.,ChapelshadeWort 
Malcolm, James, fireman, 58 Watson street 
Malcolm, James R. ship's clerk, 13 West Dock street 
Malcolm James, harbour porter, 8 Graham place 
Malcolm, Kate H., stationer and tobacconist, 74Hawkhill; h. 3 Bam 

street, Lochee 
Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co. , spinners and manufacturers, Constable Workn 

Dura street ; office, Royal Exchange buildings 
Malcolm, Robert, of James Malcolm & Sons, Forthill house, Bro. Ferr 
Malcolm, Thos. C, of James Malcolm & Sons, 8 Balgillo ores., Bro. Ferr 
Malcolm, William F., & Co., merchants, 12 Cowgate 
Malcolm, William, grocer, 100 Hilltown ; h. 1 M 'Donald street 
Malcolm, Mrs James, 2 Dudhope place 
Malcolm, Mrs James, 5 Panmure terrace 
Malloch, Andrew, mechanic, 219 Blackness road 
Malloch, William, warehouseman, 3 South Ellen street 
Mallone, Andrew, assistant druggist, 32 Scouringburn 
Malloy, Christopher, wine and spirit dealer, 78 Hawkhill ; A. 80 \^ 

Malloy, Peter, slippermaker, 25 Lochee road ji 

Malven, Mrs Annie, dressmaker, 3 St Peter street I 

Manchester, The, Aniline Manufact. Co., 41 Cowgate ; P. B. Steele, agen ^ 
Manderson, William, plasterer, 248 Hilltown 

Manhattan Works, Dundonald st. ; F. S. Sandeman, spinner and manufi 
Mann, Alexander, porter, 7 North Ellen street 
Mann, David, of Mann & Millar, 138 Perth road 
Mann, Edward, coachtrimmer, 2 Hean's lane 
Mann & Eraser, wholesale and retail grocers and wine and spiri 

merchants, 42 and 48 Wellgate 
Mann, Hemy, slater, 12 Temple lane 
Mann, James, shipmaster, 9 Viewforth street 
Mann, James, of the Hillbank Spinning Co. ; h. 2 Albany terrace 
Mann, James, blacksmith, 79 Arbroath road 
Mann, John E., of Robbie & Mann, 28 Annfield row 
Mann, John, insurance agent, 2 Bain square ; h. 67 Lochee road 
Mann, John, patternmaker, 1 Watson's lane 
Mann, Maria, teacher, 39 Nelson street ; h. 124 Seagate 
Mann & Millar, builders, 328 Hawkhill 
Mann, Robert, plasterer, 62 Rosebank street 

Mann, William, of George Burnett & Co., Cedar road, Broughty Ferry 
Mann, William, boot and shoe maker, 18 Strathmartine road ; ^. 16 
Mann, Mrs Jane, grocer, 1 1 Castle lane ; h. 32 Dudhope street 
Mann, Mrs John, 20 St Clement's lane 
Manners, Mrs G. C, boot merchant, 82 Overgate 
Manson, Mrs George, lodgings, 11 South Union street 
Manzie, Mrs, 1 Meadow street 


ilarist Brothers, teachers, St Mary's, St Andrew's, and St Stephen's 

R.C. Schools ; h. Forebank house, Eadie's road 
ilaritime Insurance Company, Limited, of Liverpool, 67 Reform street; 

James Logie, agent 
ilarnie, Adam, dairyman, 99 Albert street ; h. 97 

ilarnie, Alexander, grocer and wine and spirit dealer, 41 Dalltield walk ; 
' A. 12 Malcolm street 

liamie, Jas. M., boatbuilder, Craig pier, 31 W. Dockst.; h. 23 Castle st. 
ilarnie, John, painter, 6 Tannadice street 
ifamie, Mrs David, lodgings, 23 Castle street 
ilarquis, Cecil J., of Nicholson & Marquis, 3 Paton's lane 
, |larquis, William H. , ornamental hair manufacturer, 38 Union street 
''^'larr, Alexander, engineer, 118 Albert street 

iilarr, David, engineer, 118 Albert street 
^"ll-Iarr, James, bootmaker, 13 Mains road 

^'^t^arr, Thos. P., clerk, 1 Bain square; h. Hawthorn cot., top of Provost rd. 
Ilarr, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 17 James street 
larr, William, labourmaster. East Poorhouse 
larsh, P., & Sons, merchants, 9 Meadow Place buildings 
larshall, Andrews, & Brush, manufs., Dundee Carpet Wks. ,Clepingtonrd, 
larshall, Andrew, gardener, Crescent lodge, 348 Perth road 
larshall, Archd., coal merchant, 14 Queen street; h. 12 Glebe street 
larshall, Daniel, egg merchant, 68 Seagate 

larshall, David, of Marshall & Johnston, Dryburgh house, Lochee 
larshall, David, painter, 2 William street, Scouringburn 
larshall, David, matressmaker, 16 Step row 
larshall, Henry, teacher of music, 16 Step row 
larshall, James Scott, artificial manure manuf, and merchant ; office, 

7 Vault ; works, Wynton, near Baldragon ; h. Dryburgh house, Lochee 
larshall, James, spiritdealer's assistant, 15 Ogilvie's road 
larshall, James, tenter, 124 Albert street 
larshall, John, cutter, 35 Brown street 
larshall & Johnston, agricultural auctioneers and commission agents, 

14 St Clement's lane 
larshall, Peter, of Bartholomew & Marshall, 4 Garland place 
larshall, Thomas, commission agent, 102 Seagate, and Glasgowrd,, Perth 
larshall, Walter, of Marshall, Andrews, & Brush, 2 Lome ter. , Maryfield 
larshall, Mrs D., artist, 7 Ward road 

larshall, Miss A. F., superintendent. Convalescent House, 14 William st. 
larshall, Miss, lodgings, Doig's court, 33 Castle street 
lartin, Alexander, pastrybaker, 2 Lawrence street 
lartin, Alexander, janitor. University College, 149 Nethergate 
lartin, Alexander, 63 Gellatly street 
lartin, Alexander, 32 Hawkhill 
lartin, Andrew, bottler, 80 Peddie street 
lartin, David, & Co., merchants, 10 Bain square 
lartin, David, slater and slate merchant, 73 Victoria road; h. 10 
lartin, David, milloverseer, 39 Dallfield walk 
lartin, David, mechanic, 38 Pennycook lane 

lartin, Geo. , wholesale wine and spirit mer., 22 to 28 S. Lindsay st. ; h, 24 
ilartin, George, agent for Queen Insurance Co. , 7 Roslin terrace 



Martin, George, currier, 34 Dallfield walk 

Martin & Gibson, plasterers and cement workers, 22 Bell street 
Martin, Henry, detective oflS.cer, 66 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Martin, Hugh, house and coalagent, 5Larchst. ; h. Ward house, Guthrie si 
Martin, Isabella M., hardware and fancy goods merchant, 177 Hilltown 

h. 68 James street 
Martin, James H., of J- M'Artney, 7 Panmure terrace 
Martin, James R., hosier, children's outfitting, ladies' underclothinji 

glover, millinery, Lome house, 126 Nethergate; /i.4 Sea wynd 
Martin, James, of Primerose & Martin, 6 Duntrune terrace, West Ferr 
Martin, James, of Martin & Gibson, 22 Bell street 
Martin, James, dairyman, Fairmuir toll 
Martin, James, accountant, bRI. Exchange buildings; h. 35 Seafield roa; 
Martin, James, shipwright, block and spar maker, east side King Williai 

dock ; A. Bridge-end cottage, West Ferry 
Martin, James, jun. , block and spar maker, 10 Shore terrace 
Martin, James, 138 Perth road 
Martin, James S., slater, 10 Victoria road 
Martin, James, late of Military Prison service, 27a Tait's lane 
Martin, James, calenderworker, 223 Hilltown 
Martin, Jessie, grocer and wine merchant, 64 Albert st. ; h. 2 Craigie s 'j| 
Martin, John, tenter, 38 Ann street 
Martin, John, joiner, 35 Hawkhill 
MARTIN & MELDRUM, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 67 High stredK 

See Adv. 
Martin, M. & J., stationers, 142 Scouringburn; h. Ward house, Guthrie s 
Martin, Patrick L., sorting clerk, Post Office; h. 68 James street 
Martin, Peter, shoemaker. 111 Victoria road ; h. 3 Eadie's road 
Martin, Thomas, foreman ironturner, Wallace Foundry; h. 12 Forfar re 
Martin, W. Y. Blyth, B Rl. Exchange bldgs, ; h. Blyth house, Newpor 
Martin, William, solicitor and notary public, 10 Reform street ; 

Hillside, Newport 
Martin, W. H. Blyth, of Gray & Martin, 35 Seafield road 
Martin, William M., mercht. , 23 Panmure st. ; h. Northwood, Adelaidep i 
Martin, William B., glazier and glass merchant, 23 Kincardine street 
Martin, William A,, property and insurance agent and valuator, 22 Bej ^jj 

street; h. 9 Louise terrace, West Ferry ^' 

Martin, William, waiter, 2 Crescent lane 
Martin, William, railway lampman, 37 Step row 
Martin, William, factory overseer, 25 Langlands street 
Martin, Mrs Thomas, manglekeeper, 16 James street T 

Martin, Mrs Thomas, grocer, 125 Princes street *' 

Martin, Mrs, 7 Lamb's lane 
Martin, Misses, dressmakers, 138 Perth road 
Mason, Alexander, painter, 24 Grove street, Springhill 
Mason, James B., chemist and druggist, 161 Scouringburn; h. 3Parkte 
Mason, James L., clerk, South Anchor Works; h. 253 Blackness road 
Mason, John, carpenter, 23 Charles street 

Masson, Rev, John (late of Russell Congregational Church), 324 Perth r 
Masson, Thomas, mechanic, 75 Ure street 
Masson, Misses, teachers, 324 Perth road 


Hasterton, David, tenter, 36 Dallfield walk 

lasterton, David, broker, 43 Nelson street 

iiasterton, George, tinsmith and gasfitter, 23 Barrack street 
^„ ylasterton, Robert, draper, 3 Mountpleasant 
j„, irlasterton, William R., broker, 64 James street ; h. 68 

i/[asterton, Mrs J., 5 Buckingham terrace, Maryfield 

; latches, Robert, police sergeant, 44 Balgay street 
,., latch ett, Richard, calenderer, 13 Seafield lane 
-"^lather, David, engineer, 23 Grove street, Springhill 

.lathers, Alexander C, temperance hotelkeeper, 7 Crichton street 

jlathers, Alexander, mechanical dentist, 1 Roslin terrace 

|Iathers, David, temperance hotelkeeper, 7 Crichton st. ; h. 28| High st. 
.pjlathers, James, clerk, 86 Albert street 
i;,| lathers, Mungo, mechanic, 1 Littlejohn street 

lathers, Robert, of Mathers & Turnbvill, Olivebank, 2 S.Wellington st. 

lathers, Robert M., baker, 61 Albert st., 37 Cowgate, and 67 Victoria 
road ; h. 63 Albert street 

lathers, Robert, clerk, '8 Arbroath road 

lathers, Robert, solicitor, 82 High street 

lathers' Temperance Hotel, 7 Crichton st. ; David Mathers, manager 

lathers & Turnbull, oil and commission merchants, 9 Bain square 

lathers, William, potato salesman, 38 Lochee road ; h. 51 

lathers, William, joiner, 58 Hill street 

lathers, Mrs S. R., 19 Springfield 
]lathers, Mrs, Olivebank, 2 South Wellington street 

ilatheson, Alex., file manufacturer, 21 North Tay street ; h. Waverley 
buildings, 68 Peddie street 
latheson, Alexander, late draper, Hilltown house, 33 Hilltown 
, latheson, Alexander, jun., of Matheson Brothers, 33 Hilltown 
latheson, Alexander, fishdealer, 64 Douglas street 

'latheson, Bros. , drapers, milliners, hosiers, glovers, tailors, mantle and 
dress makers, silk mercers, and fancy goods warehousemen, 28-36 
latheson. Rev, Dugald, Albert Square Free Church, 22 Springfield 
latheson, Mrs Charles, 3 Blackness crescent 
lathew, James P., of James P. Mathew & Co., 18 Airlie place 
lATHEW, JAMES P., & CO., letterpress and lithographic printers, 
publishers, commercial stationers, paper-rulers, bookbinders, and 
account-book manufacturers, 17 and 19 Cowgate. See Adv. 
lathew, John D., of James P. Mathew & Co., 18 Airlie place 
lathew, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 48 Bell street ; h. 46 
lathew, Mrs George, restaurateur, 2 East Dock street ; h. Caenlochan 
villa, 37 Constitution street 
"^lathew, Mrs Alice J., 27 Constitution street 

tlathew, Miss, teacher, Hawkhill Public School ; h. 18 Airlie place 
;vlathewson, Alex., of Mathewson & Son, Terrace house. Constitution rd. 
' Mathewson, Allan, of Mathewson & Son, 9 Union terrace 
klathewson, Arthur P., of A. P. Mathewson & Co., Terrace house, 

Constitution road 
Mathewson, A. P., & Co., spinners, manufacturers, and merchants. 
Grove Mill ; office, 140 Lochee road 



Mathewson, Johann, grocer and wine merchant, 28 Dudhope Crescen 

road; h. 2 Gowrie place 
Mathewson, John, of Mathewson & Son, Terrace house, Constitution rd i^ 
Mathewson & Son, tea merchants, 26 and 28 Seagate ^^ 

Mathieson, Daniel, foreman, R. A. Mudie & Sons; h. 26 East Dock st. 
Mathieson, James, boot and shoe maker, 22, 24 Overgate, and 3 

Wellgate ; h. Garfield place, 53 Hawkhill 
Mathieson, John, broker, 1 Hawkhill ; h. 52 Westport 
Mathieson, Murdoch, boot and shoe maker, 200 Hawkhill; h. 186 
Mathieson, William D. , ironturner, 2 Roslin terrace 
Mathieson, Miss B., lodgings, 14 Garland place 
Matthew, Alexander, cashier. Falcon place, 2 Wilkie's lane 
Matthew Chas., general draper, 161 Hilltown; /i. 14 South Wellington st 
Matthew, David, grocer and tea merchant, 49 Overgate ; h. 9 Kilnbur 

place, Newport 
Matthew, David, & Son, linen drapers, 123 Perth road 
Matthew, George, blacksmith, 51 Victoria street 
Matthew, George, slater, 15 Hunter street 
Matthew, James, treasurer. Gas Commission, 16 Meadowside ; h. 2 

Magdalen Yard road 
Matthew, James R., compositor, 3 Park terrace 
Matthew, James, blacksmith, 3 Glebe street 
Matthew, James, marine engineer, 62 Ferry road 
Matthew, James, mason, 45 Cotton I'oad 
Matthew, James, clerk, 6 Cleghom street 
Matthew, Jessie, milliner, 170 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Wilkie's lane 
Matthew, John, manager. Grove Mill ; h. 2 Lawrence street 
Matthew, John M., joiner, 9 Roslin terrace 
Matthew, John M., 3 Park terrace 
Matthew, Patrick K., accountant, The Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 2 

Magdalen Yard road 
Matthew, Marjory, dressmaker, 14 Nelson street 

Matthew, Peter, merchant, 12 Panmure street ; h. Elmgrove, W. Ferr 
Matthew, Robert, clerk, 5 Shore terrace ; h. 28 Magdalen Yard road 
Matthew, Robt., accountant, 4 Reform st.; h. Willowbank, West Ferr 
Matthew, William, mechanic, 5 Pitfour street 

Matthew, Mrs Anne, 170 Hilltown -■ 

Matthew, Mrs Janet, Beaconsfield place, 120 Victoria road 
Matthew, Mrs Mary, 30 Mid street 

Matthew, Mrs, 204 Seagate ■ ;^ 

Matthew, Mrs, manglekeeper, 54 Hill street '■ 

Matthew, Miss, Waverley buildings, 66 Peddie street 
Matthews, Geo. D. , sharebroker, 31 Reform st. ; h. 1 Louise ter. , W. Ferr 
Matthews, Peter, clerk. West Station ; h. 25 South Lindsay street 
Maule, David, clothier, 24 South Lindsay street J 

Maule, James, cabinetmaker, 44 South Tay street; k 24a Hawkhill I 
Maule, Peter, joiner, 3 Kincardine street ' 

Maver, Mrs, apartments, 48 Union street 

Mawer, Mrs Jas., confectioner, 165 Scouringbum; h. 1 Milne's East wync 
Maxwell, Alexander, 9 Viewforth street 
Maxwell, Charles C, 11 Windsor street 



axwell, George, librarian, Advertiser office; h. 7 Park terrace 

Maxwell, George F., 9 Viewfoi'th street 
f I MAXWELL, JAMES, rope and twine manufr,, 30 Hill st.; h. 12. See Adv. 
\ Maxwell, Jas., cashier, Dundee Foundry, patentee of the self-acting safety 
t : lock for railway and other carriages ; h. 57 Ferry road 
i!r (Maxwell, John, printer, 5 Temple lane 
[jMaxwell, Peter, dockgateman, 18 Dens brae 
^iMaxwell, William, baker, 17 Hean's lane. Small's wynd ; h. 15 
[IMaxwell & Wynd, merchants, 84 Commercial street 
i iMaxwelltown Works, 46 Elizabeth st. ; J. & A. D. Grimond, manufrs. 

May, William W., woodturner, 29 St Salvador street 

iMayall, S. & S., cotton yarn spinners (Manchester), 7 Rl. Exchange court 
!ii Meadows, James, clerk, Victoria crescent, 1 Lamb's lane 
m Mealmaker, William, slater, Lowden's alley ; h. 16 Wilkie's lane 

Mearns, Charles, clerk. West Station ; h. 40 Perth road 

M earns, James, fishdealer, 85 Ann street ; h. 18 Paterson street 

Mearns, William, fireman, Annan terrace, 19 South Wellington street 

Mearns, William, North Sea pilot, 6 Hill street 
: Mechan, Alexander R., dental surgeon, 9 Hawkhill 

Mechan, James, carpenter, 40 Blackscroft 

Mechan, John, cloth inspector, 174 Blackness road 

Mechan, Margaret, grocer, 64 Blackscroft 

Mechan, Mrs Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Hawkhill ; h. 9 

Mechan, Mrs James, grocer and wine mei'chant, 60 Blackscroft ; h. 62 

Mechan, Mrs William, grocer, 89 Blackscroft 

Mechesney, Andrew, tinsmith, plumber, gasfitter, mill and factory iron- 
monger, 9 and 11 West Henderson's wynd; h. 5 Balfour street 

Meek, David, draper and clothier, 113 Perth road ; h. 16 Step row 

Meek, George, land measurer, 31 Dura street 
,'liMeek, Marshall, sculptor, 43 Annfield road 

Meek, Robert, police constable, 95 Lochee road 

Meek, Thomas, messenger, British Linen Co. Bank ; h. 5 Horse wynd 
!n|Meiklem, Mrs Mary, midwife, 7 Overgate 

Meldrum, Andw. M., of D. M. Meldrum & Co., Canisbay lodge, E. N'port 
jn Meldrum, Andrew, moulder, 68^ Blackness road 

Meldrum, C. W., Customs officer. Customhouse 

Meldrum, Donald, coal merchant, 37 Union street ; h. 109 Ferry road 

MELDRUM, D. M., & CO., umbrella manufacts., and indiarubber and gutta- 
percha, asbestos, and leather mers., 13 and 15 Reform st. See Adv. 

Meldrum, Joseph, gardener. North lodge. Blackness 

Meldrum, Simpson, 16 Airlie place 

Meldrum, William, boot and shoe maker, 26 Arbroath road ; h. 30 

Meldrum, William, 12 St Peter street 

Mellis, John, mason, 8 Kinloch street 

Melville, Alexander, manager, Bowbridge Works ; h. Viewbank terrace 

Melville, Alexander, watchman, 4 Roslin terrace. Court street 

Melville, David, jun., bookkeeper, 65 Commercial st.; h. 18 Arbroath rd. 

Melville, David, late shipbuilder, 18 Arbroath road 

Melville, David, spirit merchant, 2 Polepark road ; h. 6 

Melville, George, stationer, 1 Constitution street 

Melville & Halley, merchts. , commis. and shipping agts. , 2 Lidia buildings 


Melville, James W. , retired sliipniaster, Arcade buildings, King street fei 

Melville, James, milloverseer, 36 Constable street [esi 

Melville, James, officer, Dudhope Cres. Road U.P. Ch. ; h. 19 West wynd [etl 

Melville, James, of Melville & Mundie, 7a William street, Forebank 

Melville, James G., teacher, 69 North Wellington street 

Melville, John, foreman turner, 5 Robertson street 

Melville, John, late H.M. Customs, Forebank terrace 

Melville & Mundie, milliners and drapers, 32 Victoria road 

Melville, Robert, cabinetmaker and joiner, 14 Small's wynd and 216 

Overgate ; h. 19a Peddie street 
Melville, Robert, baker, 45 Victoria road ; h. 8 Charles street 
Melville, Robert, clerk, 9 Oraham place 
Melville, Robert, commercial traveller, 20 Forebank road 
Melville, Walker S., of Melville & Halley, 7 Airlie terrace 
Melville, Wm. H. , draper, clothier, milliner, &c. , 29 High st. ; -^ . 1 1 Netherg'te 
Melville, William, patternmaker, 9 Graham place 
Melville, Mrs Robert, 6 Magdalen Yard road 
Melville, Mrs William, 33 Tait's lane 
Melville, Mrs, grocer, 18 Malcolm street 
Melville, Mrs, 98 Albert street 

Melvin, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 3 Balfour street 
Melvin, James, sorting-clerk, Post Office ; h. 13 Blackness street 
Melvin, Mary Ann, missionary, Tay Square Church ; A. 3 Balfour st 
Melvin, Mrs James, ladies' nurse, 29 Grove street 
Menmuir, Robert B. , rag and waste merchant, 59 South Tay street and 22J 

Overgate ; h. 60 Bell street 
Menmuir, Mrs Margaret, 60 Bell street 

Menzies, Daniel, grocer, Waverleybldgs., 74 Peddie st. ; h. 7Annfieldrow 
Menzies, David, foreman, Gas Works ; h. 21 Ferry road 
Menzies, David, 3 Scott street 
Menzies, Duncan, gardener, 69 Peddie street 

Menzies, George, & Co., coal and coke merchants, 49 St Andrew's street 
Menzies, George, of George Menzies & Co. , 49 Gellatly street 
Menzies, James, saddler and harnessmaker, 54 Strathmartine road ; h. 

2 Russell street 
Menzies, James, stationer and confectioner, 19 Albert street ; h. 7 Lyon st. 
Menzies, James, shipmaster, 19 Peddie street 
Menzies, James, harbour porter, 92 Strathmartine road 
Menzies, John, 20 Airlie place 

Menzies, John, water inspector, Stobsmuir reservoir / 

Menzies, Peter, of Menzies & Robertson, 106 Annfield road ' 

Menzies & Robertson, grocers and wine merchants, 164 Blackness road, 

and Dundee street, Carnoustie 
Menzies, Thomas, milloverseer, 65 Arbroath road 
Menzies, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Menzies, Mrs Elizabeth, 14 South George street 
Menzies, Miss H., confectioner, 64 Strathmartine road 
Mercantile Marine Office, 63 Dock street ; George Jack, superintendent 
Mercer, Robt. , messenger, Board of Trade office; h. 83 Union pi., Lochee 
Merry, George Ross, M. A., rector, High School ; h. 27 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Merson, George, musicseller, Methven, Simpson & Co. ; h. 24 Bank st. 


VTess, John, of Mackay & Mess, 132a Nethergate 

VTesser, James, timekeeper, Lilybank Foundry ; h. 15 Lilybank road 
'' VIethven, Andrew, grocer, 148 Murraygate ; h. 2 Mid street 

yiethven, Hyslop, & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, undertakers, and 
houseagents, 124 Nethergate 

VIethven, John, superintendent, Tay Ferries ; h. Craig Pier house 

VIethven, John, merchant, Baltic buildings ; h. 13 Dudhope terrace 

VIETHVEN, SIMPSON, & CO., musicsellers to the Queen, 122 Nethergate. 
' See Adv. 

Methven, T. Erskine, coal mer. , 32 Commercial st. ; h. Camphill, B. Ferry 

VIethven, W. E., of Methven, Hyslop & Co., 13 Dudhope terrace 

Methven, Mrs W., 13 Dudhope terrace 

Michie, W. Gordon, accountant, 9a Ward road ; h. 142 Perth road 

Michie, Mrs, 142 Perth road 
'|Mid Street Mill, 50 Mid street ; Fleming & Lindsay, spinners 

|Mid Wynd Works, 25 Mid wynd ; James Scott & Sons, manufacturers 

fiMiddleton, Alexander, of Jas. Mackie & Co., Ld., 113 King st., B. Ferry 

[jMiddleton, Charles, factory overseer. 111 Princes street 

[Middleton, George S., clerk, Seagate Saw Mills ; h. 9 King's road 

I Middleton, George, clerk, 3 Eliza street 

jMiddleton, Richard, seaman, 22 Blyth street 

MIDDLETON, Miss ANNE, bookseller and stationer, The Pillars, 12 High 
street ; h. 61 Reform street. See Adv. 

Midland Railway Co., general carriers, 57 Meadowside, and T.B. station 
■' 'Milen, Robert, cabinetmaker, 5 Hunter street 

Mill, Alexander, carpenter, 9 Middle street 

Mill, Alexander, railway porter, 13 Cochrane street 
"^ jMill, George, dockgateman, 3 Glebe street 

iMill, James, grocer, 30 Charles street 

jMill, James, blacksmith, 56 Dura street 

iMill, James, patternmaker, 32 Kincardine street 

Mill, John, collector (James L. Neish), 31 Charles street 

Mill, John, chimneysweeper, 20 Annfield street 

iMill, Thomas, confectioner, 43 Wilkie's lane 

Mill, Mrs Ann, fruiterer, 11 Hawkhill 

[Mill, Mrs, 10 Session street 

Millan, David, carpenter, 52 Constable street 

Millar, Alex. H. , journalist, Advertiser office ; h. 2 Norman ter. , Downfield 

Millar, Alexander, landscape gardener, 4 Well road, Hawkhill 

Millar, Alexander, moulder, 5 Pennycook lane 

Millar, Alexander, boilermaker, 56 Blackscroft 

Millar, Alexander, joiner, 166 Scouringburn 

Millar, Allan, seaman, 49 Elizabeth street 

Millar, Andrew, milloverseer, 7 Langlands street 

Millar, Catherine, fruiterer, 166 Hawkhill ; h. 4 Well road, Hawkhill 

Millar, Charles, millmanager. Garden Works; h. 27 Victoria road 

Millar, David, grocer and wine merchant, 167 Hawkhill 

Millar, David, broker and stoneware merchant, 58 William street, 
Forebank; h. 7 Mains road 

Millar, George, grocer, and sub-postmaster, 28 Dundonald street ; ^. 1 
Wolseley street 




Millar, George, overseer, 99 Peddie street 

Millar, Isabella, of Roy & Millar, 230 Hilltown 

Millar, James, ship, insurance, and forwarding agent, Clydesdale Ban] 

chambers, 54 Commercial street ; h. Tayview villa. West Newport tj 
Millar, Jas., grocer, wine and spirit mer., 112 Victoria rd.; h. 9 Ellen st 
Millar, James, wholesale hat and cap manufacturer, Steampower Ha 

Works, 121 Hawkhill ; ^,11 Speed's terrace 
Millar, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 45 Constitution road ; h. 43 
Millar, James, inspector of works, 3 Parker street _^.., 

Millar, James, gardener, 15 Lawson place [l}{ 

Millar, James, gardener, 27 Forebank road 
Millar, James, commercial traveller, 246 Perth road 
Millar, James, mechanic, 87 Albert street 

Millar, John F. , cashier, 1 King street ; h. Hollybank, West Newport 
Millar, Margaret, meal store and greengrocer, 35 Lochee road 
Millar, Mungo, carpenter, 105 Albert street 
MILLAR, PATRICK B., oil and leather merchant and general commissioi 

agent, 82 Bell street ; h. 2 Blackness crescent. See Adv. 
Millar, Robert, musician, 11 Balfour street 


Robert, moulder, 9 Harriet street 
Samuel, grocer, 81 Peddie street 
Thomas, grocer, 100 Rosebank street ; h. 98 
Thomas T., clerk, 64 Dura street 
Thomas, patternmaker, 22 Raglan sti'eet 
Thomas, shipmaster, 9 Airlie terrace 
Thomas, gatekeeper, 6 Isla street 
T. M., of Westwood, Sons, & Millar, 9 Bell street 
William, wine merchant and Italian warehouseman, 62, 66, and 
Commercial street and 8 Tally street; h. Comelybank house 
Wm., armourer, Drill hall, Parker square ; h. 143 Victoria road 
Wm. , auctioneer and valuator, 5 to 9 Victoria rd. ; A. 26 Seafield rd. 
William, clerk, 3 Royal Exchange place ; h. 31 Seafield road 
William, confectioner, 82 Ann street 
William, foreman. Gas Works ; ^, 8 Ferry road 
Mrs, 6 Melville terrace 
Mrs Alexander, 4 Havelock place 
Mrs Charles, 64 Dura street 
Mrs David, 31 Seafield road 
Mrs John, Annan terrace, 19 Wellington street 
Mrs John, 87^ Blackscroft 

Alexander, of Miller & Smith, St Mary's terrace 
Alexander, clerk, 7 Dallfield terrace 

Alexander, foreman mechanic, 57 North Wellington street 
Andrew, M.A., teacher. High School ; h. 8 Hunter pL, B. Ferry 
Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 50 Wellgate ; h.l Morrison's court 
& Co., yarn merchants, 20 Panmure street 
C, of K. & C. Miller, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 
David, harbour porter, 51 Arbroath road 
David, fireman, 215 Lochee road 
David, moulder, 10 Wolseley street 
Elizabeth, dress and mantle maker, 94 Nethergate 




Vliller, Isabella, teacher, 6 Bain square ; h. Forebank terrace 

iililler, James W., M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 23 South Tay street 

yiiller, James, M.B., CM., medical practitioner, 9 King street 

Miller, James, woodcarver, 188 Overgate ; h. 186 

Vliller, James, collector, Gas Office ; h. 1 Roslin terrace 

Jtfiller, James, carting contractor, 26 Back street 

fVIiller, James, bird dealer, 106 Blackness road 

1 Vliller, James, millmanager, 4 Hill street 

IVTiller, James, coachbuilder, 1 Johnston's lane, Westport 

;VIiller, James, milloverseer, 4 Hunter street 

Miller, John, clerk of works and housef actor, 13 Albert square 

Vliller, John, clerk, 4 Shore terrace ; h. 18 Airlie place 

Miller, John D., A.S.T.E. & E., district manager, National Telephone 
Co., Limited, 13 Panmure street ; h. 1 Blackness crescent 

I Vliller, John, joiner, 5 Queen street 

Vliller, John, tobacconist and stationer, 19 Hilltown ; h. 27 Victoria road 

Miller, K. & C. , fancy repository, 85 High street 

Miller, K., of K. & C. Miller, Hill street, Broughty Ferry 

Miller, Peter, mechanic, 2 Ness street 

Vliller, Richard A., stockbroker, 31 Panmure st. ; h. 6 Westfield place 

jVIiller, Robert, mechanic, Ellen place, 17 Lyon street 

Miller & Smith, bootmakers, 48 Reform street 

Vliller, Stephen, F.E.I.S., schoolmaster, S. Salvador's Boys School; h. 
5a William street, Forebank 

vliller, Thos. L., hemp manufacturer, Ann Street Factory, 44 Ann 

I street; h. Albertford villa, Forfar road 

jtfiller, Thomas Y., reporter, Courier and Argus; h. 3 Melville terrace, 
Westpark road 

yiiller, William, warehouseman, 260 Hilltown 

vliller, William, accountant, 32 Milnbank road 

yiiller, Mrs Alexander, Albertford villa, Forfar road 

kliller, Mrs Isabella, dressmaker, 12 Kinloch street 

kliller, Mrs James, babylinen and underclothing warehouse, 103 Murray- 
gate ; A. 21 Jamaica street 

yiiller, Mrs James, manglekeeper, 115 Rosebank street 

.kliller, Mrs Mary Ann, lodgings, 3 South Ellen street 

ililler, Mrs, 30 Dundonald street 

yiiller. Misses Blair, 4 Springfield 

yiiller, Miss, house proprietor, 26 Back street 

dilligan. Rev, Robt., Chalmers F.C.; h. Norwood ter., 38 Thomson st. 

ylilligan, William, frenchpolisher and furniture dealer, 168 Hawkhill ; 
A. 4 St Peter street 

Vlilligan, William, overseer, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
jj. tlilligan, William, confectioner, 38 Alexender street 
ij.{ Millington, Frank, photographer, 13 St Peter street 

ji»Iills, Charles, agent, 23 St Andrew's street ; h. St Mary's rd., Downfield 

ijilills, David, manufacturer, 26 Rosebank street ; h. 24 

jitlills, George, tailor, 48 Overgate 

ilills, James S., writer, notary public and accountant, 10 High street; 
h.\Q Paton's lane 

^ills, Rev. John, M.A., St Matthew's Estab. Ch.; h. 10 Somerville pi. 






Mills, John, house pi'oprietor, 151 Victoria road ' 

Mills, William R. , prodvice merchant, 6 Willison street ; h. Si Con 

mercial street 
Mills, William, grocer, 1 Janefield place; h. 28a Forfar road 
Mills, William, stationer and newsagent, 124 Princes street ; h. 126 
Mills, William, mechanic, 95 Peddie street 
Mills, Mrs Ann, 14 Annfield road 
Mills, Mrs David, 12 Nelson street 
Mills, Mrs James, 12 Maryfield terrace 
Mills, Mrs John T. , 143 Nethergate 

Mills, Mrs, confectioner, 43 Commercial street, Maxwelltown; h. 44 
Miln, Alexander A., & Co., merchants, spinners, and manufactureri^ 

Pitalpin Works, Lochee ; office, 2 Royal Exchange place 
Miln, David G., 16 Seafield road 
Miln, John, accountant, cashier Dundee Savings Bank, 2 Euclid stree" 

and session-clerk, 56 Bell street; h. Tayview terrace, E. Newport 
Miln Street and Bower Mills, Blinshall street ; John Sharp, manufacture 
Miln, Thomas, reed and camb maker, 12 Baltic street 
Miln, William, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 30 Watson st. an 
1^: ^j. corner of St Matthew street; h. Clematis cottage, Madeira street 
Miln, Mrs, 42 Seafield road 
Miln, Miss E., 16 Seafield road 

Miln, Misses, teachers, Hollybank Institution, 21 Janefield place 
Milne, Alexander, clerk, 4 Dallfield terrace 
Milne, Alexander H., winding overseer, 23 Clepington street 
Milne, Alexander, blacksmith, 150 Princes street 
Milne, Alfred, shipcarpenter, Watson terrace, 10 Glebe street 
Milne, Andrew, Inland revenue officer, 29 Bank st. ; h. Salisbury plad 

91 Arbroath road 
Milne, Andrew, leathercutter, 13 Dudhope street 
Milne, Charles, china, glass, and waste merchant, 198 Seagate and If 

Princes street; h. 48 Crescent lane 
Milne, Charles W., grocer, 14 and 15 Springhill place, Ferry road 
Milne, Colin, dockgateman, 18 Dens brae 

Milne, David, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Albert st. ; h. 82 Victoria roa 
Milne, David, pawnbroker, 4 and 6 Westport ; h. 153 Hawkhill 
Milne, David H., clerk, 7 King street ; h. 9 Viewforth street 
Milne, David, & Son, houseagents, 164 Overgate 

Milne, David, sen., of David Milne & Son, CliflF cottage, 127 Ferry roa 
MiLae, David, jun., of David Milne & Son, Cliff cottage, 127 Ferry ros 
Milne, David, butcher, 92 Scouringburn and 147 Annst.; h. 147^ Anns 
Milne, David, seaman, 14 Rosebank street 

Milne, David, joiner, 33 Victoria street ' 

Milne, David, hacklemaker, 40 Kemback street 

Milne, Eliz. , pawnbroker, 182 and 184 Scouringburn; h. 13 Dudhope d 
Milne, George, storekeeper, 14 North Erskine street ' 

Milne, George, grocer, 5 ErsJcine street ; h. S I 

Milne, George, pipe-top malcer, 16 Dudhope Crescent road | 

Milne, George, mechanic, 40 Kemback street \ 

Milne, George, mason, 31 Annfield road ' 

Milne, Helen, milliner, 5 Coupar's alley 





JMilne, James, wine and spirit merchant, 192 Hawkhill ; grocer, 202 

I Hawkhill ; h. 32 Tait's lane 

Milne, Jas., printer and stationer, 15a Meadow street; h. 8 Parker street 

Milne, James, clerk, 1 Gowrie street 

Milne, James, grocer, 9 and 10 Springhill place ; h. 74 Ferry road 

Milne, James, printer. Evening Telegraph office ; h. 33 S.Wellington st. 

Milne, James M., agent, Caledonian and L. & N. W. Railways, 94 High 
street; h. Abbotsford place, Peddie st. 

Milne, James, 23 Victoria street 

Milne, James, waiter, 12 Dallfield terrace 
i Milne, James, joiner, 70 North Church street 
nr jMilne, James, 20 Hillbank road 

Milne, James H., tobacco maniifacturer, 121 Murraygate; factory, 7 
Cowgate ; h. Caenlochan terrace. West Ferry 

Milne, John, & Son, grain, flour, and provision merchants, 11 Shore ter. 

Milne, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, and house proprietor, 
a 46 and 48 Polepark road ; /i. 16 Spi'ingfield 

Milne, John, corn merchant, 33 St Andrew's street ; h. Mill of Mains 
ai Milne, John, of John Milne & Son, 15 Strawberrybank 
!t Milne, John, boot and shoe maker, 105 Nethergate; h. 30 Victoria rd. 

Milne, John M., solicitor, 41 Reform street ; h. Ill Ferry road 

Milne, John, fireman. Thorn place, 237 Blackness road 

Milne, John, twinespinner, 96 Hilltown ; h. 124 

Milne, Peter, blacksmith, 81 Victoria road 

LMilne, Roderick, cooper, 26 Alexander street 

Milne, Thomas, 20 Airlie place 

Milne, Thomas C, commercial traveller, Glencarse ter., 4 Wilkie's lane 
ii Milne, Thomas, railway servant, 56 Lilybank road 

Vlilne, William, ironmonger, 18 Overgate ; h. 30 North Lindsay street 

Milne, William, merchant and commission agent, 23 Panmure street; 

I h. Inverpark cottage, Chalmers street, Maryfield 

Milne, William B., solicitor, 10 Reform street; h. Rose street, Lochee 

Milne, William F., shipmaster, s.s. Esquimaux; h. 61 Watson street 

Milne, Mrs Alexander, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 107 Lochee rd. 

tilne, Mrs Andrew, 17 Princes street 
ilne, Mrs David, wine and spirit mercht. ,116 Cowgate ; h. 82 Victoria rd. 

jMilne, Mrs Marj^, dressmaker, 54 King street 

Milne, Mrs M. , bei-lin wool and fancy goods warehouse, 67 Perth rd. ; h. 69 
lOi iMilne, Mrs Robert, Abbotsford cottage, Forfar road 
roi Milne, Mrs William, Thorn place, 245 Blackness road 
B! Milne, Mrs, Ella cottage, 44 Caldrum street 

Milne, Miss J. E., dressmaker, 194 Blackness road 

Milne, Miss M. F., 15 South Tay street 

Milne, Miss, dressmaker, 5 Balfour street 
e Milne, Miss, dressinaker, 47 Albert street 

Milne, Misses, teachers, 32 Bank street 

Minto, William, brush manufacturer, 30 Barrack street; h. 32 

Minto, Mrs Helen, boardinghouse keeper, 39 Exchange street 

Mitchell, Alexander, manager, Craigie Shipyard; h. 34 Seagate 

Mitchell, Alexander, milloverseer, 59 Hill street 

Mitchell, Alexander L. , grocer, 44 Polepark road 


Mitchell, Alexander C, coachbuilder, 22 St Mary's place 

Mitchell, Alexander, baker, 8 Baffin street 

Mitchell, Alexander, fish merchant, 15 Bellfield lane 

Mitchell, Andrew, & Co. , merchants, Baltic chambers, 9 Bell street 

Mitchell, Andrew, clerk, 40 Union street 

Mitchell, Andrew N., cowfeeder, Fairmuir toll 

Mitchell, Charles, mechanic, 8 William street. King street 

Mitchell, Charles, upholsterer, Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope Cres. road j 

Mitchell, David, plumber, 92 Seagate; h. 12 Forfar road 

Mitchell, David R. , of Mitchell & Jones, 1 Panmure terrace 

Mitchell, David, grain merchant, 159 Scouringburn; h. 8 Park terrace 

Mitchell, David, late fruit merchant, 14 Union street 

Mitchell, David, shipmaster, 2 Kirk entry 

Mitchell, David, gardener, 18 Queen street 

Mitchell, Faraday, grocer's assistant, 8 Dens brae 

Mitchell, Geo. , family grocer and wine merchant, 26 High st. ; h. Newpoi ( 

Mitchell, George, slaughterman, 74 Ferry road 

Mitchell, George, mason, Clepington road 

Mitchell, George, sailmaker, 3 Lowden's alley 

Mitchell, George J., printer, Livingstone place, Lochee road _.. 

Mitchell, George, messenger, Baxter Brothers & Co. ; h. 13 S. Ellen streel ^ 

Mitchell, George, carpenter, 47 Princes street ' 

Mitchell, George, carpenter, 5 M 'Gill street "^ 

Mitchell, Georgina, fruiterer, 115 Cowgate 

Mitchell, Helen, grocer, 49 Arbroath road 

Mitchell, Henry B., of Mitchell & Morrison, manufacturers, Coupai | 

Angus Jute Works ; h. 1 Park place 
Mitchell, James, & Co. , seedcrushers and cotton oil refiners, Calcutt; 

buildings, 18 Commercial street ; works, Monikie 
Mitchell, James, shipbroker and shipowner, 59 Dock st. ; h. Charlemont, 

West Ferry 
Mitchell, James, of James Mitchell & Co., 3 Douglas ter., West Ferry 
Mitchell, James, examiner for masters and mates. Local Marine Board 

h. Catherine's cottage, Carnoustie 
Mitchell, James G., calenderworker, 133 Princes street 
Mitchell, James, corn merchant, 27 Dock street ; h. 2 Maryfield terrac 
Mitchell, James, engineering department, Post Office ; h. 7 St Peter st 
Mitchell, James, millmanager, Dundee Linen Works ; h. 38 N. George st 
Mitchell, James, surfaceman, 8 Wallace street 
Mitchell, James, joiner, 44 Peddie street 
Mitchell, James, flourmiller, 45 Watson street 
Mitchell, James, moulder, 5 Roslin terrace 
Mitchell, James, mason, 342 Loons road 
Mitchell, James, seaman. 49 Foundry lane 
Mitchell, John D., of J. D. Adams & Co., 2 Ford's lane ; 

Mitchell, John R. , wine merchant and Italian warehouseman, 92 Nether 

gate ; h. 29 Windsor street 
Mitchell, John, blacksmith, 241 Hilltown ; h. 92 Dens road i 

Mitchell, John, compositor, 68 Peddie street 
Mitchell, John, 3 Fleuchar street 
Mitchell, John, 5 Ritchie's lane 




Mitchell, John, mason, 48 Princes street 
Mitchell, John, tenter, 16 Lawson place 
Mitchell, John, mason, 36 North street 

Mitchell, John, late butcher, Rosslyn cottage, top of Provost road 
Mitchell & Jones, merchants, wholesale warehousemen, carpet, matting, 

and bedding manufacturers, 8 Meadow street 
Mitchell, P. D,, oil merchant, oil refiner, and millfurnisher, 108 Com- 
1 mercial street, and Royal Exchange lane; h. Peninnah, Monifieth 
Mitchell, Peter, cofieehouse-keeper, 29 Trades lane 
Mitchell, Piobert H., house proprietor, 147 J Ann street 
Mitchell, Robert, Clifton villa, Perth road 
iMitchell, Robert, fireman, 13 Cochrane street 
Mitchell, Robert, shipwright, 10 Watson street 

Mitchell, Stewart, houseagent, 51 Reform street; li. 123 Princes street 
Mitchell, Thomas, grocer and wine merchant, agent for W. & A. Gilbey, 
, 11 Union street ; h. 21 Airlie place 
Mitchell, Thomas, blacksmith, 6 Lamb's lane 

Mitchell, William, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Cherryfield; h. 49 Larch st. 
Mitchell, William, agent for fireclay goods, mineral yard. East Dock 

street; A. 14 Baffin street 
|V[itchell, Wm. A., teller, Rl. Bank, Westport; h. 2 Balgay st., Lochee 
Mitchell, William, plumber and brassfounder, 69 Cowgate ; h, 61 

Mitchell, William, late farmer, Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 

Mitchell, William, harbour porter, 1 Langlands street 

Mitchell, William P., retired builder, 16 Kinloch street 

(Mitchell, William, clerk, 9 M'Gill street 

Mitchell, William, enginefitter, N.B. Railway ; h. 17 Annfield row 

^litchell, William, street porter, 48 Union street 

Mitchell, William, mason, 40 Watson street 

Mitchell, William, mechanic, 131 Ann street 

Mitchell, William, 3 Craig street 

Mitchell, William, shoemaker, 20 Dundonald street 

Mitchell, Mrs David, 22 Windsor street 

jMitchell, Mrs James, grocer, 78 Blackscroft 

Mitchell, Mrs Margaret, 18 HaAvkhill place 

Mitchell, Mrs William, greengrocer, 113 Cowgate; h. Ill 

Mitchell, Mrs W. , confectioner, 6 Strathmartine road 

Mitchell, Mrs, grocer and confectioner, 66 Blackness road 

Mitchell, Mrs, midwife, 15 Hill street 

Mitchell, Mrs, 1 Park place 

jVlitchell, Mrs, 87 Hospital wynd 

^itchell, Mrs, confectioner, 13 Well road, Butterburn 

vlitchell, Mrs Elizabeth, grocer and confectioner, 66 Blackness road 

Jitchell, Mrs, 18 Hawkhill place 

Mitchell, Miss C, 17 Stirling street 

Mitchell, Miss E., smallware merchant, 33 Constitution road 

i Mitchell, Miss Mary, milliner, 15 Hill street 

flitchell. Miss, dressmaker. Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 

»litchell. Miss, certificated nurse, 15 Hill street 

iilitchell, Misses, dressmakers, 1 Lowden's alley 

ditchelson, Alexander, overseer, 31 Hunter street 



Moffat, George R., clerk, West Station; h. 89 Peddie street 

Moffat, James C, clerk, 110 Victoria road 

Moffat, James, stereotyper, 38 Ure street 

Moffat, Walter, jeweller, 120 Victoria road 

Moffat, William, bootmaker, 90 Caldrum street; h. 100 

Moffat, Miss Mary, milliner, 77 Ann street; h. 77 Bonnybank road 

Moir, Albert, engineer, 18 Albert street 

Moir, David, carpenter, 173 Victoria road 

Moir, David, clerk, 87 Peddie street 

Moir, David, milloverseer, Reid street 

Moir, Edward, of John Moir & Son, Craighead villa, East Newport 

Moir, Edward W., wine and spirit merchant, 173a Hilltown; h. 171 

Moir, Frederick B. , spiritdealer, 8 Bell street; h. 3 King's road 

Moir, James, manager. Cottage Factory, East Dock st. ; h. 10 Albert st, 

Moir, John, & Son, linen manufacturers, 31 Albert square 

Moir, John C, marine engineer, 40 Kemback street 

Moir, Philip, cement and commission agent, 5 Bain sq. ; cement stores 

1 Gellatly street ; h. 166 Perth road 
Moir, William, grocers' salesman, 11 Thorter row 
Moir, William, agent. North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., 1] 

Panmure street; h. Beach house, Broughty Ferry 
Moir, William, bi-assfounder, 16 Lawrence street 
Moir, William, blacksmith, 4 Raglan street 
Moir, Mrs David, 17 Maryfield terrace 

Moir, Mrs John, confectioner and fruiterer, 143 Princes street ; h. 145 ! 
Moir, Mrs, 28 Mortimer street 
Moir, Misses, teachers, 79 Albert street 

Mollison & Co., jute spinners and manufacturers, 48 Rosebank street 
Mollison, James, of the Tay Shipbuilding Company, Marine parade ; h 

1 Westfield place, Broughty Ferry 

Mollison, James, jiin., of Mollison & Co. , 1 Westfield pi., Broughty Ferr^ 

Mollison, James, baker, 41 Union street ; h. 43 

Mollison, John, millovei'seer, Dens woi'ks ; h. 8 Arbroath road 

Mollison, William, clerk, 65 Commercial street; h. Baldovan 

Mollison, Mrs, 42 Tait's lane 

Monarch Line Steam Ship. Co. ; Melville &Halley, 2 Indiabuildings, agent 

Monce, John, carting contractor, Laburn street ; h. 5 Brown street 

Moncrieff, Henry, U.P. town missionary, Dallfield Walk Mission ; h 

2 Crescent lane 

Moncrieff, James, baker, 1 and 2 Springhill place. Ferry road ; h. 4 
Moncrieff, Robert W., of R. & W. Moncrieff, Mansionbank, Methven 
Moncrieff, R. & W. , linen and jute manufacturers and merchants 

4 India buildings ; ivorks, Methven, Perthshire 
Moncrieff, William W., of R. & W. Moncrieff, 2 Viewforth place 
Moncrieff, Mrs Charlotte, 4 Dens brae ; 

Moncrieff, Mrs William, 2 Viewforth place ! 

Moncrieff, Miss Jemima M., 125 Nethergate 

Moncur, Alexander Hay, of Alex. Moncur & Son, Rockfield, 283 Perth rd 
Moncur, Alexander, & Son, manufacturers, Victoria Works, Ure streel 
Moncur, Alexander, grocer and spirit merchant, 14 North Wellingto: 

street ; h. 32 






lioncur, David, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 87 and 89 Milnbank 

road ; h. 1 Balgay street 
lioncur, David, mechanic, 30 North street 
iWEoncur, David, joiner, 45 St Peter street 

i^Ioncur, Geo. B., fruit and potato mercht. , 35 Union st. ; h. 124 Seagate 
jtloncur, Jane, basket and fancy goods mer. , 36 Union st. ; h. Invergowrie 
iVloncur, Jane, manglekeeper, 13 Cochrane street 
Ikloncur, William, clerk, Post Office ; ^. 21 Step row 
IVloncur, William, police constable, 28 North street 
jtfoncur, William, collecting agent, 3 Parker's court, William street 
jiloncur, Wm., china and hardware mer. , 143 Hawkhill ; h. 2 Wilkie's lane 
jtloncur, William B., mason, 18 Todburn lane 
VToncur, Mrs, manglekeeper, Ellen place, 3 Lyon street 
yloncur, Mrs, manglekeeper, 13 Temple lane 
tlonfries, Alexander, Alexandra terrace, 330 Perth road 
ilonro, Jessie, 69 Nethergate 

donteith, James D. , stationmaster, Magdalen green ; h. 6 Havelock pi. 
/Tontgomery, George, manufacturing stationer, and bookseller, agent for 

Milner's safes, 64 High street ; h. 52 Seafield road 
/lontgomery, James, boot and shoe maker, 125 Blackscroft 
Montgomery, John R., ironturner, 34 Catherine street 
ilontgomery, Mrs, 2 Ashton place, Hawkhill 

Montgomery, Miss Amy, matron. Deaf and Dumb Inst., Dudhopebank 
/loodie, David, milloverseer, 50 Mains road 
loodie, David, merchant and manufacturer, 5 Bain square and 59 

Cowgate ; h. 12 Annfield road 
oodie, D., & Co., bleachers and merchants. Meadow house, 49 

Meadowside ; works, Balmuir Bleachfield 
oodie, David, of D. Moodie & Co., Balmuirfield 
iloodie, William, 4 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
"1 [loon, Charles, M.B., CM., Edinr., medical practitioner, 33 S. Tay street 
Moon, David Steele, medical practitioner, 15 King street 
Moon, Langlands, & Co. , warehousemen, Albion house, 40 and 42 N'rgate 
Mooney, Robert, traveller, 14 Step row 
Moore, John, railway guard, 1 Thomson street 
eiit floore, Michael, broker, 34 Caldrum street 

Moore, Thomas, baker, 33 Todburn lane 
; loore, Thomas, seaman, 121 Cowgate 
Moore & Weinberg, linen and yarn merchants, Spanish vice-consulate, 

13 Panmure street 

II loore, William, milloverseer, 22 Ogilvie's road 

II* Moore, William, bootmaker, 38 Dudhope street; h. 5 Kirk entry 

Moore, Mrs Annie, missionary, St Enoch's Church; A. 13 Balfour street 
Moram, George, blacksmith, 58 Crescent lane 
loran, John, foreman, 38 Blackness road 
lorgan, James, house proprietor, 64 Dura street 
Morgan, William, carpenter, 64 Dura street 

III IMorison, Anderson, & Butchart, spinners, manufacturers, and merchants, 
' Wallace Works, Dens road, and St Roque's Works, Constable street 

Morison, W. R., of Morison, Anderson, & Butchart, Balgillo house, 
Broughty Ferry 


Morris, Alexander, basket manufacturer and cooper, 82 Nethergate; h. 8(; 

Morris, Bernard, bootfitter, 24 Dallfield walk 

Morris, Charles, grocer, 16 Hunter street 

Morris, Geo. , bookseller and stationer, 72 High st. ; h. 6 Somerville pi. 

Morris, I., draper and hosier, 137 Hawkhill 

Morris, James, cab proprietor, 48 Strathmartine road ; A. 46 

Morris, James, cooper, 88 Overgate 

Morris, John, inspector of poor and registrar, Mains and Strathmartine 

h. Ivy cottage, Clepington road 
Morris, John, basket manufacturer, 15 Long wynd ; h. 2 St David's Ian: 
Morris, Peter, confectioner, 63 Milnbank road 

Morris, William, manager, P. Nucator, Bell street ; h. 78 Bell street 
Morris, Mrs John G. , apartments, 2 Bain square 
Morris, Mrs William, 69 Reform street 
Morris, Mrs, mantle and dress maker, 225 Overgate 
Morris, Mrs William, cowfeeder, 46 Strathmartine road 
Morris, Mrs, 30 Balfour street 

Morrison, Annie, fruiterer, 76 Victoria road ; h. 53 Dudhope street 
Morrison, David, grocer and spiritdealer, 179 Victoria rd. ; h. 1 Lamb's lar 
Morrison, David S., factory manager. Mid Wynd Works ; h. 57 Ure 8 
Morrison, David, tailor, 8 Dura street 
Morrison, David, painter, 15 Annfield row 
Morrison, David, clerk, 57 North Wellington street 
Morrison, Eliza, manglekeeper, 36 West Henderson's wynd 
Morrison, Jas. T. , manager. Hillside Wks. ; /«. Victoria cres. , 1 Lamb's lai 
Morrison, James, joiner, 19 Kinloch street 
Morrison, James, agent, 13 North Wellington street 
Morrison, James, joiner, 14 Temple lane 
Morrison, John, clothier, draper and milliner, 4 Strathmartine road; 

Lorimer street. 

Morrison, John, travellerfor Berry, Barclay,& Co., Glasgow, 53 Dudhope s 
Morrison, John, lamplighter, 46 Commercial street, Maxwelltown 
Morrison, Neil, signalman, 33 Paton.'s lane 

Morrison, Rebecca, confectioner, 5^ Ann st. ; h. 1 N. Wellington stree 
Morrison, Richard, bookseller, 11 Reform street 
Morrison, Ronald, house proprietor, 26 Bruce street 
Morrison, William B. , merchant, 30 Cowgate ; h. Duntrune villa, Kil; 

burn place, Newport 
Morrison, William, tenter, 34 Raglan street 
Morrison, William, tanner, 1 Littlejohn street 
Morrison, William, clerk, 15 Baxter street 
Morrison, Mrs D. S., 32 Step row 
Morrison, Mrs M., milliner and dressmaker, II Constitution street; 

2 Ogilvie's road 

Morrison, Mrs Margaret, 3 Mid street I 

Morrison, Mrs William, batcher, 90 Hawkhill ; h. 88 j 

Morrison, Mrs, dressmaker, 204 Lochee road 
Morrison, Mrs, 11 Forebank road 
Morrison, Miss Margaret, 98 Blackscroft 

Mortimer, Peter, grocer and spirit merchaiat, 70 Strathmartine rd. ; h. > 
Mortimer, Robt., packingbox maker, 14 King's rd. ; A. 110 Victoria ri 









ortimer, Robert, jun., wood ware dealer, 7 William street, Forebank 
Id^ortimer, Mrs, profes. cook, and register office, 29 Yeaman shore ; A. 27 
Morton, Alexander, ropespinner, 10 Hill street 
VIorton, Alexander, clerk, West Station ; h. Inchcoonans, Errol 
yiorton, Andrew, manager, Stobswell Works; h. 1 Thornley ter. , Maryfield 
MEorton, David, clothier, 78 Commercial st. ; A. 12 Renny place, W. Ferry 
VIorton, Geo., wine mer., 26 and 28 N. Lindsay st. ; A. 25 Strawberrybank 
Viorton, James, tailor and clothier, 78 Commercial street ; A. Maryfield 

terrace, East Newport 
klorton, Jessie, dressmaker, 98 Albert street 
ilorton, John, porter, 94 Commercial street 
Norton, Jonathan A., bricklayer and contractor, 21 Step row 
viorton, Lawrence, vanman, 2 Small's lane 

klorton, Robert, tailor and clothier, 125a Nethergate ; A. 5 Park terrace 
dorton, Thomas, stevedore, 12 Craigie street 

Norton, William J., clerk, Shore Dues office; A. 2 Dalhoiisie terrace 
tloss, James, brassfounder, 10 Annfield street 
4oss, Samuel, brassfounder, 9 Hean's lane ; A. 7 
[lossman, William, blacksmith, 92 Albert street 
loutrie, Robert, Customs officer, 15 Annfield street 
/lowat, David, butcher, 14 Balgay street; A. 2 Lawrence street 
lowat, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 29 Catherine street 
lowat, Mrs, 31 Step row 

lowbray, Margaret, fruiterer, 104 Hilltown; A. American muir 
loyes, Cath., fruiterer and confectioner, 126 Overgate; A. 4 Temple lane 
loyes, John, patternmaker, 9 St Salvador street 
loyes, Lawrence, fish salesman and auctioneer, Fishmarket ; A. 28 

Couttie's wynd 
luat, Mrs, 21 Strawberrybank 
luckersie, David, schoolmaster, Wallacetown Public School; A. Palma 

cottage, 8 M'Gill street 
luckersie, Jas., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 212 Lochee rd.; A. 214 
udie, David, broker, 58 Dudhope street 

E. M. , insurance agent, 2 Rl. Exchange court ; A.Roselea, E. N'port 

George, seaman, 7^ Blackscroft 

George, spiritdealer's assistant, 38 Jamaica street 

George G. , warehouseman, 28 Lawson place 

Grace, greengrocer, 32a Arbroath road 

Jas. R. , stockbroker, 2 Rl. Exchange court ; li. Roselea, E. Newport 

James, of R. A. Mudie & Sons, Craig-gowan, Broughty Ferry 

Jas. , general dealer, 36 Hawkhill ; A, Wallace's pend, 24 Hawkhill 

James, mechanic, 2 Cochrane street 

James, shoemaker, 282 Hilltown ; A. 353 Loons road 

John, schoolmaster. Glebe Lands Public School ; A. 1 Morgan ter. 

John, hairdresser, 98 Dudhope street ; A. 96 

John, mechanic, 13 Mid wynd 

John, blacksmith, 1 Wilkie's lane 

P. Spence, jute spinner and manufacturer, Bank Mill Works ; 
Seabourne, Broughty Ferry 

Robert, of R. A. Mudie & Sons, Corona, West Ferry 

R. A. , & Sons, steamship owners, 26 and 28 East Dock street 



Mudie, Thomas, confectionei', 4 Gellatly street 

Mudie, William, spiritdealer, 96 Ami street ; h. 1 N. Wellington stree 

Mndie, William, teacher, Clepington Public School; h. 3 Athole terracij 

Mudie, William, cabinetmaker, 145 Blackscroft 

Mudie, Miss Ann, grocer, 1 1^ Mid wynd 

Muir, David, brassfinisher, 15 North street 

Muir, David, lapper, 38 Kincardine street 

Muir, John, shoemaker and grocer, 27 Peddie street ; h. 33 

Muir, John D., teller. Commercial Bank ; /;, 1 Gowrie place 

Muir, John, gardener, 220 Blackness road 

Muir, Samuel, carrier, 6 Shepherd's loan 

Muir, Robert, 69 Nethergate 

MUIR, THOMAS, SON, & PATTON, coal merchants and colliery agents 

63 Yeaman shore, Dundee; Lochee and Broughty Ferry. See Adv 
Muir, William F., of Macdonald & Muir, 69 Nethergate 
Muir, William, baker, 13 Alexander street 

Mullen, Miss Mary Ann, dress and mantle maker, 9 Airlie terrace \ \ IJ 
Mulligan, Miss Nelly, dressmaker, 7 St Peter street 

Mulrooney, William, grocer's assistant, 8 Graham place 1 1 M' 

Mundie, Margaret, of Melville & Mimdie, 5a William street 
Munro, Alexander, traveller, 20 Pitfour street 
Munro, David, grocer, 77 Lochee road ; h. 79 
Munro, David, ironmonger, 12 Crichton street ; Ti. 27 Strawberryba] U il 
Munro, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 70 St Andrew's street ai q M' 

118 Seagate ; h. Viewfield, Carlogie road, Carnoustie 
Munro, Donald, cooper, 10 Cotton road 

Munro, John, confectioner, 150 Hawkhill; ^,16 Wilkie's lane 
Munro, John, blacksmith, 34 Scouringburn 
Munro, John, mechanic, 2 Malcolm street 

Munro, Peter, organist, Episcopal Church, Glencarse; A. 18 Cowgate 
Munro, Mrs E. , wholesale provision merchant, Ward road; h. Sunn; 

law, 10 Albany terrace 
Munro, Mrs James, 17 Park place 

Munro, Mrs Peter, lodgings, St Andrew's place, 18 Cowgate 
Murchie, Alex., blacksmith, hame and chain maker, 9 Jamaica st. ; h. 2i 
MURDOCH, ALEXANDER, joiner and funeral undertaker, 13 Crescent st 

59 Princes st., and 6 Crescent lane ; /;. 51 Crescent st. See Adv 
Murdoch, A. J., insurance and commission agent, 79 Commercial streei 

h. Hillbank cottage, 1 Thistle street 
Murdoch, David, undertaker, 55 Crescent street 
Murdoch, George, fiaxdresser, 11 Lower pleasance 
Murdoch, Jas., stationer & printer, 64 Commercial st. ; h. 14 Parkview t( 
Murdoch, James, porter, 3 Peep-o'-Day lane 
Murdoch, John G. , & Co. , Limited, manufacturers, publishers, and i i 

porters. Arcade buildings. King street | 

Murdoch, John, harbou.r porter, 36 Victoria road ; 

Murdoch, John, clerk, 25 Dock street ; h. 51 Foundry lane 
Murdoch, John, grocer, 67 Watson street 

Murdoch, Robert, agent, National Bank, 71 Reform st.; h. 1 Albert sq 
Murdoch, Thomas, of Wm. L. Boase & Co., consul of the Argentin 

Republic, 62 St Andrew's street ; h. Douglasbank, 4 Douglas ter. 



Murie, Robert, currier, 37 Ann street 

Murison, Charles C, printer, 8 Peddie street 

Murison, James, merchant, 5 Panmure street ; h. 6 Windsor place 

Murison, Patrick, of Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., Seafield lodge, 75 
Magdalen green 

Murison, William T. , merchant, 3 Rl. Exchange pi. ; h. 10 Clarendon ter. 

[Murphy, William, agent. Prudential Insurance, 20 Blyth street 

[Murphy, William F., Customs officer, 3 William street, Forebank 

Murphy, Mrs, greengrocer, 243 Lochee road 

[Murray, Agnes, grocer, 86 Ferry road 

Murray, Alex., of T. Murray & Son, 42 Magdalen Yard road 

Murray, Alexander, housepainter, 3 Watt street 

Murray, Andrew, tailor, 17 Crighton street 

Murray, Cecilia, 40 Perth road 

]\Iurray, Charles, foreman moulder, 29 North Wellington street 

Murray, David, mason, 14 Ogilvie's road 

Murray, David, dyer, 81 Hospital wynd 

Murray, Eliza, pawnbroker, 32 Hunter street ; 7*. 41 Hawkhill 

Murray, George A., compositor, 12 Kincardine street 

Murray, George, platelayer, 10 West Dock street 

Murray, Georgina, of Law & Murray, 19 Lady well place, Victoria road 

Murray, Islay B., joiner and glazier, 63a Perth road ; h. 184 

Murray, James, reporter. Courier & Argus ; h. 6 Rosefield street 

Murray, James, housepainter, 6 Bellfield lane 

Murray, James, overseer, 93 Peddie street 

Murray, James, carpenter, 1 Springhill place 

Murray, James J., draper, 43 Lochee road 

Murray, James W., ironturner, 46 Bell street 

Murray, James, shoemaker, 4 Erskine street 

Murray, James, fireman, 9 North Wellington street 

(Murray, John, seaman, 12 William street, Forebank 

iMurray, John, stevedore, 159 Ann street 

Murray, Matthew, engineer, 27 Step row 

Murray, M. & E., grocers and drapers, 157 Scouringburn ; h. 40 Perth rd. 

Murray, Peter, powerloom manager. Dens Works ; h. 1 Nelson street 

fMurray, Peter, joiner, 177^ Scouringburn 

Murray, Richard G., assistant architect, 6 Perth road 

(Murray, Robert B. , compositor, 22 King's road 

Murray, Samuel, engineer, Salisbury place, 89 Arbroath road 

MURRAY, THOMAS, & SON, carvers, gilders, and printsellers, 106 Nether- 
gate. See Adv. 

Murray, Thomas, of T. Murray & Son, carvers and gilders, 6 Perth road 

Murray, Thomas, & Son, booksellers. Bookstall, Taybridge Station 

Murray, Thomas, baker, 11 Fleuchar street 

Murray, William, clerk, 8 Dura street 

Murray, William, joiner, Abbotsford place, Peddie street 

Murray, Mrs Isabella, manglekeeper, 30 Lilybank road 

Murray, Mrs Mary, lodginghouse-keeper, 87 Overgate 

Murray, Mrs Jessie, grocer, 15 Mains road ; h. 21 

iMurray, Miss Annie, milliner, 10 St Roque's lane 

Murray, Miss, of Misses Schultzen and Murray, 24 South Tay street 


Mustard, Robert, fireman, 23 Langlands street 

Mustard, William, joiner, 22 Barrack street 

Mustard, William, fireman, 106 Princes street 

Mustard, Mrs, draper, 49 Watson street ; h. 35 Lilybank road 

Mustard, Miss, teacher of music, 6 Park terrace 

Mutrie, Mrs Janet, 35 Constitution road 

MUTTER, HOWEY, & CO., contractors, carriers to H.M. Government 
agents for North British Railway Co., Dundee & Arbroath Joini! St' 
Railway Co., and East Coast Railways; offices, 24 Cowgate, Eas 
Station, and Taybridge Station; James Slidders, manager. See Adv 

MUTUAL Accident Association, Limited, Victoria chambers, 12 Victorin 
road ; Geo. Schleselman, district agent. See Adv. 

MUTUAL Fire Insurance Corporation, Limited, Victoria chambers, 1" 
Victoria road ; Geo. Schleselman, district agent. See Adv. 

Myles, Alexander, joiner, 18 Todburn lane 

Myles, Andrew, Napier place, 9 Nelson street 

Myles, David, accountant, 11 Refoi'm street; h. 67 Magdalen green 

Myles, David, manufacturer and merchant, Forebank Factory; office, 2. 
Forebank road; A. 11 Panmure street 

Myles, Jas. , grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Peddie st. ; h. 1 Park ter 

Myles, John, carter, 19 Tait's lane 

Myles, Robert, confectioner, 195 0vergate; h. W Panmure street 

Myles, William, salesman, 13 Union place 

Myles, Mrs James, 22 Peddie street 

Myles, Mrs James, 38 Kemback street 

Myles, Mrs Richard, 1 Ford's lane 


Nagel, Henry, teacher, 21 South Tay street ; h. 10 Tay square 

Nairn, B. L. , clerk, 33 Dock street ; h. 34 Thomson street 

Nairn, James F., mechanic, 126 Princes street 

Nairn, John M. , millmanager, Ann Street Works ; h. 27 Janefield plac 

Nairn, William, merchant, Baltic buildings ; h.\5 Nelson street 

Nairn, William, collector, 50 Barrack street 

Nairn, Mrs Charles, Norwood terrace, 34 Thomson street 

Nairn, Mrs, 27 Janefield place 

Napier, Andrew, clerk and storekeeper, East Poorhouse 

Napier, George, of G. & J. Napier, 12 Forfar road, Maryfield 

Napier, G. & J. , fishcurers and provision merchts. , 1 1 Horse wynd, Seagat 

Napier, J. Y. , clerk, 12 Forfar road 

Napier, Miss, dressmaker, 14 Blyth place 

Naysmith, Robert, clerk-at-law, 10 Reform street ; h. 10 Rosefield stree 

NATIONAL Acid Cure Coy.; depdt, Esplanade; office, 9 Ward road. ^eeAdv 

NATIONAL Bank of Scotland Limited, 71 Reform street; Robt. Murdoch 

agent ; John Colville, assistant agent; branch, llSHilltown; Richd 

C. Reid, agent. See Adv. 
National Boiler Insurance Coy. ; agent, J. W. Warden, 23 Panmure st 
National Steamship Co. , Limited, 54 Commercial st. ; Jas. Miller, agen 
National Telephone Co. , Ld. , 13 Panmure st. ; JohnD. Miller, dist. manage: 
NATIONAL Guarantee and Suretyship Association, Limited. See Adv. 
Naulty, Michael, grocer, 68 Blackness road 
Neave, James M., draper's assistant, 13 Dudhope street 




N^eave, John, brewer, 16 and 18 Victoria road ; h. 53 Dudhope street 

N^eave, Mrs David, wine and spirit merchant, 119 Victoria road ; h. 101 

N^eil, Alexander, painter, 32 Charles street 

Neill, Alexander M., grocer and spirit merchant, 11 Hill st. ; h. Willow- 
park villa, Downfield 

Neill, Thomas, provision merchant, 99 Overgate ; h. 103 

N^eilson, Andrew, carpenter, 66 Constable street 
k iNFeilson, George, ironmoulder, 28 North George street 

N^eilson, James M., pawnbroker, 4 Lawson place 

N^eilson, John, shoemaker, 15 Hawkhill 
)rii||S[eilson, Thomas, seaman, 2 Ness street, Forebank 

!^eilson, Mrs George, 41 Reform street 

f^eilson, Mrs, apartments, 79 Commercial street 

iS"eish, Alexander, houseagent, 51 Reform street; h. Murray pi., Lochee 

^eish, James L., draper and clothier, 21 and 23 James street ; /;. Union 
villa. Shamrock street 

STeish, James, gardener, 9 Blackheath place, Hawkhill 

jSTeish, John, seaman, 17 Lilybank road 

N^eish, Mary Ann, 36 Ferry road 
ter'ISTeish, Mrs, 35 Stanley place. Step row 

N'eish, Miss E., 13 Magdalen Yard road 

STelson, John, clerk, 7 King street ; A. 6 South Wellington street 

"kelson Street Factory; George B. Simpson, manufacturer 

STelson, William, bootmaker, 310 Hawkhill 

S[ess, Alexander, confectioner, 32 Dundonald street ; h. 36 

-S^ess, Allan C, cashier, 93 Arbroath road 

^ess, Andrew, slater, 44 Annfield row 

!^ess, John, blacksmith, 60 Kemback street 

STess, Richard, factory worker, 12 Wolseley street 

N^ess, William, clerk, Advertiser office; h. 3 Dalhousie terrace 

L^ess, Mrs Catherine, grocer, 1 Glebe street ; A. 4 Craigiebank place 

^Netherlands, Vice-consul for — T. W. Thorns, 18 Cowgate 

iNeville, Henry, warehouseman, 53 North Church street 

S'ewbigging, James, venetian-blind maker, 112 Rosebank street 


STewcastle Chemical Works Company, Limited ; agent for Scotland, 
James Rankin, 13 Albert square 

JNewlands, George, insurance inspector, 16 Euclid crescent; h. 12 King st. 

STewport Gas Light Co., 20 Reform st.; P. F. Husband, secy, and treas. 

iS'ewsome, John, fruiterer, 72 King street 
ref l^ewton, William, clerk, Dudhope Works ; h. 15 Balfour street 
IdflfNicholson, James H., brush manufacturer, 40 Castle street ; tvorkshop. 
Oft I! 20 Exchange street ; h. Noblestown cottage, Forfar road 
li(i ilNicholson, John, boot and shoe maker, 47 Watson street 

j*Nicholson & Marquis, accountants and insurance agents, 32 Castle street 
,;( Nicholson, Robert D., engineer, 2 Graham place 
,{[ If^icholson, W. K. , 6 William street, Forebank 
Jjf i^Nicholson, Mrs, china merchant, 10 Strathmartine road 
'° sTicol, Alexander, deputy superintendent. Mercantile Marine office, 63 
Dock street ; h. 1 Mid street 

•Nicol, David, of D. & W. Nicol, 8 Eliza street 


Nicol, David & William, butchers, 100 Ann street 

Nicol, James, of James Nicol & Son, 2 Park terrace 

Nicol, James, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 71 High street 

Nicol, John, spirit merchant, 48 and 50 Charles sti'eet ; h. 46 

Nicol, John F., clerk, 24 Cowgate; h. 24 Peddie street 

Nicol, Samuel P., draper and clothier, 15 Rosefield street 

Nicol, William, of D. & W. Nicol, 8 Eliza street 

Nicol, William, shipsteward, 7 Castle lane 

Nicoll, Alexander, of A. & J. Nicoll, Riverleigh, Perth road 

Nicoll, Alexander, builder, 10 Cleghorn street 

Nicoll, Alexander, painter, 35 Wilkie's lane 

Nicoll, Alexander, foreman cooper, Kintore place, 61 Watson street 

Nicoll, Alexander, clerk, Arctic place, 79 Arbroath road 

Nicoll, Alexander C, mechanic, 62 Ferry road 

Nicoll, A. & J. , spinners and manufacturers, Ward Works, S. Ward re 

Nicoll, Charles, basket manufacturer, 16 Overgate ; li. 14 

Nicoll, Christopher, mason, 10 Cleghorn street 

Nicoll, David, aerated water manufacturer, Fleuchar Craig Works, 

Balgay street; h. Bridgefoot, Baldragon i 

Nicoll, David, grocer, 162 Scouringburn ; A. 44 Polepark road 
Nicoll, David, & Co., spindlemakers, 88 Cowgate 
Nicoll, E., grocer, 26 Caldrum street 
Nicoll, George, ironmoulder, 49 Blackscroft 
Nicoll, George, shipmaster, 11 Dallfield terrace 
Nicoll, George, cutter, 42 Reform street; h. 2 Renny place, West Fen 
Nicoll, George, carpenter, 22 Watson street 
Nicoll, George, warehouseman, 19 Nelson street 
Nicoll, George, mechanic, 34 North Wellington street 
Nicoll, G. H. , & Co., ironmongers, 18 and 20 Bank street 
Nicoll & Jack, shipsmiths, West Graving dock 
Nicoll, James B., wine merchant, 9 and 13 Nethei-gate ; h. 3 Park plac 
Nicoll, James, grocer and wine merchant, 39 Nethergate ; h. 125 
Nicoll, James, of W. ct S. Strong, 12 Windsor street 
Nicoll, James, of A. & J. Nicoll, Magdalen place 
Nicoll, James, manager, Dura Works ; h. 4 Albert street 
Nicoll, James, of J. & W. Nicoll, 29 Step row "^ 

Nicoll, James, broker, 20 St Mary street 
Nicoll, James, grocer, 2 Dock street; 1i. 4 

Nicoll, James P. , messenger. Commercial Bank ; h. 87 Commercial S' 
Nicoll, James, 4 Cleghorn street 

Nicoll, James, manager. South Dudhope Works; h. 75 Annfield road 
Nicoll, James, clerk, 3 Royal Exchange place ; h. 9 King's road 
Nicoll, John, of Dalgairns & Co., Primrosebank, West Newport 
Nicoll, John, merchant, 1 Bain square; h. The Birks, Broughty Ferry 
Nicoll, John M., stationer, Albion cottage, Coldside 
Nicoll, John, wine and spirit merchant, 202 Lochee I'oad ; h. 204 
Nicoll, John, shipmaster, 32 Castle street 
Nicoll, John S. , house proprietor, 23 Victoria street 
Nicoll, J. & W., blacksmiths, 103 Perth road 
Nicoll, Martha, grocer, 153 Victoria road 
Nicoll, Peter H. , of Nicoll & Son, 1 Craigie terrace 


Nicoll, Peter, draper, 81 Hilltown; h. Siinnyside cottage, West Ferry 

Nicoll, Peter, sawmiller, 30 Isles' lane 

Nicoll, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer. Bell Street hall, Constitu- 
tion road ; h. 2 Victoria place, West Ferry 

Nicoll, Robert, seaman, 29 Hilltown 

NicoU, Robert, storekeeper, 9 Graham place 

Nicoll, Robert, mason, 150 Hilltown 

Nicoll & Son, iron merchants, 1 to 5 Ward road 

Nicoll, Thomas, of Nicoll & Son, 1 Craigie terrace 

Nicoll, Thomas, jun., inspector of weights and measures, 29 N. Lindsay 
street ; A. 20 Peddie street 

Nicoll, William, blacksmith, 26 Castle lane ; h. 4 We>stfield place 

Nicoll, William, lime merchant and shipowner, 24E. Dockst. ; h. 33Dockst. 

Nicoll, William, 5 Mountpleasant 
1 Nicoll, William, painter, 36 Step row 

Nicoll, William, grocer, 26 Rosebank road ; li. 24 

Nicoll, William, calenderworker, 1 1 Milne's East wynd 

Nicoll, William G. , bootmaker, 149 Victoria road; h. 151 

Nicoll, William T. , spinning overseer, W. Dudhope Wks. ; h. 2Rosefieldst. 

Nicoll, William, mechanic, 80 Ure street 

Nicoll, William K., draper, 19 James street 

Nicoll, William, grocer, 150 Scouringburn; h. 148 

Nicoll, William Steel, grocer and spiritmerchant, 118Hawkhill; grocer, 19 
Alexander street ; h. Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
erf Nicoll, Mrs D., basketmaker, 79 Hilltown ; h. 108 

Nicoll, Mrs David, house proprietor, 45 Victoria street 

Nicoll, Mrs Helen, grocer, 35 Peddie street 

Nicoll, Mrs Margaret, spiritdealer, 17 Vault ; h. \5 

Nicoll, Mrs Peter, draper, 170 Blackness road; h. 17 Crichton street 

Nicoll, Mrs Robert, 2 Gowrie place 
laH Nicoll, Mrs Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, 150 Scouringburn ; h. 148 

Nicoll, Miss Bella, stationer, 21 Victoria street ; h. 23 

Nicolson, Geo., assistant editor, Courier & Argus ; h. 34 N. Lindsay st. 

Nicolson, Very Rev. James, M.A., Dean of Brechin, incumbent of S. 
Salvador's Church ; h. 9a William street, Forebank 

Nicolson, James, officer. Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 14 Garland place 

Niddrie, Joseph, broker, 75 Princes street 

Niven Brothers, butchers, 19 Union street 

Niven, David, sen. , of Niven & Sons, Tay terrace. East Newport 

Niven, David, jun., of Niven Brothers, Struan place. East Newport 

Niven, D., & Sons, butchers, 19 Crichton street 

Niven, John C, of Niven Brothers, Alma house. West Newport 

Niven, Robert J., resident secretary, Caledonian Insurance Co., 37 
Albert square; h. Rosebank house, 16 Rose street 

(Niven, R, G., clerk, 14 Barrack street 
ii Niven, Thomas, boilermaker, 31 Exchange street 
Niven, William, police constable, 62 Caldrum street 
Niven, William, fireman, 101 Peddie street 
Niven, Mrs Robert, lodgings, 71 High street 
Niven, Miss, teacher, 19 Seafield road 
Nixon, Thomas, confectioner, 77 Scouringburn ; h. 54 Blackness road 


Nixon, W, L., pianoforte and miisicseller, 36 North Ellen street 

NOBLE, DAVID, grocer, wine merchant, and commission agent, 81 Lochee 

road ; and grocer, 10 Dudhope Crescent road ; A. 2 Logiebank, 

Gardner street. See Adv. 
Noble, Hugh, of Williamson & Noble, 92 Rosebank street 
Noble, Rev. John P., Princes St. Congregational Ch. ; h. 10 Victoria roadv 
Noble, John M,, clerk, 28 East Dock street ; h. 87 Commercial street 
Noble, John, painter, 25 Annfield row; h. 21 
Noddle, R., ironmonger and gen. dealer, 28 Dudhope st. ; A.40Dallfieldwalk! 
Nolan, Hugh, broker, 11 Alexander street 
Noonan, John, greengrocer, 164 Hilltown 
Norrie, Alexander, insurance collector, 2 Hillbank road 
Norrie, Charles, & Sons, merchants, 6 Panmure street 
Norrie, David H. , of Charles Norrie & Sons, 2 Castle terrace, Bro'ty Ferry 
Norrie, David, engraver, 63 Overgate 
Norrie, James 0., of Gillan & Norrie, 72 Hilltown 

Norrie, Jas. A., of W. C. Norrie & Son, 4 Rugby terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Norrie, William C, & Son, upholsterers and cabinetmakers, 80 to 84 

Commercial street 
Norrie, William C, of Wm. C. Norrie & Son, Brooklea, Broughty Ferry 
Norrie, William H., of C. Norrie & Sons, Camphill house, Bro'ty Ferry 
Norrie, William, sub-editor, Courier & Argus ; h. 22 Rosebank street 
Norrie, William, head weigher, Harbour; h. 68 St Andrew's street 
North British Railway, Taybridge Station, South Union street 
NORTH BRITISH and Mercantile Insurance Co., 11 Panmure street j 

William Moir, agent; William Kirkwood, surveyor. See Adv. 
North Dudhope Works, 56 West Henderson's wynd ; D. W. Wybrants, 

jute spinner and manufacturer 
North of Scotland Bank, Limited, 24 High street; Geo. Anderson, agent 
NorthSeaSteamShippingCo. ; manage7-s, G. Armitstead & Co. , 4Panmure st. 
NORTHERN ASSURANCE CO., Northern Assurance buildings, 110 Com- 
mercial street ; Thomas Kyd, secretary. See Adv. 
Northern District Police Station, 64 Union street, Maxwelltown 
ITORTHERN MARINE Insurance Co., Limited, 67 Reform street ; Jamea 

Logie, secretary and underwriter. See Adv. 
Nerval, Mrs W. A., 31 Annfield road 

Norway, Vice-consul foi* — Bernt Pettersen, 46 Castle street 
Norwell, Joseph, shoemaker, 162 Overgate ; A. 164 
NORWELL, WILLIAM, housepainter and decorator, 96 Commercial street ; 

h. 53 South Tay sti-eet. See Adv. 
NORWICH UNION Fire Insurance Society, 62 Commercial street ; John R. 

Wilson, surveyor. See Adv. 
NORWICH UNION Life Insurance Society, 62 Commercial street; J. R. 

Wilson and J. G. Whitelaw, joint district inspectors. See Adv. 
Nucator, Peter, brassfounder, plumber, and gasfitter, 78 and 80 Bell 

street ; h. 8 Greenfield place 
Nunn, George M., leatherfinisher, 26 Dura street 
Nunn, William, leatherfinisher, 124 Seagate 

O'Brian, Bernard, confectioner, 2 Derby street 



O'Brien, Frank J., general dealer, 197 Overgate; h. 1 Isles' lane 

O'Connell, Daniel, broker, 18 Temple lane 
I O'Connor, Rev. Patrick, St Mary's R.C. Church ; h. 22 Powrie place 

O'Connor, John, agent for Drybrough & Co., brewers, and Wright & 
Greig, wine and spirit merchants; h. 48 South Tay street 

O'Dwyer, Rev. Jeremiah, St Joseph's R.C. Church, Wilkie's lane 

O'Farrell, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 14 North Tay street; A. 225 Overgate 

Officer, John, 20 Annfield road 
1 Ogg, Alexander, clerk, 30 Raglan street 
VOgg, James, sergt. -instructor, IstF.R.V., Drill hall; h. 8 Charles street 

Ogg, William, carpenter, 3 St Matthew street 

Ogg, Mrs D., 9 Watt street 

Ogilvie, Alexander, plasterer, Salem street, 59 Constitution road 

Ogilvie, Alexander, grocer, 25 Mains road; h. 23 

Ogilvie, Andrew, & Co., stock'and share brokers, 1 Rl. Exchange place 

Ogilvie, Andrew, of Andrew Ogilvie & Co. , Viewpark, West Ferry 

Ogilvie, David, joiner, 19 St Matthew street 
, Ogilvie, David, postman, 6 Dallfield terrace 
"Ogilvie, David, gasfitter, 16 Strathmartine road 
: Ogilvie, David, tailor, 1 Miller's wynd 
": Ogilvie, George, of J. & J. Ogilvie, Westlands, Harecraig 
•' Ogilvie, George, joiner, 263 Hawkhill; 11. 93 Peddie street 

Ogilvie, James S., of Malcolm, Ogilvie, & Co., Brackenbrae, West Ferry 

Ogilvie, James, tea and coffee dealer, 80 High st.; h. 11 Strawberrybank 

Ogilvie, James, clerk to J. & W. Smith, Calcutta buildings ; h. Newtyle 

Ogilvie, James, foreman moulder, 2 Lawrence street 

Ogilvie, James, market keeper, 3 Market street 

Ogilvie, James, blacksmith, 5 Derby street 
■'ipgilvie, John, mechanic, 2 Mid street 
! Ogilvie, John, calenderer, 8 Hunter street 
I Ogilvie, John, ironturner, 15 Hunter street 
' Ogilvie, John, bootmaker, 6 St Roque's lane 
"Ogilvie, J. & J., solicitors and notaries public, 12 Meadowside 

Ogilvie, Robert, tailor, 28 Rose street 

Ogilvie, Robert, blacksmith, 68 St Andrew's street 
^~ Ogilvie, William, milloverseer, 62 Rosebank street 

Ogilvie, William, mason, 3 Fyffe street 

Ogilvie, William, agent for J. & A. Stewart, timber merchants, 39 
Small's wynd; h. 2 Viewbank terrace. Provost road 

Ogilvie, William, wholesale confectioner, 50 Blackness road 
' Ogilvie, Wm.jjun., clerk,Rl. Bank, Castle st.; 7«. Royal Bank house, Lochee 
J Ogilvie, Mrs Charles, 1 Ogilvie's road 
' Ogilvie, Mrs George, 2 Havelock place 
, Ogilvie, Mrs James, 122 Hawkhill 
' Ogilvie, Mrs Joan, 6 Annfield street 

Ogilvie, Mrs John, 25 Nethergate 

Ogilvie, Mrs John, dressmaker, 15 Hunter street 

Ogilvie, Mrs Mary, grocer, 26 Charles street 

Ogilvie, Mrs, 79 Cowgate 

Ogilvie, Mrs, grocer, 25 Step row 

Ogilvy, Alex., & Sons, merchants and commission agents, 20 Panmure st. 



Ogilvy, Alexandei% of A. Ogilvy & Sons, 7 Greenfield place 

Ogilvy, Bella, of J. & B. Ogilvy, 5 Long wynd 

Ogilvy, Jane, of J. & B. Ogilvy, 5 Long vrynd 

Ogilvy, Sir John, Bart. , Baldovan house 

Ogilvy, John, factor to the Earl of Home, Harecraig house, Eerry road 

Ogilvy, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 67 Hilltown ; h. IS Cowgate 

Ogilvy, J. & B., fruiterers, 10 Crichton street 

O'Kane & Gibson, joiners and funeral undertakers, 6 Middle street 

O'Kane, James, of O'Kane & Gibson, 9 Middle street 

Oliver, David, upholsterer, 2 Annfield row 

Oliver, William, signalman, 2 Catherine street 

O'Mahony, James, pawnbroker, 51 Hawkhill ; h. 53 

O'Neil, Francis, confectioner, 37 Watson street 

O'Neil, James, confectioner, 61^ Hospital wynd 

O'Neill, James, porter, 43 Castle street 

O'Neill, Rev. John, St Mary's Catholic Church; h. 22 Powrie place 

Operative Bakers' House of Call, 15 Vault ; James Barrie, keeper 

Operative Masons' Assoc, of Scotland, Tally St. Hall ; A. M'Laggan, secy 

Oram, William, wine and spirit merchant, 52 Lilybank road ; h. 50 

Orchar, James G., of Robertson & Orchar, Angus lodge, West Ferry 

Orderly Room, 1st and 3d Forfar Rifle Volunteers, Drill hall, West Bell st 

Orderly Room, 1st Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers, 26 Commercial st. 

Oregonian Railway Co. , Limited ; William Lowson, managing director 

Dav^id Ferguson, secretary, 107 Murraygate 
ORIENTAL RESTAURANT, Calcutta bldgs., 16 Commercial st. See Adv 
Ormond, Robert, wholesale confectioner, 45 Wellgate ; h 49 
O'Rourke, James, bootmaker, 82 Strathmartine road ; h. 14 Mid road 
O'Rourke, Matthew, housefactor, 8 Session street 
Orr, Mrs, midwife, 14 Lawrence street 

Orrock, David, minister, Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 5 Constitution st 
Osier, Geo., ironmonger, 20 and 21 High st. ; h. 3StPhillan's pi. , E. Newpor 
Osier, William, wholesale grocer and tea merchant, 11 1 JHawkhill; groce: 

and provision merchant, 77 Perth road; grocer and spiritdealer, 15} 

Scouringburn; h. Waterloo place, 73 Annfield road 
Osier, William, & Co., lathsplitters, 31 Trades lane 
Osier, William, of W. Osier & Co., 45 Foundry lane 
Osier, Mrs Isabella, confectioner, 30 Ogilvie's road 
Osier, Mrs, 6 Shore terrace 

Oudney, Alexander, police constable, 15 Tannadice street 
Oudney, John, carpenter, 22 Wolseley street 
Ovenstone, Chas.B. , jute salesman, and agent for the Mutual Fire and th<i 

Mutual Accident Assocns., 10 Panmure st. ; h. 1 Athole ter.,Maryfiel< 
Ovenstone, John, plasterer and cementworker, 12 Ward road ; h. 4i 

Dudhope Crescent road 
Ovenstone, William, shipmaster, 10 Craigie terrace 
Owens, John, grocer, 8 Johnstone's lane 
Owen, Mrs Mary, 31 Rosebank street 
Owens, John, collector of revenue, 31 Bank street ; A. 17 Windsor stree \ 
Ower, C. & L., C.E. and architects, 104 Commercial street 
Ower, Charles, A.M.I. C. E. , of C. & L. Ower, Langlands, Barnhill, B. Ferr ] 
Ower, Leslie, of C. & L. Ower, 11 Craigie terrace 




)wer, Stephen, accountant, and stock and share broker, 51 Meadowside ; 
h. 11 Craigie terrace 

)wler, David, seaman, 27 Cotton road 

)wler, Peter, boot and shoe manufacturer, 29 Commercial st.; retail shops, 
91 and 71 Murray gate, 48 High street, 2 and 4 Overgate, 85 Scouring- 
burn, and 90a High street, Lochee; h. 10 Union place, Perth road 

i)wler, Peter, confectioner, 132 and 148 Hilltown ; h. 150 

'*ACKHAM, Wm., shipmaster, D. P. & L, Shipping Co, ; h. 2 Blackness cres. 

'ackman, Elizabeth, tobacconist and stationer, 10 Arbroath road 

*addock, Joseph W. , Customs examining officer, 1 Gowrie street 

*age, Alex., printing machinist, Advertiser office ; h. 31 Dallfield terrace 

*age, David, engineer, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
f *age, John, mason, 32 Barrack street 

'age, Robert, engineer, 76 Strathmartine road 

'aisley & Robertson, French & English boot & shoe warehouse, 7 Union st. 

'aisley, William, of Paisley & Robertson, 7 St Phillan's place, Newport 
y I'alles, Joseph, confectioner, 1 Larch street ; h. 12 Dempster street 
' 'aimer, George, clerk, 18 Lawrence street 

'aimer, James, detective constable, Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
j[ 'aimer, John, confectioner, 104 Murraygate and 233 Overgate; h. 102 

,,. 'aimer, Mrs, 174 Blackness road 

'anton, George, mechanic, 49 Annfield road 

'anton, John, manager, Rashiewell Works ; h. 14 Garland place 

'anton. Rose, pawnbroker, 6 Bain square ; h. 101 Victoria road 

I'argiter, William, stampcutter, 28 King street 

'aris, George, late shipmaster. Rustic place, 5 Dudhope street 

'aris, William, commission agent, 16 Kinloch street 

'ark and Pleasance Breweries ; Ballingall & Son, brewers, Hop street 

'arker, Alexander, of A. & S. Parker, 36 Small's wynd 

'arker, A. & S., waste merchants, 36 Small's wynd 

ARKER, CHARLES, SONS, & CO., engineers, machinemakers, and iron- 
founders, Victoria Foundry, Clepington road. See Adv. 

'arker, Michael, shoemaker, 83 Hilltown ; h. 85 

'arker, Robert 0. , of Chas. Parker, Sons, & Co. , 9 Duntrune ter. , W.Ferry 

'arker, Robert, coaldealer, 8 Cherryfield lane 

'arker, Samuel C, of A. & S. Parker, 17 Airlie place 

'arker, William W. , belting and hosepipe maker, leather merchant and 
currier, 38 South Tay street ; h. Rosemount, Newport 

I'arker, Wm., wine and spirit merch., 9 Crichton st, ; h. 46 Kincardine st. 

larkin, John, coachbuilder, 89 Princes street 
I j'arnell, James, factoryworker, 42 North Ellen street 

'arry, Mrs Jane, lodguigs, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

ATENTS, Designs, and Trades Marks Offices, 84 Commercial street; 
R. F. Anderson, C,E., consulting engineer. See Adv. 

'arr, James, lieutenant of police, 35 Kincardine street 

j'arr, John, police inspector, 194 Scouringburn 

'arr, Robert, cab proprietor, 51 Small's wynd ; h. 192 Scouringburn 

'arr, Thomas, constable, 80 Blackness road 

'aterson, Alexander, hairdresser, 45 Castle street 


Paterson, David H., agent, 166 Perth road 

Paterson, D. L., clerk, Wallace Works ; h. Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Paterson, George, clerk, 87 Commercial street; h. 7 South George stree f 

Paterson, Rev. Gilbert, St James' E.U. Church; h. 17 Airlie place 

Paterson, James, & Co., merchants, spinners, dyers, and manufacturers 

Heathfield Works and Lawside Works 
Paterson, James C, clothier, 6 Castle street; h. 21 Airlie place 
Paterson, John, tailor and clothier, 16 Annfield road 
Paterson, John, feuar, 12 Main street y;j 

Paterson, John, porter, 2 Catherme street l|i 

Paterson, Margaret, machine knitter, 9 Church street, Princes street 111' 
Paterson, Peter, merchant, Baltic buildiags; li. Long lane, Bro'ty FernM.'j 
Paterson, Robert, tailor, 88 Annfield road l!?! 

Paterson, Sons, & Co., pianoforte and music sellers, 130 N^thergate 
Paterson, William, draper, 5 Park terrace 
Paterson, William, grocer, 5 Kiacardine street 
Paterson, Mrs, 34 Wilkie's lane 
Paterson, Mrs Hugh, lodgings, 3 Tay Street lane 

Paterson, Mrs John, teacher of needlework, 8 Roslin terrace, Clepingtoi IJPa 
Paterson, Mrs, private school, 2 Thomley terrace, Maryfield 
Paterson, Mrs Jas., dress and mantle maker, 11 Brown Constable stree 
Paterson, Mrs G., 7 William street, Forebank 
Paterson, Miss Mary, 40 Union street 
Paterson, Miss, teacher, 2 Thomley terrace, Maryfield 
Paton, David D., merchant, 11 Panmure st.; h. Rustic pi., 3 Dudhope sf 
Paton, David, fruiterer, 32 Westport ; h. 7 Morrison's court, Wellgate 
Paton, David, fruiterer and gardener, 30 Ann street ; h. Baldovan 
Paton, David, printer, 2 Dalhousie terrace 

Paton, George, seedsman, 16 Reform street ; h. 53 Dudhope street 
Paton, George, vrine and spirit mer., 39 Union street; h. 23 Panmure st 
Paton, James, & Co., paper-rulers and bookbinders, 62 Commercial st. 
Paton, James, baker, 11 Royal Exchange lane 
Paton, James, of James Paton & Co., 138 Murraygate 
Paton, John & George, flax and jute spinners, 10 St Andrew's street 
Paton, John G., of John & George Paton, The Wild, Broughty Ferry 
Paton, John, jun. , of John & George Paton, The Wild, Broughty Ferr; 
Paton, Margaret D., laundress. 111 Lochee road ' | 

Paton, Robert, milloverseer, 5 Annfield row 
Paton, Robert P., shipmaster, 59 Dock street 
Paton, Thomas, mechanic, 41a Hawkhill 
Paton, William, housepainter, 164 Overgate 
Paton, Mrs James, 3 Rustic place 
Patrick, David, iron-ship plater, 45 Watson street 
Patrick, John, china merchant, 60 King street ; h. 63 
Patrick, Matilda, dressmaker, 7 Victoria street 
Patrick, Robert, tailor, 23 Crichton street 
Patrick, WilKam, clerk, 45 Victoria street 
Patrick, William R., joiner, 10 Kinloch street 
Patrick, Mrs William, grocer, 18 Watson street 
Patrick, Mrs Mary Ann, 44 High street 
Patrick, Miss Grace, 1 Dalhousie terrace 


Patterson, Alex., & Co., merchants, and agents Equitable Fire Insurance 
Co., 8 Panmure street 

Patterson, Alexander R. C. , of Alex. Patterson &Co. , Viewfirth, Monifieth 

Patterson, Alexander, shipmaster, 28 Polepark road 

Patterson, Andrew, late farmer, 4 Forfar road 

Patterson, Andrew, seaman, 53 Wellgate 

Patterson, David, dairyman, 73 Caldrum street; h. 185 Princes street 

Patterson, Farquhar, police constable, 76 Strathmartine road 

Patterson, George, 18 North Church street 

Patterson, Hugh, detective constable, 14 Lawrence street 

PATTERSON, JAMES, ironmonger, 7 Albert square. See Adv. 

Patterson, James, mason, 4 Graham place 

Patterson, John, clerk, 26 St Andrew's street; h. 88 Ferry road 

Patterson, Samuel, lodgings, 8 Crichton street 

Patterson, Thos., ironmonger, 7 Albert square; h. 7Rennypl., W. Ferry 

Patterson, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Mains road; h. 2 Main st. 

Patterson, William, boot and shoe maker, 113 Ann street ; h. 117 

Patterson, William, grocer, 5 Kincardine street 
^' Patterson, Mrs James, 202 Perth road 

Patterson, Mrs, lodgings, 55 Murraygate 
Mpattison, Andrew, superintendent of Baxter Park, South lodge, 
Arbroath road 

Patton, James, 31 Long wynd 

Patton, Robert, of T. Muir, Son, & Patton, 1 Dalhousie terrace 

Pattullo, Henry A., of J. & H. Pattullo, 20 Springfield 
'6 jPattullo, James, of Ashmore and Persey, solicitor and notary, 1 Bank 
street; h. Abertay, Broughty Ferry; and Ashmore, Blairgowrie 

Pattullo, J. & H., solicitors, 1 Bank street 

Pattullo, Thomas S. , jute salesman, 1 Royal Exchange pi. ; h. Powrie farm 
s|Pattullo, Wm., grain, manure, and feeding stuffs merch., 18 St Andrew's 
sij street; h. Seafield terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Pattullo, William, mangiekeeper, 17 Yeaman shore 

Pattullo, Mrs Geo. A., Westfield house, 25 Magdalen Yard road 

Paul, Andrew A., bookseller and stationer, Arcade buildings, King 
street ; h. 7 Mid street 
aT! Paul, Dickie, & Paul, solicitors and notaries public, 22 Euclid crescent 

Paul, G. Brodie, of Paul, Dickie, & Paul, Taybank, Monifieth 

Paul, John, mechanic, 6 Roslin terrace 

Paul, John, clerk, 8 Meadowside; A. 14 Lawrence street 

Paul, Peter, mechanic, 45 Annfield road 

Paul, Mrs A., 29 Springfield 

Paxton, James, & Son, grocers and spiritdealers, 17 and 19 Westport 

Paxton, James, of James Paxton & Son, 23 Thomson street 

Payne, Hamilton, grocer, 15 Shepherd's loan 

Peacock, Andrew L., brassfinisher, 47 Crescent street 

Peacock, James, moulder, 47 Crescent street 

Peacock, William L. , picturedealer. Lamb's hotel. Reform street 

Pearce, Alfred W., of Pearce Bros., Balgillo crescent, Broughty Ferry 

-*earce Brothers, engineers and shipbuilders, Lilybank Foundry, 3 Kem- 
back street, and Craigie Shipbuilding Yard 

jPearce, Henry Jones, of Pearce Brothers, 13 Springhill 

■ 18 


Pearce, Richard A. , of Peai'ce Brothers, Craigieraount, Maryfield 

Pearcy, James, bookbinder, 88 Rosebank street 

Pearson, Charles M., clerk, Bowbridge Works ; h. 4 North Ellen stx'ee 

Pearson, David, joiner and funeral undertaker, 27 Ryehill lane ; h. 

Speed's terrace, Tait's lane 
Pearson, David, porter, 10 South Erskine street 
Pearson, Elizabeth, manglekeeper, 10 Watt street 
Pearson, James, provision and game dealer, 82 Princes street ; h. ] 

Janefield place, Maryfield 
Pearson, Thomas, joiner, 5 Temple lane 

Pearston, David L., Inland rev. officer, 16 Renny place, West Ferry 
Peat, James, of J. & J. Peat, Balcaskie villa, Westpark road 
Peat, John, of J. & J. Peat, 1 Viewforth place 
Peat, J. & J. , clothiers and woollen drapers, 52 High street 
Peat, Peter Y., millmanager, Seafield Works; h. 75 Annfield road 
Peat, Mrs John, 91 Peddie street 
Peat, Mrs John, 7 St Peter street 

Peattie, David, coal merchant, 9 Erskine street ; h. 4 Lyon pi., Lyon s 
Peattie, James, brakesman, 7 M'Gill street 
Peddie, Daniel, grocer, wine merchant, and sub-postmaster, 199 Prince 

street ; h. 32 Raglan street I 

Peddie, James, coaldealer, 42 Lochee road ; h. 27 Ash lane ' 

Peddie, William S., teacher and house governor, Dundee Orphan Inst 

tution, 133 Ferry road 
Peebles, Charles, baker, 36 Cotton road ( 

Peebles, David S., coachman, 2 Westfield place \ 

Peebles, Georgina, pawnbroker, 6 Walton street ; A. 19 Airlie place \ 
Peebles, James H., grocei% 88 Peddie sti'eet; h. 86 
Peebles, John, joiner and funeral undert. , 29 Ryehill lane; h. 199 Perth ri 
PEEBLES, PETER, coach proprietor, 55 Perth road, and Queen's Hot 

stables ; h. 55 Perth road. See Adv. 
Peebles, Thomas, watchmaker, 21 Union place, Perth road 
Peebles, William, blacksmith, 65 Watson street 

Peebles, Wm. , horsehirer, Queen's Hotel stables ; h. 5 Magdalen Yard r 
Pellow, John, letterpress printer, manufacturing stationer, and publish 

of Fellow's Almanac, 76 High street ; h. 114 Hawkhill 
Pender, John, of Wood & Pender, 58 Peddie street 
Penfold, Frederick, paymaster, R.N., H.M.S. Unicorn; h. 12 Albany te 
Penman, David, colliery agent, 39 Strathmartine road 
Penman, Jas. , cooper and genrl. dealer, 32 Constable st. ; h. 51 Crescent s' 
Penman, William, engineer, Marion place, 185 Pi'inces street 
Penn, James, gardener, Taypark 
Penny, Alexander, ropespinner, 20 Hill street 
Penny, David, gardener, 10 North Ellen street 
Penny, Peter, saddler, harness and collar maker, 54 Victoria road ; 

44 Caldrum street 
Penny, Mrs James, 50 Peddie street 
Penny cook, Charles, clerk, 20 Panmure street 

People's Friend, 7 to 25 Bank st. ; JohnLeng &Co. , printers and publishe 
PEOPLE'S JOURNAL, 7 to 25 Bank street; John Leng & Co., priute 

and publishers. See Adv. 


Pert, Mrs, 74 Dudhope street 

PERTH DYE WORKS; P. & P. Campbell, dyers and cleaners, 33 Nether- 
gate. See Adv. 

Peruvian Consul, J. H. Bell, 2 India buildings 

Peter, Alexander, joiner, 1 Springhill, Ferry road 

Peter, Charles, accountant, 197 Princes street 

Peter, David, clerk of works, 7 Park lane 

Peter, David, tenter, 14 Wolseley street 

Peter, David, mason, 5 Paton's lane 

Peter, David W., grocer's assistant, 5 Garfield place, 53 Hawkhill 

Peter, Robert, blacksmith, 17 Dallfield walk 

Peters, Alexander W., compositor, 12J Mortimer place 

Peters, David, mason, 17 Annfield road 

Peters, James, cab proprietor and mail contractor, 12 Park lane 

Peters, James, mechanic, 26 Blyth street 

Peters, Robert, mason, 166 Scouringburn 

Peters, Susan, cook, 16 Shepherd's loan 

Peters, Thomas L. , of W. Strong & Co. , 27 Springfield 

Peters, Thomas M., ix'onmonger, mill and factoiy furnisher, 71 Wellgate; 
h. 266 Hilltown 

Peters, Tobias, watchmaker, 12 Ann street ; h. 2 Hill street 

Peterson, Magnus, music teacher, 15 South Tay street 

Peterson, William, principal of University College; h. 5 Airlie place 

Petrie, Alexander, shoemaker, 28 Carmichael street 

Petrie, Alexander, railway servant, 2 Small's lane 

Petrie, David, merchant, 4 Royal Exchange place ; h. Wellington house, 
7 Wellington street, Forebank 

Petrie, David, foreman carter, Wordie & Co. ; h. 59 Arbroath road 
iri Petrie, David, engineer, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
it' Petrie, George, of George Petrie & Co., 69 Arbi^oath road 

Petrie, George, & Co., drapers and clothiers, 22 Princes street 

Petrie, George, antiqviarian and general bookseller, 52 Nethergate ; h. 
Arcade buildings, King street 
tlPetrie, George, saddler, 30 Castle st. ; h. 5 South George street 

Petrie, James M., carpenter, 7 Cowgate 

Petrie, James, baker, 152 Ann street ; A. 12 North Ellen street 

Petrie, John, collector, 47 Annfield road 
tfijlPetrie, M. & J., millinery and fancy goods, 144 Hawkhill ; h. 121 

Petrie, Robert, mealdealer, 201 Hawkhill; h. 1 Blackheath place 
fPetrie, Robert, porter, 160 Scouringburn 

Petrie, Samuel, tailor, 15 Balfour street 

Petrie, Samuel, tailor, 78 Peddie street 

Petrie, Thomas, of Anderson & Petrie, 4 Forebank road 

Petrie, William, manager. South Mill, Tay Works ; h. 2 Rosefield street 
' Petrie, William, painter, 56 Ferry road 

Petrie, William, baker, 13 Noi-th Wellington street 

Petrie, Mrs Hannah, 51 Alexander street 

Petrie, Mrs James, spirit merchant, 144 Murray gate; h. 1 Meadow st. 

Petrie, Mrs John, spiritdealer, 60 Princes st. ; h. 3 Struan pL, Newport 

Petrie, Mrs John, lodginghouse, 49 Victoria road 

Petrie, Mrs, apartments, 1 Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 


Petrie, Miss M. A., 43 Greenfield, Park wynd 

Pettersen, Bernt, of Quosbarth & Pettersen, vice-consul for Portugal, No 

way, and Sweden, 46 Castle street ; h. 10 Castle ter., Bro'ty Ferrf 
Philip, Alexander, tinsmith, 6 Kinnaird street 
Philip, Alexander, calenderworker, 110 Princes street 
Philip, David F., clerk, 10 Panmure street; h. Salisbury cot. , Maryfie 
Philip, David, of David Philip & Son, Salisbury cottage, Forfar road 
Philip, David, jun. , clerk, 8 South Lindsay street; h. 3 Craig street 
Philip, David, & Son, tea and coffee merchants, Sugarhouse wynd 
Philip, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 173 and 175 Scouringbur 

h. \Z Dudhope street 
Philip, Helen, dressmaker, 53 Strathmartine road 
Philip, James B., of David Philip & Son, 93 Arbroath road 
Philip, James, pastrybaker and confectioner, 15 Crichton street and 

Thorter row ; h. 37 Nethergate 
Philip, John B. , 1 Graham place 
Philip, John, mechanic, 5 Brown street 
Philip, Joseph, of Watson & Philip, 1 Osborne place 
Philip, Peter, mason, 25 Balgay street 
Philip, Robert, grocer, 13 Dudhope street 
Philip, Thomas, joiner, 72 Ure street 

Philip, William, jun., joiner and builder, 163 Seagate ; h. 6 Garland \ 
Philip, Mrs James, 70 Ure street 
Philip, Mrs John, 8 North Ellen street 

Philip, Miss Helen, dress and mantle maker, 53 Strathmartine road 
Philip, Miss, dressmaker, 70 Ure street 
Phillip, Charles, of Whyte & Phillip, 56 Dura street 
Phillip, John, of M'Lean & Phillip, Fountainbleau, Pitkerro road 
Phillips, Abram, tailor, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 
Phillips, Charles G. L., teacher of drawing, 23 Union street 
Phillips, James, gardener, 31 Annfield road 
Phillips, James, insurance superintendent, 21 Panmure street ; h. Vie 

bank villa, Carnoustie 
Phillips, James, coaidealer, 199 Hilltown; It. 201 
Phillips, James, millforeman, 21 Lawi-ence street 
Phillips, Jeffrey, shipmaster, 5 Graham place 

Phillips, Stewart, spiritdealer, 123 Ann street; h. 27 South Ellen strei 
Phillips, William, insurance agent, 3 Barrack street; h. 60 Peddie stre 
Phillips, William, manager. Eastern Co-operative Society, 34 Nor 

Ellen street; h. 5 Ellen street 
Phillips, Mrs Ellen, pawnbroker, 12 Daniel street 
Philp, David, accountant, D. & A. Joint Railway, 65 Commercial stree 

h. Brook villa, 219 Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Philp, Thomas B., merchant, 41 St Andrew's street ; h. 4 Airlie plac« 
PHILP'S Glenburn Hydropathic, Rothesay. See Adv. 
Phin, Andrew, overseer. South Anchor Works; h. 8 Daniel street 
Phin, David, spiritdealer's assistant, 18 Hunter street 
Phin, James, grocer and wine mercht., 189 Perth rd. ; h. 2 Ritchie's la 
Phin, James A., plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 31 Ann street ; wo'i 

shop, 11 Powrie place ; h. 159 Hilltown 
Phin, Lawrence, grocer and spiritdealer, 96 and 98 Scouringburn ; h. 


^ Phin, Margaret, grocer, 132 Overgate; h. 94 Scouringburn 
%hin, Michael, broker, 147 Hilltown ; h. 139 
''IfPhin, Owen, spirit merchant, 166 Overgate ; h. 103 

Phin, Peter, confectioner, 39 Polepark road 

Phin, William H., upholsterer, 159 Ann street 

Phin, Mrs James, 159 Ann street 

Phinn, Thomas, superintendent, Curr Night Refuge, 3 West Bell street 

Phinn, Thomas, mechanic, 8 Mortimer street 

Phinn, Thomas, nightwatchman, 26 Bell Street lane 
^ri|Phinn, William, clerk, 2 Gowrie place 

Pickard, John, milloverseer, Dens Works ; h. 21 Cotton road 

Piggot, Adam, blacksmith, 87 Hospital wynd 

Piggot, Adam, Clepington cottage, 24 North George street 

Piggot, Andrew, shipmaster, Clepington cottage, 24 North George street 

Piggot, Hamilton, teacher, Clepington cottage, 24 North George street 

Piggot, P. C, local manager, Fire Insurance Association, and London and 
Lancashire Life Assurance Co., 9 Panmure street ; h. Downfield 

Pink, James, grocer, 43 Rose street 

Piper, Mrs Charles A., 3 Gowrie place 

Pirie & Croom, patentees and makers of machines for trimming paper- 
hangings, 23 Crichton street 

Pirie, David, of Pirie & Croom, painter, oil and colour merchant, 21 
Crichton street ; A. 6 Windsor terrace 

Pirie, David, mason, 7 Bruce street 

Pirie, Mrs George C. , 16 Strawberry bank 

Pirie, Isabella, dressmaker, 10 Hawkhill 

Pimie, George, of Pirnie & Son, 87^ Blackscroft 

Pirnie, Michael, of Pirnie & Son, 87^ Blackscroft 

Pirnie, Peter, lorrydriver, Cal. Railway ; h. 16 South Lindsay street 

Pimie & Son, rivet manufrs. , Dundee Rivet Works, Camperdown street 

Pirrie, George, warehouseman, 2 William street, Scouringburn 
iefpirrie, William, traveller, Reid street 

Pirrie, Mrs, 20 Airlie place 

Pitendreigh, James, blacksmith, 92 Ferry road 

Pitkethly, Mrs Jane, sicknurse, 6 Thorter row 

Pleasance Brewery, 6 Hop street ; Ballingall & Son, brewers 
reslPleasance Works, 128 Lochee rd.; Kinmond, Luke, & Co., manufacturers 
wiplenderleath, Henry, shipping agt. , 1 Commercial st. ; h. Barnhill, B. Ferry 
oiiPolack & Co., merchants, 13 Albert square 

Polack, Rudolph, of Polack & Co., 8 Clarendon terrace, Perth road 

Polepark Works, Polepark road ; Henry Smith & Co. , manufacturers 
etfPolice Office (Central), West Bell street 

Police and Water Commissioners' Office, 8 Meadowside; Jas. Smith, treas. 

Pollock, James, of Hendry & Pollock, 1 Hawkhill place 

Pollock, John, joiner, 9 Ogilvie's road ; h. 2 

Pont, Henry, scenic artist, 172 Seagate 

Pont, Mrs Isabella, manglekeeper, 42 Rosebank street 
lulPonton, Ed. , sergt. -major R. A. , 26 Commercial st. ; y^. Dudhope barracks 
fllPope, Arthur G., of W. & A. Pope, 13 Victoria street 

Pope, James, grocer, 52 Foundry lane 

Pope, William S., of W. & A. Pope, 87 Albert street 


Pope, W. & A., clothiers and provision merchants, 83 and 85 Blackscrof 

Pope, Mrs James, sen., house proprietrix, 87 Albert street 

Porter, James, & Son, slaters and masons, 41 Lower pleasance 

Porter, James, jun., of James Porter & Son, 19 Polepark road 

Porter, James, of James Porter & Son, 37 Lower pleasance 

Porter, James, tinsmith, 10 Middle street j 

Porter, Mary C. , dressmaker, 39 Lower pleasance ; h. 37 \ 

Porter, Thomas L. , coaldealer, 41 Lower pleasance ; h. 37 

Porter, William R., cabinetmaker, 16 Baffin street 

Porter, Mrs Alexander, broker, 97 Lochee road 

Portugal, Vice-consul for — Bernt Pettersen, 46 Castle street 

Potter, Alex., bootmaker, 76 Murraygate ; h. Long lane, Bro'ty Ferry, 

Potter, John, tailors' cutter, 32 Stanley place. Step row 

Potter, Mrs William, 6 North Ellen street 

Potter, Miss Maria F., dressmaker, 6 North Ellen sti'eet 

Pow, James, poultry, game, and fish merchant, 6 and 20 Crichto; 

street ; h. 60 Gray street, Broughty Ferry 
Powell, John S., photographer, 240 Perth I'oad 
Powell, Robert, waiter, 3 Blyth place 
Powles, Thomas W., Captain R.A., Adjutant IstF.A.V., 26Commercia 

street; li. 4 Newington terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Powrie, Alexander, grocer, 42 Dudhope street; h. 6 Dallfield terrace 
Powrie, Andrew, shipcarpenter. Glebe place, 40 Lilybank road 
Powrie, David, spirit merchant, 15 Dock street ; h. 21 
Powrie, Frank, merchant, 14 Dock street; h. 13 West Dock street 
Powrie, George, teacher, Meadowside Academy, 53 Constitution road; h\ 

22 Airlie place 
Powrie, James, builder, 26 Wilkie's lane ; h. 82 Peddie street • > 

Powrie, James, of Davidson & Powrie, 12 Paton's lane 
Prain, George, sawmiller, 31 St Peter street ' 

Prain, James, & Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Larchfield Works 

Walton street ; offi.ce, 24 Cowgate 
Prain, James, 5 Dudhope terrace 

Prain, James, jun. , of James Prain & vSons, 5 Dudhope terrace 
Prain, Jas. K., commis. agent, 20 Castle st.; h. Camperdown st. , B. Feiry 
Prain, James, church-officer, 177 Victoria road " 
Prain, John S., sorting-clerk, Post Office; h. 70 North Church street 
Prain, John E., of James Prain & Sons, 13 Albany terrace 
Prain, Mrs Ann, draper, 9 Wellgate ; /;. 11 Panmure street 
Prain, Mrs Ann, 7 Hawkhill place 

Prain, Miss Helen, dressmaker, 6 Victoria squai-e, 43 Nethergate 
Pratt, David, shoemaker, 46 Hawkhill and 83 Cowgate 
Prescott, Thomas, cai-pet pi'inter, 12 St Mary's place 
Preston, David Y,, draper, 2 Meadow entry; h. Downfield 
Preston, James, house proprietor, 18 North Chiirch street 
Preston, James, birddealer, 9 Lindsay street 
Preston, John, flaxporter, 18 North Church street 
Preston, Joseph, shoemaker, 14 Cochrane street 

Preston, Mrs H., di'aper and milliner, 190 Hilltown ; h. 19 James stree' 
Primerose, Alfred G. , of Primerose & Martin, Elmbank, Broughty Ferrj 
Primerose & Martin, manure and feeding stuffs merchants, 25 Dock streel 



oftiPringle, James, carpenter, 53 King street 
Pringle, John, draper, 217 Perth road ; h. 3 St Johnswood terrace 
Pringle, Mary, manglekeeper, 20 Shepherd's loan 
Pringle, Thomas, bootmaker, 186 Perth road 

Pringle, William, joiner, 43 Foundry lane; h. Brown street, Bro. Ferry 
Pringle, William, cashier. Northern Assurance Co., 110 Commercial 

street ; h. Broughty Ferry 
Pringle, William, watchmaker, 59 Perth road; A. 61 
Pringle, William, painter, 7 Mid street 
Proctor, David, photographer, Arcade buildings, King street; h. 28 North 

Church street 
Proctor, Isabella, confectioner, 12a Constitution st. ; h. 28 N. Church st. 
Proctor, James, cambmaker, 21 North Tay street ; h. 25 Hawkhill 
Proctor, James, housefactor, 14 New Inn entry 
Proctor, John, factory overseer, 28 North Church street 
toijiProctor, John, compositor, 23 Victoria street 
Proctor, William, confectioner, 46 James street 
Proctor, William, harbour porter, 56 Lilybank road 
Proctor, Mrs, 214 Perth road 

Procurator Fiscal's Office, Courthouse buildings. West Bell street 
Prophet, David, & Sons, photographers, 59 Wellgate 
Prophet, David, of D. Prophet & Sons, 12 Dallfield terrace 
Prophet, David, jun., of D. Prophet & Sons, 12 Dallfield terrace 
Prophet, John, umbrellamaker, Arcade buildings, King st. ; h. 7 Roslin ter. 
Prophet, William, shoemaker, 11 Tannadice street 
Prophet, William, of D. Prophet & Sons, 12 Dallfield terrace 
Prophet, Mrs, 26 Kidd street 

Proudfoot, John, flour salesman, 6 Dallfield terrace 
Proudfoot, Peter, clerk. Post Office ; h. 10 Rosebank street 
Proven, Mrs, 24 Hunter street 

Prudential Assurance Co., 21 Panmure st. ; Jas. Phillips, superintendent 
Pryde, Melville, shipmaster, 10 North Tay street 

Public Market and Slaughterhouse, East Dock st. ; D. Knight, superint. 
Pullar, Charles, carpenter, 2 Brown street 

Pullar, David S., grocer and spiritdealer, 19 Balgay st. ; h. 19 Blackness st. 
Pullar, George, tailor and clothier, 61 Peddie street 
Pullar, J., & Sons, dyers to the Queen, 47 Nethergate ; works, Perth 
Pvillar, J., & Co. ,windowblind makers and bellhangers, 9 Meadow entry 
Pullar, Robt., grocer and spiritdealer, 23 Peddie street; h. 19 Blackness st. 
Pullar, William, clerk, 220 Blackness road 
Pullar, Mrs David, 1 M 'Vicar's lane, Perth road 
Pullar, Mrs George, grocer, 21 Blackness street; h. 19 
Pullar, Mrs, 48 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Pulsometer Engineering Co. , Limited, of London, 26 Commercial street; 

J. C. Haste, agent 
Pumpherston Oil Co., of Glasgow, 23 Panmure street; W, Milne, agent 
Purchas, Francis J., traveller, 87 High st. ; h. Woodside, East Newport 
Purves, John A., stereotyper, 6 Havelock place 

Pyott, David 8. W., manager,mechanicaldept. ,DensWks.; A.7AWilliamst. 
Pyott, George, clerk, Salisbury place, 3 Baffin street 
Pyott, Mrs Jessie, manglekeeper, 12 St Andrew's street 


Pyott, Miss Agnes W., maker of baby linen, underclothing, &c., 1 
Kirk entry, Wellgate 

QuARRiER, James, baker, 37 St Peter street 
Quayle, William, H.M. inspector of factories, 160 Nethergate 
QUEEN INSURANCE CO., Union Bank buildings, 6 Panmure st. See Adv. 
Queen's Hotel, 160 Nethergate; Wm. vSmith, managing proprietor 
Quin, Christopher, seaman, 106 Blackscroft 
Quin, Daniel, broker, 64 Scouringburn 
Quin, Thomas, shoemaker, 90 Scouringburn 
Quinn, Dennis, millforeman, 34 Alexander street 
Quinn, Peter, shipcarver, 170 Hilltown 
Quirk, Edward, hairdresser, 66 Hawkhill ; h. 61 
Quirk, John, calenderworker, 1 Watson's lane 

Quosbarth, Herman, of Quosbarth & Pettersen, consul for the Germam 

empire, 46 Castle street; h. 8 Strawberrybank ! 

Quosbarth & Pettersen, shipbrokers and commis. merchants, 46 Castle st. 

Rae, Alexander S., of George Stephen & Son, Heathbank, Barnhill 

Rae, Edward, mason, 223 Hilltown 

Rae, Hugh, seaman, 46 Bell street 

Rae, James, of Kennedy & Rae, 2 Alton terrace, West Ferry 

Rae, James, Board of Trade survej'^or. Customhouse ; h. Willowgrove, 

Broughty Ferry 
Rae, James, railway servant, 17 Blackness street 
Rae, John, baker, 63 Dallfield walk 
Rae, John, porter, 46 Watson street 

Rae, R. G., superintendent. Western Cemetery, Perth road 
Rae, Thomas, coachman, 18 Bell street lane 
Rae, William, plumber, 28 Kinloch street 
Rae, William, milloverseer, 6 Mid road 
Rae, Mrs, 31 Hill street 
Rae, Mrs, 40 Perth road 

Raeburn, Adam, foreman painter, 56 Watson street 
Raffan, John, moulder, 22 St Mary's place 
Raitt, John, flax inspector, 63 Victoria road 
Raitt, Thomas, missionary, 42 Magdalen Yard road 
Ralph, William, shipsteward, 26 Mid street 
Ramage, David, baker, 7 Blackness street 
Ramage, John, grocer's assistant, 20 Hill street 
Ramsay, Alexander, of Ramsay & Caird, 5 Baffin street 
Ramsay, Alexander, market gardener, Maybank, 156 Strathmartine rd. 
Ramsay, Alexander, marine engmeer, 4 Gowrie place 
Ramsay, Alexander, sailmaker, 6 Bellfield lane 
Ramsay, Alexander, foreman engineer, 123 Princes street 
Ramsay, Allan, artist, 74 Commercial street ; h. 9 Parker street 
Ramsay, Andrew, of Bain & Ramsay, 304 Perth road 
Ramsay Bros., wholesale confectioners, 13 Park wynd, and at Arbroath 
Ramsay & Caird, drapers and clothiers, 44 Castle street 
Ramsay, Charles, shore porter, 3 Lyon place 
Ramsay, Charles, joiner, 6 Stanley place, Step row 


RAMSAY, DAVID, & CO., brassfounders, plumbers, and gasfitters, 27 and 

29 Trades lane. See Adv. 
Ramsay, David, of David Ramsay & Co., 3 South Wellington street 
j Ramsay, David, commis. agent, 51 Reform st. ; h. High st., Carnoustie 
Ramsay, David, mason, 90 Blackscroft 
Ramsay, David, riveter, 10 Raglan street 
Ramsay, David, factory overseer, 79 Arbroath road 
Ramsay, Edward, carpenter, 2 Annfield street 
Ramsay, George, jeweller, 8 High street; h. 3 Viewforth street 
Ramsay, George H., blacksmith, 35 Wilkie's lane 
Ramsay, George, seaman, 9a Victoria street 
Ramsay, George, blacksmith, 39 Catherine street 
Ramsay, Helen, cook, 4 M 'Vicar's lane 
RAMSAY, JAMES, chronometer and watch manufacturer, and goldsmith, 

8 High street ; h. Primrosebank, Newport. See Adv. 
Ramsay, Jas. , & Co., shipbrokers, comm. and insur. agents, 22 E. Dock st. 
Ramsay, James, & Son, jutebrokers and commis. merchts., 4 India bldgs. 
Ramsay, James, of Ramsay Brothers, Towerbank house, Arbroath 
Ramsay, James, of James Ramsay & Son, 6 Norwood ter,, Westpark rd. 
Ramsay, James, baker, 37 Nethergate 
Ramsay, James, grocer, 229 Blackness road 

Ramsay, John, accountant and houseagent, 3 Barrack st. ; h. 1 St Peter st. 
Ramsay, John, clerk, 304 Perth road 
Ramsay, John, mechanic, 9 West wynd 
Ramsay, John, joiner, 80 Ure street 
Ramsay, John T., slater, 59 Wellgate 
Ramsay, John, grocer, 5 Annfield row 
Ramsay, Peter M., traveller, 5 Annfield row 
Ramsay & Reid, slaters, 31 Wellgate 
Ramsay, Robert, clerk, Wallace pend, 24a Hawkhill 
Ramsay, Robert D., of Ramsay & Reid, 59 Wellgate 
Ramsay, Thomas A., of James Ramsay & Co., 47 Yeaman shore 
Ramsay, William, of Ramsay Brothers, 36 Stanley place. Step row 
Ramsay, William, foreman skinner, 114 Lochee road 
Ramsay, W. R. , accountant, 8 Euclid street ; h. 53 South Tay street 
Ramsay, Mrs James, 157^ Scouringburn 
Ramsay, Mrs James, 45 Foundry lane 
Ramsay, Mrs James, 47 Yeaman shore 

Ramsay, Mrs John, confectioner, 69 Perth road ; A. 1 St Peter street 
Ramsay, Mrs, manglekeeper, 6 Victoria street 
Ramsay, Miss Ellen, 13 Balfour street 
Ramsay, Miss, 42 Seafield road 
Rankin, James, merchant, 13 Albert square 

Rankin, Rev. John, Catholic Apostolic Church ; h. 4 Dudhope place 
Rankine, Mrs J. , Forebank terrace 
Rattray, Alexander, mechanic, 36 Carmichael street 
Rattray, Andrew, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 83 Foundry lane ; h. 81 
Rattray, Andrew, gardener, 6 Bell street 

Rattray, Charles M., baker, 21 Westport ; h. 2 Bothwell terrace, W. Ferry 
Rattray & Co., hatters and hosiers, 127 Murray gate 
Rattray, George, coaldealer, 45 Hospital wynd ; h. 32 


Rattray, James, & Co., linen merchants, 123 Murray gate 

Rattray, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 228 Hilltown ; h. 233 

Rattray, James, of James Rattray & Co. , 8 Windsor street 

Rattray, James, watch, clock, and chronometer maker, and jeweller, 

32 Nethergate ; h. 3 Osborne place 
Rattray, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Victoria street, and 

grocer, 28 Strathmartine road ; A. 110 Victoria road 
Rattray, James, joiner, Tay Works ; h. 5 Parker street 
Rattray, James, solicitor, 82 High street ; h. S Osborne place 
Rattray, James, jun., mechanic, 2 Gardner's lane 
Rattray, Jane, tobacconist, 133 Nethei^gate ; A. 8 Bank street 
Rattray, Jemima, tailor's machinist, 11 Crichton street 
Rattray, Jessie, grocer and spiritdealer, 218 Blackness road; h. 220 
Rattray, John, housefactor, insurance agent, and valuator, 51 South 

Tay street ; h. 7 Union terrace 
Rattray, John, commercial traveller 38 Ann street 
Rattray, John, postman. Arcade buildings. King street 
Rattray, John, 2 Laurelbank 
Rattray, John, porter, 7 Rosefield street 
Rattray, Robert, of James Rattray & Co., 2 Laurelbank 
Rattray, Robert, coffeehouse keeper, 10 South Lindsay sti'eet 
Rattray, William, clerk, 51 vSouth Tay street ; k. 7 Union terrace 
Rattray, Mrs J., grocer, 10 Blackscroft ; h. 62 
Rattray, Miss M., dressmaker, 53 Hilltown 
Rattray, Miss S., 12 Springfield 

Ray, William, engineer, Victoria crescent, 1 Lamb's lane 
Rea, Archibald H., clerk. Shore Dues office; h. 31 Mains loan 
Rea, Arthur, spirit merchant, 52 and 54 Overgate ; h. 34 N. Lindsay st. 
Rea, David, marine engineer, 25 St Matthew street 
Rea, James, tea, Mdne, and spirit merchant, 126 and 128 Albert st. , and 

grocer at 92 Dura st. ; h. Reabella cottage, Shamrock st., Maryfield 
Rea, Robert, aiictioneer and valuator, 14 Euclid crescent ; h. 31 Wellgate 
Reader, Charles, broker, 52 Gellatly street 
Reader, James H., hairdresser, 7 Temple lane 
Reddie, Alexander, hay and straw merchant, 5 North Tay street ; h. 17 

Magdalen Yard road 
Redding, Mrs Patrick, grocer and spiritdealer, 171 Scouringburn ; h. 157^ 
Reddy, Mrs William, grocer, 24 Dens brae ; h. 18 
Redmond, Joseph, grocer, 22 St Mary street ; h. 24 
Reekie, Charles, joiner, 78 Bonnybank road 
Rees, Mrs, teacher, 8 Pitfour street 
Reid, Rev. Alex. H., M'Cheyne Memorial Free Church; h. Roxburgh 

terrace, Westpark road 
Reid, Alexander Simpson, hairdresser, 223^ Hilltown ; h. 219 '• 

Reid, Alexander B., blacksmith, 2 Main street 
Reid, Alexander, confectioner, 99 Victoria road 
Reid, Alex. P., & Co., confectioners and pastrybakers, 46 Overgate 
Reid, Alex. P., of Alex. P. Reid & Co., Dalkeith street, Tayport 
Reid, Alexander, fishdealer, 268 Hawkhill ; h. 39 High street 
Reid, Andrew, & Co., merchants and manufrs., 40 St Aaidrew's street 
Reid, Charles, of Douglas, Reid, & Co.. The Gorse, Barnhill 



Eeid, Charles S., colliery agent, 10 Shore ter. ; h. W. Balgillo, W. Ferry 

Reid, Charles, mason, 1 Abbotsford place, Peddle street 

Reid, C. & C, dressmakers, 186^ Hawkhill ; h. 186 

Reid, David, comm. mercht. , 7 Rankine's court ; h. Rowan cot. , Downfield 

Reid, David, clerk, Wellfield Works; h. Magdalen place, Clepington road 

Reid, DavidL., assistant timber measurer, C.B.E., Docks; A. Shamrock st.- 

Reid, David, shoemaker, 15 Lawson place 

Reid, David, mechanic, 53 Dallfield walk 

Reid, David, carting contractor, East Dock street ; h. 8 Ferry road 

Reid, David, greengrocer, 16 Hospital wynd 

Reid, Duncan J., M.B. , CM., physician and surgeon, 17 King street 

Reid, Elizabeth, greengrocer, 270 Hawkhill ; h. 51 Foundry lane 

Reid, George, clerk, 12 Cowgate ; h. 1 Yiewforth place 

Reid, Geoi'ge, mechanic, 4 Benvie road 

Reid, George, mechanic, 4 Hunter street 

Reid, George B., plumber, 13 Albert street 

Reid, James, & Co., musicsellers and stationers, 10 Cowgate 

Reid, James, timber measurer, C.B.E., Docks ; h. Shamrock street 

Reid, Jas. C, clerk, Lilybank Foundry; h. Magdalen pi., Clepington rd.. 

Reid, James, butcher, 132 Scouringburn ; h. 6 Polepark road 

Reid, James, railway guard, 41 North Wellington street 

Reid, James S., warehouseman, 7 Hill street 

Reid, James, mechanic, 5 Catherine street 

Reid, James, overseer, 3 Ure street 

Reid, James, mason. Thorn place, 237 Blackness road 

Reid, James, gardener, 249 Blackness road 

Reid, Rev. John, M.A., Tay Square U.P. Church ; h. 10 Union terrace- 

Reid, John H. , potato mer. and fruiterer, 68 Scour'burn ; h. 21 Mortimer st.- 

Reid, John C, clerk, British Linen Co. Bank; h. 7 Hawkhill place 

Reid, John, cashier, N.B. Railway ; h. 62 Blackscroft 

Reid, John, collector, 81 Hospital wynd 

Reid, John, sailmaker, 34 Annfield row 

Reid, John, traveller, 175 Victoria road 

Reid, John, mechanic, 224 Lochee road 

Reid, John, harbour porter, 22 Lilybank road 

Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeour, & Co. , solicitors and notaries, 31 Reform st.. 

Reid, J. & W., tobacconists, 118 Overgate ; h. 133 Blackness road 

Reid, Peter, compositor. Elm place, 121 Hawkhill 

Reid, Peter, hairdresser, 9 Barrack street 

Reid, Richard C, agent. National Bank, 115 Hilltown; h. Carnoustie 

Reid, Robert, clerk, 58 Mains road 

Reid, Robert, gardener, 87 Peddle street 

Reid, P. W., reporter. Advertiser office ; h. 9 Bell street 

Reid, Thomas, jun., assistant, engineering department, University 

College ; h. 1 Taypark place, Broughty Ferry 
Reid, Thomas, labourer, 6 Erskine street 

Reid, Wm. , general and saddlers' ironmngr. ,34 Union st. ; h. 10 Panmure st.. 
Reid, Wm. E., agent for pure Lidian teas, and insurance, 38 St Andrew's. 

street ; h. Monikie manse 
Reid, William, of Ramsay & Reid, 20 Hilltown 
Reid, William, grocer, 1 Milnbank road ; h. 7 Balfour street 


Reid, William, sub-editor, Advertiser office ; h. 74 Commercial street 

Reid, M^illiam, tailor and clothier, 59 Constable street 

Reid, William, tobacconist, 135 Blackness road 

Reid, William, blacksmith, 57 Mains road 

Reid, Mrs Agnes, 58 Nethergate 

Reid, Mrs A. F., 15 Step row 

Reid, Mrs E., smallware dealer, 35 Milnbank road 

Reid, Mrs J., 44 Mid wynd 

Reid, Mrs Robert, grocer, 25 Park wynd 

Reid, Mrs William, confectioner, 3 Hunter street 

Reid, Mrs, late grocer, 34 Dura street 

Reid, Mrs, confectioner, 18 Cherryfield lane 

Reid, Miss, teacher of music, Shamrock street 

Reilly, Ann, confectioner, 25 Blackness road 

Reilly, John, waste merchant, 5 Greenmarket ; h. 222 Overgate 

RELIANCE MUTUAL Life Assurance Society. See Adv. J 

Rennie, Alexander, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 20 Raglan ^ 

street; h. 100 Albert street 
Rennie, Alexander, warehouseman, 44 Polepark road 
Rennie, David, agent. Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited ; h. 4 Sea- 
ward place, Broughty Ferry 
Rennie, James, milliner, dress and mantle maker, and sewing-machine 

agent, 70 Wellgate; h. 66 
Rennie, John, patternmaker, 21 St Peter street 

Rennie, Thomas A., late inspector of police, Salisbury pi., 15 Baffin st. 
Rennie, William N., wholesale tea merchant, 13, 15, and 17 Exchange 

street; A. 18 South Wellington street ^ * 

Rennie, Mrs Mary, 12 North Ellen street j | 

Reoch, Alexander, grocer and wine mer. , 98 Hilltown ; h. Forebank ter. | 
Reoch, Alexander, of Bulk & Reoch, Arcade buildings, King street I | 

Reoch, Leslie, bookseller and stationer, 46 Scouringburn ; h. 5 Brown st. | 
Reoch, William, packer and church officer, 7 Parker street 
Reoch, Miss, milliner, 16 Elizabeth street 
Retigan, James, commercial traveller, 225 Overgate 
Rettie, William, family victualler, wine and spirit merchant, and house 

proprietor, 26 Wellgate; h. 14 Lawrence street 
Rew, Mrs, 8 Peddle street 

Rew, Miss Helen, dressmaker. Arcade buildings, 42 King's road 
Reynolds, James, grocer, 131 Scouringburn; h. 69 
Reynolds, Owen, overseer, 3 Lawrence street 
Rhind, Harry S., of David Martin & Co., Woodhaven, Newport 
Rhind, John, of David Martin & Co., Embden house, Broughty Ferry 
Rice, Bernard, grocer, 20 James street 
Richards & Co., bleachers, dyers, flax and jute spinners, and linen 

manufacturers, 14 Victoria chambers ; works, Aberdeen, Montrose, 

and Rubislaw; warehouses, London and Liverpool 
Richardson, George, foreman moulder, 94 Commercial street 
Richardson, John, tailor and clothier, 41 Reform street 
Richmond, Thomas, mechanic, 39 Park wynd 
Richmond, Thomas, jun., grocer, 39 Park wynd 
Rickard, Joseph, proprietor, Royal British Hotel, Highst. and 4 Castle st. 


Ridgway, Joseph, foreman dyer, Seafield Works; h. 29 Paton's lane 

Ririe, A. & M., dressmakers and milliners, 94 Rosebank street ; h. 92 

Ritchie, Alex. M., plumber, brassf., gasfitter, tin & coppersmith, ship lamp 
maker, and ship furnishing ironmgr. , King Wm. dock; A.4S. George st. 

Ritchie, Alexander, tidewaiter, 12 Mains road 

Ritchie, Archibald, violin maker and repairer, 185 Princes street 

Ritchie, David, auctioneer and valuator, 51 Overgate ; h. 4Tay ter. ,B. Ferry 

Ritchie, David, broker, 66 Strathmartine road; h. 68 

Ritchie, Duncan, superintendent, Sailors' Home, 62 Dock street 

Ritchie, Duncan, hairdresser, 25 Polepark road 

Ritchie, D. A., & Co., produce mers. and comm. agents, 27 and 29 Dock st. 

Ritchie, D. A., of D. A. Ritchie & Co., Albert cottage, Barnhill 

Ritchie, Geo. , wholesale grocer, 36 Seagate; h. Gowanlea, 10 Westfield pL 

Ritchie, George, Board of Trade officer. Mercantile Marine Office; A„ 
17 Ambrose street, Broughty Ferry 

Ritchie, George, dockmaster, 5 Graham place 

Ritchie, George, blacksmith, 82 Cowgate ; h. 2 Idvies street 

Ritchie, George, marine engineer, 5 Baffin street 

Ritchie, Irvine, foreman riveter, 2 Small's lane 

Ritchie, James S., shipagent. King William dock ; A. 2 Airlie terrace 

Ritchie, James, confectioner, 235 Lochee road ; h. 233 

Ritchie, James, clerk. Police Treasurer's Office; h. 10 Morrison's court 

Ritchie, James, 1 Cleghorn street 

Ritchie, James, postman, 32 Ann street 

Ritchie, John, house proprietor, 18 Fleuchar street 

Ritchie, Joseph, bootmaker, 9 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Ritchie, Mungo, blacksmith, 8 Balfour street 

Ritchie, Mungo, auctioneer & valuator, 51 Overgate; h. 4 Tay ter., B. Ferry 

Ritchie, M. & S., drapers, 167 Hilltown ; h. Ballfield, Lochee 

Ritchie, Robert B., of W. & R. Ritchie, Longf organ 

Ritchie, Robert D. B., printer, 46 Peddie street 

Ritchie, Robert, plumber, 23 Ogilvie's road 

Ritchie, Thomas, clerk, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; h. 6 Shore terrace 

Ritchie, Thomas, wholesale grocer, 36 Seagate; h. 19 Airlie place 

Ritchie, Wm. , & Son, spinners and manufs., London Spinning Mills, Strat- 
ford, Essex, and 6 Lime st. , London ; W. R. Ireland, 41 Cowgate, agent 

Ritchie, W. Buchan, ship and insurance broker, 33 Dock street ; A. 2 
Woodbine terrace, Newport 

Ritchie, William M. , of W. & R. Ritchie, 9 Douglas terrace, Bro. Ferry 

Ritchie, W. &. R., accountants and stockbrokers, resident secretaries of 
the Queen Insurance Co., Union Bank buildings, 6 Panmure street 

Ritchie, Mrs Christina, spirit mercht., 271 Hawkhill ; h. 4 Speed's ter. 

Ritchie, Mrs David, 12 Panmure street 

Ritchie, Mrs John, confectioner, 21 Blackscroft 

Ritchie, Miss Margaret, 280 Perth road 

Ritchie, Mrs M., spiritdealer, 102a Blackness road ; h. 41 Annfield road 

Ritchie, Mrs P., tobacconist, 207 Overgate; h. 214 

Ritchie, Mrs P. D., 16 Hawkhill place 

Ritchie, Mrs William, grocer, 23 South Wellington street 

Ritchie, Mrs, confectioner, 19 Kincardine street 

Ritchie, Mrs, 9 Rosefield street 


Ritchie, Mrs, confectioner and hardware dealer, 155 Hilltown 

Rivers, Jessie, broker, 34 Hawkhill 

Robb, Alexander B., late baker, Cornwall cottage. Shamrock street 

Eobb, Alexander, joiner, 26 Seafield road 

Robb, Andrew W., dental sui-geon, 68 Nethergate ; h. 63 Gellatly street; 

Robb, David, spiritdealer, 21 Wellgate ; h. 1 Coupar's alley 

Robb, David, warehouseman, 185 Princes street 

Rol)b, Elizabeth C, of E. & M. Robb, 102 Princes street 

Robb, E. & M., milliners, 102 Princes street 

Robb, George, coaldealer, 31 Ogilvie's road 

Robb, George, joiner, 71 Hospital wynd 

Robb, Henry, currier, 177 Victoria road 

Robb, James, linen merchant, 35 Constitution road 

Robb, James, butcher, 195 Hawkhill and 16 Polepark rd. ; h. 2 Ford's lane 

Robb, James, fruit merchant, 280 Hilltown ; h. West Clepington house 

Robb, James, dairyman, 14 Alexander street; A. 19 South Ellen street 

Robb, James, police constable, 9 Parker street 

Robb, John, carting contractor, 12 Ash lane 

Robb, John, police constable, 144 Princes street 

Robb, John M., assistant ironmonger, 71 Perth road 

Robb, John, blacksmith, 38 Hillbank road 

Robb, Jos. , pawnbrkr. , 190 Sco'burn ; h. Bowery cot. , Long lane, B. Ferry 

Robb, Kinnaird, mason, 7 Yeaman shore 

Rol)b, Mary S., of E. & M. Robb, 102 Princes street 

Robb, Peter, jun., ironturner, 13 Mid street 

Robb, Robert, ironturner, 18 Baffin street 

Robb, Thomas, printer. Advertiser office ; h. 1 Gowrie street 

Robb, William, clothier and outfitter, 15 Overgate; h. 4 Balfour street 

Robb, William, teacher, Dudhope Public School; h. 18 Seafield road 

Robb, William, cabinetmaker, 23 Union street, Charles street 

Robb, Mrs David, manglekeeper, 65 Lochee road 

Robb, Mrs, grocer and spiritdealer, 32 Strathmartine rd.; h. 2 Hill st. 

Robb, Miss Mary Milne, mantlemaker, 113 Victoria road 

Robb, Miss, stationer and tobacconist, 104 Dura street 

Robbie, Alexander, powerloom overseer, 10 Lawrence street 

Robbie, Charles, fitter, 26 Albert street 

Robbie, David, sugarmiller, 31 Dura street 

Robbie, James, grocer, 33 Dura street; h. 35 

Robbie, John, School Bd. officer, 32Castlest. ; A. Park house, 65Hospitalwd. 

Robbie & Mann, bootmakers, 38 High street 

Robbie, Mrs Alexander, of Bobbie & Mann, 13 Park lane 

Robbie, Mrs, matron. Day Nursery, Hillbank cottage, 52 Cotton road 

Robert, Auguste, French teacher, 125 Nethergate 

Roberts, David, calenderworker, 24 Hunter street 

Roberts, Frank, organbuilder, 152 Lochee road; h. 23 Union street 

Roberts, James, contractor, 2 Hill street 

Roberts, James, fishdealer, Fishmarket ; h. 8 Crichton street 

Roberts, James, plumber, 16 Wilkie's lane 

Roberts, John, shipyard foreman, 10 St Matthew street 

Robertson, Alex., tobacconist, 18 E. Dock st., and confectioner, 14 ; h. 16 

Robertson, Alexander, cashier, Wallace Works ; h. 26 Forfar road 


Robei'tson, Alexander, cabinetmakei', 49 Victoria sti'eet ; h. 51 
Robertson, A. J. , wine and spirit mer. ,113 Hilltown ; h. 22 Lowden's alley 
Robertson, Alex., foreman metermaker. Gas Works; h. 110 Princes st. 
Robertson, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 32 Back street 
Robertson, Alexander, shipmaster, 2 Gowrie place 
Robertson, Alexander, fruiterer, 67 Albert street ; h. 70 
Robertson, Alexander, overseer, 101 Douglas street 
Robertson, Alexander, baker, 68^ Blackness road 

Robertson, Alexander J., jvin., spirit merchant's assistant, 3 Ann street 
Robertson, Alexander, gardener, 6 Lawrence street 
Robertson, Alexander, gamedealer and poulterer, 30 Union st. ; h. 32 
Robertson, Alexander W., of Robertson & Sons, 9 South Ellen street 
Robertson, Alexander R., clerk, Seagate Saw Mill ; h. 90 Dura street 
Robertson, Alexander, postman, 8 Annfield street 
Robertson, Alexander, ironturner, 23 Lawson place 
Robertson, Alexander, carpenter, 74 Nethergate 
Robertson, Allan, clerk, Fairmuir 

Robertson, Andrew, cashier, Wallace Foundry ; h. 4 Madeii-a street 
Robertson, Andrew, clerk, 14 Victoria chambers ; h. Tayport 
Robertson, Andrew, blacksmith, Gas Works ; h. 44 Lilybank road 
Robertson, Andrew, of A. Robertson & Son, 26 Mid street 
Robertson, Andrew, jun., of A. Robertson & Son, 72 King street 
Robertson, Annie, fruiterer, Arcadebldngs.,Kingst.; h. 16 St Andrew's st. 
Robertson, Ann, of A. & E. Robertson, 2 Main street 
Robertson, Ann & Euphemia, furnishers and dressmakers, 9 Mains road 
Robertson & Arnot, produce brokers and commission merchants, Ex- 
change buildings, 1 Exchange street 
ROBERTSON, A., & SON, Dundee Reed and Camb Works, 21 North Tay 

street. See Adv. 
Robertson, Bethune, grocer and spirit mer., 38 Balgay st. ; h. 23 Baxter st. 
Robertson Brothers, shipbrokers and coal exporters, 18 Dock street 
Robertson, Charles, of Robertson Brothers, Rockfield, Tayport 
Robertson, Charles, of Robertson & Ai'not, 3 Dudhope terrace 
Robertson, Charles, painter, 7 Ireland's lane 
Robertson, Charles, overseer, Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 
Robertson, Charles, powerloom overseer, 32 Main street 
Robertson & Christie, clothiers, 23 and 25 Reform street 
Robertson, Daniel F., consul for Liberia, and commission agent, 25 Dock 

street; h. Whitefield, East Castle street, Tayport 
Robertson, David, of Robertson & Stewart, 2 Strawberrybank 
Robertson, Rev. David R. , B. D. , Clepington Est. Ch. ; ^. 1 1 South Tay st. 
Robertson, David S., warehouseman, 5 Parker street 
Robertson, David N. , of Wm. Robertson & Sons, 9 South Ellen street 
Robertson, David, coffeehouse keeper, 52 Dock st. ; h. 44 Candle lane 
Robertson, David, coffeehouse keeper, 8 Wellgate 
Robertson, David, clerk, 2 Viewforth place 
Robertson, David, clerk, 69 North Wellington street 
Robertson, David, jun., law-clerk, 32 Bank street ; /?,. Oakbank, Tayport 
Robertson, David Mill, late dairyman, 12 Barrack road 
Robertson, David, porter, 68 St Andrew's street 
Robertson, David, tenter, 5 Graham place 
































David, milloverseer, 12 Malcohn street 
David, grocer, 6 Rosefield street 
Dryden, & Co. , merchants and manufacturers, 5 St Andrew's st s 
Duncan, engineer, 6 Roslin teiTace 
Edward, tailor's cutter, 7 St Peter street 
Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 34 Todburn lane ; h. 20 Bell street 
Euphemia, of A. & E. Robertson, 2 Main street 
Francis, confectioner, 2 Cherryfield lane 
Francis, painter, 56 Ferry road 
George, of Robertson & Son, 44 Blackness road 
George, patternmaker, 6 Fleuchar street 
George, teacher of music, 35 Victoria road 
Geo. H., produce broker, 8 S. Lindsay st. ; h. 1 Viewforth sti 
George, pamter, 24 Dura street 
George, ironturner, 97 Peddle street 
George, cooper, 16 St Andrew's street 
Helen, dress and mantle maker, 184 Perth road 
Helen, ironer, 18 Nelson street 

Hy., produce broker, 8 S. Lindsay st. ; h. Edengrove, Fifeshire 
Henry, tobacconist, 60 Overgate ; A. 55 Victoria road 
Henry, grocer, 11 Balgay street; h. 13 
James B. , of Robertson Brothers, 1 Castle road, Tayport 
James C, of Moody Stuart & Robertson, Dunedin cottage, 

street, Maryfield 
James D. , wine and spirit mer. , 27Barrack st. ; h. 61 Reform st. 
James D., 32 William street, Forebank 

James, tailor, clothier, and shirtmaker, 38 Castle st. ; A. East 
street, Broughty Ferry 

James, grocer and provision merchant, 17 and 19 JST. Church 
; h. 1 Rustic place 

James, & Co., restaurateurs, 4 High street 
James, of Jas. Robertson & Co., restaurateurs ; h. 4^ High st. 
James, of Robertson & Son, 44 Blackness road 
James, of Robertson & Christie, Maryfield ter., E. Newport 
James, plumber, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 126 and 128 Princes 
; A. 2 Graham place 

Jas. , Council officer, and keeper of the Townhouse, 14^ High st. 
Rev. James G., 4 Watson terrace, 52 Watson street 
Jas., bicycle and tricycle mkr., 9 Albert sq.; A. 2 Ryehill lane 
James, wine merchant, 157 Seagate ; A. 2 Airlie terrace 
James, mahogany merchant, East Dock street ; A. Walnut 
3, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry 
James, grocer, 23 Lochee road ; A. 2 Cochrane street 
Jas., grocer, wine and spirit mer., 14Hawkhill; A. llParkplace 
James, jeweller, 20 Bellfield lane 
James, grocer, 225 Blackness road 
James, mechanic, 6 Small's lane 
James, joiner, 41 North Wellington street 
James, dressmaker and milliner, 1 Rattray street ; A. Perth 
James, clerk. North Dudhope Works ; A. 5 Park terrace 
James, dairy produce dealer, 179 Hilltown ; A. 68 James st. 


Robertson, James H., reedmaker, 118 Ann street 
Robertson, James, enginefitter, 36 Blackscroft 
Robertson, James, sawyer, 31 Charles street 
Robertson, James C, manager, wholesale boot warehouse, 8 Bank st.; 

h. 7 St Peter street 
Robertson, James, mechanic, 1 Bernard street 
Robertson, James, overseer, 25 Stirling street 

Robertson, Jas. , grocer's manager, 158 Scouringburn; h. Castle st. , B. Ferry- 
Robertson, James, mason, 231 Blackness road 
Robertson, John, & Son, wholesale spiritdealers, 6 Candle lane 
Robertson, John, grocer, wine and spirit mercht. , 70 Scouringburn; gi-ocer, 

180 Scouringburn, and 118 High street, Lochee ; h. 7 Viewforth street 
Robertson, John, of Gibson, Robertson, & Co. , 1 Craigiebank terrace 
Robertson, John, of John Robertson & Son, 14 Clarendon terrace 
Robertson, John, wine and spirit mercht., 204 Perth rd,; h. 2Seafield rd. 
Robertson, John, photographer, 51a Perth road ; h. 73 Annfield road 
Robertson, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 27 N. Wellington st. ; h. 41 
Robertson, John, Taymount, Scotswood terrace, Balgay 
Robertson, John, accountant, 320 Perth road 

Robertson, John, bootmaker, 48 King street ; ^. 12 Caldrum street 
Robertson, John, ironmonger, 111 Hawkhill 

Robertson, John, joiner and cabinetm., 36Cowgate; h. 65N. Wellington st. 
Robertson, John, & Co., stair-railers, 9 Sea wynd 
Robertson, John, fish merchant, 257 Hawkhill and 86 High street, 

Lochee ; h. 255 Hawkhill 
Robei'tson, John Earl, Invercarse, Perth road 
Robertson, John, draper, 28 Union place, Perth road 
Robertson, John, mason, 9 Park lane 
Robertson, John, tailor, 9 Royal Exchange lane 
Robertson, John, of John Robertson & Co. , 7 Stirling street 
Robertson, Jolm, clerk, 62 Caldrum street 
Robertson, John T. , compositor, 5 Mountpleasant 
Robertson, John, mechanic, 29 Hilltown 
Robertson, John, confectioner, 76 Ferry road 
Robertson, John, baker, 20 Panmure street 
Robertson, John, potato merchant, 48 South Tay street 
Robertson, John, assurance agent, 15 Blackness street 
Robertson, John E,, of William Robertson & Sons, 9 Ellen street 
Robertson, J. Murray, architect, 33 Albert square; h. 9 South Tay street 
Robertson, Kate, dressmaker, 21 Cotton road 
Robertson, M., & Co., drysalters, 120 Nethergate 
Robertson & M'Leish, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants, 

33 North Lindsay street 
Robertson, Neil, stationer, 182| Hawkhill ; h. 1 Bernard street 
ROBERTSON & ORCHAR, engineers, millwrights, and machinemakers, 

Wallace Foundry, Brown Constable street. See Adv. 
Robertson, Peter, of Slimman & Robertson, 6 Wellington street 
Robertson, Peter, venetian-blindmkr. and funeral undertaker, 85 Hilltown 
Robertson, Peter, gamedealer's assistant, 113 Victoria road 
Robertson, Peter,foremanblksmith., Dundee Foundry; /!..94Commercialst. 
Robertson, Robert, baker, 27 Nelson street 



Robertson, Robt., house and insurance agent, 202Overgate; h. 88 Hilltown 

Robertson, Robert C. , clerk, Douglas, Reid, & Co. ; h. 1 Gowrie place 

Robertson, Robert P., of Menzies & Robertson, Sea view pi., Carnoustie 

Robertson, Robert, draper, 74 and 76 King street; h.\2 Forfar road 

Robertson, Robert, overseer, 35 Kincardine street 

Robertson, Robert, traveller, 10 Albert street 

Robertson, Robert, baker, 11 Church street. Princes street 

Robertson, Samson, joiner, 67 Lochee road 

Robertson & Son, marblecutters, Ward road 

Robertson & Stewart, linen and woollen drapers, 118 Nethergate 

Robertson, Stewart, joiner and funeral undertaker, 73 Scouringburn and 

32 Horsewater wynd ; h. 73 Scouringburn 
Robertson, Stewart, ventilating & sanitary engineer, 34 Bank st; ^.Baldovan 
Robertson, Thomas S., architect, 12 Bank street; h. Riverview, W. Ferry 
Robertson, Thomas, flax inspector, 49 Victoria road 
Robertson, Thomas, officer, Ryehill U.P. Church ; ^. 16 Seafield road 
Robertson, Thomas, mechanic, 8 Forfar road 
Robertson, Thomas, blacksmith, 54 North Ellen street 
Robertson, Thomas, mechanic, 150 Hilltown 
Robertson, Thomas, joiner, 9 Tay Street lane 
Robertson & Watt, watchmakers and jewellers, 24 Victoria road and ^ 

Robertson, William, of Robertson & Orchar, Balmore, West Newport 
Robertson, William, bicycle and tricycle manuf . , 74 and 76 Bell st. ; h. li 
Robertson, William, coachbuilder, 55 Yeaman shore ; h. 51 
Robertson, William, & Co., manufacturers, 33 Commercial street. Max 
Robertson, William, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 83 Hawkhill ; h. 10( 
Robertson, William, of Robertson & Watt, Ladybank cottage, Monifietl 
Robertson, William L., teacher, Mitchell Street Public School ; h. S 

Mary's road, Downfield 
Robertson, Wm.M., clerk, Wallace Works ; h. 2Craigiebankpl.,Pitkerrord 
Robertson, William, coal merchant, 60 Caldrum street ; h. 62 
Robertson, William, clerk, Wallace Foundry ; h. 12 Forfar road 
Robertson, William, & Sons, bakers and confectioners, 116 Ann street 
Robertson, Wm. Brown, of John Robertson & Son, 1 Wellington stree 
Robertson, William, produce broker, 79 High st. ; h. 10 Victoria chamber 
Robertson, William, millmanager, Anchor and Douglas Works; h. 19.' 

Blackness road 
Robertson, William, pavior, 17 Dallfield walk 

Robertson, William, factory foreman, Belmont Works; h. 36 Small's wyn* 
Robertson, William, plumber, 185 Princes street 

Robertson, William G., general dealer, 36 Union street, Maxwelltown 
Robertson, William, mechanic, 1 Mid street 

Robertson, William, of William Robertson & Sons, 9 South Ellen stree 
Robertson, William, joiner, 77 Overgate 

Robertson, William, of William Robertson & Co. , The Cliffe, Newport 
Robertson, William, dairyman, 45 Hospital wynd 
Robertson, William C. , shipmaster, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
Robertson, William, foreman blacksmith, 69 Crescent street 
Robertson, William, mechanic, 11 Kincardine street 
Robertson, Mrs Ann C, 20 Peddie street 



■eel 'i 

Robertson, Mrs Alexander, manglekeeper, 9 Wallace street 

Robertson, Mrs David, Uniongrove, 65 Magdalen green 

Robertson, Mrs D., 101 Peddle street 

Robertson, MrsD. T., babylinen, undercl.,and furnishings, 120Hawkhill 

Robertson, Mrs E. M., 20 Springfield 

Robertson, Mrs George, tobacconist, 9 Thorter row; h. Salem street 

Robertson, Mrs Isabella, 1 Gowrie street 

Robertson, Mrs John, draper, 184 Blackness road; h. 15 Blackness street 

Robertson, Mrs John, stationer and tobacconist, 217 Hawkhill ; h. 3 Ure st. 

Robertson, Mrs John, Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 

Robertson, Mrs John, Rustic place, 5 Dudhope street 

Robertson, Mrs J. , milliner and dressmaker, 88 Dura street ; h. 90 

Robertson, Mrs J. M., coach proprietor and hotelkeeper, 43 and 45 
Perth road ; branch stables, 32g- King street 

Robertson, Mrs J., 11 Blyth place 

Robertson, Mrs Mary, manglekeeper, 3 Craigie street 

Robertson, Mrs P., confectioner, 52 Hawkhill 

Robertson, Mrs Thomas, flesher, 50 Union street ; h. 40 

Robertson, Mrs Thomas, lodginghouse-keeper, 43 Union street 

Robertson, Mrs William, 16 Strawberrybank 

Robertson, Mrs, 15 Baffin street 

Robertson, Mrs, cooking dep6t, 79 Victoria road 

Robertson, Mrs, midwife, 2 East Henderson's wynd 

Robertson, Mrs, manglekeeper, 31 Stirling street 

Robertson, Mrs, confectioner, 65 Main street 

Robertson, Miss Agnes, confectioner, 80 Dudhope street 

Robertson, Miss Helen, dressmaker, 50 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Robertson, Miss H., grocer, 65 and 67 Constitution road; h. 69 

Robertson, Miss, 14 Forfar road 

Robertson, Miss J. F., 26 Springfield 

Robertson, Miss, draper and milliner, 5 Scouringbum; h. 1 Rattray st. 

Robertson, Miss, lodgings, 24 Bank street 

Robertson, Miss, dressmaker, 87 Ann street 

Robinson, Fleming, & Co., of London, jute and flax merchants, 19 Cowgate 

Robson, Miss Margaret, 10 Tay square 

Rockwell Works, Coldside ; W, L. Boase & Co., manufacturers 

Rodger, Alexander, flesher's assistant, 79 Princes street 

Rodger, David, farmer, Lawton, Coldside 

Rodger, David, of Rodger & Whyte, 2 Springfield 

Elodger, Francis, plasterer, 38 Nelson street 

Rodger, James, farmer and dairyman, Lawton, Coldside 

Rodger, James, foreman, Calcutta buildings, 26 Commercial street 

Rodger, John, ropespinner, 8 Brown street 

Rodger, John, brushmaker, 97^ Rosebank street 

Rodger, Thos. , colliery agent, 74Commercialst. ; A.StMary'ster.,Downfield 

Rodger & Whyte, tea merchants, 65 Gellatly street and 65 Seagate 

Rodger, William, linguist, 86 Nethergate 

Rodger, Mrs Alexander, Morton's square, 31 Wellgate 

Rodger, Mrs William, jun. , house proprietor, 49 Gellatly street 

Rodney,David, jun. ,proprietor, AlbionHotel, 15 Tally street, and restaura- 
teur, 9 and 10 South Union street 


Roebuck, Rev. Jonathan, Russell Congregational Ch. ; h. 7 Osborne plac 

Roger, Charles R., clerk, 13 Cochrane street 

Roger, George, joiner, 2 Meadow street 

Roger, James, collector, 3 Bafl&n street 

Roger, John, photographer, 42 Soiith Tay street 

Roger, John, harbour porter, 84 Blackscroft 

Roger, Robert, of R. G. Kennedy & Co., St Helen's, Downfield 

Rogers, James S., & Sons, artificial manure and sulphuric acid mant 

facturers, Rosemill Chemical Works 
Rogers, William T., stevedore, Old Manse, 54a Ferry road 
Rogerson, Mrs, teacher, 249 Hawkhill 

Rollo, Alexander, family grocer, 42 Dura street ; h. 1 Harriet street 
RoUo, Frank, waiter, 68| Blackness road 
Rollo, George, of Rollo & Lindberg, Kilnburn place, Newport 
Rollo, George, merchant, Baltic chambers; h. Helenbank, Fairlie plac( 
Rollo, James A., of Rollo & Steven; h. Burns cottage, Mains loan 
Rollo, James, milloverseer, 15 North street 
Rollo, James, enginefitter, 26 Thomson street 
Rollo & Lindberg, shipriggers and painters, Victoria dock, east 
Rollo, Matthew, cabdriver, 51 Blackscroft 
Rollo, Robert A. , milloverseer, 20 Alexander street 
Rollo, Silvester, niercht., 2 India buildings ; A. Panmurebank,Carnousti 
Rollo & Steven, solicitors, 41 Reform street 
Rollo, Wm., plumber and brassfounder, 136 Hilltown; h. 97^ Rosebank si 
Rollo, Mrs William, 25 Nethergate 

Ronald, James, corn merchant, 31 Dock st.; h. Ravenscraig, E. Newpoi 
Ronald, John, keeper of Kinnaird Hall, 4 Bank street 
Roney, Mrs James, manglekeeper, 49 Dallfield walk 
Roper, M. H., 24 Bank street 
Rorie, James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., resident physician, Royal Lunati 

Asylum, Westgreen house, Liff 
Roscoe, Edmond H. , compositor, 7 Rosefield street 
Rose, James, shipwright, 45 Crescent street 

Rose, Rev. William, Victoria Street U.P. Church; h. 5 Woodville plac 
Rosenstern, F., & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 73 Cowgate 
Rosine, Jane, manglekeeper, 4 Ramsay street 
Ross, Alexander, grocer, 37 Overgate; h. 25 Soiith Lindsay street 
Ross, Alexander, grocer, Greenlaw place, Clepington road 
Ross, Alexander, foreman pipelayer, 40 Blackscroft 
Ross, Alexander, jun., assurance agent, 129 Perth road 
Ross, Andx'ew, insurance agent, 2 High street 
Ross, B. J., confectioner, 189 Victoria road 
Ross, David, grocer and spiritdealer, 119 Cowgate 
Ross, David, detective officer, 8 Park terrace 

Ross, Rev. David M., M.A., Free St John's Church; h. 23 Windsor st. 
Ross, David, tailor, 3 William street, Scouringburn 
Ross, David, seaman, 13 West Dock street 
Ross, Donald, seaman, 38 Gellatly street 

Ross «& Dunlop, engineers and blacksmiths, 23 Rosebank street 
Ross, Geo. T., wine and spirit mer., 42 High st. ; h. Long lane, B. Ferr 
Ross, Henry, baker, 22 Todburn lane 


Ross, Hugh, watchmaker, 24 King's road 

James, sheriff-clerk of Forfarshire, County buildings, Dundee; 
h. 12 Castle street, Montrose 

James, burgh and sheriff-officer, 8 Meadowside ; h. 185 Princes st. 

James, clei'k, 85 Albert street 

James, mechanic, 157^ Scouringburn 

James, nettlebeer manufacturer, 72 James street; h. 68 

John, detective officer, 21 Kinloch street 

John, cabinetmaker, 65 Nethergate ; h. 38 Seafield road 

John, clerk, 55 Murraygate 

John, upholsterer, 10 North Tay street 

John, pointsman, East Station ; h. 8 Roslin terrace 

John, waiter, 13 Baxter street 

John, mason, 38 North street 

John, machinist, 37 Nethergate * 

Neil, 91 Arbroath road 

Robert, mechanic, 5 Bruce street 

Robert S., of Ross & Dunlop, 27 Rosebank street 

Roberts., spirit merchant, 12 Commercial st., Maxwelltown; h. 10^ 

Robert, foreman pipelayer, 40 Blackscroft 

Robert, gasfitter and plumber, 54 Princes street 

Robert, greengrocer, 211 Perth road; h. 213 

Thomas S., merchant, 12 Cowgate ; h. 3Balgillo ter., Bro. Ferry 

Thomas, inspector of works, 1 St Peter street 

Thomas, heel and toe plate manufacturer, 35 Hilltown 

William, machinefitter, 23 Rose street 

William, surfaceman, 50 Taylor's lane 

William, foreman painter, 17 Ciichton street 

William, marine engineer, 87 King street 

William, grocer, 8 Constitution street 

Mrs Alexander, 27 Nelson street 

Mrs James, 27 Dallfield terrace 

Mrs N. L., apartments, 21 Airlie place 

Miss Jessie, of Inverarity & Ross, 38 Hunter street 
Rosscraig, Alexander, fishdealer, 63 Hilltown 
Elossman, Charles, seaman, 16 Ogilvie's road 
Elough, Alexander, of Rough & Fi'aser, 17 Hospital wynd 
Elough & Eraser, bakers, 17 Hospital wynd 

Rough, Geo., merchant, Tayside villa, 2 Osborne place, Magdalen green 
Rourke, James, lodgings, 8 St Clement's lane 
Rourke, Mrs 0., furniture dealer, 14 Hunter street 
tlowan, Edward, pawnbroker, 65 Overgate ; h. Rowan villa, West Ferry 
Elowan, Mary, grocer, 6Q Scouringburn ; h. 41 Hawkhill 
Elowan, Theophilus, police constable, 25 St Salvador street 
RiOxburgh, James, moulder, 25 Catherine street 

Etoxburgh, William, wholesale and retail draper, hosier, hatter, and shirt- 
I maker, and agent for Frister & Rossman's Singer sewing machines, 
I 93 and 95 Hawkhill and 1 Kincardine street; h. 7 Park terrace 
y, Alex., coffeehouse keeper, 88 Blackness road ; h. 29 Kincardine st. 
oy, Charlotte M., of Roy & Miller, 230 Hilltown 
{Roy, David R., engraver, 26 Pitfour street 






Roy, John L., diesinker, stamp and seal cutter, and engraver, 56 Be 

street ; h. Lansdowne place, 3 Constitution road 
Roy, Thomas, mechanic, 11 Baffin street 
Roy, Mrs William L., Victoria chambers, 12 Victoria road 
Roy & Millar, Misses, dressmakei's, 230 Hilltown 
Royal Bank of Scotland; chief office in Dundee, 22 Castle street; hranche. 

97 Murraygate, 36 Westport, and 22 King street 
Royal British Hotel, High st. and 4 Castle st. ; Joseph Rickard, proprietc 
ROYAL HOTEL, 54 Nethergate and 5 Union street ; James T. Russel 

proprietor. See Adv. 
Royal Liver Friendly Society ; agent, W. F. Longmuir, Arcac 

buildings, 93 Victoria road 
Royal Lunatic Asylum, Westgreen, Liff, near Dundee 
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. ; Henry Head & Co. , 62 Commercial st. , agen 
Rumgay, John, fine art agent; 18 Dock street ; h. 143 Victoria road 
Russell, Alexander, Court officer, 11 Rosefield street 
Russell, David, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 35 Cowgate 
Russell, David, of David Russell & Co., Westwood, Balthayock 
Russell, David, & Son, chemists, 111 Nethergate 
Russell, David, shipwright, 44 Lilybank road 
Russell, James, of D. Russell & Son, editor. Wizard of the North, 

Kilnburn place, Newport 
Russell, James T. , proprietor. Royal Hotel, 54 Nethergate and 5 Union s 
Russell, John W., dispensing chemist, 135 Nethergate ; h. 143 
Russell, John, joiner, 51 Main street 
Russell, P. M., traveller, 14 Paton's lane 
Russell, Robert, mechanic, 8 Roslin terrace, Clepington 
Russell, Thos. , blacksmith, Russell lane, 8 Victoria road; h. 24 Cotton ros 
Russell, Miss M. C. , Berlin wool and fancy goods repository, 90 Netherga 
Rutherford, Alexander C, accountant, secretary and manager, Glasgo 

Guardian Society, 54 Commercial street ; h. The Grange, Lenzie 
Rutherford, Rev. Andrew, B. D. , assist. , Parish Church ; h.20 Airlie pla( 
Rutherford, A. B., grocer, 6 Balgay street ; h. 15 Blackness street 
Rutherford, Jas., wine and spirit merch., 74 Murraygate ; h. 18 Springfie 
Rutherford, John, coaldealer, 103 Hilltown ; h. 38 Rosebank street 
Ruthven, George, shipwright, 9 Brown Constable street 
Ruthven, John, butcher, 32 Hilltown 
Ruthven, Robert, butcher, 45 Albert street ; h. 89 
Ruthven, Mrs C, grocer, 4 Daniel street ; h. 2 
Ruthven, Mrs James, 19 Bain square 
Ruxton, Mrs Agnes, 1 1 Lower pleasance 

Sabiston, James, mechanic, 12 Raglan street 

SADDLER, JAMES, cooper, packing-case maker, firewood and timb 

merchant, 34 Candle lane ; h. 37 Nethergate. See Adv. 
Saddler, James, jun., cooper and packing-case maker, 37 Nethergate 
Sadler, David, bootmaker, 169 Princes street; h. 8 Janefield place 
Sadler, James, mechanic, 31 Wellgate 
Sage, Robert, photographer's assistant, 1 8 Thomson street 
Sailors' Home, 62 Dock street ; Duncan Ritchie, superintendent 
St Mary's Sisterhood, 10 King street 


St Roque's Works, 2 Constable st; Morison, Anderson, &Butchart, manufs. 

Salmond, David, commission agent, 31 Isles' lane 

Salmond & Fleming, wholesale grocers, teadealers, and provision mer- 
chants, 59 Gellatly street 

Salmond, Frank, of J. & F. Salmond, 7 Airlie terrace 

Salmond, James, of J. & F. Salmond, Lansdowne pi., 3 Constitution rd. 

Salmond, John, mechanic, 2 Bell Street lane 

Salmond, J. & F., civil engineers and land surveyors, 6 High street 
I Salmond, Peter, factory mechanic, 74 Albert street 
^^^ I Salmond, William, of Salmond & Fleming, 7 Airlie terrace 

Salmond, William, shipmaster, 12 William street, Forebank 

Salmond, Mrs Isabella, confectioner, 50 Princes street; h. 48 

Salomon, Julius, & Coy., merchants, 19 Bain square 

Salomon, Julius, 14 Windsor street 

Salvation Army Store, 105 Victoria road ; Wm. Corbet, manager 

Samnuggur Jute Factory Co., Limited, spinners and manufacturers, 
Samnuggur, near Calcutta ; Dundee office, 94 Commercial street ; 
David Stewart, secretary 

Samson, Charles C. , drapery warehoviseman, 29 North Wellington street 

Samson, David, cabinetmaker, 229 Overgate ; h. 187 

Samson, George, wine and spirit merchant, 37 Castle st. ; h. 32 

Samson, George, tinsmith and gasfitter, 4 Temple lane 

Samson, Hugh, cabinetmaker, 13 Balfour street 

Samson & Unna, merchants, 51 Meadowside 

Samson, William, tailor's cutter, 43 Annfield road 

Samson, Mrs Hugh, 4 South George street 

Samson, Mrs, dressmaker, 26 Lawson place 

Samson, Mrs, grocer, 5 St Peter street 

Samson, Miss, 2 Airlie terrace 

Samson, Miss, dressmaker. Arcade buildings. King street 

Samuel, Thomas, watch, clock, and fancy goods dealer, 37 Union street 

Sandeman, Andrew, overseer, 12 Blyth street 

Sandeman, Andrew, joiner, 98 Dens road 

Sandeman, Charles Stewart, merch. , Baltic bldgs. ; h. Springiand, Perth 

Sandeman, David G., clerk, 30 Union place, Perth road 

Sandeman, Frank Stewart, cotton and jute spinner and manufacturer, 
Stanley Mills, and Manhattan Works; oj^ce, Baltic bldgs. ; /i. Stanley 

Sandeman, Hugh, bootmaker, 60 Commercial street ; h. 17 Airlie place 

Sandeman, John, clerk, 1 Blackness crescent 

Sandeman, John, baker, 15 Strathmartine road 

Sandeman, Patrick, of P. Sandeman & Co., 5 South Ellen street 

Sandeman, P., & Co., chemists and druggists, 17 High street 

Sandeman, Robert, housef actor, 16 Nelson street 

Sandeman, Mrs Ann, 28 North George street 

Sanderson, James, currier, 49 Victoria road 

Sanderson, William, fishdealer, 85 Princes street 

Sandilands, Alexander, blacksmith, 62 Strathmartine road 

Sandilands, James, tenter, 12 Carmichael street 

Sands, John, shoemaker, 23 Blackscroft 

Sang, Edward, market gardener, 350 Perth road 

Sangster, Richard, shipmaster, 2 Viewforth place 


Sanitary Inspector's Office, Central Police Office, West Bell street ; 

Thos. Kinnear, inspector 
Saunders, Andrew, postman, 20 Overgate 

Saunders, David H., merchant, 11 Panmure street ; h. 19 Albany ter. 
Saunders, David, baker, 86 Peddie street 
Saunders, John M., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 33 Alexander 

street ; h. 9 South Ellen street 
Saunders, John, butcher, 48 Dudhope Crescent road ; h. 12 Parker st. 
Saunders, William, foreman baker, 1 M 'Donald street 
Saunders, William, bootmaker, 95 Princes street 

Saunders, William P. , general printer, 7 New Inn entry ; h. 3 Hilltown 
Saunders, Mrs Charles, 12 South Wellington street 
Saunders, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 20 Overgate 
Saunders, Mrs Peter, boot warehouse, 8 Perth rd. ; h. Victoria chambers, 

10 Victoria road 
Scarlett, William, undertaker and funeral -coach proprietor, 65 Scouring- 

burn, 8 Ann street, and 28 Hunter street ; h. 41 Hawkhill 
Schleselman, George, district agent, Mutual Fire Insurance Corporation, 

Limited, Victoria chambers, 12 Victoria road 
Schlochauer, Wilhelm, merchant, 37 Albert square 
School Board Office, 32 Castle street 
Schultzen & Murray, Misses, principals of East of Scotland Institution, 

31 South Tay street 
Scobie, Charles, of Anderson & Scobie, 220 Blackness road 
Scotland, James, tea merchant, 19 St Andrew's street; h. 10 Forfar road 
Scott, Alex., agent, Clydesdale Bank, Limited; h. Ashbank, Newport 
Scott, Alexander C. , mill and factory furnisher, ironmonger, tinsmith, and 

gasfitter. Ward road, and North Lindsay street; h. 3 Windsor place 
Scott, Alexander W., of H. & A. Scott, Riversdale, 370 Perth road 
Scott, Alex., joiner and builder, 32 Blackness road ; h. 49 Small's wynd 
Scott, Alexander R., of J. & A. R. Scott & Co., 17 Catherine street 
Scott, Alexander, 6 William street, Forebank 
Scott, Alexander, mechanic, 221 Lochee road 
Scott, Alexander, railway porter, 7 Tay Street lane 
Scott, Alexander, joiner, 1 Abbotsford place, Peddie street 
Scott, Alexander, confectioner and stationer, 29 Dallfield walk 
Scott, Alex. B., clerk, Clydesdale Bank; h. Woodmuirpark, W. Newport 
Scott, Alexander, mechanic, 2 Hillbank road 
Scott, Alexander, calendei'worker, 58 Nethergate 

Scott,Andrew, rigger and shippainter, Marine parade,east; ^.31 Step row 
Scott, Andrew, dockgateman, 2 Erskine street 
Scott, Andrew, reporter. Advertiser office; h. 1 Gowrie street 
Scott, Andrew, grocer, 119 Blackscroft; h. 7 Craigie terrace 
Scott, Andrew, gardener, 46 Seafield road 

Scott, Arthur, foreman blacksmith, Wallace Foundry; h. 30 N. Ellen st. 
Scott, A. M., evangelist, 8 Peddie street 
Scott Brothers & Co., organbuilders, 7 Sea wynd 

Scott, Charles, grocer, 66 Princes st., and confectioner, 31 Victoria st. 
Scott, Charles, mason, 17 Kinnaird street 
Scott, C. S., tobacconist, 88 Nethergate; h. \& Bell street 


Scott, David, & Son, marine insurance brokers, shipbrokers, and average 

adjusters, 62 Commercial street 
Scott, David, jun,, of David Scott & Son, Seafield terrace. West Ferry- 
Scott, David, of James Scott & Sons, 13 Windsor street 
Scott, David, of D. Scott & Co., The Retreat, 370 Perth road 
Scott, David P., teller. National Bank; h, Lornebank, Monifieth 
Scott, David, registrar of births, &c., 16 Bank street; h. 1 Victoria 

square, 43 Nethergate 
Scott, David, manager, Jamaica Street Factory; h. 3 Roslin terrace 
Scott, David, manager, Ann Street Bag Factory ; h. 93 Arbroath road 
Scott, David M., clerk, 8 Panmure street; h. Rosefield place 
Scott, David, porter, 2 Middle street 
Scott, David, blacksmith, 33 Park wynd 

Scott, David, of Scott Brothers, 8 Victoria square, Nethergate 
Scott, David, brewer, 32^ King street 
Scott, David, shore porter, 9 Lilybank road 
Scott, David, mason, 6 Lawrence street 
Scott, Donald, newsagent, 50 Dura street 
Scott, D., & Co., merchants, 13 Albert square 
Scott, Edward T., engineer, 177 Victoria road 
Scott, Edwin, marine insurance broker. Commercial Bank buildings, 87 

Commercial street ; h. Seafield, Broughty Ferry- 
Scott, Elizabeth, 7 Craigie terrace. Ferry road 
Scott & Fyfe, manufacturers, 17 Bell street ; worJcs, Tayport 
Scott, George, butcher, 2 Russell street 
Scott, George, painter, 24 Charles street 
Scott, George, chinadealer, 14 Hospital wynd 

Scott, George, manager. Waste Works, 57 Cotton road ; h. 90 Dens road 
Scott, George, joiner, 20 South George street 
Scott, George, baker, 58 Nethergate 
Scott, George, greengrocer, 89 Hawkhill 

Scott, Henry, upholsterer, 107 Nethergate ; h. 2 Tay Street lane 
Scott, H. & A., manufacturers, Tayfield Works, Seafield lane 
Scott, James, & Sons, manufacturers, Mid Wynd Works, 25 Mid wynd 
Scott, James, of James Scott & Sons, Hyndford house, Perth road 
Scott, James, of J. & A. R. Scott & Co., 63 Blackscroft 
rt Scott, James, manager. Welcome Coffee Tavern, Beaconsfield place, 

104 Victoria road 
Scott, James, draper, 31 North Church street ; h. 33 
Scott, James, seaman, 61 Constable street 
Scott, James, janitor, High School ; h. High School buildings 
Scott, James, house proprietor, 4 Lawrence street 
Scott, James, police constable, 3 Pitfour street 
Scott, James, shipbroker, 54 Commercial street; h. 7 Airlie terrace 
Scott, James, factory overseer, 233 Hilltown 
Scott, James A., blacksmith, 30 North Ellen street 
Scott, James, bootcloser, 14 Stanley place, Step row 
Scott, James, joiner, 9 Blyth street 
Scott, James, mason, 15 Clepington street 
Scott, James, compositor, 71 Perth road 
Scott, John C, of James Scott & Sons, Fern tower, 53 Magdalen green 


Scott, John, ironmonger, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 33 Wellgate : 

h. 68 Strathmartine road 
Scott, John C, cabinetmaker, 11 Mid wynd 
Scott, John, of Lindsay & Scott, 18 Kilnburn place, Newport 
Scott, John, farmer, Logie farm, Lochee road 
Scott, John, confectioner, 109 Ann street ; h. 104 
Scott, John C, merchant, 19 Cowgate ; h. 39 Step row 
Scott, John, shoemaker, 12 Lawrence street 
SCOTT, JOHN, joiner and undertaker, 130 Lochee road; h. St Mary's 

place. See Adv. 
Scott, John, clerk, 14 Annfield street 
Scott, John a, " Poet's Box," 182 Overgate 
Scott, J. & A. R., & Co., cabinetmakers, joiners, and funeral undertakers, 

71 Blackscroft, and 40 and 42 Foundry lane 
Scott & M 'Nab, shuttle and buffalo-picker makers, 53 Dallfield walk 
Scott, Maitland H., engiaeer, 28 Raglan street 
Scott, Margaret, confectioner, 51 Hill street; h. 25 
Scott, Marianne, dressmaker, 28 South Tay street 
Scott, Peter C, manufacturer, 31 Albert square ; h. 4 Windsor street 
Scott, Peter, stationer and tobacconist, Beaconsfield pL, 122 Victoria rd, 
Scott, Peter M., factory manager, Polepark Works ; h. 42 St Mary's pi. 
Scott, Peter, china merchant, 20 Ferry road ; h. 56 
Scott, Peter A., wine and spirit merchant, 61 Victoria road; h. 48 
Scott, Richard, teacher, High School ; h. 8 Airlie terrace 
Scott, Richard, housejoiner, 48 Blackscroft 

Scott, Richard, tobaccopipe manuf. , 13 Jamaica st. ; h. 42 N. Ellen st. 
Scott, Robert, H.M. Customs; h. Heathbank, West Newport 
Scott, Robert, Old Steeple bellringer, 183 Overgate 
Scott, Robert, jun., J. P. constable, 8 Bank street; h. 21 Kinloch streei 
Scott, Robert, of Scott & Fyfe, Craigmount, Tayport 
Scott, Robt. , sheriff-officer and J. P. const. , 8 Bank st. ; h. 28 Carmichael st 
Scott, Robert, mason, 21 Kinloch street 
Scott, Robert, shipmaster, 148 Perth road 
Scott, Robert, of Scott Brothers, 61 Nethergate 
Scott, R. A., clerk, 104 Commercial street; h. Inchture 
Scott, Samuel, engineer, 4 Corso street 

Scott Street Linen Works, Scott st. ; Geo. Gilroy, jun.,& Co., manufactrs 
SCOTT, THOMAS, ironmonger, millfurnisher, grocers' outfitter, tinsmith 

and gasfitter, 17 Union st. ; h. Invertay, East Newport. See Adv 
Scott, Thomas, shoemaker, 6 Lawrence street 

Scott, Thomas E., grocer and potato mercht,, 64 and 66 Ferry road ; h. 6i 
Scott, Thomas, butcher, 91 Hawkhill ; h. 106 
Scott, Thomas, baker, 14 Ogilvie's road 
Scott, Thomas, enginefitter, 44 Polepark road 

Scott, Thomas, harbour porter, Beaconsfield place, 7 William street 
Scott, William, 354 Perth road 

Scott, William C. , tanner and wool merchant, 1 Park street 
Scott, William, spiritdealer, 30 Seagate; h. 36 Nethergate 
Scott, William A., carver, gilder, and picturedealer, 92 Commercial 

street; h. Woodmuir park, West Newport 
Scott, William, jun., of Jas. Scott & Sons, Elmbrae, Beechwood terrace 


Scott, William, straw and felt hat cleaner and dyer, 72 Lochee road 

Scott, William, of Scott Brothers, 15 Balfour street 

Scott, Wm. R., clerk, Rl. Bank, Castle st.; h. Gibson ter., Mains loan 

Scott, William, house proprietor, 1 Laurelbank, Constitution road 

Scott, William T., clerk. Police Treasurer's office ; h. 2 Allan street 

Scott, William, merchant and pawnbroker, 5 Meadow entry; h. Abbots- 
ford house, Westpark road 

Scott, William, moulder, 2 Small's lane 

Scott, William, overseer, 8 Baxter street 

Scott, William, mechanic, 15 Balgay street 

Scott, William, undertaker, 59 Constable street 

Scott, William, messenger. Mercantile Marine office; h. 68 St Andrew's st. 

Scott, William, shipcarpenter, 15 Lilybank road 

Scott, William, late shipbuilder, 3 Craig street 

Scott, William, porter, 2 Allan street 

Scott, William B. , builder, 8 Dudhope place 

Scott, Mrs Alexander, stationer, 127 Perth road 

Scott, Mrs Andrew, lodgings, 33 Castle street 

Scott, Mrs Ann, 44 James street 

Scott, Mrs E., wine and spirit mer., 13 Thorter row; h. Camphill, B. Ferry 

Scott, Mrs Geo. H., babylinen and furnishings, 83 Peddie street 

Scott, Mrs Isabella, greengrocer, 6 Glebe street 

Scott, Mrs John, 134 Princes street 

Scott, Mrs W., 14 Barrack street 

Scott, Misslsa. , milliner and strawhat mkr. , 130Murraygate;A. 72 Lochee rd, 

Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 24 Bank street 

Scott, Miss, lodgings, 18 Dallfield terrace 

SCOTTISH Accident Assurance Company, Limited. See Adv. 

Scottish American TrustCompanies,Ld., 13 Albert sq. ; Robt.Fleming, secy. 

Scottish Co-op. Wholesale Society, 1 Trades lane; JohnBarrowman,mangr. 

SCOTTISH Employers' Liatoiiity and Accident Assuranca Co., Limited. 
See Adv. 

SCOTTISH Equitable Mutual Life Assurance Society. See Adv. 

SCOTTISH Fancier and Rural Gazette, The; James P. Mathew & Co., 
publishers, 17 and 19 Cowgate. See Adv. 

Scottish Loan Co. , pawnbrokers, 5 Meadow entry; Wm. Scott, proprietor 

Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance, 6 Panmure 
street; John W. Shepherd, local secretary 

SCOTTISH Temperance Life (and Accident) Assurance Co., Limited, 16 
Euclid crescent. See Adv. 

SCOTTISH Widows' Fund Mutual Life Assurance Society. See Adv. 

Scouringburn Works, 16 Milne's East wynd; W. & D. Watson, spinners 
and manufactu^rers 

Scrimgeour, Charles W., of J. Scrimgeour & Sons, 6 Springfield 

Scrimgeour, David, of J. Scrimgeour & Sons, 7 Airlie terrace 

Scrimgeour, David, millmanager. Ward house, 30 Session street 

Scrimgeour, George, of J. Scrimgeour & Sons, 10 William st., Forebank 

Scrimgeour, James, blacksmith, 13 Albert street 

Scrimgeour, James H., clerk, 44 Seafield road 

Scrimgeour, John, of J. Scrimgeour & Sons, 8 Panmure terrace 

Scrimgeour, John, printer, 28 North George street 


Scrimgeour, John, of Reid, Johnston, Scrimgeour, & Co., Snowdonbank, 

East Newport 
Scrimgeour, John, & Sons, wholesale provision merchants, 10 Rankine's 

court, 79 High street 
Scrimgeour, John, wholesale confectioner, 4 Dens road; h. 10 Dens brae 
Scrimgeour, Thomas, mechanic, 39 Park wynd 
Scrimgeour, William, collector of Poor rates, Townhouse buildings, 1 St 

Clement's lane ; h. Downfield 
Scrimgeour, Mrs D., 1 Balgay street 
Scrimgeour, Mrs Jane, confectioner, 24 King street 
Scrimgeour, Miss, dairykeeper, 44 Dura street ; h. 1 Stobswell road 
Scroggie, David, of H. Henderson & Sons, Odmostoia, West Newport 
Scroggie, Edward, traveller, Ladybank Leather Works; h. 3 Castle 

terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Scroggie, Robert V., of W. 0. Taylor & Co., Ascot, West Newport 
Scroggie, Wm., accountant, Meadow pi.; h. Woodbine ter., E. Newport 
Scroggie, W. T.,accountant, Meadow PI. bldgs. ; ^.ViewbankjBl'knessrd. 
Scroggie, Mrs, dressmaker, 209 Lochee road 
Scrymgeour, Andrew, brassfinisher, 13 Dudhope street 
Scrymgeour, Charles, clerk, 18 Meadowside 
Scrymgeour, George, merchant, 6 Tay square; h. 7 
Scrymgeour, James, A.B.S.E., agent for Dundee Industrial Schools, 

and for Prison Aid Society, 18 Meadowside 
Scrymgeour, John, baker, 4 Nethergate, and Pierhead, Newport; h. 6 

Nethergate, and M'lvor cottage. West Newport 
Scrymgeour, Miss, 42 Seafield road 
Seabraes Mill, 2 Perth road ; J. & A. Guthrie, spinners 
Seafield Works, Taylor's lane; Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., spinners, 

manufacturers, and dyers 
Seath, Mrs Eliza, confectioner, 86 Dudhope street 
Seaton, Mrs Mary, manglekeeper, 25 North Ellen street 
Sedgewick, John, bookseller and stationer. The Pillars, 12 High street; 

h. Q\ Reform street 
Selbie, Francis, bootmaker, 53 Albert street ; h. 1\ 
Selbie, John, bootmaker, 66 Nethergate ; h. 75 Annfield road 
Selbie, John, jun., tailor and clothier, hatter, hosier, and shirtmaker, 

65 Hawkhill ; h. 5 Waterloo place, 75 Annfield road 
Sellar, John, resident secretary. Equitable Life Assurance Society of 

U.S., 13 Ward road; h. 17 William street 
Sellars, David R., artist, 26 Long wynd 
Sellars, J. W., traveller, 24 Cotton road 
Sellars, George, painter, 3 M'Gill street 
Sellars, William W. , musician, 26 Long wynd 
Senior, Joseph, weigher, 71 High street 
Senior, Miss, mantle and dress maker, 71 High street 
Session Clerk's Office, 56a Bell street ; John Miln, session-clerk 
Shallcross, George, manager, Dundee Cofi'eehouse Co., Limited, 23 Vic- 
toria road ; h. 27 
Shand, George, shipmaster, 11 West wynd 
Shand, Robert, railway guard, 87 Peddle street 
Shanks, William, wine and spirit merchant, 62 King street ; h. 79 


Shanks, William, mechanic, 24 North street 

Shapearey, Paul, jeweller and watchmaker, 130 Seagate 

Sharp, Alexander, tailor, 2 St Clement's lane 

Sharp, Andrew, manager, West Dudhope Mill, 14 Constitution street 

Sharp, Colin, teacher, Victoria Road School; h. Mylnefield feus 

Sharp, Frank, teacher of music, 6 Garland place ; h. Baldovan 

Sharp, Isabella, 2 Union street 

Sharp, James, manager, Stannergate Oil Mills ; h. Stannergate 

Sharp, James, music teacher, 24 Garland place 

Sharp, James, sawtrimmer, 202 Overgate 

Sharp, John, flax spinner and manufacturer, Miln Street and Bower 

Mills ; h. Fernhall and Balmuir 
Sharp, John, jun,, merchant, Miln Street Mill; h. Fernhall and Balmuir 
Sharp, John, slater, 14 Temple lane 
Sharp, John, postman, Lyon's close, 61 Hawkhill 
Sharp, Peter, furnishings, 14 Dudhope Crescent road 
Sharp, Robert, blacksmith, 3 Ann street 

Sharp, R. B,, merchant, Miln Street Mill ; h. Fernhall and Balmuir 
Sharp, Thomas, joiner, Washington buildings, 58 Peddie street 
Sharp, Tom, cashier, Dundee Flour Mills ; h. Stannergate 
Sharp, William, compositor, 68 Bell street 

Sharp, William R., merchant, Miln Street Mill; h. Fernhall and Balmuir 
Shaw, James, & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 57 Meadowside 
Shaw, James, of James Shaw & Co., Adderley, Monifieth 
Shaw, James, cabinetmaker, 7 Thistle street 

Shaw, Jessie G,, teacher. Brown Street School ; h. 9 Balfour street 
Shaw, John F., builder and joiner, Lowden's alley ; h. 4 Wilkie's lane 

Shaw, John, tailor, 44 Polepark road 
Shaw, Susan, dressmaker, 85 Victoria road 
Shaw, Mrs Walter, 138 Nethergate 

Shaw, Misses, 5 Springfield 

Sheach, Robert, jun. , builder and contractor, 24 Meadowside 

Sheach, Wm S., farina and starch flour merchant, Well Road Factory, 
Hawkhill ; h. Kilnburn place, Newport 

Sheach, Mrs William, lodgings, 91 Seagate 

Shearer, Edward, grocer and confectioner, 3 Dallfield walk; h. 1 

Shearer, James, jun., Clepington Spinning Works; h. 15 Baffin street 

Shearer, William, clerk, 17 Janefield place 

Shearer, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Peter's court, 20 Cowgate 

Sheedy, Wm., spii-it merchant, 116 and 118 Scouringburn ; h. 2 Daniel st. 

Shepherd, Alexander, contractor, 5 Trades lane ; h. 48 Caldrum street 

Shepherd, David, colporteur, 38 Peddie street 

Shepherd, David, assurance agent, 296 Hawkhill; h. 29 St Peter street 

Shepherd, Edward, of J. & E. Shepherd, 8 Prospect place 

Shepherd, George, bookbinder, 53 Crescent street 

Shepherd, Isabella, draper, 82 Hilltown ; h. 78 

Shepherd, Isabella, dressmaker, 1 Baxter street 

Shepherd, James, warehouseman, St Mary's terrace 

Shepherd, John W, , merchant and insurance agent, Union Bank build- 
ings, 6 Panmure street ; h. 8 Prospect place 

Shepherd, Joseph, of J. & E. Shepherd, 8 Union terrace 


Shepherd, J. & E., property agents, joiners, and vahiators, 28 Cowgate 

Shepherd, Robert, teller, British Linen Co. Bank ; h. 32 Forfar road 

Shepherd, Robert, clerk. Royal Bank ; h. 8 Balfour street 

Shepherd, Robert, joiner and builder, 9 Paterson street 

Shepherd, Thomas, baker, 137 Nethergate ; h. 143 

Shepherd, Walter, of Thomson, Shepherd, &Co., Unionmount, Perth rd. 

Shepherd, William, late postman, 29 Hilltown 

Shepherd, Mrs John, manglekeeper, 42 William street, Forebank 

Shepherd, Mrs Peter, 1 Melville terrace, Westpark road 

Sheriff- Clerk's Office, Courthouse buildings. West Bell street 

Sheriff, James, foreman patternmaker, Ellen place, 27 Lyon street 

Sheriff, William, joiner, 12 Mains road 

Sherriff, George, of Sturrock & Sherriff, Rosemount, Broughty Ferry 

Sherriff, James M. , stonecarver, Ellen place, 27 Lyon street 

Sherriff, Thomas, assurance agent, 3 Hilltown 

Sherwood, James, tailor, 177 Victoria road 

Shield, Edward, clerk, 20 Meadowside; Ji. 247 Blackness road 

Shield, James, of Watson & Shield, Annan lodge, Broughty Ferry 

Shield & Kyd, solicitors and notaries, 8 Euclid street 

Shields, John, cowfeeder, 24 Mains road 

Shields, John S., dairyman, 10 Balfour street 

Shields, William, mechanic, 10 North street 

Shiell, John, of Shiell & Small, 19 Windsor street 

Shiell & Small, solicitors and notaries public, 5 Bank street 

Shipman, John, tailor, 178 Scouringburn 

Shirren, William, cutter, 5 South Ellen street 

Short, Rev. Chas.,M. A., Ward Chapel Congregational Ch. ; h. 4 Nelson ter. 

SHOET, JAMES, coach proprietor. Royal Hotel stables ; h. 27 Yeaman 

shore. See Adv. 
Short, Robert M., manager, Caledon Shipyard ; h. 4 Nelson terrace 
Short, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 43 Castle street 
Sibbald, James, civil engineer and architect, 79 Commercial street ; h. 

12 Baton's lane 
Sibbald, John G. , factor and property agt. , 78 Murray gate; A. 23 Kinlochst. 
Sibbald, Mrs, 1 Commercial street 
Sidey, Duncan, agent, Clydesdale Bank, Limited ; h. Craighead house, 

East Newport 
Sidey, John T., joiner, 20 North Ellen street 
Sidey, William, painter, 27 North Ellen street 

Sidey, Mrs William, fancy goods and stationer, 23 North Ellen st. ; h. 27 
Sievwright, John L., of M'Lityre & Sievwright, Craiglea, Newport 
Silk, William, general dealer, 5 Jamaica street ; h. 15 Union street, Max. 
Silvie, David, jun., confectioner, 114 Overgate; h. 112 
Silvie, David, bellhanger, 5 Catherine street 
Sim, John, tailor, 35 Victoria road 
Sim, William, currier, 94 Nethergate 
Sim, William, timekeeper, 14 North Ellen street 
Sim, Mrs John, Ellen place, 7 Lyon street 
Sim, Mrs Joseph, 35 Constitution road 
Sim, Mrs, 3 Kinloch place, 105 Hawkhill 
Sime, David, telephonist, D. and D. Telephone Co,; h. 104 Commercial st. 


Sime, David, blacksmith, 7 Ireland's lane 
Sime, George, dental surgeon. Arcade buildings, King street 
Sime, James, tailor, 6 Kirk entry, Wellgate 
Sime, John, detective officer, 12 Lawrence street 
Sime, Peter, of Bell & Sime, Balgay terrace, Lochee road 
Sime, Thomas, manager, Logie Works ; ^. 10 Milnbank road 
Sime, William, & Co., joiners, Scott street 

Sime, William, of Wm. Sime & Co., 2 Abbotsford place, Peddie street 
Sime, Mrs David, 2 Dalhousie terrace 
Sime, Miss, 12 Kincardine street 
SIMMERS, ADAM, ironmonger, 48 Castle street ; h. 7 Norman terrace, 

Downfield. See Adv. 
Simmers, James, clerk, Commercial Bank; h. 51 High street 
Simmers, Robert, checker, West Station ; h. 51 High street 
Simmie, Mrs, manglekeeper, 5 Lawrence street 

Simpson, Alex. , of Methveii, Simpson, & Co. , Gowanbank, Lochee road 
Simpson, Alexander, accountant, 104 Commercial street ; A-. Woodmuir 

park. West Newport 
Simpson, Alexander, depute sheriff-clerk, Courthouse buildings; h. 42 

Union place, Lochee 
Simpson, Alexander, joiner, 6 Polepark road 
Simpson, Andrew, clerk, 33 Stirling street 
Simpson, A., draper, 2 Paton's lane 
Simpson, David, stevedore, 200 Seagate 
Simpson, David, shipowner, 46 Castle street 
Simpson, David, blacksmith, 8 Lawrence street 
Simpson, David, overseer, 23 Baxter street 
Simpson, David, warehouseman, 37 Park wynd 
Simpson, Davina, milliner and dressmaker, 1 St Peter street 
Simpson, Geo. B., merch., spinner, andmanufac, Lower Pleasance Mill, 

and Nelson Street Factory ; office, Baltic bldgs. ; h. Seafield, B. Ferry 
Simpson, George, mechanic, 12 St Mary's place 

Simpson, James, accountant, Royal Bank, MuiTaygate ; h. 4 Gowrie pi. 
Simpson, Rev, Jas. A., Bonnethill Free Ch. ; A. 2 Woodvillepl.,Maryfield 
Simpson, James M. , teacher, 5 Parker street 
Simpson, James, warehouseman, 9 Baxter street 
Simpson, James, 20 Bell street 

Simpson, James, & Co., potato merchants and game dealers, 40 Hilltown 
Simpson, John, of Johnston & Simpson ; h. Viewbank, Tayport 
Simpson, John, cabinetmaker, 79 Princes street 
Simpson, John, draper and clothier, Arcade buildings. King street ; h. 

2 Taymouth terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Simpson, John, draper, 87 Ann street 
Simpson, John, harbour porter, 19 St Matthew street 
Simpson, Peter, mason, 59 Milnbank road 
Simpson, Peter, mechanic, 5 Parker street 
Simpson, Robert, constable, 16 Lawrence street 

Simpson, R. M. , comm. and insur. agent, 23 Panmure st. ; h. 119 Nethergate 
Simpson, Thomas, coal and potato dealer, 1 1 Ann street; h. 108 Hilltown 
Simpson, William, district secretary, Scottish Equitable Life Assurance 

Society, 6 Panmure street; h. 3 Sydney place, Broughty Ferry 


Simpson, William H., art teacher, High School; h. 4 Havelock place 

Simpson, William, 10 Rosebank road 

Simpson, William, 119 Nethergate 

Simpson, William, tenter, Fairley place, Clepington road 

Simpson, William, mechanic, 24 Charles street 

Simpson, William, M.A., teacher, 14 Barrack street 

Simpson, William G., joiner, 9 Balfour street 

Simpson, William C, foreman, cleansing department, 149 Seagate 

Simpson, Mrs A., dairykeeper, 56 Peddie street 

Simpson, Mrs James, grocer, 70 Princes street; h. 72 

Simpson, Mrs Jane, confectioner, 34 Hospital wynd 

Simpson, Mrs William, lodgings, 48 South Tay street 

Simpson, Mrs Mary, 37 Union street 

Simpson, Mrs Helen, dress and mantle maker, 45 Nelson street 

Sims, Alfred J., Inland revenue clerk, 31 Bank street ; h. Barnhill 

Simson, James, clerk, Forebank terrace, 20 Forebank road 

Simson, William B. , merchant, 6 Panmure street 

Sinclair, Donald, shoemaker. Marine place, 80 Hawkhill 

Sinclair, George, woodturner, Caldrum Works ; A. 26 Alexander street 

Sinclair, Isabella, stationer, 267 Hawkhill 

Sinclair, James, printer, 36 Victoria street 

Sinclair, John, & Son, commission merchants, 9 Dock sti'eet 

Sinclair, John, of John Sinclair & Son, Cedarbank, Barnhill 

Sinclair, John, jun., of John Sinclair & Son, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 

Sinclair, John, baker, 34 North Church street 

Sinclair, John, mechanic, 2 M'Gill street 

Sinclair, Robert, M.D., medical practitioner, 3 Airlie place 

Sinclair, Samuel, milloverseer, 23 Baxter street 

Sinclair, Mrs, laundress, 8 Parker street 

Sinclair, Mrs James, 36 Victoria road 

Sinclair, Miss B. G., teacher, 5 St Andrew's street 

SINGER Manufacturing Co., sewing-machine manufacturers, 128 Nether 

gate ; James Smith, manager. See Adv. 
Sisters of Mercy, The, teachers, St Joseph's Convent, Wilkie's lane 
Sivewright, Andrew, cabdriver, 2 East Henderson's wynd 
Sivewright, Mrs Christina, caretaker, Balfour St. School; h. 3 Balfour st 
Sivewright, Mrs Eliza, milliner, 1 Bain square 
Skea, James, fruiterer, 105 Ann street; h. 4 North Ellen street 
Skea, Thomas, 30 Isles' lane 

Skelly, Matthew, harbour overseer, 63 Constable street 
Skene, James, house proprietor, 123 Murraygate 
Skene, John, 31 Hunter street 
Skene, Thomas, tailor, 17 Dallfield walk 
Skerret, Rev. Josephus L., School Wynd U.P. Church ; h. U.P. Manse 

5 Paradise road 
Skinner, Alexander, shoemaker, 7 M'Donald street; h. 3 
Skinner, James, millmanager, St Roque's Works ; h. 25 Crescent stree' 
Skinner, Mrs, Rustic place, 5 Dudhope street 
Slidders, David M. , carting contractor, 16and 18Candle lane ; h.14: Seagat< 
vSlidders, James, railway contractors' agt. , 24Cowgate ; hAl Yeaman short 
Slimman, George, of Slimman & Robertson, 1 1 Graham place 


Sliimuan & Robertson, lathsplitters, 4 Wellington street 

Sloan, Robert, grocer, 175 Hilltown; h. 159 

Small, Adam, hat manufacturer, 2 Reform st. ; h. 1 Reres ter., B. Ferry 

Small, Alexander, mason, 11 Lyon place, Lyon street 

Small, Alexander M., mason, 16 Shepherd's loan 

Small, Andrew, mason, 236 Lochee road 

Small, Andrew, spirit merchant, 41 Scouringburn; li. Barnhill 

Small, Andrew, blacksmith, 8 Baffin street 

Small & Boase, flax and hemp spinners, and twine manufacturers, 64 St 
Andrew's street ; works, Hawkslaw, Leven 

Small, Charles, glazier, 17 Dudhope street 

Small, Charles, shoemaker, 80 Nethergate 

Small, David, plumber, 7 Albert street 

Small, David, of Shiell & Small, Gray house, by Longf organ 

Small, David, house proprietor, 14 Raton's lane 

Small, David, jun., clerk, 14 Raton's lane 

Small, David L. , coaldealer, 5 Scott street ; h. 42 Balgay street 

Small, David M,, L.D.S.R.C.S., England, dentist, 10 South Tay street 

Small, James, house proprietor, 30 Mid street 

Small, James, inspector of works, 17 Speed's terrace 

Small, John, joiner, 22 Russell street 

Small, Robert, & Co. , coal, lime, and cement merchants, and brick and 
tile manufacturers, 64 Yeaman shore ; works, Pitfour. Glencarse 

Small, Robert, traffic superintendent, Caledonian Railway, West Station, 
South Union street; h. 2 Magdalen Yard road 

Small, Robert, shipsteward, 65 Nethergate 

Small, Thomas H., of Stuart & Small, 51 Yeaman shore 

Small, Thomas N., spirit merchant, 43 Hawkhill ; h. 38 Hunter street 

Small, Thomas, bootmaker, 23 Hilltown ; h. 21 

Small, William J. , of Shiell & Small, Ellenbank, 1 Perth road 

Small, William, house proprietor, 4 Airlie terrace 

Small, William, cabinetmaker and furniture broker, 156 and 158 Over- 
gate ; h. 7 North Lindsay street 

Small, William, mason, 10 Pennycook lane 

Small, Wm., officer, Lindsay St. Congregational Church ; h. 55 Walton st. 

Small, William, blacksmith, 15 Glamis street 

Small, Mrs James, grocer, 2 Carmichael street 

Small, Mrs James, 232 Perth road 

Small, Mrs John, dressmaker, 72 Hilltown 

Small, Mrs J., confectioner, 18 Russell street ; h. 22 

Small, Mrs Thomas, 24 Crichton street 

Small, Mrs William, dressmaker, 48 Dallfield walk 

Small, Mrs, 29 Hospital wynd 

Small, Miss Helen, dressmaker, 2 Craig street 

Smart, Alex. S., manufacturer, 9 Don's rd. ; h. Balgray cot., Provost rd. 

Smart, David, merchant, 230 Perth road 
eetlSmart, George, tobacconist, 54 Wellgate ; h. 7 Morrison's court 

i|Smart, George, compositor, 193 Blackness road 
jl(lSmart, George, sawmaker, 32 Barrack street ; h. 3 Willison street 
fliflSmart, George, tailor, 23 St Salvador street 

Smart, Henry, foreman boilermaker, 9 North W^ellington street 



Smart, James, tobacconist, 2 Crichton street ; h. Hermon cottage 
l'Z~-. Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry- 
Smart, John, grocer, 7 Constitution street ; A. 2 OgUvie's road 
Smart, John, water inspector, 17 Lawrence street 
Smart, Robert, cabinetmaker, 18 Ferry road 
Smart, Robert, tailor and clothier, 14 Ford's lane 
Smart & Schollay, flax and jute merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court 
Snxart, Walter, joiner, 6 Bernard street 

Smart, William B., manager to Joseph Johnston & Sons ; h. 13 Park lan« 
Smart, Mrs Jessie, draper, 135 Princes street 

Smeaton, Alexander, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 172Scouringburr 
Smeaton, James, grocer, 12 Fish street 
Smeaton, Robert, 2 Mortimer street 
Smeaton, Margaret, teacher, 19 Mortimer street ; h. 2 
Smieton, Alexander, millforeman, 97 Princes street 
Smieton, David A. , merch. , 7 Rl. Exchange crt. ; A. 1 2 Douglas ter. , B. Fern 
Smieton, James, & Sons, linen and jute manufacturers, Panmure Works 

Carnoustie ; office, Victoria chambers, 12 Victoria road 
Smieton, J. More, of James Smieton & Sons, Panmure villa, Bro. Fern 
Smieton, Thomas A. , of James Smieton & Sons, Panmure villa, B. Fern 
Smillie, Richard, late shipmaster, 91 Seagate 
Smillie, Thomas, assistant registrar of births, &c. , St Mary's District 

h. 33 Cotton road 
Smillie, Mrs E., grocer, 38 St Mary street : h. 28 St Mary's place 
Smillie, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Ann street 
Smith, Adam, waiter, 39 North Church street 

Smith, Alexander, merchant, Baltic buildings ; h. 1 Melville terrace 
Smith, Alexander, of Douglas & Smith, 71 Perth road 
Smith, Alex., carting contractor and coaldealer, 29 Kincardine st. ; h. \. 
Smith, Alexander M . , oil merchant and commission agent, 2 Royal Exchangi 

place ; A. 125 Nethergate 
Smith, Alexander, shipmaster, 4 Blyth street 
Smith, Alexander, consulting engineer and steamship surveyor, 59 Docl 

street ; A. 17 Janefield place 
Smith, Alexander, late builder, 6 Panmure terrace 
Smith, Alexander, police constable, 13 Glamis street 
Smith, Alexander, commission agent, 13 Arbroath road 
Smith, Alexander, seaman, 62 Ferry road 
Smith, Alexander C, joiner, 21 South Ellen street 
Smith, Alexander J. , commercial traveller, 24 King's road 
Smith, Alfred, deputy superintendent. Mercantile Marine Office, Sailors 

Home buildings; h. Rock villa. West Ferry 
Smith, Allan S., manager, Alex. Stephen & Sons' Shipyard ; h. Taybra 

cottage. West Newport 
Smith, Andrew, of Smith, Hood, & Co., 5 Cowrie place 
Smith, Andrew, of Smith & Son, Myrtlebank, West Ferry 
Smith, Andrew, mason, 2 Havelock place 
Smith, Andrew, painter, 2 Pitfour street 
Smith, Andrew, postman, 17 Dudhope street 
Smith, Andrew G., railway guard, 11 Annfield row 
Smith, Andrew, joiner, 28 Kincardine street 


Smith, Archibald, secretary, Life Association of Scotland, 4 India 
buildings ; h. 5 Greenfield place 

Smith, Arklay, shipcarpenter, 31 Princes street 

Smith, A. Watson, of T. & A. Smith, 39 Magdalen Yard road 

Smith, A. W., of J. P. Smith & Sons, Tay terrace. East Newport 

Smith Brothers, clothiers and hatters, 35 Reform street 

Smith, Charles, & Son, joiners and cabinetmakers, 12 Queen street 

Smith, Charles, clerk, 12 Dundonald street 

Smith, Charles, commission agent, 5 Stobswell road 

Smith, Charles, shipwright, 7 Lyon street 

Smith, Charles, engineer, 67 Cowgate 

Smith & Churchill, merchants, 2 India buildings, and at New York 

Smith, Daniel S., of Smith Brothers, 10 Garland place 

Smith, David, & Son,spinners and manufs. , Alyth ; office, 42 StAndrew's st. 

Smith, David, grocer and spiritdealer, 187 Perth rd.; h. 38 Seafield road 

Smith, David, of J. & W. Smith, 2 Panmure terrace 

Smith, David N. , of Charles Parker, Sons, & Co. , Rosslyn house. Provost rd. 

Smith, David B., merchant and manufacturer, Victoria chambers, 14 
Victoria road ; h. Myrtlebank, West Ferry 
■^Tf Smith, David, warehouseman, 31 Crescent street 

Smith, David, blacksmith, 55 Rosebank street ; h. 61 

Smith, David, dairyman, Fairmuir toll 

Smith, David, engineer, 15 Lilybank road 

Smith, David, engineer, Gladstone place, 32 Dudhope Crescent road 

Smith, David, joiner, 5 Fleuchar street 

Smith, David, stationer, 72 Victoria road ; h. 95 

Smith, Edward R. , family grocer, 58 Dura street ; h. 1 Mortimer street 

Smith, Edwin, 5 Gowrie place 

Smith, Elisha, mariner, 65 Commercial street 

Smith, Elizabeth, tobacconist, 75 Commercial st. ; h. 32 Dudhope Cres. rd. 

Smith, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 8 Ferry road 

Smith, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 79 King street 

Smith, Francis, 6 Annfield street 

Smith, George C, manager. Ward Foundry ; h. 13 Park lane 

Smith, George K., of Henry Smith & Co., 16 Airlie place 

Smith, George, sawmiller, 7 Mid street 

Smith, George, of Smith Brothers, Links cottage, Castle st., Bro. Ferry 

Smith, George, flax inspector, 79 King street 

Smith, George, dairyman, 22 Albert street and 160 Blackness road 

Smith, George, shoemaker, 198 Perth road 

Smith, George S., calenderworker, 1 Arthur street 

Smith, George, carpenter, Glebe place, 46 Lilybank road 
ra^j' Smith, George, tailor, 1 Littlejohn street 

Smith, Helen 13., milliner, 21 Reform street ; h. Invergowrie 

Smith, Henry, & Co. , merchants, spinners, and manufacturers, Polepark 
W'orks ; office, 10 Panmure street 

Smith, Henry, stationer, tobacconist, and toy merchant, 32 Dura street 

SMITH, HOOD, & CO., coal merchants, 48 Union street. See Adv. 

Smith, Isabella, 17 Nelson street 

Smith, James, treasurer and collector, Dundee Police 9.nd Water Com- 
missioners, 8 Meadowside; h. 115 Ferry road 


Smith, Jas., secretary, Young Men's Christian Association; h. 18 Airlie pi. 

Smith, James R. , of Hardie & Smith, 304 Perth road 

Smith, James, of Smith, Laing, & Co., Springfield, Fife 

Smith, James NicoU, of Henry Smith & Co., 17 Douglas ter., Bro. Ferry 

Smith, Jas. S. , wine and spirit merchant, 135Hilltown; h. 11 S. George st. 

Smith, James M., 1 St Johnswood terrace, Westpark road 

Smith, James S., of Charles Smith & Son, 67 Cowgate 

Smith, James, superintendent, Taybridge Station ; h. Station buildings 

Smith, James P., of J. P. Smith & Sons, CuUen villa, Westpark road 

Smith, James, porter, 17 Annfield road 

Smith, James E., flax inspector, 10 Bain square ; h. 21 Dock street 

Smith, James, bootmaker, 195 Perth road ; h. 207 

Smith, James, china merchant, 5 and 7 Arbroath road ; h. 3 

Smith, James, bootmaker, 63 Murraygate 

Smith, James, tailor, 39 Dallfield terrace 1 

Smith, James, confectioner, 178 Blackness road 

Smith, James L. , housef actor, 6 Kinloch street 

Smith, James R., waiter, 11 Kincardine street 

Smith, James, clerk, 108 Hilltown '' 

Smith, James, baker, 25 James street 

Smith, James, mechanic, 69 North Wellington street 

Smith, James, patternmaker, 38 Kincardine street 

Smith, James L., of Smith Brothers, 35 Constitiition road 

Smith, James, joiner, 115 Blackscroft 

Smith, James, commission agent and manure merchant, 21 St Andrew's 

street; h. 5 Stobswell road 
Smith, James M., joiner, 90 Dura street 

Smith, James, draper's assistant, 28 William street, Forebank 
Smith, James, jobbing mason, 22 Rosebank street; h. 96 Hilltown 
Smith, James, shiprigger, 35 Victoria road 

Smith, James, foreman blacksmith, Lilybank Foundry ; h. 15 Bafiin st. 
Smith, James, teller, Clydesdale Bank, Limited; A. 2 Panmure terrace 
Smith, Jessie, teacher. Brown Street Public School ; h. 10 Panmure st. 
vSmith, J. C, commission and insurance agent, 4 India buildings; h. 6 

Tay terrace, Newport 
Smith, John G., confectioner, 31 Union street and 121 Nethergate ; h. 

29 Union street 
Smith, John, general dealei', 39 Ann street; h. 37 

Smith, John M., commis. agent, 2 India bldgs. ; h. 13 Union pL, Perth rd. 
Smith, John, coalmer. , 30 Parkerst. and 19 Cochrane st. ; h. 12Cochranest. 
Smith, John, cask collector, 12 Hawkhill place 
Smith, John, mechanic, 6 Kinnaird street 
Smith, John, carpenter, 24 King's road 
Smith, John, grocer, 1 Annfield row ; h. 2 
Smith, John, confectioner, 169 Overgate 
Smith, John N., clerk, Rosslyn house, Provost road 
Smith, John, bottler, 3 Castle lane 
Smith, John, blacksmith, 50 Dallfield walk 
Smith, John, clerk, 304 Perth road 
Smith, John, engineer, 25 Queen street 
Smith, John, ironturner, 12 Victoria street 


Smith, John, carpenter, 129 Blackscroft 

Smith, John F., lithographer, 120 Victoria road 

Smith, Johnstone, carpenter, Stannergate 

Smith, Joseph, spiritdealer's assistant, 19 Clepington street 

Smith, Joshua, wine and spirit mei'chant, 35 Dudhopest. ; h. lOGarlandpl. 

Smith, J. & W., flax and jute waste merchants, 22 and 24 Exchange 

street ; office, Calcutta buildings, 26 Commercial street 
Smith, J. Arbuthnott, agent, British Linen Co. Bank ; h. Linfield, W. Ferry- 
Smith, J. & D., linen merchants and manufacturers, Clydesdale Bank 

buildings, 97 High street 
SMITH, J, P., & SONS, clothiers and outfitters, 78 High street. See Adv. 
Smith, J. P., jun., of J. P. Smith & Sons, Brook street, Broughty Ferry 
Smith, Laing, & Co., flax and jute spinners, Russell Mills, by Cupar 

Fife ; office, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Smith, Mary J. P., teacher, ClepingtonSch., 3lN.Ellenst.;A. 3Melroseter. 
Smith, Mary, dressmaker, 238 Perth road 
Smith, Matthew, milloverseer, 22 Court street 
Smith, Michael, coaldealer, 39^ Small's wynd ; h. 47 
Smith, Mitchell, wholesale provision merchant, 15 W. Dock st. ; h. 13 
Smith, Mungo, tenter, 88 Sti-athmartine road 
Smith, Peter, farmer, Mains of Balgay 
Smith, Peter, joiner, 11 Shepherd's loan 
Smith, Peter, stevedore, 7 Exchange street 
Smith, Richard D., clerk, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
Smith, Robert, of J. & W. Smith, 2 Panmure terrace 
Smith, Robert C, of T, & A. Smith, Taybrae cottage, Newport 
Smith, Robert, solicitor and notary public, 24 Meadowside ; h. Bengarth 

house, Camphill, Broughty Ferry 
Smith, Robt. M'Euen, clerk, 67 Reform st. ; h. StRoque cot., W. Ferry 
Smith, Robert S., surveyor of taxes, 29 Bank street ; A. 5 Grange terrace, 

Broughty Ferry 
Smith, Robert, clerk. East Station; h. 1 Crescent lane 
Smith, Robt. B., grocer, wine and grain mer., 92 Princes st. ; h. 8Wallace st. 
Smith, Robert, ironmoulder, 2 Hillbank road 
Smith, Robert, seaman, 16 Blyth street 
Smith, R. A., shipmaster, 8 Paton's lane 

Smith & Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and undertakers, 132 Nether- 
gate and 164 Overgate 
Smith, Sylvester, mercht., 38 St Andrew's st. ; h. St Roque cot., W. Ferry 
Smith, Thomas, 10 Panmure street ; h. Ashwood, Harecraig 
Smith, Thos. , grocer and provision mer. , 18 Alexander st. ; h. 15Glamis st. 
Smith, Thos. Y., wine and spirit mer., 60 Rosebank st. ; h. 4 Garland pi. 
Smith, Thomas, seaman, 62 Ferry road 
Smith, Thomas, greengrocer, 49 Main street; h. 30 
Smith, Thomas, cabhirer, 33 Ogilvie's road; h. 87 Rosebank street 
Smith, Thomas, engineer, 12 Dundonald street 
Smith, Thomas, mechanic, 67 Alexander street 
Smith, T. & A. , cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 41 Nethergate 
Smith, T. H. , of Henry Smith & Co. , Ashwood, Harecraig 
Smith, Walter, 3 Craig street 
Smith, Wm., & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 10 Victoria chambers 


SMITH, WILLIAM, wine and malt liquor merchant, 5, 9, and 11 Vault 

and manager, Queen's Hotel; ^.Binn cottage, 352 Perth rd. See Adv. 
Smith, Wm. , boot manufacturer, 8 Bank st. ; h. Thistle cot. , Downfielcl 
Smith, Wm., yarn and cloth mer., 1 Rl. Exchange pi. ; h. Taygrove, N'porl 
Smith, William, hatter and hosier, 47 High st. ; h. Tay ter. , E. Newport 
Smith, Rev. William, St Paul's Established Church ; h. 23 Springfield 
Smith, William, compositor, 16 Speed's terrace 
Smith, William K., shorthand teacher, 10 Hawkhill 
Smith, William, wine and spirit merch. , 37 Princes st. ; h. 1 Crescent lane 
Smith, William S., of Smith & Son, 11 Balfour street 
Smith, William A. , foreman mechanic, 26 Isles' lane 
Smith, William, mechanic, 215 Hilltown 
SMITH, WILLIAM, & BROTHERS, Sun Iron Works, Heywood, neai 

Manchester. See Adv. 
Smith, William, & Co., boiler and steampipe coverers, 44 Foundry lane 
Smith, William, cork cutter, 156 Lochee road 
Smith, William J., shipmaster, 1 Lamb's lane 
Smith, William, railway guard, 2 Annfield row 
Smith, William, mason, Kintore place, 63 Watson street 
Smith, William A., of Wm. Smith & Co., 35a Victoria street 
Smith, Wm. R., manager, Lindsay St. Works ; A. Rustic pi. , 1 Dudhope st. 
Smith, William, police sergeant, 72 North Church street 
Smith, William, assistant School Board officer, 13 North Wellington st. 
Smith, William, fruiterer, 94 and 63 Princes street; h. 98 
Smith, William Brand, warehouse porter, 111 Princes street 
Smith, William, house proprietor, 118 Albert street 
Smith, William, secretary, Carse of Cowrie Dairy Co., Ltd., Ward road; 

and farmer, Balruddery, Longforgan 
Smith, Mrs Alexander, 1 1 Mid street 
Smith, Mrs Alexander, 13 Speed's terrace 
Smith, Mrs Alexander, 28 Thomson street 
Smith, Mrs David, 143 Nethergate 
Smith, Mrs Elizabeth, confectioner, 29 James street 
Smith, Mrs Fenton, School of Art Needlework and Ladies' Work Society, 

80 Nethergate 
Smith, Mrs Jane, 43 Annfield road 
Smith, Mrs John, 3 Erskine terrace, Maryfield 
Smith, Mrs John, 2 Panmure terrace 
Smith, Mrs Peter, Roseville, 285 Perth road 
Smith, Mrs R., furnishings, 207 Hawkhill 
Smith, Mrs William, dressmaker, 69 Murraygate 
Smith, Mrs, sicknurse, 29 Balgay street 
Smith, Mrs, 21 Mains loan 

Smith, Miss A. B., family grocer, 77 Cowgate ; h. 61 
Smith, Miss Helen A., grocer, 179 Overgate; h. 164 
Smith, Miss Rachel, 3 Blackness terrace 
Smollin, Charles, spiritdealer's assistant, 1575- Scouringburn 
Smollet, John, blacksmith, 1 Harriet street 

Smyth, Alexander, housefactor, 3 Barrack street ; h. 35 Dallfield terrace 
Smyth, David, baker and confectioner, 25 Ann street; h. 30 Gellatly st. 
Smyth, Thomas, confectioner, 16 Kinnaird street 


Snaddon, Mrs Paul, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Ann street ; h. 17 North 

Wellington street 
Sneddon, William, butler, 10 Rosefield street 

Sommerville, Watt, & Co., merchants and commis. agents, 30 Meadowside 
Sorlie, James, pavior, 20 Watson street 
Sorlie, William, fruit merchant, 84 Overgate; h. 103 
Soutar, David, leathercutter, 20 Alexander street 
Soutar, David, mechanic, Blackness Foundry ; h. 79 Arbroath road 
Soutar, David, insurance agent, 151 Hawkhill 
Soutar, D. B., millmanager, 14 Thomson street 

Soutar, Elizabeth, confectioner and tobacconist, 253 Hawkhill ; h. 249 
Soutar, George, greengrocer, Manor place, 209 Perth road ; h. 207 
Soutar, James, carpenter, 93 King street 

Soutar, James, mechanic, Douglas Foundry; h. 99 Lochee road 
Soutar, John, millinery and drapery warehouse, 21 Princes street ; h. 

10 Maryfield terrace 
Soutar, John, jun., draper, 22 Princes street; h. 10 Maryfield terrace 
Soutar, John, draughtsman, Ward Foundry ; h. 37 Rosebank road 
Soutar, John, greengrocer, 9 North Church street 
Soutar, Robert, furniture dealer, 155 Overgate ; h. 154 
Soutar, William F., of W. F. Soutar & Co., 10 Maryfield terrace 
Soutar, W. F., & Co., merchants, 1 Royal Exchange place 
Soutar, Mrs George, dressmaker, 6 Havelock place, Peddie street 
Soutar, Mrs M., house proprietor, 108 Seagate 
Soutar, Mrs Margaret, 13 North Church street 
Souter, Jedidiah, rope and twine manufacturer, 128 Blackness road; 

h. 10 Annfield row 
Souter, Peter A., milloverseer, 12 Lawrence street 
Souter, Mrs George, laundress, 101 Peddie street 
Souter, Mrs James, furnished apartments, 17 Airlie place 
Souter, Mrs Mary,milliner and juvenileoutfr., 43 Reform St.; ^.9Springfield 
Souter, Mrs, 8 St Peter street 

South Anchor Works, 42 W. Henderson's wynd ; A. & J. Adie, spinners 
South Dudhope Factory, 1 1 Smellie's lane ; Alexander Henderson, manuf. 
South Dudhope Mill, 50 W. Henderson's wynd ; Alex. Henderson, spinner 
Soutter, Samuel, rope and twine spinner, Havercroft Rope and Twine 

Works, Baldovan feus, top of Provost road 
Spain, Vice-consul for — I. Julius Weinberg, 13 Panmure street 
Spalding, Alexander, harbour porter, 98 Princes street 
Spalding, Mrs A., lodgings, 27 North Ellen street 
Spalding, Mrs, washerwoman, 65 Alexander street 
Spankie, Alexander, factory overseer, 4 Idvies street 
Spankie, David, at Julius Salomon&Co. , 19 Bain square; h. 2Blackness cres. 
Spankie, Jas. M. , assessor of Income tax, 29 Bank st. ; h. 2 Blackness cres. 
Spankie, John, overseer, Rockwell Works ; Ji. 36 Hospital v/ynd 
Spankie, M. & N., drapers and dressmakers, 3 Balgay st.; h. 3Blythst. 
Spankie, William, painter, 3 Blyth street 
Spark, James, clerk, 16 Baffin street 

Sparks, Robert G., clerk, Magdalen place, Clepington road 
Sparks, Mrs Barbara, lodgings, 133 Victoria road 
Speakman, James, of Hildesheim & Co., 4 Craigiebank terrace 


Speed, Alexander, solicitor and notary public, 82 High street ; h. 

Campbeltown place, 273 Hawkhill 
Speed, George, reed and canib manufacturer, 18 Kirk entry ; h. 3 Hilltown 
SPEED, JAMES G., wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 51 and 

53 Commercial st. and 20 Seagate ; h. 94 Commercial st. See Adv. 
Speed, William, wine and spirit merchant, 169 to 171 Perth road; h. 

Campbeltown place, 273 Hawkhill 
Speedy, William, shipmaster, 2 Peter street 
Speedy, William, engineer, 31 Charles street 
Speirs, John, compositor, 43 Elizabeth street 

Spence, Alex. Blair, M.R.C.S.E., surgeon and dentist, 6 Shore terrace 
Spence, Charles, Coventrybank, Perth road 

Spence, David, grocer and spiritdealer, 18 Dallfield walk ; h. 6 Perth rd. 
Spence, David, of J. & D. Spence, 2 Ann street 
Spence, George C, accountant, 21 Westfield place 
Spence, George, fruit merchant, 1 Union street ; h. 142 Nethergate 
Spence, George, gardener, 5 Springhill, Ferry road 
Spence, Henry, blacksmith, 128 Blackness road 

Spence, James, & Co., drapers and silk mercers, 20 to 30 Reform street 
Spence, James, of J. & D. Spence, 101 Hilltown 
Spence, James, collector, 55 Arbroath road 
Spence, James, factory overseer, 32 William street, Forebank 
Spence, John, confectioner, 33 Union street ; h. 37 

Spence, J. & D., drapers, clothiers, and hatters, 97, 99, and 101 Hilltown 
Spence, Robert, shipmaster, 874 Blackscroft 
Spence, William, shipmaster, 2 Blackness crescent 
Spence, William, moulder, 54 Princes street 
Spence, Mrs Maxwell, tobacconist and stationer, 203 Perth road 
Spence, Mrs, Coventrybank, Perth road 
Spence, Mrs, manglekeeper, 29 Paton's lane 

Spencer, George, Customs officer, Salisbury place, 91 Arbroath road 
Spiers, Fulton, agent. Royal Bank of Scotland; h. Bank house 
Spiers, Henry, joiner, 6 Balfour street 
Spiers & Pond, restaurateurs, Taybridge Station 
Spiller, William, grocer, 178 Ann street ; h. 176 
Spindler, James G. H., artist, 7 Ward road ; A. 17 Airlie place 
Spindler, John C, music teacher, 31 Reform street 
Spreull, Andrew, F.R.C. V.S., vet. surgeon, 39 Yeaman shore; h. 31 
Sreenan, Annie M., dressmaker, 21| Ann street; h. 25 Clark street 
Stafford, Thomas H., writing master, 41 Reform street 
Stalker, Alexander M., M.B., medical practitioner, 13 King street 
Stalker & Boyd, painters and decorators, 67 Nethergate, and at Perth 
Stalker, Duncan M'G., painter, 125 Nethergate 
Stalker, George D., potato, vegetable, and fruit merchant, 35 and 36 

Dock street ; A. 13 West Dock street 
Stamps and Taxes Office, 31 Bank street 
STANDARD Life Assurance Company. See Adv. 
Standing, Benjamin James, waiter, 32 Small's wynd 
Staniforth, R. J., potato merchant, 27 Lyon street 

Stark, Alex. L., auctioneer & valuator, 132Murraygate and 43 Meadowside 
Stark, David, millmanager, Pleasance Works; h. 15 Brewery lane 


.Stark, James A,, perfumer and hairdresser, 6 Queen's Hotel buildings, 

Nethergate ; h, 4 Garland place 
.Stark, Peter, carter, Logie Toll House, Lochee road 
Stark, Samuel, draper, 10 Polepark road 
Stark, Stewart H,, agent, 18 William street, Forebank 
Stark, Mrs Aimie, flesher, 15 Constitution street; A. 39 Strathmartine rd. 
Stark, Mrs James, 4 Garland place 
Starrs, William, milloverseer, 16 Crescent lane 
Starrs, Mrs George, confectioner, 18 Dudhope Crescent road 
State, The, Steamship Co., Ltd.; Geo. M'Gregor, 62 Commercial st., agent 
Steedman, George, daiiyman, 10 Malcolm street ; h. 2 
Steedman, William, currier, 120 Victoria road 
Steel, Alexander, landscape gardener, 88 Rosebank street 
Steel, E. B., tea merchant, 61 Overgate ; h. Cliftonbank, Newport 
Steel, James, tea merchant, 15 High street ; h. 3 Nelson terrace 
Steel, James, shore porter, 23 West Dock street 
Steel, John, clerk, 118 Rosebank street 
Steel, John, gardener, 90 Blackscroft 

Steel, John, grocer and wine merch., 1 Tannadice st.; h. 3 Victoria cres. 
Steel, Niel, tea merchant, 61 Overgate ; h. 6 Prospect place 
Steel, William, engineer, 1 Shore terrace 
Steel, Mrs E. , hotelkeeper, Crown Hotel, 1 Shore terrace 
Steel, Mrs John, Victoria crescent, 1 Lamb's lane 
Steel, Mrs William, keeper. Thistle hall ; h. 58 Nethergate 
Steele, A. F., assistant agent, Bank of Scotland, Reform street 
Steele, James T., oil and general broker, 23 Panmure st. ; h. Fowlis Easter 
Steele, Pedro B. , oil merchant and drysalter, 41 Cowgate ; h. 5 Park ter. 
Steggall, J. E. A., M.A., F.R.S.E., professor of mathematics and natural 

philosophy, University College; h. 4 Pai-k place 
Stenhouse, James, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 229 and 231 

Hawkhill; A. 204 
Stenhouse, Mrs, 6 Havel ock place 

Stephen, Alexander, & Sons, iron and wood shipbuilders. Marine parade 
Stephen, Andrew H., tanner, of Alexander Stephen & Sons, William 

Stephen & Sons, and Wm. Stephen & Co. ; h. Helenslea, Bro. Ferry 
Stephen, Rev. Charles, M.A., assistant, St Paul's Established Church ; 

h. Bright cottage, Maryfield 
Stephen, George, & Son, iron and steel merchants, general ironmongers, 

oil merchants, and mill furnishers, 29 Castle street; xoarehouseH, 

Doig's court and Castle court 
Stephen, James, grocer, 39 Stirling street 

Stephen, James, teacher of music, 78 Murraygate ; h. 26 Alexander st. 
Stephen, Peter, mechanic, 26 Alexander street 

Stephen, Wm.,&Sons,tanners and curriers, Arctic Tannery, Marine parade 
Stephen, Wm. , & Co. , seal and whale oil mers. , Arctic Yard, Marine parade 
Stephen, William, of Alex. Stephen & Sons, William Stephen & Sons, 

and William Stephen & Co. ; h. Helenslea, Broughty Ferry 
Stephen, William, jun., shipbuilder, of Alex. Stephen & Sons, William 

Stephen & Sons, and Wm. Stephen & Co. ; h. Helenslea, Bro. Ferry 
Stephen, William W. , of Fergusson & Stephen, 4 St Johnswood terrace 
Stephen, Mrs A., 1 Roslin terrace 


Stephen, Mrs George, 1 Somerville place 

Stephen, Misses, music teachers, 104 Commercial street 

Stephens, John G. , manager, Anchor Line office, 1 Panmure st. ; /i.Bamhill 

Stephenson, Wm. , builder and contractor, 50 JS . Lindsay st. ; h. 5 Park ter. 

Steven, Alexander, mechanic, 3 Glebe street 

Steven, Alexander, clerk, 28 North George street 

Steven, George, mechanic, 15 Paton's lane 

Steven, James, coal merchant, 32 Castle street ; h. 84 Rosebank street 

Steven, James, waste merchant, 13 Victoria street 

Steven, James, confectioner, 49 Strathmartine road 

Steven, Peter, F.R.C.S.E., medical practitioner, 11 Tay square 

Steven, Peter, joiner, 16 Malcolm street 

Steven, Robert, china merchant, 47 Hawkhill ; h. 35 Hunter street 

Steven, Robert, of RoUo & Steven, 9 James place, Broughty Ferry 

Steven, Wm. jflesher, 58Blackscrof t and 80 Dura st. ; A. Gibson ter . , Maryfield 

Steven, Mrs E., tea, wine, and spirit mer., 38 Mains rd.; h. 25 Mid rd. 

Stevenson, Alexander P., of A. & J. Stevenson, 31 Reform street 

Stevenson, A. & J., bookbinders, 10 New Inn entry 

STEVENSON BROTHERS, dyers and cleaners, Dundee Dye Works, 222 

Hilltown ; receiving offices, 88 Mui'raygate and 14 Perth rd. See Adv. 
STEVENSON, FRANCIS, & SONS, yarn and cloth dyers and finishers, Law- 
side Dye Works, Coldside ; office, 30 Meadowside. See Adv. 
Stevenson, Francis, of Francis Stevenson & Sons, 1 Nelson ter. , Nelson st. 
Stevenson, Frank, jun., of Francis Stevenson & Sons, 1 Nelson terrace 
Stevenson, George, of George Stevenson & Co., 1 Woodville place 
STEVENSON, GEORGE, & CO., carpet, matting, and rug manufacturers, dyers, 

printers, and calenderers, Ancrum Works, Lochee. See Adv. 
Stevenson, George, pawnbroker, 130 Hilltown and 1 Rosebank street ; 

h. Victoria chambers, 14 Victoria road 
Stevenson, Geo., com. traveller, Ladybank Leather Works ; h. 7 Baffin st. 
Stevenson, George, fruiterer, 173 Hilltown ; li. 194 
STEVENSON, JAMES, & CO., dyers, finishers, and packers, Forebank Dye 

Works, Victoria road. See Adv. 
Stevenson, James, agent for William Mackenzie, publisher, 14 Union 

street ; h, 18 Airlie place 
Stevenson, James M., of A. & J. Stevenson, 10 Forfar road 
Stevenson, James, of Stevenson Brothers, 17 Nelson street 
Stevenson, Jas.,of Jas. Stevenson & Co., Oak lodge, 69 Constitution road 
Stevenson, James, of George Stevenson & Co. , 1 Woodville place 
Stevenson, John, of Stevenson Brothers, 1 Nelson terrace, Nelson street 
Stevenson, John, joiner, 3 Paradise road 

Stevenson, Laurence, builder, 212 Hilltown; h. 1 Nelson ter., Nelson st. 
Stevenson, Martin, engineer, 40 Princes street 

Stevenson, Robt., superintendent, Carse of Gowrie Dairy Co., Ward rd. 
Stevenson, R. M., pianotuner, 2 Ford's lane 
Stevenson, Thomas, of R. & J. Dick, 15 Blackness street 
Stevenson, William G., bookbinder, 19 High street ; h. 172 Hawkhill 
Stevenson, William G., insurance agent, 312 Perth road 
Stevenson, Mrs John, 47 Seafield road 
STEWART, ALEXANDER, wine and export merchant, 50 Castle street and 

2 to 8 Exchange street ; h. Vicarsford, West Ferry. See Adv. 


Stewart, Alexander, joiner and builder, 9 Sea wynd; h. 1 Gowrie street 
Stewart, Alexander, butcher, 26 Polepark road ; h. 2 Lawrence street 
Stewart, Alexander, tea merchant, 50 Westport ; h. 43 Union street 
Stewart, Alexander, of Stewart & Co., 2 High street 
Stewart, Alexander, houseagent, 55 Victoria road 
Stewart, Alexander, joiner, 177 Victoria road 
Stewart, Alexander M. , clerk, 87 King street 
Stewart, Alexander, 29 Bank street 
Stewart, Alexander, cooper, 108 Strathmartine road 
Stewart, Alexander, coachman, 8 Malcolm street 
Stewart, Alexander, tailor, 68 Strathmartine road 
Stewart, Allan, clerk, 11 King's road 

Stewart, Andrew A. , of E,obertson & Stewart, 9 Viewf orth street 
Stewart, Andrew, porter, 10 South George street 

Stewart, Andrew, sub-editor, People's Friend ; h. Links place, B. Ferry- 
Stewart Brothers, manufacturers, Kinnaird Works, 38 Ogilvie's road 
Stewart, Charles, of Stewart Brothers, manufacturers, 6 Constitution ter. 
Stewart, Charles, clerk, 28 Cowgate ; h. 2 Kinnaird street 
1 Stewart, Charles, tobacconist, 134 Overgate; h, 5 Brown street 
Stewart, Christina, milliner and dressmaker, 9 Ellen street 
Stewart, Clementina, fruiterer, 12 Constitution street 
Stewart & Co., tailors and clothiers, 2 High street 
Stewart, David, solicitor, 61 Refoi-m street ; h. 6 Constitution terrace 
Stewart, David, grocer and wine mer. ,109Nethergate; A.63 Constitution rd.. 
Stewart, David Gordon, solicitor and notary public, 10 Meadowside ; A. 

Falcon villa. West Ferry 
Stewart, David, wine merchant, 59 Overgate and 1 Barrack street ; h.. 

5 Westfield avenue 
Stewart, David, & Co. , iron merchants, 74 Commercial street 
Stewart, David, of D. Stewart & Co., 36 Small's wynd 
Stewart, David, teller. Royal Bank, Castle street ; li. 4 Park terrace 
Stewart, David, clerk, Trades Lane Calender ; h. 8 Baton's lane 
Stewart, David R. , manager, carpet depart. , SeafieldWks. ; h. 3 Viewf orth pL 
Stewart, David, grocer, 143 Perth road ; h. 1 Pennycook lane 
Stewart, David M., shorthand teacher, 2 Dudhope Crescent road 
Stewart, David, fish merchant, 110a Princes street; h. 1 Church street- 
Stewart, David, coal merchant, 31 Kincardine street : h. 19 Peddie st 
Stewart, David, secretary, Samnuggur Jute Factory Co., 94 Commercial 

street; h. Hillbank place, Monifieth 
Stewart, David, plasterer, 6 Annfield row 
Stewart, Donald, of J. & D. Stewart, 63 Constitution road 
Stewart, Duncan, late patternmaker, 9 Ellen street 
Stewart, Duncan, patternmaker, 15 Victoria street 
Stewart, Francis, coal merchant, 55a Watson street ; h. 35 
Stewart, George, house proprietor, 9 Westfield place 
Stewart, George, of John Stewart & Sons, Alexandra cottage, B. Ferry 
Stewart, George, draper, 3 Milnbank road 
Stewart, George, of Watson & Stewart, 43 Dallfield terrace 
Stewart, George, factory manager, Caldrum Works; h, 5 Stirling street- 
Stewart, Hugh, of T. & H. Stewart, 10 Isla street 
Stewart, Isabella, draper and hardware merchant, 131 Nethergate 


Stewart, Isabella, greengrocer, 7 North. Church street 

Stewart, James A., of Stewart Brothers, manufr., 6 Constitution terrace 

Stewart, Jas., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 197 Hilltown; h. Otago 

cottage, 17 Wellington street 
Stewart, James, shipchancller, tankmaker, plumber, brassfounder, tin 

and copper smith, 5 Gellatly street ; h. Cedarlea cottage, Bro. Ferry- 
Stewart, James F, , collector, Tay Ferries 

Stewart, James Farquharson, Advertiser office ; A. 2 Windsor place 
Stewart, James, coal merchant, 16 Peddie street ; h. 9 
Stewart, James, commission merchant, 180 Hawkhill; h. 172 
Stewart, James, grocer, 41 Nelson street ; A. 16 
Stewart, James, 7 Somerville place 

Stewart, James B., merchant, Baltic buildings; h. 4 Park terrace 
Stewart, James, dyer, 9 Thomson street 
Stewart, James, & Co. , waste merchants, 40 Mid street 
Stewart, James, of James Stewart & Co. , 29 Crescent street 
Stewart, Jas. C. , of J. C. & W. Stewart, Union Bank bldgs. , 7 Somei-ville pi. 
Stewart, James, machinist, 19 Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 
Stewart, John, & Sons, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 16 Reform st. 
Stewart, John A., portrait painter, 65 Nethergate ; h. West Newport 
Stewart, John, house and insur. agent, 74 Commercial st. ; h. 40 North st. 
Stewart, John D. , grocer and wine mer. , 160 Ann st. ; h. 193 Blackness rd. 
Stewart, John, fruit and potato merchant, 37 and 39 Victoria road; h. 27 
STEWART, Dr JOHN, D.D.S., F.S.Sc, London, dental surgeon, 3 South 

Lindsay street; h. 25 Nethergate. See Adx). 
Stewart, John, of J. & D. Stewart, 14 South Wellington street 
Stewart, John, clerk, 23 Victoria street 
Stewart, John, of Henderson & Co., 3 South Tay street 
Stewart, John, innkeeper, Eagle Inn, 108 Murragate 
Stewart, John, evangelist. Catholic Apostolic Ch.; h. 1 Blackness crescent 
Stewart, John, joiner, 16 Annfield street 
Stewart, John R., hacklemaker, 31 North Wellington street 
Stewart, Jno., wholes. ironmonger,87 Seagate; A. Palacebldgs, Whitehall st. 
Stewart, John, mechanic, 9a Victoria street 
Stewart, John, joiner, 7 Balfour street 
Stewart, John S., cloth inspector, 14 Kinloch street 
Stewart, J. & A. , mahogany & veneer mers. , 39 Small's wynd, and Glasgow 
Stewart, J. & D., joiners, 6 South George street 

Stewart, J. C. & W., merchants, Union Bank buildings, 6 Panmure st. 
Stewart, Mary Ann, dressmaker, 2 Easson's angle 
Stewart, M., furnituredealer, 56 Scouringburn 

Stewart, Peter, japanner and painter, 108 Murraygate ; h. 12 Dalltield ter. 
Stewart, Peter, cab proprietor, Rosefield place, 179 Blackness road 
Stewart, Peter, house proprietor, 6 Park terrace 
Stewart, Peter, blacksmith, 8 Pole street 
Stewart, Peter, 35 North Ellen street 
Stewart, Peter, stationer, 63 Caldrum street 
Stewart, Richard, jeweller, 3 Mitchell street 

Stewart, Robert, shoemaker, 65a Lochee road ; ^. 13 Cochrane street 
Stewart, Robert, clerk, 23 Tait's lane 
Stewart, Robert, warehouseman and church-officer, 46 Hilltown 


Stewart, Robert, seaman, 56 Constable street 

Stewart, Robert, foreman shipwright, 11 Baffin street 

Stewart, Thomas, coffeehouse keeper, 234 Hawkhill ; h. 44 Annfield rd. 

Stewart, Thomas, joiner, 8 Graham place 

Stewart, Thomas, 11 Mid street 

Stewart, Thomas, of T. & H. Stewart, 34 Victoria road 

Stewart, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 45 Union street; h. 43 

Stewart, T. & H., hairdressers, 38 Victoria road and 9 Ann street 

Stewart, Wm. , grocer and wine mer. , 65 King st. ; h. Ella cot. , 44Caldrumst. 

Stewart, William, bootmaker, 36 Overgate ; h. 7 Ward road 

Stewart, William, of J. C. & W. Stewart, 7 Somerville place 

Stewart, William, factory overseer, 131 Ann street 

Stewart, William, carver and gilder, 248 Hilltown; h. 233 

Stewart, William, commission agent, 2 Coupar's alley 

Stewart, William G., milloverseer, 11 Well road, Butterburn 

Stewart, William, bottle merchant, 11 South Lindsay street 

Stewart, William, joiner, 45 Crescent street 

Stewart, William, grocer, 65 Ure sti'eet 

Stewart, William, coachman, 11 Tay Street lane 

Stewart, William P., draper, 12 King street 

Stewart, W. R. , hacklemaker, 59 Cotton road ; h. 4 S. Wellington street 

Stewart, Mrs Ann, house proprietor, 36 Caldrum street 

Stewart, Mrs C. , 3 Roslin terrace 

Stewart, Mrs David, 1 Westfield avenue 

Stewart, Mrs David, 18 Mortimer street 

Stewart, Mrs David, 1 Dalhousie terrace 

Stewart, Mrs D. , teacher, Rosebank school ; h. 22 Rosebank street 

Stewart, Mrs James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Lochee road ; Ti. 2 
Dudhope Crescent road 

Stewart, Mrs James, confectioner, 40 South Tay street 

Stewart, Mrs James, 12^ Mortimer place 

Stewart, Mrs Janet, 98 Princes street 

Stewart, Mrs John A., lodgings. Arcade buildings, King street 

Stewart, Mrs John, newsagent, 53 Watson street ; h. 45 

Stewart, Mrs J., grocer and wine merchant, 180 Hawkhill ; h. 172 

Stewart, Mrs Mary, broker, 102 Hawkhill; A. 11 Henderson's E. wynd 

Stewart, Mrs Sinclair, matron, East Poorhouse 

Stewart, Mrs Wm., grocer, 17 St Salvador st.; h. 69 N. Wellington st. 

Stewart, Mrs, confectioner, 8 Annfield row 

Stewart, Mrs, dairykeeper, 67 Hawkhill; h. 7 Balfour street 

Stewart, Mrs, 25 Barrack street 

Stewart, Mrs, lodgings, 103 Overgate 

Stewart, Mrs, 9 Forebank road 

Stewart, Miss Ann, laundress, 60 Constable street 

Stewart, Miss C, 42 Scouringburn 

Stewart, Miss Jane, underclothing and babylinen warehouse, 64 Nether- 
gate ; h. 3 Mountpleasant 

Stewart, Miss L. D., mdlliner, 302 Perth road 

Stewart, Miss Margaret, wine and spirit merchant, 20 St Clement's lane 

Stewart, Miss M., fruiterer, 45 Overgate; h. 24 Crichton street 

Stiles, Robert, organist, 8 Panmure street 


Stirling, George, factory manager, Wallace Works ; h. 22 Victoria st. 

Stirling, Miss, matron, H.M. Prison 

Stirling, Mrs, dairykeeper, Fairmuir 

Stirton, Adam Hill, bonnetshape maker, 82 High street ; h. 3 Park ter. 

Stirton, Alexander Myles, tenter, 64 Peddie street 

Stirton, Robert, draper, 82 Peddie street 

Stirton, Robert, fruiterer, 201 Blackness road; h. 80 Peddie street 

Stirton, Thos. S., clerk, Scott St. Wks. ; h. Washington bldgs., 1 Corsost. 

Stirton, Wm.jbootmkr., 230 Blackness rd. ; A. Washington bldgs., 1 Corsost. 

Stirton, Miss M., dressmaker, Ellen place, 27 Lyon street 

Stiven, Alexander C, clerk, Taybridge works; h. Carnoustie 

Stiven, Alexander W., of W. & A. W. Stiven, Binnericht, 368 Perth rd. 

Stiven, David, patternmaker, 3 Craig street 

Stiven, Edward B. , flax and yarn merchant, 3 Coupar's alley ; h. Bella 

Vista cottage, 229 Perth road 
Stiven, Henry P., of W. & H. P. Stiven, Binnericht, 368 Perth road 
Stiven, James, engineers' factor, millf urnisher, , and bobbin manuf. , 7R1. 

Exchange lane, and Scotscraig Mill, Tayport ; h. 33 vSeafield road 
Stiven, James B., law-clerk, 32 Bank street; h. Roseleigh, West Ferry 
Stiven, James, boilermaker, 59 Lilybank road 
Stiven, Robert, & Co., mill, factory, and engineers' furnishers, Gowan's 

court, 21 North Tay street 
Stiven, William, of W. & H. P. Stiven, Binnericht, 368 Perth road 
Stiven, William, of W. & A. W. Stiven, Roseleigh, West Ferry 
Stiven, William, harbour porter, 40 Kemback street 
Stiven, W. & A. W., accountants, 61 Reform street 
Stiven, W. & H. P., merchants and commis. agents, 62 Commercial st. 
Stobbie, James, currier, 34 Carmichael street 

Stobie, Thos., ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 35 King street ; h. 39 
Stockman, Samuel, butcher, 108 Victoria road; h. 8 Graham place 
Stocks, Charles Howe, commercial traveller, 5 Graham place 
Stocks, David, brace and belt manufacturer, 130 and 132 Princes street; 

h. 5 Graham place 
Stocks, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 14 Hilltown ; A. 20 
Stocks, Thomas C. , joiner, 26 and 28 Crescent lane; A. 1 Kemback street 
Stoddart, Mrs Susan, 3 Constitution street 
Stonehouse, Charles, stableman, 22 Queen street 
Stoole, Alexander, teacher of music, 1 Bank street 
Stoole, James, patternmaker, 68 North Church street 
Stoole, James, musician, 1 Bank street 
Stoole, Miss, dressmaker, 115 Murraygate 
Stormont, David W., blacksmith, 31 Baxter street 
Stormont, Mrs John, laundress, 1 Watt street 
Stormont, Mrs, manglekeeper, 10 Mortimer sti'eet 

Storrar, Robt., foreman joiner, Caledon Shipbuilding Yd.; h. 18 Ferry rd. 
Storrar, Wm. M. , saddler, trunk and portmanteau maker, 30 High street, 

and 130 Brook street, Broughty Ferry; h. 3 Cliftonbank, NewjDort. 
Storrie, David, of Storrie & Murray, 1 Gowrie place 
Storrie & Murray, seed merchants and florists, 96 Nethergate, and 

Clarendon Park Nursery, Perth road 
Storrie, Peter C, brewer, 32| King st. ; h. Hopbank, 33 Magdalen Yard rd. 



Storrier, Allan, slater and slate merchant, 239 Hilltown, and at Newport 

and Tayport ; h. 9 Main street 
Storrier, Andrew, engineer, 17 Crichton street 
Storrier, Brough, & Co. , spinners and manufacturers, Taybank Works ; 

office, Victoria chambers, 12 Victoria road 
Storrier, Charles, mason, 31 North street 

Storrier, P. L., of Storrier, Bi-ough, & Co., Aii'liebank, 11 Perth road 
Storrier, Thomas Y., clerk, Airliebank, 11 Perth road 
Storrier, William, slater, 12 Carmichael street 
Storrier, Mrs, 1 Westfield lane 
Stott, James, & Co., hatters and ostrich feather dressers, 44 Wellgate 

and 50 King street 
Stott, James, of James Stott & Co., Victoria crescent, 1 Lamb's lane 
STOTT, JOSEPH, joiner and funeral undertaker, 8 Crescent lane and 

9 Albert street; h. 21 Albert street See Adv. 
Strachan, Adam, warehouseman, Mitchell Street Schoolhouse 
Strachan, Alex. I. , clerk. Gas Commrs.' office; h. 32Dudhope Crescent rd. 
Strachan, Alexander, spirit merchant, 22a Small's wynd ; h. 49 
Strachan, Alexander, gardener, 13 Stirling street 
Strachan, Alexander M., draper, 9 Air lie terrace 

Strachan, Andw. , teacher. Dens Works School ; h. Plean cot. , vShamrock st. 
Strachan, Chas.,rope and twine spinner, 128 Blackness rd. ; h. 9 Peddie st. 
Strachan, Charles, seaman, 41 Caldrum street 
Strachan, David, 34 Stanley place. Step row 
Strachan, Edward William, messenger-at-arms, 51 High street 
Strachan, Elliot, manager. Nelson Street Factory; h. 27 Nelson street 
Strachan, James, clerk, Jaff6 Brothers & Co. ; h. Roseville, Stannergate 
Strachan, James, clerk, 2 Westfield avenue 
Strachan, James J., saddler, 51 Lochee road 

Strachan, James, carting contractor, 65 Rosebank st. ; h. 2 Ogilvie's rd. 
Strachan, James, milloverseer, 33 North Wellington street 
Strachan, James, overseer, 35 Kincardine street 

Strachan, John R. , sorting-clerk and telegraphist. Post Office; li. 48 Union st. 
Strachan, John, insurance agent, 100 Hawkhill 
Strachan, John, foreman brushmaker, 27 Bank street 
Strachan, John, house proprietor, 5 Balfour street 
Strachan, John, clerk, Douglas Foundry; h. 23 Miller's wynd 
Strachan, Kinmond, & Co., calenderers, East Port Calender, 100 Cowgate 
Strachan, Peter, grocer, 2 Alexander street; h. 35 N. Wellington street 
Strachan, Robert, clerk, 6 Lawrence street 

Strachan, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 181 Princes street; h. 197 
Strachan, William, tenter. Thorn place, 237 Blackness road 
Strachan, William, housefactor, 12 Pitfour street 

Strachan, Mrs, milnr. and dressmkr., 284 Hilltown; A.lGStrathmartinerd. 
Strachan, Mrs, 25 Albert street 
Strachan, Miss Mary, 19 Airlie place 
Strang, Mrs William, 5 Dallfield terrace 
Strath ern, David, grocer and wine merchant, 144 Perth road and 76 

Peddie street; h. 4 Easson's angle, Milnbank road 
Strathern, John, wholesale provision merchant, 53 Yeaman shore • h. 

Campbeltown place, Hawkhill 


Straton, William, restaurateur and wine merchant, 18 Reform st. ; h. 20 
Stratton, David, coach proprietor, 60 Seagate, and Broughty Ferry ; li'. 

Broughty house, Broughty Ferry 
Stratton, James, feuar, 17 Hop street 

Stratton, William, pawnbroker, 19 Overgate; h. 6 Garland place 
Stratton, William P., pawnbroker, 275 Hawkhill; h. 6 Tait's lane 
Sti'ong, Alexander, jun., waiter, 17 Catherine street 
Strong, William, & Co., commission merchants, 20 Dock street 
Sti'ong, W. & S., wine and spirit mers., and shipstore dealers, 34 Dock st. 
Strong, William, spirit merchant, 100 and 102 Blackscroft; h. 8 Eliza st. 
Strong, Mi-s William, 30 Magdalen Yard road 
Strong, Miss, 21 Springfield 
Stronner, David, porter, 61 Murray gate 
Stronner, James M'Kinlay, restaurateur and wine merchant, 14 Princes- 

street ; h. 5 Tay terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Stronner, Mrs David, 25 Robertson street 

Stuart, James, M.A., teacher, West-End Academy; h. 4 Westfield pi. 
Stuart, James, of Stuart & Small, 32 Castle street 
Stuart, John, joiner, 4 Havelock place 

Stuart, Mary, milliner and dressmaker, 47 Victoria road ; h. 49 
Stuart, Moody, & Robertson (Moody Stuart & Robertson), chartered 

accountants, 9a Ward road 
Stuart, Peter, spiritdealer, 66 King street; A. 72 
Stuart, P. A., clerk, Forebank Works; h. 21 Airlie place 
Stuart, Robert Moody, of Moody Stuart & Robertson, 8 Westfield place 
Stuart & Small, coal, lime, and genei"al merchants, 45 Yeaman shore 
Stuart, William, brewer, St Mary's terrace 
Stuart, Mrs, Fernbank, Logie 
STUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES, Trade Auxiliary Co. Ltd., 84 Commercial 

street ; William M. Archibald, manager. See Adv. 
Sturdie, Miss Mary, milliner, 201 Perth road; h. Faringtonhall lodge 
Sturrock, Alex., gymnastic and calisthenic instructor, 193 Blackness rd. 
Sturrock, Alexander, shipjoiner, 26 Bell street 

StuiTOck, Archibald W. , SavmgsBank; h. 1 Balgillo ter. , Broughty Feiry 
Sturrock, Charles, dairyman, 2 Dens street, and farmer, Ballumbie 
Sturrock, David, confectioner, 32 Arbroath road 
Sturrock, David, cowfeeder, 122 Strathmartine road 
StuiTock, George, clerk, 31 Step row 

Sturrock, George W. L., clerk, Arctic Tannery; h. Arbroath 
Sturrock, James, hairdresser, 196 Seagate 
Sturrock, James, mechanic, 1 North William street 
Sturrock, James, joiner, 31 Step row 
Sturrock, John D., commission agent, 23 St Andrew's street ; h. 4 Louise 

terrace. West Ferry 
Sturrock, John, engineer surveyor, Lloyd's Register, 54 Commercial 

street; h. Oakbank, Monikie 
Sturrock, John, painter, 14 Lawrence street 
Sturrock, John D. , upholsterer, 47 Annfield road 
Sturi'ock, John, factory overseer, 17 Blackness street 
Sturrock, Robert, actuary. Savings Bank, and secretary to the Chamber 

of Commerce, 2 Euclid street ; h. 1 Balgillo terrace, Broughty Ferry 


Sturrock, Robert, tailor, 48 Crescent lane 

Sturrock & Sherriff, builders, Dudhope Ci'escent road 

Sturrock, Thomas, oil and farina merchant and millfumisher, 23 Pan- 
mure street; /i. 7 St Peter street 

Sturrock, William, manufacturer, 3 Dunti'une terrace, West Ferry 

StiTrrock, William, engineer, Low & Duff; h. 2 Lawrence street 

Sturrock, William, 71 Pligh street 

Sturrock, Mrs James, 16 Forebank road 

Sturrock, Mrs Maggie, lodgings, Elsinore place, 3 Hilltown 

Sturrock, Miss, mantlemaker, 3 Craig street 

Stuthers, John, dyer, 34 Mains road 

Sugden, Rev. Edward, assistant priest, S. Mary Magdalene's Church; h, 
S. Mary Magdalene's Parsonage, and at Carnoustie 

Sullivan, Patrick, bootmaker, 18^ James street 

Summers, Henry, coaldealer, 15 Kidd street ; h. 47 Albert street 

Summers & M'Gregor, drapers, 109 Murraygate 

Summers, Richard, of Summei-s & M'Gregor, 1 Westfield avenue 

SUN FIRE OFFICE ; agent, D. Scott Fergusson, Union Bank. See Adiu 

Sunderland, Robert, bootcloser, 71 Constable street 

Sunney, Daniel, grocer, 104 Blackscroft ; h. 106 

Sunney, Margaret, manglekeeper, 76 Constable street 

Sunnie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Westport ; h. 17 Park place 

Sunter, Robert, bootmaker, 55 Union street, Maxwelltown 

Sutherland, Alex. M., goods foreman, Taybridge Station; h. 31 Princes st. 

Sutherland, George, pilot, 42 Lilybank I'oad 

Sutherland, John, joiner, 6 Polepark road 

Sutherland, Mrs J., boot and shoe warehouse, 112 Hawkhill ; h. 114 

Sutherland, Mrs J., apartments, 3 Rustic place, Dudhope street 

Sutherland, Mrs James, 6 Mid street 

Suttie, David, mechanic, 7 Parker street 

Suttie, George, contractor, 5 Glebe street 

Suttie, John, mason, 2 Ogilvie's road 

Suttie, John, 67 Seagate 

Suttie, William, bathman, Public Baths ; h. 104 Ann street 

Sutton, Alexander, grocer, 8 Park terrace 

Sutton & Co. , general cariiers ; James Cant, 26 Greenmarket, agent 

Sutton, Nathaniel L., mantlemaker, 1 Wellgate and 2 Cowgate ; h. 10 
Airlie terrace 

Swan, Alexander, printer. Advertiser office ; h. 9 Viewforth street 

Swan, James, shipmaster, 73 North Church street 

Swan, John W., hairdresser, 7 William street, Forebank 

Swan, Robert, joiner, 8 Graham place 

Swan, Thomas W., printer, 31 Hawkhill 

Swan, W}lliam, traveller, 14 Yeaman shore ; h. 3 Magdalen Yard road 

Swan, William, carpenter, 2 North street 

Swan, Mrs, 5 Park terrace 

Swanston, Mrs, superintendent, "The Home," 35 Paton's lane 

Sweeney, Daniel S,, bandmaster, D.H.R.V., 2 Rosefield street 

Sweeney, John, grocer and spiritdealer, 1 1 Arthur street ; h. 26 

Sweeney, William, 26 Arthur street 



Sweeney, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 168 Blackness road 

Swinton, Thomas, coachbuilder, 17 Small's wynd and Queen's Hotel 

buildings ; h. IS Park wynd 
Swinton, Thomas, jun., coachbuilder, 1 Mountpleasant 
Sword, Charles, sorting- clerk, Post Office ; h. 61 Crescent street 
Sword, George, factory overseer, 2 Melrose terrace 
Sword, George, cloth measurer, 25 Langlands street 
Sword, John, cabhirer, 21 Back street 
Sword, Mrs Isabella, cowfeeder, 21 Back street 
Sydenham, James, leathei'dresser, 15 Exchange street 
Sydenham, John, restaurateur, 3 Dock street ; h. 28 Couttie's wynd 
Sydie, David, tinsmith and gasfitter, 6 Johnston's lane ; h. 3 
Sydie, George, baker, 67 Arbroath roa,d 
Sydie, Peter, shipwright, 13 Robertson street 
Symers, James, clerk, 59 Dock street ; h. 20 Peddie street 
Symers, Miss, St Helen's, Perth road 
Symon, Henry, mechanic, 8 Graham place 
Symon, James, warehouseman, 20 Fletichar street 

Tabor, Mrs, manglekeeper, 44 Cotton road 

Tait, x4lexander, blacksmith, 209 Lochee road 

Tait, James, landscape gardener, 37 Tait's lane 

Tait, James N., seaman's missionary, 11 Thomson street 

Tait, James, warehouseman, 98 Albert street 

Tait, John, sorting-clerk and telegraphist, Post Office ; h. 24 S. Lindsay st. 

Tait, John, clerk, Trades Lane Calender ; h. 9 Roslin terrace 

Tait, John, sergt. -major, IstF.R.V., Drill hall; h. 212 Blackness road 

Tait, J. & D. A., manufacturing chemists, 62 Commercial street, and 

at Glasgow ; Joseph Brand, agent 
Tait, Robert, joiner and cabinetmaker, 18 Paterson street 
Tait, Robert, ironturner, 17 Arklay street 
Tait, William, dealer in old bonded whiskies and old landed brandies, 68 

Hawkhill ; h. Glenagnes cottage. Blackness road 
Tait, William, blacksmith, 32 Ann street 
Tait, William, seaman, 29 Charles street 
Talbert, James, invalid, 7 Janefield place, Maryfield 
Tarbat, James, foreman, 28 Baltic street ; h. 132 Hawkhill 
Tarbat, Mrs, 7 South Ellen street 
Tarbet, James, mechanic, 11 Kincardine sti-eet 
Tarbet, Jessie, 19 Constitution street 
Tarbet, Robert, bookseller and bookbinder, 35 Cowgate 
Tarbet, Mrs A., wine and spirit merchant, 31 Overgate ; hl2 Bank street 
Tasker, Andrew, engineer, 82 Albei't street 
Tasker, David, builder, Bonnybank road ; A. 210 Hilltown 
Tasker, William, enginedriver, 204 Hawkhill 
Tasker, Mrs, grocer, 7 Tannadice street 
Taws, James, feuar, 108 Hilltown 

Tawse, James, of Brown & Tawse, 3 Prospect terrace, Broughty Ferry 
Tay Ferries Station, Craig pier. South Union street ; John Methven, 

superintendent ; James F. Stewart, collector 


Tay Foundry, Mains loan ; W. B. Thompson, engineer 
Tay Whale Fishing Co., oil manufacturers and refiners, East Whale lane 
Tay Works, 2 Lochee road ; Gilroy, Sons, & Co., manufacturers 
Taybank Works, Arbroath road ; Storrier, Brough, & Co., manufrs. 
Tayfield Works, Seafield lane ; H. & A. Scott, Imen manufacturers 
Taylor, Agnes, provision dealer, 1 Charles street 
Taylor, Alexander, foreman shuttlemaker, 24 Ogilvie's road 
Taylor, Alexander W., clerk. Parochial Board office ; h. 3 Laing street 
Taylor, Andrew, & Co., manufacturers of hemp and jute carpets, matt- 
ings, &c., Forebank Works, 15 Forebank road 
Taylor, Andrew, of Andrew Taylor &. Co. , 3 Dalhousie terrace, W. Ferry 
Taylor, Archibald, waiter, 24 Kincardine street 
TAYLOR, A. & G., photographers to the Queen, North of Scotland Bank 

buildings, 23 High street. See Adv. 
Taylor, David, stationer and tobacconist, 195Hilltown; h. 1 N. George st. 
Taylor, David, warping foreman, 17 Blackness street 
Taylor, David, mechanic, 62 Ure street 
Taylor, David, engineer, 49 Annfield road 

Taylor, E. N., & Co., sail, rope, and cover makers, ISWilliamst., Kingst. 
Taylor, E. N., of E. N. Taylor & Co., Balbirnie terrace, 123 Victoria road 
Taylor, George, pilotmaster. King William dockgates; h. 12 Perth road 
Taylor, George, railway guard, 304 Perth road 
Taylor, George, enginedriver, 42 William street, Forebank 
Taylor, George, brewer, 19 Constable street 
Taylor, Isabella, 6 Victoria square, Nethergate 
Taylor, Isabella, provision merchant, 40 and 42 Charles street 
Taylor, Jas. , cashier, Wm. Thomson & Sons, shipowners; h. 14 Garland pi. 
Taylor, .James, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 44 Westport ; h. 42 
Taylor, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 35 and 39 Wellgate ; h. 

Victoria chambers, 14 Victoria road 
Taylor, .James, superintendent in Forfarshire Constabulary, Courthouse 

buildings ; h. 10 Annfield street 
Taylor, -James, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Victoria st. ; h.5\ Crescent st. 
Taylor, James, wine and spirit merchant, 106 Hilltown ; h. \\%^ 
Taylor, James, sorting- clei'k, Post Office ; h. 89 Arbroath road 
Taylor, James, turner, 3 Roslin terrace 
Taylor, James, milloverseer, 6 Melrose terrace 
Taylor, James W., manager, Logie Calender; h. 8 Milnbank road 
Taylor, James, tailor, 62 Hill street 
Taylor, James, broker, 72 Blackscroft 

Taylor, John B. , of Thomas Taylor & Co. , Caenlochan terrace, W. Ferry 
Taylor, John D., painter and decorator, 81 Ann street; h. Weldongrove 

Taylor, Rev. John, Hawkhill U.P. Church ; h. 73 Annfield road 
Taylor, John, baker, 21 North Wellington street 
Taylor, John, engineer, 3 Parker street 
Taylor, John, birddealer, 5 Castle lane 
Taylor, Joseph, shoemaker, 10 Seafield road 
Taylor, Mary Ann, of Taylor & Watson, 6 Alexander street 
j Taylor, Robert, draper and clothier, 89 Victoria road ; h. Victoria cres. 


Taylor, Robert, coal merchant and steamsMp owner, 57 to 61 Yeamai 

shore ; h. Blackness crescent, and Carlogie house, Carnoustie 
Taylor, Robert, tinsmith, 26 South Ellen street 
Taylor, Robert, fishdealer, 76 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Heathfield lane 
Taylor, Thomas, & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, 11 Panmun 

street, and Airleywight Linen Works, Bankfoot, by Perth 
Taylor, Thomas, of Thomas Taylor & Co., Cambustay, Broughty Ferry 
Taylor, Thomas, shoemaker, 12 Eliza street 
Taylor, Thomas B., clerk, 8 Forfar road 
Taylor & Watson, drapers, 26 Ann street 
Taylor, William, teacher of music, 28 South Tay street 
Taylor, William, house proprietor, 1 Stobswell road 
Taylor, William S., waste merchant and commission agent, Raglai 

street ; h. 36 Victoria road 
Taylor, William, officer, Victoria Street U.P. Ch.; h. 36 Victoria streel 
Taylor, William, postman, 55 Alexander street 
Tayloi", William, greengx-ocer, 73 Perth road ; A. 71 
Taylor, William, mechanic, 8 Dallfield terrace 
Taylor, William, engineer, 28 Ferry I'oad 

Taylor, William, shipwright, Caledon Shipyard; h. 52 Kemback street 
Taylor, W. 0., & Co., shipbrokers ; managers, Dundee Shipowner's Co.. 

Limited, and Dundee Polar Fishing Co. , 83 Commercial street 
Taylor, Mrs Amelia, ladies' nurse, 5 South Tay street 
Taylor, Mrs James, 76 Dudhope sti-eet 
Taylor, Mrs Thomas, 33 Dallfield terrace 
Taylor, Mrs, draper, 114 Victoria road ; h. 110 
Taylor, Mrs, grocer, 24 Cathei"ine street 
Taylor, Mrs, 33^ Seafield road 
Taylor, Mrs, 8 Cherryfield lane 
Taylor, Miss J. , dressmaker, 36 Victoria road 
Tearney, Catherine, broker, 86 Blackness road 
Telfer, Archibald, 40 Kemback street 
Telfer, George E., traveller, 9 St Andrew's street 
Temple Mills, North Tay street ; D. W. Baxter & Co., manufacturers 
Templeman, Charles, M.B,, CM., medical practitioner, 8 Airlie place 
Templeman, Jessie, teacher, S. Paul's Episcopal Infant School, 6 Bain 

square ; h. 46 Bell street 
Templeman, William, bootmaker, 52 Bell street ; A. 46 
Tennant, Chas. , & Co. (of St Rollox, Glasgow), manuf . chemists, 33Cowgat€ 
Tennant, James, agent for Chai-les Tennant & Co. ; h. Carnoustie 
Tennant, Mi's David, 51 Walton street 
Tervit, Mrs, shirtmaker, 26 Victoria street 
Tevendale, Alexander, confectioner, 151 Ann street ; h. 153 
Teviotdale, Mrs David, 24 Bank street 
Texas, The, Land & Cattle Company, Limited, 9a Ward road ; Moody 

Stuart & Robertson, secretaries 
Thacker, Robert, drill-instructor, 87 Peddie street 
Thain & Co., merchants, manufacturers, and rope and twine spinners, 

5 St Andrew's street 
Thain, Hexbert W., of Thain & Co., 3 Hyndford terrace, Perth road 


Thain, John William, 3 Hyndford terrace, Perth road 
Thain, William B., 3 Hyndford terrace, Perth road 
Thain, William, police constable, 58 Hill street 
Thain, Miss Jane, 21 Thomson street 
Third, James B., upholsterer, 144 Perth road 
Third, John B. , grocer's assistant, 9 Airlie terrace 
Third, Thomas, mason, 22 Hillbank road 

Third, Thomas, officer, Tay Square U.P. Church ; h. 30 Small's wynd 
Thorn, Andrew, 2 Morgan terrace, Maryfield 
Thomas, Mrs Ann, grocer, 44 Dens road 
Thompson, Athole E,, grain and flour merchant, 79 Commercial street ; 

h. Livonia cottage, Camphill, Broughty Ferry 
Thompson, Charles B. , grocer, 5 Annfield road 
Thompson, D'Arcy W., professor of biology, University College 
Thompson, David, mechanic. Thorn place, 219 Blackness road 
Thompson, D. L., pianoforte and music seller, 134 Nethergate ; h. \5 

Osborne place 
Thompson, Edwin W., commission agent, 79 Commercial street; h. 

Livonia cottage, Camphill, Broughty Ferry 
Thompson, George, grocer, 9 Rosebank road 

Thompson, James S. , draper's assistant and music teacher, 9 Airlie ter, 
Thompson, Jessie L., furnished apartments, 26 Union street 
Thompson, Milne J., & Co., indiarubber, gutta-percha, asbestos, and 

leather merchants, 5 Exchange street 
Thompson, Milne J. , of Milne J. Thompson & Co. , Grange villa, Monifieth 
Thompson, William B., engineer and shipbuilder, Tay Foundry, and 

Caledon Shipyard, Dundee; and Park Shipyard, Whiteinch, Glas- 
gow ; h. Tayview, Forthill, Broughty Ferry 
Thompson, William, blacksmith, 3 Fyffe street 
Thompson, Mrs W., manglekeeper, 16 Kinloch street 
Thorns, Archibald M. L., merchant, Seafield Wks. ; 36 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Thorns, David, plumber, 35 Cotton road 
Thorns, George, merchant, 36 Magdalen Yard road 
Thoms, Henry, merchant, 36 Magdalen Yard road 

Thorns, John A., merchant, 79 Commercial street ; h. 7 Windsor street 
Thoms, John, warehouseman, 97 Seagate; h. 31 Wellgate 
Thoms, Peter, mason, 3 Scott street 
Thoms, Robert, postman, 37 Victoria street 
Thoms, Robert, tenter, 17 Lawrence street 
Thoms, Stewart, mason, 20 Alexander street 

Thoms, T. W., 18 St Andrew's place ; h. Fort house, 366 Perth road 
Thoms, William, slater and chimneysweeper, 110 Lochee road 
Thoms, William, mason, 36 North Ellen street 
Thoms, Mrs James, 15 St Peter street 
Thoms, Mrs, lodgings, 42 Gellatly street 
Thoms, Miss, Miln's buildings, 146 Nethergate 
Thomson, Alex., & Sons, wholesale stationers, printers, engravers, 

lithographers, bookbinders, and paper-rulers, 22 and 24 Bank street 
Thomson, Alexander W., of Duncan & Thomson, 22 Airlie place 
[Thomson, Alexander, jun., of Alex. Thomson & Sons, 11 Somerville pi. 


Tliomson, Alexander, Bon-Accord villa, 8 Somerville place 

Thomson, Alexander, chinaand waste mei'chant, 59 Victoria road; h. 6i 

Thomson, Rev. Alexander, 1 Sti'awberrybank 

Thomson, Alexander, of Walker & Thomson, 7 William street, Forebank 

Thomson, Alexander, blacksmith, 62 Strathmartine road 

Thomson, Alex. P., of Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., 4 Osborne place 

Thomson, Andrew D., T.S.S.A., Sloan Duployan shorthand instructor.i 

10 High street; h. 11 Mid wynd 
Thomson, Arthur, gardener, Blackness Nursery; h. 22 Shepherd's loan 
Thomson, A. Gordon, of Thomson, Son, & Co., Murrayfield, Harecraig 
Thomson Brothei-s, spinners and manufs., Angus Jute W^orks,Fairbairnst 
Thomson, Brothers, builders, 11b Bonnybank road 
Thomson, David, of Thomson Brothers, builders, 68 Ann street 
Thomson, David, & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 269 Hawkhil] 
Thomson, David, of David Thomson & Co., Roland's wynd, Tayport 
Thomson, David, spiritdealer's assistant, Viewbank cottage. Mains rd. 
Thomson, David Couper, Courier & Argus office, 34 North Lindsay street, 

and of William Thomson & Sons ; h. Floralbank, Newport 
Thomson, David L. , grocer's assistant, 7 Seafield lane i 

Thomson, David S., clerk, 22 Bank street; h. 8 Somerville place 
Thomson, Douglas, boxmaker, joiner, and undei'taker, 29 Constable 

street ; h. 45 Cotton road 
Thomson & Fraser, tobacconists and stationers, 3 Shore terrace; h. 2 
Thomson, Geo. , assistant traffic supt. , Cal. Rly. ; h. 48 Magdalen Yard rd. 
Thomson, George, foreman Avinder, 20 Elizabeth street 
Thomson, George, collector, 13 Shepherd's loan 
Thomson, George, marine engineer, 13 Pai'k lane 
Thomson, Isabella, matron, Industrial School, Ward road 
Thomson, Isabella, china and glass mer., 43 Wellgate; h. 69 Victoi'iard. 
Thomson, Jas. W., of Alex. Thomson & Sons, 2 Duntrune ter.,W. Ferry 
Thomson, Jas., of Ewan, Young, & Thomson, Edengrove, 95 Ai-broath road 
Thomson,Jas.,assist.burghengineer,79Commercialst. ;/i.l32ANethergate 
Thomson, James, engineer, 3 Somerville place 
Thomson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Rose street ; h. 29 
Thomson, James, of James Thomson & Co. , 25 Isles' lane 
Thomson, Jas., wine mer., 10 Dundonald st. ; A. Viewbank cot.. Mains rd. 
Thomson, James, & Co., drapers, 69 Hawkhill 
Thomson, James, printer, 8 Victoria square, 43 Nethergate 
Thomson, James, grocer and spiritdealer, 251 Hill town ; h. 1 Main street 
Thomson, James, grocer, 8 Derby street ; h. Reid street 
Thomson, James, jun. , clerk. Shore Dues ofhce; h. Viewbank cot. , Mains rd. 
Thomson, James, calenderworker, 27 Rosebank street 
Thomson, James, joiner, 3 Noi^th Church street 
Thomson, James, commission agent, 14 Annfield row 
Thomson, James, of Thomson Brothers, builders, 68 Ann street 
Thomson, James D. , water inspector, Waverley buildings, Peddie street 
Thomson, James B., saddler, 11 Kincardine street 
Thomson, Jane, draper, 219 Hawkhill 

Thomson, Jane, tobacconist, 48 Hawkhill ; h. 43 Todburn lane 
Thomson, John,tinsmith,plumber,aud gasfitter,250H'khill ; A.28Step row 


Thonisou, Jolm, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 26 New Inn entry; 
h. Fembank, Barry 

Thomson, John, grocer and spirit mei'chant, 97 Hawkhill and 2 Kin- 
cardine street; h. 142 Perth road 

Thomson, John K., of Thomson Brothers, spinnei's, 3 Somerville place 

Thomson, John, of Thomson Bi-others, builders, 68 Ann street 

Thomson, John, late plumber, 1 1 Nethergate 

Thomson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Wellgate ; h. 48 

Thomson, John, coal merchant, 179 Blackness road ; h.W Blackness st. 

Thomson, John, clerk, Elmbank, 2 Miller's wynd, Perth road 

Thomson, John, manager, North Dudhope Works ; h. 179 Blackness rd. 

Thomson, John, grocer, 64 Hill street 

Thomson, John, stationer and tobacconist, 47 Cotton road 

Thomson, John, china merchant, 25 North Church street; h. 23 

Thomson, John, agent, City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 71 Perth rd. 

Thomson, John, currier, 24a Hawkhill 

Thomson, M. C, & Co., merchants, Victoria chambers, 14 Victoria rd. 

Thomson, Robert B. , of Thomson Brothers, spinners, 3 Somerville place 

Thomson, Robert, grocer, wine and spii'it merchant, 119 Hilltown, and 
grocer, 20 Polepark road ; h. 142 Perth road 

Thomson, Robert, tobaccospinner, 20 Cowgate 

Thomson, Robert, moulder, Livingstone place, Lochee road 

Thomson, Robert, tailor, 19 Peddle street 

Thomson, Robert, draj)er, 68 Bell street 

Thomson, Robert, frenchpolisher and woodstainer, 68 King street ; h. 72 

Thomson, Roy, lodginghouse-keeper, 43 Overgate 

Thomson, Shepherd, & Co., jutespinners, and manufacturers of carpets, 
mattings, sackings, &c., Seafield Works, Taylor's lane 

Thomson, Son, & Co., engineers, millwrights, ironfounders, and machine 
makers, Douglas Foundry, Blinshall street 

Thomson, Thomas, pawnbroker, 6 and 8 Peter street 

Thomson, Thomas E., painter, 236 Lochee road 

Thomson,Thos.,grocer,wineand spirit mercht, 86 Hawkhill; ^.4Balfourst. 

Thomson, Walter, fruiterer, 9 Victoria street 

Thomson, Wm., & Sons, shipowners, 20 Meadowside; and woollen ware- 
housemen, 8 Euclid crescent and 24 Meadowside 

Thomson, William, jr. , of William Thomson & Sons, Floi'albank, Newport 

Thomson, William, of William Thomson & Sons, managing proprietor of 
Courier and Argus, 34North Lindsay street; h. Flora,lbank, Newport 

Thomson, William Craig, corn and commission agent, 10 Shore terrace ; 
h. Seaview house, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 

Thomson, William G., of Thomson, Son, & Co., Fairfield, Harecraig 

Thomson, Wm. W. , sub-agent, RoyalBank, 97 Murraygate ; h. Bank house 

Thomson, William, yarn and commission merchant, 3 Royal Exchange 
court ; h. Magdalen place 

Thomson, William, baker, 155 Hawkhill ; h. 1 Lowden's alley 

Thomson, William, confectioner, 36 Taylor's lane 

Thomson, William, grocer, 87 Lochee road; h. 89 

Thomson, William, railway signalman, 47 North Wellington street 

Thomson, William, coachman, 30 New Inn entry 


Thomson, William, coal merchant, Raglan street; h, 21 Catherine street 

Thomson, William, porter, 65 Milnbank road 

Thomson, William, calenderworker, 41 Caldrum street 

Thomson, W. Gordon, of Thomson Brothers, spinners, 1 Wellpark ter- 
race, West Newport 

Thomson, Mrs David, confectioner, 88 King street ; h. 43 Todburn lane 

Thomson, Mrs Maggie, cofifeehonse-keeper, 80 Overgate; h. 82 

Thomson, Mrs Jane, shirtmaker, 11 Crescent lane 

Thomson, Mrs John, 2 Shore terrace 

Thomson, Mrs Peter, 214 Perth road 

Thomson, Mrs Peter, apartments, 17 Airlie place 

Thomson, Mrs VVm.,gamedealer, feather and mattress mercht.,and register 
office for servants, 78 Nethergate; h. Ruthvenbank, 156 Perth rd. 

Thomson, Mrs William, coal merchant, 24 Taylor's lane; h. 18 

Thomson, Mrs, 16 Raglan street 

Thomson, Mrs, 104 Caldrum street 

Thomson, Miss Jane, draper, 219 Hawkhill 

Thomson, Miss M., feather cleaner, dyer, and curler, 42 Westport 

Thorbum, William M'Leod, wholesale and family grocer, wine and 
spirit merchant, 57 and 59 Wellgate ; h. 20 South Wellington street 

Thornton, Andrew, fruiterer, 119 Overgate ; h. 4 North Lindsay street 

Thornton, David, traveller, 16 Lawrence street 

Thornton, Ed. B., superintendent of harbour dredging; h. 105 Ferry road 

Thornton, Jas., potato merch., 119 Overgate; h. Craigie villa, Madeira st. 

Thornton, Thos., Son, & Co., solicitor's and notaries public, 15 Albert sq. 

Thornton, Thos. , of Thos. Thornton, Son, & Co. , Helensville, 4 Dudhope ter. 

Thornton, Wm. , of Thos. Thornton, Son, & Co. , Helensville, 4 Dudhope ter. 

Thow, David, stampcutter and bagpipe maker, 96 Seagate; h. 10 Craigie st. 

Thow, Misses, Craigmore, Harecraig 

Thumelson, J. D., coal merchant, 4 Kidd street ; h. 15 N.William st. 

Thyne, Thomas, of John Stewart & Sons, Church street, Broughty Feny 

Thyrde, David, clerk, 9 Ure street 

Tiffney, James, coaldealer, 16 Watson's lane; h. 7 Ryehill lane 

Timmons, John, coal merchant, 2 Union place, Pei'th road ; h. 274 Perth rd. 

Tindal, Elizabeth, confectioner, 87 Princes street 

Tindal, Stephen, manager, hosepipe factory; A. Annanter., lOWellingtonst. 

Tindall, David, joiner, Glebe place, 42 Lilybank road 

Tindall, Joseph, leatherfinisher, 9 St Andrew's street 

Tindall, Mrs John, grocer and spiritdealer, 1 Arbroath road ; h. 93 

Tinley, Richai'd, plumber, 7 FytFe street 

Titaghur Jute Factory Co., Limited, 94 Commercial street 

Tocher, Alexander, of Tocher & Henry, 8 Rugby terrace, Broughty Ferry 

Tocher & Henry, merchant tailors, 63 Reform street 

Tod, James, accountant, Pleasance Brewery ; h. 21 Airlie place 

Todd, Charles E., of Hill & Renny, 4 Balgillo crescent, Broughty Feny 

Todd, John, wine and spirit merchant, 13 North Lindsay street ; h. 7 

Todd, John C, seaman, 2 Graham place 

Todd, Thomas R., tailor, Albert court, 37 Nethergate 

Todd, William, carpenter and boatbuilder, 31 Princes street 

Todd, Mi-s John, confectioner, 57 Alexander street 


Todd, Mrs Elizabeth, grocer, 28 Seafield road 
Tolmie, Edward, general dealer, 13 Hill street ; A, 17 
Tolmie, John, road inspector, 35 North Wellington street 
Tolmie, John, furniture dealer, 87 Cowgate; h. 85 
Tolmie, William, general dealer, 52 Ann street 
Tomkins, Mrs Susan, grocer, 67 Princes street ; h. 1 Middle street 
Tonar, Mrs, 11 Osborne place, Magdalen green 
Tooth, Edward, detective officer, 38 Polepark road 

Toppeny, Henry, coal merchant, 15 Constitution road; h. 70 Caldrum st. 
Torrance, James, watchmaker, 8 Garland place 

Torrance, Margai^et, saleswoman, 13 Reform street ; h. 37 Nethergate 
Tosh, Alexander, accountant, 11 Reform street; h. West NeAvport 
Tosh, David, joiner, 91 King street 
Tosh, William H., Craigtay, 101 Ferry road 
Tosh, Mrs James, 27 Victoria road 
Tosh, Miss, 40 Step i-ow 

Tough, Charles, of Tough, Knuck, & Co'. , Salem cottage, N. Clepington rd. 
Tough, Knuck, & Co., rag, waste, and tow merchants, 42 and 44 Long 

wynd, 101 Hilltown, 12 Park wynd, and 14 Small's wynd 
Tough, Mrs, temperance hotel, 78 Mui'raygate 

Town and County Bank, Limited, 5 Albert square ; James Low, agent 
Towns, David, storekeeper, 7 Euclid street 
Towns, James, baker, 8 Baffin street 
Towns, William, harbour waterman, 50 Hill street 
Townsend, R.& A. W. , patent anti mildew liquor and Epsom salts manufs. , 

Glasgow; Robt. Ferguson & Sons, 11 Royal Exchange lane, agents 
Trades Lane Calendering Co., Limited, calenderers, packers, starchers, 

sackmakers, cloth and yarn dyers, and general finishers, 2 Trades lane 
Trail, David, boilermaker, 35 Kincardine street 
Trayner, John, grocer, 8 Rosebank road 

Treasurer, Colin, teacher, Butterb'n Pub.Sch. ; A. Viewbank ter. , Provost rd. 
Trotter, John, goldsmith and working jeweller, 14 Barrack street 
jTrue, E. Th., teacher of languages, 132 Netherga